Mixed news on the injury front

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The Mayo News is out today and the paper has some news on how things are shaping up in relation to injuries within the squad. It’s fair to say that reports on this front are a bit mixed and at this stage are still lacking in clarity.

The bad news first. There are doubts surrounding the participation of Lee Keegan, Ger Cafferkey and Chris Barrett for the Derry game, while Aidan O’Shea’s groin problems will almost certainly restrict his participation in Saturday’s contest to the role of impact sub.

I know there are all manner of stories doing the rounds about injuries at the minute. My understanding, which could, I accept, be wide of the mark, is that nobody – aside from the suspended Keith Higgins – is ruled out for definite at this stage. Lee, Ger and Chris might all line out on Saturday but equally they might all miss the match too.

As I said yesterday, we’re unlikely – irrespective of who is included in the team we name – to know for sure what the team is until shortly before throw-in. On that point, Seán Rice mentions in his column the repeated leaks about late changes to our line-up. The switch of Robbie Hennelly in place of David Clarke was an open secret well before the replay got underway last October and it was common knowledge in Pearse Stadium a good hour before throw-in that Colm Boyle and Jason Doherty wouldn’t be starting and that Donal Vaughan and Stephen Coen would.

And the good news? Barry Moran and Conor O’Shea are, according to the paper, both back in training and could feature in the match-day panel for Saturday.

There’s loads more, by the way, in this week’s Mayo News on Saturday’s clash. Billy Joe Padden’s tactics piece is always worth a read, while Edwin McGreal has a feature on the county’s favourite Derryman. Mickey Moran was only in charge of the senior team for a single season but he unexpectedly brought us all the way to the All-Ireland final in 2006. The following year we met Derry for the first and so far only time in the championship and that July 2007 defeat is featured in a piece with Daniel Carey. As I said, plenty there to get stuck into.

Finally, speaking of another Derry person, I’ve been asked to give a plug to an event hosted by Boyle GAA  this coming Friday (30th June). Styled as The Road to Croker, this fundraising event event will feature several well-known GAA luminaries, including a certain Oakleafer. Full details on the event are here and throw-in at St Joseph’s Hall in the town is set for 8.30pm on Friday evening.

92 thoughts on “Mixed news on the injury front

  1. I really hope those rumours about injuries doing the rounds are not true, Willie Joe. It would be hard to feel positive if they are.

  2. There are always rumours, some true and some not. Remember the one about Cillian not starting in the replay last year that the Independent ran online in the hours leading up to the throw-in? The reality is, as I’ve said in the post, that we won’t know the team for sure until just before throw-in so the best way to maintain sanity in the meantime is to take all unfounded stories with a pinch of salt. It’s one of the main reasons I refuse to allow rumours to be posted here as otherwise it’d be fake news central round here.

  3. I didn’t know Chris Barrett was considered a doubt either. We are looking very dicey at the back.

  4. HAHA when i read certain oakleafer i knew the buck you meant WJ, Strongest team possible now Stephen please on Saturday and none of these tactical dropping of lads to the bench, lets get this done.

  5. We have plenty of good defenders as cover.
    Stephen Coen, Donal Vaughan, Shane Nally, Brendan Harrison. Those four are no drop in standard bar the exceptional Lee Keegan who is really more of a big stage Croke Park player anyways.

  6. Agree JP but it severely limits options off the bench
    And if the one mentioned long term is true ……….

  7. I agree with JP.
    Even with the lads mentioned being out, there is still a very strong 26 that could make the programme:
    1. David Clarke
    2. Donie Newcombe
    3. Stephen Coen
    4. Brendan Harrison
    5. Donal Vaughan
    6. Colm Boyle
    7. Paddy Durcan
    8. Tom Parsons
    9. Sheamus O’Shea
    10. Fergal Boland
    11. Diarmaid O’Connor
    12. Jason Doherty
    13. Kevin McLoughlin
    14. Cillian O’Connor
    15. Andy Moran

