Monday match reports

Mayo team AISF 2015

Morning all. I hope the heart rates are beginning to return to normal levels and that the voices are starting to recover. As my post-match audio will confirm, my own voice was well shot at full-time yesterday but it should be okay, I reckon, by around Wednesday.

So, here we are again with the kids gone back to school and our championship season still underway. With ten minutes to go yesterday I have to admit that I’d given up all hope of our rescuing it but the lads sure hadn’t given up. And they won’t the next day either, you know.

Right, time for a quick gallop through the coverage.

Match reports: Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Mayo Advertiser, RTÉ, The 42, Hogan Stand, Breaking News.

Quotes: Irish Examiner (Noel Connelly and Jim Gavin, more quotes from Noel and more quotes from Gavin),  RTÉ (Cillian O’Connor, Pat Holmes, Jim Gavin), Breaking News (Noel Connelly).

Analysis: Irish Independent (Eoin Liston, Eugene McGee), Irish Examiner (Tony McEnteeMossy QuinnJohn Bannon on the refereeing).

Overview pieces: Irish Independent (Vincent Hogan) and Irish Examiner (John Fogarty).

Others: Michael Verney in the Indo on all the dubious calls, Colm Keys in the Indo on McMahon’s head-butting of Aidan O’Shea and other filthy goings-on, Michael Verney in the Indo on what was said on The Sunday Game last night, John Fogarty in the Examiner on the McMahon head-butt, Paul Keane in the Examiner on the replay and some of the incidents from yesterday’s game.

It also looks like there’s load of coverage (the rugby notwithstanding) in the Irish Times but it’s all shielded away behind their pay-wall so there’s no point in linking to what’s there. You’ve more than enough to be getting on with that lot set out above in any case.

I have to leave it there for now, I’m afraid. The key thing for everyone at this stage is to get your tickets sorted ASAP for Saturday. I know it’s pandemonium on at the minute and that there’s no word as yet as to what the story is with Cairde Mhaigh Eo tickets and, in particular, the Bring a Friend option. If any word on the latter emerges during the day, I’ll post details here.

Enjoy your Monday, folks and don’t forget to cast your MOTM vote if you haven’t yet done so. Oh and don’t forget to breathe out as well.

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54 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. I notice the poll has no dublin players listed to vote for. Its a man of the match poll, the game was a draw, all players from both teams who played should be considered in any vote.

  2. John in Dublin, if you look again, the Question is – “Who was our MOTM against Dublin?”

  3. John in dubland – if you looked a bit closer at the question you’d have seen that it says “our” MOTM. Our being Mayo. This being the Mayo GAA Blog. Try the Dublin one.

  4. Heart rate back to normal just about. Back from the dead we came. We cant play as badly again? One thing that annoys me is Cluxton time wasting, should have been another 4 minutes added. Takes him about 2 mins to take a kickout and then half an hour to jog up the field to take a free. Luckly for us his radar was off yday.

  5. I think you have stumbled on to the wrong blog John.
    Even if Mayo lost by twenty points there would be no dubs in the list.
    Try resovouir dubs. My opinion is that mccaffrey was your best player.

  6. Slightly off topic but for any of ye that maybe interested St Brigids have put Kevin McStays name for ratification as Roscommon senior manager, there is no other nominee ……….at least not in the public domain yet.

  7. Speaking of McStay, I thought he played well for us on the Sunday Game last night. Left no chink of light fo Connolly and raised other issues as well.

  8. An absolute poisoned chalice is what the Ros job is, they genuinely think they are a top six or seven team so any manager is almost guaranteed to fail. I like McStay but he would be an idiot to go anywhere near that job, hopefully he has more sense – he has a good setup on TSG at the moment.

  9. What a team
    What a team
    What a team

    I think we deliberately didn’t push up on Dublin’s kick outs in the first half in order to conserve energy and based on the last 10 minutes, it worked a treat. The speed at which mayo moved the ball for Boylers penalty was phenomenal.
    I put Mcloughlins & Docherty misses down to the massive physical abuse, the were receiving.
    I predict next weeks battle to be equally as tough and nail-biting.

