Monday match reports


We’re two days on from the replay win over Kerry and there’s a thicket of fawning guff about the Dubs to wade through in the media but Saturday’s win was one that put us through to our second All-Ireland final appearance on the trot. It’s definitely worth, then, spending a bit of time looking back on the match reports and other coverage on the win. Here’s a flavour of what’s been written about it.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph.

Nationals: Sunday Independentmatch report, post-match quotes from Stephen Rochford and Eamonn Fitzmaurice, Dermot Crowe, Colm O’Rourke, Eamonn Sweeney (worth reading just to see him squirm), Irish Independentmatch report, Billy KeaneIrish Examinermatch report, John Fogarty, Brendan O’Brien, Colm Cooper, post-match quotes. Irish Timesmatch report, Keith Duggan.

Others: GAA (match report, post-match quotes from Stephen Rochford and Eamonn Fitzmaurice), RTÉ (match report, post-match quotes from Stephen Rochford, Cillian O’Connor and Eamonn Fitzmaurice),  The 42 (live blog, match report, talking points, post-match quotes from Stephen Rochford and Eamonn Fitzmaurice).

Stats: Don’t Foul.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Inpho, Sportsfile.

There’s more, I know, but that’ll surely do you for now and in any event I’ve other stuff to be getting on with. By the way, so have you – All-Ireland final tickets, to be precise. On that note, tonight’s Mayo GAA Players Lotto draw includes the chance to win five tickets for the final. You can play the Lotto here.

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  1. Willie Joe, that link goes to a page to win A.I. Hurling Final tickets (still a fine prize!!). Thanks.

  2. It’s been some journey so far but we haven’t come up against a tough mean defence like Dublin’s. We all know how classy they are up front but they are so solid at the back. Immense. I thought Tyrone showed some rare moments of purpose yesterday and looked like they could challenge Dublin when they did but it’ll take a 70+ performance to beat them.

    They’ve absolutely sauntered to another final. They hardly left 2nd gear all year.

    They look better than last season, so Mayo need to produce something special with clever football, tactics a game plan and intensity.

  3. I love Billy Keane’s turn of phrase in the Independant.

    On Andy Moran “He seems more mobile and his hips sway organically like the full udders of fat August Friesians on their way to the milking parlour. But it is the eye for the gap that gets the goals. Andy Moran could thread hairy silage twine through the eye of a needle.”

    “Colm Boyle is a hybrid. He can attack and defend without any fill-up at the pumps.”

  4. No problem. Thank you. Love your comment re the guff in the media about the Dubs. If people actually saw Jesus walking on water and he was doing it on the river Liffey it would get less column inches…..

  5. Willie Joe , ” a thicket of fawning guff ” is yet another of your laugh out loud expressions . A classic .

  6. I loved the E Sweeney piece and how he signs of with what would a sligo man know about Mayo football 🙂 Anyway its tine to look ahead to final.Dubs gave us plenty to think about .They were good no doubt but Tyrone never showed up .We should bot be afraid of them despite John Casy saying he was.We can take them.

  7. Billy Keane’s piece is a must read. I don’t over use that (I hope), but some delicious verbal nuggets in there.

  8. Dublin are weakening, no mistake about this ,in 2013 they got a 4 point
    allowance, the fluke goal in first half ,after halftime they were gifted
    a point they won x1 .in 2016 they were gifted 6 points and drew
    the replay was the same gifted a penalty 3points won x1.
    Surely the greatest team would not let Kerry their greatest rivals win
    the league, i can only see 1 player who has come in, that would improve
    Dublin from last year, if they didnt play well in the final last year, they
    also did not play well in 2013 final .Mayo have improved ,and will improve
    more in next game, make no mistake about this. Kerry have the same problem
    players coming in not as good as players leaving . dublin are switching players
    around o sullivan full back etc etc .Kerry and Dublin are level now evens stevens
    if you like, Kerry were gifted 6 points in the first game v Mayo a draw. no gifts in
    replay result Mayo win x5. slan anois

  9. Have to say I really enjoyed Tony Leen’s piece in the Irish Examiner section above ( post match quotes) . Well worth the read .

  10. Fair play to you Wakeupifyoucan, if you can make yourself believe Dublin are weakening, you’re in a better place than I am. I was on a high on Saturday evening as we all were, but the Dublin match yesterday was a very sobering (in more ways than one for some I’d say!) experience.
    They are so strong physically, so well drilled, have such a strong panel, it’s hard to see them beaten. I’ll freely say I thought the same before last year’s drawn match, and I would never bet against this Mayo team, but if they can beat Dublin in the final, taking into account the year we’ve had, it will be the greatest All-Ireland triumph I’ve ever seen.

  11. Worrying report in Connaught Telegraph that DOC and Donie came off with Hamstring injuries and that DOC carried his into the match on top of ankle injury to Boyler. Hope 3 weeks is sufficient time for all to recover!

  12. Totally agree Tubberman. The difference I see in Dublin this year is that they seem to have timed their run better. Last year they looked tired against us. How we didn’t take them I’ll never know. Brolly said they only started training 5 weeks after everyone else due to their team holiday I imagine. And still they were the width of a post from drawing the league final. This year they have McCaffrey back…a very important carrier of the ball from defense to attack. They also have O’Callaghan…a shoe in for ypoty. Like where is Costello gone…he won the all ireland for them last year. Their panel is frightening. I also dont buy into the camp of people who say they haven’t been tested. They haven’t needed to be tested unlike us. However….Andy is in the form of his life….ditto Aidan. Clarke is also one of our best players this season. Higgins & Boyle well I wouldnt swap them for any of the boys from that Dublin team. We seem a more settled ruthless team than last year. We know how to play Dublin. We just need to find that extra percent and Sam will be ours! One worry I do have though is that usually we have a weeks head start getting tickets for the final. Not this time. We simply must outnumber them like we did last time. Pull in all your favours!!!!

  13. Keane’s piece is excellent and for the all the playing it for laughs sort of approach he takes – his analysis of the game contained therein is spot on – he has a keen awareness of what is going on. It is noteworthy that he regarded Donaghy as Kerry’s best player and I would agree with that despite the many views to the contrary here. He created crucial chances for others that failed to take them or were denied brilliantly by Clarke/Boyle…whatever way you want to look at it.

    Sweeney fell on his sword as graciously as one could expect. I think his choice of phrase last week was unfortunate at best, idiotic at worst. But I don’t disagree with his view on O’Shea – certainly the way he played in the first game…..but maybe thats just me being a Sligo man too!

    Mayo could not possibly have more goodwill in taking on this Dublin challenge. Its 31 county support – even the majority of Rossies i’d say : )….but I don’t think there is anything untoward in the glowing coverage the Dubs are getting as seems to offend some. If Mayo had done to Tyrone (or even Kerry) what Dublni did to Tyrone I have little doubt the reaction would be the same. Mayo beat Kerry well and deservedly but never to the embarrassing degree to which Tyrone got chastened yesterday….I for one found it very surprising. Some say Tyrone were overhyped but thats the same team Mayo beat by a point in a toss of a coin battle last year and one that brushed everything on their side of the draw aside up to yesterday. Its no surprise that before the throw in, in yesterdays game Mayo were generally available at 7/4….at the final whistle that has gone out to 11/4….on the positive side this is good news for Mayo – it allows you to play the “sure we have been written off” underdog card even more so….on the down side I fear the odds adjustment is probably fair. The bench, the bench and the bench is the sum of my fears for Mayo…they will be a match on every other front, better on some.

    I say without fear of contradiction that if Mayo win this AI it will be the greatest footballing GAA feat I will have witnessed since I first attended a final in 1984. When I watched Mayo against Cork – and I had missed the first half, I would have layed my mortgage that team was not going to win an AI – thankfully I’m often a man of words rather than action.

