Monday match reports

It’s Monday, there was rain up here in the capital early this morning and I’ve got this less than pleasant task to get through. Okay, let’s get it over as quickly and painlessly as possible – here’s what’s online about our one-point Connacht final loss yesterday.

Locals: Mayo News, Western People, Connaught Telegraph, Midwest Radio, Galway Bay FM (includes audio report and post-game audio reaction from Galway side), Galway Beo (live blog).

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner (match report, Kevin McStay post-game, Connor Gleeson post-game, Maurice Brosnan analysis), Irish Independent (match report, Kevin McStay post-game, Padraic Joyce post-game, Conor McKeon, Eamonn Sweeney), Irish Mirror, Irish Sun.

Others: GAA (match report, Kevin McStay post-game, Padraic Joyce post-game), RTÉ (live blog, match report, Kevin McStay post-game, Padraic Joyce post-game), Breaking News, The 42.

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

Video: GAA (highlights).

Stats: Gaelic Statsman.

As ever, the best audio you’ll find is on the Mayo Football Podcast. On our Final Whistle show – which we began recording up in the stand as the cup presentation ceremony was underway – features Colm Boyle and Barry Cullinane, with post-game reaction from Kevin McStay, who, incidentally, would have no truck with any complaints about those late, decisive frees awarded against us. The pod’s on Patreon, more details here.

It’s been largely forgotten about in the aftermath but the celebration of the Mayo team of 1996-1999 at half-time in Pearse Stadium was a nice moment. The lads are looking okay too, 25 years and more on from when they were cutting a dash in the colours.

Finally, the MOTM poll is still up so, if you haven’t voted yet, you might still want to have your speak there. I’ll confirm the result of the poll later in the day. Right, be off with you.

101 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Fair play WJ. I’ve no intention of reading them but you’re some man for doing it. A horrible task after that collapse yesterday.

  2. It’s a kind of catharsis, Tommy Joe! The “copy link address” function is handy on mornings like this too, it avoids at least some of the unnecessary pain.

  3. Mile buiochas WJ for all your work
    Yes we are all hughley disappointed as I think ot was there for the winning but fair dues to Gaillimh they wanted it more and Comhghairdeas to them.
    After Aiden was taken of we were rudderless and our subs made no impact. I thought the last call on Loftus was very harsh as was pointed out in the Sunday game. He was clearly fouled and yet our manager stated that the ref was the best in the country! Nil fhios orm!
    Anyway onwards and upwards hopefully the team will regroup and hopefully our spiritual leader Paddy will be back le cunadh De!
    Remember all these players are amateurs and no doubt are doing their utmost for our county so let’s get behind them!
    Mhuigeo Abú

  4. Let’s not be blaming the ref about yesterday. We collapsed and could not hold on against a mediocre Galway team. No one to blame but ourselves.

  5. Reflecting on yesterday’s game Galway are in a much better place than Mayo as basically they have the better players all over the pitch and if they stay injury free they’ll fancy their chances.
    For Mayo it will be a near repeat of last year. No change in personal or tactics from last year will mean we’ll be even easier to stop. I just don’t see anything new in terms of attacking play. And that’s surprising considering the blockbuster management. Counting on both O’Connor to come on and win games is not a good sign, both a pale shadow of yesteryear.

  6. The stats tell the tale: Misses (incl shorts) Mayo 13 to 7.

    That’s why we didn’t pull away, even though we scored more from play. Comer was a handful, yet he had two wides (and Reape saves of course); I thought Walsh’s two were crucial, and gave Galway great belief and momentum.

    We turned Galway over 52% to 46%, yet we had a bad habit of getting turned over immediately after winning a turnover.

    Overall we should have won this, but the enemy within (innacuracy) was the killer. We can learn from it and do better. I didn’t want group 2 no way, but the first two matches are winnable ( not the same thing as ‘we will win’), and can set us up for a crack at Dublin. A few, two maybe, Conor Reid, Kevin Quinn, need game time against Cavan.

  7. Puckout- summed it up perfectly. As they said themselves “the most experienced mgmt team in the county”. As the county board chairman said “just that little bit extra” yet it never dawned on them to play a sweeper in front of Comer. If we can get to a preliminary QF it’s as good as can be expected now.

    And the narrative will be all positive. We are in a softer group than Galway which will cover the cracks. People worried about where we will play Dublin. Won’t matter to much because they will beat us either way.

    Standards in mayo football going though the floor. So much so the biggest talking point this year is Kobe McDonald.

  8. I think both Galway and ourselves will be in preliminary quarter finals, hopefully we do enough for a home game.
    It is the travel that kills teams with a short turnover.

  9. Think Reape deserves a shoutout for his performance yesterday, get the kickouts away brilliantly, plus super saves

  10. As some of the comments on here earlier stated, looking back on it now we were very open for goal chances. Reape made a ridiculous save and we had a few off the line. Few quick frees, had the been allowed, would have seen comer or finnerty straight in on goal too. Not an undeserved win for Galway in that light. An awful lot to work on if we’re even to beat both of the “weaker” teams in our group. Durcan’s leadership was sorely missed yesterday, especially at the death.

  11. No scores on the right..didn’t use Aos enough and he was winning everything that came near him… loads of possession but kept bringing it to left side.. lost it in 1st gave should have been 5/6 up… Callinan fisting ball off post u see no pressure sums it up.. .Galway played for and won soft frees, we didn’t.. Rod had an off day and was doubled teamed. we didn’t help McBrien at all and reaped the reward.Again mayo lose a game with a back door.. I expect we will improve but we will have a pQF and have to hope it’s a kind draw

  12. @Puckout: Not sure if I’d agree there.

    Galway hit 4th gear yesterday. Comer played his best game in years. Glynn, McGrath, McHugh & Maher as good as I’ve seen them in a long time. They’ve a lot more to come from McDaid, Kelly (though Donnacha was a shadow to him, so I’d give a lot of the credit to him on Sean being so quiet going forward) and they’ll be hoping Walsh will improve on his brief cameo. Despite the positives, they were 2 points down going into extra time and took an amazing finish from Gleeson to hit the winner.

