Monaghan 1-11 Mayo 2-10: good win on the road

A win on the road in the high pressure environment of Division One is always welcome, especially one carved out against Ulster opposition. That makes today’s two-point victory over Monaghan up in Clones so welcome and not just because it leaves us well placed in the table after two rounds of games.

On the drive up today it looked as if the weather would be similar to the conditions last Sunday. When we took our seats in the rapidly filling stand, however, the day had brightened up and our biggest weather hazard from then on was being dazzled by the piercing low winter sun.

We started with a bit more conviction that we’d done the last day. They got the first score but within six minutes we had the ball in the net. Aiden Orme did incredibly well to gather possession and feed Ryan O’Donoghue who slotted it calmly to the net.

We won the resultant kick-out and Fionn McDonagh lamped it over from out on the right to give us a dream start. But Monaghan then went down the field and carved us open, McCarron palming in the goal to level it up. It was nick and tuck all the way to half-time – to the finish, in truth – and at the short whistle Monaghan led by the minimum margin.

By then we had Aidan O’Shea on the field – in place of Stephen Coen, as we sought to tighten up a defence being run ragged early on – but we also had lost Eoghan McLaughlin to what looked to be a nasty injury. There was nothing wrong with the shoulder hit on the Westport man but he landed awkwardly and it appeared that the issue was with his ankle. It’s not known yet how serious the injury is so hopefully it’s not as bad as it looked.

Ryan was to the fore for us on the scoreboard in the first half, weighing in with 1-5 of our total at that stage. As mentioned, Fionn got the first of the other three points we bagged before the break, the others coming from Diarmuid O’Connor – whose overdue return to the scorers’ list was a real peach from distance – and Conor O’Shea, who shot early and with accuracy when given possession in a central position.

The contest was still tight and tense after the break and with news filtering in about Kilmeena’s heroics at Croke Park – where, by now, victory in normal time had been snatched from their grasp – the tension levels were elevated still more. Monaghan kept the initiative, just about, ’till midway through the half. It was then, though, that we struck what proved to be the score that set us on the path to victory.

There were quick hands and there was clever movement in the lead-up to the goal. Jordan Flynn – on for Conor O’Shea early in the second half – provided the ball in and Michael Plunkett contributed the final assist for Jason Doherty who rounded Beggan and shot to the net, to edge us a point in front.

Now it was the turn of the home team to chase the game. They had plenty of possession over those final twenty minutes but all the change they got from this on the scoreboard was a solitary pointed free from substitute Conor McManus.

We followed the goal with a nice point from Conor Loftus, who’d come on for Fionn McDonagh and gave us a bit more of an attacking edge coming down the closing stretch. With time running out, we were still in front – just about – and it was then that Sean Hurson, who’d given us very little change all day, awarded us what I thought was a soft enough free. Aiden Orme went down easily enough but it was enough for the ref to whistle for a free in front of their posts and Ryan popped it over.

We then held the ball for over two minutes in injury time, at the end of which Swanny went down and wasn’t in any hurry to get back up. When they eventually regained possession, it was desperation stakes for Monaghan who poured forward once final time. They had a goal chance in a scramble inside our square but somehow we managed to keep them out, Paddy Durcan saving on the line. The final whistle came soon after.

While there was still plenty of issues with our play today, you simply can’t ignore the result. A win today was always going to be a big achievement for us and it was a win we got. To have three points on the board after two rounds makes it a great start to the campaign and we’ll now head for Croke Park in a fortnight’s time in high spirits.

Our mounting injury list is, of course, of huge concern. After the hammer blow of Tommy’s cruciate injury during the week, we lost Eoghan and Brendan Harrison (hamstring, reportedly) today. We’re just not catching a break on the injury front right now.

But Mattie will be back for the Dubs and, you’d never know, Oisín might be too. And, after the leading role he played in Kilmeena’s run to All-Ireland glory, Jack Carney will be an added option for two weeks time.

So, on balance, things could be a lot worse for us right now. We’ve started this Division One campaign in a very positive way – results-wise rather than performance-wise but this is a results business – and all we need to do now is to continue this positive run for as long as possible.  If we do that, we’ll be able to turn towards the summer with a sense of renewed confidence.

