Monday match reports

It’s a miserable, wet Monday morning in winter but, hey, who’s worried about that?

We beat Galway on the double over the weekend and the margin of victory for the lads sees us placed at the Division One summit after the opening round of this year’s National League.

Let’s have a quick gallop through the online coverage of both games, starting with yesterday’s eight-point win over the Tribesmen at Pearse Stadium.

Locals: Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Galway Bay FM (audio report and post-match reaction), Galway Beo.

Nationals: Irish Examiner, Irish Independent (match report, quotes), Irish Times, Irish Mirror (live blog, match report), Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, Kevin McStay quotes), The 42, Breaking News,

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

Video: TG4 (match highlights), GAA (match highlights), Mayo GAA (Kevin McStay post-match).

Stats: Seán Murphy.

On Saturday, the county’s women footballers dug out a gutsy one-point win over Galway in the second round of the LGFA National League. Here’s what’s online about that one.

Match reports: Mayo News, Western People, Connaught Telegraph, Midwest Radio, Galway Bay FM (audio report and post-match reaction), Irish Independent, RTÉ, Ladies Football.

Photos: Sportsfile.

Stats: Gaelic Statsman.

If you’re one of our ever-growing group of Mayo Football Podcast club members on Patreon, you’ll know we’ve released – and will perhaps have already listened to it – a bumper Final Whistle show recorded at Pearse Stadium after the match. Rob, Mike and I are on it, there’s match analysis from Colm Keys of the Irish Independent and post-match reaction from Kevin McStay and Padraic Joyce. The link for that, including how to join the club for as little as €1 per week (plus VAT), is here.

Finally, don’t forget that our first MOTM poll of 2024 is still open. This one seems to be heading in Aghamore’s direction but there’s still time for you to cast your vote if you haven’t yet done so. I’ll be back here later on with the result of the poll.

Enjoy your Monday, folks.

47 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. I am delighted for the players and management who have shown that having just over a year in the job makes a huge difference,the football they played yesterday reminded me of Corofin at their best long may it continue,I always felt the short time they had last year would not be good enough,as everyone must know that Kevin only got the job at the end of August and were out of the championship by the beginning of July, I believe that this year will be different

  2. Always enjoy your posts Corick bridge, between yourself and Clare you keep me going.
    Its only a game of football but by god does it get my blood up! Great result yesterday. Fair play to team and management.

  3. Thinking about it further, aided by a look through the first half of the recording (terrible TG4 camerawork, the rain wasn’t that bad), and the Sunday Game (awful, did Canavan actually see the match at all), a few things struck me:

    The psychologists have been doing some work – either amateur or professional. It was ballsy to approach the first half as we did. In July, in another storm, we packed the defence and hoped we could keep Galway to some kind of manageable score. I fully expected this to be the strategy yesterday, with a heavy pitch added in. Instead, they decided, let’s take the game to Galway, run at them, keep them from getting the ball and try to run up a score ourselves. Galway, on the other hand, would have been expecting Mayo to let them kick from distance – and they did kick a couple – and would have mentally given themselves a five or six point lead at half time. Didn’t happen and they had a big problem dealing with it. So the first half was a psychological as well as a football win.

    They backed up this ballsy approach with terrific energy. I think it’s fair to say that Joe Canney has had an impact. Don’t hold on to the ball, the final pass is vital, over the heads of the opponents with a man running into space and then you have your chance.

    Watching back, all impressed me, but I was particularly taken by Conor Reid – great strength to hold off opponents – as exemplified also in that picture accompanying the podcast, where he holds the ball and deals with Galway toughie Maher.

    We’ve heard a lot about Galway’s ‘problems’, but their superstar Shane Walsh WAS actually playing and was held to a point from play. Credit to Walsh, he kicked some terrific frees in the second half, which kept Galway in it; they never really threatened, but those scores gave them some hope.

  4. Pleasantly surprised at yesterday’s performance. We looked quite cohesive, sharp & fit. Galway were awful but you can only beat what’s in front of you. Liked the little dinked balls into inside lime with men coming on the run to meet the return pass.