    16. Robert Hennelly
    17. David Drake
    18. Caolan Crowe
    19. Shane Nally
    20. Aidan O’Shea
    21. Conor O’Shea
    22. Conor Loftus
    23. Danny Kirby
    24. Alan Dillon
    25. Evan Regan
    26. Barry Moran
    That’s still a serious line-up and there are a few more lads like Adam Gallagher that can also be considered.
    I’ve gone for Coen at No 3 because it is time that we started to look to the future. That lad is a great footballer. He has all the skills for a full back and I think that he should get a run there. A few further starting options with an eye to the future could also be tried if SR wants to keep some of the big guns for the 2nd half, e.g Loftus for Andy, Nally for Doherty, maybe even keep Donie Vaughan in reserve, bring McLoughlin back to No 5 and start Regan in the corner.
    However, with the entire starting full back line vs Galway being (possibly) injured, I suspect that SR will keep all other starting changes to a minimum.

  8. If Keegan doesn’t play I think it will be the first time since the Kerry 2011 semi-final that he has not started a cship match.

    If Barrett and Cafferkey are out and with Higgins suspended, then we will have a completely revamped full-back line the next day. That’s not a good scenario.

    In relation to AOS you’d wonder what is the point in continuing to play him if he’s not fully fit. His injury should be allowed to heal properly irrespective of the time involved.

    The most important thing on Saturday is a good start. Last year we played ‘catch-up’ against Fermanagh and almost got caught. We also played ‘catch-up’ against Galway this year……..and we know how that finished.

  9. The time for looking to the future is the FBD. we need our best team on the field every day now – as long as we last in the championship. Hopefully until we bring home Sam.

  10. Here’s something that might force SR’s hand when he names the team. The county board must provide a list of the matchday squad of 26 to Croke Park by Thursday noon. No one else, other than those on that list can play on Saturday. As a result, it is pointless naming injured players (that definitely cannot play) on the list of 26 – as they cannot be replaced on the squad on the day of the match.
    So with Zippy definitely out, he cannot be named and if Lee, Ger and Chris are definitely injured to the extent that they cannot play, SR would have to name 4 changes from the team named against Galway in the back 6.
    Unless I’m mistaken, that would be the greatest number of changes he has made in a starting line-up in the championship.

  11. Wow this is a most alarming list of players injured or suspended, Keegan, O Shea and Higgins are three of your top five players in my opinion. Nest Saturday’s game will be the All Ireland Final as far as Derry are concerned and they have been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism up there, their pride is dented and they are going to come out swinging.
    With Mayo having suffered the loss through suspension or reduced impact as a result niggling injuries to players of their calibre ye will fing yourselves in a real dogfight. The team will have to have a few players who really step it up and lead Mayo in this one. The longer Mayo allow Derry oxygen the greater the danger of a shock result, ye will have to try and demoralise and infect their thaught process with doubt by hitting them with early scores and laying down a few physical markers with a couple of hefty hits to let them know who is in charge. Northern teams pride themselves on their physicality but they are not too fond of being on the receiving end,, test their pulse early and often and I really hope ye win.

  12. Keith Higgins really hasn’t been in that top five players for a while. Very good going forward but some struggles defensively. I would say in order over the past year:
    Cillian OConnor
    Lee Keegan
    Aidan OShea
    Patrick Durcan
    Brendan Harrison

  13. About five minutes before lining up for Amhran Na bhFiann, JPM! I guess we’ll name a team on Thursday or Friday but I doubt it’ll be the one that starts.

  14. Just on a bit of a sideline story that should be a massive story but hasn’t been (shows you were GAA news is these days). New York won the Division one Feile competition. Yes, you have read that correctly, Division 1.
    Now it isn’t quite so crazy to envisage a competitive New York minor team in the future. Just thought it was an interesting one as we seem to have played out the Derry talk to the nth degree.

