Monday match reports


It’s all old news at this stage, I know, but, if it’s positive stuff, old reports are still worth perusing. So, then, here’s a selection of the match reports and all the rest from Saturday evening’s win over the Rossies.

Locals: Mayo News, Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph.

Nationals: Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Times, Irish Sun (match report, post-match quotes).

Others: GAA, RTÉ, The 42 (match report, live blog), Hogan Stand, Breaking News.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Sportsfile, Inpho.

That’s the lot: enjoy your Monday.

76 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Defence needs to tighten up for the Dubs and I can see changes being made to the full-back line. Also, I think we’re vulnerable to high balls into the square. It should be noted that with Cafferkey injured we currently have no specialist full back.

  2. First comment since Sept.

    I agree spotlight, but I’d be amazed if we didn’t revert to a sweeper system next week. I actually felt Boyle was dropping deep and covering this space pretty well before his black card. I spotted him in the square at least 3 times. It was only after this that Ross got their goal chances and the game was already won, so I guess rochford chose not to continue with sweeper.
    Most of our wides were in the second half when game was more like a challenge match and minds were clearly elsewhere. Really like the look of boland and think Regan would benefit playing off a bigger man.

    Anyway, pretty confident heading to CP next week. Dublin almost caught by what I consider to be a very poor Donegal team.

  3. Confidence v Dublin.
    Have a look at the Dublin team that lined out yesterday.
    From midfield up … only 3 if those playing will be make their first 15. They will play a far stronger team next Saturday.

    Only Monaghan & to a lesser extent Tyrone are playing anthing near full strength teams.

  4. From midfield up, there are only 6 positions.

    had a look just now:
    Stephen Cluxton; Philip McMahon, Michael Fitzsimmons, Eric Lowndes; Darren Daly, John Small, Jack McCaffrey; Brian Fenton, Ciaran Reddin; Niall Scully (1-01), Shane Carthy (0-01), Conor McHugh (0-01); Ciaran Kilkenny (0-01), Eoghan O’Gara, Dean Rock (0-3, 3f).

    Plus, Flynn & Ogara came on as subs. That is not a reserve side.

    As I see it they were missing Cooper, Brogan & Connolly. We had quiet a few player missing ourselves.

    Just my opinion. And I’m still confident, as I hope, are our team.

  5. I was in Donegal for the match. Pitch was fit for water polo and little else.

    Dublin did not play well at all – they switched off towards the end of the first half and were punished severely for it.
    Donegal seemed to be fitter and faster, the Dubs look off the pace – that’s not gonna fix itself in six days. That aside, I expect that two dropped points will refocus them. Losing to Mayo would all but kill any plans to lay claim to another league title. Expect to see at least some of the big guns in action from the off.

    Donegal reaped dividends from running into the scoring zone at pace. I can see Mayo trying to exploit this avenue, using linkup play and pace. At the other end, Mayo I expect will deploy a sweeper to prevent the full back line being exposed to the same. O’Gara put in a fair shift yesterday, and his height may be used to test ariel defences.

    Discipline will be key. Avoiding Black/Reds will be high on the list in terms of priority for both teams. Arguably the best two deadball experts in the country will be on the pitch come Saturday. Tackling will need to be spot in, in order to avoid coughing up scorable frees – which will doubtless be converted at a very high percentage. Rock had an off day yesterday, but in fairness, conditions didn’t suit kickers. He seemed to switch to kicking from his hands in the second half – which improved his return on investment.

    Tellingly, Mayo had 12 scorers in their game, to Dublin’s 6. Dublin seem adverse to taking on the shot at times of late, whereas Mayo go for it, possibly a little too much – they rack up fair wide counts. I can see this game having the high side of 25 scores in it.

    Hard to tell who’s going to come out on top. Dublin’s unbeaten run will end at some point, and the logical bets for who’s going to do that are Mayo and Kerry. (Mind you, Kerry seem to be in a mini-tailspin at the moment). Mayo are building up a nice head of steam – beating Kerry in Kerry, and handing out a trimming to the Rossies will see confidence high.

