Monday match reports

Yes, it was a day stolen from summer. And yes, we did beat the Rossies yesterday. Here’s what’s online about our fun in the sun at Dr. Hyde Park.

Locals: Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Midwest Radio, Roscommon People, Shannonside Radio, Westmeath Independent.

Nationals: Irish Examiner (match report, post-match quotes), Irish Independent (match report, Kevin McStay quotes), Irish Times, Irish Mirror (live blog, match report), Irish Sun, Irish News.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, post-match quotes), The 42.

Video: GAA (highlights), RTÉ (extended highlights), Off The Ball (Kevin McStay, Colm Boyle), Mayo GAA (post-game with Kevin McStay, also RTÉ content: post-game with Kevin McStay, Matthew Ruane, Ryan O’Donoghue).

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

On our Final Whistle pod there’s post-match analysis from Colm Boyle and Lee Keegan, who joined Rob and me in the press box at Hyde Park yesterday and Rob also got some post-match reaction from Kevin McStay. The pod is on Patreon – details here.

Elsewhere there’s coverage on the hurlers’ Rackard Cup defeat to Donegal on Saturday in the Irish Independent, Connaught Telegraph, Irish News, Highland Radio.

Don’t forget that the MOTM poll on yesterday’s game remains open. I’ll confirm the result of that this evening.

Enjoy your Monday, folks.

75 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Lots of pluses.
    Reasonably comprehensive win in the end though I was feeling a bit queasy around the 40 minute marl with roscommon inside forwards getting chances and them dominatinh kickouts.

    Most pleasing aspect by far was seeing the bulk of our scores coming from forwards, the way it should be, great to see Tommy and aidan chipping in on the scoreboards at long last. Need them contributing. Ryan immense once again and motm by a distance

    Loftus definitely put his hand up,easy to forget after last years daft experiment with him at cb that he is a very decent half forward and nearly always chips in with scores

    Loads of options the next day, I make a full strength mayo strong favourites for the final as galway look like an unfit mess these days. They robbed sligo blind and they won’t have the legs or running power to live with mayo

  2. Great to head into work this morning to my Roscommon colleagues. There will be no gloating or slagging, just a quiet satisfaction that we beat them .
    On the football side of thing’s, I was nervous before this one . Roscommon have good forwards but credit to our backs and the work rate of midfield and forwards we nullified them to a large extent.
    I personally don’t think we have a squad of players to compete in an All Ireland final .
    Beating Galway and winning Connaught is now our only goal . Anything after that will be bonus territory and a learning curve for the squad .
    Happy Monday and looking forward to a crack at the Tribesmen in 2 weeks

  3. Bit of a mixed bag in terms of how ineffective Rossie forwards were in comparison to a workman- like show from Mayo. Only thing that matters is a win. Shooting the lights out is all very well when required but yesterday didn’t fulfil that criterion. Some great football this weekend gone all told.

  4. Also, think I’m just about done with RTE at this stage,

    I’m beginning to think it’s an editorial decision at this stage but they really seem to hate gaelic football. The half arsed nature of their ‘highlights ‘ last night the straw that breaks the camels back and thats not just speaking as a mayo fan but a fan of the game in general.

    All they ever talk about on the Sunday night show is controversy, clickbait or winter-talk on championship structures, black card incidents etc. Never any actual analysis or highlighting of the the skills. Just rampant negativity and controversy baiting.

    Its a pity BBC or Tg4 didn’t have rights to the whole thing,ie people who actually enjoy the sport and don’t use it as a soapbox to whine and moan

  5. Strange match, devoid of championship intensity. But that will come later in the year from the latter stages of the groups.

    Negatives. Jack Carney is very average for midfield at inter county. Has lots of ability but barely ever imposes himself on a game. Brickenden is not a full back line player, nice kick passer but poor in the tackle and no pace. Flynn is out of form and will be lucky to hold his place. McBrien is not Sean Kelly, leave him at full back. Reape’s lack of technical ability on kickouts will come back to haunt him. He struggles to ping it a team mate like Hennelly can. This is especially important when Mayo have no high fielders.

