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It’s the day after our first championship match of the year and, as you’d expect, we’re all over the papers this morning. It was late when we finally made it back last night so I haven’t yet seen any of The Sunday Game analysis and I’ve a busy day today so I’ve only had a very quick scan of the match reports but here’s what’s out there on the day after we recorded a fifth straight championship win over the Tribesmen.

Irish Independentmatch report, quotes from Kevin Walsh (what he says about the amount of frees given against them is hilarious – if you foul endlessly, then you can expect to get pulled up for it) and Pat Holmes, a GIF showing the game’s two goals and a ‘five things we learned’ piece.

Irish Examinermatch report and a ‘three things we learned’ piece by Ray Silke.

Irish Times (paywall) – match report, post-match quotes.

RTÉ – match report, post-match quotes from Aidan O’Shea (includes video).

GAA – match report, post-match quotes.

Others: Mayo Advertiser, The 42 (match report, live blog, GIF of Sice’s goal – I make it eight steps before he shot), Breaking News, Hogan Stand.

That’s most of them, I reckon. Aside from that, don’t forget to vote in the MOTM poll if you haven’t yet done so. Aidan O’Shea is – as he was in Pearse Stadium all afternoon yesterday – out in front in this one and it looks like he could well be on his way to become the latest in a long line of players to claim this award and the GAA’s Football Player of the Week gong.  Have a good Monday y’all.

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  1. Football Player of the Week I’d imagine!
    Though hopefully, Football Player of the Year too.

  2. Thanks, Connelly’s Brigade – caught that error on a second reading after posting it. Trying to do things too quickly this morning!

  3. It was an interesting game from our point of view. Watched it on GaaGo and I must say, while I think joe brolly is an idiot he was spot on in his analysis of our weaknesses. Big perception out there that mayos forwards aren’t good enough, and its a load of nonsense. It’s the other end the problems are, the first galway goal came from a stupid ball by seamie and from the galway 45 they moved the ball into the Mayo net without a glove being laid on the them by Mayo. Cummins got a goal you’d be disappointed to see a club team concede. He almost snuck in for a third even!!
    When Donegal and kerry go 6 points up its goodnight Vienna, game over. When your playing Mayo and we go 6 points up, rest assured you will get a few goal chances to get back in the game. Time and time again we’ve seen it. Unless it’s fixed it will cost us again this year. We should be looking at 3 in a row AIs if the defensive system was better the last few years.

  4. Everyone played really well, but our half backs are still soloing too much. Love to see early quality ball delivered to Aido, he will do damage. However having him at FF and then carrying the ball too much out the field, causing all the space inside to be closed up will be a disaster against the better sides. Therefore, we either abandon the soloing, running game and just kick long to AOS all the time, or else bring him back outfield and continue the same gameplan we have had for 4 years. We can’t do both. Im concerned that’s what we will try and do though this summer.

  5. Not sure where to start. I was disappointed with the performance. Referee didnt help with blowing up all the time instead of letting play develop. If we play like we did yesterday we will not win a Connaught final. To me it doesnt look like we are playing as a unit .When we take ball out of our own defense it looks labored and doesn’t look to have any rhyme or rhythm and yet there was 2 occasions yesterday when we changed gears one was when we got the goal so its in them when they want. We still look suspect when Galway ran at us which was the build up to their goals. We have to straighten up our lines . Teams like Donegal, Dublin will have a field day running at us. Thats enough negativity out or me. I thought Keane played very well yesterday. Spotted a few of the lads out last nite . It looked like a very low key outing and they certainly weren’t celebrating beating Galway for 5th year in row. Hopefully better to come 🙂

  6. Agree that our main priority MUST be our defence… you could have driven a bus through the gaps in our defence yesterday. Galway created more goal scoring opportunities yesterday – on another day Cummins wouldn’t have been called up for overcarrying and he would have been clean through on goal.

    We will win absolutely nothing until we clog up our defence. We have 5 weeks to work on this before roscommon and I would hope this is what will be done.

    I dont think we know how lucky we are that we have AOS a guy who we can put in at 14 and lump ball down to. Very few teams have a monster in there who can win 50/50 on a regular basis – and have COC and Ronnie either side of him and that’s a potent attack. I’d keep Andy in reserve.