Mayo: Rob Hennelly; Brendan Harrison, Padraig O’Hora, Lee Keegan; Paddy Durcan, Michael Plunkett, Eoghan McLaughlin; Conor O’Shea (0-1), Stephen Coen; Fionn McDonagh (0-1), Diarmuid O’Connor (0-1), Bryan Walsh; Aiden Orme, Jason Doherty (1-0), Ryan O’Donoghue (1-6, five frees). Subs: Aidan O’Shea for Coen, Rory Brickenden for MacLaughlin, Conor Loftus (0-1) for McDonagh. Jordan Flynn for Conor O’Shea, Donnacha McHugh for Harrison.

Who was our MOTM against Monaghan? Pick your top three performers

  • Ryan O'Donoghue (32%, 774 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (14%, 339 Votes)
  • Rob Hennelly (11%, 277 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (10%, 236 Votes)
  • Padraig O'Hora (7%, 170 Votes)
  • Lee Keegan (7%, 161 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (4%, 96 Votes)
  • Paddy Durcan (3%, 73 Votes)
  • Aiden Orme (3%, 67 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (3%, 63 Votes)
  • Brendan Harrison (2%, 41 Votes)
  • Eoghan McLaughlin (1%, 23 Votes)
  • Rory Brickenden (1%, 20 Votes)
  • Jordan Flynn (1%, 20 Votes)
  • Conor O'Shea (1%, 14 Votes)
  • Donnacha McHugh (1%, 13 Votes)
  • Michael Plunkett (0%, 12 Votes)
  • Bryan Walsh (0%, 11 Votes)
  • Fionn McDonagh (0%, 10 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (0%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,206

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70 thoughts on “Monaghan 1-11 Mayo 2-10: good win on the road

  1. Some win, defence was class in the second half, 1 to 7
    Thought young Brickenden and McHugh did very well when they came on. Both played in the full back line and were sticky.
    Full forward line did well
    Midfield reinforcements on the way, Carney Mullin Ruane all back next week hopefully!!!

  2. Delighted with that result, Monaghan are always tough to put away, hard to see why Aiden didn’t start the game, pg Eoghan and Harry are not as bad as it looks, ., to Croker we go with some momentum now .. Maigheo Abu

  3. Well done today and its great to get a win away. The coverage on midwest at end was gas! Thoughts with Eoghan. Watching tyrone armagh now, saw the video of melee earlier.

  4. Great win in Clones. I didn’t see them coming away with the win tbh but it’s great. Well done to the team and all involved. Looking forward to beating the Dubs in Croker. Again.

  5. Unbeaten so far and Matty,Oisin,Kevin Mc, Cillian and Enda have yet to kick a ball. Serious reinforcements and it shows we have depth to the panel.
    Great to see Jason Doc back. A real warrior and always good for a score.
    Hopefully the injuries to Eoghan and Brendan aren’t too bad.

  6. W.J. That 0-1 in the subs should be beside the other Conor.

    Great win. The injuries are the only dampner on the day. Hopefully today’s injuries might not be too severe.
    Tyrone got 4 reds towards the end of their game. That’ll weaken them for the next round whoever they are playing.

  7. Diarmuid, Ryan, Lee, Paddy were all outstanding for us. Overall, a really good performance. On the one hand you could say we should have won by more, but on the other, Monaghan missed a rake of point scoring opportunities. So I’d be thrilled with that outcome. A terrific match to watch.

    We’re leaving behind the ponderous build-up of a few years ago; our movement is much improved. Many of our attacks are still breaking down, but we’re getting further up the pitch a lot easier. Our finishing will improve. We spurned a number of potential goal scoring opportunities, ie a failure to just make that final pass when there was a man on (note to Plunkett and Jason Doc). But this will also improve.

  8. Huge win today and one that could go along way in keeping us in Division 1. Full back line much tighter in the second half and hopefully Harry’s injury is not too bad. Aidan had a big impact when he came on and his physicality was once again needed in midfield. Ryan had a massive game and he is quickly becoming our most important player.

  9. Jaysus Swanny was immense today . What a warrior . His hair getting longer as game went on , it was like watching Sampson out there. He would remind ya of colm Boyle with the intensity he plays with. Ryan had a super game too , everything going through him at moment.