    Unless something bizarre happens, we can expect at most, a two point margin either side.

    A third draw? Distinct possibility.

  6. Agree with other posters. Will be amazed if we don’t revert to a sweeper for this weekend’s game. Team could be something like this I think:

    Newcombe, Harrison, Higgins
    Keegan, Coen, Boyle
    Gibbons, Parsons
    D O’C, C o’C, Boland,
    Moran, Loftus

  7. I think boyle is a better chb han s coen still. Mayo were opened up when boyle went off on Sat evening.
    P Durkan might be in no.7. Harrison may go no.4 with dvaughan or scoen at fb. EoG would be too strong for either Harrison or Higgins.

  8. Mike,
    I’d be leaving Newcombe out and putting Durcan in there.
    Vaughan might be there instead of Coen, though there’s not much between them. Not sure Loftus is ready to start but he’s not far off it either. We’re fortunate enough this year mind, lots of competition for places. Plenty for us to choose from in nearly all positions.

  9. Haven’t read many of the comments over the weekend, so might have missed this elsewhere, but does anyone know why Jason Doherty didn’t tog on Saturday? Is he injured?

  10. FBDinashui – good point. Totally forgot about Durcan.
    There is some serious half back quality in Mayo. A guy like Shane Nally would be starting in most Div 1 teams but is struggling to get a look in for Mayo

  11. I wouldn’t focus on Dublin’s display in Ballybofey. It was a heavy pitch and they are more suited to playing on the fast Croke Park surface (as are Mayo mind you).

    I liked the way we moved the ball at pace in the first half. I also fully except us to employ a sweeper against Dublin. If we leave Clarke on on one with their full forward line, goals will be got.

    Any update on Ger Caff, Barry Moran and the O’Se’s?

    Also another else impressed with Donal Newcombe? Like Durkan, Coen, Harrison we seem blessed that so many backs seem to slots effortlessly into the team. Now if only we could say the same the other end although I think young Boland is a very exciting player.

  12. Yew_tree
    Half back cover is v good but a FB is badly missing at the moment.
    Corner Back back ip is light on the ground also.

  13. Yew tree – Ger Flanagan mentioned on the podcast that Stephen Rochford said not to expect any of the returnees back for the Dublin game and that he said specifically the two O’Sheas would not be featuring in it.

  14. Just read in the Western, Anne-Marie, that Jason Doherty picked up a hamstring injury during the week. Depending on how serious it is, that could be him gone for a while. If it’s a proper hamstring pull, he could well be gone for the rest of the League.

  15. @robinbanks

    No it won’t be, I had the pleasure of seeing him hurl a blinder in the nicky rackard cup win last year against Armagh. Him and Sean Regan were powerhouses in the half forward line.

  16. Can I just say here, again and again…. we don’t need a sweeper, we need a defensive system… All the top teams now have a defensive SYSTEM!!! Not a sweeper!!!! does anyone watch them???? Centre field, forwards, etc, etc all do duty in the Square. Everybody but Mayo. If we do not develop a rock solid defence we will be pissing against the wind, once again!! Pat Spillane pointed that out last night and said that we will pay the price against the better teams..He is dead right!! We should be doing that now not trying to patch it in June!! ..

  17. Stephen Rochford is the manager,not p Spillane,he will have a system in place for the Dubs,I think we give far too much respect to people who feel it is ok to dish out criticism,but fail to assist his own county in their hour of need,I believe we will win on Saturday,and feel we have seen a massive improvement over the last twelve months,firstly in our defence,but now our attack is starting to move much better,probably because we have found a new player or two,but also because management has had more time to implement their own plans

  18. did anyone else’s season tickets not get updated for saturday, saying not attended on gaa website?

