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Monaghan Mayo final score


A much nicer Monday. Still cold and a bit of drizzle about the place here on the east coast this morning but yesterday’s much-needed win is just the tonic for a positive start to the week. And hunting for coverage on the match at Clones doesn’t quite seem like a chore. Here’s what’s in the basket from the gathering I’ve done this morning.

Nationals: Irish Independent, Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph.

Others: GAA, Monaghan GAA, RTÉ (match report, quotes from Stephen Rochford), Newstalk (Division One round-up, post-match audio with Colm Boyle), Hogan Stand, The 42, Breaking News,

Photos: Mayo Mick, Sportsfile, Inpho, Fintan McTiernan.

Ladies match (round-up reports): RTÉ, Hogan Stand, Irish Examiner.

Hurlers: Irish Independent.

The match reports obviously speak for themselves – saying win, win, win – so the only thing from all the above worth reflecting on is what Stephen Rochford had to say to RTÉ after the game. I thought this quote at the end of that piece was noteworthy, setting out as it does a clear expectation on the manager’s part about how next Sunday’s clash with Kerry should go:

A win for us would leave us on four points. I’d be happy with that at this stage of the season after all the hard work that has been put in.

Obviously, and quite correctly, Stephen is only planning for a win in this pivotal encounter. That’s for another day, though – today we can afford to look back in satisfaction on a good day’s work yesterday.

That’s your lot – don’t forget to vote in the Man of the Match poll of you haven’t yet done so. I’ll post the results later on.

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56 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. The Independent give Boyle 7/10, I wonder what they dropped the three marks for?.

  2. Thanks Willie Joe – you’d have enjoyed Clones yesterday, believe me.

    It was my first visit there, (I’m ashamed to say), and it didn’t disappoint. The Diamond is quite striking and it had all the feel of a prosperous market town of the old sort. The stadium is terrific and the weather was glorious; the sun was the main problem!

    Oh, the match? A humdinger. I thought for a short while we were going to be overrun, but we stuck to it, and deserved to be in front at half time. A Monaghan friend texted me at half time apologising for not being able to meet me, but said that I probably would be hard to talk to the way the match was going. I didn’t see it quite like that, but by 10 minutes of the second half, it was a question of how much we would win by. How we let them back in is really something that will worry the management. Monaghan were quite limited with McManus tied up very effectively by Caff.

    In fact, the Monaghan comeback, if that it can be called, stemmed from our tendency to run into tackles, get turned over, or miskicks to the opposition who pounced like lightning on the counter, leaving us no option but to foul – hence Keegan’s black card.

    And why we didn’t kill them was due to woeful finishing. We could have had a Rossie type score if we were really clinical.

    Enough moaning – great to get the win. The defence has now been consistently effective; even Cork only scored one. I thought the penalty harsh, but there was rarely any danger of a Monaghan goal after that. I know Diarmuid O’Connor was superb, but Boyler for me was the man. Some of his tackles were unbelievable, and some of the balls he threw himself at produced gasps from the supporters.

    Won’t mind going to Clones again for any Mayo match even if it’s a neutral venue against Armagh!

  3. I agree with you Catcol, Colm Boyle was my MOTM. I’ve said it before, but sometimes he seems to disregard his own safety. A real captains performance.

    I thought management were slow to bring on fresh legs around the middle, Diarmuid O ‘ Connor and SOS were out on their feet by the end of it. Anyway, job done.

  4. What about Henelly for MotM, penalty saved know the rebound was knocked in, but two late points from long range have is the points. Fantastic early save also!

  5. With regard to season ticket holders not all of mayo supporters live in mayo , so a home game in castlebar might be a short stroll for you if you live in castlebar or a hours drive but please remember mayo supporters live in cork. kildare, cavan, donegal dublin ect which makes it hard to get to any games, So to any of you out there who think maybe they should only sell season tickets to you because you are lucky to live in Mayo,WE PUT IN THE EFFORT TO GET TO AS MANY MATCHES AS WE CAN.and yes season tickets should be transferable.

  6. Consistently competitant. That what Rochford said at begining of his tenour. The team certainly have been in the last 3 games. Yesterday yielded the result the deserved. Lovely day for football and i felt every player fought hard. Conor o Shea, Regan, Loftus,Hall and Nally(though was little nervy to start with) all got stuck in and that is very pleasing. Nally hit a shoulder on there no. 5 in first half and im impressed with his aggression. He dogs into everything that comes his way. Sure he has bit more to do but fair play he never gives up.