    Thought Walsh was v lucky to stay on for game , bad tackling and not very effective going forward it seemed

  10. If we happen to get a result against dublin with the calibre of players we have coming back , absolutely no reason we cant start to think about winning the league , fook it, why not .

  11. Just in the door.  Well, that was night and day compared to last week.
    Mayo’s attitude and appetite this week was hugely improved compared to the Donegal game. Starting with the warm-up, where shooting and tackling was full on, haphazard last week i.m.o.
    For the Monaghan first goal Plunkett was skinned for pace but Monaghan player was very fast.
    I’d like to see the stats on the amount of scores Monaghan got from our kickouts, esp. in the first half. A lot I’d say. Part of the turning of the game came when we changed that and went short with many our 2nd half kickouts.
    Monaghan scores started to dry up, what did they get; about 3 points in second half?
    I was surprised to see our number 8 midfielder not interested in looking for some kickouts in the second half, not even facing RH. Curious but maybe there was some reason for it?. Against that he did a decent amount of link play.
    The positives for me were
    – the 2 league points
    – the killer attitude in looking for goals when they were only half chances.
    – the shift put on by the team was really good, several turnovers and a number of legitimate turnovers whistled against us.
    – thought Fionn McDonagh and Diarmuid showed improved form

    Also we appeared the fitter team in the second half, Monaghan petered out to some extent.
    Monaghan supporter told me their team shot a lot of wides against Tyrone the previous week as well.

    Finally nice bit of class shown by two different Monaghan players who went over to Eoghan when he was lying on the ground receiving attention and gave him a pat / hand shake of well wishes.

  12. 5 players red carded between Armagh and Tyrone today. It appears to me that part of training is engaging in a bit of MMA. I see it creep into altercations in games. Referees need to stamp it out and I welcome the refs response in that game today. Getting another player in a headlock has no place in the game.
    Well done Mayo.I thought it would be a difficult assignment but a great performance. ROD is special.

  13. Great result in fairness. Delighted we played well in the first half as that has been a problem. Onwards and upwards!

  14. Good performance, Ryan a real focal point, Lee really pushing forward and Hennelly very good again. Fionn a bit loose on his defensive side and Jason needs more time to skake the rust, AOS a positive too and Harry brought assurance. Hope Eoghan not too bad.

  15. Just back in from Clones – stopped for the spuds on the way down!

    Another 2 points. WIth all the failings we are calling out its great we are getting results. Midfield really is a problem. Mattie back for the Dublin game is a big plus. I think either Oisin or Jack Carney need to get a run of a few games beside him.
    Eoghan Mc’s injury looked bad enough but I hear that mightnt be as bad as it looked.
    Enda Hession also on way back – I would play him wing forward. All his underage was half/full forward lines. I think Enda has more to offer than Bryan Walsh.

  16. Great analysis Willie Joe. Thoughts with Eoghan and hope he makes full recovery soon. It’s early days. We need to be way more cohesive when driving forward as a unit. It’s early. We got the win that’s the main thing. Great to see them running out. Look forward to the dubs

  17. Great to get two points. Win lose or draw, I love going to Clones. Great ground, and Monaghan people are the salt of the earth.

    Thought we were shocking in the FB line in the first half; Monaghan’s quick ball in, caused us huge problems. Also we couldn’t win possession in midfield- spilled it continuously even when Aidan came on. What we did do was to press Beggan, we really put a stop to his gallop, and his kicking was terrible. In the second half I kept checking the scoreboard feeling Monaghan must be further ahead. Still, when we got the second goal, we took control. Leroy was outstanding during the second half. Monaghan will be asking themselves a lot of questions.

