Mitchels set up Connacht final date with Corofin

Castlebar Mitchels

Photo: Sportsfile (Brendan Moran)

There was another slew of club action this afternoon, including both semi-finals in the Connacht senior football championship.

At Hyde Park, Castlebar Mitchels got the better of Roscommon champions Clann na nGael by 3-8 to 0-13. It was those three first half goals – scored by Richie Feeney, Barry Moran and Danny Kirby – that made all the difference in the end. Donie Shine knocked over nine points for the losers, all but one of them from placed balls, but they were chasing Mitchels all day and were never able to close the gap on the Moclair Cup holders.

From my vantage point on the couch, the Roscommon pitch looked extremely heavy and so it was no surprise that silken skills weren’t a feature in this hard-fought contest. Mitchels’ Paddy Durcan, named the TG4 Man of the Match, did, though, put in a fairly eye-catching performance. Match report by RTÉ on today’s semi-final is here.

Castlebar’s reward for today’s win comes in the shape of a Connacht final against Galway champions Corofin. Stephen Rochford’s charges dismantled Sligo’s St Mary’s by 4-14 to 2-6 in the day’s other semi-final. The Connacht decider will be played at Tuam Stadium in two weeks time.

85 thoughts on “Mitchels set up Connacht final date with Corofin

  1. And what if corofin banged in 4 goals like they did today!
    Castlebar can count themselves very lucky today.overall played poor kirby goal shouldn’t being allowed to many steps.
    Leaving a good forward like Cian Costello on bench doesn’t make sense.
    Be interesting to see corofin tactics for pat durcan the next day.durcan makes Castlebar tick.what a player this guy is going to be for Mayo.

  2. I don’t think Mitchels were at all lucky today. Fully deserved to win and even playing poorly in the second half

    They are ruthless in front of goal and have been all year. Well done to the lads today and onto the next!

  3. I was at the game, a very poor clan team today. The backs were shocking in the first half. They came to life a bit in second, and only for Donie Shine they would have been hammered. I can’t see Corofin leaking that much.

  4. Take away the 2 goals in the opening 3 minutes. Clann outscored Castlebar 0-13 to 1-8. It’s clear Castlebar will need to improve if they are to win Connacht. Corofin conceding two goals today would suggest they are not as good in defence as last year and Castlebar could exploit that.

  5. Watched from the couch also.

    Mitchels have a lot of talent and a lot of confidence and really were always in control, but they can get very sloppy.

    I felt another there of four goal chances were on but they screwed up. Also, and this is worrying, couldn’t understand whey they kept up the short passing game in the second half, when long balls were clearly called for with a strong wind behind them. For good measure, Clann decided to hit long balls in the second half and had some dreadful wides.

    As you said Willie Joe, the heavy pitch didn’t help and this won’t get any better in two weeks.

    Paddy Durcan gets better and better. And his brother James could be a county pannelist – he has pace to burn. Eoghan O’Reilly may well be worth another chance by the new management.

  6. Young Fella, i’ve seen posts deleted on here for much less than you wrote above. Don’t know what you’re specifically referring to, but Ultan Harney has the makings of a top player. Imagine if he was from Mayo?

  7. Why should we take away the goals?

    They count. It was a ruthless early destruction by our lads. The game was over early and although we let them back in we never looked like losing.

    Corofin owe Mitchells one but I suspect we’ll be ready. Declan is a great tactician

  8. I think Mitchell’s experience was the difference today.. I’m not sure whether it was by luck or design but when playing against a strong breeze running the ball at Clans defence in first 20 mins paid it’s reward.. Castlebar were clinical in the finishing and for me Kirby’s goal was fine as the keeper nearly took him down.. ref played advantage so possibly might have been brought back for a penalty. On the other side Clan had some good shooting chances which were poor wides and they didn’t create enough goal chances. Mitchell did look tired in the last quarter but this game should stand them well for the next outing. Thought ref was consistent but very finicky with the rule book considering the heavy conditions.. back cards were accidental more than intentional.

  9. Harney grabbed Morans crown jewels it seemed harmless enough and who knows what happened off camera.

  10. I also spotted the Moran/Harnet incident and agree it was disgraceful.
    Thankfully Barry didn’t react and get a red. But could you blame him if he did.
    It merited a ko.