    Mayo barely got into 3rd gear. We’d possession, at times it felt like control of the field but an off day meant we couldn’t trouble the score board. With Galway playing the double sweeper it was always going to be rough on Tommy, Aidan and Ryan so we depended on our middle eight hard running to create space and opportunities. Sadly, it just didn’t happen enough. We ended the 1st half with 4 scores from 11 shots from play (36%) and far worse than the poor conversion was the shots renaged. Lads in space with time to compose and shoot who instead turned back to recycle. We finished with 10 from 23 (43%).

    At this level 50% conversion is pretty much the floor to be competitive and you want to be aiming for closer to 70%. Haven’t seen anyone release any shots/phases yet but I’d expect to see us doing quite poorly there too. Well below what we’d expect or hope for.

    Ironically enough, Galway’s chances created from play 8 out of 14 shots would have really struggled to challenge us if we hadn’t given them repeated soft frees to knock over (one or two debatable ones, but the vast majority were just poor decisions to pull/drag the man back), with only 2 of those where there was an outside chance of a goal opportunity. Their 8/9 on frees (88%) a notable difference from their 8/14 (57%) from play, with enough bodies around the shooters at the time of the frees for them to be <60% chances too).

    Throw in Paddy missing, DO'C with miles more to go on his road to form & fitness, McBrien/Callinan/McLaughlin/our half forward line/even RO'D (he'd normally have nailed a few of his chances from play) having off days by their standards and of the two teams I'd imagine we've got an awful lot more to improve upon. Yet we still found ourselves neck and neck with them on their good day.

    Of the two camps I'd much prefer to be in the Mayo one with an eye towards pQFs, QFs, SFs or beyond.

  13. Eight of Galway’s points came from frees. We had 4. Three scorable frees in the last three minutes seems crazy. The ref certainly got some frees wrong. But we had a lot of wides. I think 13 to 7?
    We were masters of our own demise in a way. But I would not give up the ghost yet lads. We need to get back on track and the defeat will test the character of this team.Mcstay needs to take control. I wonder if he is strong enough to tell his backroom to f off and make his own decisions
    Time will tell. We have lost the battle but the war is still on
    We need a positive attitude especially against the Dubs. We owe them a couple and why not. There are lessons to be learnt but let’s take them on board. Give the young guns a chance against Cavan and Roscommon and progress from there
    All is not lost.

  14. Muckle – Gaelic Statsman (whose stats are linked in the post) has it nine wides for us to two for them. I counted eight for us at the game but I’d go with the Statsman as a more reliable source!

  15. We should not underestimate either roscommon or cavan remember cork and Louth Last year give young guns a shot if we didn’t have the bullet from belmullet where would we be.Ok flyinn got booked for decent why was he taking off he was doing well cleaning up a lot of ball in our half back line – midfield area.Strange call for me.we missed his power around midfield in the those final 5 minutes.

  16. Jack Coyne spent more time in the opposition 45 than inside our own – yet he contributes very little positive – get a safe handpass and give another pass. Would he not be better off staying inside our own 45 killing the space in front of the opposition danger men.
    It’s like u12 football where the backs go up the field running after the ball and leave no cover at the back.

  17. Just looked back at two frees at the end .John Maher is not down on that ball and Tommy conroy was totally entitled to play it .absolutely not a free and the free against Loftus was a total joke .hands going in around his head and he only had possession for a couple of seconds.yes he gave poor decisions against Galway as well but I’m afraid goughs reputation as best ref in the country took a battering yesterday.very poor playing to the crowd.yesterday wasn’t a surprise to anyone who actually have watched us play over the last two years.we do the same things over and over and then we “take the learnings” and everything will be sorted the next day .The lack of midfielders is a difficult one for the management.To have the luxury of playing Matt ruane there has to be a sheamie o Shea or Tom parsons type player with him .watching ciaran whelans analysis of coen wandering in and out of the full forward line as tactic is weird to say the the least.Kevin mcstay in his interview didn’t seem to be aware we were 4 points up and after his ludicrous comments after the Roscommon about being unlucky with balls bouncing off players shoulders and knees.that’s what breaking ball is .we name ruane and coen in midfield and then bring in carney and o Shea for the throw in .I know o Shea won the first one but just watch what generally happens on those throw ins .The management continue to play players out of position .if brickenden isn’t considered good enough to mark comer then why is he played there .playing McLaughlin on the wrong side .he had a couple of chances of points in the first half but can’t shoot with his right foot.we will see if Derry allow so much space in front of comer and finnerty.I had high hopes for Kevin mcstay but for a highly experienced management team it all looks fairly clueless to me at this stage

  18. Why did we not kick the ball into Aido. So many opportunities and he won anything that came in. However would hate to be following Galway. OK they scraped a win over a Mayo team that have no plan. But could not watch the other team have the ball for 70% of the game with the players they have. Maybe against the Dubs could accept it but how can they watch that rubbish all the time. It’s not football!

  19. I think this management has brought this team as far as they can. In my opinion they have failed to get the best out of the players at their disposal. This is Rochfords second shot at it and Kevin was a selector in 94 and 95 with Anthony Egan when we were relegated to Division 3 and hammered by 10 points by Galway in Tuam that Summer and Buckley seems to be there since we last won Sam. And no Im not bitter that Ray Dempsey didnt get the job He’s not the anwser either. Tony McEntee will go on to manage a big team I hope its Mayo and he cuts out the lateral rubbish

  20. Mayo turned Comer over in the 10th minute. Comer held the ball up, then threw it back, Coyne rolled it back to the original spot for the free, then when it was thrown forward, Paul Conroy took a turn to slow it down. Gough all the while stood on the new spot a few meters forward. 17 seconds passed between the free been given and the taking of the free. All the whole Galway funnelled back and it ended up with Boland running it over the end line and ball back to Galway.

    Not one Mayo player that I could see made a scene out of it, whilst that is all well and good it gets us nowhere under the current rules. This kind of niavety is costing us. The Comer goal chance (which should have been a free out for a foul on Coen) came from us not slowing them down with a cynical foul when Flynn was blocked down.

    Finally, our best forward play came when we left three or four deep in the forward line allowing space for the likes of Callinan, Ruane etc to break through.

    Any amount of things to work on, developing the dark arts badly needed. McStay should have tore through Gough for his performance. Galways third point came on the back of what should have been a Mayo free, Heaney just threw the ball.