  18. Highly entertaining first half with both sides playing some really good football. Second half, much lower quality but very high on excitement as the game went right down to the wire.
    Horrible place to get to, clones, and traffic management seemed to be ‘How far away from the pitch can you make people park’.
    Referees performance very poor. At times neither the players on the pitch or the supporters in the crowd knew which way a free might go. Seemed more interested in the petty persistence of trying to get the kick outs taken from the correct central spot on the 20 m line.
    Lots of mixed performances throughout the team, for example, o hara cleaned early on but got better as the game went on and was one of our best performers by the end. Diarmuid poor enough early on by had a very good game by the end. Some flashes of good play (but not enough) from Conor o Shea, Orme, Doherty and loftus. Ryan MOTM performance. A few uncharacteristic poor performances too, Coen, Harrison and Aidan o Shea. Lots of places still up for grabs, but is anyone going to grab them or are we going to be playing musical chairs for the rest of the year.
    Overall a positive team performance and a good confidence builder in the lead up to the Dublin game. Great day out, great entertainment, great result.

  19. Great to get the win. I was expecting some kind of hangover from the all Ireland final but 3 points on the board is an ideal start.

    Ryan O’Donoghue was unreal. Almost like he had extra motivation with Tommy out. Leeroy picked up where he left off last year. Harry and O’Hora were excellent too. Diarmuid put in another strong performance. Was Stephen Coen injured? Strange to whip him off for tactical reasons, although midfield was not going well.

    Mattie Ruane and Jack Carney would be an exciting midfield pairing to try in croke park vs Dublin.

    I think Harrison just had cramp so should be fine. The Eoghan McLaughlin injury didn’t look good, but who knows. I’ve turned my ankle playing football before and the pain is excruciating. However, if there’s no break you can be back in a few weeks.

  20. Great win on the road, but Jesus these injuries are sucking the life out of any positivity I feel. Any update on Eoghan?

  21. How Eoghan is OK. Looked bad from the terrace. Funny that his so far failings.i.e ball work were made a laugh of with a super ball into Ryan minutes earlier. Actually quiet happy with the prospect of Oisin Cillian and Enda plus a few panel members putting their hands up for starting shirts in the next few games. Ryan was sav age. Where in mayo will we put the statue of Leeroy. Presume we’ll take down the statue in the octagan in westport and stick it up there.

  22. Sounds like people are saying it’s an ankle injury which I suppose it’s likely (but not certain) to be less serious than if it was another knee injury.
    Some on on Twitter described is as “he got his foot stuck in the turf”
    Well yeah – that’s what happens when the gaa are stupid enough to schedule the majority of competitive intercounty games for the worst 2 months of the year for pitch surfaces, at the end of a long winter when pitches are just about at their softest and slippiest

  23. The pitch in Clones today was in excellent shape, Larry Duff, so I wouldn’t say that had much relevance in relation to the injury. From where I was in the stand it looked like a problem with the ankle and that’s what was being said about it afterwards too.

  24. Hi Willie Joe. Is it possible to keep Mayo Senior players from not playing with their Colleges Teams? Tommy played last Sunday and then full tilt again on Tuesday night for his college. What kind of recovery is that? No wonder he got injured. These lads need to fully recover after a National League game to be right for the following Weekend. Where the Management of Players on this one? Great Win Today but we must protect our players going forward.

  25. True Larry, it’s even more evidence that we need league format for summer championship football…weekly matches played on dry, safer ground.

  26. The pitch in clones looked in excellent condition, but understandably was a bit heavy. Thought ROD was outstanding, a read leader. Orme has a lot of promise, worth his place. OHora got better as game went on, and by the end the man-bun was gone and Sampson was marauding up and down the pitch!
    Coen taken off early, had no impact which is a bit of a worry for our captain. Aido did quite well, nothing outstanding but quietly effective. with Matty and Oisín and maybe Jack Carney to come in, there are good options for the middle.

  27. I noticed we seemed to vere into the right corner position with alot if attacks when we had the chance to go down the middle. Dont know what the reason was for that. Anyway great win.On to Croke Park and hopefully the 2 weeks can get Oisin and even Cillian in contention.
    Theres a question……..does Cillian take frees when he is back. No reason to take it back from ROD he has been immense.

  28. Daily page views on the blog broke through the 50k barrier earlier this evening. Just now the daily total has gone past 60k. I know today was a mega Mayo GAA day but that’s just nuts.

  29. I actually think that the colleges should get first call on the players, majority of players will play for maybe 2 or 3 years with their team, there will be more opportunities with the counties.

