Monaghan game on at 4pm on Saturday week

The dates, times and venues for all the Round 1 qualifier ties were announced by the GAA a bit earlier on. Full details on that are here.

Our match against Monaghan has been confirmed for MacHale Park on Saturday week, 4th June, where throw-in will be 4pm. The game will be broadcast live on Sky Sports, who, I understand, had first dibs on what qualifier match to carry. That would have been a toss-up between our match and the other all-Division One game, between Armagh and All-Ireland champions Tyrone, and they obviously decided to go with the one in Castlebar.

33 thoughts on “Monaghan game on at 4pm on Saturday week

  1. Good to have a game to look forward to. Nothing soft about it and all concerned will have to be 100%……that includes us, the fans, too…..

  2. Thanks Willie Joe. Any word on why the management have been so rude to our local journalists in the past few months? And indeed, having a knock on effect with the supporters? I don’t want gossip but even just to touch base every now and then is harmless and creates rapport. I can’t remember the Mayo News in particular getting personal with anyone. Sensitive souls.

  3. Thanks WJ – Great to get the timing confirmed. Glad its Sat as I have to travel.
    Of course sky picked the mayo game – we are the gift that keeps giving – drama guaranteed. Monaghan know us but they haven’t met us in full (or 90%) intensity mode before – hope we can learn the lessons from AI final last year and not get killed by Beggan’s kickouts.

  4. I don’t in all honesty know, Travelling Wilbury. I’m not sure I’d call it rudeness, just a deliberate decision not to communicate with the media (though, I guess, it largely amounts to the same thing). It’s completely self-defeating as well, as the wall of silence means they lose control of the narrative and so everything is coming out instead via the print-a-rumour outfit in the CT as well as bad-minded, agenda-driven sources on social media.

    Nobody is looking for a blow-by-blow account of the latest injury news (pardon the pun) but some kind of regular, structured updates (which could be as detailed or as vague as they want these to be) would help to keep supporters in the loop.

    As I said on the pod this morning, there needs to be a sense of shared enterprise for this game (and, hopefully, further games in this Championship) and management are missing a trick if they don’t attempt to harness the goodwill that’s there, which has the potential to create a 16th man atmosphere on Saturday week. Picture but no sound makes no sense, certainly not now that we’re in knockout territory.

  5. Hope we can get Crowd up to the 2019 Donegal super8 levels – We really need to double down on that as Mayo are “emotional” team and feed off the crowd and vice-versa more than any other team – turn up to cheer MAYO- MAYO-MAYO from the start – otherwise, what’s the point? – its knockout and we need an edge – you can eat the ices creams afterwards…

  6. Great comment there Willie Joe my sentiments completely. I feel a great sense of frustration out there amongst the supporters due to the lack of communication, we the supporters should feel part of this and at least management should be ramping up the importance of the supporters and actually telling us what it means to the team. We have traveled the length and breath following this team over god knows how many years. PR is certainly not Mayo GAAs strong point.

  7. If we win I presume the next game will be on Saturday as well to give all teams 7 day intervals

  8. ”Shared enterprise” really reflects it well WJ. That’s what I always felt especially these last 11 years…….it seems sadly flat now like an old can of coke you take out of the fridge and there is no gas………..
    I think I miss that more than the elusive big win we all crave.
    Hearing ex-players like Boyler etc or Chris Barret it always struck me how much they refered to the crowd and their energy………I just feel this current attitude from management is a bit F-You………and that will zap that energy.
    I really hope not……..lets see on June 4th

  9. Maybe Horan is trying to break this “bond” between players and supporters for good reason.
    Players have often mentioned the crowd and noise (or lack of such) as major factors in why we won or lost games.
    Maybe Horan is trying to get them to play with their heads rather than relying on emotion or the crowd.

  10. Good point Tubberman, I was thinking the same thing. No harm. Nice cosy “all in it together” mantra hasn’t got us far. Perhaps it adds to the pressure. But there is a balance, and I’d like to hear a small bit more from camp re injuries especially. Tough draw v monaghan. Can’t see Machale Park giving us much advantage. The crowd will be apprehensive regardless of how the team are playing. But this one is on the players themselves. They shouldn’t be relying on the crowd for divine inspiration. Wouldn’t surprise me if we lose. But I hope we win, and do so with a much improved performance and attitude.

  11. Never thought of that at all tubberman , don’t think that would work out in any spectator sport though .

  12. 2020 gave management the ideal laboratory conditions in which to test that particular hypothesis. We all know how that movie ended – no supporters but same result.