    Plenty of scope for improvement too

  5. Corrick you continue to post the same thing over and over now I would have good time for Kevin mcstay and Stephen rochford both good football men but you are aware I presume that fergal Logan and Brian dooher got the Tyrone job in autumn 2020 and they won the all Ireland in 2021 also jack got the Kerry job in autumn 2021 and won the all Ireland in 2022.I have to say yesterday was very encouraging and it appears certain obvious issues have been addressed but repeated the same thing over and over doesnt make it true.anyway looking forward to seeing how we handle the dubs on Saturday

  6. What do Mayo need to do to time their ‘run’ for the championship – can anyone answer that?

    There is lots of talk post championship of not getting the ‘timing’ right. So given the time of year it is now, what should Mayo be doing to prepare- does anyone know the answer?

  7. Lads in the know (which I am not) tend to speak about ”training blocks”…when to do the heavy stuff,s&c etc., when to taper off .
    Along with that I’d imagine it’s player management/rotation so that you don’t have burnout within the squad. Taking account of players age, nursing lads back from injuries, andof course horses for courses.

  8. Don’t kill me now, but is anyone a bit worried about the backs going forward do much… I’d like us to mind the house a bit better next week. Although Dublin didn’t look fully fit, they are very good on the counter….as we know.
    Not being one bit critical of our players yesterday but I just thought there was an opportunity to let the ball go and not have half and full backs, attacking as much. There are enough players in the opposition half without making it more crowded… we saw some lovely examples of early ball in, space created, shot taken…

  9. @Moose79
    I pay attention an awful lot to whether we Mind the House or not hence the user name.
    I thought we did OK yesterday. There was a situation in the second half when Mulkerrins threatened to run through but we crowded him out. We didn’t cough up any goal chances but Dublin will be a different challenge altogether. Hession maybe aside that looks our best back 6. Let’s see how we go.
    I thought we had our tactics spot on yesterday. Quick ball through the hands was a better option than trying to kick it with the wind like that. Pacy backs who can break lines are ideal but you’re right. A better team could pick us off on the break so we need to be wide awake to that.
    A positive start to the season and plenty to work on.

  10. One thing struck me after the game yesterday –

    I thought Jack Carney was excellent at midfield. One of his best games for Mayo. He got good support from Conor Reid too.

    Mattie Ruane and Diarmuid struggled around the middle last year once we got to the business end of the competition. Maybe they would be better deployed as half-forwards? Both can still assist around the middle but they’re well capable of raiding forward for scores.

  11. Rock – agree on Carney & Reid. With those two & Jordan & Tuohy floating around, we should be able to compete with any midfield. You need to be able to win primary ball when the going gets tough. Diarmuid is the heartbeat of the team when on song but I did like the balance we had yesterday & he isn’t a fielder. Nor is Ruane. Personally, I was hoping to see Diarmuid as a 6 but Callinan or McBrien is the way forward I think (if Brickendon allows mcBrien to move there). So what to do with Ruane & Diarmuid? I’m not saying they shouldn’t start but it would be 2 serious men to spring from the bench!

  12. Mayo won well yesterday and seemed to control the game and to me never looked like letting Galway get too close to them.
    It’s 2 points from a possible 2, no injuries, a few young bucks showing well and the auld fellas not too shabby either. shortcut back on the homescreen again.
    Happy days.

  13. @Catcol – Excellent post 🙂

    Completely agree wrt the psychologists – and the holistic thinking in this area shown through in Kevin’s interviews – there’s a consistently of message there and it’s not at all an accident.
    – Contrast that with Padraic Joyce in Year 5 😉

    On Canney; it’s maybe a little too early to judge his full impact – just having an extra body in that pod under Rochford looks to be a good decision.

  14. Jack Carney had real purpose and drive about the way he played yesterday. Even the way he held and soloed the ball. It was very “Kerry like”.
    Fergal Boland also.
    It’s real “You’re going to need to deal with me, because here I come”.
    So refreshing.

  15. We could do with a convention for writing modern football tactics.

    Yesterday was maybe something like;


    Coyne and Brickenden in the fullback line with McBrien stepping forward into almost a 6 role.

    MacLaughlin and Durcan playing wing back roles, and Callinan man marking the danger man.

    Touhy and Reid played wide midfield, with the space in between filled by a pushed up McBrien and a deep dropping Carney.