  30. O Hora was just awesome in the second half, I thought overall and as game went on we were the better team, but heart in mouth stuff in last minute could have been disaster.
    The PA was atrocious, on the hill could hear nothing

  31. I couldn’t make the game today and was driving for the duration of all the Mayo related games, so had to rely on Midwest for Commentary on all the games.
    Fair play to them – they were at the top of their game. Michael D McAndrew and Martin Carney were outstanding and hugely entertaining on the Mayo game and they are able to go to commentary from the Mitchells ladies, county hurlers as well as Kilmeena’s final in Croke park to keep us updated on all, including keeping listeners updated on scores from Roscommon’s game against Meath and the Galway hurlers against Offaly. Best comment of the day was Martin Carneys reference to a Monaghan effort going off into the air like a North Korean missile with a small fat man behind it, with Michael D adding if the small fat man was listening in from North Korea that he hoped he was enjoying their commentary.
    Classic stuff.

  32. Referees have certainly sent out a clear no nonsense message today with Gough flashing 5 reds and Jerome Henry red-carding Meath manager Andy McEntee. Teams should take note. It’s good to see.

  33. Looking at league Sunday, it seems ridiculous that Ryan’s 2nd goal was ruled out. No sign of a push. Thankfully it didn’t cost us.

    The injury to Eoghan was fairly inocuous. Didn’t seem to be any break or dislocation from the replays they showed so fingers crossed. He was involved in 3 scores for the time he was on the pitch.

  34. @Wideball I think Brendan Harrison’s injury is more than cramp. His thigh was bandaged as he walked out of the stadium and he was limping. Hopefully, it’s not too bad. Eoghan McLaughlin walked to the bus with a ‘boot’ on his ankle using crutches. So it’s not as bad as it first appeared. Luckily we have some decent cover for our backline but with the games we have left we could do without injuries like this.

  35. Delighted to see Conor Loftus come on and make a positive contribution and score a fine point at a crucial juncture. That’s the type of positive play that’s needed when games are in the melting pot.

  36. Diehard – fair enough, didn’t know that. He was definitely stretching out his calf for a few minutes before coming off, which you wouldn’t do after a muscle strain.

  37. Great result for Mayo and Kilmeena, hard luck Castlebar ladies.
    Won’t focus on negatives of which there is still quite a few, but on positives:
    Robbie done well, was good see him clear man and ball.
    Full back line grew into game well
    Diarmaid improving, as well as maintaining his incredible work rate.
    Orme settling in a lot more, only second real game so to be expected will take a few more games. But still set up a goal and 3 points and was starting demand ball as game went in despite been out on feet.
    Jason really starting shake the rust off
    Ryan immense.

  38. Rob Hennelly 7
    Brendan Harrison 6
    Padraig O’Hora 7
    Lee Keegan 7
    Paddy Durcan 6
    Michael Plunkett 4
    Eoghan McLaughlin 6
    Conor O’Shea 5
    Stephen Coen 4
    Fionn McDonagh 6
    Diarmuid O’Connor 7
    Bryan Walsh 4
    Aiden Orme 6
    Jason Doherty 7
    Ryan O’Donoghue 8
    Aidan O’Shea 7
    Rory Brickenden 6
    Conor Loftus 6
    Jordan Flynn 6
    Donnacha McHugh 6

  39. Good day for Mayo despite Castlebar Ladies defeat. Quarrying two points out of Clones when we looked for a long time like being defeated was exceptional. Swanny was, despite Ryan O’D’s exceptional performance , my man of the match. He was constantly on the attack as well as doing his share in defence. Hopefully the injuries to Harrison and McLoughlin are not too bad. It is cruel luck on both of them with their injury history. Looking forward to the Dubs in Croker. Why on earth could the club finals not
    have been played next weekend when the Senior club finals are on and there is no NFL?