    I felt last year Colm Boyle was not at his best due to his dad being unwell it was understandable. His dad has since passed away (rip eddie). Colm Boyle is now well and truely back to what we like him most to be. He was outstanding yesterday and his leadership was unbelievable. My collegues and i remarked many times how he broke up possession and stormed out of defence. Leadership is key and yesterday we had alot of guys who stood up and were counted. Our defending is now consistently good. Were now heading in the direction of being a team thats going to be hard to break
    down. Yesterday we got the scores to win the game and that is that. We missed a bit but tis still early and our accuracy and composure will improve.

    As i said before on here tis important not to cough up possession to soft while attacking and i think there is work to be done on that score as well. All in all were doing ok. We will also beat kerry next week. Our discipline is key for this one as we dont want to give away to many soft frees. Sheehan kicked a free from his wrong side into a gale force wind yesterday and over it went. He is some place ball kicker.

    More solid defending and small bit more improvement up front will yield another 2 points next week.

  7. Its good to see a performance like that this time of the year and also a result to boot.
    Wining up there waas never going to be easy but what it should also do is bring on the morale and confidence of the team and individuals.
    Same again aginst Kerry please.
    I firmly believe we will dominate midfield but Robbie must bring his A game for kick outs .
    Donagahy is going to roam out the field so I think Keegan should go with him . put him on the back foot and have him run after Leeroy.
    If he does go inside Ger Caff plus some help will coape with him .
    What we need to do on the fullforward line is box smart.
    If we start AOS fullforward he should go right into the end line and Regan and Loftus the same.
    The trio should stand on the end line and when DOC, COS/TP/SOS or Kevin Mc are in
    possesion then Loftus and Regan can play to their strengths and beat any player in a foot race .
    all they need is that yard whereby they are not currently as strong as more experienced interconty footballers but they have more talent than most.
    So give them that yard to work in and their skills will trump and corner back.
    As regards AOS on the end line, he needs a run and attack the ball coming in rather than jumping statically from long deliveries into the box.
    He too if he gets a run and jump at ball is unmarkable.
    WHEN he does win the ball he simply lays it off to the speed merchants either side of takes on his man.
    As Al Pacino said its a game of inches and we are nearing a game plan just need certain things refined.

  8. Oh ya and the age old question “who’s going to mark the Gooch???”

    We have options and in Harrision we have a rugged tough competitor, Hall is fast and strong with great game reading but I think this could be a job for Chrissy Barrett someone who has being around a bit and wont give him too much respect .

  9. I listened to the match yesterday and I have to say that given a good commentator and not having too many voices wanting to be heard and not having any distractions around the place,I was nearly at the actual match.There surely is an art to commentating and if accomplished to some degree it registers and clicks with the listener and can be surprisingly and vividly pictorial.I usually jot stats when I’m at a game which sometimes can be a bit annoying but I had no prob at all from Clones thanks to some good commentating. Yesterday,I could feel the pace,the lulls,high points,low points,heart throbbing moments,pride,frustration and dare I say a few eye welling bouteens.
    Probably my highs invariably coincided with mention of the DOC/Boyle/Caff/ Hennelly/Mc L. I needn’t mention the frustrations!
    To mention the areas where we have issues is to underline our lack of that thought out, planned, practiced system that we hope is germinating. Of course they are :
    * long balls in to nothing
    * Running into traffic
    * Making the goalie look good
    * Ceding turnovers
    It’s not going to appear like water out of a tap but will take time and encouragement.And don’t lots know that water doesn’t come out of a tap just….there’s all them pipes and things in the ground.
    So onto the next battle ground on Sunday not far from Ballinamuck where the sweet primrose and blue may just about be out a little before it’s time.

  10. After AOS was sent off and Monaghan scored the penalty I seriously feared for our team. Monaghan looked much more eager and we persisted in sending in high balls to our small forwards as if AOS was still there.None of them stuck. We may desperately desire new young forwards but Loftus and Regan are not there yet. They need serious conditioning if they are not to spill the ball at the first tackle as they did yesterday. The only time this didn’t happen was for Loftus’s goal which was very well taken and Regan’s neat point from play. Andy, Ronaldson or Freeman would be better for the rest of the league.