    Aidan scored a goal from play and this is big. If he could do the same against Galway he could be a transformed no. 14 for Mayo. Conroy scored two points in 2nd half. Ryan, obviously. Boland continues to do what you want your 11 to do. I had to check twice was it actually Loftus driving straight for goal and kicking a score in the 2nd half! Well done him. Eoghan Mc and Diarmuid will be big additions to the team.

  6. Could be an unpopular opinion and some will be of the opinionin itdoesnt matter , our support base has become pathetic , we are like a frightened tribe afraid to show faith and get behind the team .

    2021 is history , there is sfa we can do about it now . Get over it x build a bridge .

    All roads lead to salthil and we really need to put the shoulder to the wheel . Every mayo supporter that agrees with me lets get into one of the terrace ends and make noise in a collective way .

  7. Sean Burke – I’ve thought that for a while now. A lot of supporters now refuse to see any possibility of us going far in the championship.

    We were told Dublin, Kerry and Derry were miles ahead of everyone and there was no way for us to compete. Yet Derry got their arses handed to them Saturday and we actually beat Kerry in championship 11 months ago.

    Back in 2016 and 17 we were putrid in several of the championship games yet things came together later in the year. No reason we can’t go deep in the championship this year either.

  8. Hard to disagree with you Sean, there seems to be a prevailing trend of negativity and it doesn’t help when some of the locally produced podcast material is generally just a continued whinge of criticism from a single voice. Sadly a lot of folk have latched on to this as if it’s some form of gospel, when very little of the criticism stands up to scrutiny.
    Usual whinges about changes to the team before the game or not naming the full 26, yet not a dicky bird to acknowledge when the full 26 is named. Also compare the Amateur game which had to submit its 26 on a Thursday night call the professionals in the premier league who only have to name the team less than an hour before kick off.
    Constant questioning of management on team selection or why someone doesn’t get more game time are usually answered by close observation but the Richie Feeney effect is alive and well. The constant stream of negativity is draining. I feel this is why a lot of reasonable supporters are simply staying quiet, lest they get slagged off on a podcast. That said there are other voices on the same podcast that are considerably more reasoned than the constant negative. I’m sure ye know who I’m referring to.
    Rob made a very good point on the Mayo Football Podcast about cheering Aidan as he came off the pitch about how that was done in the hope that not only the opposition support would hear it but some in our own that should be acknowledging a contribution, but some choose only to view the negatives.
    It’s true what they say about empty barrels making more noise but we need to turn that on its head in Salthill in 2 weeks time and do what our job as supporters is meant to be, get behind the team and roar them on.

  9. A workmanlike win, loads to improve on with regards winning breaking ball… job done though and roll on Galway
    A point of note …. When the players were out signing children jerseys, photographs etc they should be provided with water. They were parched after the game.. @WillieJoe shout out to John and especially Grace Armstrong from the US who kindly gave her bottle of water to Matthew Ruane… he was so thankful to Grace.

  10. reading those reports it reads like a stroll in the park for us….far from it, lots to work on

  11. On the Aidan Cheer – I cheered simply because he’d played really well and put in a great shift, but with hindsight I do think that the muted nervous response to Paddy’s substitute played into it. As did Donnacha McHugh’s withdrawal at half time, which we were all feeling a bit unsure about.

  12. @ Supermac, have to agree regarding RTE coverage on Sunday Game. Only got to listen to the Midwest coverage yesterday driving home and will watch back the full match tonight. Was hoping to see a tidy summary of the game but all we got was some tiktok collage of a few shots over music. What the actual F?
    In regards to the game, we were solid defensively against a decent Rossies. Galway look to be struggling big time and Sligo were all but home and hosed. Should have enough to get the win in Salthill. Hopefully Paddy not out for this one. Aido and Ryan impressed and Conroy starting to shoot on site rather than beat 3 players first.
    Quietly optimistic we can have a say in this years championship after watching Derry get their backsides handed to them by Jimmy and Co.

