Minors join seniors in the semis

Enda Gilvarry’s minors rounded off a spectacular weekend for the county this afternoon as they skated to an easy 2-13 to 0-8 win over Westmeath in their All-Ireland quarter-final played at O’Connor Park in Tullamore. The win sees the minors join the seniors on the card at Croke Park in three weeks time where, in that day’s curtain raiser, they’ll be paired with Ulster U18 champions Monaghan who edged out Tipperary by 0-12 to 0-9 in their quarter-final meeting today.

I wasn’t at O’Connor Park today and so there’s not a huge amount I can say about the minors’ win. According to the scores updates from @MayoGAA, it looks as if we took charge of this contest from the off, racing into a three-point lead with points from Conor Loftus, Cian Hanley and Michael Plunkett. That was the margin we led by at the break but it sounds as if it was still an open enough contest at that stage, with Westmeath giving almost as good as they were getting as we went in 0-9 to 0-6 in front.

Things changed on the resumption, though, when – after a Tommy Conroy point put us four ahead – Cian Hanley was hauled down in the square and the same player goaled from the resultant penalty. Liam Irwin added a point and then we broke through for a second goal, this one from Darragh Doherty who then added a point.

A further point from Cian Hanley
put us a full thirteen points clear but this score was our final one of the day, with seventeen minutes still left to play. Any hopes the Lake County lads may have had about mounting a comeback were pretty much extinguished when their centre-forward Alan Hughes got a straight red for a striking incident. Westmeath had the final say on the scoreboard but the two points they managed to get weren’t enough to avoid a double-digit defeat.

Well done to Enda and the lads on another great win, one that moves them to within one step of an All-Ireland final appearance. So not only will the aim be to have a big Mayo crowd at Croke Park on August 25th, it’ll need to be a crowd that arrives on time as well so that the minors have plenty of support in their All-Ireland semi-final before the day’s main event gets going later that afternoon.

A match report from O’Connor Park, from Colm Gannon of the Mayo Advertiser, is here and a report on the game by The Score is here.

Mayo: Mark Mulligan; Eddie Doran, David Kenny, Michael Hall; Ronan Finn, Stephen Coen, Sean Conlon; Val Roughneen (0-1, free), Diarmuid O’Connor; Conor Loftus (0-2), Michael Plunkett (0-2), Cian Hanley (1-2, penalty goal); Darragh Doherty (1-1), Liam Irwin (0-3, frees), Tommy Conroy (0-2). Subs: Conor Byrne for Doherty, Padraig Prendergast for Hanley, Hugh Cafferty for Conlon, Brian Walsh for Plunkett, Kevin Jordan for Finn.

49 thoughts on “Minors join seniors in the semis

  1. Must of been men against boys there WJ! Cian Mackey plays for the Cavan Seniors! Think it was Cian Hanley who scored the penalty.

  2. Great wins for Mayo and Roscommon dumping out fancied Kildare.Deligjted.Hon the West

  3. Ya good win for the lads.I wad down in o Connor park for game.was very impressed with their performance.the opening mirrored the seniors yesterday against Donegal.Bit of work to do thought they got turned over a couple times very easily so maybe a bit of work to do for next day out.
    I waited for the first half of the Roscommon and Kildare game and i don’t know if anyone else who was at the game noticed it but there was definitely a few Kildare lads that were doing strength and conditioning work to me it was clear to see.So i thought it was going to be a tuff physical battle but it was very open football i thought Kildare played naively and weren’t picking up the Roscommon lads. The goals I seen in first half were soft but lack of marking out the field made it easy for Roscommon to work it up the field.

  4. Superb win by the minors to-day and there was great support. Do we play Tyrone now?

    On a sad note the Captain of the 1953 winning minor team passed away to-day

  5. Shots topper,

    Was the captain of that minor team not Des Keane who died a number of years ago?