    Overall all though it’s hard to stay motivated to watch the football we currently serve up, over and back on the 40 when our best play consistently comes from fast powerful running.

  21. @Southmayo Exile: Our own men aren’t the ones killing the space, the Galway defenders do a perfectly fine job of that. They’re not man for man and tracking our defenders in there, that’s where they’re going to be regardless. If we don’t have someone in there to occupy them and pull them out of the positions they’d like to occupy, we end up with less space and scoring chances rather than more.

    You can say Jack (or Stephen, who was highlighted on the Sunday Game going into the area but drifting out a little too early and allow his man close back in on ball carriers) didn’t do a good enough job of occupying the Galway defence, creating options for other attackers, show enough for ball or help stretch the Galway cover enough but they absolutely should have been making runs into and taking up positions in that zone.

    @Muckle/Willie Joe: There’s always a little room for discrepancies on things like wides. One statistician will mark an overhit pass well away from the posts as a wide and another might chalk it as a turnover type of thing. Matthew (Gaelic Statsman) has had a few chats in recent weeks with folks on his exact methodology, if anyone fancied digging into it (might have been on his personal account – I’d not overly worry on the absolute number, more about the trend it highlights and we could all see the wides long before having the stat to quantify it.

  22. Glorydays

    I agree McEntee is a good coach, working really well in Sligo. Not sure it’s a fair comment about Dempsey considering he was never given the chance. It’s also worth remembering that he had McConville in his backroom team that has worked with McEntee throughout the years, so he was well onto something there.

    As for the game yesterday the style of play is truely terrible. It’s never going to bring the desired success to mayo, or any county for that matter. Yes people can say that Dublin hold the ball, but they hold it whilst going forward. We hold it whilst going backward.

  23. The mayo county board have micro managed Gaelic football in our county for years. No centre of excellence built, stadium debt, no investment in clubs, 2 under 20/21 Connacht titles in 14 years.
    The standard of club football is shocking. A massive review is needed and a strategic plan needs to be put in place.
    Look at Sligo for example
    Another point is the lack of quality coaches in the county. Mcstay and rochford never coached a club team in mayo.

  24. Galway on balance deserved to win a – young Finnerty played well but tapping his marker on the head didn’t go unnoticed – cheap – will he try it against the Derry defenders??

  25. So many turnovers after winning turnovers and we why did we play so deep after Conroy put us 2 up at end… man on man worked so well in 2nd half

  26. @green and red thats just my opinon on Dempsey I dont mean anything personal against him he’s from the same era as McStay and football has moved on a lot and it didnt work out for him when he did become a county manager. I dont know who the anwser is but Donegal are flying Jimmy’s winning matches and Rochy looks clueless

  27. With FBD, Friendlys, A V B games National League and 2 championship games, thats well more than half of games for year, Management still havent sorted a settled team. Same full back line played in most games and get roasted in most games, planty of good halfbacks but end up playing them on wrong wings etc, midfield loosing that battle in most games but nothing new tried there, very few scores coming from half forward line except few from Boland nothing new tried, good full forward line same played in most games but very few scored comiong from them except Ryan, but this is down to not playing them in the fullforward line, see more of Aiden in own square than where he should be. Think there is too many Chiefs on line and nobody calling the right shots on the line.

  28. Glorydays

    Completely fair comment but if I told you Dempsey with Limerick got a better result against Dublin in the league then McStay did with Mayo in the championship it would worry a lot of people. Agree Limerick didn’t work for him but their Div 4 now, looked well out of their depth playing the likes of Derry, Dublin and even Cork.

    Anyhow we can defo agree on Rochford. As many of us said on here before about McGuinness, there are sections of the mayo fan base that don’t want him because of “negative” football but praise Rochford for his style of play. Wouldn’t it make you wonder at times. I’d love to see McGuinness on the mayo sideline but it will never happen. He’s Donegal through and through.

  29. Really, really disappointed with yesterday and I think we are in serious trouble going forward with this management set up, as things stand. Something needs to change otherwise things will remain as they are. As much as I like McStay from a personable point of view, I think he is too slow to act on the line, too placid and too timid. Too nice in his comments to the media and that “niceness” seeps through to the set up.
    In fact, I think we got schooled on the line yesterday and that was where the game was lost. Given all the experience we had on our line in McStay, Rochford and Buckley, our subs in had almost zero impact, were too late and ALL reactive in that we were trying to counter against Galways moves. Galway forced the issues while we were always on the back foot, reacting. Not one of our subs forced Galway to counter our moves, not one of them forced Galway to change shape, switch a player or even forced them to think.

    I was seated right behind Joyce on the sideline and the energy and aggression he brought to his job (and in turn his players) was hard to watch as a Mayo man. Right from the off he, along with O’Neill and Concannon, were constantly in the face and ears of Gough, the linesmen and the sideline official. Yes they overstepped their mark and a stronger sideline official would have sent Concannon to the bench as he was totally out of control at times, but, and here’s the nub of my concern, that aggression and that energy fed through to the players and the crowd in the stand. On more than one occasion as Galway pulled ahead in the 2nd half Joyce spun around and raised his fists in the air to the crowd in the stand, he was literally bouncing off the Pearse Stadium turf. But that fed the crowd who, up to that point were tame enough. The crowd fed the team, the team drove on for victory. The fact that the Galway sideline were constantly shouting into Gough meant that Gough knew he was under pressure for every decision and hence, he gave 1 or 2 very, very soft ones in those dying minutes of the game in Galways favour.
    Joyce had Maher and Walsh warming up constantly in that 1st half and their introduction was pre-planned and both subs in had massive impacts on the game. Tierney and Mulkerrins likewise. All of our subs, bar maybe O’Sheas sub for COC, were on the back foot eg Tuohy in at the last minute to try and close out a high ball in.

