Minors and ladies both advance

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Two Mayo teams were in Championship action today and both of them enjoyed wins in high-scoring encounters. The Minors came out the right side of a 5-12 to 2-19 shootout against Dublin at Pearse Park in Longford while over at O’Connor Park in Tullamore the county’s ladies team got the better of Donegal by 1-22 to 3-12.

I’m away right now and other stuff that was on this afternoon – life’s a beach at times – meant that I only caught the last ten minutes, plus the heart-stopping six minutes of injury time that followed, of the All-Ireland Minor quarter-final from Pearse Park. Once I did tune in to it, though, the stream came through crisp and clear, though by then what had looked like the makings of a solid win for our lads had turned into a storming Dublin comeback.

We’d four goals on the board by then but Dublin’s superior point-taking looked like it would tip the scales for them, especially when a nice curling effort from distance put them ahead for the first time in the game with 53 minutes played.

That comeback hadn’t looked on the cards just five minutes before then. When centre-back Ruairí Keane took off from inside his own half and ran right at the heart of the Dublin defence before crashing the ball to the net, it looked as if the win was in the bag. That was Mayo’s fourth goal – the others came from Paul Walsh, Ciaran Mylett and Ethan Henry – and it widened our lead back out to six points.

We’d been as much as eight points up early in the second half but that blistering Ruarí Keane effort then preceded the Dublin comeback. Two goals in three minutes hauled them level and they followed it up with a point to edge in front.

But that’s when the Mayo lads showed – yet again – what a gutsy bunch they are. Rory Morrin profited from a mistake by his Dublin marker, who palmed a long ball in right into his path, to snatch possession and head towards goal. He showed admirable coolness to slip the ball past the Dublin ‘keeper for what proved to be the game’s clinching score. Here it is:

That wasn’t the end of the heart-in-mouth stuff. In truth it was only the start because there were at least three goalmouth scrambles we had to survive before the ref finally blew full-time, with our lads emerging the right side of a rather titanic struggle.

So it’s onto the All-Ireland semi-final now for Tomás Morley’s team, the first time the county has reached this stage of the Minor Championship since 2014. There they’ll play the winners of the Cork/Monaghan quarter-final.

The ladies had an equally enthralling victory, getting the better of Donegal to qualify for the All-Ireland quarter-final. Unlike the lads, though, they were the ones knocking over more points and in this match it was points, not goals, that proved decisive.

Donegal led at half-time by 2-6 to 0-10 but seven points in a row from Mayo turned the contest right on its head. It was, in the end, the superior point-scoring ability of the Mayo ladies that won the day for them, though Rachel Kearns’ palmed goal didn’t harm their cause either. Here it is:

Both of these great wins, I know, deserve better match reports than these hurried scribblings but I’m already out of time here so that’s all I can offer on them. Well done to both teams, though, and the best of luck to them in the Championship from here on. Up Mayo.

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  1. I was in Longford today. It was a really thrilling game of football with great skill on display. There is hope for the future of Mayo football, a marvelous win, well done our minors!

  2. Watched this thrilling and enthralling game on tg4.ie here in Spain. What a service that station provides! Serious talent in that Mayo squad as well as serious determination . Congrats to Tomás Morley and team. Well done also to the ladies. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it

  3. That’ was some game and some win by our minors. Thanks for the YouTube link WJ.
    Well done to the boys, batin the dubs!

  4. Well done to the minors .But I wouldn’t get carried away with that at all , ten points up at one stage and couldn’t drive it home .we have a couple of nice footballers but it’s our size and strength that was most evident and that’s not always a good indicator for the future as others will catch up from 17-20 . Its the next phase of physical development we seem to be lacking in know how.

    Dublin were excellent in the 20s game and look like they will be winning Sam till the cows come home .

    Personally I think the inter county game will die a death in its present format eventually, counties will have to merge together to compete with Dublin . Every year you can pick a handful of future senior stars from their underage teams , that archer lad is the next con o Callaghan and you watch what he will do in the semi v donegal or ourselves . His size difference is surreal , compare him to Boland, loftus etc it’s off the scale .

  5. Sean Burke. You must be the most pessimistic person on here. No one is getting carried away. It was a brilliant win and a very exciting game of football, and a rare win against the Dubs. That’s all. Enjoy it. And don’t go to any party tonight. Youd bring the mood down as soon as you walk in the door.

  6. Thrilling stuff..Very lucky a Dublin player wasnt closer to the goal for the last kick of the ball!!
    Sean Burke..At least you managed to congratulate the lads before you stuck a pin in..

  7. Sean B, the most important thing about the minors they never gave up, held their nerve, and scored when it was needed. Resilience, courage, and these are young lads experiencing this level for 1st time. Deserved winners in the end.
    Fair play to them. Congrats to them all, and Mayo ladies too. A great day.

  8. Exactly, fair play to them, let them enjoy it…then knuckle down for the semi. Stats prove that we’d be lucky to get 4 players of that team playing senior ball in years to come. They done themselves, their families and their County proud today. Thats a good point about Archer, Dublin seem to be developing a prototype of player that starts out skinny, very speedy, 5-10 to 6-1 in height, and then they bulk them up from an early age, its frightening. Very easy to do though when you probably have 7 or 8 u16’s team in Kilmacud crokes for example, yet clubs in North Mayo have to amalgamate to field 15 under age players. Thats the main difference for me. They can select and choose who they want with that amount of players. Population is the real killer, the financial doping is only going to enable this developmebt further.