  14. I’m with Cantini here – the Dubs were magnificent yesterday and fully deserving of all the praise they’re getting. If anything, I think we’re getting more than our fair share of coverage, even in today’s papers. Perhaps I’m getting a little delicate in my old age, but I thought there was an edge between the Mayo and Dub supporters last year that was verging towards the nasty side. Let’s acknowledge they played brilliantly yesterday, without feeling that we’re genuflecting before the Hill. Besides, beating the best country in the land will make our victory this year all the more remarkable…..These our the days of our lives – savour them while we can – they won’t be here forever.

  15. It’s all about the small margins and Dublin losing the minor has helped us. That’s 5,000 less tickets they’ll get and that’s now both sets of minor supporters who will be shouting for us. Two Monaghan men behind me at the game roared on Mayo louder than most of our own supporters. We stopped in Longford for a pint and a burger. I got chatting to lad at the bar who was on the Longford panel the day they beat us in 2010, he said it was their All Ireland. Sound lad and full of admiration for our lads. Talk to any player in the country and they’ll tell you the regard they have for this team, they know more than anyone what it takes. What some semi literate buffoon on Reservoir Dubs says is of absolutely no consequence to us.

    It has been touched on by another poster already, but I don’t think people are giving our management and medical team the credit they truly deserve. Not alone have they gotten us to two consecutive All Ireland finals, but they have gotten a full panel of players through 9 of the toughest games of inter county football uninjured and suspension free. A remarkable achievement.

    Anyone here who reads my posts know I don’t spare the CB with regards their failings for not appointing a financial director, but that’s an argument for the off season. If it’s only doing a €5 quick pick on the players lotto for the next three weeks I think we need to row in behind. As the great man from Ballaghadreen said, we’re in this together.

  16. The bullshit is starting early re the con tel. who was in the final
    in 1984 ,people said the same last year ,and 2013 finals,
    no gifts this time and we wont be beaten, the spin docters will be
    out in force from now on i should imagine, by the way who won
    connaght in 1984. paddy power never won a final. slan anois

  17. I was thinking the same thing Liam. A big injection of cash into the player training fund I’m sure helps get little bits and pieces better taken care of prior to 17th September.
    Will have to make my own contribution. If ever a team deserved our support in financial terms.

  18. I don’t agree with the poster who said Dublin are weakening….they are getting stronger. The one question mark on this year is the lack of any real test. Mayo will present the challenge…will it be enough? I just don’t know. I have no problem with everyone backing Dublin, if you step outside and take a look in, it is the safe bet.

    But we know what this Mayo team is about. Anything is possible.

  19. Had a bishop Brennan moment last night around 4am when Ted gave him the kick up the arse, woke up suddenly and realised no Green and Red of Mayo belting out in Croker after the Kerry match. Will someone pinch me and tell me we are actually in the final!

  20. Didnt take long for the glow of our win on Saturday to fade..Agree with another poster that if Sheehan had put that free over the yerras would be coming into the final with a swagger and wouldnt doubt themselves for a minute..I dont care how Dublin looked yesterday and I dont care that Jim Gavin hasnt looked at Mayo since March(cue eye roll)..Our players have the belief that they can win it and thats enough for me..

  21. All make great reading in this unbelievable season, but Keith Duggan’s takes the prize. I read it online at about 6pm in the Palace and for something forged in the white heat of Croke Park on a semi final it’s pure gold.

    Not going to worry about Dublin for the moment, though by 4:15pm in the Cusack Stand yesterday, there was a reality check to Saturday’s heroics. Just enjoying those heroics for the next 2 days or so. And what heroics!

    I never really relax of course, but there is no doubt that we controlled it from the off, rode Kerry’s filth with ease and let Gough do the job that Deegan should have done last Saturday and that all other refs should be doing.

    Other posters have said it all and said it better, including yourself WJ, but despite the fact that Kerry were a wounded animal, they were one dangerous animal. After the second goal, they had to get a goal; they didn’t really, could have picked off more points, but psychologically they needed a goal. And with O’Donoghue, Donaghy, Geany and BJ Keane and Darren, that’s a formidable strike force, no matter how they are set up or what the manager is getting wrong. The message to keep them out no matter what, was taken up 100%. Then we had the luxury of being able to pick off points that really hurt them.

    Jason Doc was the big hitter in this phase and Loftus ably assisted. When Cillian got the black card, it looked as if we could be in for a bumpy ride to the finish, but the free and 45 were beauties and confidently struck.

    One thing on Donaghy; delighted for his red card, and why did Aido only stand on one foot? But, he can do some fabulous things: the one-handed catch on the end line from a cross that was going wide was sensational and one of the many highlights over two memorable matches.

    As, by the way was, the sheer graciousness of the many Kerry people I met afterwards, including a son of Johnny Walsh from Ballylongford who won 5 All Irelands. Great to be in such exalted company discussing Kerry’s many problems on the day!

  22. @wakeup
    I’m guessing your comment is somehow directed at me but not entirely clear as to the tone or content. But for the record the 1984 final was contested by Kerry and Dublin. It was a poor match – Jack O’Shea was imperious and Kerry won pretty handily. Also for the record, I don’t think or ever conveyed otherwise, that the outcome of that match will have any impact on proceeding in 3 weeks time.

    You are of course right that Paddy Power never won a final – they never contested one either. But I’m not sure that adds anymore to resolving matters between us. However, given your apparent desire to shut down any reasoned discussion around the Dubs/the great feat a Mayo win would be given their odyssey, then you probably have more in common with “1984” than you realise. So let it matter not if Galway won Connacht in 1984 (to answer your last query)…it only matters who you say won it….and you should put a rat in a bag over the head of anyone that suggests otherwise.

    good man.

  23. Don’t show the white feather wherever you go lads and lasses. We’ll respect Dublin but we won’t fear them and we owe them one so I for one am confident. I have full faith in our management and players to be prepared and ready for battle in 3 weeks time. Bring it on!

  24. Cantini
    What made you think i was referring to you, i dont know anything
    about rats, as regards 84 con final i know somebody who played in regards p power i had a wager on Mayo this morning but not
    with power ,as regards 84 final i watched it in birmingham with some
    guys from traalee , and 83 dublin finished with 12. and also 96 .slan anois

  25. 1984 was the GAA 100 year celebtration….Galway won Connaght final in Salthill after big Tom Byrne hit the crossbar i think its still rattling…Kerry won the league and All Ireland beating Dublin in the final….
    Just thinking that there is going to be some training in the Dublin camp they will all want to play some part i hope they knock lumps out of each other trying to get on the team for the famous 3 in a row….
    I think we can do it by staying in the game within a couple of points until near the end when both benches have been ran like the drawn game last year but instead of getting the equaliser get the winner right at the death just like Seamus Darby when he stopped the 5 in a row for Kerry
    Tyrone won a penalty at the end yesterday with the high ball in We have the players to win them high ball too….Aiden…. Kirby….Andy Moran….Cillian ….Jason Doc…Diurmuid….Keegan ….who can be our Seamus Darby….

  26. On Doherty hitting frees/45’s. It was raised here a while ago what would happen if Cillian was off? – obviously this has been thought about by players/management too. No hesitation by Doherty or anyone else – they all knew exactly what was supposed to happen in the circumstances.

    The little things are crucial those scores badly needed at the time to keep Kerry at arms length

  27. Wajeupifyoucan – can I please ask you to spend a little time reviewing what you’re posting before hitting the reply button? Your contributions are all a bit on the streams of consciousness end of the spectrum and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is having trouble deciphering what points you’re trying to make.

  28. WJ – Thanks for these reports; its one of my favourite parts of the blog. Appreciate the work you put in compiling same.

    Can anyone ever remember a keeper putting his own kick-out out over the end-line at inter-county level? I think its a genuine first!

  29. The first comment Sean Boylan made after the 1996 semifinal was ” Mayo were awesome ” . He had immediately bigged us up for the final. Truly it was the only final of which we were in complete control and yet we left it behind by becoming defensive. Other finals we could have won, but that one we left behind. Let it not happen again.
    We learned against Roscommon and Kerry that we had their measure and got through with something to spare in each case. We must know from last year that we have the measure of Dublin and so let us keep under the radar. The performance of Tyrone was abject and not a reflection of brilliance by Dublin. Does anyone think that Barrett will allow a motorway to our goal for O’Callaghan like Tyrone did?

