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Match day, match report day, match day, match report day. Yesterday was match day so, yes, you’ve guessed it, that makes today match report day. Back in its favoured Monday slot too. Could life possibly get any better?

Slim enough pickings in the hopper this morning, I’m afraid. GAA stories never take centre-stage in January at the best of times and what interest there was about yesterday’s action focused on that O’Byrne Cup free-kick shootout as well as the Kerry hurlers’ historic win over Cork. Here are the bits and pieces where we get a mention, some merely as part of a pre-season results round-up.

Locals: Mayo News, Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Independent.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, The 42, Hogan Stand.

Photos and Video: Mayo Mick (photos, video), Sportsfile, Inpho (photos).

That’s the sum total of it but, then again, yesterday’s contest won’t live too long in the memory either. That’s pre-season football in January for you.

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  1. Dont worry too much about yesterdays result. We’ll take them out next time we play them in our division 1 league fixture in a few weeks.

    Oh wait a minute.

  2. @Catcol, Fionn McDonagh from what I’v seen of him is 6′ I think is spot on or a shade more. Just from seeing him over the last year stood beside others with listed heights he is that or a bit more.

  3. Actually Fionn McDonagh is a shade taller than Robbie Hennely with both beside each other in the team photo. That would make him 6’1″ as Rob is listed at 6’1″.

  4. Thanks JP. Glad he’s tall. Tired of new forwards who are small. As Bobby Robson used to say, a good big ‘un’ is better than a good little ‘un’.

  5. I’m not bothered about the result yesterday. Yes, wins are always more pleasant leaving the ground but the FBD is all about getting intercounty minutes into new and potential returnees. Like a challenge game, it’s how they perform individually and collectively that counts.
    Yesterday, the foot-passing game of last year was being used but the weather didn’t suit it.
    I was impressed with McDonagh. Hennelly was very solid as well apart from one kickout in the second half. Streton was solid.Durkan was excellent. The heavy pitch didn’t suit Douglas but the same could be said for most of the forwards.
    Hopefully the experience will be of value to the newbies but the weather made it awful hard for either team. No doubt, the Galway and Rossie local papers have us down to 3rd best in Connacht at this stage but with a panel of nearly 60 getting game time in the FBD and in other January challenge games, I wouldn’t be worried what is printed in those papers this time of year.

  6. Fionn McDonagh another Westport young man with potential, I’m delighted that James Horan was appointed as senior Manager there, really important as he will develop all this emerging talent in Covie land and hopefully our senior County team will be strengthened as a result.

  7. Holy Moly Louis, I don’t know what papers you are reading but trust me no paper , media outlet or any sane person in Galway have Mayo ranked 3rd in Connacht

  8. @louis a bit slippy with all of the rain but i don’t think you can say the new Hyde pitch is heavy. The ranked 3rd in Connacht is tongue in cheek comment no doubt and i’m sure the majority of Galway and Roscommon people know their young sides are still very much work in progress.

  9. I see Galway are to play Roscommon next Sunday, in the regulation FBD league, with the same two to play again in the final of the FBD in February .. Galway are 10/11 & Ross 11/10..for next Sunday. It makes makes it interesting as to what approach both Galway and Ross will take… Probably the Allianze League match versus Mayo will be priority for Galway.. But the Tribesmen will also want revenge against the Rossi for last Summer…. So what way will Kevin Walsh mix and match his team for both game’s. What is good from a Mayo point of view (in retrospect) is that we don’t have to play Roscommon in the FBD final and Galway in the league in a short period of time…. With a number of first teamers out of action for a while… The rest of the lad’s only getting to brush off the cobwebs after a well earned sojourn in Malaysia, and the nessary blending in of a few new faces….. But it’s good to see that the neighbours will have an eye on each other, as well as ourselves!

  10. Horan definitely a great appointment. The ideal person to strengthen those young lads physically and mentally. Brian O Malley a midfielder for the future.

  11. The FBD is a pre season challenge tournament…who cares. It’s about trying to find potential new players.

  12. Totally agree with comments re James Horans great appointment for Westport. Could County Board not have used his experience in some level of coaching? All players have spoken of his man management skills and attention to detail. Lucky Westport. Hope all our injuries clear up in time for mid May. It will be a tough league campaign, but we will support them all the way. Thanks for all updates re FBD matches.

  13. Cliuchi na bliaina at 8 bells is the Mayo Kerry semi ..Just in case anyone else needs a brightener on this blue blue Monday..

