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Sitting here with the Mayo News football podcast playing in the background, picking through the reports on our heartwarming win on Saturday night over Kerry – yes, there are worse ways to start the week. Here’s your Monday morning match report collection.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Tralee Today.

Nationals: Irish Examiner, Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, The 42, Hogan Stand, Breaking News.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Sportsfile, Inpho.

That’s the lot, enjoy your Monday.

46 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. I see ” Dublin Joe” was at it again in Croke Park. This time it was Tyrone who fell victim. Feck all said about it either.

    This would not be allowed and tolerated in any other western European Country.
    So congratulations to everybody involved in that.

    I bet a motion has still not been put down by our lot or anybody else that a referee for an All Ireland final or semi final or quarter final should be from a neutral province. No. What would ya want a neutral referee for?

  2. In relation to Dublin Joe I also noticed that there were 6 minutes of injury time played. ‘Fergie-time’ in Croker for the Dubs?

  3. The ” galacticos” will get the calls and as much time as needed if it’s close. the trick with them is to play them at their own game from the first minute, and remove ” a vs b joe” from the equation and have it well won before the “extra time”. The free was very well taken, I’ll give the player that much, but it was no free to start with and tarnishes joes name.

  4. It is, for sure – it crosses the fawning line fairly decisively. I’d love to know what the Tyrone opinion would be on the evening’s key events. From what I saw on TV, the Tiernan McCann black card and the red card for Mark Bradley were incorrect calls and the final free (superbly nailed by Rock, it must be said) was a total joke.

  5. The red card was pathetic. And the final free was pathetic. I can’t remember who was “fouled” but his body language shouted “Come on, Joe. Here’s you chance, bud!”

    David Brady could have called it a bit more. We don’t need any more Mayomen pussyfooting around about this stuff.

  6. That is actually hilarious stuff on but there’s little point in us getting annoyed about it – it’s just the way it’s going to be. We just have to beat them to shut them up.

    Nevertheless I have just decided to avoid all RTE coverage of the League (not that there is much when it comes to ourselves anyway) and so far it is serving me and my blood pressure very well. There’s only so much tripe you can take in one season and I think I’ll bask in the satisfaction of the weekend just gone and stick to the print media and of course, the odd decent podcast or two.

  7. The Indo cannot help themselves you would swear we beat Kerry due to us slowing down the game and turning it into a fight….They are still bringing up last year and fall out from Breheny
    The Times gives a true account of where Mayo raised tempo and Kerry couldnt live with that….ps Indo we know Kerry were missing players and was only the league.

  8. It was very refreshing and encouraging to
    see a lot more bite and cohesion up front in second half on sat. It had more than a little to do with the closer proximities of Cillian,Diarmuid,Andy, Boland and esp KMc.
    It’s what we need to be happening more often. Admittidly K became progressively shook enough to enable us to be that bit more adventurous.So as things stand it’s a fine balancing act between attacking numbers and compensations in defence. And that is the way it has to be with this game….with nos 2-6 notching the odd score as well as the forwards, with they themselves chipping in behind but in a conscious decisive and timely fashion!
    There was much improved and snappy accurate use of ball overall with the front players, eg…Diarmuids pass to Andy for second last score…..with Cillian giving goal option on other side!!
    Of course by end of game the depleted K weren’t up to much.
    So roll on next match ….another game entirely but something learned in Tralee which can stand to confidence of both Mngt and players and supporters.
    Indeed the substandard reffing proceeds apace…a continuing embarrassment for the game.Do these people not squirm when they look at what they do? The handling of the shamozle at end was the usual…card someone and forget about it…just sick! Surely they could cop on and deal with these incidents properly and not be dragging the game through the muck!
    There certainly needs to be big appeal in there! The only flying fist I saw was from a blue jersey.It is such a joke that sometimes one is almost reluctant to admit to being a follower of the game and then you have to go and engage in futile discussion!

  9. Stephen Coen and Fergal Boland giving serious food for thought with the return of Lee, Aidan and Seamie for the Ross game.