  13. A good result and great positives to take not least Aidan’s performance. There is room for improvement which is great. The kick outs are still a problem. I was disappointed that Brickenden got so easily turn-overed in the first half and made no effort to redeem his mistake. But the defence did well generally and all the forwards contributed. This run into the championship suits us. We have time to prepare for Galway who will test us. Hopefully the draw will be kind to us and we should be able to progress. By the time we meet the big guns we will be well prepared. This run in is good unlike last year when we had little time to recover from one match to the next. We are building nicely and can only improve.

  14. I roared when aido came off as i felt it was deserved , it had a double meaning for me , perhaps a little childish but the way they stood over him last year , he got 1-1 from play and it was like have a bit of that ye shower of apes .

  15. Speaking for myself I was badly bitten in 2021 and I don’t feel the same since. I was sure we would win it, it was the first final that I recall us being favourites for and out of the 15 players that started only about 5 of them played well. This will have to be addressed if we make a future final and i understand the reticence of many of our supporters.

    Yesterday was a good solid win and Salthill will be a great test. If we don’t win in Salthill then we could conceivably be in a group with Dublin and Derry, however even if we are then three teams come out of it. Only Monaghan progressed to the Semi-final however out of the eight teams last year who played a preliminary quarter-final. There are a hell of a lot of games coming but the championship element of jeopardy will be missing from a lot of them. Not only winning connacht but then topping the group will be essential.

  16. There is definitely a degree of negativity in the fan base. I’ll admit myself I’m more glass half empty these days than I used to be.

    For me the frustration comes back to the Tyrone final. That was the opportunity. But I will say I think it’s hard to see us winning an AI ever since then. We have rehired Buckley and Rochford who have failed to deliver in the past. Our team is weaker now than it has been since 2010. Our county chairman said that his main job was to win an AI with Mayo.

    One of the big frustrations I have is the bulls**t narrative built around team and management. I don’t think we act like a serious county. Our CB haven’t a clue what to do and even yesterday our manager went onto twitter to beg the mayo supporters to get behind me the team and give a big “mayo roar” for the Connaught final.

    Does Dessie Farrell, McGuinness, O’Connor, Harte etc make videos asking their supporters to get behind a team? It just seems childish to me. Everyone knows that the supporters will be behind the team and manager are in 2 weeks.

    We see other counties such as Derry and Donegal rebound strongly through good management from a far lower base than us. We see Dublin go through transition (off the back of weak underage teams) and still hammer us out the gate last year. We just seem to be on a slow decline but yet there is still a lot of soft talk within the county.

  17. I was probably a bit negative in the run up to this but I think that was mainly to the lack of new faces coming through from the league…
    The result was important yesterday and I had hoped that the league was geared towards yesterday so I was surprised to see how passive we were in the first half ….at times walking with the ball… but in fairness it was hot and also I got thinking, maybe this is the something new…. no point bombing forward non stop only to tank and fall away…
    There was negatives, but in fairness most teams will say they had negatives this weekend but the thing that pleased me was other forwards stood up..
    Conor Loftus and DOC were 2 of our most natural scoring half forwards we have produced but were both converted in to ball carrying workhorses…
    I loved conors determination in his first point. Fair play to him. But, leave him there now. That’s his position.
    Galway had a poor outing but Comer came to the rescue. Taking off some big names nearly back fired for PJ, but they will be really wanting to prove themselves the next day…. but our mgmt and players will know what to expect….
    Theres a bit of pressure off now anyway and confidence back in a few lads, so have a cut….

  18. One thing that sticks in my craw is that McStay said( when he was a pundit) that it’s a ” no- brainer” to leave big Aidan in at full forward yet he regularly lets him roam well past the scoring zone. Like Donaghy did for Kerry, his ability to wreak havoc is obvious. I’m largely ignorant as to why the man isn’t left in around the square permanently as it surely has more benefits to do so. No issue with him contesting throw ins etc but I’m puzzled as to what McStay meant in his punditry life beforehand.

  19. FDBinashui I think you are spot on as regards the response to Aidan’s substitution – that was certainly my motivation in applauding him anyway. I’ve never even spoken to the man but I feel fiercely defensive of him because his harshest, most vicious critics are armchair supporters from Mayo. I really was delighted to see him take that goal chance so emphatically yesterday, because it might shut a few of them up for a while.