    We need to sacrifice someone in the half forward line and play with 7 fulltime defenders and with even more filtering back as soon as we lose possession. It’s not pretty but if we can stop other teams playing then hit good direct ball into our full forward line we could beat any team.

    Keep going as we did yesterday and as we have done in the league and we will win nothing. The problems aren’t the players we have, its the system we play – which is what makes the past few years so frustrating.

  7. Any update on the injury front from yesterday yet? Alan Dillon had ice on his hamstring, not sure what the story was with Andy and Cillian, and Aidan was still holding his arm after the game. Hope the 5 week interval until the Connacht final is plenty for recovery.
    Well done all yesterday, it was a hard fought battle that Mayo won.

  8. Pick Vaughan as a forward and play him as a sweeper Mayonaze?

    Would make use of his athleticism and power while freeing him up from man-marking – and he’d still have the legs to power forward when required…

  9. I noticed SOS putting the head down and running into a group of galway players and then getting over turned on a couple of occasions. The half backs are labouring with hand passes and should give good quick ball with diagonal passes for our corner forwards to run onto. Hope Aidan is ok. Good test for Mayo, it blew the cobwebs and plenty to work on before the final. Maigh Eo Abu!!!

  10. First game in and beat Galway in their back yard by 4 points, think some credit is due. Some players are due a few big games such as McLoughlin, SOS, Vaughan, Higgins, Keegan etc and when that happens we will be hard to beat.

  11. I noted a lot of players running into traffic yesterday. they need to look up when on the ball.

    I would go with the following team for the connaught final

    Keane – purely to rough up Senan Kilbride
    Mc Loughlin
    D o Connor
    Andy Moran

    Thought Cunniffe struggled badly yesterday, what are people thoughts?

  12. I’d pick 15 for a start ^^ :p 😀

    I’d imagine it’ll be same team really, maybe Vaughan in but I can’t see him dropping Barrett or TC. Unless Donie gets DOC’s place in the forwards

  13. Disagree, either Barrett or TC could lose place as Donie looks too good by far to leave off and Caff is one of our 2 full back options the other being Keane. What’s point in grooming Keane for FB and playing TC there.. shouldn’t be played there again this year and Caf maybe better option than TC at corner back. Neither Keane nor Barrett did much wrong yesterday, Keane quiet by league standards but maybe because played out of position and did his primary job of defending well, made a great block for shot on goal late in game.
    Barrett was looking to any of the 4 lads stuck out at left half back to help him out before committing to tackling Sice for that goal. If he went to tackle there was acres of room in behind but even if just one of the 4 came across he could have gone for Sice with less risk. Once Sice dummied Tom P, he was unstoppable.
    TC had a good 2nd half but should he be risked against Ros? How much training did he miss?
    In contrast Caf seems to have been injury free all winter. Even Keane could lose out but I’d be hoping to see him in few tough championship games after such a good league.

  14. Cunniffe did struggle badly in the first half but he was essentially playing full back, hes our second best corner back after higgins, so I dont think it would be fair to drop him after yesterdays performance. So if Keane is not playing full back would that mean we need Caferky to come back in, personally i think he has been treated abit unfairly by alot of people, i have nothing against keane but what has he done to put himself ahead of Caff, and im not talking about training because i am not questing Connely or Holmes selection of him, but Mayo supporters who are only seeing the matches who believe Keane is now a better option than Caff who has an all star and was considered one of the best full backs playing before the Kerry match last year?

  15. galway seemed to think the high ball into mayo square would work and it will, only not with the forwards that galway have. dublin, donegal and kerry will have noted it and Mayo need to have a plan in place to deal with it. clarke was good yesterday but should have driven galway man and ball to the 45 meter line instead of waiting and letting the galway lad touch it and then saving it, but as bad as that was , the galway keeper was extremely daft with that act of lashing at the ball like he did. I seen a junior club forward one time turn away from a goalie clearing a similar ball and it going into the goal off his backside, funny stuff for all involved at that level but no fun when you bust your ass training and give up dumb goals like that at county level. Carrying the ball into tackles was another Mayo issue yesterday, but they still won, and will win a few more rounds easily before the hard part comes in a semifinal where we need to know what we are doing on the field.
    any word on how the injured players are today? and if evan regan might be available for the next game?

  16. I thought Cunniffe was poor in first half yesterday. Full back really doesn’t suit him. I think I’d play Cafferkey, Keane, Higgins in the full back line. Caff prefers corner back and plays very well there. Definitely think he deserves to be in the first 15.