    Our depth seems to be slowly incresing, and I have to say, Donie Newcombe has taken to intercounty football like a duck to water. Thrilled for him after his second half on Saturday, but bigger and tougher tests lie ahead for him.

    Division 1 football really is so important.

  10. And as I said before, if the organisation had pumped the millions into proper officiating rather than endeavoring to make one county better than everyone else, we would have a far better game.

  11. Delighted for Donie too, Mark. It’s early days yet, I know, but the way he’s slotting in there isn’t unlike how Brendan Harrison did last year. Once Harry is back – and the Western today said he could be available for selection for the Roscommon game – our options at corner back start to look very strong, bearing in mind Eoin O’Donoghue’s positive debut off the bench on Saturday evening as well.

  12. Great win on Saturday night and great to get two points in the bag before meeting the Rossies. I still cannot see what Tom Parson’s did to merit a sending off after watching numerous replays. I know its only the league but we should be appealing decisions like that. He had a good game on the night and is an important cog in our team.

  13. It was really great to get the two points in the bag the last night but something that we need to be thinking about is would we have won the game without Andy. Remember he came on against Down last year as well in our last league game and scored a very important point for us that day. So we could have been relegated last year only for that. He has dug us out of a few holes over the years. He is not getting any younger, so it is something for us to ponder on.

    In the big games, like against Dublin especially, they usually shut down Andy, Cillian and Aido, so we really struggle then for scores. For example last year we shut down Brogan, McManamon and Connolly to a large degree but the first day Andrews did some damage when he came on and it was Costello who did the damage the second day. They also have Kilkenny as well. We are building good strength in depth in our defence and hopefully around midfield as well. Doing the same up front will be a big challenge for us in the weeks and months ahead.

  14. Well done to all,
    I thought that Kerry would win this one and in truth if they had been a little more clinical with the many goal opportunities we probably would. In saying that every game has its moments that make or break you and Mayo had the right attitude in the second half, I’m sure Rochford had some pretty strong words for a few players after Kerry sauntered through the defence unscathed to set up gifted chances.

    Kerry started with a lot of younger players and had a good mix of youth and experience at the throw in. The loss of Young and Geaney were unfortunate and robbed us of vital experience and leadership in both defence and attack but that’s life and Mayo turned the screw and bossed Kerry around in their own parlour at the restart.

    I love watching Andy Moran when ye are playing other teams but not so much when it’s against Kerry. He is by far the most natural inside attacker Mayo have and his guile, vision and attitude are a joy to behold, he is one dangerous buck and at 35 years of age,, wow!. I hope Mayo challenge that red on parsons, he is a fine player and I could not see why he got that card, baffling decision and I hope it’s overturned.

    A short break now and back at it we go, Monaghan will definitely use a running strategy to draw fouls from the sloppy tackles of the Kerry players so we have much to tackle if ye’ll excuse the pun. Roscommon will bring plenty and with the local darby as an added ingredient that game will fizzle so I hope it’s shown on tv.

    Good luck and I hope those that travelled had a pleasant stay in the Kingdom.

  15. Regarding the red card for Tom, I still cant figure what the hell it was for (happened right beside us). Its being suggested on twitter that it was for “third man into the fray” if that’s what the ref gave it for, surely then it should have been a black card?
    If the red is not appealed, and Tom gets another (one or is it 2?) black cards this season, will that rule him out for the rest of the year?

  16. Yes gamechanger10, as always we’d a brilliant weekend in Kerry. Ye really know how to promote “brand Kerry” there! We stayed in Killarney as usual, the only thing is its a fair trek down!

  17. Diarmuid could be an option to add another inside threat and take some pressure off Andy. Diarmuid is able to operate well in tight spaces and lay the ball off.
    I thought Stephen Coen passed the ball well. He had one cross pitch 50 yard beauty that was straight into the chest. He passes the ball low which is good. Moves it on quicker.
    He can get up and down supporting play for the full game.

  18. Great stuff there Gamechanger, full of intelligent observations, and insightful for those, like me, who couldn’t travel.