  6. Well done them minors. Important now that they win their semi final against Monaghan. If the seniors beat Tyrone and get to the final we would get a bigger allocation of tickets if the minors are in the final too. Not sure how many extra. Maybe 1500 – 2000. The competing minor counties do get a separate allocation regardless of whether the seniors are involved or not. It would help ease the scramble for tickets a bit. Maybe somebody on here can confirm the exact figure that the 2 competing minor counties get for the final. Would be great to have both Mayo teams there on the day with huge support.

  7. Minors deservedly there.great if we could win both.Roscommon were awesome and I hope its an all west minor final.Future for the West and Mayo in particular very bright.
    What is with David Brady telling everyone what happens behind closed doors ? This is not on at all.Really disgraceful imo

  8. Actually just on todays match .i was sitting beside a Westmeath man who at one point in the game spotted something a Westmeath lad done and he didn’t like it so he shouted out the lads bane and said he was only a prick.I was astounded and outraged.O Connor park isn’t Croke park so the lad quiet possibly would have heard it as the player was near the stand.or his family could have heard him say this.I know it goes on at all games but the like was 17 or 18. I just thought it was bang out of line.Another bad trait some supporters get involved with is booing when someone is taking a free or 45 and clapping then when they miss.Yes i know it goes on at all games it just makes me feel uncomfortable when it does.no need for it at all.Ok rant over ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Fair play to minors, job well done. Was impressed with them particularly in the 2nd half the way they put the game to bed. Young hanley looks a good player. Coen at cb reads the game very well. They have a real chance of reaching the final.
    Agree with above poster re kildare, too much gym work there not enough ball, they towered over some off the ross lads but ross skill levels were high and also will be hard beaten.

  10. Mayomaningalway, I’m a professional photographer and have been on the sideline for many years taking action shots. The amount of nasty, personal, verbal abuse that was hurled at players was outrageous.
    One time it was so bad from a supporter that I turned around and told him to shut to fuck up. There was complete silence and then I got a cheer from the crowd. It should be stamped out!!

  11. Agreed Joe Mc i thought i was going to say in blowing it out of proportion.But its at every level from under 10s rite way through to senior.I was at my girlfriends football league match not long back and the abuse that was throwing at the ref from sideline was unreal.im as passionate as anyone and certainly don’t always agree with a referee’s decision and indeed have my own opinion but i certainly don’t shout abuse at him or players .End of day the refs are human .Going home after a game being called every name under sun at a football match certainly ain’t something id like.

  12. Well done minors, looking like a good year. The improvement from the first match with Galway is noticeable. The only thing that stopped them from adding to the score in the last quarter was an obsession in seeking goals. As the game was well won at that stage I would forgive them for this. Early on when it mattered they kicked some great points from play. There is room for improvement though in free taking, both from Roughneen and Irwin.
    We are well overdue a minor All Ireland win with several good teams missing out since our last win in 1985 with what I then thought and still think was a very average team.

    Regards abuse of players mentioned by Mayomaningalway and Joe Mac it is often horrendous and says more about the ignorance of the abuser than any failing of the player – or referee – being abused. After over 50 years of listening to it my advice to any player or anybody else is to ignore it, appreciate that it is only coming from the ignorant and that is not their fault. I was always told as a youngster that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. This applies to racial abuse also and players should be coached to understand that in almost all cases abuse is designed to provoke a reaction in the hope of a sending off or undermining the victim;s mental approach to the game. I would not be surprised though to see someday a player who expects abuse wearing a little recorder or transmitter to capture the evidence.

  13. Hi all,

    If anyone gets any information on tickets for the semi can they post a message please. Tried the Ticketmaster & official GAA sites earlier and nothing available showing up. Thanks!