  11. Ger Bohan i wouldn’t say the game was over early with the goals. In the 2nd half it was only 2 points between the sides. Castlebar then scored 4 points in a row which more or less won the contest.

  12. Exactly the game Mitchels needed today – winning while playing quite poorly. A walkover would have done them no good and would have had them I’ll prepared for what awaits them in two weeks time. Tuam surface will be no better than that sheep grazed haggard that they had to play on today so plenty of work to do in the next few sessions on handling under heavy conditions. Looking forward to seeing Durkan and Kirby claim more starting XV spots on the Mayo squad as next years season progresses.

  13. I think Castlebar will have to improve big time to topple Corofin. That Clan team was very young and made some dreadful defending mistakes early on but they made a game of it afterwards. Shine looks like he might be coming back to form for the Rossies. Also Ultan Harney has the makings of a great player if a bit hot headed at times.

    Young Fella that is some sweeping statement u made there about how an entire county is perceived. Completely inaccurate also from my long time experience of going to GAA games. Perhaps your comments might be better suited on the banter page

  14. Young Fella. I did not like that comment re Roscommon Fans, no need for that here. Roscommon fans are no better or worse than any other county. Harney is a great player also.

  15. Young Fella – I’ve just seen that comment from you now and I agree with what others have said about it. This isn’t the place for that kind of stuff so I’ve deleted the comment.

  16. Ger Bohan,

    Which Declan are u referring to o’reilly or shaw. Tactically Mitchell’s were terrible in the 2 nd half, how were they dominated at midfield with the players they had on the pitch?

  17. Apologies WJ, I went too far with my comment, but I stand over the fact that it was a disgraceful act that has no part in the game. It was a cowardly thing to do by a player to get a reaction from Barry. Thankfully he had the experience to back away.

    I’m disappointed in some of the replies to my original comment along the lines that the player involved is a great young talent. In my view that has nothing to do with his act, and he should be punished for it regardless. If that is the type of role model our kids look up to, they’ll only end up doing the same. I thought that those contributors to this forum interested in coaching kids and teaching them the manners that they should display on the pitch would agree with me.

    Rant over.

  18. Have to say Young fella I completely disagree with you about Roscommon fans and Roscommon people I’ve worked with people from Ros over the years and always found them to be the finest of people ok they’d like to beat us in football and there’s a few fans that get a bit excited but we have a healthy rivalry with them anyway well done Castlebar hopefully they can go on and beat Corofin as the man says if you wanna be the best you have to beat the best

  19. Zzzzzzzzzzzz we nearly have the same disagreements every so often in here , get over yourselves ffs. Some of us don’t care too much for the rossies, you’re not going to change that with the usual cliche PC nauseating bullshit either. Going to Mayo games a long time now and never hear the same stories about Galway or Sligo or Leitrim supporters etc , if you haven’t experienced it fair enough still doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  20. It’s nothing to do with PC cliches, Sean. It’s simply that you can’t tar an entire county on the basis of the action of one player. Anyway, Young Fella has come back on his original comment so I think that’s the end of it.

  21. Sean Burke

    im sure there are a few bad apples in every county and that goes for Mayo also. Its always the same people on here that seem to have issues with the Rossies. Im sure if you asked the rossies then they could tell you stories they HEARD about our supporters. It seems more a personal issue people have but as WJ said dont tar an entire county.I remember been at the All Ireland semi final and final of 2006 and the Rossie supporters were really behind us in those 2 games. Its great to have a healthy rivalries but dont get carried away. Im away to prepare for the FBD.

  22. I’m with Sean , i don’t recall too many good wishes from Rossies down through the years, the vast percentage of them that I know love it when we fail.

    Personally I enjoy seeing them go down as well. That’s rivalry.

  23. Hello All

    First off well done to Castlebar on their win on Sunday. As a Rossie it really doesnt bother me if Mayo supporters like us or not. That would go for most of the people I know. It says more about the person with the dislike more than anything. However perhaps those people should have driven around the county this year and the last few as Mayo had progressed to the All Ireland finals etc. The amount of Mayo flags that were put up by people in towns and villages. Most of them having no connection to Mayo but as a fellow Connacht team. The same went for the Galway hurlers.

