Monday match reports

I’m not long back in the jurisdiction after en enjoyable few days away and so it’s only now that I’m getting to the online coverage of the two games involving the county yesterday. Better late than never, I guess.

Here’s what’s online about the win over Monaghan at Clones yesterday:

Locals: Mayo News, Western People, Midwest Radio, Northern Sound.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Sun, Irish News.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, Kevin McStay quotes).

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

Our Final Whistle podcast show also provides comprehensive coverage on the game. Mike kept club members fully informed of the action on a blow-by-blow basis on Discord (and, being out of the country at the time myself, I was very appreciative of these live updates) and on the pod he provides an overview of the game, with match analysis from Michael Verney of the Irish Independent and extended post-match quotes from Kevin McStay. The podcast is available for club members here.

There are match reports on the county’s LGFA win over Waterford at Ballina available online from the following: Mayo News, Western People, Midwest Radio, Irish Examiner, Ladies Gaelic Football.

Don’t forget the MOTM poll from the Monaghan game, the final one for this year’s National League campaign, is still open. You can vote for up to three players in the poll. I’ll be back later on with the result.

12 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. We are in a better place than this time last year. Defensively, there is a semblance of structure to our play. A little worrying that we are not closing down the oppositions marque player. Callinan will be assigned the job and he will do well. Retaining possession from kickouts is an issue. I expect Reape to be our number one and he can always resort to the long 50/50 kickouts. Much safer imo than being disposed from a short ‘up the middle’ stray one.
    When we are at full strength, we can win Connacht, top 8 and with the rub of the green, top 4.
    @ wj, I think it would be an interesting poll to find out posters predictions for the championship

  2. Mayo’s top scores from play after the league.
    F. Boland – 0-13
    R. O’Donoghue – 0-9
    Towey – 1-4
    Flynn – 1-3

  3. Good there GBXI, but don’t forget Cillian’s 2 goal from penalties. Not from play as such, but they have to be put away, and boy did he put them away.

  4. Didn’t forget, and he is best penalty taker there is but I honestly think we need to score 1-16 from the QF onwards and where we get those scores from will be the big question. If we get a penalty, I hope Cillian is on the pitch. Otherwise, his brother should take it.

  5. I’m absolutely confident Paul Towey would have finished with 13+ points in total if he’d played all the league. He had 7pts off very little game time.

  6. Yes JP re Towey same might be said for Darren Mc Hale who had injuries but scored 1.2 I think from little game time. Alas both lads will be impact subs cos if Boland plays we will have a midfield type either side of him .. seems to be what mgt favour in half forward line

  7. Agreed re Towey, he’d easily have hit that number.

    Very interesting discussion between Rob and Boyler on the pod with Boyler saying he is lacking in ball winning ability against the best teams. Not necessarily disagreeing but the flip side is that while Aidan and Tommy are reliable ball winners they’re scoring ability is low. I hope Towey gets the full 70 v New York.

  8. See I think this is our misguided mindset. Cormac Costello, he’s given the ball, he’s not asked to win ball. Even someone as strong as Con is usually given the ball.

  9. I don’t think we are in any position to be passing up a forward who knows where the posts are.
    Whatever Towey may not be he certainly knows how to split the posts.

    He certainly warrants a place on the bench and as we saw against Galway and Derry he is well capable of coming on and making a difference.

  10. Yes Mind the House and JP.
    Horses for courses. Mayo have plenty of excellent plavers, who if deployed in the right combinations at the right times into the right systems, we can win plenty.

    But, so far we”ve seen only flashes of systems and I”d love to know to what extent data science is being used to review and plan games.

    In fact a team made up of medicore players can win competitions with the right data strategy. “Moneyball”

    A team of excellent players like Mayo + sophisticated data science techniques can be consistently competitive which is a prerequisite to winning titles.

    Dublin are very clearly a data science driven outfit. Thats whats giving them the edge right now.

  11. Im not familar with data science but im sure its good stuff . Fòr me playing to the percentage in key moments is the crucial aspect to beating your opponents in a tight game. Ryan O Donoghues pass to boland from a free kick who pointed v Dubs in the dying seconds to win the game is the example id use , im not fawning over it as if it were some genuis move but it was the percentage imo , if boland didnt get his shot away he could of won a free in a more favorable position . A pot shot from original free and the place it was , would be 30/70 against imho .

  12. Good point Sean. So, how would you rate Brick’s free against Kerry to level it?

    I thought he did the right thing, but all I’ve spoken to (all non Mayo btw) have been up in arms: what was he thinking? eejit; typical Mayo, and so on.

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