  14. Hey Seamus.according to Ticketmaster they wont go on sale until Saturday 2 weeks

  15. Sorry Seamus.just checked dates.that wouldn’t make sense cause the game on 25th.mayogaa.ie will update site when tickets go on sale but maybe one lads here knows the actual date

  16. Wondering if the mayo v Donegal game is being replayed on tv or available on the net? Would love to see it again but tv3 don’t seem to have it on their player

  17. Dermo if you can get Setanta Sport, it will be shown many times in the course of the week.

  18. Well done minors, I am over the moon for the next 3 weeks at least. I think Monaghan are favorites for all Ireland so no easy game for Mayo.
    As far as Mayo seniors go, Eugene McGee is 100% correct, we have been here many times in the last number of years. I am excited but tempered by the fact that Tyrone are still a force even though they are not what they were and Dublin and Kerry are still there too.
    I know people say lots about Mayo club football being so important and yes it is, BUT, there is no way on earth I would risk injuring any of that panel in club games. No way.
    The Sam is in clear view, 2 games to win to be champions, let sense prevail and the county panel be left to do the business.

  19. @ SeamusThornton They’re available on gaa.tickets.ie, I just checked there. Although I’d say the best seats are got from the county and the clubs.

  20. Yep….was in Tullamore yesterday too. I thought we played OK. Westmeath were very poor to be honest. We let them back into it in the 10 mins before half time but then cam eout and blitzed them at the start of the second half ad that was it. They faded.

    The Rossies were very impressive and even with 14 lads for all the 2nd half they beat a physically strong kildare team…we could end up meeting them in the final, but i think we’d need to improve from our connacht final display to beat them…two very strong minor teams.

    I was driving back home this mornlistening to the radio…what kind of moron’s are texting in Mid West Radio wondering about all ireland final tkts..are they complete and utter simpleton’s?!! Have they not watched Tyrone dismantle ‘fancied’ teams for the past 10 years, not only at senior but at underage….?? These must be the eejits who don’t actually follow Gaelic Football and only get on the autumnal bandwagon. Anyone who knows the game will know that Tyrone are a very very serious force. I know a few of them from uo there and they fancu themselves bigtime…and are loving all the usual (almost annual at this stage) Mayo love-in by the national media.

    Reality check time for these folks!!!…..in the past 10 years theyve won a pocketful of all irelands in all grades….we’ve won 1…an u-21 in Ennis.

  21. @ Roger Milla Unless my memory fails me completely, it was last year in the quarter finals. Minors hockeyed Tipperary and Seniors hockeyed Down.

  22. I thought they made a decision earlier in the year that no county player would play club games if we advanced in the championship …. Oh Lord please let that be true or I won’t sleep for the next 3 weeks ….

  23. @Dermo – I forgot to tape the match as well so checked the Setanta sports website and I see they are scheduled to showing it tomorrow night at 11PM. Probably no 1/2 time analysis but should see the match – if you can get Setanta of course !

  24. Completely agree with John Griffin,Brady divulging behind the scenes goings on is completely out of order.Am I the only who winces when he starts to talk.He is god awful and Dara O Se looks like Pat Shortt.
    It’s great when all we have to complain about is the pundits-massive weekend,well done to all.

  25. Agree totally with Mayonaze.Everyone should read that post.
    Talking about anything other than next game is mindblowing.Horan went out of his way to say hype does Mayo no favours.Of course enjoy build up to Semi Final and confine comments to that.It is so unfair to management to do anything else. Reality is all four teams believe they can win the all ireland and the other three have in the last five years! A sobering thought!

  26. We certainly had a double bill at the semi final stage in 1999 anyway – won the minor game but lost the senior game. I can’t ever remember us having both teams in the final but the bookies now have us favoured to do just that. However, Paddy Power now have Roscommon as 15/8 favourites for the minor All Ireland. I have to say I thought they had a lot of weak links in the Connacht Final – one stand out forward and a very strong midfield but otherwise poor – couldn’t shoot to save their lives and large gaps in the defence. Mayo seemed to be playing well within themselves in the second half.