    What turned the match for us was our stepping up our physical presence in the middle third. Parsons, Boyle, DOC, McLoughlin dominated. SOS too did very well (although he needs another match or two get back to his best). I felt they horsed Monaghan out of it in this sector. The gauntlet was thrown down and they stepped up to the mark. It was great to see. This strength will see us power through Kerry and Roscommon. It is great to see the taste for the battle is still there in our key players. This physical element was alluded to by Malachy O’ Rourke afterwards as a key factor in the game.

    I am growing more confident in Rochford too. The forward strategy changed in the second half. Instead of high balls into the forwards, we ran at them and they opened up. Parsons, Boyle, Diarmuid and Mc Loughlin sliced through them at speed and nearly got two more goals. Remember this is Monaghan of the mean northern defence .
    Our defence is also shaping up. I did not have the usual fear in my stomach waiting for the sucker goal against us at the end. Caff was great but I wouldn’t leave him alone on Donaghy next Sunday. He needs cover, and if Donaghy is playing centrefield again his marker must follow him into the square when he heads there. He made another brilliant goal yesterday against Donegal with a classic catch and handpass to a forward running in. He is a dangerous hoor.

  11. Got my battle ground wrong for Sunday …a bit premature….will have to staball instead at Castlebar and hopefully the results will be as good!

  12. Noted a comment from Brendan Crossan in The Irish News: ‘Any team that beats Monaghan in Clones is a good team’.

    Yes the physical presence was hugely important and no one exemplified this more than Seamie. Yes, he needs more game time, but you could see the difference he made all through the game. For once we were breaking tackles and getting runners on the ball and as a result, Monaghan were reeling.

    I think all the newbies have a bit to go in making their physical presence felt and realising that taking the ball into tackles is suicidal. But I guess the only way that will seep in is through exposure at the highest level, and this they are getting.

  13. We seen the goal that Michael Murphy scored yesterday against Kerry for Donegal, a high ball into the danger area fielded by Murphy and sent to the back of the net. I have always felt that in the last few years, Kerry are weak under a high ball into their defence and it has not been exploited enough. I hope to see us exploit this weakness at the week-end.

  14. Some of the newbies as you call them are in their early 20s. Physical conditioning and physicality is not a new concept. Why are they not physical? Is the training at club level not sufficient to bring their bodies to a level that is required for inter-county football. Do they spend enough time in the gym over winter? Has their diet being controlled for the last number of years. IMO for the county players to be properly prepared club teams need to be better prepared. I know it happens to some degree or other in clubs but not enough. We had one young lad (17) return from Australia having temporarily emigrated. He played Aussie rules there (not professionally). His physique was completely different to our lads. He was like a grown man at 17. He said he played a lot less games but more attention was given to training, lifestyle and diet.

  15. Great boost for team to leave monaghan with a win..of all players I’m delighted for caff as he has been on the receiving end of a lot of stick..didn’t travel so had to endure the antics of kerry/donegal on the box..twas shameful..will be eager to see how mayo deal with Donaghy. .

  16. The league for me is
    1: too have high quality training sessions
    2: ensure we have them next year too

    Playing AOS up front, giving experience, kicking more, going for goal, building the “team” fit that.
    Bearing that in mind, next Sunday is about that process, hopefully, getting the right result.

    Were the season tickets not previously advertised highlighted by GAA as useable by other than named holder.

  17. Don’t understand this Man of the Match voting at all – at all. No issue with Diarmuid O ‘ Connor getting the nod, but for heavens sake how could Kevin McLoughlin who had an fine game as well as scoring two fine points from play only got 1% of the vote and Aidan O’ Shea who only lasted a few minutes on the pitch gets a similar vote. A player wouldn’t want to be to sensitive about some of these percentages or he would give up all together.

    All told it was a deserved win even if they made heavy work of it. But the big plus has to be that when it looked like they were going to throw all their good work away, they fought back for the win. When was the last time we saw Mayo winning a tight match? Kerry in Castlebar will be a tough game for sure, but with the win over Monaghan still fresh in their minds we should be looking at another two points come next Sunday evening.

  18. Big thing that a o Shea does is that carries the ball into the tackle why he can’t realise the quickly to teammate instead in a better position instead of going for glory himself I not having a go at him.

  19. That’s democracy for you, Mayo McHale! It often makes no sense. I doubt, in any event, if any of the players would be all that sensitive about an online poll.

