Monday match reports


It’s another cracking morning out there weather-wise and there’s the coverage from yesterday’s feisty and thoroughly entertaining FBD League encounter with Roscommon to wade through. Let’s get to it.

As I was at this one, I did my normal post-match audio mumbling yesterday, which, if you’re interested, is here.

The most comprehensive account of yesterday’s game comes from Colm Gannon in the Mayo Advertiser, which is here. Also on the local front, there’s a report on the action in the Connaught Telegraphhere.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner.

Others: The 42, Hogan Stand (FBD round-up), RTÉ (match report, quotes with Stephen Rochford).

Photos: Mayo Mick, Sportsfile.

I can’t locate any reports on Saturday’s 1-12 to 1-11 win recorded by the U21s over Donegal in the North-West Cup. Colm Gannon of the Mayo Advertiser did, however, nab manager Michael Solan after the game and the bit of post-match audiovisual stuff he got from this is here.

UPDATE: The Connaught Telegraph has a report on the U21 match, here. Thanks for JP for pointing this out.

Separately, some people were wondering about that superb in-depth interview by Keith Duggan with Brendan Harrison in Saturday’s Irish Times. It’s now online (here).

Finally, you’ll have noticed that the sign over the shop here on the site has gone missing over the last few days. As the IT lads would say, that’s a known issue. We’re onto it, it’ll get fixed at some stage. In any event, don’t ye all know what this place is and what it’s about at this stage?

30 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Thanks for all that Willie Joe and for the Keith Duggan interview also. I tried to paste it on Saturday, but I’m caught at the moment with my 10 article allocation or whatever it is. Really great piece by Duggan – surpassing even his own high standards.

  2. That’s fine, Catcol. To be honest, I’m glad you didn’t paste it as I wouldn’t be comfortable using the site to do this. Newspapers have to make a living too and if they want to put something behind a paywall then that’s their prerogative. I read the piece myself on old-fashioned paper after I got back from Kiltoom yesterday.

  3. Thanks, mayomagic, I just checked the Sligo GAA website now and that’s what they’ve got it listed for as well.

    Thanks too, JP, for that link to the U21 game.

  4. Yew tree, eir sports ( setanta?) have a match down for Saturday eve 4th February but no mention of who.

  5. Mick,
    one of the listings I saw was for the Down vs Fermanagh game live on Setanta 1.

    Shame if it is. I can’t be in Castlebar and was hoping to catch it on the telly. Will have to rely on twitter feeds and maybe a bit of radio commentary.

  6. sorry Mick – that should refer to next Saturday’s game – it does not look like the Mayo Monaghan game will be on the telly.

  7. Mayo v Monaghan is the only division 1 game scheduled for Sat week. I would be very surprised if it’s no shown.

  8. Maybe it’s just me but I seem to have lost the Archive for your splendid year in year out of teams.

  9. Is that on the mobile, John? There are a few issues with the site at the minute but the problems should only be of a short-term nature and are being worked on.

  10. Anyone know what the attendance was yesterday?. I’ve seen a number of 1600 quoted. I think it might have been a little more than that.

  11. Still can’t seem to access that IT interview by Duggan, not sure if it’s because I’m outside of Ireland (apologies WJ, that was me who asked for it to be pasted. I see your point about not using this site to do so).

    Can’t see anything about what games Eir Sport are showing a week Saturday.
    If they’re following Setanta’s lead and showing 2 games on a Saturday, then we must be one of them.
    Apart from Down v Fermanagh, the only other NFL game on that night is a Div 3 game between Laois and Louth.

  12. Was a bit worried to hear the team Doctor had to be called for Andy after the match. Thankfully it was nothing more serious than a severe bout of hiccups, caused by too much laughter.

  13. The Brendan Harrison article is behind a paywall so you need a subscription. The Irish times usually make articles freely available after a week or two.

  14. Andy’s second goal celebrations were one of the highlights for me on Sunday, stationed as I was behind the road end goals. My joy was added to by the discomfort of some Rossie supporters who had been abusing Andy just beforehand.

  15. 1€/month access to Times. After that if u wish …4€/week complete. But you might like the sound of paper or a trip to the shop!

  16. We seen our U21s come from six points behind against Donegal on Saturday to get a one point win and we seen our seniors come from eight points down to beat Roscommon on Sunday, again by a point. That’s a good sign for the year ahead. Roll on the league and the U21 games!

    Best of luck to Westport and Louisburgh this weekend. They have very tough tasks ahead of them based on the rating systems used in Kerry. The key thing will be to stay in the game, to keep it close. These Kerry teams love to get a good start and they try to bury their opponents early in the match or before half-time, to break their opposition’s spirit. Stay in the game, should be the motto of Westport and Louisburgh going into these games and then who knows what could happen.

  17. If you can hold on a little while longer, John, the issue will be resolved. All will be revealed on that front soon. In the meantime if you access the site via a desktop/laptop you should be able to get to the results archive from the links at the top of the page.

  18. The eir Sport 1 TV guide says it’ll have repeat broadcasts of Mayo-Monaghan (2145h) and Down-Fermanagh (2315h) on the 4th. It also has a TBC slot for 1850h-2040h that evening just saying it’s an NFL match so that’ll surely be us.
    Very annoying how the broadcasters leave it so late to confirm their schedules.
    There’ll surely be a press release/promotional day shortly…

  19. I private messaged eir sports through facebook.They said they would be releasing their fixtures before the end of the week.

  20. Roger Federer (34) rolls back the years to reach Australian semi. Venus Williams (36) rolls back the years to reach Australian semi. Andy Moran (33) rolls back the years at Kiltoom.

    The year of the oldie?

  21. You’re quick off the mark! Just gone live, great work done behind the scenes over the last few days by Michael Maye and Michael Carolan to make it happen.

  22. Great new set up WJ; I never thought I’d see a ‘Silicon Valley’ touch around Aghamore!
    Can we firewall the dissidents?

  23. The Mayo news gave an update ahead of our league opener against Monaghan:

    Cafferkey, Harrison, Hall & Barrett are definitely out due to injuries. Alan Dillon and Barry Moran unlikely to feature as they’ve just recently returned from their respective honeymoons. Aidan, Seamus, Diarmuid and Conor Loftus are in a race to recover in time from their injuries.

    I wonder will Loftus and Diarmuid be flogged in the Sigerson Cup this week despite their injuries?

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