    All good teams play in the style and charater of their manager. Klopps teams play like his character which is optimistic, hard working, all action and emotion. Peps teams play with an almost OCD level of control and boredom. Fergusons teams played aggressive, fearless, never give in football, just like his character. Jin Gavins Dubs played with an attention to detail and control that bordered on robotic, he is an Army man after all. Yesterday, Galway played with the energy that Joyce fed them.
    But what’s our style? What’s McStays stamp on this team? We are neither a running nor a kick passing team, we are neither a fast paced chaotic team nor a “control the ball team”. This is the 3rd championship game in a row where the result has been in the melting pot going down the final few minutes. And it is also the 3rd straight collapse in a row in those circumstances. Louth and Cork last year, and now Salthill. In all 3 games we were in control on the scoreboard and generally on the pitch also. But when we got dragged down into the dirt to scrap it out for the points, we buckled. We lost on 2 occasions and fell over the line in another. We had no “smarts” in game management, either on the sideline or on the pitch. Too nice and timid on the sideline means that sooner or later your team is going to get sucker punched on the pitch. This is the 3rd time we’ve been sucker punched!
    We can say what we like about Goughs performance but the cold hard facts of the matter are, in championship football, if you consider yourself a serious team and are 2 points up going into injury time, it is totally unacceptable to lose from that position. In the same way our collapse v Louth was totally unacceptable and our pathetic final few minutes v Cork was totally unacceptable, so too was yesterdays defeat.
    McStay needs to decide just what are we? What is he? What is going to be his stamp? Maybe with so many inputs from Buckley and Rochford that McStays imprint gets blurred. Regardless there can only be one dog in the house and McStay better start barking loud and barking quick, otherwise the vet will be coming up the driveway and his season and term as manager will be over.

  30. Finnerty won’t be tapping Chrissy McCaugue or any other Derry defender on the head for that matter as he knows what he will get back in return.
    We haven’t any aggressive man marking defender in the mould of Chrissy Barrett. Our backs are all lovely footballers, nice lads – no aggression whatsoever.
    We are dream for the likes of Finnerty to play against.
    We’ll see how he gets on against the Derry backs.

  31. The comments are almost all negative, reflecting our mood, which is sore and disappointed.
    I was most disappointed that we couldn’t just impose ourselves at the end and put the game away from Galway.
    I remember hearing during the week that matches between these two teams are always tight with a score in it and so it was yesterday.
    I remember two years ago when they stifled us with the novel ‘double sweeper’ and we couldn’t get air to score. This was utilised yesterday again.
    I remember PJ thinking in the recent League Final between the two teams that we’d only be relying on frees to have scores, that they’d prevent us from scoring from play. They tried to ‘lock us down’ like this yesterday too.
    It is deflating losing to them. And these are usually one score games.
    This suggests to me that all is not lost despite the spectacles of hurt and disappointment we are seeing through at this moment.
    Galway needed an injury time goal to beat Sligo. Now they’re going to go deep into the AI Series?
    Yes, they have a tiara of scorers back, who looked very good yesterday, deployed mostly in the second half. Will this team have other qualities needed, like resilience?
    1985, you might have been writing in jest earlier about the positive being that we haven’t revealed our hand (I shudder about this). BUT, for all the celebrations, I think Galway have revealed their hand to Mayo – this double sweeper system again. If we have the good fortune to have another chance to play them this year, I’d say we’ll be better set up.
    We’re also feeling deflated because we’ve seen nothing to inspire us yet this Championship. That doesn’t mean it’s not there!
    Good displays yesterday – Ryan O’Donoghue, Tommy Conroy, Aidan O’Shea, Mattie Ruane, David McBrien, Colm Reape. Not bad – Eoghan McLaughlin (he tried and as often against Galway, he could have been a gamechanger). Sam Callinan (OK performance; got forward a lot but wouldn’t shoot). Others were anonymous. We missed Paddy a lot. Apparently individuals can and have won games for us versus Galway. I heard on the podcast during the week that he won Man of the Match in the previous three Mayo v Galway games. There’s more there. Will we see it?

  32. Couldn’t agree more southmayo exile any of the northern teams would rightly put finnerty on his hole for those antagonistic shenanigans. Think the battle hardened aggressive reputation we had developed is being eroded game by game. Sickening to see our defenders just take that shite – an off the ball belt would fairly soften finnertys cough and maybe knock his confidence. Not sure about brickenden as his man always seems to get the better of him. Granted he stopped a certain goal yesterday and is a good kick passer breaking forward but the primary duties of aggressive defending seem to come secondary

  33. Would we have all this negativity if we won by a point.
    Yes we were too cautious in the first half.

  34. Whilst i think your point is valid re galway managenent aggresion and galway crowd got behind it in last ten mins or so including injury time . We also failed as supporters , when tommy put that over the bar , that was our time , the concrete should of moved with Mayo mayo mayo mayo but not s fokin dickibird , absolutely pathetic we were . We can talk here and elsewhere till the cows come home but the one job we have we are failing at , idc how repetitive i sound or how it might sound like inane drivel to a lot on here .

    Cliftonville won the cup the weekend up the road , they were as big as 4/1 outsiders , listen to the interview with the goalscorer from sat , it was the crowd that drove them in extra time , the noise was deafening , the belief on the terraces . Ive listened to past Mayo players reference it , how it sparked them , it lights a fire . If you dont believe in it , yiure wrong . Tomas o se referenced it many yrs ago when kerry were at a low ebb on a qualifier path , he said the roar they came out to in a qualifier game sparked the belief , they still believed so we have to believe also .

    I will not stop banging this drum either .

  35. Southmayo Exile, 100% agree.
    Finnerty should have been waking up with a crowd around him, shortly after that. He obviously didn’t get his “bravery” from his father, who was the first man to lie down and hit the deck, curling up like a child, in the ’96 fight against Meath.
    Callinan, Coyne and Brickenden need to learn that yout first job as an intercounty defender is to inflict doubt and pain on your opponent. That first hit has to seriously rattle him and the fact that Finnerty felt safe enough to do that means the Mayo defender is a soft touch.

  36. Well yea the “ not showing our hand “ is the biggest load of of old nonsense ever trotted out as in what situation will it be for yesterday it was hardly a surprise to the mayo management that Galway would set up like that but we had got ourselves into the winning position twice.It seems like we find new ways to lose a game .pebblesmellers post is spot’s now becoming farcical and almost tragic.we will have those again saying taking the learnings and it’s better not being in the group of death but the psychological damage to players and an increasingly clueless looking management set up can’t be underestimated.Alot of very knowledgeable people on here have been pointed out the weaknesses in the way we set up but the management either aren’t aware of it which is hard to believe or have no idea how to rectify it.Galway knew in those last few minutes that we didn’t have an out ball up the pitch so they squeezed us .How in gods name did brickenden get isolated on the left wing.surely even bringing o Shea back on would have given us a target up the pitch.Anyway we move on but as I said before the game I have seen no improvements whatsoever in the last two years

  37. Oisin mcconville reckons mayo won’t get out of that group .. he reckons Cavan will be a tough setup for us… he could be right… but music to my ears.. hope McStay & team are listening..

