Monaghan preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E22

The waiting is finally over and now the countdown is on in earnest ahead of Mayo’s Round 1 qualifier clash with Monaghan on Saturday. To preview this do-or-die knockout meeting with the Farney County, in this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast Rob Murphy is joined by Colm Boyle and Kevin McStay.

They start by looking back at the weekend’s provincial final action, focusing on the standard of football served up in the four provincials deciders, in particular in Ulster where Kevin was on co-commentary duties with RTÉ. 

The focus then switches to MacHale Park this coming Saturday, as Mayo return to action following their six-week lay-off since the Galway game. The lads discuss dealing with injuries, the mindset within the group after the loss to Galway, with Colm focusing on what he regards as the surprisingly downbeat mood in the county in that game’s aftermath. Monaghan’s likely approach on Saturday is considered, with a focus on how Mayo will deal with kickouts and how the team’s attacking play could be improved the next day. 

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63 thoughts on “Monaghan preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E22

  1. Trying to look at this objectively. This has all the feel of Kildare in 2018. Two teams who won’t be in the shake up for an All-Ireland title in a play off to reach a play off to reach the QFs.
    It’s one I cannot see us winning. If we go out, so be it. We need to get lads back playing club, freshen up management and see what we can do next year.

  2. Time enough for that line of thought when it happens Tommy , absolutely nothing to be gained by being defeatist when we are still in it .

  3. a rule similar to the no backcourt rule in basketball would improve things and is very easy to police.
    e.g once you cross the 45 you cannot pass back inside your own 45 also passing back to keeper should be outlawed

  4. @Sean: In fairness, none of us are likely to be togging on the day, so I don’t particularly see anything wrong with people being honest here.

    It’s hard to see us being competitive with the top teams this year, given the disruptive effect of all the injuries. Maybe we can beat Monaghan (if we learn from what we did wrong against the massed defences of Tyrone, Kerry, Galway..), but even if we manage that, we are a million miles off the team we were around 2016/17 and are unlikely to trouble either Dublin or Kerry on current form. A few other sides, like Derry and Galway, look to be in better form than we are in currently.

    I think if we can regroup and get a few of the injured players back we can have a real crack at 2023, but this season looks a bridge too far to me. That said, I’ll still be roaring my head off for us on Saturday.

  5. Maybe Andy will give us his tailteann cup spot and Leitrim can take on monaghan

  6. Centerfield – the quickest and cleanest way to reduce the prolonged periods of hand passing would be ban back passes to the goal keeper. Teams would be much more reluctant to flute around with the ball in the middle third if they didn’t have the keeper as an out ball. Along with that the opposition would be much more likely to press for turnovers since they just need to push up on the outfield players and the goalkeeper could be left free.

    Obviously the game would lose the sight of beggan/Morgan running the pitch, but that’s a price worth paying IMO.

  7. Fair point it means nothing to me , I still believe we can gather momentum if we win on sat and nobody knows for sure who we will have back if we were to navigate our way to a qf . (Bar Tommy and Plunkett)

  8. @centerfield: I could easily see that doing more harm than good.

    As much as we see blanket defenses at the moment bringing in an arbitrary blocking line that can’t be crossed and further compresses the play means they become even more effective not less. Reducing the bodies blocking the route to goal and eating up the space runs can be made to or balls can be kicked into is the desire here. Punishing the team trying to attack (shot clocks, blocking parts of the pitch, restricting passes to specific positions) already struggling to break down a blanket is attacking symptoms more than the causes.

  9. Ye are looking at the problem all wrong. Lateral/backward passing and goalkeepers getting involved in open play are symptoms not the cause. Teams do this because they are facing 14 or 15 defenders in the opposite half, it would be completely stupid to just lob long passes into that, it’s logical and sensible to retain possession when facing that, and probe until someone gets drawn out of position.

    Teams need to be allowed to pass backwards or to their goalkeeper to beat a press on a kickout, or work the ball out after a turnover close to goal, banning either of those would be too blunt a move and wouldn’t address the cause.

    If you want to avoid the type of play seen in Clones, you need to limit the ability of teams to set up the blanket. This might be something like each team having a max of 11 men in their own half. Teams with the ball could send as many up in attack as they like, it would be for each team to decide if they want to chance going for an overload attack at the risk of turning it over and the forwards on the other team who had to stay up being free at the other end.