  30. Freespoonwitheverytub-I am just after listening to Séan Cavanagh on RTE radio 1.. Concerning his retirement and he praised the Dublin team as the greatest he has ever played against…. However I am much more optimistic than you in your appraisal of our chances to land the Sam Maguire, and I don’t believe that Mayo will need a Séamus Darbyesque late goal to steal victory… I have much more belief and confidence in this team and I think we can and will win by any number of different ways… But it always begins the moment that the ball is thrown in…. Every second and every minute of the final we will endeavour to be better than Dublin…. In no facet of the game do I concede any superiority to the Metropolitan’s, after 80 minutes, We Mayo will have our overall superiority confirmed on the score board…… Maybe their should be a ‘free spoon with every Dub’ because we will eat them without salt, this time around!

  31. @wakeup
    No worries man. I obviously got the wrong end of the stick. I have a lot in my mind ; )

  32. I wil provide the freenspoons myself Leantimes if you are right….I for one would take a 1 point win in the last minute now if we were to hammer them i would take that too….

  33. My little comment.. I honestly think that this year Mayo can win Sam, Dubs or no Dubs. This is a seriously fired up Mayo team and Dublin will feel the power and frustration of those players and every Mayo supporter alive for waiting 66 years to win.They will be in a fire like they have never experience from any team, ever !!! Because they are all human, they can, and will react and when that happens, as individuals, they can forget all the tactics and skills in the world !! That makes us even !! Fifteen against fifteen… Fuck the pundits etc, etc !! One note, please block that hole that we constantly leave open in front of the D , time after time.. In the Kerry game there was no one in front of the goal too often and I was shitting myself expecting Kerry goals.. The Dubs are experts at exploiting this. I was there when they won Sam 66 years ago by Jesus I want to see it happen while I am still here.. 🙂

  34. The biggest problem now -flags , they will be scarce
    by the weekend . they are selling like hot cakes
    Mayo x7 without gifts. forget the hype . i said 6 last year but for the
    gifts i was spot on. slan anois

  35. There will be no need for a Darby moment, THIS IS THE YEAR, Tomas “a tall a tall” O Se with his guff about Mayo thinking they could win Sam and then goes on about Dublin will anyone be able to lay a glove on them and the gap maybe widening between them and the rest – does the clown not remember last year the game went to a replay and the rest of the geniuses in the press/pundits smirking earlier this year about a top 3. If the panel show the balls and determination of Boyler we will beat them and we won’t have to read f-ing sentences like this “Sometimes they’d be too nice to finish you off” – well we finished a few of yer lads off on Saturday

  36. Sunday Game (again) appalling last night. No Mayo representation, but why have county ‘stars’ defending their patch anyway. O’Shea’s constant references to ‘we’ were laughable and highlighting ‘wrong’ decisions by ref equally so.

  37. Is Dublin better than last year? I believe they are.IMO they are fitter than last year.There is more players running up and down the field getting back to crowd the their half of pitch to put in tackles and back up pitch making runs.Their fitness levels are incredible to be fair and I hate complimenting them I really do.They intensity in the tackle has improved however they still gave away a lot of frees but are doing it mostly in right part of field.We too look better going into final this year.We are now kicking a lot more ball and I know most people say we should stick to the running game but you wont always be able to do that as it showed in first game against Kerry .We also look more comfortable on the ball and hold onto possesion.I also feel we can come up with a game plan that can unsettle Dublin and get them to play on our terms.

  38. Have just read through all the comments on all the posts since Saturday and it’s all been said. Still floating on my own little cloud of joy because you have to savour days like Saturday, but painfully conscious that we have won nothing yet.

    I have no fear of Dublin whatsoever – a team put to the absolute pins of their collars by us last year and untested thus far this year. This awestruck reverence with which they are regarded after a complete Tyrone collapse is every bit as cringeworthy as it is unmerited. Tyrone were very, very poor yesterday and I found myself hoping Dublin would put up a cricket score, but alas, no. Yes, they are a phenomenal bunch of footballers, there is no doubt about that and if they do the three-in-a-row, they will rightly be heralded as one of the best teams ever to grace Croke Park (and in fact, they have probably earned that title already) but the resilience, defiance and almost as importantly, the improved scoring prowess Mayo have displayed this year coupled with our past Championship performances against them makes me feel that we have more than an outside chance. We have absolutely no reason in the world not to believe we can beat them across 70 minutes of football. Dublin Joe or no Dublin Joe!

    Heads down, hype low, and let’s bring the noise and the colour to Croke Park on the 17th like never before.

    I am going to do myself a favour and stay away from the online baiting and sniping in the social media cesspits this year. Learned a lesson last year, life is too short and dignity too precious!

    On a note related to the original post, Keith Duggan’s piece in the Irish Times on Saturday morning was one of the best pieces of sports writing I’ve ever read. Then he went and topped it in the afternoon with the match report.

  39. There’s a lot of things that can happen in that final and I for one will be shouting the lads on from start to finish. As well as our lads being a great set of footballers improving substantially the last 3 outings, the Dubs don’t like rain, wind, pesky Mayo who won’t lie down and die… and a few of their players are capable of getting cards, Philly, Cooper, Cluxton, Fenton.
    O’ Callaghan and Scully are young and inexperienced and those 2 and Mannion dipped a bit in 2nd half. Gavin has great subs but most of them are forwards. What happens if they have a problem in midfield or a back gets injured.

  40. ..Dubs aren’t individually any better than last year, but their game structure has. They were possibly undercooked for drawn game last year and have peaked earlier now so the challenge is more like the replay. Mayo have also improved particularly their team play.
    3 weeks for knocks, muscle strains and Keegan’s Cellulitis to clear.
    Mayo need to be thinking of subs in the backs and Caff should be very much to the fore. Paddy Durcan might need to start because he has great pace for man marking. Caff on once McMenamon introduced and another sub on for Flynn/Brogan /Connolly.

  41. …One thing I’d like to figure out is how did Dublin keep so many back while simultaneously breaking down the blanket. And if Tyrone’s blanket can be so easily broken then so can Dublin’s defensive system. Buckley will have it worked out anyway and be doing drills to get around it. The idea that Dubs have no weaknesses doesn’t hold water. I saw 2 areas of weakness yesterday. Tyrone’s problem was they were too shell shocked and panicked all too often.

  42. When I see people calling for black and red to be worn instead of our traditional green and red it makes my blood boil. You obviously don’t have a clue about the significance of those colours, so let me enlighten you:

    “The positioning of the stripes of the jersey is by no means an accident – it goes back to the very foundation of the GAA itself, and one of the first ever recorded games of football in the county Mayo.

    Colonel Maurice Blake of Towerhill was a landlord in South Mayo, and patron of his local football team, Carnacon. When Carnacon played Belcarra in 1887, Colonel Blake saw the chance to make a political point – Blake was a Catholic, and Belcarra were sponsored by a local Protestant, Unionist, family, the Brownes. In the light of this, Colonel Blake insisted that Carnacon line out in strips that featured Green above Red, in reference to Dr Croke’s fear, expressed his famous letter to Michael Cusack, that if the Irish did not stand up to express their nationality, we might all just as well “clap hands for joy at the sight of the Union Jack, and place ‘England’s bloody red’ exultantly above the green.”

    And that is why Mayo have always worn the green above the red, and always must, if they are to mean anything at all.” – An Spailpín Fánach

  43. Anne-Marie. I’m delighted you highlighted Keith Duggan’s contributions. I can not remember having read anything remotely comparable. We need him.

  44. MAYO ,both team and supporters were magnificent on saturday.we now have a three week break to recharge and get ready for final.I really hope all the vocal supporters get sorted for tickets.this is the fifth final since 2012 and our luck will have to change someday so why not this year.