    Sean Burke you are spot on re the support. Definitely 2021 is still a factor, it crushed a lot of our spirits. But – and I hold my own hands up here – holding onto that mindset probably isn’t fair on the current team, especially the newer lads. I wouldn’t be overly optimistic about our chances this year based what I’ve seen but I’d be pretty confident we have a good shot at winning Connacht at least, and honestly, I’ve been at funerals with more atmosphere than that game yesterday.

    I remember a time not too long ago when were laughing at the Kerry crew for begging their fans to come out and support their team. Now we are in the same place ourselves. But the GAA has to take a share of blame there too. All those years of being dragged to Croker, overpriced tickets etc .. .you reap what you sow.

  20. Yeah there are probably a lot of different factors at play , it was a small crowd for a mayo v ros championship game . In all my years goin to the hyde , regans pub before the game would be hoping with ,ballagh, kilmovee ,frenchpark etc i didnt meet one yesterday ,felt so odd and different .

  21. Aiden gets a lot of stick from in and outside the County but never reacts negatively so must have serious strength of character. McStay in his interview afterwards said more or less Aiden is let roam and goes where he is needed albeit named in the FF line. It sounded like Aiden decides this himself is the way I interpreted it. I’d tell him the stay around the goal !

  22. I think alot of mayo supporters have become a bit more wary of getting too optimistic only to have dreams shattered yet again.I think like most people on here felt we would win the game yesterday by a few points after a few sticky periods which is basically what happened.There was quite a few positives from the game and alot of the familiar issues also reappeared.The possession based game generally kills the atmosphere as it becomes extremely watching long passages of back an forth.A Connacht title and get a decent draw in quarter final and we will see where we stand then.Always better on a Monday morning when we win

  23. Regarding McHugh coming off at half time, did anyone see the hit O’Hora gave him in the warm up? I thought it might’ve put him out of the game…he was badly winded!! Also, I don’t think there was a free awarded for either team for the first 15 minutes or so (unless i missed something!)…also no yellow cards? (also open to correction on that one!)

  24. @Paddy2023: I think it was Lee on the pod that mentioned it looked like he might have had a dead leg from the hit. Still put in a hell of a half on Enda Smith mind, he barely let him get a look at the ball.

    Fingers crossed no damage done and he’s able to shake it off by the next training session. Donnacha has had a great year of football so far. Really pushing to hold down that starting spot.

  25. Well done to Mayo on deserved win. We just didn’t have the energy to stay the full 70 and we needed the better start. Aidan O’Shea was outstanding and we couldn’t handle his physicality. Scored a great goal and helped out in midfield when we got on top. Ros missed too many chances which would have made it interesting but overall we had to start all the older players where we would prefer to have impact from the bench late on. Mayos bench was stronger and it showed. One point of note is that Mayo have rebuilt their team without losing their league status and are in a good place now with room to improve. Ros not bad either and have blooded some good lads with more club players who can come in too. 6 weeks lay off and not knowing who’s next is not ideal. Championship too rushed and I think everyone knows that by now.

  26. Does not seem to be a discernable game plan. it all looks a bit random unfortunately, same as least season.
    Letting AOS wander whenever he wants, is ridiculous.
    A FF line of ROD, Tommy and AOS is pretty decent by any standard.
    Why not keep them in there and get quick ball into them ?
    Keep the defenders honest. It’s all a bit baffling.

  27. Donnacha received a huge hit in the warm up and walloped his head off the turf. They brought him to the dugout for a HIA. So that wasn’t a great start to his day. The boy is going very well has a great engine and I know its a big comparison but he reminds of Cian O’Sullivan. Hes filling out well too.

  28. I don’t believe being realistic about Mayo’s chances is the same as being negative. We’re not within an asses roar of Sam this year. So be it, I’m happy enough if we can develop some more lads. If we win connacht and make a semi final, it will have been an amazing year, given the players we have at our disposal.
    If we had McGuinness, who has very quickly invigorated an average squad, I’d be confident for us!
    If we can stay relevant during this transitional period, we could challenge in a few years.
    I don’t think any of that is negative – realistic is fine and better than cheerleading blindly.