  9. How many players in Dublin at under 20 level are on an inter county s&c prog , I’m told one hundred plus compared to thirty in Mayo . I’d love to know if this stuff is true or just made up . And what exactly does it entail anyway , are they given diets , training schedules, access to gyms , progress reports etc

  10. Big win for Galway minors tonight.. .I don’t think it was a particularly talented Dublin u20 team apart for one or two outstanding individuals, but their s&c was close to senior level , they out muscled a Galway team that themselves outmuscled us.

  11. Congratulations to Galway minors also.
    That was a very good win against a decent Kildare team.
    2 Connaught sides in AI semi finals.
    Well done to both teams.

  12. Galway Minors haven’t gone away you know But today was about Mayo our ladies team and then our magnificent Minors Don’t really know what to make of them but one thing is they have plenty of guts and character Beating Dublin is a great achievement Dublin have so many players they don’t know what to do with them They made seven changes for today from their Leinster final which they only lost after extra time They called up a number of hurlers after they got knocked out But as many players as they have and with all their unbelievable advantages they could still only start 15 and our 15 and subs were better than them Fair play to all involved Up Mayo

  13. Would not agree with you Sean Burke when
    you say the minors have a couple of players
    We had an outstanding team performance with at
    least 8 outstanding performances from our lads today, in relation to Archer the full forward getting
    on the Dublin Senior team? Who does he replace?
    Cheer up and Celebrate the win man
    Up Mauo

  14. That was a mighty win and probably should have been a bit more comfortable. We could easily have caved in and to be honest I thought that was actually happening at one stage. Fair play to the lads. It’s not easy to regain control once you lose momentum.
    We certainly have some very promising players. I was hugely impressed with Ethan Henry, Ruairi Keane, Cosgrave and McHale. Paul Walsh also has a certain gimp about him that I like.
    I am always slow to criticise referees but I also thought he did us very few favours.

  15. Sean
    It’s definetly true and definetly about 100 on the S&C programme.
    A colleague of my own has a kid on Under age development squad. Not minor.
    They are managed by the same software as senior team which he I seen in some detail. Same GPS data etc.
    Diet etc monitored in same way food catered for at games and training and at away games the vans so it’s all laid on for when they finish etc.
    It’s a major operation at a level that other counties just don’t appreciate.
    In the end though it’s just the sheer weight of numbers that delivers the players.
    That what makes the display in Longford so impressive despite all the advantages they have we can still beat them.
    We will keep going and where ever there is a green and red jersey there will always be support to cheer them on.

  16. Sean Burke, not every young lad is ready for a senior s&c program. Programs need to be tailored to suit the individual. The wrong program can have a detrimental effect on a young mans physique and progress. It’s not about looking big. The big difference between Dublin and every other county it the number of players they have to choose from. They have such a choice they have no problems picking out really good footballers with the right physique which within a few years s&c will be transformed into the perfect football athlete. I think you mentioned Fergal Boland before and you’re are correct that he hasn’t developed physically like con o Callaghan but truth be told he will never develop into that body shape. While it’s easy for any young lad to pack on muscle for most it will come at a cost of losing speed, agility etc. but when you a population of 1 million plus to choose from you can pick the diamonds and work with them only. For what’s it’s worth I agree with you that the football championship is practically finished due to Dublin’s advantages, dominance but I think you under rate mayo, I think we’ll beat donegal and this thread should celebrate our minor success anyway.

  17. willie joe, could we somehow shame mchale park/county board into handing out some sort of a mayo flag on entry to mchale park on saturday to random child supporters as a way of showing unity and gratitude for the mayo support. it would also bring much more colour to the ground on sat evening. if tg4 can do it why not our county board. i live here in donegal and they are planning on bringing plenty colour to our house.

  18. Population advantage is something we can’t control unless we ahem .

    Look I take all your points on board and agree I’m negative , I’m also nervous and behind the bravado still believe the impossible is possible .

    We are all agreed physique , s&c is not only important , unfortunately it’s probably now the most important aspect to a players progress from the jump to senior . I just think we should be doing everything in our power to max out on players who have that body type , I can think of two who have drifted away last two years whom I would of thought were ideal moulds , not a notion of naming them I just hope all was done to sway them towards dedication, I know ya can’t force a young man but coaxing is allowed .

  19. @Sean Burke, I have seen a few Dublin players up closely, John Small, only average height, say 5 10, very narrow hips but then widens out big time at the shoulders, has massive calf muscles, I call it a professional Rubgy build, only about 12 stone. Johnny Cooper even looks lighter, those guys are professional athletes in every way but name in a so called amateur Gaa organisation.

  20. “This guy isn’t a normal player”

    Thus went the headline quote from none other than a former Dublin manager, Paul Caffrey.

    I don’t know about you but bringing in someone with Diarmuid Connolly’s talent (and baggage) seems like a ( very )wrong decision to me , at this time ,in these circumstances. It betrays a big problem and will not end well I suspect.

    Roll out Tommy Lyons to say he’s “shocked , shocked I tell ya “that anyone thinks that Dublin GAA’s finger prints are all over this.

    I mean all the talk about “process process process “seems to just go up in smoke when “some are more equal than others” That will not be lost on any “ normal” member of the Dublin panel and they will be affected by it in maybe not obvious ,but definitely negative ways.

    The whole “ esprit de corps” as Gavin calls it will be blown to smithereens by this BS. Cynicism and sniping in the dressing room will emerge.

