Monaghan review – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E7

Mayo travelled to Clones on Sunday seeking to claim two valuable League points but, coming up against a well-drilled and hard-working Monaghan outfit, they were forced to come away from this Round 4 game empty-handed. With just three points on the board heading into the final three matches, James Horan’s team now face a battle to avoid the drop from Division One.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we cover the action from St Tiernach’s Park, we get the post-game reaction from both camps and we consider where the defeat to Monaghan leaves the Green and Red.

We start this episode soon after the full-time whistle had sounded in Clones. Rob Murphy and I are joined in the press box at St Tiernach’s Park by Ger Flanagan of the Mayo News for a quick overview of the game. Then Rob and I discuss the key in-game moments as they happened.

Post-match, Rob gets the thoughts of Mayo News columnist Sean Rice and we also hear post-game reaction from Mayo manager James Horan, which leads onto a discussion among Rob, John and Ger on recent comments posted about Mayo players on social media.

Rounding off this episode we get the views from the opposing camp. Rob chats with ex-Monaghan player Paul Finlay while we also hear post-game thoughts from Monaghan manager Seamus ‘Banty’ McEnaney.

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15 thoughts on “Monaghan review – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E7

  1. I have contacted Mayo GAA headquarters last week and again today asking for their official facebook page to be moderated and offensive comments deleted. Surely the CB can control their own page. I am sick of these keyboard ‘warriors’ slating our young men. I cannot stand it any longer. Michael Gallagher’s facebook post totally nailed it.
    Well done Willie Joe on your moderation. Delighted Aido our captain – a great leader.

  2. Thanks for that link Willie Joe. I intend to keep at this. I had a quick glance on Saturday morning at the official gaa facebook pages for other teams in division 1 – no nasty comments against any players. It just shows how unprotected our players are. I would welcome support from the bloggers here to put pressure on Mayo GAA with this major issue. Thanks

  3. I agree some of the comments on the Mayo GAA Facebook page about Aidan and the Mayo team are absolutely disgraceful Aidan and the lads owe us absolutely nothing when they are out training in atrocious weather like we are having presently we are all at home nice and cosy by the fire. These people leaving nasty comments needs to have a long hard luck at themselves. Sure we all get disappointed with the results from time to time but that’s no way to behave. The very best of luck to Aidan as captain for the season ahead and all the team and panel and management

  4. Absolutely disgraceful some of the comments made. Most of those come from people who have never been a club member. Those people think that going to a county game is what the Gaa all about. Think they have a divine right to a All Ireland ticket. Now they complain about the decline of the County team. Enough said.

  5. There’s a lot of a-holes out there to be fair and its easy to type away on a fake account if needs be with your mask on. Its a huge reflection on today’s society and present human behaviour among a minority I do admit leaves a lot to be desired. I’d love to see them walk up to aiden oshea or whoever and spit their vitriol to him in person..the guards would deal with it very quickly.
    For gods sake it’s only a game and brings us so much joy and in sport(as in life) there will always be ups and downs. We could so easily go to McHale park this Saturday and topple the Kingdom and all will be well in the world again.
    That’s what I love about Mayo..the drama they bring is box office and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They’re our team and we back them all the way no matter what.

  6. I gave up Facebook last year and it was the best decision I ever made. Far too many sock puppets out there taking anonymous shots at GAA volunteers, be they players or administrators or whoever.

    Still tweet every now and again but am fairly selective in who I follow. I find often that these social media forums can be quite detached from reality- for instance, if you look at any recent Twitter feed or YouTube comment section relating to Ireland, it is an absolute cess pit of anti-immigrant bile, yet our nativist movements took a hammering at the recent general election- so it’s always best to talk to people personally before making up your mind.

    The County Board may want to consider some form of moderation for their social media pages, given that we are a favoured target for the keyboard warriors. I have seldom seen any other county selected for ridicule merely for announcing their line-up for a league match, for instance.

  7. It’s open season on every comments section where Mayo GAA is concerned. Even this morning an article on the 42 and the top comment is mayo are joke of a county on and off the pitch. 141 “thumbs up” and a further comment in agreement. Typical gutter journalism only interested in generating clicks.