  40. The Heather is Rising.
    I totally disagree. Why has the county manager supreme authority?
    To me because of this and the emphasis on Inter county is counter productive.
    Let these guys play Sigerson with there peers from different counties for a couple of years and then go play with there counties? I agree with Mikey.
    While I’m at it ,Where is Tom Parsons and the GPA and there stance on player welfare?
    The Silence Is Deafening.
    Then the GPA turn around and vote against what they had campaigned for and voted for the green option and more games. Bought Off.
    It stinks to high Heaven.
    More games for more money. But in whose interest?
    Club before County. Reverse the split season and play club before county.
    Was a joy to be in Croke Park today to see Kilmeena become the First club from the county to be Crowned All Ireland Junior Champions. And to bate a Kerry team at that was icing on the cake.
    Enjoy the celebrations Kilmeena.

  41. Pleasing to hear that Orme showed some positive signs at inside forward line. He’s got the pace to replace Tommy Conroy that’s for sure.
    Any concerns about our captain getting substituted after 20 min? Not ideal to have a captain on the fringes of the team I would have thought..

  42. Great result for us. Fair play to the lads for digging deep. Aos again made a difference when coming in. Hopefully the injuries are not too bad. Well done to Loftus also off the bench and half forward is best for him. Those points could be vital in the end.

  43. WJ 60k wow.
    However, and maybe I’m just being cynical, the comments after this game seem to be a bit light to say the least. Is it because the performance was quite good and we won.

  44. Sigerson is paying for a lot of these lads education, with sports scholarships. Would have to consider that when deciding the college vs. county argument. I think Sigerson should be wrapped up pre-christmas though personally.

    Positive signs yesterday. Robbie seems to be transferring his club performances to county. He looks assured this year, has made 4/5 excellent saves in 2 games. I would have been one of his biggest critics, but have to admire his resilience, and believe he’s a great lad around the squad in general.

    Padraig O’Hora played his way into the game, I’m not sure the superlatives being dished out here are warranted as he was getting well beaten in the first half, maybe a touch of recency bias, but he was excellent in the second half. He really is relentless.

    Lee Keegan and Paddy Durcan are Lee Keegan and Paddy Durcan, you’re getting excellence week in/week out, we really are spoiled. Michael Plunkett, I just don’t see him as a 6. He looks all at sea when he plays there. He was able to do a job in the corner, but don’t see him as a 6. Stephen Coen for me is the man there, until Oisin Mullin comes back. He’s steady, reads a game well, big physical presence. For championship, I think Oisin is the man there.

    In the middle, we really need strength and depth. stephen coen is a defender. Clear as day, he doesn’t belong in the middle of the park, and can do a very good job elsewhere. Obviously, Mattie coming in steadies the ship, and I would give Jack Carney as others have said, the rest of the league, he looks a real footballer. We need back up as well, it’s an area we are light.

    In the half forward line, it’s very obvious, Conor Loftus is not a midfielder. He looks so much more assured, and can pick out balls and scores, whereas at midfield, he looks like a minor playing senior. Diarmuid aswell, was massive yesterday with the run of the park playing through the middle with the free role, I think 11 is the place for him, it keeps him central to the game, he has a tendency to drift out of games when he’s playing out the wing.

    Inside, Ryan O’Donoghue is just getting better each game. He scores 1-06/1-07 week in, week out, is intelligent, quick thinking and unselfish. Second goal shouldn’t have been disallowed either. Looking forward to seeing him and Cilian together in the summer, both smart players. He seem to step up further when needed. Cilian gets injured, steps up for frees and that leadership role, then his partner in crime gets injured during the week, he steps up another level. I think if his name was Con or David, the media would be waxing lyrical about him. Aidan Orme looked far more comfortable inside than at 11. Thought he was very good winning ball, in the physical battle yesterday and with a bit more gametime, his confidence in shooting will grow. Definitely worth persisting with for the rest of the league.
    Jason Doc out for two years and is coming back as if he hasn’t missed a beat. What an unsung hero. He embodies everything about this team, with heart and determination dragging them to results they maybe shouldn’t get. His comeback and drive to be back involved is inspirational.

    One final word about Aidan O’Shea. Fair play to him, he seems to be taking his role coming on without any tantrums etc. He has impacted both games this year when he has come in, and not a peep out of him.