    The timing of this is literally ridiculous. It’s hard to wrap your head around what you think you know of Jim Gavin and him doing this. Or allowing this. This betrays unquestionably arrogant thinking ,utterly lacking in humility , and it will do for Dublin what it did for Mayo v Roscommon.

    I mean you could admire Gavin for not bending these past two years on this issue. But to do this now , now , when the five in a row is three games away has revealed his Achilles heel. And it’s a common one.

    The whole team ethic , all for one and one for all , is only so useful. When circumstances dictate then special talents must be accommodated , courted and even prevented from leaving the country if needs must .

    Colm Basquel must be wondering why Jim didn’t send the blue shirts to Dublin airport to prevent him from going stateside ? Paul Flynn was allowed to retire though he’s a very special player. Bernard Brogan can barely make the match day 26. Yet Connolly must be brought in ? Now ??

    What’s happening is that Gavin appears to have , ever so slightly , lost control of the situation. This is like the Dublin of old. You know when they were flaky. The hype around the “droive for foive “ has sent their heads spinning. Everyone wants to be associated with it and everyone wants to have their say.

    Also , Pooken Asal in RTÉ said Gavin would basically face a court martial if the five in a row was not achieved while Connolly was sitting in a Boston bar.

    In some way Gavin has to justify this decision to himself in terms of the team as a whole. If it’s along the lines that Connolly will be a lighting rod of distraction for the media and preventing his team mates from succumbing to media pressure, well I think it will expose division ( certainly in terms of thinking ) within the ranks.

    Of course Gavin must be kicking himself now that ( while this was going on )the arch enemy Kerry have suddenly found a new swagger and present a serious existential threat to his ambitions in the short term.

    He hadn’t anticipated their rate of improvement under Keane , Buckley Et al. He hadn’t seen them coming ( yet) though there’s been quite an extensive amount of hype about the newly emerging team for years. And btw they beat Dublin in a cracking league tie a few months ago.

    How ironic if it was now Kerry who stopped their quest. I mean Gavin’s whole schtick is to ( Fergie-like) kick Kerry off their FN perch. To announce the return of the prodigal son on the morning of the Mayo vKerry game said something. I think it was “ Jesus, Mary and Joseph “.

    The hand of Dublin GAA (and Pooken Asal ) has intervened and given everyone the hope that this self inflicted piece of stupid arrogance leaves them vulnerable.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this is the case and that they will be vulnerable to a semi final or final ambush.

  21. Lads ye won the match. Now it’s on to financial doping (the dope in Brazil who came up with that shite has a lot to answer for) the gaa are trying to get kids involved in gaa.. That’s were the money goes.. My young lad’s team, backbones the dublin senior team.. He plays under 11s they have 30 lads. Their u 14 team couldn’t field a team a while ago. Yes there are super sized clubs in dublin Crokes/na fianna / ballyboden but most clubs are struggling,a friend of mine involved in a North County team says their on the verge of giving up.. Same as ever other county.. My lads school has gpo in trying to get kid’s involved.. Do you know how many boys out of his year of 90 boy’s play gaa… 12… I work with 350 men. Country lad’s /polish but maybe 250 dubs.. Do you know how many go to Dublin matches 15/20..it’s desperate… I have to listen to we’ll beat you wait till we get you to Anfield/old Trafford all the time awful stuff. Dublin co board are fighting a war every single day to get kid’s on board. Even my pal Sinéad hinted if it wasn’t for her the kids she teaches wouldn’t know Dublin are playing.. Listen I’m not selling a sob story, but a bit of balance maybe.look at the stars on this Dublin team a good few had fathers involved . Talking to a coach in the club and yes seemingly Dublin co board do have a system for bring kid’s along.. It’s fun and ball play up to certain age, then skill based and ball play from then on s and c comes into it later on u20s and after. Very few counties use this model.. Think the difference in size between our minors a very good example of this.. Anyway roll on next weekend and we’ll find out when we cross swords again..

  22. Heartiest congrats to both mayo teams today and I just want to applaud both management and players on their fearless attacking style that never relented even when Dublin fought back. It is easy to be pessimistic about the future of the senior game but that match today was pure white knuckle entertainment. Maybe some of these lads will make it at a higher grade and maybe others won’t – that’s for another day. What I took from today’s game is that the sight of that jackeen blue jersey makes Mayo lads still want to go through hell fire and water to defend their honour and rail against that privileged moneyed machine that is Dublin GAA. They can win 10 in a row for all I care but they can never compare to Cody’s Kilkenny or O’Dwyer’s Kerry who did it without the unfair financial doping we see today. One All-Ireland for any Mayo team at any level or any grade is worth more than all Dublin’s All-irelands put together because it will always be against the odds. Up Mayo!

  23. Oh and Diarmo was pissed off with the Dublin set up. Pissed off with attention he was getting in media and everywhere he went. I think Jim brought him back in because its the right thing to do.. Other Dubs have left and come back.. Diarmo was heading to state’s and got refused. The dublin panel have all said they wanted him in, I think Jim did the honourable thing bringing him back into the fold.. Rather than him having to knock around Dublin this summer and all the pressures that would bring on him.. That’s the true esprit de corp Jim has instilled in this bunch of men. Will he play, effect what’s going to happen?? Who knows but I would give anything to see him again in a Blue Jersey

  24. @Liamontherunsince51…We can’t blame the Dub’s’ for believing and acting like they are entitled to the unfair advantage’s bequeathed to them…. Instead we should blame our own repesentives for allowing it to happen in the first place… True this Dublin Team has been given every advantage possible, but they have been a Magnificent Team for all of this Decade, in both League and Championship… I can’t see Dublin making it 100 in a row tough .. I think Colm O Rourke will have had his way before that happens and Dublin will be decided in Two…. Dublin South can play their Home and Neutral game’s in the Aviva Stadium… And if Dublin North ever need to play Dublin South in a Neutral Venue, a great?full nation will gladly pay for another Venue in the Capital called ” Neutral Bertie Bowl” a state of the Art Stadium, which will be roofed , to keep out The Sea Gulls….. And of course it will be a ‘Dublin Only’ Venue, no Cúiltee need apply!