  17. “What’s point in grooming Keane for FB and playing TC there”

    I’d say it was a match up issue rather than just moving Keane out of FB. Cunniffe would have been primed to mark Comer regardless of where he went. In this day and age numbers on the jersey don’t matter near as much as before. It was the same in our 2012 campaign with Keane. Keane is much more suited to Patrick Sweeney anyway than he would be Comer who is more rangy and wiry. The Killannin man is talented but a bit ponderous

    I’d be very surprised if he left out Cunniffe who is really such a crucial player, and Barrett was arguably our best back yesterday (defence wise). He’ll go with all 7 down the line I’d suspect (Vaughan wearing 10 or 11), but whether he uses Donie as an impact sub again versus Ros remains to be seen. They may well do, given he can essentially come on anywhere if they need it

    There’s no need for any changes in my view, I’m not one for changing a winning team anyhow. That team is well good enough to beat Ros and now have a champ game under their belts. it’s a 21 man game anyway these days, we have a good enough bench to use a player after 20 mins if it’s required.

    That said an injury or two might well crop up in the meantime which renders such speculation meaningless more than a month out from the game, tbf

  18. Right, a few thoughts on yesterday’s game.
    Have absolutely no time whatsoever for Joe Brolly but he was bang on the money yesterday. As were the lads on last night’s Sunday Game. Mayo went man for man in the first half in their backs. Madness. Against quick pacy forwards, it was crazy fare and only for the face that we have incredibly talented guys like Cunniffe and Higgins there, we could have had a massive score put up against it. If we have guys like Doc and Diarmuid O’Connor who can work, get them back there and then break. What we were doing yesterday was folly. Admittedly, they seemed to change it a bit in the second half but the second goal was so easy, it was ridiculous.
    On that, what was Doherty’s role yesterday? He isn’t quick enough to be a full forward but he wasn’t being used at the busy, hard working half forward as what he was last year. He was anonymous for long stages but I’d be more critical of the role he was supposed to be playing. Why not have him back and then pushing up?
    The first half showed us that we have a serious lack of pace in the forwards. Our full forward line in particular was very one paced. Ronaldson made a huge difference when he came in. He was nervous for the first ten minutes but from then on, he was winning ball in front of his man, laying it off and was always an option. He’ll need to start from here on in, as the lack of pace in our forward line was very noticeable.
    In the same token, Vaughan was a huge plus when he came in. In terms of pace alone and power, he’ll need to be back. Possibly in place of Barrett? Or even as a half forward playing as a sweeper? I’m not sure but there’s definitely a place for him in that team.
    Cillian showed all the hallmarks of a guy coming back from injury and his 45 and sideline showed that. Still, he did what he was there for with some excellent frees and a good point from play. He’ll improve with every game played.
    I didn’t think Seamus had his best game ever nor Kevin, too patchy for my liking but they’ll improve. The fact that Mayo hadn’t a competitive game for ten weeks isn’t lost on me either. They will get better and they showed signs of that in the second half.
    Still, the lack of a coherent defensive system is a big worry at this stage. I thought that is where Mayo were going in the League – it seems they’re not and it worries me. I repeat, you’re playing with fire going man for man. Higgins is the best corner back in the country, bar none. Yet O’Donoghue took him for four points from play last year with that system of going man for man. It needs to be sorted out and pronto.
    Maybe it’s a thing of horses for courses and that we’ll see a huge improvement defensively against Roscommon. It was good to win in Salthill again. And with Aidan O’Shea in your team, you always have a chance. He is our best player bar none and was absolutely outstanding yesterday. And the reaction in the second half was heartening. So it’s not without positives. But I’m inclined to agree with Brolly. You couldn’t see the requisite improvements from last year to really believe this team has a shot at an All Ireland. Time will tell!

  19. Would keep Vaughan in reserve.

    Would not start Ronnie but would bring him in fairly lively (20 mins)

    If anyone to lose out would be Jason.Seems to be this myth that he is on because he is hardworking but surely they all need to work hard and chase and harry.

  20. I can’t see Evan Regan featuring in this year’s champ, unless we have an injury crisis up front- barring him putting up cricket score exhibitions for Ballina perhaps

  21. magic magic,

    What do you mean by Vaughan in at half back instead of Cunniffe? Cunniffe did not play at half back yesterday.