    Also, I hope McMahon does NOT get banned, as his tackling is brutal and is guaranteed to cough up several frees.

  10. No the vast majority of people don’t think we are a top 6 or 7 team, of course there is a delusional small percentage of people who think we are. The role of the next manager should be to get us into the top 10 teams in the country at a consistent level which is a big job. For what it’s worth I don’t think McStay will take the job and will stay at his cushy couch gig on TSG.

  11. Can we be realistic about yesterdays first 60 minutes tactics? It took a near miracle to rescue the game. The truth of what tactics we should use is somewhere in between first 60 mins and the last 10 mins.
    But utter nonsense to put forward first 60 mins as tactically on the money.
    Prefacing it with “if we had take those chances after half time.”
    If we take all those chances after half time we would have been doing a very unusual thing called “kicking no wides”. Those were not nailed on chances, of course we would kick some wides.

  12. Connolly won’t get his red overturned, he was punching Keegan and hasn’t a leg to stand on. Not sure about cooper, he didn’t seem to drive his boot in like he could have, Cillian o Connor busted the bucks eye with a flailing arm, no card of any color coming on that one.
    Overall, Mayo were poor and I cannot understand how they scored 1-4 in such a short space of time but fair dues to them, I also cannot figure out their chances for Saturday other than they need to improve dramatically to have any . Cluxtons seems to be coming to the end of his days, those misses and getting caught by Andy are signs from this game, the Fermanagh game showed a few chinks too, he was the best but is slipping, he looked like a hero yesterday only because he was allowed to kick it to a free man every time for most of the game. Maybe Mayo should go toe to toe next Saturday for the Dublin kick outs? And once it’s in play let a man go back to defence,alternate this between 2 or 3 players so the running load is spread.

    Midfield the next day, start Barry and Tom p, SOS at chf, aos at full forward and 2 others up there to help him out. And try and not kick the frees directly to Dublin players.
    If I were a dub I would be vomiting my cornflakes up this morning, the sing song and handclap/wave “come on ye boys in blue” from the Dublin United brigade was in full flow on 62 minutes and silent 7 minutes later. Priceless.

  13. Nothing muvh to add but Catcol makes sense to me about how Mayo conserved their energy effectively by limiting the Cluxton kickouts to corner back and then pressing up. Also why the Management took a defensive approach to the mstch. It now looks we could have gone man to man.

    Always check to see what James Horan has to say and he thinks Mayo were operating at about 60%770%..Did not like the defensive approach i think but then we would all have been attacking Management if Dublin had gone on early run. Maybe a cautious start is best and mix it after that. We dont want an allout 55 mins and then collapse.
    Relieved that there wasn’t anything premeditated in the Rory O`Carroll incident. It seems the Dubs have a lot more to worry about. I would imagine having had the replay experience last year will be a big help to Mayo to recover and refocus..
    Andy, Alan, Barry are ready for the next day. Connelly seems happy enough with Drake doing what he was supposed to do. Tom Cunnife will probably be back and magybe Kevin Keane for Kevin Mc.

    It is all lookin good. I like Donie’s optimism. He will hardly play with a harnessed shoulder and on 2 Black cards? I trust this Management and the players most importantly do. Thanks again to you all players and Supporters. I am no football expert but learning.

  14. Twice in that game we had Dublin on the racks. About 10 or 15 mins into second half you could feel that Dublin had no answers. We missed a huge opportunity here and our misses gave Dublin the confident they went down the field and punished us hard. Last 10 mins of game we just had to go for it and we did and pushed a very fragile Cluxton to breaking point that’s why we scored 1-4 in 10 mins. There is no doubt that the Dubs will be a lot better on Saturday. We need to be clinical. We have to back ourselves and force Cluxton to go long and I really think Barry Moran needs to be there to take some of heat off O Shea. McLaughlin is better suited further out pitch gathering ball and running forward. We have to get tighter on their half forwards .Let’s change it up find going defensive at times but for us to score we have to come forward with lads on their shoulders .Of course knocking high ball into OShea and Moran is another option.