  15. Did any players come into the panel for the lads that went to America? Wasn’t hall and reape in the panel and they are now gone.

  16. No one from the 31 man panel went to America.
    Eoin ODonoghue and Fergal Boland are the only two younger additions.
    Michal Hall and Brian Reape moved out of the panel earlier in the year.

  17. JP – Last year of minor so a New York u-17 team would be great to see. I am not sure how viable it would be? Sending them back and over the Atlantic for games. In an ideal world you would have NY born and bred players playing for the NY senior team and not Irish lads going back and forward.

  18. Yes JP, the New York lads won the national div 1 feile – it is a great result for them and all who drive the game on across the way. They were also very strong last year too in div 1 and narrowly missed out . A few wee things in their favour though – I don’t think they are exactly a club side but more an amalgamation of the best across a number of clubs, also as frequently happens in the interests of fair play and balance in feile, certain division 1 county winners are excluded from the national feile in order to spread the success around (a great idea). So for instance the Dublin winners and some other select teams entered a different premier type competition held in Sligo last weekend – as far as I know Burren won it so the Down resurrection might have lots of talent coming down the line.

  19. JP, don’t know how AOS got into your top 5, for the last year, Yeah true Keith might not make it either, but AOS hasn’t started a game for Mayo since the All Ireland final replay, and he was very quite in the last quarter… At full tilt AOS would make it alright, the quarter final V Tyrone and maybe the drawn All Ireland final, top 5 easily,.. But overall, think Donal Vaughan, Kevin McLoughlin, Andy Moran and Colm Boyle would all rate higher in my opinion!

  20. PS, this would be my top 5.for the last year!..1,David Clarke.. 2,.Lee Keegan.. 3..Paddy Durcan.. 4..Tom Parsons. 5..Brendan Harrison.

  21. Last year inclusive of the 2016 season if that makes sense. Sorry, but Aidan OShea makes a Mayo top 5, it simply isn’t a debatable point.

  22. I can’t remember when Chris Barrett has been able to play back-to-back games for Mayo. Poor guy seems to be perennially injured.

    Now maybe he’ll line out this weekend but his fitness record is piss poor.

  23. Surely some of the under-21’s that won the All Ireland last year should be selected to play, they should inject some pace into the team. It would be great if a few of them could make an impact next Saturday.

  24. Three of that U21 team are already first fifteen men, Mayo88 – Stephen Coen, Fergal Boland and Diarmuid O’Connor all started against Galway. Conor Loftus was on the subs.

  25. People keep saying “bring in the U21s”. Some of them are already there. There are some who are not going to make the step up, for whatever reason. We’ll be lucky to get much more out of that crop.

  26. Yeah we had Irwin in for a while and I don’t believe his head was in it. David Kenny, Plunkett and Hall were involved but did not make the grade yet. I’m not sure that there are many more from that group that would make it at senior lntercounty level, certainly not at this stage.
    Akram, Ruane, Doran, O’Donoghue and maybe 2 or 3 others might in a few years time, but not yet.

  27. Westport Charlestown is on youtube. You can see the stark difference between inter county and club in that game in terms of fitness.

  28. It is a really big ask for those young players to come in now. however Kirby & Nally can make an impact. Time to put Kirby at FF & Nally somewhere on the team. We need a target man in the FF line & Kirby is our best option. Dont be surprised if we see a change of goalkeeper.

  29. I have a feeling Hall will make it possibly next year. But calling for U21’s is risky. Reape might be worth a risk if his club form is good. From what I’m picking up Kevin Mc and Andy are flying for their clubs and Alan Dillon is going well. Adam Gallagher is on the way back I reckon but being in development squad looks outside the frame for the 26.

  30. For full back like if the fitness worries are founded I think it would need to be Harrison if back fully fit, and 2 of Coen, Drake, Donie, Boyler or Durcan. I know we’d be robbing from half backs but we have many options there. Otherwise I would consider drafting COS (again presuming he’s recovered) somewhere into the backs as he’s a hard worker and good runner of the ball difficult enough to disposses.
    Agree with all on AOS, would prefer 100% fit Kirby coming in or starting and Big Barry an option for FF target man sub. Injuries need time to heal and AOS will want to play if let but physios for club and county will hopefully manage the risk.