    I read this blog alot and its the same bunch of posters who have a problem with us. I get a good laugh out of it cause surely there is more important things to worry about. At least they are consistent in their dislike for us and sure wouldnt it be boring if we all liked each other. I will be at the FBD game between us in Ballinlough and sure maybe they can say hello. Keep up the good work WJ. Always insightful

  24. Ahh now hang on .

    Its most certainly not a personal thing with me anyway. Majority of my mates/aquaintances down home would be rossies and 100% solid bucks they are. In fact an old school pal who is now a ros cb man only sorted me for final tickets in13 and that epitomises the may o / ross rivalry ,going hammer and tongs since we met in first year in1990 in nathys but still a biteen of respect at the end of the day .

    You cant help how you feel or how things have shaped you ,there have been incidents like the burning of a mayo flag (and thats by mates i may add) that will stay with me forever . The absolute mayhem that followed their win in 01 , a balycastle lad i know (banter page) swears he had bottles thrown in the direction of him and other mayo jersey wearing fans as they walked down roscommon town . These incidents might of happened with other counties but ive yet to see or hear of it.

    All im trying to say is for example i have no problem shouting for galway and did so in their all ireland years but if honest deep down im not sure i could do the same for roscommon.

  25. Alot of this and every counties rivalry depends alot on how near people are to the border, i am about 7 miles from the Mayo border and hand on heart would never shout for them/ye, but there are probably people down in south Roscommon that have no problem shouting for Mayo as they are miles away from the border. It would be pretty boring if everyone from each county supported both teams.

    On the match yesterday I think if Clann had got back level or within a point then Castlebar would probably have been able to up it another bit and see out the win regardless. Personally I am glad Clann are out as Shines * 2 and Harney will now get a bit of rest until January. Should be a good final.

  26. Sean Burke

    We will agree to disagree. The fact u went to school in Nathys might have heighten your feelings. At least you got a good Roscommom education so its not all bad.

    I was at the 2001 match and perhaps your feelings were a little more sensitive because Mayo lost rather than anything the Rossies did to you. I had some very choice words said to me in the Hyde last year by some Mayo supporters after yer victory. That would in no way make me think any less of Mayo or its followers. Its heat of the moment stuff

    Still nice to know that you accepted the All Ireland tickets off a Rossie. They must not be all bad.

  27. well done to castlebar. its the connaught final next with the 2 best teams in it. castlebar impressed me early on with good inter play and quick thinking. johnny giles used to say “when the ball goes dead u come alive”. quick thinking and alertness. castlebar were much better stronger oufit, they also managed the conditions early on to set the platform for victory. clann could have had a goal in second half which would have shook castlebar but goalie made good save. its a game of fine margins sometimes. clann only scored 4 times from play which will never be good enough. im hopin that the weather is ok for the final as it makes for a cracker. kirby is puttin in consistent performances which is good sign. paddy durcan is excelling all the time.

  28. Ah you will have good and bad stories and they have been talked to death here before.
    The Roscommon fans that mocked us with that banner in Ballinlough on the way home after the Dublin defeat this year or the ones that roared for us in Croke Park during the 2006 semi final v Dublin….I know which one’s Id rather focus on. No point dwelling on unsporting people, life is too short.

    It is Mayo v Galway in the Junior, Inter and Senior club finals this year….a big ask but be great to get a clean sweep and win all three!

  29. After over 50 years watching football I have to say that, of Connacht teams, if you were to pick a team to sink to lower depths it would always be Roscommon. My first Roscommon match was Roscommon v Sligo in ’61 or ’62 Connacht championship where I saw them try to brutalise and intimidate a young Mickey Kearns. Nothing has changed since then and I don’t suppose anything will.

  30. It must be a difficult situation for Rocheford with Corofin .That is because they players know that if and when he is officially named as next Mayo manager he will leave Corofin mid season looking for a new manager. Has anyone any thoughts on this ? Personally I want Rocheford but it would not sit well with me leaving a team mid season.

  31. AndyD

    As I said earlier I have been reading this blog for quite a while at this stage. Im not surprised by your post. They keep with all your previous posts regarding anything Roscommon. Your again consistent with your dislike of us. What will happen if the Rossies start beating Mayo again? I cant wait for the comments then AndyD. 50 years of a county team branded in 1 sentence. You couldnt make it up.

    I know WJ u might give out to me for playing the man but it gets a little tiresome after a while reading the same negative comments from the same people especially considering its the Rossies that arent “nice” A little ironic.