    Flynn and Boland played across the half forward line and regularly interchanged.

    3 man full forward line – which might not have scored but was pretty effective at disrupting the Galway defence.

  16. Just a question – is Evan Regan out of the picture ?

    I ask this purely on reading what Joe Brolly has to say about his exploits in club football last year.

  17. Well it’s your truth corrick but of course you fail to address the fact that the Tyrone and Kerry managements won the all Ireland in their first year with the same amount of time as mcstay and rochford had.both of them being experienced inter county managers taking over a squad of players who largely had already played in two senior all Ireland finals and of course the fact that we had an extremely poor championship the worst in 17 years in fact .Anyway here’s hoping the lessons of playing a forward at centre back have been learned and we can look forward to an improvement this year or I don’t know what excuse can be used then

  18. SeaninGalway – definitely no Evan as a squad member. Kevin was emphatic on that as part of a pre or post FBD interview.

  19. Good two points…nothing more nothing less. Get to safely asap and then play all the fringe players.

  20. Dubs definitely unfit and sloppy, to reiterate Dessie Farrell’s words. Looks like just Mayo and the Ulster boys have the prep work done. Thought Galway looked jaded just like last year. I’d be thinking Kerry and Dubs definitely up against it already with home losses. Fully expecting Mayo to beat Dublin by 7 or 8 points. The championship will see a different beast coming out of the ether though. Monaghan looking good to turn the kingdom over too. An interesting league campaign ahead.

  21. I am a Mayo supporter for sixty years,I don’t care care what happens in Kerry or Tyron,I just point out the truth

  22. A very good performance… kickouts good ( Galway didn’t squeeze us at all) defence solid, no goal chances given up, mcbrien and brick are no nonsense … forwards looked drilled, necklace passing off the shoulder, shooter shot when had chance, few wides, no easy silly turnovers, a bit of a high press, I do think we release the pressure too quickly, especially durcan ( found of a backpass when pressured, but maybe possession is king). Blooded some newbies, nice bit of aggression .. really hope Galway just didn’t make us look good,..if we beat Dublin by 4 that would back it up :). I don’t thinking we got s&c timing wrong last year, we just underestimated rossies and then cork and got punished, by having week to prep for Dublin.. win Connaught, top group… get to semi .. simple

  23. Looks like Bookies have us slight favourites next weekend based on respective team performances. Which I think is fair, Dublin looked very leggy as their game progressed while we were still motoring nicely, was hoping they wouldn’t have been as quick to pull up on it, the one negative of being televised for all to see i suppose. The Mayo Double was 4.9/1 last week, nothing to tempting this week on offer.

  24. I’d agree that our S+C wasn’t the only factor in our collapse last year, but it was still a big factor. We were buzzing around the dome like a formula 1 car, and played more or less the same team from FBD to 1st championship game, Its a marathon not a sprint.

    @Mark Dempsey, we haven’t beaten Dublin in Castlebar in 12 years. If your on the wind up then fair enough. If your expecting a 7-8 point win the bookie would be delighted to see you coming.

  25. Margie, I’m basing my prediction on how weary Dublin looked, not on what hasn’t happened in twelve yrs Their mixture of youth and experience hasn’t blended yet either. The back spine of the team is very weak at the moment. Mayo will beat them by several points. Ohanlon showed Mayo the route to goal when he ran at them.

  26. Fact is we had what was proclaimed as an extremely experienced management team in place for the full season last year, and last years championship went very Pete Tong on us! 1985 is correct other very inexperienced managers have won Sam in their first season.
    But no point crying over spilled milk, yesterday was a nice win with some promising signs, next week if we field as experienced a team as we did yesterday we should get the better of Dublin, and be very close to safety to allow more player development in remaining rounds.

  27. Corrick it is a fact that the Tyrone and Kerry managements won the all Ireland in their first year in the the same timeframe as mcstay and rochford had .what you are claiming is your your hilarious claim that inter county managers don’t get paid.Anyway it’s in the past now and hopefully we will have a successful season this year as every mayo person wants

  28. @Mark dempsey I agree with you think we will beat the dubs not sure it’ll be 7 points tho..

    But if we beat the dubs next sat is it cause we were good or because dubs didn’t play well and are being cute haha..