    Connacht seems to be right at the top of the pile at underage level now but only Mayo have been able to bring the talent through to senior level. Hopefully one or two of these minor lads will be able to make the step up in a few years as well.

  27. Just a few final thoughts on the Donegal game before i concentrate on the Tyrone game.
    It has to be said that it was a great team performance . It could have being easy to go into croke park see the Donegal lads and get flash backs to all ireland final .That may have happened in the past . But the lads are confident and the believe in themselves, each other and JH. I think this is a better team than 96 and the best team i can remember. I was only 3 in 1989 so dont remember that team or any before so i may be corrected.
    A few points to make on AOS . He is a player i have greatly admired since i saw him play first.I havent admired a player as much since Colm Mc. Over the last 12 months he has improved a lot . It also clear to see that his physical conditioning has improved a lot over last 12 months . He was always a big man but his conditioning now is unreal. Ill say something it takes a hell of a lot of hard work to get your body in the condition. Any inter county player puts in a lot of training but AOS is also in the gym i can assure you it takes dedication and lots of it. I remember people saying about AOS after all ireland last year that when he was doing an interview that he didnt seem too boddered about loosing the game. I felt this was very un fair. I dot think there is anyone on the Mayo team who wants it anymore than AOS does.
    When i was watching the lads warm up on Sunday they weren’t putting many points wide .Sure it doesnt mean much but i knew they meant business. They have put in a lot of work since Connaught final.

    Looking forward to the next game against Tyrone. I agree with Mayonaze . Lets not get too carried away lads. We need to focus on next game at hand.But i do feel that Tyrone are beatable . It wont be easy . These lads have a lot of experience and All irelands under their belts. That being said every game that i have seen this year going back to the league they have being carried by 2 men. Sean Cavanagh and Steven O’Neill. But more recently just Cavanagh . We in Mayo know more than any county that you cant keep relying on the one or two players. Mayo need to do a man marking job on Cavanagh and i have to look at him doing his shimmy and scoring ill loose the plot. Cavanagh is the play maker he needs to have a quiet game. Tyrone will come out to frustrate us. They will slow the game down as much as possible. We need to keep the cool. take the frees and just get on with the game . Collectively as a team Mayo are better and stronger . We just need to keep our discipline and the class will show. Mayo to win by 7 points

  28. @ Mayonaze My thoughts exactly. Foolish to be writing off anyone at this stage. Injuries etc can still be picked up in the time between now and the semi final (heres hoping that we don’t pick anymore ourselves). Talk of a final it just still a dream at this stage, all be it one that we are very capable of making into a reality with our guys playing so well.

  29. Have to agree with the above posts.. If Mayo people think we are going to walk all over Tyrone like we did Donegal then they have another thing coming.. Donegal were poor this year and while Mayo were very good Donegal were equally very bad.. As supporters we really can’t afford to be thinking of anything beyond this next game.. lets get the bodies, the colours and the flags into Croke Park again and leave Tyrone in no doubt that we mean business.. As supporters we really need to get behind this incredible team and management and help drive them over the line to reach yet another All Ireland Final.. When that’s done Iets talk about the next step, until then we need to know Tyrone’s every weakness and where we can capitalise..

    I don’t know much about Tyrone apart from Cavanaghs little side steps/sell the dummy/over the bar routine which is mind boggling that no one seems to be able to get the block. Who’ to do this man marking job.. whoever it is will have to the “stick to him like S***e to a blanket.. We cancel out Cavanagh then we’re getting somewhere

  30. The big watchout vs. Tyrone is not to get sucked into a dogfight. Tyrone will look to slow the pace down at every opportunity. They’ll look to target our more temperamental players in AOS and Lee Keegan. Discipline and cool headedness will be crucial. Tyrone are lacking in firepower with the bulk of scores coming either directly or indirectly from Cavanagh. Vaughan is the man to stymie his gallops โ€“ heโ€™ll also pull him up and down the pitch.

