Minors surmount opening hurdle

Mayo minors

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Enda Gilvarry’s minors opened their Connacht championship campaign in fairly impressive fashion earlier this evening when they accounted for Leitrim by 1-15 to 1-5 in their preliminary round clash at McHale Park. Leading by three points (1-5 to 1-2) at the break, the lads pushed on decisively in the second half to win by a comfortable ten-point margin. Top scorer for the winners was full-forward Liam Irwin with five points but it was wing-back Michael Hall who picked up the Man of the Match award.

I wasn’t at McHale Park today but Colm Gannon was and his match report for the Mayo Advertiser is here.

Next up for the minors is a tough provincial semi-final away to Galway this day week. As ever with the minor championship, it’s this upcoming penultimate round tie rather than the final itself that’s the vital one to win as it’s this one that guarantees a place in the All-Ireland quarter-final, whereas defeat means the end of the road. According to @MayoGAA the time and venue for next Saturday’s semi-final clash has yet to be confirmed.

Mayo: Marc Mulligan; Eddie Doran, Seamus Cunniffe, David Kenny; Ronan Finn, Stephen Coen (0-1), Michael Hall (0-1); Val Roughneen (0-2), Diarmuid O’Connor; (0-1) Brian Walsh, Conor Loftus, Cian Hanley; Tommy Conroy (1-0), Liam Irwin (0-5, three frees); Darragh Doherty (0-2). Subs: Stephen Burke for Loftus, Conor Byrne (0-3) for Conroy, Padraig Prendergast for Doherty, Sean Conlon for Finn.

18 thoughts on “Minors surmount opening hurdle

  1. If Galway Minors won to-night also there will be a double header in Pearse Stadium on Saturday next – Mayo -v- Galway at Minor level and Tipp-v- Galway at Senior level

  2. Galway tipp in hurling or football? Is that qualifier football?
    Well done to mayo minors. Hope you’re taking notes how the seniors dedicate themselves because you’ll be next.

  3. It was a terrible evening for the game with wind and rain making conditions difficult for both teams. Mayo was the stronger of the 2 teams but struggled to show it on the score board in the first half. We did not dominate midfield and generally Leitrim had the better of the exchanges in this area, but they did not have the forwards to finish. To their credit they never gave up the fight. I feel this Mayo team will need to improve a lot before next weekend if they are to join the senior counterparts in the final next month.

  4. Shot Stopper – Galway had no game. Mayo v Leitrim is the only quarter final. The other 3 teams are straight into the semis.
    You’d imagine it would make sense for it to be a double header with the senior qualifier next Saturday

  5. The weather conditions did not help the quality of the football this evening. Mayo were the better team overall and deserved their 10pt victory. Not sure what kind of team Galway have this year but hopefully Mayo can improve on todays performance and challenge for a place in the final. I think that is about as much as they can hope for tho based on what I saw this evening.

  6. Mayo V Ros in the final is my prediction.

    Some incredible rubbish being written about Donegal in papers. They are not invincible and Brolly and Co. shortsighted in thinking so.

    Cant see them winning this year.Their arrogance knows no bounds.

  7. I still think we are on course for a Mayo v Donegal semi final. 25th August is nine weeks away, it will be some game.

  8. too soon about that hopefully it will happen but dubln might upset donegal what do ye think

  9. Donegal cynical.get away with a lot.time for refs to implement the rules. Down robbed in my view.

  10. Donegal very shaky and cynical, can,t see them being as effective as last year, Down brought about their own demise with squandered chances any of the other top teams would have beaten the Donnies today.
    Well done to our Minors in making their own news.

  11. Think a draw for London/Leitrim is good for Mayo in a strange sort of way.

    Means the winner will be sharper and might do better against Mayo which is what we need. Donegal well tested – they are cynical and frankly awful to watch.

    They believe in their own hype though (like Clare) and that will be their undoing.

  12. Donegal are the most cynical team in football,every time down took the ball of them the first man would foul in order to let the rest get back in defence.and downs first yellow came from a donegal man giving ref an earfull about being fouled and the theatric’s when being tackled was a disgrace.they wouldn’t win against a good team,refs needs to grow balls

  13. Agree about Donegal, it’s amazing the stuff they get away with.
    The ref Kinsella was given a hard time, but to be fair I think he was just trying to implement the rules.
    Donegal can think what they want, but there aren’t currently different rules for them and the other counties in Ireland. And to think we were highlighted last year for cynical play!
    Brolly did everything he could to defend Donegal and their “tactics”, but then he does have his tongue lodged up their arse anyway.

    I know they say be careful what you wish for, but I’d love a rattle at them later in the year…

    More importantly, any news on any injuries from today’s club games?

  14. There was a great shot of Murphy mouthing off/sledging the free taker for Down’s last point and the usual running away , in the line of sight of a scoring opportunity free taker was prevalent.

    Congrats to London who are now guaranteed four games this year and possibly more. I think the predictions of Leitrim winning with a bit to spare were looking accurate if you look at the wides, mulligans injury and Sean Kelly’s impact although London did lose Gottsche as well. That is football however and they kept at it.

    I was disappointed with mid west querying in the dying minutes whether there would be extra time and then where the replay would be. London are in the championship and the same rules apply to them as anybody else and they are entitled to a replay as its a semi final and entitled to the next game at home. Extra time is only played at the end of fixtures prior to provincial semi finals.

  15. I am leaving myself open to be called biased on this one, but the mayo minor team must be in for a great year when the likes of Westport’s Jake o Shea can’t make the panel.Two senior championship games under his belt now and afraid of nothing.

  16. Don’t understand what all the fuss is regards Doengal. Yes they do a lot of mouthing & fouling etc but they are no different to Kerry, Cork, Dublin. Which is worse Michael Murphy shouting at you or 15000 jeering every kick from Hill 16 ?
    And don’t forget Cork & Kerry are no shrinking violets when it comes to dishing out the rough stuff. We have hardened up this year and I believe we’re now capable of taking on any physical battle with anyone. Tyrone began it and now all top teams are at the same level and are capable (and willing) to do what it takes at all costs to win. We have had to learn this lesson the hard way – I just hope we don’t forget it too soon !!

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