  20. Mayo mchale, were you at the match? Mc Loughlin didnt have a great game, he was in the way of the mayo runners coming through from midfield and even collided a couple of times with our own players, he improved second half but it was far from his finest performance.

  21. I’m particularly intrigued as to how Jason Doherty has 2% with 0 votes, while Seamus O’Shea has 0% with 2 votes! 🙂

  22. Well done to Mayo yesterday. They dug out a great result. Having done that, the team has a bit to go yet before we can say how good we really are. We still have the same failings. Stupid passing, turnovers, afraid to take scoring responsibility. Hennelly was outstanding, full back line especially Caff were good. Half back line good. MMOM was Colm Boyle.(Guts and Courage). Took no nonsense. Midfield, Parsons good, the bring back SOS proved nothing, still the same old story, run with head down and then gets robbed, and ball back in our defence. Cannot learn a old dog new tricks. If this is the way we want to play, we will win nothing. Gibbons is way a better footballer and is very mobile and able to deliver a good ball. ( Actually when he was brought on he caught a few clean catches, which brought us over the line, coming back to his 2014 style) Our half forward line were brilliant , DOC and COS must have ran a 10 mile marathon with all the ground they covered. McLaughlin was good, but doesn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders. Full forward line proves you always don’t need a big man in the middle. Loftus,Jason Doherty(some operator) and Regan were outstanding. SOS is turning out like McGreggor. Subs were very good, Gibbons being the best. Now its roll on the cute Kerry Hoors. Ref was a joke at times.

  23. Saw that too Digits, I can only imagine it’s down to the very cold weather we’re having of late 🙂

    I would agree there Mayoindublin it was far from his finest hour, and he wasn’t the only one. But if for nothing else the 2 points he scored at a crucial stage in the match, was surly worth a few more percentage points than the 1% he got. But as Willie Joe said, “that’s democracy for you”.

  24. Having been at all the league matches so far i cant help but get a little excited about the summer ahead. I know ye may think im mad but that was a relativley young side yesterday , as it was last week in ballyboofey . I thought it was a brillant game . A lot of young lads really stood up to the mark. Diarmuid o connor and colm boyle were simply outstanding. I mean o connor is going to be a star . Boyler have his usual leave everythig on the pitch performance. Caff dealt with mcmanus superbly .. conor o shea worked really hard as did loftus and regan .. tom parsons was tremendous in midfield . Doherty and keegan worked really hard and with the castlebar lads , higgins and cillian all to come back the squad looks quite strong all of a sudden. Certainly a lot stronger than recent years. we weret all that bad against the dubs, the was a vast improvement against donegal and could have easily come away with the 2 pointz and i was very impressed at times yesterdsy. As for the venue ,its a shame we dont have more games in clones. Great stadium great atmosphere and once again the travelling mayo support was incredible. Roll on kerry next sunday .. roll on the summer. I for one am a very happy camper !

  25. By the bye, far superior highlights of the Mayo match now showing on TG4 – they always are better than League Sunday.

  26. Cait,
    It’s pity he doesn’t release quicker, cause there are at 2 players on him, so there must be loose players he could pass to. But he is awesome. What he needs to watch for Sunday, is that opposition will taunt him to react

  27. I thought McLoughlin had a good game yesterday apart from one bad pass and he probably should have scored the goal. But he did a power of work, winning breaks, setting up attacks, tackling and he got two points from play. I just love the way he can get out of trouble and create space for himself.
    As regards the voting I think the top two or three players get nearly all the votes and after that it’s fairly meaningless. So I wouldn’t read too much into it whether a player gets 2 votes or none.

  28. I was advocating moving AOS out to help win possession for the Monaghan game I think Kerry are weak under high ball (Fitzgerald certainly isn’t up to marking him and although Marc OS and A O’ Mahony are cute they don’t have the height to stop him winning at least a few crucial balls). None of them is a McGee that’s for sure. Would be great to see him cause havoc in FF line against Kerry.
    Murphy goal was simplicity personified. High ball to square, catch, turn, kick. AOS is even bigger than Murphy.

  29. I think Aidan will cause us big problems in the ff line but Kerry will probably start Donaghy in the square next Sunday as Alan Fitzgerald will be sidelined for defending himself. Not sure where Moran or Walsh are at but in their absence Buckley can hold his own at midfield. Gooch and Darren might be running off Donaghy and that will be difficult to defend against but on the flip side you will have O Shea with a few fairly capable bucks rising blades of grass in his proximity.