  15. hontheross – you are probably right but it seems to be that small minority over there that are calling the shots – they are shouting the loudest and seem to be being listened to based on Evans effective removal from the managers post.

    Meanwhile, on the tickets situation, all the online ones are gone and there’s still no sign of news for season ticket holders and Cairde members in terms of extra tickets.

  16. I am totally confused with tactics, everything. Sorry, i was one who thought we were gone, 7 points behind and Dublin on the rampage. I could not believe what happened..
    The only criticism i really have is, once again, our shooting. We were exactly the same against Donegal, the second half. Compare that to Dublin’s shooting, Kerry’s shooting and Tyrone’s shooting, fact is, we were crap. At this level, with one match to go to win an All Ireland, there is no excuse whatsoever for this. None, none, none!!!!! Folks here keep making excuse, there are none. Do we really expect to win Sam with wides like that. Get a life people..
    And by the way, those “superior” supporters who criticise people for leaving early have some cheek. Like one poster here, they may have good reasons for leaving and it is nobody’s business if they do.. It’s called freedom of choice and to slur them, as is being done by “superior” Mayo “fans”, is one hell of an insult!!!

  17. Cillian O Connor for Mayo Man of the Year after that performance yesterday.Nothing seems to phase him.Pressure, what Pressure! A true giant among men.
    I expect the CCCCCCCC to be busy during the week.
    We certainly got the never say die attitude from the lads in lorry loads yesterday. Are we the new Meath ,remember them in the 80’s and 90’s!
    Can’t wait to see how we set up the next day.
    COME ON MAYO. .!!

  18. Dont know where to begin, i was emotionally, physically, and mentally drained at the final whistle…imagine what the players were like 🙂 . The boys showed out standing charachter. 7 points down against Dublin!……DUBLIN, in their own back yard and tails up!!?? look what they did to kerry in 2013 when they got a run on them, jesus lads this wasnt roscommon or sligo or anyother mediocre team, it was the Dubs! I couldnt get over the comeback!! Not even gunna contemplate analysis yet, that performance should be marvelled for what it was…Truly epic!.

    To the posters giving out about people leaving early, i think ye should get off your high horses a bit. Theirs lots of mayo people who might have had to work yesterday evening or had flights to catch etc. if ye stayed for the full game thats great…clap yerselves on the back if you want, but dont be so quick to judge others when you have’nt a clue of their corcumstances.

  19. Joe Mc, 3 such people left early in front of me, shaking their heads. They are free to leave early. I and others are free to be annoyed at them.

  20. Season ticket – I haven’t yet received an email I assume we will receive them today. I also assume the Bring a Friend option will be available. Has anyone received the email yet?

    I’m still shattered today after the match. What an adrenaline rush.

  21. Agree with sixpointsup, finally Mcstay stood up for Mayo. He really called it as we saw it and made life very hard for McMahon and Connolly this week. Ciaran whelan had no reply, but in fairness whelan is sound and knew it was the truth.
    Duncan for donie and freeman for drake, go back to high pressure and go for it on Saturday.

  22. Sorry MayoMark, Are you real? Neither you nor anybody else are “free” to be annoyed with them. It is not your business. You might consider yourself to be ”free'” to be annoyed. But that is YOUR problem. You are not entitled to publicly criticise them!! It is their’s and only their’s, the choices they make. They are not interfering with anyone else, and just because you have some concept in your own mind about their choice, that doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to judge them!!!

  23. John in Dubland. If ya want a Dublin player listed for motm shortlist i give you Cluxton. We could not have got that result without him.