  25. Outta the blue, you are right. Dublin winning 7 all Ireland’s this decade a few years after the GAA pumped millions into them is complete coincidence. It’s just us whining culchies…….

  26. Williejoe, you’ll sanction some people for something silly like naming the Mayo team before it’s offically announced, but on the other hand, you’ll let other people call the Dublin team, Bastards, not very fair in my opinion

  27. @kiltarnet thru n thru

    Handing out small flags with sponsorship on them would be good. Have thought of it before.

    Elverys would want to do it.

  28. The population advantages that previously didn’t make as much an impact will now begin to become more of a defining factor as GAA becomes more ‘professional’ in how it’s operated from schools up.

    Dublin aside, Galway have a huge advantage now in Connacht. Massive underage clubs in Salthill, Moycullen, Claregalway and Oranmore. It’s only a matter of a few years where Galway teams will have lots of players coming through from these clubs on the senior team.

    Cork too. They’ll very soon tap into their population advantage.

    It doesn’t mean Mayo cannot compete. In order to do so against counties with much greater pick you need to make sure the standard of your ‘average’ player is higher. You need to adopt an elite approach. You need your co board to be highly efficient, shrewd and commercially savvy.

    And not letting our top managerial talent go to rival counties…a la Rochford, which was really badly mismanaged.

  29. Fairplay – that’s not wholly fair. I’ve only just now seen your comment and the offending one you’ve referenced, due to the fact that I’ve been in bed. I’m away right now and there’s a time difference issue to be factored in but I am still keeping an eye on things and have now removed that offensive bit from the comment in question.

    Liamontherunsince51 – the bit in question was your use of the B word. No need for that, don’t do it again.

    Swahili – I also deleted some of your comment where you made reference to particular circumstances involving a named Dublin player. Don’t you do that again either.

    All – while I accept that funding of Dublin and all that is an issue in the wider scheme of things, I don’t see why it should have broken out now, in the wake of yesterday’s great win by the Minors. Isn’t it enough simply to savour the win? Many of the sentiments expressed overnight are sad and disappointing and I’d say Outta da Blue isn’t the only reader of the blog from outside the county who would be dismayed to see this kind of stuff being posted.

  30. Two great victories yesterday. The mayo ladies team have come out of the shadows of last year’s controversy all the stronger and displayed amazing teamwork and skill. Same with the under 17 team. We are in a golden era of mayo football, enjoy it

  31. A lot of tetchiness on the blog lately. I think some people are coming to the realisation that we May have missed our chance to reach the holy grail with a golden generation of players that don’t come about every year. From 2012 to 2017, we were in the top 3 teams in the country but could never quite get across the line. But although Dublin have a lot of advantages, they always ground out a way to win against us when the game was in the melting pot. And you cant blame fincincial doping for allowing Brogan to ghost in between Hennelly and Cafferkey and slap the ball into the net in 2013 when we were 4 points to 1 up. Or a simple ball being dropped by the keeper to give away a penalty in 16. Or Vaughan thinking it would be a good idea to strike John Small 2 feet in front of the ref and gave away an advantage of an extra man for the last 20 mins and a free for Mayo. Mayo have a lot to answer for. They were every bit as good a team in all those finals but Dublin found a way to win and Mayo found a way to lose. All the whinging lately doesn’t look good on our part

  32. We have some genuine talent coming through in this years Minor crop. Goalkeeper – Luke Jennings looks composed. Owen McHale has pace and skill. Shane Dempsey is a classy half back. The two Mayo Gaels lads have great leadership qualities. Dylan Thornton & Frank Irwin both big men with plenty of ability. Paul Walsh is a bag of tricks. Hopefully, two or three of these can develop into Seniors over the next few years. It really was a game for the ages.

  33. Well done to the minor team and management on qualifying for All Ireland semi final yesterday. It was a very enjoyable win. The future of Mayo football looks very bright.

  34. Dave. I agree with most of what you say but it is unfair to name those 3 great servants of the present panel If this blog existed in the 1960s you would probably have indicted the likes of joe Corcoran or willie Casey whom I often felt cost us games when we should have admired the skills of the likes of Cyril dunne or Mickey Kerins. The best players of the modern era wear blue. Let’s accept that for now. Let’s hope and wish for a change soon Up mayo

  35. @Dave Johnston, a vast majority of us came to that realisation in Newbridge. This is a team fully in transition. No matter what happens Saturday, getting to the last 5 is a sign of great progress in my book. Finally beating Galway adds a sweetness to this campaign aswell. This is year 1 of 4 for James Horan. To have unearthed players like Ruane, McDonagh, Carr, Treacy, Coen, and to a lesser extent McCormack and Plunkett in the one season, is fantastic. He’s drafted in the 2 best u20 players aswell. Theirs alot of similarites with 2011 (minus the connacht title) But we bet Galway and got to last 4 that year, we’ve now beaten Galway again and made the last 5 at least. For me the future is extremely bright.