    I don’t think you will have the “in your face we are at war” stuff that was on display yesterday but the will be no quarter asked or given so it will definitely have a smell of championship football in the exchanges, mayo are fighting to survive and so are we as we only have one home game left and that’s against our old enemy. I was delighted to see Mayo get that win yesterday as it should keep ye in division one next year, it’s important to keep the best teams in division one for all our sakes.

    Lots of talk about Kerry yesterday bringing the dirt on the media but donegal clearly had a srtatagy of as little football as possible against this hurricane and we will open them up in the second half. No joy for the Clingons though in Austin Stack Park and no bloody harm. Watching both Kerry and them yesterday was almost depressing and what they have reduced the game to is sad to see. It was the first time in my life that I have looked at the attacking Kerry side of a field and there was no Kerry jersey on view. I’m going to games that i remember well since the mid to late seventies,, shocking stuff from both sides but they had a real nastiness on he field. The cameras highlighted a few incidents but the behaviour off the ball was scarey but outside of this the management team was possibly one of the most regrettable aspects of what they bring to the table. Players need guidance and both teams as I said did themselves no favours yesterday but Rory Gallagher was a disgrace, shouting at players on both sides and constantly shouting in the ear of the linesman, genuinely the ordinary supporters were stunned by his outlandish behaviour,, crazy stuff

  30. Gamechanger, re the Donegal match, seriously!? Presumably you also blame us for us for the fact that Kerry are now one of, if not the most, cynical team in the country. From the get go, It was clear Kerry were going to win that game at all costs. It descended into a farce. Both teams were disgraceful for large parts. Neil mcgee deserves to receive punishment for that incident. The treatment and targeting of Murphy was also a downright disgrace. Let’s just call a spade a spade.
    Congrats on the win Mayo, coming out of Clones with a result is never easy as I can certainly attest to this past few years. I have my ticket for the Ross game in Letterkenny in my pocket but jeez I’d love to be in castlebar next week too!

  31. I really hope Donaghy & O mahoney get punishment for their disgraceful behaviour last Sunday Donegal no Angels but I’ve said it before I’ll say it again Kerry are THE most cynical team in the country clear to see they started the nastiness last Sunday how did Donaghy stay on the field after the way he brought Murphy down he’s nothing but a bully and o mahoney was like a kangaroo the way he was hopping off players but it’s ok Kerry are aristocrats they will win at all costs that’s ok so ! they can do what they like ! They have great natural ability and one of the best forwards in Ireland but when is the last time we saw them play actual football ?? Ive a feeling Sunday will be no different just hope our lads are cuter and play the better football !

  32. Thanks for that link WJ, I’ve been busy the past few hours so it’s the first I’ve read about it. I wouldn’t have any arguments about whatever disciplinary actions are taken provided both teams are treated fairly. More oul guff from Sean O’Sullivan I see… he doesn’t know why we’re going down ” that road “? Have a word with yourself Sean.

  33. I wonder how many points will it take for safety this year.
    As it stands, you`d imagine that Roscommon on 6 points would be safe.
    Yet, I heard that they could still be relegated if all the remaining games in Division 1 were to finish in a particular way.

    So, if they`re not yet safe on 6 points, Mayo`s position is still precarious, particularly if we were to lose to Kerry.

    We will need to outpoint Cork, as they have the head to head advantage over us.

  34. I expect Neil McGee will face a ban. Keiran Donaghy should too since it was his tackle on Michael Murphy that really set the tone.

  35. I think a team on 6 pts will go down this year. Ros on 6 but have Donegal, Mayo and Dublin to come so may not add to that. I can see 3 to 4 teams on 6 pts yet.

    Is it def head to head that seperates teams or pts diff. If head to head then i think we need more than 6 to be sure

  36. Head to Head if 2 teams finish level. It is points difference if more than 2 teams on same points.

  37. Tpyical GAA, nothing straight forward. I can see us with at least 6 pts, wins against Kerry and Down for me are on the cards. Not so sure about the rossies, if that swamp land known as Hyde Park is open then it could be tricky.

    Kerry are on 4 and will get a sneaky win along the way so I think they will at least make 6

    Cork is the one too worry about for me. They will take a win v Down, just a matter if they can grab another win.

    Thinks could get very tight at the bottom as it stands.

  38. Cork and Kerry have to play each other as well in the last game, with Kerry being at home so that adds a twist to it as well.

