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The clocks have changed, there’s a tiny hint of summer in the air so who cares if it’s Monday morning? In any event, because it’s Monday there are match reports to be sorted, positive ones for a change. Ready to dive in? Right, here goes.

Locals: Mayo AdvertiserConnaught TelegraphUlster Herald.

Nationals: Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish TimesIrish Sun, Irish Mirror, Irish News.

Others: GAATyrone GAA, RTÉ, The 42, Hogan Stand, Breaking News.

Photos: Mayo MickInphoSportsfile.

Ladies’ match against Dublin: RTÉIrish Independent, Irish Times, The 42, Hogan Stand.

U21 semi-final defeat to Galway (in case you haven’t seen them yet or if all this positivity is making you a bit light-headed): GAA, Irish Independent, The 42, Hogan Stand.

That’s your lot. Back early afternoon with this week’s Mayo News football podcast, which reviews yesterday’s match in Omagh, and back later on again with the results of the MOTM poll. Tom Parsons is well out in front in this one but there’s a fair bit of jostling for the minor places so every vote counts.

45 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Fair play to the team yesterday. Plenty to work on still in both defence and attack.

    Looking forward to the Donegal game now.

  2. Do we know how long a ban the 2 Tyrone boys got? Maybe 6 months each?

    Or will they be let get away with commiting an act, which if it happened out on the street, could see somebody doing a stretch?

  3. Well the GAA has to act! In a bit of a scuffle at the end of the Kerry /Mayo match, Tom Parsons was (wrongly in my opinion) shown a Red Card, Mayo appealed the Red Card (quite correctly in my opinion)and Danny Kirby was retrospectively Red Carded and subsequently suspended for one match. I reviewed the footage of that scuffle a few times, I didn’t see any punch thrown or any attempted striking action by either a Kerry or Mayo player . There certainly were punches thrown and sticking action after the match and during the later stages of the Tyrone /Mayo match yesterday, the camera does not lie . If the GAA don’t take severe action against the perpetrators in the case of serious assaults on a GAA pitch,? They would be showing themselves as seriously hypocritical and a lax in enforcement of nessarly discipline. Kerry play Tyrone next Sunday and there is no love lost between the two sides, turning a blind eye to yesterday’s events would in my opinion only increase the likelihood of similar happening next Sunday… But anyhow we got the Two points yesterday, it makes it all the sweeter!

  4. Heard Brendan Devenney on radio saying he doubts Rory Gallagher wants play Dublin in a league final – could be like a couple of years ago where we were both happy with a draw and low and behold a draw was what we got . and if tyrone were involved id say they would field an u 16 team.

  5. Yesterdays tactics provide food for thought on which players suit those tactics.
    As I see it being able to close down space and tackle effectively. Being able to break tackles. Being able to kickpass and shoot.
    Andy was struggling to claim ball that he started out in front and the ground was made back each time. He setup the goal but overall he lost or failed to win what was really good ball.
    In my view Reape is the better ball winner whilst obviously Andy is the best footballer in our forwards. But for the current tactics we need a ball winner first and foremost. It was good accurate ball into space, for me Reape wins that footrace a yard ahead of Andy.
    Mark Bradley caused us a lot of trouble similar to Conor McHugh. Might make one think of Shairoze as a specialist man marker on nippy corner forwards.
    The other young player I’d be thinking of is James Kelly as his ability to run with pace even just covering in defense would be valuable.
    The likes of Loftus, Boland, Irwin etc. I don’t think these tactics suit them. Need all three of strength, hard tackling and speed.
    Not that three above players come into 15 or even bench yet but those are three useful young players I think are suited for next year.

  6. JP, I would agree with you, in fact I think we will see Reape on the bench next weekend, maybe even feature as a sub. He has a full year of senior training behind him and seems fit after U21s.

    Leantimes, there must be action taken against some Tyrone players, what happened at the end of yesterdays game was far far worse than anything that occurred v Kerry.

    Also questions must be asked of the Mayo management and medical team as to why Cillian was allowed to remain on the pitch, he hadnt a clue where he was and could barely stand. Player welfare must come first ahead of result of a game.

  7. Did Cillian get knocked with another shoulder later on? Well he must have passed the on field assessment and maybe they were following play and missed his stumbles. But can they not have someone warching the game on a tablet. I thought surely one of the stats team is watching on a laptop?