    On the game itself i think we showed them too much respect and they didn’t deserve it. One or 2 of them acting the thug, 1 or 2 acting the clown, and quite a few of them displaying a worrying lack of discipline. They could have finished with just 12 on the pitch like in the 1983 final.

    A lot got missed yesterday. Brogans effort was a yard wide and given as a pint. Another pint scored after 2 hops. Their penalty was a yard outside the line and should be a free in for a pint not a penalty goal. So that chalks 4 pints off their total. In fairness our penalty was not a penalty. So take 3 off our total.

    Anyway i hope we go at them the next day. They dont like it up them.

  24. Joe Mc I don’t like supporter superiority either (particularly when it comes to match attendance – big days are nothing without bandwagoners!) but MayoMark does make a good point . I know where we were, it was like 2013 all over again being told to shut up with 10 mins to go when trying to keep a bit of noise going. When the team needed to hear supporters the most, they were keeping quiet just as Horan pointed out they did in 2013.

    Fair enough, most of us probably thought it was a hopeless case (I know I did) but thankfully this magnificent team of ours thought differently.

    While of course it’s a free country and its everyone’s prerogative to make their own decisions, it did strike me as odd that such a large volume of supporters all had be somewhere else so quickly 😉

    (Anyway I will be taking a quieter role next weekend cos today I sound like a drake.)

  25. Actually Joe, I would argue that them streaming out the gates with 10 minutes left could actually effect the team. Thankfully it didn’t.

    Yes, I am real. Yes, I was annoyed at supporters for leaving early. I won’t apologise for not having a switch in my brain to make myself not be annoyed.

  26. Any update on Donie Vaughan’s injury? Presume Cunniffe and Clarke will be fully fit for Saturday as well…

  27. I was at a Leinster game in the new Lansdowne Road a few years ago when in the middle of the first half some people in front of me took out some small bottles of wine, poured them into lovely plastic glasses and proceeded to discuss everything in life apart from the European Cup game in front of them. I thought it was funny but then I wouldn’t let the ups and downs of Leinster rugby upset me and they werent “my people” anyway.

    However I really get pissed off when people from my county desert my team when the going gets rough. I wont apologise for it. Of course if someone wants to bugger off thats their own business, I wont stop them.

  28. These lads that left early are only hurting themselves, they missed one of the great moments , by the time they get home they’ll have a story made up that they never left early at all , by next Saturday they will have told it so often they will have convinced themselves that they roared when Cillian buried that peno. they’ll be starting fights with people who saw them leave denying that they ever did !

  29. i think all of the fans could get up and leave with 20 minutes to go and this team wouldnt care either way, they are as hardened a bunch as youll likely ever see in sports. that said, theyll need more smarts than hardness to finish dublin off. standing in space and taking a free kick directly into an opponents arms is a really bad way to try and win a game, they need to focus a lot more.

  30. I’ve honestly heard some going for Dublin next Saturday solely on the basis “Mayo have a poor record in replays”

    Forgive me, I am shattered, so i’m probably overlooking something obvious, and do correct me if I’m wrong, but by my reckoning we’ve played one replay in Championship since we beat Fermanagh in the 2004 semi? And that was against kerry last year- a match we were shafted in

    Of all the bizarre comments I’ve seen, that’s right up there with the best of them!

  31. Joe Mc – not for the first time I have to pull you up over picking arguments with others, which you should know is in clear breach of the house rules. Wind you neck in like a good man or else I’ll be forced to take some action to ensure that you do.

  32. To the simpletons in 305 yesterday who were roaring vile abuse at Joe McQuillan: shame on you. I can never understand what they are hoping to achieve. I’ve never known a referee to suddenly start giving a team more frees because some oul dimwit in the stands is calling him a ****. At best it’s disgraceful, at worst it turns the refs against us. They are only human after all. I am sure McQuillan didn’t go out there to screw us or was somehow involved in a conspiracy with the GAA to ensure they get the final they want.

