Monaghan review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E10

Things needed to go right for Mayo yesterday both at MacHale Park and up in Healy Park if the county’s hopes of making it to this year’s National Football League final were to be realised. There were plenty of dramatics in both games but in the end Mayo won and so did Tyrone so, for the first time since 2012, we’re headed for the Division One decider and a date with Kerry at Croke Park next weekend.

In the latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast we take you right into the heart of the action as it unfolded in both venues yesterday. Rob Murphy and I were seated in close proximity at MacHale Park yesterday to Mayo News editor Mike Finnerty who was on duty with BBC Northern Ireland and so was able to keep track on events at Omagh. It’s with Mike that Rob and I start this week’s episode as we all exhale gently and reflect on what eventually proved to be a very satisfactory day for the county.

Next we hear the post-match thoughts of both managers. James Horan reflects on how the game went and he looks forward to next Sunday’s League final meeting with Kerry while Monaghan’s Malachy O’Rourke provides his thoughts about how this year’s Division One campaign went for them.

Rob then catches up with Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News to get his overview on the team’s performance and his thoughts on the importance of the county’s qualification for the League decider. Following that we rejoin Rob, Mike and myself for the in-match segment as we watch the action unfold and see how the county’s place in the final was secured.

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website ad well as on here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right.

Watch out too for our bonus League final preview edition of the podcast – that’ll be online on Thursday.

15 thoughts on “Monaghan review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E10

  1. important psychologically to finish the job off in terms of winning something and beating Kerry.

    Fair play to Horan he has done a lot of good work so far giving the young fellas plenty of game time and trying out lads in different positions.

  2. Well it looks like Kerry have forfeited. The Season Ticket email I got tells me we’re playing Galway on Sunday.

  3. Depends where you are Rock.
    If its UK or NY its not too bad. If its South America or New Zeland then it might be a bit much.
    One thing I will say is I was in Ennis in 2016 when we won the U21 and it was probably the best memory i have following Mayo with the pissible exception of beating Kerry in 2017…..if you can do it i would go

  4. @Ultair… Someone should tell the GAA that April Fool’s day is not until the following day;.. hard enough as it is to get the Kerry fan’s to travel!

  5. I’m not far way Pat – Switzerland – but the flight options aren’t great. The irony is I wasn’t that pushed about Mayo reaching the final but now they’re there I don’t want to miss it!

  6. Switzerland isn’t that far Rock you’d be over from Zurich in 2 and a half hours spare a thought for people traveling from Erris blacksod and Carratigue! You’ll be home before them. If you have the spondulicks you should treat yourself and it will be a great memory
    To have if we win

  7. Rock,

    Only you can judge if it is a good idea to fly home or not. It all depends on an individual’s finances, personal circumstances etc. But if you’re worried about being sectioned then you would have to get in line behind the lad that flew home twice in the space of two weeks from Australia for the two All-Ireland finals in 2016.

  8. Rock – if it helps the only flights that worked for me were “wince” expensive, which was better than the thought of missing this team win a final. this blog is the wrong place to have your sanity tested though!

  9. How will James choose between Boland and McDonogh? A good problem and great to have them.
    However, I hope I am wrong to be concerned?
    Cant stop thinking how we could not put away a mid range team that was a man down for most of the second half. Worse than that, we kept letting them come back when we should have put them down. Would we usually get all three of those goals?.
    We are dodgy enough on frees but they worked out today.
    We have a nice selection of forwards but not a top table marquay full forward line.
    We will likely end up relying on Keegan, Boyle, Moran, Higgins, Cafferkey and C O’Connor soon enough but that is great as long as they are all still 100%.
    League Final is a good place to test all these thoughts though.

  10. Splendid! Sitting on a beach in the Caribbean and listening to this was pure joy. Well done gentlemen.

  11. Had not considered it before listening to the podcast but given the choice this year, would we prefer to win Connacht or a league?

    Normally would go with league but think this year that winning Connacht is more important as I would prefer that we go into super 8’s with momentum.

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