  32. It’s funny when you hear talk of the “big” rivalry in Connacht being between Mayo and Galway … maybe it was, back in the older days, but in my time the most bitter rivalry in the province has always been between Mayo and Roscommon. As a Mayo fan there is nothing sweeter (in Connacht) certainly than beating the Rossies, but you can be damn sure the feeling is mutual and I have no doubt the day is coming and we will get back what we have given in spades. Maybe some of us here have been unlucky in the type of goading we have experienced down the years or maybe we have all encountered a disproportaionate amount of Roscommon fans who get great satisfaction in seeing us lose. But we are no saints ouselves and we are well able to give it. It’s rivalry, it’s healthy, it’s a bit of craic (when you’re giving it but less so when you’re taking it). It’s not personal.

    If Mayo were knocked out in 2016 and Roscommon were representing Connacht, would I support them? Yep, I would (though probably a bit begrudgingly as befits such a rivalry). I roared with the best of them above in Croke Park for St. Brigids in 2013 and I saw with my own eyes individuals from that same side shouting for us vs. Kerry in 2014. As Rossie Shane says above there, driving through Roscommon in the late summer on the way to Croker you’d easily think you were in Mayo. It’s what makes the GAA what it is and long may it last.

    Looking forward to Ballinlough already. On that note, does anyone have a list of the FBD fixtures? Only info I can find online is (ironically) on the Roscommon GAA website!

  33. agree with ann marie, i have no love for roscommon, or anyone else, even leitrim, on gameday,its nearly like a tribal thing. However, i will always shout for roscommon and the other connaught counties against outsiders, maybe more of the tribal thing.
    any potential candidates standing up as possible Mayo panelists from castlebar yesterday? is the durcan fella the same that played for Mayo this past summer?

  34. Rossie Shane,

    I’m sorry if my opinions on Roscommon upset you but these opinions were not formed out of the blue or just because my home place is on the borders of Roscommon. It’s also close to the borders of Sligo. Can you recall any other instance in Connacht similar to Ultan Harney’s assault [and assault it was in every sense of the word] on Barry Moran. You may be too young or unable to recall the treatment of the young Mickey Kearns which I recall but I still remember it. I was a young boy at the time enjoying a very exciting player and could not see what that carry on had to do with sport. The memory has lingered and I’m afraid it has coloured my opinion of Roscommon football. Deal with the issues and complain less about the person raising them.

  35. As always, an excellent post from Anne-Marie. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Andy D’s post.

  36. AndyD

    People from around that area tend to get a little over excitied about Mayo/Roscommon rivalry. Believe me when I say your comments dont upset me. They amuse me cause they are so spoken with red and green tinted glasses. I seem to remember your constant annoyance at having to go to the Hyde this year for the Connacht final. U posted endlessly about parking and the venue and all the locals were looking at you with suspicion.

    Are all Mayo players angels or have any of them over the last 50 years done anything that might be seen as not entirely fair. If a incident in a match 50 years ago has had that much effect on you then I will finance any therapy required. Perhaps the new postcodes might have moved the home place back into Mayo territory and Lord Dillon can finally rest in peace. Dont get carried away AndyD with the comments.

  37. Rossie Shane,
    You said you were in the Hyde in 2001 when Mayo lost to ye. Well in my mind we didn’t loose, ye stole it. Frankie ( goes to Hollywood ) Dolan, got a young lad , Ray Connelly sent off in the wrong and after he was shown red, he added insult to injury by pretending to plead to the ref on his behalf. A bit too late.
    Anyway ye got two goals from his corner in his absence. I lost all respect for Dolan that day.and I’m convinced it had a big say in Ray’s career with Mayo after that.

  38. Ahh will ya shtp , Roscommon football tradition is about brawn , before my time as in I can’t recall but heard it many times Ye had the 1980 final won only Ye reverted to type. Mayo like every other county have had their hard men down the years but we would be known for a bit of style more than the brawn , other way round for the rossies, like everything you can counter argument it but that would be the common mans analysis .

  39. Shane,
    I don’t know how often we led, but I do know we led 10 – 8 in the second half and by two , 1-12 to 1-10 five minutes into injury time when ye got the second goal. Sorry if you don’t agree , but that’s how I saw it , then and now.