    I am seriously considering bringing earplugs the next day, or in-ear headphones with the radio on turned. Give me RTE over those idiots any day. The amount of sh1te talk you hear from some of the gobshites in the stands would sicken you. Every free we concede is unjust, every contentious decision we don’t get means the referee is biased, such and such a player is a donkey and shouldn’t be on the field, Noel and Pat haven’t a clue what they’re at etc etc. And then to top it off we were greeted with some of the ‘best fans in the country’ leaving early. ‘Personal reasons’ me hole. Every county has its eejits and we are certainly no different.

    As I walking out of the stand after the game I was half-thinking of chucking my season ticket out over the sideline. I might try and get a Premium ticket for Saturday. From where I was sitting yesterday it looked like Elysium. I might get a taste for prawn sandwiches yet.

  33. thanks wj, thats some bit of heart starts racing hearing it now, i watched the game with no sound yesterday because of technical difficulties, 1 minute delay between sound and picture ! , it was no harm either, the nerves wouldnt take it.
    looked at the keegan connolly incident, connolly pulled his fist up and punched down hard into keegan, hes cooked i think, kevin keane gave a slight tap to murphy that was a million miles away from connollys effort, different case altogether, i cant see connolly getting off, and even worse for dublin is the attempted headbutt on o shea. Therell be a ban for that, for sure.
    however, i would prefer dublin at full strenght and let Mayo beat them so they can have no whinging, the site is a lesson in how to whinge for anyone not sure how its done.

  34. Seemingly Connolly was issuing verbal threats to Keegan after he got the red card…..whatever chance he had of getting off it should now be zero if that is in fact true

  35. We need to park that match now & instead start looking forward & planning for Saturday.
    The debate that has gone on here on our structure is very interesting.
    Our original game plan of a cautious energy conserving start was undone by the early Dublin goal that forced us onto the backfoot. We were further undermined by two other factors in the second half namely our own inability to take our chances & a further Dublin goal. When you concede 2 goals your sweeping strategy has failed.
    The non push up on Cluxton early on was an ok strategy as essentially Dublin were simply refusing to kick the ball out but unfortunately for us Dublin had already a 1 goal lead.
    I am in agreement with the analysis provided by JP in his posts & in particular when he asks ‘How would they have handled Aidan, Barry & Freeman all togged & upfront with Cillian playing off them? Hope to see some of this on Saturday.

  36. Somehow you d have to think that Keegan doesn’t take Connolly or his threats too seriously, Keegan was never afraid of him at any stage.thats why he was given that task and he played it very well. For both sets of players, is 6 days enough for them to recover from such a high intensity game? Or would they be physically tired even after 6 days even if they weren’t injured? Just curious about that side of it.
    What happened donie v ? Is it a long term thing or just a few weeks?

  37. Once your breathing your still alive. Felt we were in a good place at half time. 3 points down having not played football, so was not panicking at that stage. Was sure game was gone with 10 minutes left. Credit to the lads. Never gave up.

    Few questions though. Why introduce Drake. And why was B Moran not introduced much earlier. He had a massive input when he came on. Andy Moran , certainly changed our approach when he came on. He is such a wonderful impact sub, and probably more critical to us than McMananman was to Dublin!!!!!! Very concerned with some of the easy chance we missed. I really thought them days were over us.

    Dublins play was cycical full stop. Was always going to be. Much worse than the 2013 final. Jim Galvin makes me laugh though. He wonders why the free count is so high against Dublin, and how they have been working on their tackling during training. Fouling not tackling is the issue Jim Gavin. Unrelenting for the 70 minutes.

    Replay, Mayo should do it. Would be comfortable with the defensive game plan for 35-40 minutes. I will argue though is was not pretty it was very effective, as we did not allow Dublin build a lead which could not be caught. Good to see variation in our play (like Kerry lasy year) But…. We need to revert to our natural game plan earlier in the 2nd half. This is when we really damaged the Dubs, and they couldn’t cope. Furthermore, we were in this position 12 months ago and the experience of regrouping in 6 days should stand to us.