  36. You’re right michaelincork. Wasnt my intention to name and shame anyone. All those players have given everything for the Jersey. I was just trying to say that we were every bit as good as Dublin in most finals. Just a shame we couldn’t have crossed the line once.

  37. Apologies to all for my ill judged and embarrassing comments last night and especially to outtatheblue and all Dublin fans who may have read them – it was just a result of deep frustration that Mayo have seen the holy grail disappear so often at the hands of Dublin – not your fault of course! Won’t happen again.

  38. One thing I will say about our minor team, their skill levels and teamwork is on quite a high level. They mix it up with short and long game. I would say a modern approach of half backs tracking back. Modern, would that be a fair word to use?
    Paul Walsh is a joy to behold. The kind of player gets tickets sold at the gate.

  39. @Dave Johnston.

    Your post on how we failed to get over the line is pretty detailed and you go to great length on listing why we didn’t win an All Ireland.

    You failed to comment on the officiating.

    How well do you think these finals were refereed ?

    Do you think the refereeing in these games had any influence on the outcome of these finals ?

  40. Yes revellino. Officiating had an impact. But each side will always have a compliant about refereeing decisions after a loss. All I was saying was that we cant blame everything on financial doping of Dublin. Yes they have advantages but we had numerous chances to derail the 5 in a row and failed to do so, and sometimes that was partially due to our own failings on the day.

  41. There is no doubt that we failed to control the controllables in big games over the last 7 years

  42. I’m not taking away from how good this Dublin team have been Dave. Great footballers and I don’t blame their players for the financial doping either.

    I think all teams make some mistakes during games. We sure did make some.

    I’m not whinging either when I say that I truly believe that refereeing cost us all Irelands. That’s my personal opinion.

    Like I say mistakes will happen in games, but good fair refereeing should also be expected. I cannot say that many of the decisions that went against us were mistakes though. There were not.

    If we were given a fair belt of the whistle it would make the “mistakes we made” argument null and void because I believe we would have won.

  43. Swahili, I have to disagree. The “process” is all about situational awareness and environmental management. Baggage aside, a military man like knows Connolly is less of a distraction if he is “confined to quarters” than if he’s heaving pints out in Cape Cod while Mayo have Dublin on the ropes in the Semi!!

  44. We had plenty of opportunities to win the All Ireland in the last few years and didn’t capitalise. The drawn game in 2016 is what comes to mind immediately. Dublin went nearly 30 minutes without a score and we gifted them 2 own goals to allow them go into half time ahead. Crazy stuff. Only for a moment of glory hunting madness from Diarmuid Connolly and we would have lost that game that day. We clung on in a game where we should have beat them out the gate in the first half alone.

  45. Our football teams reflect the economic, physical and mental resilience of the county. Our teams are stronger now because times are better, we have a few jobs in the county and we believe in ourselves again. We don’t have the population or money of Dublin but we can leverage our national and global diaspora who yearn the connection with home that is represented by the Green and Red. People all over the world watched that brilliant minor match and they will be watching again on Saturday. We can continue to be competitive and successful and we have something special that is just starting to be realized.!

  46. It wasn’t a case of gifting then 2 goals. It was downright bad luck. We did gift them a goal in 2013 and 2017. This Dublin team are excellent and the last thing we need is to gift them anything. The biggest officiating debacle was not v Dublin, but Kerry in 2014 replay Ironically Dublin lost v Donegal the next day. Of all our misfortunes I think 2014 was the worst. We were flying that year and am convinced we would have beaten Donegal in the final. But no point crying about it Time to focus on next Saturday.

  47. Most teams that win and all Ireland get a bit of luck. Take Dublin in 2011, and I think this is a key example because their dominance started there really. Kerry can rightly feel aggrieved in that one, the soft enough free by McQuillan and the outrageous time-wasting by Cluxton and Kerry being deprived of a last chance of an attack afterwards. Dublin, at a crucial time, got the vital break that they badly needed. “Vital” break. Who knows, without that they may have continued to struggle to get over a line, at least for another couple of years. At the very least, they wouldn’t have won that final. No doubt they’d still have gone on to win one given the group of players they had/have. It’s the getting over the line for the first time that’s so difficult though, so difficult.
    Have we got most if the 50-50 calls in finals? I dont think so, but we didn’t help ourselves either. Too many examples to know where to begin. In in ’16 replay when Mcloughlin was clearly fouled at a crucial time in the second half in a scoreable pisition, for some strange reason Deegan failed to give the free. We were building momentum then and I feel we would have pushed on. Another obvious one is Basticks pick-up off the ground that would have given Cillian a tap-over. Would that have been any less deserved than the ‘foul’ on Brogan in 2011??

    The reason I respect this Mayo team so much is the way they keep coming back in spite of their bad luck and in spite of them shooting themselves in the foot plenty times as well. That takes a hell of a lot of mental strength.

  48. So the final minutes of the 2017. We were awarded a free in when the game was level. The free was missed and in the next phase of play. Dublin were awarded a free and scored. Mayo kicked the resulting kick out out over the side line. Cant blame anyone for these.

  49. Yes, Officiating is a huge issue… But Gaelic football is notoriously difficult to Ref in the first place…A few years ago I had a frank conversation with a Teak Tough Mayo defender, now retired about Referee’s and defending…He said that all good defending is Half Fouling in the first place, but that no Ref could possibly penalise you, because he would need to blow the whistle every 10 seconds for every foul he seen… I believe that there was a very controversial 65 meter puck not giving to Limerick yesterday evening, at the end of the Match…. Not good enough either that a Team and Supporter’s can miss out on an All Ireland Final, because an official missed he should have seen!