  40. Sean Burke I think a bit more brawn might have won Mayo at least 1 if not 2 All Irelands lately.

    Ann Marie your post is spot on as always. Very well balanced especially the bit about been able to take it when u give it out. It would appear there are a few on here who like to criticise the neighbours but not so good at been challenged on it. Great to see contributions from other counties here. As a Mayo man living outside the county then believe me when I say that many people across the country have no love for the red and green. We are only fooling ourselves if we think we are everyones second favourite team.

  41. Rossie Shane, seems to me like you’re spending way to much time on this site. On one hand you say some comments on here don’t bother you, yet you’re acting like a dog with a bone, picking on every comment that doesn’t fit your eye.

    Maybe sharing some tittle-tattle from inside Roscommon GAA might interest us more, stuff like, how Kevin McStay is settling in as your new Manager, anything but this nit-picking stuff would be good.

  42. Nephin

    Ye led by 2 points at 1 stage against 14 man Roscommon. That was the only time ye led from memory.Roscommon were leading by a point going into injury time and Mayo got a goal. We then got a goal in injury time so again we hardly stole it

    I remember the atmosphere at that match. It was great. The crowd were so into it. The football wasnt all that bad either. Its a pity the contests havent been as close of late. I do hope the Rossies are getting back to create those kind of games again. You cant beat the heat of battle and an auld sandwhich at half time.

  43. What I would be taking from the game is, even though Castlebar got off to a great start, at the end of the game Clan had a great goal chance to throw a real spanner in the works. This exhibits the same failings of the Mayo Senior team, not closing out a game when they should have. A more experienced team than Clan would probably have taken that goal chance.

    Also after watching both the County final and yesterday’s game I can’t remember seeing any Mayo forward who could just turn around and pop the ball over the bar from mid-range distances on a consistent basis. Both days there was a strong wind so its hard to know why players couldn’t use the wind to their advantage and let the wind do the work. A great example of this was the shooting of James Horan when he was at his best. He kicked 10 points from play in 3 All-Ireland final appearances. In his third appearance he only came on as a sub that day against Kerry. The first two appearances were on very windy days against Meath.

    There was plenty of commitment, endeavour, enthusiasm and skill on show in both games probably typified by young Patrick Durcan. You could see why we have got so far but you could also see why we have fallen short. Correcting these failings, closing out games and being able to take mid-range point opportunities will be the key to unlock the door to success in the coming years.

  44. Congratulations to Castlebar on reaching another connaught final. They were better than Clan but it’s hard to know how good that was. I don’t think they are good enough to win all Ireland club championship so another loss in croke park on a big natch day would do their Mayo players only more harm psychologically I think Corofin will take connaught and that’s a better outcome for Mayo giving the mayo castlebar contingent a rest. I think Stephen Rochford would be able to manage the two roles for the few months involved.

  45. Mayomadness,
    Both yourself and Shane latched onto the , stole it comment, but neither referenced my main point, as to what Frankie did.Thats all I’m saying on the subject.

  46. Mayo Mchale

    im only replying to comments directed to me. Its not nit picking at all, its just responding.

    As for McStay. He is only joint manager. Fergie O’Donnell is there to keep an eye on him. Do you think we would trust a Mayo man on his own again after Maughan. That is in jest now ok.

    He is getting on fine. He has lived in Ros town for more than 20 years. He would know the club scene inside out. He is at nearly any club game there is. Having managed Roscommon Gaels and St Bridgets then he is well used of us. I think its a good management team we have in place now and hopefully we can stay in Division 1 and go on a good championship run. We are picking from a small pool of players so any injuries etc is no good to us as we dont have the strength in depth. A Connacht title would be good but I think it wont happen in 2016 but hopefully soon after that.

    Im going to ask a question and I would love to hear an honest answer from genuine Mayo fans. If Mayo dont win the AL this year, do ye think the players will lose a bit of support from the fans after the revolt this year. Is it do or die in 2016? Im not asking this to cause any conflict by the way. Just interested to see what the feelings are like inside the county

  47. Would it be correct to say that Frankie goes to Hollywood caused much more trouble, with his pool playing and other antics, to Roscommon GAA than to Mayo despite 2001 and all that? Roscommon had a promising enough team at that time but he was the main saboteur.

  48. To answer rossie Shane question there no would be the answer.simple fact is those players have given everything to the green and red jersey and owe nobody anything.there are an ambitious bunch but sport can be cruel at the end of the day there can be only one winner!

  49. @ Rossie Shane.