    I can see Connolly getting off. With or without him Mayo will win. Any word on Vaughan?

  38. tonyK. Redmond is deluded on FM104, though he would be biased in his views. On the Sunday game the O’Carroll incident O Connor appears to flick back his arm. Certainly not a direct punch. so many talking points on this game.

  39. Ok, Willie Joe. The neck is wound in.

    I just honestly feel it isn’t fair to brand ordinary Mayo supporters as some kind of traitors, (that is the inference), because they do something others don’t agree with. One poster here explained why he left, for a very important reason. Why should he have to justify himself? I won’t comment again but i won’t change my opinion. Someone has to stand up for them.

  40. Joe Mc – I’ve no problem with your disagreeing with what others say but it’s how you do it that’s the issue. All I’m saying is please bear this in mind as I really don’t want to be breaking up rows between people making comments.

  41. Just finished watching the game back.

    Fantastic courage showed by our lads in those last 10 minutes. If the game had another couple of minutes, we’d be in the final now. Dublin were on the rack, they looked shell-shocked. None more so than Cluxton.

    And I seem to be in a minority on this, but I didn’t think our penalty was soft.
    If you watch the replay, you can see a Dublin defenders (McMahon?) leg coming across Boyle, causing him to fall.

    Fair play to Cillian. He showed he has big kahunas yesterday. The lad is incredibly tough mentally.

  42. We may have to agree to disagree about the first 58 mins. I thought tactics worked, this doesnt mean it couldnt have been better but we were a point behind and missed 3/4 kickable points to take the lead.

    Due to our defensive tactics dublin only had 2 clear goal chances and lucky for them they converted both, because they needed them. Another day they won’t convert 100% of goal chances.

    Maybe an extra man upfront for us would have been better but maybe it would have made space for Flynn et al. It’s very hard to know.

    Although I am convince that at one point down before missing those scores we were in a winning position and our execution let us down.

  43. Fair play to mayo’s never say die attitude yesterday. It says a lot for their mental strength. However, I am seriously worried for them on Saturday. If we get over the euphoria of them fighting back to a draw, there are so many things that need to be addressed. I am being the devils advocate here but feel that we had a huge amount of luck yesterday.
    Mayos shooting was dreadful yesterday. There were 5 or 6 absolutely scorable misses yesterday. To watch Kevin mcloughlin, (the hardest worker on the mayo team) hit those dire wides yesterday was heartbreaking. Likewise Andy moran and even diarmuid o Connor. At this level those misses are unacceptable. Doherty completely anonymous. Mayo have a serious problem in the fwds. Sweeney must be caning it in training but i cant rember him ever making an impact coming on.
    AOS might consider himself lucky not to be blackcarded for dragging down Cluxtonn early on.
    I don’t think the dub penalty was a penalty (just a free) but also I cannot see how Boyles was a penalty no matter how much I watch. He just threw himself on the ground. Thank God he was awarded it tho.
    Bastick and mcauley were unlucky to get black cards but in general dublin were very cynical. Mayo need to be able to live with this like they did against donegal. I sincerely hope mayo will forget about clapping themselves on the back for Sunday and concentrate on sorting out their fwd and those goddam wides! I fear dublin will come out Saturday v angry and will tear into mayo in the form of ruthless direct attacking. I hope mayo can cope with this. I think they can if they play to their absolute best for 75 minutes. They will need B moran and freeman in the forwards this time. They will have to step up

  44. Listening back to the radio coverage on the commute home from work in Dublin to Trim. Wrong that I was still nervous when Cillian stepped over the pen. Worse that I still yelped when he buried it!!!

  45. I think Diarmuid Connolly needs to go for a few more of those anger management classes!!!!!

  46. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up listening to the Midwest commentary. Thanks for putting it up WJ

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