M&M show heads for Carrick

The announcement by the Leitrim County Board that Mickey Moran and John Morrison will be prowling the sidelines up in Carrick next season is an interesting one. M&M were being mentioned the other week – along with a cast of thousands, it must be said – as one of the possible candidates for The Biggest Job in Gaelic Football but they’ve now opted, probably with good reason, for the lower-key surroundings of the Ridge County. Apart from their year with us in 2006, they also had a stint in charge of the team at Sligo a while back so they’re well versed – as well versed as our own man – in county management within Connacht.

I know that there are mixed feelings amongst our own supporters about our M&M era, what with the big lad’s risible Brazilian comments, the infamous “nut” formation and the inference that it was the players rather than the guys on the sideline that called the shots during that championship campaign. I’ve not got much of an opinion on that latter point but what I will say is that, in sport, results on the field go a long way in measuring what constitutes success or failure. In their single year in charge, M&M brought us to a league semi-final, won Connacht and then took us to an All-Ireland final, in the process providing us with one of our most memorable days ever when we beat the Dubs in the semi-final. It wasn’t a bad year’s work – Johnno has achieved roughly the same over the course of his two stints as Mayo manager, a period of six years and counting – and the lads certainly deserved far better than the shitty treatment they got from the County Board at the end of their single season in charge. I, for one, wish them all the best in their new surroundings.

7 thoughts on “M&M show heads for Carrick

  1. When Micky Moran and Morrison took over I was not impressed. However they did the business and in nine months led us to the final day. Then no one really knows what happened except they were obviously not wanted and both left in a dignified way. Possibly some God has “rewarded”us with the s**t results that has ensued and possibly we will get the final instalment next summer if both sides meet in Connacht. As Mort the younger rightly pointed out in a five year slot we have had Pat Holmes, John Maughan, Micky Moran and John O Mahoney as managers. We still await the cracking of the big nut. Will the everlasting county board step down if O Mahoney succumbs next year and will they allow some fresh blood into running the football affairs of the county? I can only imagine the breath of fresh air that someone of the calibre of a JP Kean or a Billy Fitzpatrick or a Pat Fallon or James Horan would bring to the stale corridors of Mayo officaldom. I suppose I can look forward to Santa still coming rather than that scenario happening. Heres to the future.

  2. Would it be very cruel of me to say id love to see them clean up! (Even beat Mayo!!!) just to shove it in the county boards face over the shafting they got!

  3. I’d settle for them being gallant losers in a Connacht final, Claire, but I know what you mean!

  4. If the M&M show did beat Mayo next year it would be the third time Mayo Co. Board would have had their noses rubbed in it after Johnno winning it with both Leitrim and Galway.

  5. Willie Joe, I think fate will determine the draw for next years championship.

    Off to New York for the first round in May.

    Welcome for the M&M show back to Castlebar for the semi-final in June.

    Hopefully a Connacht Final then in July.

  6. It will that, DE. I’m half-hoping to get to the Big Apple myself next May. No doubt Johnno will be playing down our chances ahead of that one too!

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