  10. No need for a rule change at all… Donegal who led the game in normal time by 2 points with less than 10 minutes remaining to go. Individual player errors in possession led to two turnovers and Derry scored 2 points and equalized as a result! ..One terribly boring Match, unless you are a Derry fan can’t be allowed to change the rules. I think this low risk possession game (even tough Derry were similar) is losing more games than winning…In November 2020 in the rain in, a vastly superior Kerry playing a low risk possession game lost to a vastly inferior Cork in the Munster Final. One long high diagonal ball to the edge of the square, and Kerry are undone, game over.
    Goalkeepers coming out the field to help retain possession or add to the attack for me brings great drama and risk to the game.. Not every Goalkeeper is going to be as good as Tyrone’s Niall Morgan or probably as we will be reminded again about next Saturday, Monaghan Rory Began..It’s up to the team without possession to put the pressure on and force a turnovers, great rewards are awaiting at the unguarded net the other end of the field. In last September All Ireland final, Niall Morgan was out the field, Tyrone lost possession well into Mayo territory, two passes,the second one a 70 meter foot pass for the ages by Ryan O Donohue finds a Mayo player in front of the unguarded Goal… Could have been, should have been, but wasn’t. Goalkeepers out the field as pioneered by Tyrone and Monaghan will give those teams an advantage until their opposition come up with a plan to turn them over and strike for Goals!

  11. Hello,
    Nice to hear Colm Boyle but it was truly awful to listen to, Kevin denigrating the Ulster Final on a Mayo blog. His bg concern was that Donegal did no get ‘Stuck In’ and played for extra time. He was only there it seems because he was in a ‘Professional’ capacity.

    I walked around the home town last Monday (Castlebar) and as nice as it was there is a lack of sense of humour. I was a cheeky youngster ln the town. Can`t afford to talk.

    One really needs to relax and not always bitching and trying to be……..Have the answer for everything.

    My confidence in JH is sky high. He ls a dedicated man and am leavlhg lt to him joyfully
    , to motivate the team. Hope you are all laughing on Sat. Ciarán 2.

  12. FourtyFive – the reason teams funnell 14 players back is because it’s too difficult and uses too much energy trying to win the ball back in the opposition half. A big reason for that is the opposition have an extra man there at all times i.e. the goalkeeper. Much easier to bring everyone behind the ball and try win turnovers in the crowded scoring zone.

    The reason teams go laterally and backwards with the ball is usually the blanket defense is already set up.

  13. Bit put out by level of pessimism. Surely we need to support our team , it’s knockout 50 50 anything can happen. Good support will help get us over the line.

  14. Maybe we should invoke John Twin Mcnamara version as Gaeilge-old spelling:
    Maigh EO, Maigh Eo
    The caveat we need someone with a buggle in the park! After each sound then shout our county ainm as sean Gaeilge
    Maigh EO!
    John did this in Crorke Park!!
    A dia dhilis let’s stop the negative comments and get behind Maigh EO! Bigi linn!!

  15. As for JH vs Roch debate I’d say pros and cons for both roughly balance out. Mostly positive towards both who got us to several finals and very few managers get to do that. Of course winning is the ultimate goal, some of those years we over performed, in just maybe 2 did we fall short of our best 2012 and 2021. JH is the man in the jersey and Roch was perhaps unfairly pushed out so wouldn’t be sure he wants back at any stage. Support the management as well as the team. Go as far as humanly possible in 2022 and any worry about the future is for the off season. Pointing out (opinions) negatives of either especially current management in an attempt to win a debate is counter-productive to our cause. There are areas we can improve this year, so let’s see if the team can make that happen on Saturday.

  16. It is days like Saturday when we will really miss JOHN DURCAN r.i.p. (AKA ST. PATRICK). He used to do a great job in mchale park on match days revving up the mayo supporters with his bodhran. John was one mighty man. maybe if any person has a bodhran or a drum they could bring it along on Saturday to add noisy support to the team. I agree with shuffly deck that there is too much pessimism on here lately and we need to be more optimistic about the match. There is no shortage and never will there be a shortage of good footballers in MAYO. Come on Mayo….

