Minors unchanged for Sunday’s final

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Team news, is it? Well, the team to face Galway in Sunday’s Connacht minor football decider at Pearse Stadium (throw-in 12pm) has just been named and it’s unchanged from the one that lined out against Leitrim in last week’s semi-final. Full details are as follows:

Mayo (Connacht MFC final v Galway, 10/7/2016): Adam Byrne (Aghamore); Cathal Horan (Kilmovee), Donovan Cosgrove (Kiltimagh, captain), John Cunnane (Ballyhaunis); Brian O’Malley (Westport), Matthew Macken (Claremorris), John Maughan (Castlebar Mitchels); Colm Murphy (Balla), Nathan Moran (Hollymount/Carramore); Paul Lambert (Westport), Ross Egan (Aghamore); Oisin McLaughlin (Westport), Colm Moran (Westport), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Nathan McGhee (Shrule/Glencorrib). Subs: Patrick O’Malley (Westport), Sean Kenny (Aghamore), Liam Kelly (Kiltimagh), Conor Stenson (Castlebar Mitchels), Stephen McGreal (Claremorris), Evan O’Brien (Ballinrobe), Justin Healy (Cill Chomáin), Ethan Gibbons (Castlebar Mitchels), Tommy Conroy (The Neale).

Best of luck to Enda Gilvarry and the lads on Sunday as they go in search of the county’s 40th provincial title at this level.

14 thoughts on “Minors unchanged for Sunday’s final

  1. No surprise there after the way they played against Leitrim. Good luck to them on Sunday.

  2. Good luck to the Mayo minors on Sunday! Who do ye think the Rossi fans will shout for in the minor match,?

  3. Good luck Mayo minors.
    Hard to know who Rossie will shout for…in 2006 their fans roared and shouted for us in the win over Dublin and we were shouting for them in the minor. Times have changed though and the influx of social media has brought a nasty element to every county…I think the “banter” fuels this before and after a match on facebook and what not.
    There was some hoorid abuse flung our way at the u-21 final in Sligo back in April.

  4. Good luck to the minor team on Sunday. I’m sure they will do the county proud. Interesting to see no representative from a big swathe of north / north-east Mayo. It’s not a criticism as I am not close to the club scene just an observation worth making.

  5. @Seamus Thornton

    My own club Ballina were strong at minor last year but weak enough this year although out of the games I saw Castlebar looked weaker than Ballina and apart from John Maughan Jnr I am surprised they have any other players on the panel!! Claremorris & Balla were decent although we matched them well as a team , Aghamore were excellent when we played them but Wesport were superb and head and shoulders above the rest.

    Ballina’s U16’s have a ton of talent but their attitude is a bit bad at times though there is the makings of a strong minor team there for next year.
    I haven’t seen Cross or Knockmore lately to comment on how they are doing.

  6. I doubt if anybody would be closer to the scene in north Mayo than Enda Gilvarry and if he sees nobody worthy of a place on the minor team that must be the case. I have said before here that I was at the Mayo minor final last year [Ballina v Claremorris] and was of the opinion that there was nobody on the teams who would have made a difference in the debacle against Galway last summer. Some disagreed but nobody put forward the name of a player who would have. I have also said in the past that there must be something wrong when Castlebar and Ballina do not dominate the underage scene in Mayo and rarely get a response. It is my opinion that both of those clubs should have the resources and the determination to employ at least one full time coach administrator to develop the young talent in those towns. Some would say that a full time coach would diminish the input of voluntary coaches but with the right full time guy [or lady] with a proper job description that should not happen. Rather it should increase the effectiveness of the volunteers. Perhaps Stephenites/Mitchels already have such people but if so supporters in those towns are keeping very quiet on this blog.

  7. Best of luck to the Minors on Sunday. A hard working team, with no real stars showing yet. I hope Sunday goes well for them. A few decent subs on there as well. Wonder if the No 5 has a brother in the subs? Looking good for Westport and Aghamore down the road.I liked Stenson, Kenny and McGreal, as well. I believe the guy from Ballinrobe has a lot to offer also.

  8. @Andy D ,

    I am a supporter of one of those clubs and I know a lot about the work being done at underage in the last couple of years but I am going to keep quiet because for me you asked for info too nicely!!!!

    You need to be more direct , almost angry when asking that question!!!!

    Also I admire your objective holistic view to the two major clubs strategy at underage and your supportive views/comments are always welcome( in Ballina anyway)!!!!!

  9. @pjmcmanus

    O’Malleys are not related. You are correct, subs bench is very strong.

  10. AndyD…I can’t help you with your inquiry but your suggestion is admirable re a pro coach being installed where he/she might work a treat in the coaching set up already in place.The absence of players on minor panel from the broad N Mayo area and east does stand out. I wonder would it be a first.or what’s the situation in that regard?

  11. Crete Boom…would it be possible that these clubs are slightly stuck in the mud like your namesake? Sorry…but I couldn’t let that one pass!!!!

  12. Its not complex. Areas like Knockmore and Aghamore over achieve but every house from the kids to the Grandparents can name current and former players. Thats not going to be replicated in larger urban areas.
    Aghamore togged three senior age teams last year. Their u21s were very good. They play a lot of football in these areas.
    Pro coaches for one club I wouldnt agree with. County board coaches available to areas and schools I do agree with.

  13. Agreed that areas like Knockmore and Aghamore are different to towns like Ballina and Castlebar. That is why different tactics and coaching methods are needed. Do these towns have the street leagues of olden times anymore? If not how can they cater for / provide football to any more than a small proportion of children in their area? How many Co Board coaches are available in the County? Are they able to provide any more than occasional attention to the over 50 clubs in the county?

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