Monday match reports

Mayo team v Kerry Feb 2013

Photo: Mayo Mick

It’s always fun to look at the papers when we’ve won the day before and today is no exception after yesterday’s NFL opening round win over Kerry. Here they are: Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Mayo Advertiser. There are also match reports online at GAA.ieRTÉ, The Score, Hogan Stand and Breaking News.

That lot should, I reckon, help to ease you through this particular Monday morning.

5 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. There’s a good report on the Irish Daily Mail and in a special comment box there is a paragraph headed “Mayo play it clean” where it points out that, in total contradiction of Joe Brolly’s views, the Mayo backs conceded only three frees, which were all missed by Kerry.

  2. hahahaha Joe Brolly will never say much god about Mayo until an All Ireland and even then it will probably be forced out of him . Yesterday was a solid win. There is just two things i worry about. Firstly the goal that kerry scored mirrored the goal Michael Murphy scored against us in the final . We need to tighten up under the high ball. Secondly id like to see all the forwards scoring on a more regular basis. To win an All Ireland its vital that we we have six lads up front confident of taken points from anywhere. But all in all good day out we look sharper than this time last year and we can now build on this win .

  3. A lot of the blogs on the previous thread seem to point to our lack of threat in front of goal yesterday. After the CF and QF last year the majority of complaints were about us being too greedy trying for goals. IMO getting scores from distance and tight angles is a great confidence builder and an even greater worry to pending opponents…… makes us very hard for others to plan for and to defend against………..if we had always taken our point in the past our history would have been written differently.
    I for one am very happy with an opening win and even more so that it was against Kerry …………this team know how to win and will over the coming year win and win well, this squad and management can cope with any opposition or conditions put in front of them , yes there may be a few blips but these guys learn fast.

  4. Also good to see James making the switches quicker. Cathal Freeman was not having a good day
    and was taken off at half time. James has to be ruthless.
    McLoughlin and Keegan need to be restored to their normal positions.
    I wonder if Feeney has started the All Ireland at number 11 would the outcome have been different ?

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