  38. @Rake street yeah sure better off going in under the radar and we definetly are under dogs now. We really don’t do well as favourites but when we are written off we give a reaction (we’ll I’m hoping we do anyway..)

    So does oisin mcconville think we will loose to rossies to then? 3 qualify out of the group sure we will hardly loose all 3 games ..!

  39. Pebblesmeller, I think you might be on to something there. I like our management team but it’s true they don’t go for growling, snarling or being abrasive in general (it’s there to be tapped but we haven’t let it out).
    Maybe we need to bring more aggression, decisiveness and, bite (within the rules). Or old ‘intensity’, where are you gone?

    I’ve seen Aidan be like this and it transforms the team. Mattie had this yesterday. Paddy Durcan would frighten you when he gets going.
    As someone mentioned, Chris Barrett was a good example of aggression and determination.
    It seemed Galway were fired up yesterday and we were taking a more brain-centred approach. Let’s get in touch with our inner tigers or grizzly bears and see if this changes things. Impose ourselves. (I note we were trying to go for goals – 2 or 3 attempts early – to stamp ourselves on the game. Maybe they sensed they needed to against Galway).

  40. Do we play Dublin first?

    God if we get a hammering off them the mood will be as low as it’s ever been. And it will be Cavan and Roscommon All Ireland finals when they play us.

    It’s not impossible that we don’t get out but is unlikely. If we don’t get out then the plug must be pulled on mgmt.

  41. @Green&Red: Cavan in two weeks at MacHale Park, Roscommon two weeks after that in the Hyde (with Roscommon just a week after playing Dublin in Croker) and then Dublin two weeks later in a neutral venue.

  42. TsuDhoNim, thank God for that – the way they are laid out with Dublin coming in last.

  43. Cavan at home first which is good all things considered, get result there and we more or less through with two games to tweak things.

    Will be tough as they will be Uber defensively set up and try and punch on the counter. But with scored and chief gone they should not be able to rattle up a significantly high score to worry us.

    Not sure we will have Paddy back for it, so the team that played yesterday will likely have another chance to prove themselves.

  44. Oisin McConville talking absolute manure as per usual.

    He has been constantly having digs at Mayo managment since the ticket he was on didn’t get selected.

  45. In fairness, everyone, it is a possibility we could lose to Cavan and/or Roscommon. I’m a firm believer in keeping this in our sights against any team we play against. Because, logically, it is always possible, and we’ve had enough near miss episodes over the years to prove this.
    And it keeps us properly humble, while we bring our tiger strides, our precision kick passes, our arrow accurate long range scores, our heavy metal symphony, our grizzly backs and so on to *assure the wins* on the field on the day.

  46. Pebblesmeller..Excellent post..It’s exactly how I feel about it..” Grit” was the word I used during the week to describe what would be needed to win that game.I dont feel we have it..
    That Donegal have taken on and beaten both Derry and Tyrone in recent weeks is testament to the Mc Guinness effect..He clearly knows what he wants from.his players and they are responding…
    So disappointed with the manner of the loss yesterday..

  47. How many of our players would make the Dublin team? ROD and paddy durcan, maybe David mcbrien on his day.
    We simply don’t have the players it will take 5-10 years before we can build a squad with a realistic chance of winning an all Ireland.

  48. Tony Freeman, what part of his comments in the pod referred to do you feel was manure??

  49. Gizmobobs – What basis do you think Mayo will finish bottom of a group with two division 2 teams in it ? One we have beaten twice already this year and the other missing their star player.

  50. First port of call when we lose especially in such a disappointing fashion is to blame the management. We have been doing it for years from conceding a 6 point lead v Meath in 1996 to making a load of changes when we picked up an injury in 1997 final through our two hidings in finals of 2004 and 2006 to not realising Dublin were out on their feet in 2013 to Rochford dropping Clarke for 2016 replay not to mention the 2021 final etc etc etc. While some criticism may be valid, so much comes down to the players. Our players did a lot of positive things yesterday but conceding 3 Scóreable frees in injury time ( 2 hugely debatable) is player (or referee) error. Some remarked earlier we have the best full forward line in the country.. No we don’t. It’s not as good as the Galway full forward line. Calls all week made for McBrien to mark Comer. He did but credit to Comer he is excellent. If Diarmaid had not been brought on we would all be asking why, but he came on and was disappointing. If Cillian had not been brought on we would have said he is a much bigger scoring threat than Aido. Joyce allegedly won the sideline battle yesterday. Did he really outsmart our management team or did Galway get 2 highly contentious frees to sneak over the line.Its absolutely fierce disappointing today, losing to our great rivals in the manner we did and it’s so natural to look for someone to blame. My opinion is that we are no more than an ok team at the moment. We have lots of good players, but few outstanding ones.. You look at some of the forwards in other counties and can only envy them. Ryan is quite good but was well bottled yesterday. Even our possibly best player, Paddy was out with injury and our defensive unit often looks under pressure despite not conceding goals in the last two games. That’s where we are at the moment, below the top 3 and capable of beating or losing to the next 6 or 7. We will have to show a huge mental toughness to get out of the group now. Anybody who is arrogantly looking down their noses at Cavan and Roscommon need to wise up. Cavan are hugely competitive, solid defensively and have already beaten Monaghan and taken Tyrone to extra time. They have lost their excellent full forward, but will be rested and refreshed against a disappointed Mayo team. Roscommon won’t be too bothered about the Dubs in their first game but will definitely target Mayo in the second. They are not far behind us and have the forwards to really trouble us. As for Dublin, there is no point thinking about them or where that match will be yet. They know they have out number in the championship. We ran them closely in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017, While we caught them in 2021, their margins of victory over us in 2019, 2020 and last year would suggest that they won’t worry too much about us regardless of the venue. A big ask for team and management to mentally pick themselves up now. . Hopefully they can do it.