  31. Conor OShea selected as a back. Some sense please. Helping maybe but not selected in the backs.

  32. I know from experience that trying to manage a groin injury and play through it is a fools errand. At some point it just needs rest.

    We might just have to risk leaving AOS off the pitch this weekend, and the week after if we can.

  33. Why has AOS been playing at all if he’s carrying an injury? Why has the risk been taken with further injury?

  34. Start Kirby at FF. Nally as well,, Boyle and Durcan would be a pretty good half back line, if Keegan has to miss out. Possibly Coen or Vaughan at midfield if SOS not deemed fit enough to start. Harrison should be back, we might be a little bit light on the subs for numbers 2 to 9. But we should be alright up front. Get on the front foot early and make a statement. Monaghan started well enough last Saturday but didn’t do enough on the score board, that’s what we need to do.. And come out and support the team, its not an expensive match to go to if you live in Mayo. It always irritates me hear, sure it’s on the Telly, I’ll watch it in the pub. I think with the season ticket it’s only a €10..OAPs, Students Kids all get a good deal, You wouldn’t be too long spending allot more than that in the pub. And sure enough as soon as a neighbour of mine heard that it was on the Telly, He’s planning watching it in the pub. The same fella that pesters me for a ticket coming up to an All Ireland final (because he’s such a good and loyal fan) You just can’t beat being there.. Great atmosphere last year versus Fermanagh, let’s make it even better next Saturday. 5pm. Looking forward to seeing that big flag unfurled on the Factory End. Good job they didn’t try and unfurl it in Salthill a few weeks ago, it would have circumnavigated the globe a few times by now if they had!

  35. Well said Leantimes. Watching it in the pub is not an option for someone who lives in Mayo. They wont hear ya roaring support when you’re perched on the high stool. So get off yer backside and get into Mchale Park. Remember we are only one slip away from never seeing this group of 15/21 players playing together again. Just a heartbeat away from the end of an era if things go against us on Saturday.

    Mchale should be full to overflowing and an intimidated Derry should be a beaten docket before the ball is thrown in. Maurice Deegan should be influenced and swayed by the noise created by the green and red masses. Please go to the game if at all possible.

  36. Hope these injury scares are just that, scares and not based on fact. Not sure if Aos is actually injured though, think maybe that he’s not caught up on the hard early season training that the rest of the players had and looks sluggish because of that. If a county player is carrying a knock, they don’t play full games for their club (they’re usually not let). And they certainly wouldn’t be playing a full game when the result is beyond doubt early on ( a 21 pt hammering of davitts).
    My point is, is that maybe we should only be talking bout Aiden playing at ff only for the rest of the year.
    As for Saturday, will the real Mayo show up and swat Derry aside or will another Derry team pull a performance out of nowhere which they have done so often before and ruin our summer.

  37. Breaffy played Hollymount Carramore, not Davitts. They only won by 2 points and were 6 down mid way through the 2nd half. It’s not really fair telling clubs that a player is injured when he is lining out for the county the previous week.

  38. Wide Ball i totally agree with you—if he could play for Mayo he should play for his club in championship.

  39. LEAN TIMES, JIM FLAG . MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY. we need to treat this game very seriously. any supporter should make it their business to be in mchale park for the game.bring your flags and cheering voices,the pub will be open when the game is over.I know a lot of people work on saturday,but employers should not stop people going to the match. Every supporter is needed for this match to get the show back on the road.

  40. We can look at our injuries in two ways – a disaster or an opportunity. I think it is an opportunity for other players to step up and show everyone what they can do. It might actually envigorate the team and bring out something we have not seen so far. We do have decent replacements. I’d like to see them throw off the shackles and have a right go at Derry and lay down a marker.