  19. Great to get the win down in Kerry. League or not, it’s a massive boost for our lads and one that should insure at the very least, our survival in division 1. That said, we know only too well that our home turf doesn’t always serve up a favourable result, and a certain amount of caution might not be a bad thing v Roscommon. Wouldn’t want to undo Saturdays good work at the very next hurdle.

  20. Just hope the Dubs can keep it up, I’d love Mayo to be the Team that defeats them first, just for the craic! Maybe that’s just a ridiculous fantasy but sure why not?. It would be a good night out in Croker if it came to pass.

  21. I assume that red card will be appealed. It was a ludicrous decision. I wouldn’t get caught up too much by the win either. I met a lot of locals later and the jist of it all was it was only a second string Kerry forward line. Not that it bothered me too much. Winning was pretty pleasant.

    However until we beat them in championship they won’t respect us.

  22. Well I’m dreading the Dublin game , they’d be 12 points up at half time if we played like we did in the first half on Saturday. I can’t fathom the optimism but I’ll not put a negative spin on it yet for the fear of been put to the slaughter in here.

  23. I agree that Diarmuid (like Cillian) would be much more dangerous closer to goal…….if we could organise it. He is dangerous close to goal. Ideally we would have both brothers and Andy Moran within scoring range most of the time. The trouble is we also depend on getting numbers behind the ball as part of our defensive strategy. They get dragged away from the danger zone and cannot get forward quick enough or often enough in order to act as finishers.
    We cannot expect to discover a Conor McManus type player any time soon. We need to maximize the potential of those lads we actually have. How to do it is the real challenge of management and I don’t have the answer. But we need to start trying to crack it real soon.

  24. True die hard…..finding a conor mc manus is difficult…or any player who can score 9 points in kerry and still play poorly having scored 8 v monaghan previously and if he were to be only 24 it would be a real bonus ..mmmmmm I wonder..

  25. Our biggest weakness is the short kick out .jesus the last 3 were 55/45 at best . Need to give David more options . Also need to work on numerous dummy runs and drills to take advantage of the Mark . God sake after a score you only have to find a man 25 mts away . Can’t believe no one mentioned this . The last one to TP could have cost us the game only that the Kerry lad fxxxed up . It needs serious work . Def our Achilles

  26. Tom Grehan you are correct in what you say. The boys have to work and move more smartly to provide Clarke with sound target. Surely they practice this all the time…. it’s a major part of the game now though prob taken for granted and not recognised for what it is.
    And yes Diehard …. The three up as much as pos. I’ve suggested any three but your suggestion will be spot on. Diarmuid has shown his ability at close quarters and it’s probably true that he doesn’t need to be chasing up and down as much as he does even though he’s made his name at it! A bit more discerning in that role might fit the bill! And anyway what power he’d add up front could pos more than compensate for less presence back. And anyway again,if he’s to get a new station then someone else will have to shake themselves in that role..

  27. Its the style of that kickout I am concerned about, that floating ball rather than driving the ball. Hennelly could work with clarke on his technique but it is worrying as it stands. We need to see improvement from match to match on these issues once they are identified as a problem

    I dont think it fault Clarke too much on the goal _ Higgins caught ball watching,

  28. I like the look of Boland. He is a fine distributor of the ball, he works his socks off, but he is also very good in the final third. While I had thought it might be too soon for him this year, I think he is now a viable option for the half forward line.
    He could take some of the pressure off Diarmuid (Diarmuid could concentrate more on attacking).

    Hopefully Irwin, Reape, Loftus can get some game time in the league

  29. Re: David Clarke.
    I cant believe how differently David Clarke is being judged on here. Imagine if Rob Henergy had made the same error for the Kerry goal. ..

    Re; kickouts.
    Once David Clark is forced to go long, his kickouts are short, hang in the air & i believe he or the mayo players have any idea where they may land.

  30. I see 5 players have being let go from the panel Cathal Carolan Cian Costello james durcan Gareth o Donnell and David Kenny.

  31. riseagain, Clarke is and always will be our number 1 goalkeeper.
    He has an all star to prove this.
    We had enough fiasco in the replay as the stats show.
    So stop with your charade.