  45. A small piece from the Irish Times,
    “There were double-yellow dismissals for Crowley and Mayo replacement Paddy Durcan and in injury-time Donaghy petulantly flattened O’Shea. Seldom can any combatant stretched on the floor have had such feelings of satisfaction”.

  46. I would agree with Ann-Marie, it is a little cringe worthy all the praise heaped on Dublin. Yes they are an awesome team with great players and yes prob one of the great teams, 4 AIs in 6 years proves it, but Tyrone made them look great with refusing to engage and playing a one man forward line who was 5’7″ was mind boggling, when they did get the ball there was no out for them.

    Im not a fan of the numerous posts outlining which Mayo man will pick up which Dublin, to me that is defensive talk. Mayo must try to play this on their terms, on the front foot, try and get our danger men in open ground to do damage, force Dublin to worry about us.

    To me Rochford has two issues to deal with, firstly midfield is vital, dublin have so much pace around the middle will SOS be able to keep up with Fenton and McCarthy, Leeroy maybe a better option around there. Secondly the positioning of AOS is important. I think most would agree our forwards were much improved v kerry, will the introduction of Aido in there make us more predictable, Dublin have shown in the past they are capable with dealing with his physicality (fair or foul).

  47. Just a little bit of trivia. I notice a number of this community mentioned Billy Keane’s piece which, as always, was entertaining. Three years ago ( Wednesday will be the anniversary) everyone on this blog, myself included, were in Limerick for the Cormac OReilly replay. Having a brother living within walking distance of the Gaelic Grounds we had no problem in deciding where base camp might be pitched. I was delighted to discover that a BBQ in the garden had been organised to pass away the lead up hours to throw in and also to celebrate my birthday. Daughters and brother ( who has connections with Billy Keane of whose writing I’m an avid admirer) were in cahoots. They knew it was Billy’s birthday too. Imagine my surprise when Billy joined us in the garden to help me cut the cake, celebrate the fact that we were born the same day xx years ago and enjoy an unforgettable afternoon of craic, lies and storytelling before making our way to the game on opposite sides of the divide.

  48. When I saw Tyrone breaking off the prematch parade before it went down to Hill 16 I knew they were gone psychologically and there was only going to be one winner. Right from the start they played like players where the occasion got to them.

  49. That word psychology. Anyone else notice Niamh Fitzpatrick in full mayo team track suit at the weekend. Never knew she was involved in the back room set up. Heard her on radio last week and can only admire her strength and courage with all she’s been through this year.

  50. Any word on who the ref will be?

    Whats the betting its Dublin Joe? Or if not him a Leinster man.

  51. When Dublin scored the goal yesterday (which O Callaghan ran 45m before he pulled the trigger) the game changed completely, the Dubs started playing keep ball & passing Over & back around the middle of the pitch, they had 46 passes in one such exercise. Tyrone were there wrapped in their blanket admiring the Show because they had totally lost focus – concentration – game plan & they seemed lethargic. MAYO has to bring the game to Dublin from the throw in to the final whistle, no let up, Of course MAYO can win & I think they Will, because these Mayo men are Special.

  52. does any body know is EUNICE MORAN of mwrfm a relation of andy moran.I hope you dont mind me asking WJ

  53. Dublin will be ready for our onslaught. They have two teams …one to replicate anything Mayo can throw at them and their other team to learn how to cope with it. They have a master tactician who will pick mayo apart. They have talent to add to that. It will take something special from Mayo to even make a game of it I still believe in our men. Please God… Maigheo go deo

  54. I don’t know about master tactician. Definitely brilliant yesterday but comes across a bit too smug for me. The Dublin lads are being delivered their dinners. Is that not in breach of the amateur ethos of the game. I know Dublin lads wouldn’t get the same expenses because of less travel but not sure if diner delivery constitutes amateur. They don’t have to sacrifice as much time travelling to training so that gives them more time to actually train. I think GAA should clarify what expenses are legitimate.

  55. Axle M are you sure your a Mayo supporter? Lol sure we know Dublin are the best team ever etc etc but they are only human too. We have absolutely nothing to lose the lads will go up and do their best and we will support them in the stands I’d love to see them win Sam for themselves and their families and all the sacrifices they have made keep the faith Axle sometimes sport is a great leveler

  56. AxleM – Gavin is good and will leave nothing to chance for his talented players but this is a team game and this is where Mayo will be better the next day. Just love the hype about the best team ever boosting their already big egos. Will not matter one iota and Mayo are not afraid of them. Beating Kerry is a great confidence boost. Coen, Loftus and Durkin were all outstanding when called up which is what we’ll need to match the Dublin bench down the stretch.

  57. Gerry – steady on there. Ball not man, please.

    AxleM – it’s just as well you said at the end of that comment that you still believe in our lads but I’m not sure what the point was of the timorous whimpering that preceded it. This is a place for supporters and the team we all support is in an All-Ireland final, our fourth in sixth years. Time to man up.

  58. I saw that picture of Niamh Fitzpatrick & it did dawn on me that she might be related to Capt Dara Fitzpatrick RIP – fair play to her in the full gear. Something a little eerie (not sure if correct word here) for her now having that connection of her sister with Mayo.
    I’ve heard her on the radio a couple of times and she comes across so well.
    So very sad :-(.

  59. AxelM and All,
    I spent the last while looking at the last 15 minutes of last year’s replayed All Ireland final, if anybody is doubting Mayo’s chances v the Dubs in the coming final, I would advise them to look at it. Mayo are better all round this time and are really battle hardened.
    My advise would be for people not to listen to the rubbish in the media, haven’t we heard the the Dubs, Kerry and Tyrone were the 3 top teams this year, pure shite as we all know by now.
    It’s very easy for 1 team to put 350 handpasses together in a game if the opposition are playing in only one half of the pitch, Tyrone decided not to venture past midfield very often yesterday. Attack the Dubs right up the middle and they will be found out.
    Positive thinking is the key, I’ve no doubt the players will be positive, as I said earlier today, the Mayo supporters need to raise the roof of Croker for this one.

  60. Well said Mayo88. Positive thinking all the way. If they didn’t think they could do this, they would not put themselves back in this position. Full faith in our team. The only thing I’m dreading is the Dublin supporters. I won’t apologise for that.

  61. Reality, reality folk’s….South Mayo exile, Tyrone breaking away from the parade is irrelevant, if Dublin had broken away and Tyrone kept marching, do you think that the result would be any different…?…. .The RTE paid pundits said that when Mayo took over the Hill 16 end, way back in 2006 that Dublin would hammer us because of it (that was before the match, and all convienatly forget their predictions after the match) Mayoabu, Wet day, dry day might be a factor, because on a wet possibly windy day either side might get a lucky break, but Mayo are just as likely to benefit as Dublin in those circumstances… I have been at all the match’s this year and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Mayo are in any way inferior to Dublin on a dry day…. . All very good teams prefer a good weather and I do too,…. Let’s hope that we get a great day.. , not that it’s a priority. It’s just nicer to be dry after the wetting I got at drawn semifinal….. And I have serious celebrations to do immediately afterwards and would like my hair to be dry,.. My body to be warm,.. And my beer to be cold,… Sorry that’s Champagne taken out of the Ice and ready to Pop… Sláinte

  62. Wakeupifyoucan I’d love to believe what you posted but I think you’ve been smoking crack! However your tongue in cheek post is entertainment at its best.
    Having watched both matches again on tv I really fear for mayo. In every area dublin were just frightening. On Saturday evening I truly believed mayo could beat dublin but now I really think if they did it would literally be the greatest football achievement in gaa history. I do understand the need to be positive, but in the cold light of day I just can’t see a flaw in dublin. At the risk of producing “fawning guff”, I think dublin realised they were nearly caught by mayo last year and have reacted accordingly. They started training later, virtually ignored the league and kept their powder dry until the business end of the season. I think if anything they will only get better, as will mayo. I’m immensely proud of this mayo team and believe they’ll give dublin a he’ll of a game, but not enough to take home sam. Also, I hope, unlike so many mayo fans, the players don’t repeat endlessly like a mantra “sure didn’t we give them 2 og’s last year” and “if it wasn’t for the change of goalkeeper….” This is ancient history and it’s a new year now. This team has done us proud and I will be eternally grateful if they give dublin an absolute classic and a war, but winning is a bridge too far. As james horan said, it’s important to recognise just how good these dublin players are. That said, hope springs eternal and I will be in croker roaring mayo on along with 40000 other mayo fans