  50. Lads, stop whinging about refs. There is no agenda against us, some calls went against us, but I’m sure the opposition thought calls went against them too. Colm Boyle should have got a straight red last week, people won’t be talking about that for years.

  51. Jeepers if you didn’t know this thread was about amazing wins by our women and our minors you’d surely be bamboozled!! Shit happens. We lost some big games. We’re still standing and the other grades, male and female are doing brilliant. Fair play to them both. Resilience in bucket fulls and so impressed with them. Onward to the next game.
    As for the senior men’s team…. another brilliant and resilient bunch of men. They always have my undying admiration and my heart. Mayoforever… green and red… go deo

  52. @Tubberman,… There must be another Colm Boyle,.. The one I seen got the MotM award and very deserving as well…. He got a yellow I think,. And possibly deserved a yellow, But don’t go making a mountain out of a molehill!

  53. You are correct Leantimes. When you review that incident there was very little there. TV Commentators said as much . However there was a red card (elbow to the jaw )incident on Boyle earlier in the game and it went without a card at all. Straight in front of the ref.

  54. I think we could use alot of yesterday’s displays as a good launch pad for next Saturday.

    Our minors were inspiring in the way they played. The ladies advanced and have been playing great stuff as well.

    When people thought Kilkenny were maybe gone past their sell by date, they put in maybe as gutsy a performance as you would ever see on the pitch. The drive and tenacity was as good and maybe better than I have ever seen. I don’t know what their manager has or is it ingrained in the kilkenny players, but their hunger to succeed is remarkable.

    Limerick are left asking “what if” ?. To miss that deflected sideline cut which should have resulted in a Limerick 65 was unforgivable. Surely the linesman had to see it. Most of the spectators saw it.

    Kilkenny go through and Limerick have to say good bye to the Liam Mcarthy.

    That match had the brilliance and cruelty of sport all wrapped up in to one.

  55. I don’t where all the negativity and pessimism that’s getting directed at our county teams is coming from. This is shaping up to be a good year so far, its nearly August and we still have three county teams still in the running for top honours. No matter what happens next day out, this has been a good year for Mayo football, so I’m saying just get behind the teams in green and red and roar them on, we are Mayo!

  56. Ah lads it’s time to move on and forget the past we can’t change it but we can be positive and roar the team on and try and get them over the line Saturday then we’ll get a crack at Dublin or Tyrone

  57. Mayodunphy, who are the 2 u20 players in the panel? Oisín Mullin and ?, thanks.

  58. Got ahead of myself
    Should have said minor Quarter final
    Winner to play Mayo.
    Looking like Mayo v Cork at the minute.

  59. Lads and ladies I am away at present and haven’t my finger on the pulse as normal. Has there been any news on the availability of Paddy Durcan, Mattie Ruane, Diarmuid for next week? Apologies Willie Joe if this infringes on the rules. I feel we need at least one of them to get over Donegal, and probably all of them to4 potential semi if we get there 🙂

  60. Cork 3-19
    Monaghan 2-10
    Mayo v Cork semi final in 2 weeks.

    Cork defend in packs.

  61. Mayo focus, all seems to be quiet on the injury news front.

  62. Interesting article in today’s Independant from Colm o Rourke.
    I’m not a bit happy with his reference to Mchale Park as a “Dung Heap”.

  63. @Mayo Focus there is no official news on the availability of the players you have mentioned. There is the usual definitely guaranteed 100% reliable insider info which is circulating around which could be true or complete bullshit and which will only be proven either way when the team and subs are named. It is anyone’s guess whether these players will make match day. I agree, if we ever needed these guys, we need them now!

  64. McBrearty is sound that’s for sure . On our own I can’t understand how some are been spoke about when the timeframe makes it impossible for them to be fit for sat next .

    Looking back on a few highlights this evening I’m absolutely dreading young McHugh opening us up when he runs at us . They could rake up an almighty score I’m afraid .

    Tickets proving an awful issue , I’m hearing clubs are well short of demand . What a fooking mess this is , can anyone explain why we can’t have four separate tickets at mchale Park for each end ?

  65. Brilliant intelligent passionate debate on the Sunday Game tonight, Donal Og Cusack, Derek McGrath and Brendan Cummins.. .. A step above most of the old usaul football Punditry, different planet!

  66. Leantimes – Are you having a laugh? A great entertaining game and they go off on a rant that they had prepared.

  67. Leantimes- Donal and Derek didn’t discuss the game they used the time to promote their own agendas. Shame after such a good game. I would be raging if I was from either county.

  68. There IS quite a bit of negativity around the blog recently. The truth is we have a good minor team that came through two huge battles and showed a lot of character and skill. We have a few very good young players coming through.
    We are also in with a decent chance of beating Donegal in Castlebar. The past is the past and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. I’m actually tired of talk about what might have been at this stage. But we can do something about the future and next Saturday wouldn’t be a bad place to start. I’m sure we will see a much better performance from the lads than we’ve had lately.
    Mayo by 1.

  69. @Just a taught… Enlighten us about Donal and Derek’s agenda’s?… Maybe they are going for Election,. Are they? Both of them have heavy-duty? CV’s . .. I could have sworn that both discussed the game! … You should always tune into this Blog, it’s very educational… You see I just taught that Donal Og Cusack former Cork hurler and Derek McGrath former Waterford manager were both on the Sunday Game and did actually discuss both All Ireland hurling Semifinals, but I was wrong, confusing and all as it is to me, even tough neither Cork or Waterford were involved in either Semifinal, … Just A Taught, You would be raging if you were from either County … Why?