    This group of players have given us the best days we’ve ever had as Mayo supporters.I can only speak for myself but they will always have my full backing no matter what.The events of the last couple of months would make me more proud of them as it can’t have been an easy decision and they carried themselves with great dignity throughout.

  50. My answer to Rossie Shane is “no”.
    They are our players, we stand with them through thick and thin.

    A question for yourself in return Rossie Shane:
    Will the Ross fans stick with their players if they lose early in Connacht – to Sligo for example – and go out fairly tamely in the Qualifiers?

    Just askin like, since you started the conversation on “what-ifs”?

  51. Mairtinin

    The answer is yes. The Rossies always stick with the players. For a county with a small population we have a very healthy following. The Sligo game would be our 3rd in Connacht. Im glad you believe in us getting that far.

  52. rossie shane, I can only speak for myself, the players have grown in my estimation by the asking for change of management and if they win nothing in 2016 I will be ok with it, I know that they will have given it 100% as always. I can only guess, the fans will not turn on them. BTW Shane, dont expect Mayo to collapse because of removing the management in such a manner, they will be stronger if anything in 2016.

  53. Best supporters in the land ,sin e .

    ? tell all the rossies ya know ?
    ” we re goin to win 6 in a row ”
    He didn’t get de gig ,went to the foe
    theyll be smashed at Machale ,
    Where their last win was 30 foookin years agoooooooo
    Tell all the rossies ya know
    We’re going to win six in a rowwwwww

  54. Honestly if Mayo don’t win SAM or least reach the final in 2016 I’m not sure how many chances this group of Mayo players will have left. The 2006 AI U21 winners will 31,30,29 next year and the wear on tear on this panel since 2011 will eventually take its toll.

    Now Mayo have some good young players like Durcan D,O Connor but the same amount of youth isn’t coming through as say five years ago which is why it’s important that Mayo win a U21 title next year.

  55. Sean Burke, i believe you go under the name, ”larryin89”, over on the Gaa board.. Nobody else could have have written what you did in your last post above.

  56. Rossie Shane,

    You’d leave my wife in the halfpenny place, with always having the last word, but we’ll leave it there then.

    On the Ross-Gaa stuff, thought you might have some nice juicy bits for us Mayo folk to get our teeth into, but then again sure all’s probably lovy-duvy in your neck of the woods.

    And to answer your o so searching question. We Mayo folk love our football and the guys who represent our County are always held in the highest regard, even if we do give them a bit a stick from time to time.

  57. To the specific about there not being players who can turn and pop mid-range points. The standout player at that particular skill in club football in 2015 was Fionan Duffy. Unfortunately Crossmolina did not go too far in the championship. If league was looked at in the Mayo club stars he undoubtedly would get one. He is strong and quick off the mark allowing him to get into space even when tightly covered. He has a good eye for goal too being able to burst past the last defender.

  58. Anyone got any info on that Mayo News teaser tweet about one of our main men missing the National League?

  59. Yep Catcol it’s Cillian, he underwent surgery for a long-standing knee problem last Monday and will likely be out for up to five months. Hope it heals well for him and he gets sorted – he has a few years’ football left in him yet.

    In other news, according to the same paper we’re unlikely to have our new manager ratified until after the new “Mayo Team Charter” has been drawn up, finalised and signed by players and officials (and mangaement once that’s decided). No interview has even been held yet so it is likely to be the end of the month at the earliest before we have a manager in place. Anyone else feeling just a tiny bit nervous at this news?

    On balance of course I’d rather it was done correctly and all issues were sorted beforehand rather than rushing it and getting off to a wobbly start, but neither does it leave a whole lot of time for our new manager to get stuck in before the new season throws in …

    Patience I suppose is what’s needed now!

  60. Thanks Anne-Marie.

    Worrying news on both fronts.

    We could be looking at a Connaught campaign without Cillian, or without him at full tilt.

    I’m going to rant again about what looks like County Board ineptitude. Not the ‘process’, which is essential, but the details; details which they should have been working on in the intervening period between the H&C resignations and the application deadline. This should have been well advanced at this stage given the time they had; now even the third week of November deadline seems to be slipping.

  61. Absoultely disgraceful act by that young lad Harney.
    How did Barry not lay him out for that. No laughing matter.
    He will surely be banned for that act. Dreadful.