  17. Can’t wait for the 26 to be announced, be so interesting to see who’s available. If we lose the throw in, I hope we foul and slow up play immediately. We concede far too many scores from throw in…be nice to see us learning our lesson. I was more confident last week than now, maybe be its the oul nerves as Saturday gets closer. I look at the draw, and im raging how we avoided Clare, Meath, Cork and Louth. Tyrone must be equally as sickend. We are such a momentum team, that if we win Saturday anything is possible. I watched Monaghan v Derry last night, so many areas they can hurt us. Their a bloody hard team to beat, im starting to get 2018 vibes about this one aswell.

  18. @Tommy+Joe

    I don’t see it like Kildare 2018 at all.. That was siege mentality the Lillywhites had built up with their Newbridge or nowhere campaign and Mayo fell into that trap all too easy under Rochford whom in other years was damn lucky to win a number of qualifiers. (sailing too close to the wind and all that)

    Horan will have Mayo will prepared. Fitness and conditioning work will be greatly improved from April. Up against a Monaghan side with a number of 30 year olds in their starting team and a manager in Banty who is on borrowed time.

  19. Any word on the Pre Match entertainment?… Sadly John Durcan aka St Patrick, no longer with us, to liven up the faithful and the faithless pre Match and Halftime. RIP to all the great characters who added greatly to big match days in McHale Park… I can remember back to Mick Melodion, didn’t realize it fully back then but they were great days.. There’s a fellow who still comes with a Green and Red, Mexican wrestling outfit, fair play to him whoever he is.. We need a bit of colour and we need a bit of craic just to shake off the cobwebs. . Maybe some of the Politicians and VIPs in the VIP section might do a bit of tap dance for our amusement prior to throw in. Or a song, no danger of any of them ‘Singing in the Rain’ or anything!

  20. Weather forecast for Saturday is sunny 18c, real feel 20c with light winds the type of weather that should suit a younger and fitter Mayo.

  21. O Shea needs to be full forward and stay there for entire game. If he does nothing else he will keep Beggin on his goal line and two more backs from going forward and scoring, like Derry last day. Had Murphy played full forward last day Donegal would be Ulster Camps now, instead he was played as a sweeper and hanging around midfield and left for dead by younger players same as what has happened to Aiden in the last few years. With Aiden hanging around the square all day, there will be plenty room outfield for Durkan Mullen and McLaughlin to charge forward.

  22. Eye catching result in the Munster minor final. Cork beat Kerry by 11 points after losing to the same opposition by 14 a few weeks ago. Something for our minors to think about before meeting Galway again on Monday.

  23. Yes Mayomagic, forecast looks fantastic for Saturday, similar to the Galway match. As Willie Joe rightly said, the Mayo crowd probably will raise it a few levels for this one, i.e. a knockout qualifier at home, given previous patterns. So with that and the June sunshine we can probably expect a great day and exciting atmosphere.

  24. As Boyler mentioned a few times during the pod, we need to remind ourselves we’re still in the championship.

    We’re not out of this yet. No reason why we can’t fight to get this season back on track. Two wins and we’re staring at a quarter final in Croker.

  25. No reason Rock…however not an easy task.These guys relegated Dublin and shoulda been out the door against us at half time in February.
    Maybe it’s a game where a few new leaders stand up.Maybe Hession or McBrein if he plays or maybe Mark Moran can make a stand.
    Hopefully we make it through but thus us very touch send go even if we have everyone fit

  26. Have been concerned about the lack of fight in us the last couple of games. We keep hearing about how training is ferocious and the competition between squad members is high, however I haven’t seen any evidence of this ferocity and competitiveness on game day when it really mattered. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    Honestly, it feels like our days are numbered even if we did scrape through on Saturday. We wouldn’t lay a glove on Kerry or Dublin in Croke Park on current form.

  27. Agree with Kevin McStay, we need to stick to our style of play of hard running half back, / midfield. For all it won us 90% of matches in last 10 years. Don’t get me wrong would love to see more kick passing, into forwards, but we not blessed with forward that can field high ball on regular basis. Now I know people may highlighted Aiden OShea, but for what ever reason he lost all confidence in shooting for goals / points in last few year. Remember when played Donegal in that quarterfinals years ago, and was tearing up trees. You imagine he was missing piece of puzzle, but not to be. However that’s off point. Execution must be better, runner must be off shoulder, have to attack at speed in two and three. Might leave us open, but lateral passing and one strike runner won’t beat blacket. Now if I had a criticism of JH, is that opportunity like last year all Ireland could have been won, if players deviated from our primary game plan, and kicked over Tyrone aggressive press, which left a mountain of space for our three inside forwards to win ball. And if we done this, it may have kept Tyrone to more Defensive, that would have suited our running game. Just think we too rigid, in games. Play with what in front of you.