  39. I expect Cork to win at home to Monaghan next Sunday. Haven`t calculated this myself, but heard today that Roscommon have scored the most and conceded the least so far in Division 1..Unless they ship a heavy beating somewhere, that sort of points difference could keep them up.

    There seems to be a lot of confidence on here about Mayo beating Kerry. I see it as a very dangerous game because typically of Kerry, they`re hitting a bit of form after their usual slow start.

  40. Lorrie were you at the game yesterday ? Kerry had nothing to gain from the grief that unfolded in that first half, we had a hurricane at our backs and we kicked no point from play in that first half. Donegal had their plan for the wind, when they lost the toss they reduced the game to a cross between wrestling and rugby league.

    I’m not burying my head in the sand and I know there were players from both sides who didn’t come out smelling of roses but there was a malignant feel to the atmosphere from the get go and this did not suit the team with the wind at their back. Kerry are not fools and were fully aware that they had to use this wind in order to have any chance of a wim. I thought their goose was cooked with a four point lead and having to play against that wind in the second half but what gave them the opening is donegal were so busy abusing Sheehan that they failed to track Donaghy and Crowley and that ultimately proved their undoing, the ball was moved forward on several occasions for indisciplined behaviour.

    Look at the first few minutes of the game, McFadden gets in the face of and blocks Donaghy from getting to the throw in, when the ball is thrown up Donaghy taps it to Donacha Walsh and he is tackled by four players one of which is McClown who proceeds to gut punch him on the refs blind side. Look at the exchanges shortly there after, Donaghy (poxed lucky he didn’t get a black) pulled Murphy to the ground when he wouldn’t give him the ball before the rest of the Clingons returned to the trenches. Wrong I know but the message was not today boys, look at McClown holding his fist against Mark O sheas throat as he lay on the ground, could have been a lot more serious outcome to this game IMO. Then McGee trying to break a players fingers, the actual victim being verbally abused by the Clingons manager as he left the field (real class).

    Lorrie the success of donegal has been their discipline and belief in the “system” your problem now though is that the other teams that will fight for Sam in August and September know how to beat ye, it’s just a matter of abandoning the basic principles of the game and bringing the same cowardly crap to the table as ye do, hide in the trenches and when they come in in their ones and twos we will belt the day lights out of them and take off in one of our running drills. Problem now is that the better teams will come at ye on mass from now on.

    Shame is that ye have some beautiful players who could take on the best teams and win if that bloody system was abandoned to some degree, in 2014 ye were like factory hens and were afraid to venture outside the cage in Croke park. Ill bet if the natural flair and individual flamboyance had not been drilled out of those talented players ye would have won that game. Pity !!

  41. Gamechanger, I’m not going to respond to any part of that tirade of name calling and disrespectful and, frankly, childish ripping to shreds of basically everything about my county team. Sure if we meet in the latter stages in the summer we’ll see how your lot with their beautiful game manage against us neanderthals and our “system” (have to laugh at that word).

  42. Team P W D L F A PD Pts
    Dublin 4 4 0 0 5-51 2-47 13 8
    Roscommon 4 3 0 1 6-60 6-36 24 6
    Donegal 4 3 0 1 7-51 3-39 24 6
    Kerry 4 2 0 2 2-59 3-42 14 4
    Monaghan 4 2 0 2 3-51 4-45 3 4
    Mayo 4 1 0 3 3-42 3-53 -11 2
    Cork 4 1 0 3 7-45 8-65 -23 2
    Down 4 0 0 4 0-30 4-62 -44 0

  43. Jaaze, dunno what happened my table there, lost its formatting. Mayo are ahead of Cork on points difference, -11 to Corks -23.

  44. Thanks Mayo Mick. I am fairly sure though that if two teams are level on points, it will come down to a head to head basis rather than scoring difference unfortunately. Scoring difference will only come into it if three teams or more are level on the same points.

  45. Yes two teams level its head to head and more than two teams it is scoring difference. So as it stands Mayo are 7th in the table. Looking at the remaining game i think the table will end up like this


    If i’m right it could be a Mayo v Dublin semi final ahead.

  46. I like the looks of that table mayomagic. One minor pt, if we are level on pts with monaghan then by H2H rule we could get too third.

  47. Yeah it is optimistic alright. I do think we will get at least 6 pts though. It will go to the final day and with pts diff and H2H table positions will change alot.

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