  29. Yes Paddy, he took a fierce rattle and he looked fairly shook after it. I was actually surprised to see him start, let alone do so well.

    And no frees, no yellow cards. For once Hurson wasn’t the centre of attention, though I wouldn’t say he got everything right …

  30. Hard to imagine that Aidan o Shea can decide himself if he wants to go out the field.can’t see how any management could operate like that but of course it does conflict with mcstays insistence that full forward is the position for him

  31. Reading too much into kevins post match, all he said was aiden helps out round the middle when their is need and goes up for the throw ins , i dont see any issue with that. I do think however if yiure playing against a suspect fb line we need to hammer the hammer as tos would say and drive it in old school style

  32. I think the smaller support can be put firmly down yo the new scheduling and lack of jeopardy allied to a cost of living scenario. Add in the lack of affordable overnight accommodation and unfortunately it makes perfect sense for supporters to pick and choose their battles. A lot of us try to go to home and away league matches and then have a recovery period before the championship but now it’s pretty much non-stop from January to the end of July if your county is anyway successful. Tbh it’s just not feasible unless you’re young and single or so well set financially that money isn’t a problem. Add in working in your local club and coaching and following the boys or lgfa girls teams and personally I just can’t keep it all up.
    As to yesterday’s game I was very happy with the performance and if there are things to work on that is also good. Supporters in general tend to make excuses for other counties being less than impressive but cut our own lads no slack.
    Roll on the final and hopefully the injuries to Paddy, Eoghan, Diarmuid, Cillian and I presume James Carr as well are behind us.

  33. On O’Shea staying at full forward. I would also like to have seen him stay in for longer when he was getting joy in the first half, however I do think its valuable not to overuse this option. We have seen in the past him getting bottled up in there if the opposition get the matchup right and by rotating in and out we keep the opposition guessing and disrupt their shape a bit more. Galway for example might be inclined to put Glynn on O’Shea if he is inside, but might not want him drifting out past the 45 to follow him leaving Ryan inside with their best 1 on 1 defender out in the field and equally they would not want Daly to be picking him up on the 45 and having to track back to the left corner. I would be delighted if Galway put Kelly on him as you have the potential to marginalise Kelly’s influence especially on turnover ball, purely by O’Shea pulling him out the field, almost as a decoy. Thing is, we would not want Aidan to be the man tracking Kelly when he does get on the ball in space.

    Varying his position means team either have to have a plan A/ plan B or risk disrupting their defensive shape. Having and O’Shea that can score and create in side and distribute and create from deep at different times could be a huge asset. As long as it is part of a clear strategy, and not just him drifting out when he is frustrated by lack of possession

  34. Well fare play to Stephen coen he is a pure work horse for this team for years.when things go wrong for this team he is the first to be blamed,has been filling in different positions for years.yes he might not be the fasted on the team but makes up for it in his heads up approach.took a serious hit in the second half (late challenge by harney) but unlike murtagh got up and got on with it.filled in for paddy when he went off.
    Thought he deserved to be on team of week.

  35. What was the official word regarding injuries?
    I’m sure I heard Kevin say that Diarmuid and Eoghan had trained on the morning of the match. I’m not sure he included Cillian in that or am I wrong?
    I thought we did Ok yesterday and kept them at arms length. They missed a few chances to be fair but so did we and should we have had a penalty when Mattie was brought down in the second half?