  28. I disagree with the idea of playing Aiden O Shea at full forward for the entire match. And I don’t buy that it would keep Rory Beggan at home minding the Goal…The introduction of the very inform impact sub Cathal McShane in last year’s Croke Park, Ulster Final didn’t keep Rory at home and Cathal McShane stayed close to goal.. One of the highlight of last season was the performance of both Rory Beggan and Niall Morgan in that particular compelling Match. I also remember Rory sprinting back in the final few minutes of that particular game and making a magnificent dispossession on a Tyrone forward with only the empty net in front of him, and I recall Rory Beggan actually scoring from play in a championship game last year as well…So Aiden O Shea at full forward won’t keep Rory Beggan at home.. Mind you if Aiden is at Full Forward,we would need to kick the ball into him or it’s absolutely pointless. Aiden played the entire second half of the Connacht quarter final v Galway and the second half of last year’s All Ireland final at full forward and the ball was never kicked into him at all.. It’s no surprise that nothing came of it, it’s not Aiden’s fault, but it is someone’s fault, Mayo had plenty of possession in both games…My preference would be for Aiden to come on as an impact sub something like Tyrone used Cathal McShane to great effect last year.. But with a depleted panel that might not be an option that James Horan has in any case!

  29. Based on all media post and podcasts,
    What is the actually injury situation.
    Does anyone know outside of plunker and Tommy
    , who else is def out?

  30. James+Fleming, if they win I fear they will meet their maker!!
    We can overcome Monaghan but after days are numbered I feel.

  31. Ah have me reminiscing there about the craic I had with the great John Durcan aka St Patrick. I had a few jars with the great man when over in Covie country a couple of times some years back. He would regale about adventures had on foreign soil, but it was his passion for the green an red that impressed mostly. As John Mullane said, he loved his county and attended as many Mayo games as possible, come rain hail or snow. John has a lovely family too, an he is well missed by all.
    Even with Mayos below par form and injuries, i still fancy us on Sat v the border men, and with a few to spare.
    So lads an ladies, let’s invoke ‘St Patricks’ spirit an get behind the lads on Sat big time, and from the off….Up Mayo!
    Ps, my predictions,
    Us to beat Monaghan
    Armagh to dump the red hand out
    Meath to beat Clare
    And, Miickey Hartes Louth to shock Cork!
    I might throw a few shillings on that accumulator!

  32. Great interview with Willie Joe Padden and Tomás o Sé on ‘Comhrá le Tomás’ ,done in the last few days, available on YouTube.

  33. Paddyjoejohntom thanks for sharing that interview with Willie Joe Padden.
    It brought back great memories, what a fielder he was.
    Great ambassador for Mayo and Belmullet.

  34. @RP McMurphy..I had met John Durcan a few times always in and around Match days, but I didn’t actually know his name ..Oh course John was always in character anytime I met him, and the banter would be going on, and people, myself as well would address his as St Patrick.. About 10 years ago after climbing the Reek on a sunny Reek Sunday, I bumped into a man that I had worked with over 20 year’s previous on a building site in London, he was easy to recognize because he’s about 6″6 a man from An Spideal. So we decided to have one pint in Campbell’s for the craic.. Sitting outside at a table was John Durcan, so we sat outside and had a pint next to John Durcan. ‘Oh by the way’ I said to my buddy ‘this man is St Patrick’, of course my friend was confused I could see, but he shook hands with John and said Oh How ya St Patrick?.. People were coming and going, and I suppose many of the Mayo locals recognized John, and said How’ya St Patrick.. My buddy was even more confused, someone wanted their picture taken with John, and sure enough John put on his St Patrick’s Cloak, Mitre and Staff, He even had the Bohran with him, which I’m not sure the original St Patrick had at all, and then the man from An Spideal understood .

  35. Can anyone outthere tell me who Mayo will be meeting next if they win on Sat.Evening .Will there be a draw on Rte Radio 1 on Monday Morning ,or has the draw already been made ?