  63. Just read the various articles about Mayo on the Evening Herald by Conor McKeon, his team ratings for Mayo players v Kerry and Dublin v Tyrone were as follows:-
    Mayo Dublin
    Clarke 7 Cluxton 8
    Barrett 7 Cooper 7
    AOS 8 O’Sullivan 8
    Vaughan 6 Fitzsimons 8
    Harrison 6 McMahon 7
    Higgins 7 Small 7
    Boyle 8 McCaffrey 9
    Keegan 6 Fenton 8
    Parson 6 McCarthy 8
    DOC 7 Scully 7
    SOS 7 O’Callaghan 9
    KMc 7 Kilkenny 7
    Moran 8 Mannion 8
    DOC 7 Andrews 7
    Doherty 8 Rock 6

    Just read his article as well and no compliments or plaudits given. These guys are dismissing us already, the campaign to protect the Dublin forwards (Con O’Callaghan in particular..) will soon start, watch this space.

  64. No point having an All Ireland Final in 3 weeks time.
    In Dublin today. The Dubs are laughing at us Mayo people.
    They are convinced by the Media hype that all they will be doing is collecting Sam Maguire on Sunday September 17th.
    I never seen so much one sided coverage in all my life.
    Jesus we will start to believe the fear.
    I’ve started to read a lot of fearful vibes on the blog about Dublin.
    As far as I’m concerned Mayo are the one Team that will run Dublin close to the wire. It’s just a question if they can attain that magical extra gear to get over the line.
    Don’t read anymore media crap about Dublin. They are a great team but it’s been blown out of all proportion.
    The toughest game they had this year was against Carlow.
    No test whatsoever this year.
    21 years to beat Kerry and it was done with conviction on Sunday.
    Mayo can do this.
    But sure we have no chance – Right ?

  65. I have to say I can take the shit in the media and still stay positive but not our own fans. I find it drags us all down and we need to be strong and let it ooze out of us in lead up to and during match. I started falling for the negativity shown here months ago, especially by some who I thought as having great tactical insight and reading of the game. I began to get disillusioned and hopeless. I’m trusting in my own judgement from here on in. Don’t bother going if you really feel Dublin win. You are no use to our lads. Let the Mayo believers have your ticket. How can you roar if you have no belief?! I don’t get it. How come some posters are allowed be so negative and others are jumped on for one rare slip? Luckily the team don’t read the blog. A lot of you need a kick up the arse. Off to moderation I go.

  66. Just something good to say about our neighbours. Driving past the ‘Hyde’ on Sat evening met a good crowd of ‘Rossies’ making their way into a match and a good few who looked down at my Mayo plates waved and gave me the ‘thumbs-up’

    Could Kavanagh not have gone with grace?; he gave the reason for staying on was that they “left it behind them with Mayo” and a consolation yesterday was ” we were beaten by a far superior team”‘ That’s not the way we treated Tyrone on their first outing to McHale park after the sad passing of Cormac McAnallan

  67. Just to give a little perspective, 2001 Meath annihilated Kerry in semi. Very few commentators gave Galway a chance in final. Whilst I appreciate training methods have improved, and sports psychology plays a huge part in the preparation, nevertheless, I am sure that Team Leadership will carry the day. A few young players have now been integrated into the Dublin team, and AI final day will bring more pressure – Mayo are now battle hardened. So, on that basis, I am giving you every chance, and how sweet a victory it would be!

  68. Great yarn SourceOfTheRobe. “Craic, lies and storytelling” sure what more could you ask for. Oh yeah, the win! But it is nice to have finally exorcised the demons of Limerick 2014 for once and for all.

    MayoMad, the difference between Mayo in the drawn game against Kerry and the replay was that in the replay, Mayo backed themselves to play their own game. Rather than deferring to Kerry’s game plan (and focusing too much attention on the Donaghy threat) they dictated the pace from the start and made them chase the game. I’d like us to go out with that approach against Dublin. Take the fight to them, grab it by the scruff of the neck and beat them at their own game. Show them no respect. We have the conditioning to match them, and we will have 26 lionhearts named and raring to go. Go big or go home …

  69. Citiog – Maybe Cavanagh is doing us a favour by telling the Dubs that they’re the best ever. It might mess with their heads a little.

  70. I have to say, that some, allot of the post’s have been anything but positive…. From, Séamus Darbyesque late goal to steal it , to needing a wet day, to running Dublin close… Maybe coming close, or everything needing to break Mayo’s way to give us a chance is what ye think is positive,… In my opinion that’s utter nonsense and I know for a fact that this is certainly not the way any player on the Mayo panel, or any of the management, is thinking… I spoke to a Mayo player today – and have numerous times during the Summer, spoke to a number of them…. These are men of complete conviction and belief…. It would do anyone good just to listen to one of them for even a minute…. This is what Mayo have been preparing for not just all year, but for several years….. I spoke to one of the players after we were hammered in the league by Dublin….. While the result mattered to a certain extent it was so far down the list of priorities, it was virtually matterless….. We played the entire championship, with one eye on the later stages…. To a certain extent Kerry and to a greater extent Dublin.. We took risks by doing this, but now we are where we want to be…… I ask anyone that wants to answer the question… What would Kerry do to Tyrone yesterday?…. They would hammer them, absolutely no doubt about this. Ulster is not what it used to be (look what a limited enough Galway team done to Donegal, and Roscommon hammered them )…. Kerry comprehensive defeated Galway and don’t buy into this shit that Dublin sacrificed the league, Really with the their C team winning the pre season cup in Leinster at their ease, do any of ye think that current starter’s were going to give the supporting crew of very fine players any chance to take their place?.. Not a chance in Hell ……. Dublin are a huge challenge….. Hyped out of all proportion…. Same as McGreggor (who at 28.years got knocked out by a 40 year old, and a stone lighter)…. Dublin are a very good team, maybe even a great one… They won three out of the four All Irelands by a single point and the other by few……. I seriously don’t believe that they will be able to live with Mayo….. And that’s the truth!

  71. Sinead..Read the last four sentences of Anne Marie’s post..Thats the belief that SHOULD be brought to Croke Pk in 3 weeks by every supporter.
    Citog..Cavanagh admitted his worst day in a Tyrone jersey was our victory over them last year in a game that they could have won so Id say a case of sour grapes..Considering he has 3 Celtic crosses at home I dont feel too sorry for him..Fantastic player and leader..

  72. Do ya know something dyalikedags and one or two others, if that’s your attitude stay at home. We need soldiers in the stands who will bring the noise and drown out the boys in blue throughout and not panic and go silent if Dublin go 5 points up but rather get behind the team and roar Mayo onto victory. THIS IS WAR and it aint for the faint hearted

  73. Sinead37, I’m genuinely sorry if my post dragged you down and sounded negative. I just wanted to give my honest opinion, and it may well have read more negatively than I wanted it to. However, I will indeed be in croker roaring mayo on, but yes, more in hope than absolute belief. This team owe me or any mayo fans nothing, as they have given us more entertainment than any other mayo team in my lifetime. I have been following them for 45 years now and have never seen a more complete performance from mayo than on saturday. Their ruthlessness and vastly improved forward play I have never seen before, even in the “70 minute orgasm” of 2006 when they clawed back a 7 point deficit to beat the dubs. I belive mayo are on a different level now even compared to last year. Also, SR and the players have made me eat my words before and proved me wrong, which I sincerely hope they do again on sep 17.
    I do think that for the sake of perspective, an acknowledgement of dublins class on Sunday is important. I also must admit that the vitriol with which some mayo fans refer to Dublin irks me, as so many dubs have mayo as their 2nd team, belive it or not. I will admit that there is a small element of bandwagon jumping dub “fans” who are arseholes, but let’s rise above it. I’d hate to see the run-up to the final descend into bitching and c**k measuring by large elements of the 2 sets of fans, like what happened last year. I have to admit also that my post was in part a reaction to the backlash of many posters to the media’s fawning of dublin. If mayo had played like that the media would have been gushing praise. It works both ways. I think this website encourages reasonable debate and WJ does a decent job in censoring it. I do admire your loyalty to the cause but and absolutely believe that mayo have have the greatest supporters in the country, but a little bit of dissent can be healthy!