  45. One point to make is that DOC was lucky not to be red carded for a punch at the end of the first half. All well and good when you win but that is something to be careful of going forward. Discipline has cost us all ireland finals. We get alot of guy sent off in big games. I know Mattie last year and Cillian in 2019 were when the games were lost and it happens……..still though

  46. Goingwellintrain re your AOS comment about “not a peep out of him” where is the evidence that there ever has been a “peep” out of him about anything he’s been asked to do for Mayo football?
    As far as I can see whatever he’s been asked to do over the years he has done, and the only narrative saying otherwise appears to be from a certain Northern “journalist” ( sarcastic tone) who has a massive agenda.
    Sad state of affairs if our own gang are buying into that now

  47. gowellintrain, well said. Great post. I’ll be watching out for you contributions again.
    Very incisive. Keep ’em coming. Up Mayo.

  48. I would think Coen is best suited to 6 , sometimes best to play guys in their best position and use others for the versatile roles. Plunkett may do well at corner back, a part of the pitch where we don’t have great strength in depth. Plunkett didn’t really get skinned for pace that time he caught up a few times but the Monaghan guy used his physicality very well and Plunkett couldn’t get goal side to stop the pass. The same mightn’t have happened Keegan or O Hora but generally I think Plunkett is a good defender. Probably plays a smarter game than Eoghan Mc even though Mc is exciting to watch.
    I wouldn’t be drafting Carney in, the pace of senior inter county would be too much going by yesterday’s game although he’s a leader at that level. I’d get him into the development panel alright and see where that leads.

  49. Someone said in a previous comment(as O Rourke did on the telly last night) that Ryans disallowed goal should have stood.For me with s good view from the stands,it was a clear pudh in the back-free out.

  50. @eastcorkexile That’s a very combative tone to what was a big compliment. Some lads that have been the star of the show for their whole lives getting that bit older and playing a squad role would spit the dummy, as we’ve seen with numerous players. My point is that he’s very much a team player.

    @shuffly deck agreed, I’d be of the opinion that corner back is the place for him, he seems to be better with the game in front of him and could secure a starting place there. I didn’t see the Kilmeena game yesterday was on Clones, but on other showings feel he’s definitely one for the future and blooding him would only benefit! Definitely acknowledge, junior is a whole other level to even senior club though, never mind inter county.

    Thanks @upmayo, as they say opinions are like a**hol*s we’ve all got one, mine could be as wrong as anyones!

  51. Great result. I think 2 weeks is primed to be a momentous affair. The sight of Mayo coming will be just the tonic to make Dublin kick on. I expect our lads to go to Croker without any shackles on them, 3 points from the opening 2 games unburdens the team’s necessity to ‘have’ to win. 2 wins on the trot against them would very sweet indeed.
    Great to see Diarmuid putting in another good shift. If he is going well, Mayo are. Ball carrying, tenacious tackling and kicking points are all the very best of what’s in his locker. Best wishes to Harry and Eoghan. Injuries are part and parcel of elite sport unfortunately. Ryan has developed into a colossal player for us. He had a fine All Ire final in 20, probably underestimated within and out of the county then. People know his quality now. That jink would buy and sell some of Ireland’s best defenders. The point on league Sunday about a concentrated effort on working on weaker foots is an interesting one but I would have thought that top level intercounty players are constantly working on this. Kerry probably epitomise the beauty of two footed players. Well don Kilmeena and hard luck to Castlebar ladies.

  52. Yeah while Dublin have been woeful so far, 2 weeks is a very long time in league football. In 2020 Tyrone took an unmerciful hiding from Galway then turned around and bet Dublin in the next match a fortnight later

    They’ll be in far better shape in two weeks and I do expect a big backlash from them at home

    The 3 points we’ve picked up so far gives us huge breathing room though

  53. @shuffly deck
    Jack Carney got league time last year, and started against Meath, and came off the bench against Leitrim (I think) in Connacht.

    I understand your point about the step up from Junior, and would be inclined to agree but he has had at least one season around the squad, so development panel would be a step backwards

  54. For my tuppence worth for the Dublin game:
    M.P. is not a centre half back and that position should be filled by Stephen Coen until Oisin Mullen is ready.
    Conor Loftus starts instead of Bryan Walshe.
    Keep the full forward line – Aiden Orme will benefit from game time.
    Same for Conor o Shea – give him game time with Matty Ruane. He need to get some confidence and not have the thought of being replaced in the back of his mind.
    There’s plenty of cover for Eoghan Mc so let’s see who stands up.
    Mc Donagh showed improvement yesterday so deserves another shot in the open spaces of Croker.