  36. There’s a fresh draw on Monday morning for Round 2, Mayoman 2022 (note the change to your handle, the ‘Mayoman’ has long ago been claimed by someone else). Eight teams, with four Round 1 winners to be drawn against the four losing provincial finalists. Round 2 is fixed for the weekend after this coming one.

  37. Our ‘Here Comes the Weekend’ pod has just gone online for club members on Patreon – this one’s hosted by Mike and features Billy Joe and Paul Finlay of Monaghan.

  38. Dreamy I agree. There is a freshness and a hunger to younger teams on the block. But those teams seem to adapt to change and fresh approaches keep them motivated. We are playing the same football we did 10 years ago.
    In fairness we are unlucky with injuries this year but it has me flummoxed as to why we don’t seem to change things up tactics wise. Kerry had issues at the back, New recruits and a new system have been put in, Galway the same. Yes, they remain to be tested but they are trying something new..
    We will need something new on Saturday otherwise monaghan will come with the script in hand just like Tyrone did last year…
    If ROD is out it will be a tall ask but here’s hoping.

  39. Skylineirl good question, sounds like ROD, Carr and Flynn could be out but we will have to wait to see panel announced. Hopefully Durkin, Mullen and Henelly all back.

  40. Flynn is definitely out and the rumblings seem to indicate ROD is more than likely out.Where are you hearing Carr is out? that’s a new one on me.

    The injury crisis is going on so long now that we’re starting to see lads come out the other side of it,Hennelly,Durcan,Mullen even more starter/impact options like McDonagh. We’re in a better place injury wise than we were going into Galway game and if we can get to QF we’ll have Flynn and Rod (hopefully) back and now all of a sudden We’re not far off full strength.
    I’m confident we’ll see a big performance and result this weekend.

  41. I thought Jordan Flynn was back in training a few weeks back and he is well past healing time for his injury ?

  42. @justoutsideballagh – other than the connaught telegraph article there has been no word about Carr picking up an injury, hopefully he is fit as we are very light for pace in the full forward line if not.

  43. The injury updates are scarce as we all know but what causes even more confusion is when ya think you hear through the grapevine something legit . Originally Robbie was touch and go to make Galway , now it’s six more weeks on and still unsure he will make sat game . Jordan Flynn injury is just as confusing , Rod too , it’s impossible to know unless you’ve an inside track but I believe a lot of the channels have been shut down in a concentrated effort to keep everything in-house . Idgaf if it benefits team performance tbh but it is annoying .

  44. It’s summertime and we have a Mayo match coming up. Please God, we get our football summer extended as there’s nothing like good weather and looking forward to Mayo football. So far today, I’ve seen a young fox, a blackbird and a young rabbit out in nature. The whitethorns are in bloom all around and we’re still in the Championship.

  45. Listening to Kevin McStay discuss the blanket defensive problems in the game and the boredom of watching these handball matches with the non stop lateral and reverse handball passing, changes to the rule book are unfortunately necessary again to trial a solution or else the present bore fest will prevail . However with any rule change nowadays, given the speed of players and the various rule changes introduced and imposed upon referees in recent years, any rule change must be focused on attempting to resolve the problem while at the same time make its adjudication as simple as possible for the referee.
    So call me mad but here is my idea. Adjust the hand-pass to a one hand pass identical to one of the older permitted hand-passes where by the ball is thrown up and palmed by the same hand only. Look its open to speculation but I’d be of the view that it would bring the following 5 changes to the game;
    (1) A one handed hand pass is far less controlled and can only effectively travel accurately to fellow player over a distance of 5 yards – will bring more kick passing
    (2) Setting oneself for a one handed pass brings far less control over the ball than setting oneself for a kick pass – again will bring more kick passing
    (3) Keeping possession of the ball for 2 minutes or more is far less likely because of a greater volume of 50;50 foot passes and a greater chance to dispossess the receiver of the kick pass.
    (4) The ball will move much faster up the field and a far greater amount of ball pumped into the inside forward line. Also think the inside forward line with engage far more in the one on one take on your man skill knowing that the recycle the ball back out and across the field is far less likely to succeed
    (5) Finally and perhaps the greatest possible positive would be far more shots from distance and not the safe percentage around the D. Why – because again the hand pass will be far less controlled and far less accurate. Thing of those flick hand passes nowadays and the large number of off the shoulder hand passes which seem to be the key coached attacking skill, or those flick hand passes over the head of a rushing defender. I think they will drastically reduce and in their place will come at least twice as many shots from outside 45 with a lesser percentage of success.