  8. I was never on Facebook, and certainly don’t intend to be, but without a doubt a social media giant like Mayo GAA definitely need their page moderated. Goagain, I’ll gladly support you in your efforts to put pressure on Mayo GAA to sort it out.
    We have to get with the real world here and it is one that is lived out on social media where cowards and “grown-ups” (most probably still living at home using their mothers WiFi) can slander and assault someone they don’t know, to the point where mental health can suffer and people do stupid things. Media shitrags like the 42, and there are many others, are targeted to that very demographic, to those who would sooner stay in the dark with their tablets (and many of them should be the medicinal form of tablet) and phones instead of actually going out to try and make a difference like take an U10’s training session or join their club.
    Unfortunately, click-bait, pop-up ads, privacy invasion and personal data sales mean more than properly moderated, safe, social media platforms. Zuckerberg and his type don’t care whether some lunatic in his bedroom with his phone can “assault” someone from the safety of anonymity, as long as those “likes”, “thumbs-up”, “follows” or “shares” keep rolling.

  9. As Pebblesmeller correctly points out, the majority of people posting this sort of bile are cowards who would never say such things to the person’s face. Neither is this thing exclusively directed at Mayo GAA (although we are an easy target in the world of GAA, and oh boy, do the sock puppets love an easy target); Marcus Rashford spoke out at one point about the abuse he received online, suggesting that Twitter should only post tweets from verified users.

    Even here, which is generally well-policed as forums go, we had some fairly scurrilous comments posted following the Dublin defeat last year by trolls.

    Personally, I have largely stopped reading comments surrounding Mayo GAA on the large social media platforms as they are rarely enlightening. Although the “things Lee did” viral campaign was a funny and succinct answer to the Dublin whispering campaign against him a few years back.

  10. Thanks all. Im sorry to report that “all’ comments are still up on their facebook page. It is so frustrating. Our lads dont need this – they are under enough pressure. The team for Saturday night will soon be released and it will be the same carry on again on the official page. At this stage ‘”comments” section would need to be turned off.

  11. Goagain, fully agree with you. Its disgusting the comments which were posted following the team announcement last week. Lets not kid ourselves into thinking these are anonymous posts by sad people from outside the county, a lot of the comments are from so called Mayo supporters with their names displayed. These are not Mayo supporters and indeed not real mayo people, I grew up believing Mayo people stood up supporting each other. I have scrolled through the comments and while there are a number of comments countering the negative one (posted by true Mayo supporters) there is an absence of comments from MayoGAA on their own facebook page denouncing these negative, vile comments. Is the MayoGAA page actually monitored and who is the administrator of said page as I believe they have a duty to manage the thing.

  12. I’m not on Facebook thankfully…Was on it year’s ago, but rarely used it, and certainly never posted anything on it..I know many people use Facebook for exclusively positive reasons. But what I read here about some stuff about Mayo GAA matter’s, on Facebook, and some of the negative stuff expressed it’s a sad reflection of the worst taughts (and it might be an opinion held for only a brief moment in time) of some people in society…. Big Tech, wants to own you, your taughts, influence you, advertise products to you and make money out expressed opinions…WhatsApp is plenty for me, where I know the limited amount of people I message from time to time… It’s actually not so simple to get completely off Facebook, It’s year’s ago now since I done it but you would be surprised to the ‘Rig,Marole’ you have to go through to get off it… And I don’t miss it in the slightest ….I suppose all social media platforms could be used for negative purposes, unless they are Moderated to stop some of the worst excesses….. And in fairness Willie Joe has done that for years now, and I am sure his diligence has prevented many of the offending post’s from ever reaching our eyes…We should be thankful for this incredible service!

  13. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook Leantimes, so as you say, it’s hard not to completely escape its clutches!

    Hard to completely escape the big data trail anyway, any time one watches a YouTube video, buys a book on Amazon or leaves a comment on this site, some algorithm is tracking you somewhere.

    The likes of Hill 16 Army and the Mayo GAA Banter page are full of muppets with bad intentions, best avoided IMO.

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