  55. @Ger Mc – intercounty is more important than Sigerson cup. End of story.
    It’s a bit of a gaa hipster thing to say the players should play for colleges ahead of county, but the reality is that is absolute nonsense.
    Every elite sportsman wants to play as much as possible, at the highest level possible, and playing for Mayo is a bigger deal and a higher level than playing for NUIG or UL every day of the week.
    Play the sigerson before Christmas when it’s not clashing with intercounty Football.
    Ask yourself this – if any of the commenters on here were good enough ballers to play for Mayo and you had to pick between a Division one league clash in croker against Dublin or a sigerson game, which would you pick?

    On a seperate note, I wonder if Diarmuid o connor has said to himself “fuck it, I’ve been performing at about 70% of my peak ability for Mayo the last 3 or 4 years. Wasting away the best years of my career in second gear. So I’m going to step it up a notch in 2022”
    He seems to be going better than I’ve seen in a while.
    This is a guy who is a top 10 player in the game if he reached his ceiling and full potential.

  56. Maybe you’re a point is valid in regards to playing county over sigerson. But the main point your missing in regards to this is the Player has got a scholarship to that particular college i.e. he’s fees are waived because of his playing ability and he is expected to play for his college. It regards to Diarmuid o Connor he could never be faulted for not giving 100%. I think playing him in his proper position and a little bit of brain power ie Thinking his way through each game has helped him a lot this year.

  57. Not a huge fan of the Sigerson or the way that the competition has been shoe-horned into the inter-county calendar (do the third level teams really need to play in the FBD/McKenna/McGrath/O’Byrne Cups? And should the Sigerson really have been extended?). But one factor that people may be overlooking here is that to play off the collegiate competitions before Christmas would essentially mean that young inter-county players would be playing all year round with no off-season, given that the county championships often run into October and in some places, you might also have the likes of the U-21 club championships or the provincial club series running after that.

    Not really what we want, given all the concerns about burnout and whatnot.

    I would suggest that county players either get released for the crossover period for the first few rounds of the league, or perhaps the third level competitions could shift to April, when there’s little senior county fixtures going on.

  58. There’s no easy solution to the sigerson timing.

    Pre-christmas and early January clash with exams, which after all is why the lads are there

    On the other hand, you can’t tie national league and championship together and then tell counties that they have to give up players for the early rounds of the league. Mightn’t matter much to us but for other counties it might be the difference between playing for Sam and tailteann

    Sigerson needs it’s own window in the calendar but unfortunately until the split season is more settled, it’s an issue for the back burner

  59. Will be interesting to see how Jack carney does if given the chance. Big step up playing senior County football from junior club. Let’s hope he can do it, we need midfielders badly. I thought Plunkett grew into the game yesterday, and had a good assist for the goal. @TH think your rating was a little harsh

  60. Ultimately the Sigerson has players from all counties and not just the bigger teams. Fine players like Niall Murphy in Sligo has won with DCU, will he get much chance to win a Connacht medal? It would be a shame if sat David Clifford was injured this week, he will have played 5 competitive matches in 3 weeks in tough conditions.

    Every one wants player welfare so long as other teams compromise. Note that the county calendar is coming in on the Sigerson calendar and not the other way around. People will have different opinions but one thing is clear, managers / gaa are not thinking about the players.

  61. A few observations; Ryan did push his man before “the second goal”, I was behind those posts for the second half. The reason for the fewer comments, despite the big number of hits, is probably that not as many got to Clones as for most matches and there was no visual coverage. Harrison looked to be stretching out a cramp at the time of his attention. The pitch was, indeed, in excellent condition. Keegan was massive in the second half, must have handled the ball 30/40 times but I can’t figure out how Durcan-who was solid-made the team-of-the-week and how Ryan didn’t, he was my man of the match by quite a distance. O’Hora recovered well after early teething problems, as he often does. Plunkett did well overall, short highlights can really bury or inflate a reputation to an unfair degree.
    Oh, and a question, who cleared the last Monaghan effort off the line?

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