  74. Ourtimehascome, believe me I will be standing alongside you and roaring for mayo til the final whistle as loud as anyone. I will leave any doubts at the turnstile, but I stand by my opinion that it will be a monumental achievement if we beat this dublin team. I do know that every mayo player will fight to the death leave their guts on the field. No player on this panel will lack courage or conviction

  75. Sinead 37 there Used to be two bucks on television on a Monday night I think it was called Podge and Rodge. Now Podge and Rodge had a show called a scare at bedtime, that’s exactly what you gave me on Thursday night posting about a rumour that a Mayo player was seriously injured. So while we’re are it can we ban all rumours of players injured etc. Now it’s off to moderation I go for a few days I imagine.

  76. Keep your eyes peeled for any of #GavinsGuff on twitter folks. Don’t let them Dubs away with any #thingsleedid shite this year. Retweet it to spread the word!! Up Mayo!!

  77. @citog
    That is unduly harsh on Cavanagh. Any player worth their salt in a 1 point defeat will believe – rightly or wrongly – they left it after them. I don’t see any disrespect in that. Did Mayo leave it after them in salthill this year or in the drawn final last year ? I think u will get plenty of players to say absolutely….doesn’t mean they are disrespectful to the opposition. It’s a fair assessment of the way they see the game and what player doesn’t assess these things from their own teams perspective rather than that of the objective outsider – are they even capable of the latter?

  78. Dublin “the best team ever”
    Will make for interesting debate and all the sweeter when Mayo beat the ‘best team ever’

  79. Dyalikedags you seem to be on a one man crusade to protect the good name of this “greatest team ever”

    Very negative stuff. This is a MayoGAA Blog – the clue is in the name! This woe is us stuff is already getting tiring

    We’re in an All Ireland Final ffs, against a team we’ve been damn close to beating the last few years. If you’re expecting proper objective forensic analysis and fawning over the Dubs, then thankfully you’ll be disappointed.

    Keep the optimism coming everyone is all I’ll say, we’ve a damn good chance!

  80. “Battle-hardened” is certainly being bandied about a lot, I’ll stick with a fantastic team of footballers. Silence in the run up is golden as is avoiding many media pieces. I will follow my own advice (except for this blog and Keith Duggan) and keep a quiet inner belief and hope.

  81. Sure, Dublin are a good team. So are Mayo.

    There’s only 1 ball so only one Dublin player can have that ball at any given time.
    Mayo are going to have plenty of the ball, so as good as Dublin are they won’t be doing much without the ball.

    Think Steven will do a bit of work on disrupting the Dublin unhindered kickouts. This would be a good basis for undermining their free flowing game.

    Think when the game is in the boiling pot Dublin will be running their bench. All of their changes will be fresh forwards. I think Mayo’s winning of the game will be to match Dublin fresh legs with Mayo fresh legs. If Stephen can have a good look at keeping the backs fresh (think we’ll need to be briniging in 3 defenders (minimum of 2), a midfielder and 2 forwards) I think we’ll win the game.

    We’re every bit as good as Dublin and if we get it right on the 17th we will be bringing Sam home.

  82. – We can do without Snowflakes on this blog with all of the OMG over-reactions, drama and general over-emotional daftness that entails. If you are AFRAID of the Dublin Team or Supporters or Media then stay at home and take up a different interest/hobby.
    – Thanks WJ for all the huge effort you have put into this blog already this year and probably at least another 3 very busy weeks ahead. !!
    – Back to the football, what if the semi-final results were swapped and Dublin bet Kerry by 5 while we bet Tyrone by 12. What would the narrative be then ?, probably something like “Dublin are favourites because they bet a dogged Kerry team in a two entertaining games playing some great football while Mayo easily overcame a poor Tyrone side who never turned up football wise on the day.” Perceptions, perceptions……

  83. Alex Ferguson used to say that most teams who played Man United at Old Trafford were beaten in the tunnel on the way out. I’m sure Stephen will have the boys fully believing they will win even if a few of the supporters are struggling with that belief.

    Having listened to every podcast and everything else I could listen to I haven’t heard a single so-called pundit suggesting the “greatest team of all times” will win by more than 3 and I’ve heard a few saying Mayo will win. Hardly sounds like the experts are too sure. Not surprising considering how much they’ve got wrong this summer:

    – Mayo waiting to be knocked over by one final punch
    – Top 3 of Dublin, Kerry and Tyrone
    – Kerry will learn more from the drawn game and beat Mayo
    – And of course this one from Joe Brolly “Joe Brolly thinks this Tyrone team can hand Dublin a first championship defeat since 2014” – mind you he did add that only if they can attack Dublin with a “ferocity for 70 minutes” – sounds like hedging his bets a lot.

    I wouldn’t be worried about the pundits. This is a new steely, battle hardened Mayo that’s ready to win.

  84. On the topic of positive/negative comments and all that, here’s what the relevant house rule says:

    “12. Keep in mind that this is a site for Mayo supporters so comments need to be of the supportive variety, though how full or how empty the glass might happen to be is up to you. That said, comments wailing about lost finals, supposed inherent shortcomings in the Mayo psyche or other kinds of empty waffle are best avoided.”

    So I guess the bottom line is that it’s okay to express fears about upcoming matches but wailing uncontrollably about what might happen us is going too far. Dublin are a great team and they deserve enormous respect but we’re in this final on merit and we’re in it to win it. Sure, another final risks having to deal with another defeat but the day we stop getting to finals is the day we’ll know for sure we won’t win it.

    I’ve reviewed Dyalikedags’ comments and I don’t think they have overstepped the mark in any way. I’d also agree with the point made about vitriol between fans, something I want to deal with myself separately (hopefully later today if I get a chance).

    Just to pick up on Backdoorsam’s point about rumours – and I’m looking at you here, Sinead37 – posting stuff of that kind here, either spreading rumours or trying to entice others to do so, is completely out of bounds. That rumour last week was utterly baseless and spreading it only served to cause supporters unnecessary concern. I’m warning now that I won’t be as charitable the next time that rule is broken.

  85. I watched the game back,yes Dublin looked good but Tyrone made them look good.
    Can’t remember seeing one shoulder.
    That was a complete melt down by Tyrone there defence were all over the place.
    Dublin will be a big challenge but I believe we can take them.
    The media has being wrong about us since the start of year let’s hope they keep up the good work.
    Mayo by 3.

  86. You’re right, 14allnall41 – I don’t think there was a single tough challenge in Sunday’s game. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard Cian O’Sullivan’s post-match interview. He said they were aware that Tyrone would bring a major challenge and said what a tough match it had been and yadda yadda yadda. Then I thought back to Saturday’s match, with all the hits flying, all the off-the-ball wrestling and all that. Sunday’s match was like a kick-about compared to that contest.

  87. Mayo have a great chance in final.One big advantage for Dubs is their formidable bench.Assuming Gavin starts with the same team and he is normally loyal,waiting to come on are Connolly,McMenamin,Brogan,Flynn,O Gara,Costelloe,McAuley.Mayo have Durkan/Loftus.It means Mayo guys will have to put in a 75 mins shift.However,I feel that all the games Mayo have played will stand to them and will be Mayo’s advantage versus Dublin’s bench advantage.Which will come out on top?Anybody’s guess.