  19. Yes 1 (out of 2) tickets is not updated. I am really tired of this inept system. We were both told at the gate that both had been recorded. It’s just not acceptable. Instead of sending daft emails about transferring cards they should invest in a reliable system. Same thing happened last year and they refused to update my attendence. I’ve emailed them this evening so we’ll see what they say this time.

  20. Knives out for mc stay in Roscommon . Shannonside radio did match . Defeat firmly laid at his door ! Hope the ‘ expenses are good with them . He will earn them.

  21. For those of ye whose attendance is not yet updated, I haven’t checked my own just yet, I wouldn’t worry about it until Friday. But I do wish ye better luck than me. I emailed them a number of times, 4 to be precise about my season ticket not scanning for the recent match in Tralee, but despite all my emails being replied to. I had no joy and my attendance was not updated. I had the same problem last year,after the Dublin, Mayo and the league match played in McHale Park February 2016, but I failed to email them within the required 10 days. ,Of course my attendance record was not updated, and it was explained to me, that it could not be done as I had not informed them within the required 10 day’s. Despite my prompt action this year, I was informed that there were no scanning issues brought to their attention after the match in Tralee and nothing further could be done. For anyone interested this is the revelant email address.. Or much simpler just reply to a recent email from. and this will save you the hassle of, your name, shipping address and phone number ticket number. Incidentally next Saturday’s match is a double header, with Waterford taking on the Dubs in hurling at 5pm. Waterford were definitely very exciting to watch in 2016. So the season ticket is definitely good value ,but those scanning issues are definitely a pain.

  22. crock bridge. Pat Spillane is dead right. I don’t need to “respect” him.. He does know what he is talking about. My own eyes say exactly the same! Let’s see if there are great defensive changes soon. Hope you are right!!

  23. Ah Joe Mc, in all fairness I thought the two All Irelands showed we have a defensive system. The game against Roscommon was remarkably open but we are still bringing players back. Mayo did not have a sweeper there for years and it cost us. Last year was the first time we really got that right I thought, particularly the second day. Mayo do not flood players back a la Tyrone or Donegal but they do get back in numbers. I thought they got it bang on last year and I’ve no doubt they will again this year when it comes to the crunch. They’re more worried about finding forwards and getting the fitness right this time of year year than getting it perfect defensively, which I’m sure will be sorted by the time the Galway game comes. Do you not think? I never want to see us play like Tyrone or Donegal unless we are playing those teams.

  24. Yes we need to be much tighter at the back in terms of giving up goal chances but we should also be looking at the goals that Dublin conceded against Donegal just before half-time. They were similar goals to the ones that Kerry scored against them in the All-Ireland semi-final last year, again just before half-time. You often feel that teams play so defensively against Dublin that they don’t exploit their weaknesses at the back enough. So when the time is right I’d love to see us attack the Dub’s denfence with a lot of vigour and bang in a few goals. So for us giving up less goal chances will be vital to success but also creating and taking more goal chances against them will be just as crucial.

  25. Anyone see the article on Gay Sheerin rant about his dislike of a Mayo man managing a Ros team. Said it here the last day …the knives are out already!

  26. It’s a joke altogether. I’v been at Ros matches in Division 4. That is within the span of current Mayo team. Outside Managers have brought them to Division 1 n 2.
    In division 4 I would have taken a 1k euro bet that they wouldn’t reach Division 1 within 5 years.

  27. Great stuff last Saturday for sure and a real confidence booster for everyone in the squad and management team ahead of the real cut and thrust in Croker this Saturday. Although the talk of defensive systems and units can feel draining and negative, it is non the less an art form. The manner in which both Tyrone and Donegal deploy it has to be so admired if for no other reason than the massive unity of thought and purpose which they put into it. Kerry are somewhat caught in the middle between needing to build some form of defensive platform whilst at the same time maintaining their high octane skill game, another couple of years will see dominant again based on what they have in the pipeline. As for the other two top teams ourselves and Dublin, in a strange way I see Dublin becoming more like us in 2017 and us becoming more like Dublin in terms of how we will defend this year. Dublin are still the outright favourites for all honours this year but imo the phenomenal inside forward line they possess takes lots of years to develop and replace. Whilst they still have the old personnel involved it takes years to become a 28 year old B Brogan and so I see most of their backs heavily deployed in putting scores on the board for them this year whereas I see Mayo continually developing a high octane speed of movement forward system akin to Dublin in recent years. As for the sweeper system both teams seem to be moving away from it with this all defend all attack system. It is really interesting to view two separate squads deploying exactly the same defensive structures at the same time. Looking forward to Saturday night for sure.