    Anyway something to mull over maybe for better gaa minds.

  46. @richardmgd.

    I think, due to the insane emphasis been put on retaining possession (which I believe is ruining the game), they could do something like trying to limit time in possession.

    For example. You get one minute in possession, which means you have to get the ball up the field fairly rapid or else the opposition take over in good field position.

    If you get fouled in possession then the minute starts over again (to cut out cynical fouling).

    It might sound simplistic, but it would cut out this lateral nonsense and time wasting that is going on at the minute and it would put a premium on moving the ball forward up the pitch.

    It wouldn’t be overly difficult to implement either.

  47. @richardmgd..One really boring game is not enough reason for any rules changes. In the last few years we have had numerous rules changes. I would actually eliminate one particular rule, that is touching the ball on the ground, the women’s game moves faster, don’t see why that touching the ball on the ground should be considered a technical offence at all. We will always have boring match’s for one reason or another, even with both teams trying to play a fast kicking game where one team is far superior to the other, like Kerry v Limerick..Both teams tried to play front foot football, but Kerry were so superior to Limerick the result was a foregone conclusion long before halftime. On the other hand, Tyrone v Monaghan in last year’s Ulster Final was compelling even though both played a possession based low enough risk game. ..No matter what the rules are, we will always have boring match’s, and we will also have very good match’s. County teams don’t go out to entertain the masses, sometimes they do entertain, and sometimes they don’t.

  48. By right O Shea should be starting on the bench and bring him on as an impact sub.

    He should be no where near full forward. He doest score nor has he got fast hands to lay the ball it off quickly. Anyway, when is the last time O Se scored.

    As for Beggin roaming, the nearest man to him should simply put their arm across his chest. Its perfectly legal in gaelic football and its the right way to get in someone’s face. Frustrate Beggin, give him a hard time and he won’t roam too far. Problem solved.

  49. @kickhamsman?
    Of all the things AOS could be accused of “not having fast hands” is not one of them.

  50. Ciaran +2 I agree with you – I didn’t really see the need for the podcast to criticise a game that has nothing really to do with Mayo football, and which despite not being the most attractive was actually the most competitive game of the lot last weekend! Listening to the commentary on Sunday on RTÉ was a bit tiresome too – commentators complaining about being bored? Come on lads, really? Commentators are not there to be entertained, they are there to do a job – explaining to viewers what is going on, giving some useful insights (something Éamonn Fitzmaurice does very well) and maybe keeping them informed about stuff that might be happening off camera. In doing so, they try to make the game interesting and engaging for viewers – something the BBC commentators managed to do without too much trouble.

    It’s typical of course that the most competitive province is still in line for the most criticism, because it’s Ulster – there is a real snobbery there that is rarely called out. Give me Ulster and tight and tense possession games any day over the once-sided turkey shoots of Munster and Leinster. I don’t care how well executed or stylish your goals are when you’re already leading by 15 points!

    I hope no-one is expecting a classic on Saturday evening 😉

    Swallow Swoops, I love your optimism and your outlook. Your post reminds me of this video, which never fails to bring me joy!

  51. It’s a results business and that’s all that matters if it means winning an All-Ireland, then it’s a means to an end.

    Mayo have played an attacking brand of “football” over the years, entertaining but ultimately not good enough to win an All-Ireland.

    There’s no way that the rules should be changed for the purposes of entertainment or to suit teams who can’t figure it out.

    The game would be even more boring if every team played identically and innovation was suppressed.

    There was actually something very intriguing about the Ulster final, for those who managed to keep their eyes open.

  52. Anne-Marie, that’s a gorgeous clip. Good man, our Rossie neighbour.
    He captures something beautiful – our need to dream. At its best, our county’s football has given us this. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could set off on this journey again? Seeing a bit of spirit on the field and we’d be away again in a hop ; ) Please God, the lads tear into it on Saturday.

  53. Passing a ball laterally or worse still backwards to an unmarked colleague, allowing opponents to retreat and pack a defence is not a skill.
    Well be sent packing on Saturday if we havent more to offer than slow build up based on mantaining possession at all costs…

  54. Nice one Leantimes. I’d like to have been supping a few with ye beyond at Oweny Campbells that day. Great memories..

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