    I was not unduly impressed by either Keane or Ronaldson yesterday. The logic of moving Keane to the corner and playing Cunniffe full back, where I cannot recall him playing ever before, beats me. In my opinion Caff is our best full back.

    Another issue which caught my mind was what our alternatives were if Aiden O’Shea were either injured or needed at midfield. Freeman is the only player I could see playing there and he is very hit and miss at full forward. In my opinion he would be much better at corner forward and he has played a few good games on the wing too over the years. There is no logic whatever in having both Ronaldson and Mikey Sweeney in the subs list. They are too similar and too similar to Alan Dillon too. I would have Danny Kirby, or possibly Conor O’Shea, in there instead of Sweeney or Ronaldson, We definitely need Freeman as alternative freetaker were Cillian to be missing.

    Regards Galway’s two goals, they were largely the result of loose marking and players ball watching. Where was Sice’s marker when he got his goal? And who let the Galway defender solo alone into our defence for their second? In that situation defenders are on a hiding to nothing as they face the extra player if the attackers are worth their salt. I thought that when we went six points up in the second half there was an air of “job done” about our team and the work rate dropped just a notch or two. Sign of a tired team?

  22. Yeah Ciaran, and there’s the small matter of him recovering from his collar bone injury before he can even be considered

  23. Mayo passed the test with ease yesterday, but you have to consider the opposition, which I thought was poor enough. I expect a much sterner test probably from Roscommon in the final. I cannot for the life of me see the experiment of having AOS in the forward line working against better teams. Yes he can win and hold the ball up, but his point’s return is low. Galway did panick every time he got the ball, but against a more experienced back line, he wont have it as easy. The backs didn’t perform well at all yesterday, which to be fair is not like them.
    Its still early in the summer and Mayo can and will improve. Its too early to say but I cannot see an All Ireland in this team, as effectively I don’t think they can adapt their game to match the opposition, like what Kerry did last year to beat Donegal. Until we can adapt our game we will never win ina shoot out. Have to admire Moran and his point from what seemed like an impossible angle. The man still has it.

  24. Any word on AOS hand/elbow?
    Be great to hear that it was just a knock and nothing more serious.

  25. Have the Connacht council confirmed where the final will be played, or are they waiting for Saturday’s other semi? Their website still has the venue as TBC.

    From memory, we played both Sligo and Roscommon away last time we met, so you’d imagine the final would be in Castlebar.
    I know there’s an issue with our home/away agreement ending with Roscommon (due to the Hyde not being able to host a final), is that why no announcement has been made?

    Surely it would make sense to have the final in McHale park. If it is the Rossies we play, then we can travel to the Hyde next time, their ground should be up to spec by then.

  26. Ronaldson did well when he came on. Usual thing people see him beat out physically for one ball n draw a line through him. He scored a great point and won a difficult ball with his pace on left wing which he got a free for.
    Vaughan suits more last fifteen minutes as he is not quick over 10 yards. Has a good rangey stride after 10 yards.
    We highlighted one main issue in the league. Half backs soloing into contact n not releasing early. Right now it is the main reason we cannot win an All Ireland. If we correct this flaw we can be right up there as contenders. Needs to be worked on n corrected in training. Hero football wins nothing.

  27. Team for Conn Final based on needing to get best 15 on the pitch and a team suitable to play the likes of the Dubs if we get that far. The next match is the last chance to do any experimenting.





    B Moran



  28. Just seen something on twitter about Andy, after those 2 great scores I hope he’s ok.

  29. Can I just repeat my post of two days ago, and twice before that, as i feel that maybe now, after yesterday’s performance it might be relevant.
    “Everybody is still ignoring that fantastic second half defensive display against Donegal in the league. In all my many years years following Mayo that was the best ever piece of defending I have seen. Donegal had nowhere to go. For the experts who claim you cannot attack from a defensive situation, Mayo created 12 scoring chances which included 11 crazy wides and missing an open goal. This defence was organised.
    My predication for Mayo this year, once again, is, that if they continue with this defence and the forwards do their jobs, Mayo can beat ANY TEAM in the country. If they don’t defend this way, that’s a different story.”

  30. 3 questions.
    Anybody know what the attendance was yesterday.
    Anybody know how many wides we hit yesterday.
    Anybody know where the Connacht final will be played if v Ross or if v Sligo. I’m hearing different info from different people.