  28. Well done to Ballinrobe CS on winning the Connacht B Championship against Athenry at Bekan Last night.
    1-17 to 2-12 after ET.

    Also wishing St.Colmans, Claremorris luck against St.Attracta’s in the A final on Saturday at the same venue (3pm throw in for any of you not traveling to Croke Park).

  29. I listened back to Gay Sherrin on Shannonside…comes across as a very bitter man. He said at the end “Roscommon are after loosing to a Mayo team with no forwards” 🙂 Tore into McStay and MacHale too.

  30. Gay Sherrin ….
    Regarding Mayo forwards …
    I think he is talking complete rubbish.
    Mayo are building are very decent set of forwards at the moment.
    Doc Coc & kmc will be an excellent half forward line later in the year. F Boland making a very good fist of it to date.
    A Moran plus one other in the FF line possibly C Loftus will nail down a position given a run of games … (I believe he will injuries permitting)
    Plus add in a position for A o Shea and this makes an excellent set of forwards.

  31. Gay Sheerin’s remarks are born out of frustration and anger, two emotions which are notoriously unreliable as foundations upon which to build a structured assessment of any situation. A number of our forwards would walk on to any county team at present.

  32. I guess I brought it up as the vibe I get from comments from Roscommon and some in Galway in recent years is the following….”We are not as physically strong as them” “We don’t have a game plan like them” “They are further down the road of development” “They have more S&C done” – Can they not admit Mayo have better players?

  33. I see that the CB are planning on building a centre of excellence near Kiltimagh- is this really needed? What about the Bekan facilities? Debt on the McHale park renovation is €33,0000 a month.

    Actually two things need to be addressed with McHale Park: (1) stand to be upgraded to get rid of pillars – they should never have been put into new stand and (2) pitch needs to be redone (it’s quite heavy in the winter months including last weekend).

  34. Very good stuff there yew_tree.

    These back-handed compliments are something else. Before games you hear the opposition spokesmen referring to Mayo’s high mileage, (you can almost see them shake their heads sadly as they say this). When Mayo actually pulverise them, well then of course it’s due to their experience, and cuteness (“they have that little bit of cuteness”). Or, another variation is “some of their elder statesmen” did the business (a phrase probably suggested by some goading journo). Or, “fair play to them, they’ve raised loads of money, we just can’t match that at the moment”. And how about, “we were targeting this game for a good while” – meaning we don’t really rate Mayo and they should be there for the taking.

    Sheerin’s crack about Mayo having no forwards is good, but you can see why he said it. Roscommon’s game plan was something like: “lookit, Moran is the only guy Mayo have. We’ll put the boot in here, pull him, drag him, frustrate him, get him on a yellow or even a black early on, and we’ll be half way there”. They probably took some satisfaction out of keeping Andy quiet – unfortunately the rest of the Mayo nobodies chipped over 17 from play.

  35. Spotlight….I have always had a big issue with the poles in the new stand….after spending 11m or so on the upgrade, to end up with poles in the stand is unbelievable. There is not a modern stand built anywhere in the world these days that is not cantilevered , yet in their wisdom they opt for an archaic engineering solution for the roof. Unfortunately to remedy this would require a whole re-design and re-building of the roof structure, so we are stuck with it until it is obsolete in 20 years time. What I would do whatever upgrading is required to the concrete areas and install bucket seats areas outside the stand and make the place a proper ‘all seater’ stadium and not a so-called all-seater where you have to sit on concrete for half of it. If this was done it could be a proper viable option for non-gaa events….concerts, etc.