  41. If Barrett, Cafferkey, Higgins, Keegan and Aiden O Shea are not available i would like to see this team start. David Clarke. Harrison, Vaughan and Boyle full back line. Kevin Mc as sweeper. Diarmuid O Connor, Stephen Coen and Patrick Durcan half back line. Tom Parsons and Seamus O Shea midfield. Fergal Boland, Danny Kirby and Shane Nally half foward line. Cillian O Connor and Andy Moran full foward line. Roll on Saturday.

  42. I think COS would be an option for midfield – he’s not really a back or forward and we need an athletic option in midfield. He’d be good at winning dirty ball.

    If Cafferkey doesn’t play it highlights the complete lack of options at full-back; there’s no specialist replacement coming through.

    If McLoughlin and Moran start, will they finish the game if there’s a tight finish? It was a terrible decision to sub both of them against Galway when we needed some composure up front. Will this mistake be repeated?

  43. As usual I wish Mayo all the best sat.,it’s going to be a tough game,and really difficult to get a result.I am worried about the “injury list”,and how management will. deal with all these problems?,as we have plenty of talent to deal with this challenge,it’s the people on the sideline that will win or loose this game,and going on their performance last time out I am a bit worried, Hon Mayo

  44. Spotlight it has been flagged here that McLoughlin had a rib injury vs Sligo and more than likely missed some training. GPS was probably saying take him off. It’s very unlikely Mc will be subbed again any time soon barring injury. With Andy Moran I think he’s usually good for most but not all of 70 mins so the obvious thing to do is sub him off on 47-50 mins and if we need his leadership late on he could be subbed back on at 63 or 64 mins. Again I expect decision to take him off in Salthill was the stats team looking at GPS. He made the job harder by scoring a very nice point just at the point of being subbed but the sub was readied to run on.

  45. The COS midfield option could be one for the future considering his experience to date is mostly as a forward and Coen and Donie are options there and Barry might be fit to sub on later but I for one don’t understand why he hasn’t been groomed for full back having speed height and strength but lacking positional experience why not give him some early in the year game time.
    I think he could be emergency cover for half back in this particular game where we might be thin on defenders but not as a general rule. If we get through this one and injuries settle then half forward is his best chance as he doesn’t look like a corner forward. Otherwise he has had some success recently as FF for his club.

  46. I have been largely fine with most management decisions in Salthill but one decision that didn’t work was Diarmaid for throw in when the physically stronger and tougher SOS was in the team. It’s a bit of a snub to SOS I think so hopefully they will drop it going forward. In 2nd half it might have been the dead leg but someone said it was the same in 1st half. Fine with using AOS for as many throw ins as possible whenever he’s on the pitch and Barry will very seldom be bettered in that dept.
    The other decision I disagreed with was Drake subbed into forwards. Maybe the logic was for winning the ball in the forwards. All others including the Coen for Boyler one (agree or not) had rationale.

  47. ye keep talking about a change in goals ….rob is weak under high ball …. since brogan flipped it over him against londan last year and again n final…..im amazed he still insists in wanting a job he has clearly proved he cant do ….its time to leave david b untill a new option is available

  48. I agree with Sean Rice there should not be any leaks about late changes to our line up, there are never leaks from Kerry, Dublin,Tyrone, Kilkenny or Clare prior to throw in, who is selling out on the team? Jim McGuinness stated that Down played the game against Monaghan as if their lives depended on it, let that be Mayo’s attitude to the Derry game and go out and prove the doubters wrong ( The Mayo Team is finished). Peter Canavan said that all the the talk in Monaghan prior to the Down game was about the Ulster Final with Tyrone, Monaghan were complacent and paid a high price, surely Mayo have been warned that their attitude has to be spot on Saturday.

