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Mayo v IT Sligo


It’s Monday, there was a match yesterday and so it’s time for the usual round-up of reports on the action. First up, though, my thanks to Mike Kelly for his excellent piece on the game that was posted here on the site last night.

The Mayo Advertiser is the obvious place to start, containing as it does a match report, post-match quotes from Noel Connelly and a piece on the reason for Gavin Duffy’s late withdrawal from the starting fifteen yesterday. On that latter point, it was apparently a paperwork issue and the hope is that he’s be cleared to play next weekend against Roscommon.

Noel’s comments are worth a look. He speaks about when we can expect to see the more established players back in the saddle and also talks about how they’ve gone about integrating the new lads into the set-up. Their approach of putting these lads on S&C programmes a few months back would appear to be paying dividends, given the positive way the various debutants have performed in the two matches to date, and Noel admitted that it’s going to be difficult to trim the squad back down for the League. That, though, is a nice-to-have kind of problem.

From what Noel says, the management team also appear to have an extra FBD match – where, if we make the final, would be against Galway on Sunday week – in their sights so I’d say this could well be reflected in their team selection for Sunday’s final round match against Roscommon. If this is how it shakes out, it would of course also be a first meeting between the two counties under their respective new management teams and it’d also the only clash they’ll have ahead of our scheduled collision with the Tribesmen at Pearse Stadium in early summer.

Other news reports on yesterday’s game are available in the Mayo News, Irish Times (which is a round-up of all the FBD action), Irish Independent and Irish Examiner. Mayo Mick has a photo gallery of the action from Ballina.

Got to dash – busy Monday and all that. Have a good one.

29 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Really good that they recognised that fellas need several months strength work before they got their debuts. Many of these guys are much more physically developed now. Adam Gallagher, Evan Regan for example.
    Only two matches but it already looks like compared to last few years that there are more squad options from the FBD games.
    – Clarke/Hennelly/Vaughan/Cafferkey (Potential for there to be good competition around the square)
    – Some new young defenders to strengthen bench
    – Midfield – As well covered as always
    – Forwards – Regan/Gallagher showing up well

    But I’m hopeful there’s a minimum of 2 defenders 2 forwards have come through from this. Either starting or bench options. Going to be some really tough calls on the fringes of the squad.

  2. Jp , I agree 100% about the smart thing of getting them training months ago. It can only be good, and Mayo seniors will be stronger in. 2015 because of it.

  3. Great to see new players being blooded and so far very impressed with them. Duffy looks like top corner back so fast and determined. Hall and durkan are classy half backs. If both bulk up we will be spoilt for choice with drake boyler Keegan and Barrett also.

    Corduff is going well. Gallagher Douglas and regan look to have the class power and quality to be great additions to the squad.

    All looking good and add in Clarke being back. Maybe Vaughan as a fullback and things looking good.

  4. It was great to see us keeping a clean sheet too, the first I reckon since our Connacht final win over Galway. Also to see the three lads in the full-forward line all scoring from play and having eight scorers in total is a very encouraging sign as well. They are the main things that we need to improve on this year – concede less goals, be more solid at the back, score more from play up-front, have more players scoring from play and increase our mobility around the middle of the field. I know the opposition wasn’t the strongest but its always good to see the right principles being put in place. Roll on the Roscommon game!

  5. I reckon 3 new faces to be starting by championship. looks like we have better forwards coming through we will be the better for it.For this year I’d love if we got strong at the back under high ball .We looked very exposed last year when teams went through the middle. We went closing games out and a persistent problem with slow balls going into the forwards. We heed better supply of ball and we need decisive forward s.Nothing annoys me more than procrastination. Am I asking for too much? 🙂

  6. Cormac Reilly back reffing intercounty in OByrne cup yesterday (Dubs match) unf******believable

  7. I thought yesterday that the name of Peter Dravins did not ring a bell with me and when I checked the 2013 Co Final programme I found him listed in the Breaffy subs at No 34. Great progress to go from there to being a promising county senior prospect in just 15 months. Or was he out of football for a period in the run up to the 2013 championship? As I said yesterday I expect to see more of him.

  8. Peter Dravins had a persistant problem with his shoulder and had an operation which kept him out for 9 months. Thats why he was named as number 34 in the county final.

  9. Yes reillys starting were he left off.laois manager quesitioning him for not giving a penalty. His excuse was it was a technical least he’s consistent.

  10. Great to see David Clarke back in goals, he marshalls the defence from the square and meets high balls into the square with aggression, roaring for it. This is what was missing for our fullback line.
    Donal Vaughan is an option on the full back line with Cafferkey and Higgins beside him, depending on opposition.
    I thought Peter Davins from Breaffy looks the part on the half forward line, he has a physical presence, mobile and is an excellent foot passer, he gave long accurate passes to inside forwards. he seems to have loads of ability and would not look out of place in Croke Park. he reminds me of a young Aiden O Shea.
    Alan Freeman has got stronger and he knows where the posts are, the early ball really suits his play.
    Evan Regan has plenty of football in him, he is a natural forward, well fit to score, given half a chance, he needs more game time against big teams.
    I am looking forward to seeing Gavin Duffy, next sunday.
    Its a shame we have to trim down the panel, could we not keep a,” B” panel in training to bring on the fringe players, looking to the future.
    Just my opinion, for what its worth, looking forward to year ahead and good luck to
    management and team in, 2015.