  70. Has anyone tried to purchase Mayo v Donegal match tickets through there Local Gaa club and if so have you had any luck?? Did Mayo gaa clubs get an allocation??

  71. @Chris Kelly ,..Yes, Mayo Club’s got an allocation According to a Man in the know, I had a pint with a him a few hours ago…

  72. Come on, JP2, you’re contributing here long enough to know that you can’t post something like that. I don’t care from which horse’s mouth you got that particular story, the same rule applies – if it’s not reported publicly then it’s not to be broken as a story here. I would have thought that was clear by now. It’d help greatly, of course, if others didn’t post comments seeking to elicit this kind of inside information in the first place.

  73. Totally agree Leantimes.
    Hurling panel excellent last night. Especially McGrath I thought. Honest and showed great insights.

  74. A big shortage of tickets for Saturday. Clubs are getting less of an allocation than for an All Ireland. Will cause some scrambling for the week!!

  75. was watching back some of the minor highlights and that paul walsh lad really is a breath of fresh air to watch, all the tricks, backheels, nonchalance, bicycle kicks, epic solo runs etc the kind of devil-may-care playr you pay in to see.

    I really hope there is still room for a maverick talent like that at county senior level, Ciaran McDonald springs to mind as another

  76. According to Aidan O’Rourke, on RTE Sport online, we may as well not bother showing up on Saturday evening as Kerry, Tyrone and Donegal are the only challengers left to stop Dublin’s gallop to 5. We don’t even get a mention. I think the bould Aidan will be wiping egg off his face by next Sunday.

  77. Listening to Kerry, KK and Tipp players/managers after their recent wins – all had the same motivation – our character was questioned, we were told we weren’t good enough etc. each of the three teams used this to produce big performances. I hope James Horan is spinning the same to our lads to extract a big performance for next Sat.

  78. Could do with Donal Og and Derek McGrath doing the analysis on the football Both were excellent and willing to praise both teams for efforts and innovation .It is clear that they really love their sport have the courage to call it as it is and focus on the positives provided by amateur players. In contrast we are stuck with the asal and Spillane and one or two others who are more interested in promoting themselves and highlighting negative aspects of the game Hurling people argue that their sport is better than football Sometimes it’s hard to disagree although when football is played properly it’s an excellent spectacle as we have seen following Mayo occasionally and more recently Kerry v Donegal But one area where hurling definitely has the edge is in the area of punditry in The Sunday Game

  79. What often strikes me about the hurling/football pundits is that the ‘hurling people’ (little bit conceited at times) are at all times trying to promote ‘their’ game. They very much try to avoid personalising comments or criticisms about teams and players. Unfortunately this is not the case with football and certain individuals (on RTE) seem intent on promoting their own personality through pure attention seeking behaviour.

    RTE clearly has no problem with this and would seem to encourage it. I actually think Joanne Cantwell has done a good job in calling some of them out on it and asking them to justify some of their loose comments.

  80. A man asked me in Ballaghaderreen this morning, if Mayo/Donegal is live on TV next Saturday evening.
    I told him it was bound to be on, but couldn’t tell him whether on Sky or RTE.
    Does anyone here know yet ?

  81. Re Aiden O Rouke’s piece it’s nice to not even be mentioned…not even a cast aside remark. Sure who’s really expecting anything from Mayo apart from the deluded crowd of supporters who expect to win every year. Well I expect Mayo to win and maybe even win the next game too…but one game at a time for now.
    Maigheo go deo.

  82. Sky sports have it observer as well as Kerry v Meath.
    The two games on Sunday will be on rte.

  83. @Dooniver swifts, we are clearly not even in the equation! Aiden O Rourke is essentially providing Donegal advice on how to improve their gameplan for the semis. We have been totally written off for this game on Saturday! Anyone wanting to get riled up on Monday, head over and read that article on RTE Sport Online.

  84. @rock 100% agreed on the state of rtes football analysis. Constantly searching for the negative, negative, negative. Its relentless
    The supposed a team of brolly, Spillane and o rourke the worst offenders. O rourke seems to hate football, always complaining. He seems to be yearning for return to late 80s football where fat men would hoof it aimlessly over and back to each other in drab low scoring affairs.

    Also, i couldn’t give a shit if the 3 lads are ‘enjoying it’, i want analysis and insight please.
    Need to switch over to sky for that where canavan and previously JH would describe what is happening in the game

  85. I see there pre match entertainment now? Does this allow increase in capacity?

  86. Hi All, has anyone any news of more tickets becoming available for Donegal match. I have one, I’m just checking for a friend, any leads would be much appreciated, thank you , Denis.

  87. Any sign of a J Streicher sponsored podcast we badly need some positivity from Rob Murphy and the lads.

  88. So in excess of 30k then?! Should be a brilliant atmosphere…I cant remember McHale park being that full in donkeys. It’ll be at least 4 or 5 deep getting a pint on Saturday night !!!!! Hopefully a celebratory one

  89. Been a few years since I attended a championship game in Castlebar, I have a few questions,
    1, Will there be pre match entertainment in the pitch?
    2, What are the best liveliest pubs to visit after the game to celebrate the Mayo victory? many years have passed since my days going to the Welcome Inn.