  31. Nice to have beaten the Tribesmen again in their home ground.
    Most of what’s to be said has already been covered by other posters, agree that we need to improve our defense urgently, half backs should hold their positions and deliver the ball long, no point in running 20m getting turned over and leaving the line exposed when a well kicked ball can cover twice the distance in a fraction of the time…………..same for the ball into the forwards, quick accurate ball and we are going places.
    Kevin Mc gave a few of those yesterday, Higgins and Parsons also…….. No need for a complete blanket, a sweeper to cover any runs made by the HB line…………..Brolly right about the head down heros into a blind alley.
    MaighEo Abu

  32. According to the Western, Dillon has a groin strain, and Andy was walking relatively freely with an ice-pack strapped to his left knee – this is the leg he broke before as opposed to the torn cruciate leg. Sounds like just a bang to the knee or maybe a slight twist?

  33. The attendance was just over 20,000. 20.500 or something.
    Can’t help you with the other two.

  34. @ Jim Flag

    Attendance was 20,254. We hit 5 wides, but I don’t think that tells the whole story – I recall Cillian missing a few frees, Lee Keegan & Mark Ronaldson 1 each, but Cillian’s sideline ball and McLoughlin’s free were very wayward indeed.

  35. Jim Flag,

    The attendance was announced as c.20,250 yesterday at the match. According to Indo match stats Mayo had 5 wides yesterday, 2 in the first half, 3 in the second. As for the CF venue, if we meet Rosc its due to be in McHale Park under the home/away arrangement. The issue of Hyde Park’s capacity should not arise until they are due a home final. If it’s Sligo in the final the only option is Salthill as a neutral venue.Or, although its unlikely Sligo might opt for convenience of themselves and everybody to play in McHale Park.

    It has occurred to me that if we do make it five in a row that feat alone is bound to give the team a huge lift. Something that even the greats of 48 – 51 were unable to do.

  36. Had a rewatch of first half tonight. Parsons extra mobility was obvious. Can cover the ground on or off the ball. He played quite well. Showed good toughness when shouldered in the chest by Comer. Diarmuid OConnor did a lot of smart things on the ball. Jason Doherty fought for two balls n that was it in 37 minutes, no blocks, no turnovers of an opponent, no kickouts, no scores or assists. That is very quiet at this level with Mayo on 50%+ posession.

  37. A great win in Salthill again. This was a great day for Mayo football and for this great team and management. While Galway tried hard they lack real quality. Their hard man approach is an attempt to mask their football shortcomings. When Mayo came back out in the second half they meant business and set about winning the game. That for me was the best thing about this win. Mayo have some real hunger and ambition. Hope we get the Rossies in Castlebar for the final, just for old time sake.

  38. 5 wides is a fairly low count, shows we’re shooting from smarter positions and probably plenty of drills upped the skill. Went on pitch after and quite a breeze compared to terrace. Helped us in 2nd half. Anyone figure out how the hell Andy scored that first point. There was an eerie silence until people figured out it was a point.
    Turnovers against us count was poor and self inflicted from running into traffic, Barrett, Seamie and Aido all caught and maybe one or 2 more. Barrett’s was one was very obvious he would be swamped. Anyone ever see it happen to Gooch, he always gets rid of the ball before too late. Not too many kicked mistakes, Kevin Mc had 2 and Leroy hit one straight to a Galway man was presumably colour blinded by sun.
    K Mc did some good work though and even fielded a few in the middle. Jason if tried next day should be at half forward in usual role as he didn’t have much impact, new position maybe not suited young DOC could be listed 15 instead and drift out to help.
    Don’t get me wrong overall good performance but these are some if the things we need to sort.
    A lot of longer kick passing drills needed as the lads who tried it were usually successful in finding a man but the half backs mostly solo or short pass.

  39. Okay. Thanks Connellys brigade, Digits and AndyD.

    5 wides is not so bad at all.

    Good to see Mayo actually close out a game in the dying minutes even if it wasn’t pretty. (keegan laying on the ball possibly a trick learned from Kerry last year). Running down the clock and frustrating the opposition.

    It would be nice to have the Rossies in Castlebar for the final. Lets see what happens in Sligo this weekend.