  36. Like many posters have said, I feel the shitshow that was the 2021 AIF has certainly broken that indomitable spirit of the Mayo supporter and I include myself in that too. I still go to all the games, home and away, but I’d be lieing if I said that something didn’t change that day. Add into the mix is the fact that we have all witnessed the retirements of so many heros from that golden era of Mayo football – Higgins, Keegan, Boyle, A Moran, Parsons, SOS, Doherty, Barrett – that a feeling of loss, missed opportunity and reality has kicked in. Truly generational players gone.
    However, we cannot burden this team with the weight of those players of the past. We have what we have and if anyone follows club football closely enough in Mayo, they will know that any player within an asses roar of having the ability of a county player, has been looked at, trialled and assessed. Simply put, the very best players we have in Mayo, and who want to play for Mayo, are in this squad. Also, we have to acknowledge that the best forward from play in club football last year is also the Mayo teams nutrionist!! We have no hidden Goochs out there.
    All McStay can do is formulate a game plan using the best players at his disposal. I think he’s doing just fine as it is and if he can add a Nestor Cup to last years League title then it would represent a great achievement because to rebuild a team while also keeping it competitive is a really difficult thing to do. So let’s ease up a little and see what Sunday week brings.
    Yesterday wasn’t perfect by any means but I would have taken your hand off you for a 5 point win in the Hyde prior to throw in. We blitzed them for 20 mins of the second half that saw us open up a 6 point gap and then calmly played out the final 13 mins, keeping them at arms length. Would yesterdays performance be good enough to beat Galway? Probably not. But would their performance v Sligo be good enough to beat us? Definitely not. So we both go into the Final with improvements to make but undeniably we are in a far better place this year than we were last year. If we can get DOC and McLaughlin available for selection for Salthill, COC for the bench and hopefully Durcan and Coyne are not badly injured then we will be in a good spot.

  37. I would question how much McStay has rebuilt the team. Majority of the rebuild was done under Horan’s watch during 2020 and 2021.

    McStay said as much when he got the job.

  38. Think O Hora is wanted for Comer next day, the only player that has the physical strength to stop his charging.

  39. Think McBrien is the man for Comer myself, he has bulked up a lot since last year, now a very imposing figure. Will be will able for him and will bring him out the field for a run as well.

  40. The 2021 final and favouritism need to get a ticket
    Left many with bad taste.Mayo was the golden goose .great for the shake down even in NYC the so called Irish pubs charging 10 bucks for warm beer.

  41. I didn’t read / hear McStay’s comments as saying Aidan can do what he wants. I read that as he’s doing the job in the full forward line, and came into midfield to help out.

    Given we were getting cleaned out by the press on restarts, that makes sense tactically to give a go. Looked like as part of Aidan coming out in second half there’d been more of a rejig to put RoD further up the pitch. That gave a different type of threat in the FF line, which was very effective in the 3rd quarter.

    I think a real test of what plan there is when we’ve got our best midfield options back – i.e. DOC back with Mattie, Jordan coming back into form, Carney showing a bit more. If we don’t get cleaned out in midfield and Aidan’s still coming back up the pitch then that’s a completely different point (though teams can still set up to try and negate kicks in by sweeping infront of Aidan – how we handle that will also be key).

  42. Good win yesterday, Mayo didnt play great but still won so can only improve.
    Mayo were a bit slow on break, they had bodies there but just not in the right position but also just that bit slow to react. they will improve on that.
    A O Shea had a good game, his handline was a bit off, he dropped few balls and also didnt catch any kickout, between not reading the flight of the ball and one or two that bounced out of his hands, usually he would have caught them, so he will improve on that.
    Conroy showed glimpses again of what he is good at, he should get more confidence from the game and build on it. Conroy and Hession are both who have struggled to come back from injuries, and both are important players with there pace so need the 2 of them to build on performance yesterday.
    Loftus did well, Brickendon id still worry about and Coen I think there is other players that can do what he does but also offer more a threat going forward.

  43. I doubt it. It’s not the knockout of old. Mayo favourites but who knows if Walsh, Comer and Finnerty click they are capable of causing Mayo big trouble. Bigger battles down the road but it would be nice to beat ye as ye have the upper hand recently. Just can’t afford a slog that leaves a few players from each side out injured so I doubt McDaid or Tierney start or maybe Comer either.

  44. PaddyJoeThornton based on crowd trends there will be far from sell out.

    TSuDhonim apparently all hail and hearty and ready to go in two weeks…..