  11. “mayomaningalway says, Nothing annoys me more than procrastination. Am I asking for too much? Wait a minute and let me see……………

  12. Outside of boot, I doubt very much that anyone has been cut yet, though there is one or two that will have seen the writing on the wall last year. It’s tough after all the work, nothing to show for it and then get dropped. But, on the plus side of it, Mayo should be stronger by a good bit in 2015 with these 20 lads trying to get jerseys for the panel at least.

  13. Great to see new guys impressing. I don’t except to see most of them playing regular football for Mayo just yet but we can can get 2/3 into the squad then it will have been a successful pre-season.

    Remember we have big names to come back too. Cillian was MOM against Cavan the other night and with our u/21’s going weel, should we be excepting a big year from them after a poor few seasons….would be very important to win Connacht at least at u-21 this year.

  14. I don’t think Mayo have been all that poor at that grade you must consider Connacht U21 have been very strong the last number of years Galway won two All Irelands and Roscommon reached two All ireland finals. Will be while before senior level Connacht reach that standard at the moment Mayo out on their own

  15. So now it transpires Gavin Duffy was never eligible to play for Mayo last year after all. So it was decided by the powers that be, that the Mayo faithful should be kept in the dark about this, presumably on the grounds that this news would be to much for us poor supporters to deal with, how childish this whole thing. Anyway it now seems likely that the necessary paper work will be completed on time for the Roscommon match, should that be so, it will be interesting to see if he gets any game time on Sunday.

  16. Surely, in spite of his age, an athlete like Gavin Duffy has got one hell of a good 30 mins in him; no matter where he plays. Last 30 mins of a game, now that’s an impact sub. Donaghy, God help you!!!!

  17. ”Great to see David Clarke back in goals, he marshalls the defence from the square and meets high balls into the square with aggression, roaring for it. This is what was missing for our fullback line.”

    Clarke is the man for the number one jersey , nobody will convince me otherwise.

  18. Couldn’t agree more sean.

    Would like to see someone tried at ff next week the likes of kirby or corduff.

    Anybody know what other new faces are there that we can expect to see next week

  19. If as a mayo supporter I am sick of certain players always looking for media attention I dread to think what supporters in counties such as kerry and dublin must think of them. Wish they would just keep the heads down and mouths closed until we actually win something.

  20. They don’t seek media attention. High profile players are invited to events n at these events there are media present. N I’d rather hear someone say something interesting than blah blah working hard etc. If a team was totally isolated like you’d like it that would be an extremely tiring n dull squad environment. In terms of Mayo AOS n Cillian will regularly be in the media. Same with high profile players in other counties.

  21. Agreed JP. Plus we have no reason as a county to keep our heads down or our mouths shut. Why should we give a fiddlers what Kerry and Dublin supporters think of us?

  22. How can a manager prevent his players from losing a big lead? Just keep scoring would be my thinking, and goals rather than points, surely there’d be room if the opponents were trying hard to claw back a deficit. In a perfect world Mayo would have a goal scoring specialist, a fella that isn’t allowed score points in training, goals or nothing. A crazy idea but goals are 3 pointers and they beat us in the last 3 years. Another thing is this, a big full forward and play it in high is what has killed us against Kerry several times, why are we not doing it to them?
    Maybe my ideas are too naive, but when I watch how we were beaten it seems so simple.

  23. “Clarke is the man for the number one jersey , nobody will convince me otherwise.”

    Clarke’s a very good keeper, brings a big physical presence to the position along with good shot stopping. But I don’t think his kick-outs are up to the level in the modern game. Tend to be high-hanging ones, rather than driven ones. Even the last day he kicked three high-ones into the wind in the first half that got caught on the wind and hung there. But that’s something that can be worked on I’m sure.

  24. Young Brian Reape has a county minor n u21 record unmatched as a goalscorer. I know he also has two rebound saves that were goaled by others. The idea of a goalscorer specialist will take root with teams. There are players who are much better at it.

  25. Clarke is a bigger man and better coming for a high ball but Hennelly is a better shot stopper and distributor of the ball. 2 top keepers that would be first choice in almost every other county. A great headache for Noel & Pat.
    Regarding keepers coming for crosses, a keeper coach once said that if you come for a ball, come with violence! Man, ball, women and children, take the lot. Lead with your knee, get it up good and high and into the back/ribs/chest of the incoming forward with it. Leave the forward in a heap and he wont be as fond of coming in for the next ball. Also, no keeper will ever have a foul called on him for that.

  26. @ Pebblesmeller, love your goalkeeper. My kind of man. In my day they used to whisper in his ear, ” kill the f….rs !!!!

  27. Last post on the whole Gavin Duffy episode.

    Finally, admission from PRO that he was ineligible to play for Mayo in 2104.
    County Board Officers and team management knew this.
    New management obviously did not know this, or they would not have named
    Duffy in the FBD game last Sunday.

    Then he had to be withdrawn.Egg on face straight away. Does anyone in Mayo GAA Board talk to new management bout lessons learned from the previous year. Seem to start with a new page every year. This is simple stuff. Any club officer that did this would be wrapped on the knuckles and rightly so. Not a word about it in local press this week.

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