  51. David McBrien, the player who endured a torrid time yesterday at the hands of the genial Annaghdown man Damien Comer..A year earlier McBrien scored a wonder goal in a very fine display by the Ballaghadreen young man the ended Galway’s involvement in Championship 2023 in a one point victory for Mayo. But something almost a carbon copy of what happened …Mayo going into the final five minutes in 2023 were in almost total command but we almost grabbed defeat out of the hands of victory, the final whistle came as a mighty relief…Managing out games dosent seem to be in our DNA ..We always play as if we were 3 points down.

  52. Cavan folk looking in on this blog will be licking their lips.
    They hockeyed division 1 monaghan and lost to tyrone by a point after extra time, a lot if those lads have ulster medals

    Granted, the loss of Paddy Lynch (the top scorer in the country) should be fatal to their chances,if we was there the ambush would be on. As it it, his loss should mean mayo dispatch them. Its like derry without mcguigan or tyrone without canavan

    I’ll repeat myself, the sh1te talk all last week of being happy to be in group 2 was so shortsighted, unless you top the group its a last 12 game against Armagh/Galway/Derry. None of those are favourable

  53. Tony Freeman, I don’t think we will finish bottom I think we will finish second or top.

    Did you actually listen to the Pod or are you going off hear say ?? He said it’s a possibility and could be more difficult than some people think.
    Based on how we done last year against Louth and Cork is that not fair comment??

    He also thinks Mayo are a good team, but does not think they are set up/structured correctly. Would you disagree with that?

  54. We ‘SHOULD’ always play as if we were 3 points down..I should have said.

  55. I’m amazed too with McStay praising Gough after getting at least 2 of the 3 last calls to award frees against us wrong. Tommy clearly got the ball away cleanly.
    The pass to Loftus who had poor awareness,was not the pass to play but even so Loftus was taken up and shaken like a rag doll,so a free our there surely.
    But McStay will go out of his way to praise everyone…he couldn’t even call out Small for his thuggish jaw-break tackle on Eoghan Mc ffs,in case someone might get offended. ”Looked pretty square on to me”says he.This gives out the message that this gang will put up with any shit we throw at them.

  56. Tony Freeman if I recall correctly we lost to a division 2 team last year in the group and bet the other by a point in Mchale Park.

    Not to mention the team that hammered us out the gate in Croke Park in the QF played Div 2 football that year.

    The last thing we need it to be expecting the Cavan and Roscommon games will be easy going. However I would expect us to finish second.

  57. Gizmobobs – “Having watched Cavan against Tyrone, thinking about the lessons they are going to learn from that game, it’s really difficult to see Mayo coming out of that group”

    Pick and choose bits and pieces from the interview you want to back up mcconville but the above is exactly what he said.

    He has been having a go at the Mayo backroom team since before a ball was ever thrown in under them.

    He is also praising Galway for pulling off a masterstroke and their best performance since 2022, yet it took 3 frees inn during extra time and a last minute kick to win the game by 1 point.

    If Mayo had saw out the game he would probably be saying we are all ireland contenders.

  58. I suppose money is the driving factor in the Gaa now, don’t upset the bosses in Croker for fear Funding may be cut or stalled.

  59. Green&Red – Not saying either team won’t beat us but we certainly won’t be finishing bottom of the pile. There will be good odds on Cavan and Roscommon to beat Mayo. You will be a rich man if you back it.

  60. I don’t buy the line that we don’t have the players to be a top team.
    The same Donegal team that was in pieces over the last few years are a different team this year. Arguably the same players.

    Shane Ryan, the Kerry goalkeeper, who was criticised high up and low down and really taken to town in past years for his apparent ineptitude is now a highly regarded All Star.

    Conor Gleeson, the Galway goalkeeper, one of two Galway keepers, who were heavily criticised, is now heroic.

    The newcomers to the Dublin team, who were supposedly nowhere near the level required at top class intercounty and far removed from past greats, are in 2024 part of a team who are favourites to win the Sam Maguire.

    Derry, who were in Division 4, a few years ago are now Division 1 League Winners and All-Ireland contenders.

    The young Kerry players between 2018 and 2021 apparently didn’t have the right stuff, but they are All-Ireland contenders.

    Sligo were minnows but they almost beat Galway a fortnight ago.

  61. Really disappointed in the result yesterday. A game we should have won and somehow managed not to. We should have been well clear by half time but to much lateral, keep ball, and possibly game mgmt tactics at play aka Dublin (contain and caution in first half and try an win in the 3rd qtr.

    Lads got into scoring positions and didnt take the shot. Galway were very poor in the first half apart from the few balls that went to Comer. We could see very early that Comer was fit and well (best shape in years I would say) and Galway were sending direct ball into him anytime they could. A sweeper was needed for us when we didn’t have the ball – the threat was there and it wasn’t addressed. I like Jordan and Fergal but I thought both should have been subbed earlier. Cillian IMO was needed for his cuteness after about 20mins. Galway were pumped and aggressive and we weren’t at the same pitch.

    There were some positives so not all doom and gloom. A few tweaks here and there by the side line could have made a huge difference yesterday – but will they have learned from it ? hope they will but not guaranteed.

    On Galway I dont buy that this was a PJ masterclass or anything – they were lucky enough to win it and I’m of the view we threw this one away. Comer kept them in it and Walsh probably won it for them. How far will both teams go from here is hard to know. Galway will be very predictable for opponents (defend deep and hit quick ball into Comer/Walsh) they wont be able to change that style much with some pace constraints. Some will say we are predictable to ..

  62. @Tony freeman if he thinks that’s galways best game since 2022 we’ll they won’t be going further then the quarters as you said it took 3 questionable frees against us to win it. We were the better team for most of but we just didn’t take our chances.

    Galway where there for the taking we fecked it up and yes gough didn’t help but we beat ourselves this game reminds me of the Cork game in lots of ways to.

  63. Also meant to add that I’d hope the players and mgmt are hurting the right way on this one. A game we should have won and now mentally tuned in to we wont let that happen again mindset

  64. Are groups 1 & 2 Paired for the preliminary QF draw supermac? Can find no mention of this anywhere

  65. @Supermac: “… unless you top the group its a last 12 game against Armagh/Galway/Derry”.