  45. I see Kevin had put out an appeal on mayo gaa Twitter to get the vocal supporters back for the connacht final. We supporters are going to have to up our game and get the shouting and cheering going again. The vocal support was poor yesterday. Maybe this blog can help the supporters shouting and cheering again. We should have enough to beat galway but it will not be easy

  46. Jimbo – It was estimated 5,000 Mayo fans went to New York so id say many of them were minding the pockets yesterday, i’d expect a big Mayo turnout for the Connaught Final.

    There was just over 4,500 at Galway v Sligo on Saturday, we could outnumber them 2:1 on Sunday week.

  47. I’d be really unsure how many Galway fans will go.
    There was a really tense atmosphere last year in Salthill. Losing that will have cut deeply, and lead to a lot of disillusionment.

    Follow that up with not a single home win all year and Saturday’s showing in Sligo – they won’t be travelling with too much confidence.

    Toss in that’s 2008 since we lost a Connacht final and we should be the more confident set of fans.

  48. Question.

    What’s the soonest galway mayo could meet again after the connacht final?

  49. @supermac- I think they try to avoid repeat pairings right up to the final If possible but in some cases you could meet in to correction

  50. @Supermac: Yeah, @Cp spot on there. Provincial Final pairings are avoided in Round 1 and where possible from there right the way through.

    Group Stages: “Teams who have already met in that year’s provincial final cannot be
    drawn to the same group.”
    pQF: “…subject in the first instance to the avoidance of repeat Provincial Final pairings and where possible repeat pairings from Round 1.”
    QF: “…subject in the first instance to the avoidance of repeat Provincial Final pairings and where possible repeat pairings from Round 1 (Group Stage).”
    SF: “.. subject to the avoidance of repeat pairings from the championship, where possible.”

    Trying to think of what scenario would make it unavoidable at pQF/QF (given the ‘first instance’ prioritisation) but can’t see any way a Provincial Pairing could end up meeting again before the SF given the wording of it.

    SF the Provincial Final pairings would be as equally avoided as Round 1/Group Stage meetings, so a small possibility of an open draw meeting there if 3 teams from the 1 group all made the Semi Final meaning a clash couldn’t be avoided.

    A Final would be the most likely place for any Provincial Final pairing to repeat by a distance.

  51. I’d say Galway will have great support in Salthill.
    Firstly the 4500 attendance was ” official” but I’d say there was more closer to 6000.
    And Galway outnumbered a very small Sligo support..
    One thing I will say is its time for PJ to beat Mayo again as a manager.. No excuses..
    Last Summer was tough but the injuries put paid to it having been 5 points up at half time..
    Galway fans want the 3 in a row and moreso want to beat Mayo in the final..

  52. Throw in time confirmed for 4pm ,Sunday May 5. Ticket details to be confirmed tomorrow, Tuesday , ,by Connacht Gaa.

  53. Mayo are favourites probably due to Galway’s display in Sligo but I would expect Galway to be alot better in a Connacht final against us

  54. Would have to give credit to McStay for not panicking at HT and replacing Tommy C. If he had done chances of Tommy starting final would be very slim imo. He persisted and Tommy delivered….I know it’s only 2 points and it might not happen the next day but he served warning to his ex Sigerson team mates and opponents alike that Tommy needs watching,and not just Aido and Rod. Fergie B will start I’d imagine but with Conor Loftus now also in the mix it increases our options.
    Extremely doubtful that Diamuid will start…Cillian for final 20.

  55. RTE acknowledged that the novel treatment of the Mayo/Ross game on the Sunday Game went down like a lead balloon.
    On their podcast.

  56. @Paddyjoejohntom

    The big question is whether there will be any duck in Salthill?

  57. Its officially announced by both mayo and galway across social media , ticket details tomorrow . (Highorlow)

  58. Not sure about Galway robbing Sligo blind @Supermac. A late win yes but I’m told they squandered 5 relatively simple goal chances in what was a low score overall. At the same time they should’ve beat us out the gate in salthill last year and kicked wide after wide so if that’s going to continue to be an issue for them, especially with most of their forwards either just back or away with injury, then happy days

  59. Even the little taste of football we used to get from TG4 on a Monday evening seems to have caught the same virus as the Sunday game version….just a few scores shown from a camera in someone’s arse pocket or further up…and the music to boot.