  8. I’ve heard of keyboard warriors but now we’ve keyboard medical teams as well…mighty.

  9. Me too’s dreadful stuff. If GAA IGNORE it then it’s one law for us and other laws for other counties. An assault is an assault. End of and has to show some discipline.

  10. Ya go ahead and explain that Alf ‘keyboard medical teams’.
    – on pitch assesment (check)
    – stumbles on tv but not near play (check)
    Which leaves you with what for your statement?

  11. Keyboard medical teams HA! I like that one. In fairness im no doctor (medical or saw) but from the camera view alone poor Cillian should definitely have been taken to the side. Sure the next shot on tv he had another Tyrone man lying on top of him. They are some outfit the tyrone crowd. For a county who do love their Gaeilc Games so much they dont have try to make a game a hybrid between MMA and twister

  12. If we beat Donegal and stay up it will have turned out to be a very good league finishing with 8 pts and given game time to some good new fresh players …..We all thought it would be our u21s from last year but Kirby and Shane Nally and a fit Chris Barrett gives us even more options for championship …..The win in Tyrone cannot be underestimated they were out to beat us having already lost to Donegal and ourselves in August abd they never lose in Omagh …..Division 1 is one hell of a competition as the Rossies found out to their cost….big game fir us Sunday sea of green and red needed….

  13. Ya I like that ‘keyboard med teams’. I am a medical person and i know it’s a big if – I were on mayo med team I would be racing to get him off immediately. There should be strict rules on head injuries. He was staggering and still being taunted by opposition. Shocking.whatever else goes on that should not be accepted.
    If that was a Dub player just imagine the media today but it appears that’s the end of it now as it’s always poor Mayo, afraid to be called whingers.

  14. Two things stood out for me this weekend (1) The return of players – They may not have had much influence on the game but it’s a statement of intent, of things to come and the health of the panel as a collective (2) That goal – described as a thing of beauty on the Sunday Game, “a sensational goal worked by the mayo attack where Tom Parsons breaks through on the overlap to crack home a magnificent goal”. So how did it happen? Keith Higgins in possession on left wing maybe 25 yards out kicks a fast direct ball to Fergal Boland near the half way line on the same wing.. Fergal turns and drives the ball in field to Cillain O’Connor running out from the edge of the D. This quick interlinking kick passing takes out 7 Tyrone defenders tracking back through midfield including Tom P. Back to Cillain.. who turns on a 6 pence and floats a perfect ball into Andy who is one on one with the full back.. the ball is kicked away from tthe goal intentionally to draw the defender out of the large square and favours the forward. All this time Tom P running from midfield with the rest of the 7 Tyrone defenders has timed his run perfectly to collect the ball from Andy on the edge of the large square and drive a brilliant low shot to the corner of the net. Its a very effective Rochford/Corofin counter attacking style that sounds simple but it’s not.. there are very few players who can execute these skills and this takes practice and there’s no denying that goal was straight from the training ground. I love to see some more please.

  15. I also meant to say how when we got 2 black cards it didnt weaken the team thats the difference having a strong bench you will always have a injury a black or red card the trick is to try and finish with as strong or stronger team than started…..strong bench strong finish

  16. With the bus strike ongoing and now the trains possibly getting in on the act. Any dublin based travelling supporters interested in organising a coach to the game?

  17. Sean there is a whatsapp group of interested parties. You on twitter?, if so I’ll ping on the details

  18. On a sightly downbeat note I fellt yesterday that, despite ihis part in the move leading to the goal, fergal Boland is becoming less influential as the league progresses. In the FBD he looked a real livewire but since then he seems to be less and less involved. He does not have the bulk and power of the likes of Conor O’Shea and he does not have speed to compensate for the lack of power. I thought Shane Nally was quite impressive as a forward yesterday while David Drake did ok too for a novice forward.

  19. If Tyrone beat Kerry, Cavan beat rossies and mayo lose to donegal, we all end up on 6 pts, who goes down then with the Rossies?

  20. April Fools Day is Saturday not Sunday..I’m hoping this is a joke..My blood pressure rises even looking at his name..Agree with Ann marie..You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  21. We haven’t a hope if it’s not a joke. Unless we go out and win by 10 points so we can ensure we beat him too. He will be booed and even though I hate booing I think I’d enjoy it in his case.