  49. Wideball. Jr
    Completely agree re county players should be playing for their clubs when not injured. However we were told aiden carrying an injury. Pre the sligo game he played a full game in the mauling v davitts, post the Galway game he played a full game v hollymount. The point I was trying to make is that if he’s carrying an injury he should have been resting or would have been told to rest. I don’t believe he’s carrying an injury, I believe he’s just not match fit due to the time off earlier in the season when he was obviously injured. So for me it’s FF or bust for aiden at the moment.

  50. Ah now would you not think if he wasn’t carrying an injury there taking a serious gamble leaving it so late to have him match fit.
    The leaks from the Mayo camp are a serious issue what’s the point in tactical changes when there’s no element of surprise.
    I just can’t fathom out the form of this team apart from a handful of games we have really being piss poor under rochford.
    Time to stop over thinking games and just do what we do best.

  51. I find it hard to believe Aidan is injured too. If he’s injured, why is he still being risked in club and county matches?

  52. Hope you are right AH NOW but if Mayo play him one week the club have a right to play him the following week if ne did not pick up an injury in the county game—-club comes first.

  53. About GPS and stats in general! They can only tell us a certain amount about a player or a team. The GPS might say Andy had done x amount of running. But there are many other important things that are not easily measured by even the cleverest software – cuteness, determination, reliability under pressure, awareness, ability to read the game, speed and correctness of decision making and lots of other things. This is where a different type of software is required – the bit that operates between the two ears. In practice this means knowing that Andy was the most likely player to kick a point or create a scoring opportunity from a free etc. In those last few minutes, despite what the GPS might say.
    I am a fan of technology and statistics and solid data but it needs to be used intelligently and not dictate our decisions. It is an aid to human intelligence not supposed to replace it.

  54. diehard – I agree. I hear managers now days talk about process, hard work, improving performance which don’t get me wrong it very important and the baseline for any successful team. But would you rather have 6 workhorse forwards or one or two who might not do as much running, tackling but a moment of magic from them can change a game……there in may lie the issue for us.

  55. Spot on diehard, gps and stats couldnt tell why there was no confidence with the defence for the replacement keeper in the replay, we all know clarke will win a high ball and not flap at it. Stats only show you show much, much to our detriment for last year.

  56. How much fitness/speed do you need anyways when one team has retreated and you are just trying to tee up some shooters on the ball.
    I read where a 10 * 100 metre test was part of the Mayo training. Some players did it under 3 mins. What I often find daft about those tests is that if the players know the test is coming up it wouldn’t be all that suprising if some of them trained specifically to do a good time in the test. But when was the last time you ever seen a player run 1km continuously?
    The training to really improve your 1km time is not compatible with being fast and powerful.
    Maybe we overvalue stamina as opposed to simply being strong/quick/a smart mover over 10 yards.

  57. Aido is injured I’m afraid. Breaffy had 4 or 5 players go to the states last week including Mattie Ruane and their first choice midfielder outside the O’Sheas is out for the year. He played for Breaffy because they needed him club championship game. Anyone whose had a groin injury before knows its not like hamstring as it won’t rule you out completely. I can’t see him starting any qualifier game for Mayo this year. And I’d agree with diehard. GPS data should be an aid to a decision and not the sole reason for a decision.

  58. Is the development panel set up earlier in the year still in existence if so have any new players been added to it.

  59. Reading the Mayo News closely, those injuries don’t seem life threatening. They focus on guys playing some part and so on. And didn’t a poster state he had seen Caff up and down the sideline after had been taken off in Ballina’s game? And if Aido played 60 minutes with Breaffy, that seems encouraging.

  60. Mayomanindublin. … I think you are very selective in your recollection of Clarks ability in the air.
    How many times does Clark flap at high balls around the goals…
    two examples…
    V … Kerry in league this year. Led to a goal.
    V … Donegal in all all ireland final 2013. Led to a point. Could easily have been a goal.
    I won’t mention his kickouts. But look back at goal mayo scored v Dublin in replay. If Clark was playing this goal would not have been scored due to clarks limited kickouts.