    We’ll avoid a repeat with Galway again right up until the final where possible (with the semi-final the only real opportunity for enough clashes to force the meeting).

    Aside from that, it’s a straight 33% of any of the 3 sides outside Group 2 that finish 2nd if we finish 3rd or 33% any side that finishes 3rd if we finish second (with the odds shifting to 50% for any 2 sides if Galway are among the 3 in that position, with potential for other shifts on odds depending on any other Provincial Final pairing clashes popping up. Mainly Donegal/Armagh likely to happen there you’d imagine looking at the groups).

    Fair chance it could be any of ‘loser Armagh/Donegal’/Tyrone/Clare/Cork/Louth/Monaghan/Meath and a lesser chance of likely group toppers Derry/’winner Armagh/Donegal’ (and very surprising if it’s Kerry).

  66. Tony Freeman so you don’t think we could make life difficult for ourselves against Cavan and Roscommon and will waltz through? That’s fair enough, I think different based on how we faired v weaker opposition last year and threw away yesterday’s game despite dominating possession.

    So presumably you think we are set up and structured well currently based on the manure comment?

  67. @Pebblesmeller – you summed it up perfectly. Too many cooks and too many nice guys.

  68. Positives Keeper, Mattie and Tommy C made a good impact yesterday.

    Would put Diarmaid at 11 and Paddy as a 3rd midfielder/wing forward when back.
    Need more of a threat up front.

    One major issues is the lack of support for the man inside. ball gets won inside and then there’s a serious lack of some getting up to support him/take the pass off the shoulder. There’s no wonder we’re not putting away any goals playing like that

  69. Totally gutted Today after that loss to Galway. How many games does Mayo have to play in order for Management to get tactics right? I would like to know what drills are going on in Training sessions. It appears to me that lads are scared of taking on shots , scared of losing possession, scared of using their own brains out on the pitch both for passing and shot selection. It looks like Football skills and Intelligence is being dumped by Management and A totally UN MAYO way of playing Football is encouraged. Why is Mc Stay and Buckleys Tactics not being followed? Why is there no more kick passing, no running hard off the shoulder, no Quick decisive ball being moved to the Forwards? Aido, Tommy and ROD can cause major trouble inside but are not being used correctly and there is obviously NO ATTACKING PLAN in place. The Management LOST this game yesterday, wrong substitutions, No Sweeper in. Front of the Galway FF line, NO GAME PLAN. Surely if All of our bloggers can see what’s going on out on the Firld why can’t Mc Stay and Management NOTsee it??
    We have the players, experienced and Newbies, a good mixture but they are being held back by outdated tactics by Management who cannot read a game of Football.
    Will they learn anything for the Cavan game? Let’s wait and see.
    Go neirigh an tadh le Mhuigheo.

  70. It looked like David McBrien was instructed to mark Damien Comer from behind. Sure that’s just giving away the contest and giving Galway a constantly available target.
    What I would lay at mgmt door.
    1. They don’t seem to understand modern defence. It’s all out of date workrate high up the pitch Mayo lads up for the weekend happy heads sleeping on a couch in Rathmines. It’s out of date 100%. No modern defence coach was brought in. It was glaringly obvious it was needed end of last year.
    2. Playing wing backs as man markers.
    3. Starting Aidan instead of bringing on.
    4. No transition in modern way.
    5. Lack of loop plays and attacking plays.

  71. James Burke was in Ray Dempseys proposed management team with Oisin McConville, Declan O’Keefe former Kerry goalkeeper, Enda Gilvarry and Keith Higgins.When you look back how the hell where they overlooked now.

  72. If i had hair and was good enough to play for Mayo Young Finnerty would be going home to Fat Larry with a fat lip. Imagine if he did that to Keegan or Barrett or the likes of Seamus O Shea he would sleep for a week

  73. Achill75

    Great blend of youth experience and outside ideas. But instead it made far more sense to go with the old guard of Rochford and Buckley.

    But as the CB chairman said “Kevin and his team had that little bit more”. I think the whole county is still waiting to see that little bit more.

    Dempseys team was very impressive no doubt about it. And had men on it who knew the club game very well, as did Declan Shaws team.

    I’m not sure the next time the mayo job is available will there be as many names of that level quality interested.

    But let’s not forget we have the “most advanced” recruitment process in the county. Multiple interviews and selection panels. Apparently Dublin, Derry and Kerry use advanced statistical software and then best headhunters in the country to select their managers. They can’t compete with our level of innovation when it comes to selecting management teams, evidence of which can be seen with the current U20 setup.

    I’d be far more critical of the CB than I would our current management. They don’t have a clue what their doing or looking for.

  74. Fine margins and all that. If Ryan had put Mattie in after Gleeson was turned over then Gleeson would gave been run out of town.
    Fast forward 15 minutes and he is the hero after Gough gave them a handy one.
    We left Galway in that game too long and only have ourselves to blame.
    Great to see Tommy back on the scoreboard again. Could he have gone for goal instead of fisting it over at the end?

  75. Green & Red – I’m not sure what’s to be gained, two years on and in mid-season, from raking over the coals all over again the management selection process. I know you’ve diligently kept the flame alive on this topic at regular intervals since then but, really, is this worthy of debate yet again now?

  76. Given how things have progressed at senior and U20 level, current tax situation and the MacHale park pitch I think having a look at ourselves and internal structures may be no harm.

  77. All club members can have an influence going forward from their club AGMs and the motions they pass, to the delegates they put forward.

  78. Willie Joe,

    I’ll drop it now, but if we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again then it’s justified to call out.

    If anyone can tell me a competitive county that continues to recycle managers and selectors that have failed in the past, other then Mayo then I’m all ears.

    We hail it as a success in this county.

  79. Where do we want the Dublin game?

    Tullamore perhaps, Portlaoise? The Hyde.

    It’s anywhere but Croker for me.

  80. I just watched the game back. You take Damien Comer out of the equation Mayo would be Connacht Champions. Best forward on the pitch by a country mile. First free was a foul on him when he was through and could have goaled. He then kicked one himself and was fouled for another 2. Started the second half by kicking one on the run, made the goal chance for Maher with quick hands, made a point for Finnerty and was fouled then for another one.
    Keeping him fit is key for Galway because I believe he is virtually unplayable and will get sharper and fitter.