  90. Mayo88, yes three acts on before match, starting at 3.30, Mick Byrne’s is a great place for a pint, plenty of Mayo supporters go there and he himself is a huge Mayo supporter. Mayo Abu!

  91. If it’s negative Stuff that get’s you riled… Donal Reid in his piece for the Donegal Democrat on the 19th July, said that he wasn’t convinced by Kerry because they beat a very poor Mayo Team, who lacked enthusiasm and most of all lacked talent.. Don’t know if this type of stuff motivates the modern Gaelic football team or not… But if it does, Donal Reid fair play to you…

  92. Its seems like it amateur hour for sure.
    From the Mayo News….”the Connacht GAA Council are responsible for the organisation and operations of all All-Ireland SFC Qualifiers and ‘Super 8s’ games that are played in the province.”

    So its no the GAA HQ or the HSE or whatever..its the Connacht council. Its baffling that they wont allow Mayo, the home team.. to have a full house in Castlebar, for this massive game!

    And its hard to believe there isn’t more of a stink being made by the media likes of Mayo News, Western People, Connacht Tele and Mide West etc….surely they have leverage with CB!
    I just have a feeling that if they dont sort this out and increase capacity to 31K, that a lot more than 25K will show up at the gates on Saturday and at that point they will have to allow access in order to avoid a crush.

  93. Ya Gough is a good call…..especially when you consider who got the Dubs v Tyrone game. Jesus wept!!!

  94. Mayo88..Great optimism there which is in short supply with anyone I’ve spoken to lately..Am struggling to remember a game where we seem to be such underdogs(aside from Dublin ones)
    Anyway should a drink or two be wanted post game Byrnes is the go to spot for many but be warned it can be fairly wedged !Would also suggest Coadys on Linenhall st..Sure anywhere would be great if we managed to pull off a win..

  95. @Mister Mayor- I certainly hope that no one who doesn’t have a ticket show’s up for the Match… But there is absolutely no good reason that the capisity of Mchale Park should not be used to the fullest…Which in my opinion probably around 35K…It was very well known in advance I think the 16th of July, that this bigger attractive showdown was coming…On Saturday last, Mayo and Donegal Ladies played an exciting round robin championship fixture… Could this not have been played next Saturday as a curtain raiser… Mchale Park is the only GAA Venue all Seating which as is self evident better for comfort and safety..much better for children because there won’t be a tall Person standing in front of them… It’s probably safer for people to sitting inside Mchale Park rather than standing outside .. but I think it’s better that we discourage people showing up without a ticket… Health and Safety OTT, and in some cases insurance fraud, is making life worse for many in this New Ireland.. Thousands of people climbed the Reek at their own risk, and there was some Minor Injurys, but no one will be sued, or ever has been sued for a fall on the Reek, ..

  96. @leantimes I think because this is a home game and supporters are in closer proximity to the park, versus lets say having to drive to Limerick for it, then its very likely a lot of non ticket holders will show up.
    But, the whole thing is damn disgrace.

  97. Anyone know if durkin, o connor, ruane or parsons have a chance of making the 26? Even 1 of these making it would give the team and supporters a great boast at an opportune time during the game.

  98. @Mister Mayor, This is a Mayo home game… Club’s all over Mayo pay conciderable Money to the Mayo GAA County Board…If Members or Supporter’s of these Club’s cannot get a ticket for the Match because the Stadium cannot be filled to it’s fullest, (several thousand short of it’s Capisity at the moment)They are more than entitled to ask serious questions from those organising the event…

  99. Mayomagic2000 – do you read other people’s comments at all? I expressly pointed out this morning to the problem I have with those who try to elicit news that’s not yet in the public domain and here you are, just a few hours later, doing exactly that. I do sometimes wonder why I bother.

  100. @leantimes..I think we agree kid. But there’s no point in raising a stink next week….the time is now!

  101. If the issue is everybody streaming into the ground in or around the same time, I think its incredible that a plan cannot be made around this. There are entrances aplenty to McHale park so just have a heap of extra stewards on each, clearly directing the crowds. The county should really pull together on this. Its arguably the single biggest event the county has seen in decades! Thats no exaggeration. Surely a coherent and safe logistical plan can be put in place and executed for the day. Come on, it’s not rocket science. McHale park/An Sportlann is a fine complex, loads of room. This is a one-off, special event, massive demand, and we’re left with the lamest of excuses, that theres a risk with everyone coming in together. I dont accept that.

  102. @Liberal role in the tie… Totally agree with you, and down the year’s Mchale Park, a very fine Venue has been paid for by Mayo people, as have the salaries of those with paid positions within the GAA…Midwest are reporting online that According to John Prenty, Gates will open at 3,30pm … and some music act, (we don’t know who or what act yet) will be on before the Throw In…Does this mean that we won’t have a curtain raiser?…I don’t know, but I am not convinced that those giving out this new information know either, when they can’t tell definitely Who’s playing the music!

  103. If the issue is everybody streaming into the ground in or around the same time, I think its incredible that a plan cannot be made around this. There are entrances aplenty to McHale park so just have a heap of extra stewards on each, clearly directing the crowds. The county should really pull together on this. Its arguably the single biggest event the county has seen in decades! Thats no exaggeration. Surely a coherent and safe logistical plan can be put in place and executed for the day. Come on, it’s not rocket science. McHale park/An Sportlann is a fine complex, loads of room. This is a one-off, special event, massive demand, and we’re left with the lamest of excuses, that theres a risk with everyone coming in together. I dont accept that.

  104. Apologies WJ, should have phrased it better. We’ll all wait for official announcements

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