  61. Time for the new members on the panel to take their chance if given playing time with both hands and give management a headache of how not to drop them when experienced lads are back.
    We know who is going to stand up against Derry but they need help from the new guys….Brendan Harrison really stood out for me against Kildare in last years qualifier and endded up getting a all star…..I would like to see the likes of Coen Doconnor Boland Regan Kirby Loftus Nally make the breakthrough like Harrison did last year they cannot play within themselves play on rhe edge and dont give management a chance to drop them again….Mayo to win by 3 pts it will be tight…

  62. riseagain, Clarke was mayos stand out player in this years league (https://mayogaablog.com/?p=20563), he saved mayo on numerous occasions. I think Hennelly was dropped after his performance against galway in last years championship. We never lost another game in the championship that year until the replay when you know who was in between the sticks, maybe you can confirm that to me. So what Clarkes kickouts hang in the air, hes not afraid under the high ball, he will take ball and man, and thats why did he get an all star last year. I think you are looking with rose tinted glasses regarding hennelly.

  63. The keeper argument got old a long time ago. Both keepers have their positives and negatives, Robbie is suspect under the high ball while Davids kickouts are an issue (2-3pts per game are given up). Both are fine shot stoppers however Clarke is the all round better keeper and is current no 1.

    The main issue with the kickouts is that there is no option in midfield, we are getting destroyed on a regular basis in the middle, cant remember the last time Mayo put in a dominant display at midfield, im betting AOS was part of it. Clarke is forced to go short, everyone knows this and puts pressure on it. Until we can start winning our own kickouts at midfield then this issue will continue. IMO AOS should be in mf. If he is indeed injured then Barry is back training, he should be involved, with the mark he could potentially lord it at midfield. 2012 & 2013 were Mayos most dominant years, we ruled midfield. AOS and Barry were major contributors to that, those days need to return to remidy the kickout issue.

  64. RiseAgain – your having a laugh – Clarke is by far our no1


  65. This thing with the goalie’s is getting childish,we have to good goalie’s and if our first choice was to get injured slating our second choice is of absolute no help.

  66. Can you imagine what Dublin will look like when cluxton is gone? He’s nigh on irreplaceable and we have nobody even near his overall quality so it’s like 2 bald men arguing over who gets the comb. Clark is a shot stopper, other facets of his game need improvement while Robbie has the power and distance and isn’t a bad man to block a shot either but neither have all the goods in the one basket, so to speak.
    I think it’s 50/50 between them, I wouldn’t mind if Robbie started in goal in a final or semi again, if he’s on the panel he has to be good enough and works hard enough to deserve the chance. Clark the same.

    Now onto the game on Saturday, Mayo will need goals to win it and I forecast 3 of them. Rest aos and anyone injured and trust the panel depth to win this weekend, otherwise why even bother having a panel?

    Mayo 3-14
    Derry 2-13

    Coc, doc and Kirby to get the goals. Don’t ask for the lottery numbers as I need to keep every penny myself.

  67. That’s over the top, Morag, and is straying into trash-talking. You’re right, 14allnall41 – the goalie debate is getting childish at this stage.

  68. I wouldn’t mind to see us starting with a full-forward line of Regan, Cillian and Loftus with Kevin Mc, Nally or Kirby and Diarmuid on the half-forward line.

    That would still leave us with the option of bringing on Andy, Jason Doc, Boland, Kirby or Nally and Aidan O’Shea (if he is fit enough) if things weren’t going to plan.

    Maybe start Eoin O’Donoghue at corner-back as well if Chris Barrett can’t start. He is really one of those out and out corner-backs who loves nothing more than defending and keeping his man quiet.

  69. Just to finish off the above team, Harrison and Caff as well on the full-back line with Clarke in goals. Then Vaughan, Boyle and Durcan on the half-back line, if Keegan can’t start. Parsons and Seamie (lying deep) in midfield. That would still be a fairly balanced team overall.