  88. Id put a lot of money that Dublin Joe will ref the final. Its written in the stars. Id rather deegan.
    Last Mayo match McQuillan reffed….. the galway loss
    Please god im wrong but I don’t think I am.

  89. Having followed Mayo for manys a long road, was even in the Canal end during the 93 hiding to Cork where a Cork acquaintance of mine read a book throughout the game (I kid you not) I am around long enough not to jump onto the wildly optimistic bandwagon. However I have strong belief that we will give Dublin a right good rattle.
    The only thing still amateur about the GAA is the unpredictability of results, I’m not talking about shocks as such, I’m talking about the fact that rarely can you draw a line between one game and the next to predict the outcome. There will be a completely different narrative in the final from what we have seen thus far and from what people are predicting after viewing the semis. We will give Dublin a right good rattle and if they are going to win a three in a row you can be damn sure they are going to earn it.

    Lads, we have nothing to lose. We’re playing against the greatest team the world has ever seen (trade mark) and we are already in bonus territory from all the heroics, bravery, character and damn good football this team has given us. For other finals I have been sick with nerves, this year I am relishing it. I cant wait for the final.
    Why? Because somewhere along the road this year (I think it was the Derry match) we all collectively realised that we have already won with this team. We know what they have done and if fickle fate doesn’t deliver an all Ireland this year its no real reflection on them. They deserve an all Ireland, doesn’t mean they’ll get one, but you can be damn sure if they don’t it will be because they lost to a better team, not because of anything they did or didn’t do.

    Now our friends down in Kerry and in some other parts will say that is soft talk. Winning is all that matters. And it is to the outside world where to be a great team you have to have won Sam. Put it like this, was the Cork team of 2010 a great team? Or is Mayo circa 2011 to whenever? Cork may have the celtic crosses but I know who I’d like my kids (and they do) to look up in terms of examples of how to achieve things and stick with it no matter how hard things get. And I don’t mean any disrespect to that COrk team with that comment, they achieved what we haven’t and that should be acknowledged, you get my point I hope. There are other teams that have won all Irelands over the past 20 years you wouldn’t put above this Mayo team except for the fact that they have that elusive celtic cross in the arse pocket (why do medals always go in the arse pocket?). It cant be the be all and end all, if it is 98% of young lads and ladies playing our sports at the moment should just pack it in.

  90. Apologies CrossFlan, you’re dead right! Silly me.
    Completely forgot that. Thanks for correction.

  91. Lets enjoy the relative calm before the full blown storm that will come next week. The hurling has the momentary attention of the national media but that’ll end Monday. The lads do their job on the field and the sideline, we need to do our part. The budgets have been hard pressed this year, but put up another flag, give a fiver to the players lotto, help out your local club putting up flags or fundraising, paint some livestock or a few bales green and red. Leave flaming bags of dog dirt on your Dublin neighbours doorstep.
    Embrace the madness.

  92. Well said east cork exile. I’m relishing this final as well.
    I can’t wait to see the Mayo team walking on to croke park the 17th because they are primed and ready.
    I guarantee you that 15 minutes in to this all ireland Dublin are goin to find out what a great team are.They’ll be playing against one.
    The current Mayo team (I mean this year’s squad) are the best Mayo team to ever pull on the Mayo jersey.
    When we win this final does that make us the best team to have ever played ??
    I think so.

  93. Some good comments above and I’d agree that we need a positive outlook for the final. Not blind loyalty and sycophancy, but we’re supporters, so let’s support.

    I think we all realise that Dublin are a great team, no question. But so are we. I also have no doubt that we are better than last year.
    Are Dublin? The general perception is that they are, but it’s a hard one to answer as they haven’t been fully tested and are yet to really feel the full heat of championship battle. Well they certainly will on 17th, no question.

    That’s a great post there east cork exile. I’m of a similar mind.
    I’m not overly nervous or apprehensive, no idea why not.
    But you’re right, that game against Derry marked something of a turning point for the team and us supporters. It would have been very easy to throw in the towel and just slip off into the sunset that day.
    But the way the supporters refused to yield and the reaction from the players to that, marked a real change for me. We’ve been on something of a crusade since that point. Saturday was truly one of my favourite every days following the county. Only one thing can possibly beat it, and I fully believe we’ll do it.

  94. Certainly Dublin have strong options in the forward lines off their bench. One way to combat this I guess is for our forwards/MFs cause them so much grief that they first one or two subs they have to go for are backs.

  95. A little off topic here, but we all received text messages to support the lotto, which advertised 5 football and 5 hurling tickets. Today they are only mentioning 5 hurling tickets. What happened to the football ones??

  96. Dublin are now playing a possession game and a lot of their scores Sunday came off unpressurised possession.

    One example was kevin mc’s “brilliant” off load to rock who pointed from distance. Kevin mc ran about 30 yards with 2 tyrone players and wasn’t tackled once. He stopped, turned, looked up and hand passed (still no tackle). Rock had time to stop, compose himself and kicked a great point. (but still no tackle).
    Andrews kicked an important early point from out on the right, there wasn’t a tyrone man in sight.

    Dublin’s first goal came from the easiest turnover you’re likely to see. I was at a onesided U8’s girls game last night and seen similar turnovers. Even then, “super Con” was allowed run through space from 60 yards out to the edge of the D, simple dummy, open goal and great finish.

    these are all scores Dublin will not get against Mayo.

    We have to mind possession and be very wary of turnovers. We need to put dublin’s front 4 on the back foot, we need to hit hard between the two 45’s.
    Most of all, we need to be clinical. This will be the best defensive set-up we will have encountered and if we take our scores, we will unsettle them.

    One last point and I’ll disappear for 2 weeks.
    I fully believe that Dublin will need their experienced players on the pitch if they hope to get 3 in a row. Their kids have never won an all-ireland and have never been tested. Is it possible that gavin is asking too much of Brogan, Flynn, Mc Ma, MDMC, Connelly, Cooper et all. They have very little game time this year and to expect them to come in to a final and perform is a big ask.

  97. @Tonyk,agree with you fully ,
    Plus they have 3 more weeks of no real competitive game time!
    Mayo will have that edge when things heat up!
    Plus muscle memory and hunger to finish the job will stand to Mayo!.

  98. TonyK I watched the Tyrone v Dublin game again yesterday and I was amazed at the space Dublin were allowed. The Tyrone fellas seemed to almost stand off their men and no real conviction in the tackle and no turnovers either. If we compare that to the Tyrone team that terrorised and beat Kerry in the noughties then it’s plain they were playing to two very different systems. Anyway, Mayo won’t give an inch let alone a foot or two. And it’s true, Dublin can play all the A v B games with their buddy Joe but Mayo will bring every other letter to them on All-Ireland Sunday.

  99. Carlow is the toughest game the Dubs have had this year. Says it all.

    Leinster an absolute basket case. Free pass for the Dubs.

    Quarter final and semi. Not a glove laid on them. Free pass again.

    5 minutes into this upcoming final they will know they are in a match. Playing against men possessed. Men who refused to bend the knee even to mighty Kerry.
    On the 17th the Dubs only have to turn up to collect the prize. They were all but declared winners already by “who ate all the cakes” and his panel of experts a couple of night ago.

    Surely this is set up perfectly for Mayo. We might even be waiting in the long grass (wherever that is in Crow Park) to deliver the shock of their lives to all who have written us off. Starting with lucky Jim Gavin and his greatest team ever and then all the experts in the media. This could not be set up better for us.

  100. Hey all, I’m still enjoying the win over Kerry. Like Jim Gavin in reverse, I haven’t even turned my thoughts to Dublin yet and won’t until I hear who the ref is. ‘Cos that’s gonna be one hell of an important choice by, is it the CCCC? If so let’s wait and CCCC.

  101. Gavin may finish with a strong team but that’s definitely not his strongest set of forwards starting which means they can be taken. Con O’ Callaghan was reputedly well beaten for most of the game by the Galway full back in the U21 bar a goal. Now said Galway player is by all accounts very talented. Scully is up and coming but is he better than Flynn? Mannion is now physical and played well for 35+ and got subbed. Bernard Brogan never got on the pitch.
    They have excellent backs but just haven’t been tested. I would put AOS or Diarmaid on Fitzsimmons for some of the game and give him something different to think about other than a nippy corner forward.