  81. Hyde or Croker for me, good big pitch anyway and hopefully players will seize initiative themselves and cut loose.

  82. Let’s see can our co.board grow themselves a little pair this time…if the need raises.
    Provided of course that we are still at the races at that stage. Not a foregone conclusion.

  83. Mayo v Dublin in Limerick maybe? I don’t think our management team performed either yesterday. Some baffling changes and I don’t think they are playing to the teams strengths.

  84. I agree regardless whether we’re still in contention or not, no way should we agree to Croke Park. We’ve been fecked about too often in the past.

  85. Gutted to have lost yesterday but probably a bit overreaction on here by some calling for heads mid-season. I’d usually agree with not blaming the ref but with 2 of the last 3 frees going to Galway when they could /should have gone to mayo at a critical time with no time to recover afterwards it put a whole different outlook on the game. If the Conroy /Maher one went mayo’s way (which the Galway support beside me agreed it should as we had a perfect view) and the Loftus incident at the end went our way which i think it should then mcstay and co have a national league and connacht title after 1.5 years and in decent shape heading to the group stages. It really is small margins though maybe we’re on the wrong side of the small margins too often. Regarding an earlier post about mcstay being too timid on the line compared to joyce I’m not sure how much that affects play. Anytime we saw Gavin or Dessie or Harte on the line you’d often wonder were they awake and these are all winners.

  86. When Aido went off against Roscommon we basically collapsed. Roscommon missed chances and looked tanked so it didn’t cost us.
    We nearly lost to 13 man Monaghan in the last few minutes a few weeks ago….at home.
    We have thrown away other games late on.. there is history there.
    Surely to Christ listening to talk of ‘learnings’ for years we would have learned something!!
    I went in to yesterday thinking we’d lose by 4/5. I knew it meant more to Galway, but as the first half went on I thought, we should win this game…
    Half way through the 2nd half, I was thinking, we are gonna do that thing we do where we should win a game and don’t win it…
    It must be psychological at this stage or something. We are doing it at every grade..
    @pebbles is right about the attitude of mgmt feeding down. Look at the fire and bite from Joyce, McGuniess, Coady… even Jack O Connor. They hate to lose, Take it personally.
    There will be a few players moving on this year I think it’ll be time to look outside the county for a proven winner to come in and change things at the top.
    Hopefully the current set up will feel the hurt and come out firing in the next 2 games and restore some pride. Then, the supporters some of whom are 30 plus years following this team will have something to shout about…

  87. – In the end Galway won because they got 4 frees in a row with two of them very soft. Absolute majority of referees only give frees like that in injury time if some is nearly knocked out.
    – Flip the result and have Mayo win by one point and consensus on here would be rightly praising Reape, giving kudos to our Mid field especially Mattie, seeing more flashes of form from Tommie, wondering was Sean Kelly even on the pitch such was Donnacha’s dominance of him etc
    – We would also be rightly giving out that we took too much out of the ball once we pass the 45 , that Comer was given too much space, subs were not great, too slow to get the ball forward etc.
    – Eventhough we lost by a soft free in injury time, in my humble opinion all the above still holds true but with one more negative we let the game slip because we did not play the ref…
    – New competition now and we may only be playing for pride and supporting for pride but at least do that.
    – Thanks WJ for the huge amount of content you put up on this blog.
    – Galway and PJ have every right to celebrate whatever way they wish, I am sure Tuamstar, Big Mike and Chesneychief are still celebrating and why not.

  88. Agree with a lot of that Olive. Not one of Gough’s better games. We fixed a few things, kick out, goalkeeping in every sense of the word, getting Mattie at full throttle, but bad shot selection has to be worked on – this means even more boring play btw.

    Some silver linings:

    * Our away game isn’t really an away game – The Hyde is one of our favourite pitches. Rather that fixture than Westmeath at Mullingar.
    * The Hyde also looks the best bet for the Dublin game, particularly if Croker is not an option.
    * That would mean very little travel; all to the good.

  89. Tough day on Sunday , but don’t agree with the level of doom and gloom. When the draw took place last week, I would have opted for the group we ended up in, given the choice. Galway may well come a cropper to Derry and an Armagh / Donegal. ( Fancy Armagh to win Ulster)
    I think they raised their game as it was Mayo in Salthill and they have been pretty poor all league. Granted most of their top lads were back, but I feel 1 or 2 injury’s and their year is over.
    Mayo were just ok, ROD was well marshalled, but Aido and Ruane were decent. No goals conceded, kick outs were an improvement. Felt Ruane should have gone for goal when Mc Laughlin stripped the keeper and Tommy had a decent goal chance at the end.
    My Silver lining was that we got into a position for the last kick to attempt an equaliser at the end. The last few frees were Very questionable and while I would be a huge advocate for Gough, this wasn’t his best game.
    More Chrissy Barrett steel needed throughout the team and It felt as if we didn’t really want it more than Galway did.
    Onwards we go. Maigheo Abu

  90. “We may only be playing for pride ” ?

    Is it not the Sam Maguire competition we are in , i cant keep up , whats this pride cup , is it an inbetween sam and tailteann cup ?

  91. I see McConville is now dismissing Kerry as candidates for Sam. I’m wondering if there’s truth in the adage, the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the oil. There’s something in the Ulster air in spring/summer that elicits crazy pronouncements. Cahir O’Kane wrote the reasons Dublin wouldn’t win Sam last yr… enough said.

  92. We are in the same position as a Derry or Tyrone, all to play for. I cannot see Derry lose to Galway considering their overall form this year. We have beaten the Dubs already this year and have no reason to fear them.
    Would like to see us full tilt for the next 3 matches and let the chips fall where they may. If we top the group we have a chance but if we are in a pQF it could easily turn into groundhog day. With Durcan back and hopefully Carr we have as good a chance as any on our day.

  93. Tony McEntee should have been head hunted even if he was Sligo Manager. Don’t be surprised if McGeeney steps down this year. And McEntee suddenly resigns as Sligo boss, I think he will be the next Armagh manager. I think Mayo have lost their chance.

  94. I have to laugh, Galway celebrating connaght title, like they won the AI. Only thing missing was the open top bus thru Tuam. But if Mayo done that, they be hung out on social media.

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