  70. I have just being listening to the Hill16 army podcast.Poor Dermo and his good name drawn out on the media .Dermo and his good name.For starters Dermo and good name should not good name as he has a rep.These lads on the podcast crying about their guy being attacked.They seem to have left out the shite that was throwning out about Lee Roy’s good name from the Dublin Brigade .Enough to make a man sick.

  71. Why would you listen to that stuff mayomaningalway. Of course they will stick up for their man as would we. Best staying away for your blood pressure sake!

  72. Cynical Cynthia where this news coming from? I’m about to go into meltdown mode here !!

  73. Cynthia and others, here’s what Mike Finnerty wrote in the MN:

    “FOOTBALLER of the Year Lee Keegan looks set to play some part in next weekend’s All-Ireland SFC Qualifier against Derry despite picking up a leg injury in a club match on Saturday week last.
    Keegan was injured after a heavy collision with Charlestown’s Jack Reilly and has been receiving treatment for the muscle injury since. However, The Mayo News understands that the Westport clubman looks likely to feature in his 36th consecutive championship game for the county”.

    Note the phrase – the MN understands… I’m prepared to buy that until something of more substance comes along.

  74. Unless it was a bone/tendon or ligament issue, Leroy will be ok in short order. It’s said to be a muscle bruise from a clash with jack on Reilly from Charlestown.
    Fingers crossed

  75. Cynthia, I think you’re mixing up players.

    A lot of lads should be bouncing in training the last few weeks cos with the injuries lads are going to get chances. These guys need to stake a claim. We have a strong enough panel to get through this. I would love for us to dominate the game like we used as I think the lads need to start believing again. And maybe us too.

  76. Niall spot on. We’ll take any sort of a win of course but a big big performance could really reignite the old flame. What would be even sweeter is if we could engineer a five star performance with a good smattering of our younger players starting. Derry are not the type of team to allow that to happen but it is nice to dream once in a while !

  77. For fuck’s sake, Cynthia – you know you can’t post unsubstantiated stuff like that here. If you want to post rumours of that kind please go and find somewhere else for it.

  78. The Lord Save Us, when is it Saturday? Thank God (Please God) we’ll have a run of games – the waitin’ & speculatin’ has some of us driven demented LoL.
    Cynthia I think you nearly pushed Willie Joe over the edge :-D.

  79. Ah lads we all need to calm down dont mind rumours they’re nonsense people are worrying about things that might never happen

  80. Attack is the bestformof defence. I hope we start with a full forward line that spend most of their time in th ff line as target players /support players for runners coming through. We are or have expectations of being a super 8 team, lets play the game our way and take it to Derry.
    If we allow slow build up,endless passing, to become a dominant feature of our play, then we are playing into Derry hands.
    Imo the starting fifteen is not critical, we have decent quality footballers, its the strategy we sign up to. Variety is the spice of life. Like others I am hoping for a performance, reflected in the final scoreline, that verifies we are a quality team.

  81. We’re in this together. Remember.
    Let’s get behind these guys who have given us
    so much over the years. I trust them to give it everything like they always do when it matters most. Owe all of us damn nothing. That’s for sure. Pack McHale park to the roof and let’s roar until our voices are gone like last summer.
    We owe them that much at least.

  82. I see now that conor mc gregors backroom staff are saying they’ll help Diarmuid Connolly with his moods. Jesus wept.
    I’m staying out of it.

  83. language here willie Joe haha – ill have to pull you up on it 🙂

    looking forward to Saturday evening, hope we will get the win

  84. While Derry have a good football pwdigree, once the focus is right (it would be a shock if wasn’t with this group) the result should be right. Some things went against them in Salthill (which of course could happen again) and if they didn’t Mayo would likely have won. If so would some of the opinions now held have been expressed. I don’t think any of the vast majoruty of the additions in the last few years have strengthened the team but have certainly added to the panel so the dip into the reserves for this game should not be to the teams detriment.

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