  32. It’s not a charade. … mayo man in dublin.

    All I am looking for is for both players to be judged fairly and to the same standard.
    We can disagree but not lets judge eack player on their performance not on one subjective opinion.

  33. The key attribute of any goalkeeper is confidence, self confidence and the confidence his team mates have in him. So really there should be no argument on the position, Clarke is one, Byrne is two.
    I agree on boland, the most impressive thing about him is his decision making and confidence.

  34. If we judge all goalkeepers available to us fairly then Clarke is number one and is currently about 2 miles ahead of his nearest challenger. Simple as that. Yes he needs to work on the kick outs. As a shot stopper he is well clear of the chasing pack and pulling away.

    What about Parsons card. Will we appeal it?. It should already be appealed. Get on with it and if its rejected, it should be taken further. Remember these appeal panels have been known to sit until 3AM and eventually change their minds in the dead of night to get a player off. Wont mention any names.

  35. Parsons was excellent i thought. A powerful man around the middle and with an engine to boot.

    Andy had his mans heart broke all day with his constant movement. I think Diarmuid will be tried closer to goal as the year pans out but more than likely it will be for 10 minute spells here and there. His influence out the field is too great. He looks like he has bulked up considerably as well.

    The pressure is on the rossies the next day. Expect a dog fight.

    Best of luck to Westport this weekend also. Bring home the bacon.

  36. RiseAgain you appear to have an issue with Clarke. A charade it was called above. You stated last saturday that Clarke was at fault for the goal. I disagree. Clarke comitted to coming out to clear a high incoming ball at the edge of the square. There were a couple of opposition forwards in the square also jumping. Clarke connected and drove the ball out about 15m. This was good goalkeeping. Defenders should have completed the clearance but BJ Keane accepted the stroke of luck as the ball landed in his lap. Clarke brings an air of confidence to the full back line. Superb in first 2 league games

  37. The difference between Clarke and Hennelly is that Clarke is great under the high ball whereas Hennelly is not. The problem for Hennelly is that he had this problem some years ago (remember error for BBrogan goal toward end of first half in 2013 final). Obviously he has not rectified this issue since then thus remains a liability of sorts in goal. You cannot have a keeper in goal for having better kickouts if he concedes scores from open play under the high ball. Clarke’s kickouts are not as good as Hennelly’s but overall Clarke has caused no real damage with his kick outs.

    Personally I think he’s a great keeper and better than the slightly overrated Cluxton.

  38. Spotlight, I’m afraid it goes back further to the 2008 Minor final replay. Robbie made a big one that day. It seems to be a problem with pressure.

    I would contest the notion that Robbie has better kickouts than Clarke. Robbie’s kickout performance cost us dearly last October.

    But I had this conversation Sunday night. I believe Clarke is a better goalkeeper than Stephen Cluxton. I understand Cluxton’s kickouts are excellent, but overall, Clarke’s dominance, reaction, the way he closes down trouble immediately is outstanding.

    A simple one – the save he made v Brogan at the death in 2012. His reactions were incredible. As soon as Brogan turned he was on top of him. I honestly can’t see Cluxton doing similar in the same situation.

  39. Spotlight and bahola ….
    Bahola …. Clark did not punch the ball out 15 meters, sorry to contradict you there. Watch the highlights.

    Spotight. …. if we are referencing all ireland final 2013 re. Brogan goal. For fairness we should reference 2012 final v donegal. Murphy punched a point in a very similare scenario. Could easily have been a goal.

    Clarks kickouts did cause serious problems in the towards the end of the drawn all ireland.

  40. As a shotstopper and alertness of his line no one compares to Clarke. Now we are talking of the skill set a goalkeeper needs to be the finished article and to improve Mayos chance of winning an all ireland. So lets take off the rose tinted glasses for a minute.
    The problem clarkes ‘long’ kickout is a floating stay in the air type kick, the type opposing defenders love to run at and attack. The more opposing teams draw attention to this the more pressure is on our goalkeeper
    The solution – work on clarkes kickouts on the training ground. Get him ‘driving’ the ball. Hennely can certainly help him with that technique. Lets see improvement for the Roscommon game on the pitch

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