    The moaning coming out of Galway today jaysus..

  29. Do we ever learn – we beat one of the worst Galway teams I have ever seen and now we will beat the Dubs by 7 points. That second half yesterday was a very poor standard overal. I think we only scored 4 points from play in the second half with the strong wind – and only 1 of these was scored by one of the six starting forwards Dublin are behind us at the moment in fitness – but the Monaghan game will bring them on a lot and they will have another week’s training done by next Saturday. Also what about our 4 Sigerson lads playing Wednesday night – ROD, Tommy C, Sam and Rory B – are we really going to start these lads Saturday evening.

  30. @south mayo exile Galway caught up with us a but in the end always have exsuces yes they weren’t great but if they had won that would be another story then Galway would have been favourites for sam but since we won Galway played really badly and PJ is under pressure….

    etc sick of exsuces yes Galway def were missing players but so were we is well.

    Mayo by 4 or 5 points over the dubs.

  31. Agree with you @Margie on the lack of rotation in last years league.. a factor in injuries later in season and stunted squad depth… let’s hope for more rotation.. . we still need to find a David clifford behind the couch..

  32. Mark Dempsey, fair enough I hope you are right. Dublin didnt look too sluggish to me on Saturday night. I beileve a trip to Castlebar will get them more pumped up than a home game to Monaghan. The league usually see’s teams bounce back after a defeat, I expect a big performance from them on Saturday and they’ll pip us by a point or two.

  33. With the aim of having a settled panel playing to a pattern they believe in, yesterday was a good start. Stability at 6 and Galways failure to break us down when they had a dominant period In second half was encouraging.
    Lots to work on though, creating goal chances and discipline (ROD and EMcL in particular). Substitutions were good, maybe we needed a boost at midfield a little earlier.
    Dubs will be hungry for a win, and that’s the way we want them. Our style of play is very much based on wing half backs overlapping wide of half forwards and it worked well for us. Not sure about tighter pitch in castlebar but it won’t suit Dubs either…

  34. @Rakestreet, maybe Loftus is the next Clifford? McStay thought he was James Nallen for a while last year… never know….. 🙂

    On a seirious note I agree completely, more rotation this year and not just starting a complete 2nd choice 15 in a dead rubber league game. Newbies need to be mixed with the seasoned lads, just like against Galway, more of that please.

  35. I emailed TG4 today re the absence of the Mayo/Galway game on their ‘catchup’ section while they had a second showing of the Tyrone/Roscommon game. I checked later on and they had removed the second showing of the Tyrone/Roscommon tie but there was still no sign of the Mayo match.
    Have we no Irish speaking personnel in Mayo? Each time there’s a football game on TG4 it’s laden down with Galwegians.

  36. No worries Margie. I think Farrell realised the importance of a home win and set out his stall to do so, but McCaffrey and Fenton looked like they’d just quit a forty Major a day habit. McMahon is not up to the job as full back and there’s few bright young things coming through. Mayo’s biggest issue will be carrying the intensity through to summer but I’m confident of a home win this Saturday and another solid league campaign.

  37. Dublin Mayo is a coin toss game in my view. Stephen O’Hanlon was on exceptional form and he’s not any indicator of what we can do. Dublin will be much more muscular than Galway were on a smaller pitch.

  38. Sure i heard a former dublin player say how they used to target the Mayo league game for more attention than any other league game .

  39. That would have been the ‘laying down the marker’, otherwise known as keeping ‘Dem bleedin’ uppidy coillties in dere box’ approach.
    It’s well time be scuppered that mentality too.

  40. I know the Dubs main bugbear was Kerry, not Mayo. Living and working in the city the opinion amongst the few who bother with Gaelic here is that Mayo are widely respected, slagging and ribbing aside. If anything, I’d associate the siege mentality more with Ulster sides, namely Tyrone and Donegal. Looking forward to the game anyway.

  41. Getting to the league final would be a poisoned chalice for Mayo.
    Clones one Sunday,New York the next and Roscommon two weeks later , a mad schedule.
    Same for Galway except their last league game is a home game.
    Dublin just back from warm weather training last week so a different animal this week.

  42. @Jr -No shortage of Money in Dublin if they are doing warm weather training camps in January before the first round of the league.

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