  36. The Rossi should have left John Evans in charge, he brought them from Division4 to Division 1.A week before the match that Roscommon lost to Sligo, John Evans was quoted as saying that Roscommon should be challenging for All Ireland honours in a few years time. Not sure if was the wisest thing to say but hardly the reason Roscommon got beaten an unfancied Sligo on that occasion. Eamon O Hara tweeted something about the big yellow and blue bus reverseing into the garage for the rest of the year. And those in charge of Roscommon overreacted threw their manager overboard. Not the first time something like that happened in Roscommon and won’t be the last.

  37. The Bekan facilities aren’t ours, Spotlight, and Mayo GAA teams can only use Bekan if nobody else is. I’d say a new facility is, for sure, needed if our aim is to keep our place at the top table. If we want our inter-county teams, not just the seniors but all the other ones too, performing at the highest level we need a dedicated home for them for training purposes. Galway have had their facility at Loughgeorge for the best part of ten years now (fat lot of good it’s done them, you may argue, but I doubt this has been the reason for their lost decade) and even Sligo have their own centre of excellence. Tyrone have theirs at Garvaghy and Kerry have a new state of the art one opening. Dublin, of course, have all the facilities they need (at DCU, Abbotstown and elsewhere) but we’re struggling to find pitches for our teams to train on, in particular at this time of year. Providing the financing of the new facility makes sense – and there’s no reason it can’t – then this is absolutely the right thing for us to be doing.

  38. I really think the Connacht GAA Centre was a waste of money. Ok it plays host to college games and the likes but speaking to clubs I know they can never book time and if they do, they are told to pay up to use the facility.

    Will Connacht GAA even be relevant in the future with the Championship headed for Champions League format. The changes for 2018 are only the beginning and I foresee a day when the Nestor Cup in behind glass in a museum along with the the other provincial cups.

    Mayo need training facilities as the pitch behind MacHale park can not continue to be our only training resource.

  39. Derry also have a state of the art Centre of Excellence at Owenbeg – a fantastic facility. Of course, Derry have their own troubles. And club really trumps county up there.

    Thanks WJ, I spotted that last night after I’d posted. Hopefully it’s not too serious. It’s an excellent opportunity for a newbie to stake a claim.

  40. Fair argument WJ and I’m guilty of oversight re Bekan as of course it’s a Connacht facility. Still it should only be built on the proviso that no debt will be used, which according to Finnerty in the MN, is the proposal (the €2-4 million is to be exclusively fundraised). After all, the McHale park debt won’t mature until 2044.

  41. Dublin haven’t had a centre of excellence, the great Kerry and Tryone teams didnt. Armagh didnt. Donegal didnt. A semi final place is the best placing by a team with a centre of excellence.
    We likely need it due to our improvement in our commitment to hurling. Hence we need pitches ready year round.
    But I don’t believe there is any proof as to their effectiveness. There is no big home of Dublin centre. As I’v wrote before, there are a lot of insiders biased towards saying these centres produce improved teams.
    Again Sligo, best years without one.
    I never have had it explained. What is it these allow you do that cannot already be done?
    A high level look at teams results shows a lack of impact of these centres.
    I wouldnt write in big lights Kerrys young footballers yet either. Something tells me (bar David Clifford) that the next generation are not as good as Kerry players last 20 years.
    Very system based footballers who might not be developing their own unique skillset.

  42. Sheeran had no problem when he had Three Mayo men out the pitch in front of him, Geesalas Pat Lyndsey , Castlebar born Dermot Early and Mayo 1966 All Ireland Minor medalist along with 1970 league winner Sean Kilbride. If memory serves me right Sheeran himself was a Rossie manager with poor results. We aren’t talking Kerry here , we are talking a team that last beat Mayo competitively in 2001 and then only when Mayo had a man sent off in the wrong.