    Iโ€™d prefer to see Cillian exclusively on frees too. Our bench is a major strength โ€“ another advantage over Tyrone. Mickey Harte is a good tactician โ€“ Brolly did him and his panel a big favour last weekend. They wonโ€™t lack motivation.

    All said Mayo to win it by 4/5.

  31. Mayonaze you’re on the money. Game 5 next, Full stop, and very serious opposition to boot

  32. Glad people beginning to get sensible and steel up for game 5. Thats all that matters now.

    Dont agree about Roscommon. But again lets concentrate on Monaghan first!!!!

  33. myself and a few friends got our tickets on ticketmaster before we even left Croker on SUnday. they were up for sale immediately following the Tyrone match on saturday from what i believe

  34. Was anyone a bit dissapointed at the final whistle to hear The Sawdoctors, ‘N17’ playing after the match, I was hoping to hear ‘The Green and Red’ afterwards!! It’s the small things in life that make all the difference!! What’s The Sawdoctors Mayo affiliation anyway?!? Is there any other song by any other artist that would fit the bill to be played after we hopefully beat Tyrone?!?

  35. @ Mayodub that’s rite i remarked about that but i was buzzing so didn’t let it bodder me.im not sure if they are affiliated i think they just got inspiration from the countryside in Mayo ๐Ÿ™‚ did anyone see AOS first yellow.If im rite he got it when the the Donegal turn around and went straight into Aidan .can anyone confirm that?

  36. My personal favourite was always ‘To Win Just Once’. Always resonated with me! O’Shea went to hit him a shoulder but hit him in the chest. It wasn’t a great challenge and it deserved a booking alright, in my opinion. I was disgusted to see Gallagher running in a few minutes later to try and get him sent off when McFadden fell over, and also when McFadden was clutching his face after falling over. Silly stuff and in fairness to McQuillan, he didn’t fall for it. Thought he had quite a good game actually.

  37. Hahaha i know the song your on about Horans brigade. That’s what the first yellow was for feat enough so.thanks for clearing that up.your talking about Donegal doing dirty tactics? Wait till the Tyrone game.Whatever about Donegal doing anything to win by god Tyrone definitely will.it is going to be so important that we hold our cool and our discipline.take the frees were given and punish their lack if discipline.

  38. Been away from any sort of ‘internet technology’ since last Friday, so just spent the past 3 hours (!) catching up here.

    Bit late to be commenting on the game and others have done it a lot better than I could, but have to say it was the most complete performance I’ve ever witnessed from a Mayo team.
    Well done to everyone involved.
    We really should appreciate just how good these days are and how lucky we are to follow this team.

    Well done to the minors too. Monaghan will be tricky, but they can do it.

    The next 3 weeks should have no mention of the AI final. One word only – Tyrone. Everything from here on in should be about them.
    They have a good blend of youth and experience and a wily and tactically astute manager.
    This will be a fierce battle, but without question it’s one we’re well capable of winning. This is one hell of a team, so lets give them all the backing they deserve.

    Just about to sit down and watched the game again mayomaningalway, but my first thought was that Aidan deserved the yellow for that. The 2nd was soft enough though.

  39. @ Declan

    PP have them favourites because they beat the favourites themselves yesterday and in their eyes they only have to beat Ulster runners up to reach the AI final. In fairness the rossies are far from poor and more than one stand out forward. The Walsh lad that started yesterday is another good forward. They defended poorly against Mayo however they gave very little away against Kildare.

    Connacht underage football has been strong for the best part of decade now Mayo have solid base and good management at senior level to bring players through, at the moment Galway,Roscommon don’t but that could soon change.

    Well done Mayo minors yesterday expected win it must be said Monaghan having beaten Tipp,Tyrone will provide a big challenge however i think they are good enough to reach the final.

  40. Brighton811 read you loud and clear, He is a ringer for him. Only said meself to a friend last week.

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