  40. I’m happy enough to be honest. A tough championship match like that is worth any amount of challenge games or A versus B games. That game will bring us on a huge amount and I am quietly confidant of beating the much hearlded Rossies, if, and it’s by no means certain, they get out of Sligo with a win.
    Joe Mc makes a great point above, and I read it on another post last night, that our defensive display v Donegal in the league was as good as anything I’ve seen from a Mayo team. We can do that again when we really need to, not in Salthill but Croke Park. We don’t need to show our hand just yet, everyone is writing us off and saying that we’ve missed our chance etc etc, blah blah but all we need is a little tweak here and there to get us over the line and it is in our defensive structure that the improvement must come from. As we sharpen up and get up to match speed our backs will tighten up, the gaps that were evident between the Galway forwards and our backs will close up, our shape will be more settled and we will play more consistently throughout the 70+ minutes. That will all come with time.
    We are all long enough on the road to know that this time of the year is just about getting the wins to get to Croker for the August bank holiday weekend. It’s not about playing champagne football and kicking 4-25 or whatever. It’s about muck and bullets and doing enough to progress.
    By the way, am I the only one that is puzzled as to the rave reviews being lauded on Keith Higgins? I thought it was one of his worst performances in a long time. Gave Cummins way too much room inside, was way too loose and tried to defend from the front and rely on his pace to get him back in position. No doubt he was very good going forward and some of his foot passing was terrific, but as a defender, I think he needs to be tighter.
    That will all come in time. Game 1 of 5 done and dusted. We move on.
    Hon Mayo.

  41. It’s getting ridiculous the fouling on AOS without punishment . Its like he is being punished because of his physical presence and ability to burst through. Very frustrating as it’s being happening for three years now. Wake the fuck up referees . Thought Hughes had a stinker and done nothing for the flow of the game.

  42. To be fair to the ref, Sean, he did penalise a number of fouls on Aidan yesterday (making him one of the first refs in recent times to do so). A number of Cillian’s eight pointed frees came from fouls on Aidan and these scores one of the main reasons we won the game.

  43. Five and that was what I meant , Hanley should of been in the book after five mins and then obviously Hanley wouldn’t of been as keen to foul and we could of seen a goal or two from AOS.

  44. That’s true, of course, Sean – there’s no way Hanley should have lasted as long as he did given the number of fouls he committed.

  45. From Twitter last night;

    Mayo GAA confirmed last night that the Connacht Final will be played in Castlebar.

    Mayo GAA ?@MayoGAA 20h20 hours ago
    Mayo will now play either @sligogaa or @RoscommonGAA in the @ConnachtGAA final on July 19th. #Mayogaa #gaa
    8 retweets 19 favorites
    Reply Retweet8 Favorite19

    Cliona O’Gara ?@clionamully 19h19 hours ago
    @MayoGAA venue??
    0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    Mayo GAA ?@MayoGAA 18h18 hours ago
    @clionamully @Elverys MacHale Park

  46. Sheer relief that the final is set for Castlebar. Not sure I could face another trip to Salthill. It really is farcical that it was designated as a county ground. The traffic going in and out is ludicrous.

  47. JP – I also viewed it on the recording last night. Camerawork very poor and gave little appreciation of conditions -Pearse Stadium is also a problem on a really fine day as the sun makes it very difficult for defenders.

    Cameras also didn’t pick up more than 60% of the Galway off the ball stuff. And Finian Hanley? How did he last that long? Still he did hit the jackpot with his three cards at the end.

    Our wing half backs are a bit of a worry at the moment as is Kevin Mac’s foot passing. Patrick Durcan must be knocking hard on that door, and Donie will have to start. His marauding runs led to something other than a turnover to the opposition.

    And Andy? What a point to start! And what curmudgeonly reaction: Mayo’s forwards can’t score, and when a sublime one goes over, Tom Carr on commentary remarks that it was really meant as a cross. Marty M – defies geometry. Hey guys – outstanding score full stop.

  48. what changes would people make for the final?

    Clarke or Hennelly in goal?

    Vaughan in for cunniffe?

    whats the situation with Andy’s injury??

    who wasnt in the squad on sunday ??

  49. Well mayo 15th I think that because Clarke let in two goals on Sunday the lads will give the nod to Hennelly. As for Vaughan and tom I’d say Vaughan just because he made three great brakes down the wing as a posed to tom’s 0 . And finally Andy seems to be ok and trained on Tuesday evening so should be fit for five weeks time. Migh Eo Abu come on the yew.

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