  102. As for Dublin Joe reffing I think it could be a good thing. He doesn’t protect players all that well which means we can turn it into a war. Remember the Galway game when 2 or 3 of Galway’s hits were momentum changers. Gavin complained about him after the 2013 final for not giving him enough frees. That was when Buckley’s tackling method was fine tuned to its very best and he errs on the side of the tackler. The flip side is be careful of Dublin’s diamond method of tackling but it does mean if 2 lads coming after ye there must be space elsewhere.

  103. Tonyk – great post there! Still don’t know why Tyrone had a no show. Has to be something more then all the hype.

  104. I managed to watch the Dublin – Tyrone game last night. To echo what has already been stated, it was just light years away from the Mayo Kerry game. I will say that Dublin were very controlled and accurate in all they did.
    But Tyrone kicked a lot of simple wides just after half time (3 of them) and missed a penalty. It should have been much closer. Tyrone should have taken them for about 1-15. The same way Galway should have taken Kerry for a lot more scores.
    Tyrone were a mess defensively. If you haven’t seen it you might think that an exageration but go and watch this game or rewatch if were not paying attention. Tyrone had precisely zero man marking and Dublin simply played piggy in the middle with the ball all the way into the scoring zone. Tyrone were also caught for so many fairly standard criss cross moves from the wing. Man on the wing, gives to me, I handpass back and he shoots on the loop. 4 – 5 important early points scored in a carbon copy of each other. Con OCallaghan not been man marked. Utter madness.

  105. I agree with so much of what is being said above especially relating to Dublin’s bench. No doubt they have an exceptional panel of players with incredible strength and depth but as others have said that can also be their greatest weakness. We may not know where on the field all our players will play but we know who we’re going to play pretty much and we know what to expect from them. If Con O’Callaghan gets hit with a few hard shoulders and cant get through to take scores who do Dublin turn to on the bench. On Sunday they brought on Diarmuid Connolly (had to laugh that some thought he was already on the field of play) and he was clearly not match sharp. Is he going to get match sharp in 3 weeks? We will be putting out a team to win and not a team to contain Dublin. Respect but absolutely no fear.

  106. One slight thing in our favour is that Paul Flynn is not as explosive as he was, MDMA doesn’t seem to be in the plans now and Diarmuid Connolly has hardly any football played. Those three have helped beat us in 2013, 2015 and 2016.
    All three share the characteristic of being tall and powerful. Their replacements much less so.

  107. I think the reason for such a Tyrone meltdown was they we so bedded into one system of play. When that failed they had no idea what to do. True Tyrone could have gotten 4 or 5 more scores, Dublin could have gotten a good bit more too including goals. However it was a non game. Dubs brilliant for 25 mins, good and professional thereafter, able to play keep ball. Tyrone just not set up to chase a lead.
    Dublin also assigned a man marker to Harte so Andy will need help. Donnelly Tyrone’s best player was anonymous in CF, why didn’t they play him midfield? A good point made by Gooch, play your best 15 and fit them in somewhere on the pitch. Dublin don’t start their best 6 forwards, Gavin plays with best finishing team which is a gamble. Supposing Dublin ship 2 or more goals?

  108. Only finished all the reading now! Isn’t it great how the so-called experts have us weighed up now, but not before? Anyway, their opinion doesn’t matter as todays news wraps tomorrows chips. As I repeatedly say “F**k ’em all”.

    I am going to bask in the glow of what was, for me anyway, the single most enjoyable experience I’ve had in Croke Park. 1985 and 2012 v Dublin were good and 2013 v Donegal really had me believing that we were going to be victorious but Saturday evening was something else.
    Brains, brawn, skill, pace, stamina, bravery and a nice healthy lump of cynicism made it the perfect performance for me.
    Sundays Dublin result made me all the happier. Why would we bother turning up for the final now?

  109. Tyrone played the same system all year = Jim gavin had been preparing to meet them all year and was ready for their one plan tactic.

    Mayo on the other hand are about as unpredictable as could be. Where do we play aido?full back, midfield, centre half forward, full forward?

    Where do we play keegan, Vaughan, Higgins?

    Does loftus start? Does Durcan start? Will there be a starter from left field?

    Good luck jim. None of us have a clue other than rochford but I do know rochford has been preparing for you all year! bring it on.

    Our time has come

  110. that’s right “our time has come”, don’t be surprised if you see something like Stephen Coen getting put on Fenton or something like that. We, the fans who obsess about all things Mayo haven’t a clue what the management team are going to do, so how can anyone else.
    They made Eamon Fitz look like a junior B club manager and he is far from that.

  111. Everything will have to go right for us on the day but we can win, we have some luck this year so maybe it will continue, and Dublin have had no test all year, its easy to score points when there is no pressure on you.

  112. up for the match – how about no bad luck, I will take that as I now believe we are the better team!

  113. Thanks for earlier post WJ. East cork exile, well said.
    Am wondering about endless permutations about who goes on who.
    Lee on mannion or kilkenny?
    Parsons on Mccarthy?
    SOS on Fenton?
    I think JD could do an excellent job on o sullivan. A lot of dublin plays start with COS and JD did a good job on him last year.
    Could KmcL go on Mccaffrey?
    It’s a fascinating prospect of a match, hard to know who will go where.
    The media/pundits bigging up dublin will only help mayo and put pressure on dubs. They will feel the pressure of the 3 in a row talk.
    Don’t care who ref as long as it’s not cormac reilly.
    Another big plus for mayo is that they didn’t give up goals against kerry

  114. Willie Joe… timorous whimpering…. I love your phrasing. Suppose you are right too. I didn’t get my point across very well. I am 100% behind this team and believe in every man on board. If I were going to battle in the morning I wouldn’t swap one of them for anyone on the Dublin team or panel. What I tried to say was Gavin is a smart fella. I don’t particularly like him but he showed what he thinks like with the dismantling of Tyrone. They were toothless… embarrassing really. I also heard him saying that he felt Dublin didn’t play very well in last year’s finals. he’s on a mission to prove this is the greatest team ever. Only thing is this is the greatest opposition also. We are as good as Dublin as a team and our hunger passion and never give up attitude is what will win this one for us. I totally believe and in a calm way expect us to win this one. Our time has come..
    I hear what you are saying CH-icago, Backdoorsam, Mayo88, Leantimes and Sinead37. I’m proud of this team and this blog. And I am also proud of our crazy supporters. Long may we have the love and passion and dedication to follow our Mayo team. They are the real heroes to me. Thanks

  115. Liam – Jim Gavin certainly would be surprised to see Ger Cafferkey start…. Mayo are limited to probably 22/23 player’s capable of playing on a winning All Ireland team, but can only give game time to 21 players in any event….. It’s a incredible management feat to leave Jim Gavin, uncertain as to which starting personell, which finishing personell, tactics and formation Mayo will arrive to Croke Park with to do battle…. And Mayo have the capability to change during the match… ie AOS rotation with Donie Vaughan and other on man marking Donaghy…(Our ability to be varied in approach, is a huge asset, as we can see just how good Gavin is when he already knows what the opposition will do, ie Tyrone defensive structure.. Dublin probably have 50 players capable of playing in the All Ireland final either but like ourselves can only field a total of 21…. .I wouldn’t swap our warriors for all 50+of the Dubs superb player’s.. Not even close!

  116. plenty said and written in the media over the last few days but i think i can condense it to down to:

    dublin scored 2-17 on sunday and are the best team ever.
    mayo scored 2-16 the day before but only because kerry are rubbish.

    the best article i saw but cant remember where was that mark griffin, shane enright and killian young would be twisting and turning in their sleep for the next 3 weeks after andy gave them the runaround!!!

    tactics for the final. put it up to them and be all over cluxtons kick outs.

    and mayo the force be with us.

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