    You’re theory on the recording getting lost is looking more plausible @WJ.

  60. Exile – He didn’t say Aiden does what he wants but he didn’t say it was planned either and you never see signalling from the sideline to direct him to move / switch either that I can see so suspect its somewhere in the middle. If he goes where he’s needed as McStay says does Aiden decide or is there a message sent in I wonder. McStay said he has consistently picked him in the forwards but we all know only a small percent of the time is spent in there so I’m none the wiser after the interview so expect it will be the same in and out for him going forward.

    Galway will be a different animal in 2wks time but we will have a close to a full deck to play from so looking forward to it. Beating Ross and Galway in championship this yr was the minimum for me anything there after is bonus territory.

    On the mood of the supporters – nothing like a good win in Salthill to get them back purring. Also a team needs to earn some of that support to which isn’t a bad thing, sort of the opposite of overhyping…

  61. Unless we solve the kick out problem we are going nowhere, and heading for right trimming in Galway Sunday week

  62. Mixed reactions today with not so much negativity. They must have got it out of their systems during the course of yesterday’s game. Still the odd criticism of McStay for encouraging a bigger Mayo support in Salthill. Why the complaints. Nothing wrong with that comment. Big support from sidelines can be crucial in tight games. Still I wouldn’t panic re support. Desperately small Mayo crowd at 2011 Connacht final. Very poor turnout v Cork in 2011 AI QF. But then things took off and everyone wanted to be associated with the team. Lots of people pinpoint the 2021 AI final as the day they lost the faith. I have often said that beating a tired Dublin team who were on the slide turned out to be bad for us. In reality we did not play well against Dublin for most of that game, but we finished strongly and when Tyrone dumped Kerry in other semi so many thought we had it. Losing Cillian that year was a terrible loss and I always feared a battle hardened Tyrone who had a much more impressive run to the final would beat us, But that’s all in the past now. This team and management shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of that result. They are no world beaters but who is at this moment and what’s the point being great in April. The optimists will point to Galway injuries and poor performance v Sligo. The pessimists will rehash their usual criticism of management, certain players, poor strategies and not naming the match day panel a month before the game. I expect a big crowd and it’s a hard game to call. Mr Joyce on the law of averages must beat Mayo sometime, but it’s a crucial game for us and we could nab what would be a major boost for this team. Maigh Eo Abu

  63. Thanks Sean, I thought you’d have the power at this stage to manage the fixtures to suit the Dublin trains. It’ll be a night back west for this one then, hope we have something to celebrate.

  64. Referring to the post above about there being 5000 supporters in NYC for the game, and thereby expecting a big turnout in Salthill? I never met so many “first time” Mayo supports in all my life out in NYC. People with 4 and 5 tickets but had never been to MacHale Park in their lives, didn’t know what the FBD is and many who only ever go when they reach Croke Park.
    As regards McStay, in truth it was more likely the county board that asked for that posting, asking for the “Mayo roar”, it did come across as a bit cringey but there’s no harm in it either. He’s correct in that a victory is important and I do believe that the players are locked and loaded for Sunday week. When Horan was manager we gave out about his secrecy, his media silence, his false teams and his general distain for the Mayo supporters but now we have a manager who reaches out to try to keep the supporters informed and we’re criticising him?

  65. The support used to be huge but that can’t last forever, I think the fact that ultimately we’ve had two tame quarter final exits in the past two years is as much a reason for the lukewarm support as anything , it’s just the nature of sport .

    They’ll come back when momentum builds around the team again. There’s a as barely anyone in Croke Park when Mayo beat Cork in 2011, these things take time.

  66. Yes highorlow , might make a weekend of it as its may weekend too . Gang coming back from England for it , couple of lads based in wales coming back also . Hopefully the big money draw in the four ways in kilmovee rolls over for another weekend haha , jackpot now 9,000 euro .

  67. Jesus Sean your relations across the border are still suffering following us….. I might hit for Kilmovee on Sunday night myself.

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