  43. Yes we need good facilities for our county teams – mostly decent pitches that can be used in winter. Very little use is made of Bekan by other counties as far as I know. Essentially it is a Mayo facility in practice. So why not add another pitch or two to Bekan and use it. Mayo cannot really afford any more debt. We already owe Croke Park about €8m. Maybe we can service that right now but what if our senior team goes into decline for a few years?

  44. Put the money in at grass roots level with the kids. Get the kids skilled, competent and confident at the basics of football and hurling. Looking at player profiles in match programmes over the years the one skill that most players rate higher than any other is kicking/kick passing with both feet. My own favourite is, of course, kicking the fecking thing over the bar and under it when ya can. A simplistic view maybe but well coached, skilled kids with a belief in their ability and the structures they play within will be more successful in the long run.

  45. A good drill to improve the weaker kicking leg for kids/teens (or any age I guess!) is to start by kicking the ball against a high wall as hard as you can. Build up the muscle in the weaker leg and get used to just the kicking action/body positioning etc that one takes for normal when kicking with their stronger leg. Then progress onto accuracy, targets etc.

    Cannot believe Sheerin said that about the Mayo forwards…dressing room wall stuff.

  46. We have two options in building this proposed training facility.
    Option 1: A proper, professionally planned and coordinated fundraising drive under the direction of a transparent commercial director could fund the €2.4 million in 3-5 years in the same manner as Kerry & Tyrone.
    Option 2: The biscuit tin method.
    If I were a betting man…….

  47. And here’s another one from the back catalogue of disrespect for our players.

    I don’t know how many times Andy Moran has kicked points from impossible angles at venues from Castlebar to Croker, And the reaction from commentators and scribes: “don’t think Andy meant that”, or “that one could have gone anywhere”.

  48. Fair play, Catcol.
    Of course they targeted Andy, after he pissed all over them in 5 minutes in Kiltoom and probably neglected to watch the other lads . If that’s the case, then well done Andy. You don’t always have to score 2 goals, to be of value to the team.
    Ps John Cuffe, spot on re2001 and Ray Connelly.

  49. Some posters are at it again. 2 plus 2 equals 5 right. Dubs looked poor against a weak Donegal side, plus Mayo were brilliant against another Div 1 team at home equals we have a great chance of ending an unbeaten run of 33 games on Saturday night. No lessons have been learned about our encounters with the Dubs over the last 5 or 6 years.Last year for example I suggested that JG might have a special role for Philly in Castlebar. I got in early to check the program for their list of subs as he had not been named on the teamsheet. Finally I checked the team bus for any signs of his travelling west that weekend. Confident I had got it wrong again I settled down in my seat near the tunnel, just in time to see Philly race past me on his way to do a number on an unfit AOS.

  50. I listened back to Gay Sherrin on Shannonside…comes across as a very bitter man. He said at the end “Roscommon are after loosing to a Mayo team with no forwards” ? Tore into McStay and MacHale too.
    even happier we hammered them now

  51. It was hardly worth Philly’s while travelling west for that one, PJ – he was gone on a black card with only three minutes played that evening.

  52. I can’t understand investing in a centre of excellence when the county is crying out for full time coaches.
    I know they appointed a few last year but for the size of the county we need a hell of a lot more.
    If the county board don’t get there finger out on this issue soon we will lose so many kids to other sports and what good is a two centre of excellence in one county (knowing 1 is shared with Connacht).
    God knows we have plenty of explayers who could fill these roles.
    But sure the county board know best as always.

  53. Mayo teams were spoiled for years using Castlebar Mitchels facilities especially before they bought McHale park—if clubs do not want a centre of excellence they shoud step up and make their facilities available.

  54. From my reading of it, the initiative is all about about providing additional pitches for training, all in one handy location (scenic too, nestled in the foothills of Slaibh Cairn – for those of you who know your way around Kiltimagh and Balla), and isn’t some kind of white elephant ego trip. From what I gather, we’re under severe pressure as things stand trying to get pitches for training for all the county teams and so it makes complete sense to develop a facility to sort this problem.