  13. A bit unfair to categorise 2020 as the same as other years I think, given that it was the first year after the mass retirements so we had a lot of inexperienced players. The Dublin team were still beating everyone on muscle memory from the Gavin era.

  14. That’s a fair point, Tubberman, but I think it’s equally true that there was no great tactical advantage to playing behind closed doors. The main reason we made that year’s final at all was because of what Cork and Tipp did, not because JH had no irksome supporters to be dealing with!

  15. Still though, I get the feeling James is fed up of some aspects of Mayo Gaa 101. His sharp answers to journalists over the past year is an indication. I could be wrong.

  16. Not utilising the passionate Mayo supporters at home in an amateur sport would be strange to say the least.Whatever way the team wish to concentrate is fine by me but the flatness in the mood of the fans before the Galway game cannot be repeated.A simple update on the squad and a call for the crowd to match the teams efforts would suffice for me.

  17. Yes, WJ. Some bad-minded, agenda driven sources have a lot to say lately. One in particular is also a very sensitive one. Blocking all before him , if you don’t agree with whatever he’s peddling. Including myself.

  18. Noticed the agenda driven stuff ,I’d love to ask these personalities if they are passionate about mayo gaa they say they are ,why would you air such absolute shite on public forums , how will that benefit mayo gaa in the middle of a season?

  19. I know what you mean, Nephin. Classic bully boy stuff, can dish it out by the bucketload but can’t take it at all when it’s aimed in his direction. Sad and pathetic in equal measure.

  20. I completely agree in relation to the person ye are on about! What baffles me is the amount of people that actually engage with him on social media

  21. @Nephin.. I’ve an idea how to deal with You know Who, we all know who but we just can’t say, and of course there is more than one, but we just can’t say who!.. Remember the ‘Quite Man’s shot in picturesque Cong in 1952.. I presume Mayo were All Ireland Champions… Anyhow in one of the Public House scene’s.. Squire Dannagher meets Séan Thornton (John Wayne) and very quickly falls out with him…. Dannagher has his lacky Ignatius Feeney write down the name of Séan Thornton in his note book, and then cross it out.. the ultimate insult… There are a few antiheroes starring in the Mayo melodrama.. There’s a few names to write down and cross out.. But you just can’t write down their name’s in the Mayo GAA Blog, because there isn’t the facility to cross out the name’,. unfortunately!.. Allot to be learned from ‘The Quite Man’s’ It’s along time ago, and ‘Unbelievable Jeff’ as Kris Kamera might say.. Mayo hurlers beat Galway hurlers in the tale told at the Railway Station in the Quite Man.. It almost led to a battle between the rival factions the Mohicans and the Galwegians….

  22. Surely James, or someone around him has seen what the sensitive one is saying on social media. James and the back room, being so tight lipped at the moment must ask themselves ( if there’s any truth in what he says) who’s spilling the beans. Also, where is the CT getting their stories.

  23. That’s it, Nephin. It’s those feeding the troll who have serious questions to answer and I know who a few of them are too. Anyway, enough of that – it’s not a topic that merits further discussion. We’ve football issues to be talking about instead.

  24. Good on you Leantimes. As you can gather from my handle, I’m from a disadvantaged area and wouldn’t be too well up. Sure I only saw the Quite Man when I moved East. Maybe there’s a cross out option on Discord.

  25. Sound Willie Joe. I was just checking if I had missed anything between the press and county board/management etc. Anyway roll on Saturday week. Fingers crossed we kick start our season and get another day out at Croker at least.

  26. @Nephin.. Never met anyone from anywhere near that majestic mountain who wasn’t well up.. Not so sure about any of them being ‘disadvantaged’.. tough!.. @Travelling Wilbury, yes let’s hope next Saturday week kick starts our season and it’s not ‘the end of the line’!

  27. I don’t be on social media too often so I’m lost as to the identity of the sensitive one. Any chance of an initial so I can investigate.

  28. You’re as well off not bothering Dave! There are far more productive things to be doing than inspecting the sewers of social media and the odious creatures who inhabit that world.

  29. I’m with you there Dave. I’ve no idea who the sensitive one might be and my curiosity is tickled. But I couldn’t be bothered with such doings. We’ve a job to do against Monaghan and I’m hoping we just knuckle down and enjoy the ride.
    Injuries seem unbelievable for Mayo. But every injury is an opportunity. Didn’t we discover a new gem while Cillian was injured.
    Best of luck to our warriors. Always believe. Maigheo abú.

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