  62. Well the other side of that catcol is that these things do take time.
    Appointing a faclitator for the process, and conducting the process itself and all it involves are important things; neither can be rushed. Bear in mind that this is extra workload on top of the regular day-to-day stuff that needs to be done behind the scenes in the off-season, stuff we may not see.

    It’s likely there will be a number of meetings, not just one or two, to finalise the charter. Imagine the logistical nightmare of trying to get the entire player panel around the table, then all the county board officials and whoever else needs to input, bearing in mind that most of these people are working full time jobs elsewhere (and probably weren’t anticipating this level of committment to the Mayo setup in November)? Even if you were undergoing such a process at a professional level it would take time and turning it around by the end of November actually seems fairly reasonable.

    So on this occasion I’m not sure it’s fair to label it ineptitude, I can understand the delays in that sense so I’m inclined not to be too hard on anyone involved at this point; The timing does make me nervous but at the same time, I think the “take your time and do it right” approach can be justified, as long as the process clears the air and gives us a clean slate for 2016, of course …

  63. I have just one question on that Anne-Marie.

    If you have a big task ahead of you that involves a lot of planning, a lot of co-ordination, logistical issues, and important decision-making and so on, would you start on it sooner rather than later?

  64. What the hell does the signing of the new manager have to do with this charter ??

    Who has decided on this dependency ?

    So if the players ( or any other party ) don’t like the charter and it gets delayed then we have to put off signing Rochford ??

    Willie Joe I hope i am not breaking any rules here but in my humble opinion we are dealing with some serious donkeys in this county board of ours. Two things which have absolutely nothing to do with each other are now being tied together either by nefarious design or through utter stupidity.

    Am fit to put my foot through the screen here.

  65. may i just add i have zero faith in this charter as a panacea to any friction between players, management, board and other stakeholders.

    It will be a stick to beat people with when things go wrong and an excuse for fellas when they get “stunned” by “bombshells”

  66. I was trying to be optimistic there Roger – maybe you and catcol are the more realistic ones – I don’t know! Good point re the dependency – but maybe they want to make things easier for Rochford stepping in, I don’t know. Still, you’re right – I’m not sure what the delay is in terms of actually interviewing him, apart from the fact that he has a very big game with Corofin on 22 November.

    Never a dull moment in these parts

  67. I’d maybe ease off on the donkeys reference, Roger!

    I think, in fairness to the County Board, it’s no harm to get a set of grounds rules in place that everyone buys into at this stage. If this helps to ensure that everyone – players, management and County Board – is pointed in the one direction, then it’s got to be worth it. I know, this should happen automatically but, given all the bad blood that’s still swirling about and the evident lack of trust between the various parties, some kind of document setting out ground rules that everyone agrees with isn’t a bad idea.

    I do think too that it’s as well that everyone lays off the County Board for the next few weeks and let them do what they need to do. Stephen Rochford has a Connacht final with Corofin to prepare for on Sunday week so at a practical level it’s hard to see much progress being made on the Mayo job until that’s out of the way. If he’s in the hot seat by the end of the month, I think that’d be okay.

  68. Here’s what troubles me . It’s this ” Charter” or code of conduct or whatever that has to be signed by the players before the new manager is appointed.

    Have this group of players been told that all 34 of them will be in the new managers set up? Are we operating a closed shop ? What if a new player comes in, will he be bound by the charter?.

    The county board never fail to astound me. So what if everyone signs this, what difference will it make, is it legally binding? The focus has shited from a simple paradigm . The players bluntly put, had no faith in the then managerial set up. Quietly they asked them to go.

    The county board whose farcical interview process that appointed them in the first place is now trying to either re-cement control or go for a pound of flesh. I sincerely hope no player enters discussion or signs any piece of useless paper. What I would like though is an apology for the ham fisted effort that appointed Holmes and Connolly in the first place.

    My advice to Rochford is simple and after reading Nearys comments is this. Let the county board come to him, let them offer him the job. If they make him jump hoops he will wind up like Eamon Barry in Meath a few years ago. He wasn’t even allowed to hand out the jerseys, the county chairman did the honours.

    Mayo football is rude and healthy. We will never be s short of a manager. Pity we are not county balanced with the John Costelloe Dublin business GAA driven model.

  69. Aragh, observer, i just dont take the online malarkey serious see it more as a bit of banter . Sure whats the point in gettin all worked up and trying to come across as rational and civilised when youre a header in reality.