  55. Lougheorge has been a fantastic success in Galway for all county teams, male and female from under 12s up despite what some may think! The hurlers have been using it as well over the last few years. A new facility in Mayo would be a huge addition to the preparation of all county teams..

  56. Donegal have a centre in Convoy croke park wouldn’t allow the ladies team to develop a pitch there for insurance reasons croke park must have provided some finance when they are calling the shots. Mayo need their own centre with all weather pitches with the amount of rain we get club pitches are able to accommodate all the training of all the age groups I understand the connacht centre is very expensive to hire.

  57. I’m still on the fence about this. If we are doing it, however, there should be an exact replica of the Croke Park pitch built there. Same surface, same dimensions.

    This will not be cheap to maintain.

  58. A centre of excellence is most definitely required. If the aim is to expand and get more and more people playing the game then more facilities would be needed. A main facility available to all mayo teams both mens and ladies makes perfect sense. Also having everything under one roof would reduce the annual cost of running the various teams. It would be an investment in the future of the sport in Mayo.

  59. My season ticket attendance for last Saturday has just been updated this morning, if anyone else wants to check their own accounts.

  60. My season ticket attendance record has also been updated too. Although when I contacted the powers that be earlier this morning to report the issue, the advice I was given was to check again on Friday because we are still relying on local volunteers to upload the data, which doesn’t inspire confidence but at least it has thankfully been sorted!

  61. KiltaneAbu, I think that’s a stock answer that they use in reply every time there’s a query on attendance. Why it takes so long to upload the data is beyond me.

  62. So anyway folks – has anyone heard about the Commercial Director role, or any news about it one way or the other?.

    Seems to have gone all quiet. I know Niall McGarry promised 10K of his own cash to get it off the ground and confirmed on Twitter back in late October that the CB had accepted the offer and the new job would be created.

    Has this died a death similar to many other good initiatives once left with our CB to progress?.

  63. mayomark.. not really sure that level is required, our problems recently have been in McHale park not Croker, We have no problems playing there!

  64. Just got my tickets for Saturday section 303 cusack they must be keeping the hogan and the centre of the cusack for the dubs

  65. Ah…… Roscommon GAA. The gift that keeps on giving 🙂

    They didn’t mind the very same MAYO man being in charge when he guided Brigids to their All Ireland club success though, did they?

  66. I listened back to the end of the Shannonside podcast (you could do worse Willie Joe than post this) and it was a howl. But, facts about Mayo forwards aside, it’s hard NOT to feel sympathy for Sheerin. He’s a proud Roscommon man, who hates to see his team lose, particularly to his neighbours, and what’s wrong with that? Roscommon’s display last Saturday was pathetic. The scoreboard really flattered them – it could really have been something like the Sligo score of 2015, if we weren’t so sloppy with goal chances.

    From that perspective McStay’s reaction was hard to fathom. A friend said if you turned down the sound on League Sunday and looked at the visual reactions of the managers, you would think Rochy had lost – he was frowning and concentrating on what was missed and what needed to be done for the Dublin match. With McStay, it was sunny disposition all the way. I felt he was still in Sunday Game analyst mode, rather than an apoplectic manager, appalled at a truly inept display. “They’re resilient; they’ll be back up on the horse on Tuesday”. Hmm, Gay Sheerin for one, wouldn’t believe that.

  67. Thanks Willie Joe – that’s what I call service. Meanwhile I’ve been on to my mobile provider for the last 40 minutes trying to gets something sorted!

  68. One point that ain’t correct. If there was taking of goal chances to be had it was them not us. Talk of a Sligo type scoreline is way off.
    Good shooting is 60% and more nornal is 50% which is what we had.
    Shooting 60% we come away with about 1-22 on the night. Which squares with about three straight forward points being missed by Cillian simple free , Conor OShea right foot and Evan Regan right foot.

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