Monday match reports

New York v Mayo

Photo: @SportyDublin

Yesterday’s Connacht championship opener against New York wasn’t much of a contest and this is reflected in the match reports, which are all a bit on the thin side. For what it’s worth, here they are.

Nationals: Irish IndependentIrish Examiner, Irish Times.

Others: GAARTÉ, Sky (yes, they have started covering GAA matches now), The Score, Hogan Stand, Breaking News, Word in Sport.

I’m not sure when they’re showing highlights of the game but, with my thanks to Kenny, here are video clips of the two penalty goals scored yesterday by Cillian – first one, second one.

And that’s about it, really. You might want to cast your vote for our MOTM yesterday, though equally if, like me, you were only able to follow the action on the radio, you might choose to defer to some of those who were at the game (they said there were around 5,000 at it). I’ll leave that one up to you.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday.

15 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Wasn’t the game throw in time changed over here so that RTE could show the highlights last night. Don’t tell me after that they didn’t show them?

  2. anyone know if Sweeney and freeman were definitely not considered due to injury? seems strange neither got a run

  3. Freeman is injured but appears is not too bad – he was there, as was Caff. Barry Moran couldn’t travel (was advised not to medically)due a bad knock in training last week but is also fine.
    Mikey Sweeney was togged, did the warm up and wasn’t played. So the mystery remains on that one??

  4. Don’t think RTE were ever going to show the highlights. They brought it forward so they could give updates during the hurling highlights via ticker or captions or whatever the Montrose mandarins call them.

    RTE are an absolute joke. They treat the All Ireland finalists like dirt and then have the gall to criticise the ‘restriction’ that Sky represent. And, as for their ‘League Sunday’…

  5. Won’t be voting for Motm , as it would be unfair based on Midwest last night and Tg4 tonight. All we know for sure is, we won.The boys on MW thought D o Connor had gone off until he scored the goal and when Alan Dillon came on I don’t recall them say who went off, but we do know the no1 train from Manhattan passed by. Not good enough.

  6. The Midwest boys were all excited, I think Lionel messi could have played up front and they would not have known, it was that type of game. 3 and 4 water carrier lads on the pitch nearly the whole game advising lads on what to do
    But, as tommy tiernan says, ” sure we were havin the crack”

  7. Yes David , I know it’s a carnival atmosphere, I was there the last two times but they should remember that most of their listeners are 3000 miles away. I sometimes listen when I’m at the match and it’s fine when you can see for yourself , but not great when they are your eyes. Only helps to piss you off more, not being there.

  8. I wonder will there be a round of Senior Club Championships games before the next Mayo match on the 8th of June?

  9. Nephin

    I understand you, I was at the game so didn’t have to listen but I hear all the league games and they do those matches well enough.
    Remember they are amateur broadcasters and the best available to Midwest, Casey is easy to listen to I think.
    It’s either billy fitz or sport, take your pick

  10. Ok David,
    Thankfully I can go to the League matches and not have to listen, so I will drop it now.

  11. I am in the pro midwest corner, they were very enjoyable during kiltanes run to croke park last year , do a good job on the league games that TG4 dont carry and mikes build up to the match in new york was very enjoyable on sunday night , when there is no TV alternative then they are a great option.

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