    Its a great terrace tune btw , should hear it when theres 50k celtic headers singing it for the ten in a row we will achieve eventually to break the nine record held by ourselves and a club tgat no longer exists.

  70. John Cuffe,

    I totally agree with you.

    In addition, it may be a sensitive time in Mayo GAA circles, but after reading Mayo news, I scratch my head when I look at nominations for Treasurer. I thought there were time limitations on these positions, or do people just rotate from one position to another. Hard to believe that somebody who was in a position for 15 years now going for another position. So much for new blood.

  71. I went off for a run at lunch time willie joe so some of the steam has lifted,
    am fully behind john cuffes comments above, the misgivings that I posted earlier stand but apologies for the insults.

    Once again i would like to say that the involvement of Elverys in the charter is another big no-no to add to those I posted above.

    Am not happy with this turn of events at all , will be interesting to hear the players thoughts on this charter…. they might not be too interested in signing up , I wonder if the county board have thought of that ? or if the players not being happy with it would suit an agenda ?

  72. John Cuff I completely agree with your post above. It strikes me that this CB wont settle for anything less than making the players repent and bend the knee – and in the process restore some credibility to there high office – a sledge hammer to crack a nut kinda thing. This charter it is hoped, will be the bible for Mayo football into the future, that is until the powers that be come to realize that it wont be worth the paper it’s written on. Players and Management would be well advised to stay well clear of signing anything, or giving any commitment that’s above the norm for these things.

  73. What confusion. Whatever about the CB of which i know nothing, my wish is that Stephen Rochford will make contact with the existing panel in groups of 4 this weekend. Presumably next week end is out. He would hardly have the time to meet each individually.
    If any difficulty arises then this could be brought to the CB.
    Ciaran 2.

  74. Jeysus looking at some of those blogs would make a same man weep. Some people are lambasting the County board for the appointment of H & C. Others want the new manager and players not to agree anything with Co Board. Joemamas is complaining about nominations for treasurer nominations. John Cuffe is wondering will any new players abide by this charter . County Board is dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. Its about time a chatter was put in place so everybody knows their rights and wrongs. For far too long we have been ducking and diving and at long last we are being found out, and that includes Co Board, Management and Players, I couldn’t care if we had not a management, team etc appointed before 2016, but when it is done every one will know where they stand. Again I will refer back to Joemamas on complaining about nominations? didn’t every club in this county get a list of all the nominations for every position on Board and why did he not apply. Its fuck all good complaining when the application has closed. If I correctly remember last year we had a fellow who didn’t even show up and he was supposed to be a saviour. At last with this new system we are going in the correct direction and if it takes time to have all the I,s dotted and tees crossed so be it Roll on 2015. Let 2015 Rest in Peace and lets learn from it.

  75. John Cuffe Well said, I totally agree. some people may have some level of confidence that all will right in the end. Well in my view I have no confidence that it will. The main problem was created by the workings of the CoBo, now in blind faith we are expecting them to sort it. In my experience the world does not operate like that

  76. Is anyone else just getting totally fed-up of these goings on. Its like when a referee has a good game, he is never noticed, this is the way it should be with these officials in the back-ground. When they are doing a good job, they should not be noticed. Referees only get noticed when they have a bad game. These officials only get noticed when they are doing their jobs badly.

    You never hear of these goings on in Kilkenny or in Kerry, they just get on with these things in the back-ground and go about winning All-Ireland titles, why can’t we just do the same thing.

  77. Well it is the eight hundred anniversary this year of the signing of the Great Charter at Runnymede. We may as well have our own version. It can be called the Mayo Carta and will most likely be signed along the banks of the Moy.

  78. Talking of referees HSE, did anyone see the RTE documentary on the All Ireland final last night?

    Good documentary with lots of interesting stuff. One of the participants was our friend Coldrick. He was wired up so the cameras got a good bit of footage of the off the ball stuff – hadn’t seen most of it at the actual match.

    Coldrick simply had no control. He tried to be matey with the players when the dirt started and they walked all over him. Aidan O’Mahony should have seen the line at least twice before getting the black card. Connolly practically brushed him aside at times – his mic was picking up the players ‘reactions’.

    What all this meant of course is that the dishing out of cards, frees, the lot was completely arbitrary.

    It was simply frightening to think of that guy being in charge of the biggest match of the year. I woudn’t let him ref the kids match at half time.

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