  22. re Fergal Boland
    Andy D,
    yes, your comment re Fergal’s influence been less in last two games is factual.
    The fact is this young man badly needs a minimum 6 week break like Leeroy and Keith Higgins (hurling club commitments until late Dec )

    Fergal has had no adequate break for over TWO years.. involved with successive Club Under 21 football titles past two years, fixtures completed in late December both years,…. … throw in Senior club football, Sigerson County Under 21 and Senior hurling, Club Under 21and Senior hurling it speaks volumes for his ability, endurance and real potential that he has managed to impress in such circumstances.. GOOD Coaching and he can be an exceptional talent..

    Flogging a dead horse springs to mind..

  23. Bloody hell, it wasn’t there last night on my app but it’s bloody well there now. I’m horrified. He disappears for two years and comes back last weekend and 2nd go out is getting us. I think we can forget winning this match. I really want to object to him somehow. I can get over the rest of them but not him.

  24. And the big man from castle bar is the umpire.
    Honestly don’t care who’s Reffing. this game is the best prep for the championship.
    Let them get out there Sunday on there home turf and Show the country what there made of.
    This Mayo team are far from finished.
    My thought leaving croke park last Oct was we are so close and my mind hasn’t changed since.
    We are calling on u21s to fill rolls, if they can step up for 10 minutes at the end of games I’ll be well pleased.
    Some of these lads have a few years strength and conditioning to catch up to the rest which was proved Sunday.
    Tyrone came out hard the last day and we survived by god if we meet later on it will be some match.
    All I can say is more of the same the next day + cillian will be fine he’s becoming a real leader which is great to see.his form plus his brothers can only improve which leaves us in a great position going into championship.
    We got a win the last day but just about we are coming good at the right time.
    Nobody wants to meet this Mayo team in championship and that say’s a lot.
    Well done lads but knock 7 kettle’s of piss out of the dunnys the next day.

  25. I think we all need to calm down a bit. The GAA isn’t, sadly, stocked with good refs and it shows how bad their problem is that they have to continue using Reilly after his incompetent handling of the semi-final replay in 2014. But that was getting on for three years ago and we’ve had more bad reffing since (Maurice Deegan would take pride of place in my ref dartboard after last October) but – you know what? – so have lots of other counties. Bad reffing is an endemic problem that the GAA either won’t or can’t face up to. We’re not unique, the GAA isn’t out to get us and the County Board aren’t any kind of big disgrace either. We have to prepare properly for what’s an important game and how the ref is likely to handle the situation is a key part in this. Wringing our hands and crying about the injustice of the world shouldn’t form part of this prep.

  26. Fully agree WJ – we need to put our best foot forward for this game and concentrate on how our team play and making sure we make the noise to give them a lift when it’s needed. It worked in Tyrone, you could see the gee-up it gave the lads when the fans were making the noise.
    I did note a lack of noise from the crowd at the Cavan game – that needs to be corrected this time out.

  27. Completely agree WJ……….it’s all about winning on Sunday and not about Reilly or what happened in Limerick despite how much that still hurts. He might even make mistakes again on Sunday that help us this time.
    That said I figure he will feel about as welcome as a fart in a space-suit when he walks into McHale Park on Sunday.

  28. Yeah I agree with that WJ. It’s just a very strange decision.

    It’s a big game, us trying to stay up and Donegal going for a final place.
    It’ll be hell for leather stuff and the crowd will be baying.
    It seems odd to put Reilly into a position like that, sending him up to Castlebar to face fierce pressure from a large, passionate home crowd. I assumed that if he did ref us again, in would be in some low key encounter outside of Mayo.

    Who knows, maybe the pressure will get to him and he’ll give us every decision going to avoid being lynched!

  29. Ha ha Dan I hope you are right! I complained about everything I could think of in past few years esp keeping quiet during Keegan smear campaign and appointment of last managers. It was not composed well but I sent it. And it doesn’t matter and won’t be paid any heed to but I feel better!!!!! Wish I did it a long time ago. County board have brought enough trouble our way in many different ways. That’s my effort for this year! A year or two too late.

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