  14. Last year was a roller coaster season but that drawn Kerry game has to have been the craziest! The lead changed hands so many times.

  15. Talk about the Mayo v Kerry semi final last remindes me of the masterclass in shite refereeing fare that was Deegan that day. He was soo poor I dispare about the future of the game and the approach that Croke Park are taking on Refereeing our big games. On Friday night last Paddy Neilan from Roscommon shows us how the job is done properly. On a night where conditions and the attitude of the entire Galway squad to what was essentially a challenge game in January I though Paddy done a great job. In my book one of the top Ref’s in the country. On Sunday Martin Flaherty from Galway who refereed the Mayo v Roscommon had a great game also. Fair play to both of these guys. They have restored my faith to some extent in an otherwise broken and corrupt system. I should mention David Gough from Meath I think another good one

  16. James Fleming…Over the worst of it..No more following Mayo games on twitter with hot whiskeys!!

  17. Looking at the highlights of the drawn Kerry game – we were lucky enough in the end. 1. Barry went through for a goal chance with ky one point up and Clarke made a great save. Goal there and game over. 2. In injury time a Ky player took a free to himself (did that ever happen before?) in midfield and the free was then given to us which I think led to equalizing point. As we say here- small margins.

  18. 29 comments kinda sums up how much people Dont give a damn about the FBD , only to try and find a few new players to join the panel . flu’s and Kerry match more interesting !!

  19. Stephen Rochford should go full out and aim to WIN the National League this year to build the players confidence for the Championship

  20. I asked this question before. Did anyone else pay 5e in to yesterdays match. I handed in 20e and got 15e back with my ticket. I still have part of the ticket here and it says 5e.

  21. You must look like either a student or an OAP Ross Town! 🙂
    Paid €10 myself. Have to mention the pitch, looked in great condition! Also a shout out to the steward who hand delivered match programmes to us in our seats in the stand, fair play.

  22. I noticed on Friday night, the price list for the FBD match V Galway… It read €5 Terrace and €10 Stand.. I was tempted to buy the €5 option, but didn’t.. Of course with the horrendous weather I had no intention of going to the Terrace.. But paid the tenner in any event… Mayo won’t win the FBD but I’ll bet you the attendance at the Mayo match’s dwarf the attendance at the other FBD match’s.. 1500+ Leitrim, 2600+Galway..Yesterday??? It’s all money for Connacht Gaa.. No wonder Connacht are insisting on Galway and Roscommon playing twice in the FBD.. If next Sunday fixture between Galway and Roscommon were to be the Final.. It’s hard to see how they could expect Mayo to play Sligo and that’s where Connacht are expecting to make the money… I expect that both Galway and Roscommon will have lower attendance in home match’s in the Allianze League than what attended the Galway and Leitrim FBD match’s in Castlebar, in the worst weather imaginable… In fact in 2015 in the Championship, Galway played Derry in Salthill, allot less people paid in than what attended the FBD match in Castlebar!.. However despite being the cash cow of Connacht GAA we don’t get any advantage, nor should we…. The same can’t be said for Leinster where Dublin fan’s pay by far the most into the Leinster coffers… He who pays the piper certainly calls the tune in Leinster!

  23. The fbd was good for the new guys great to get a run out.
    For us to stay on top these new guys need to bulk up. i hope as many as we can afford go into a program for development.
    The way the game has gone these few years the older guys need backup.
    If we could get a team this year to keep things a float for 35 to 40 mins and then call on experience we be hard stopped.
    Unfortunetly we seem a long way off this at the moment.
    Plenty of new faces but nobody has stepped up.
    Think rochford needs to make some serious decisions this year.just because somebody gets dropped doesnt mean they wont come back hungier in a year or 2.
    This is were we are at plenty of tough love needed.

  24. Leantimes my understanding is that all money from preseason tournaments goes to the players injury fund ?

  25. Fair bit of space needed on panel for returnees Gibbons, Keane, Freeman and Caff. Gibbons is a great option at midfield and we don’t need to worry about SOS substitution or indeed he could force Seamie to be the impact sub. More natural midfielder than Coen I think.
    Freeman excites me most. Has talent we all have seen and obviously he sees how close we were last year. Him coming on in later stages could have been the difference last Sept with greater experience and know how. Great to have him back and dare I say it worth using him as first starter instead of Cillian in at least some league games. Against Ros last year in league he was the standout forward for both teams winning lots of dirty ball and scoring off both feet. Few weeks later lost to panel… presumably weighing effort vs chance of game time.

  26. @14all
    We wont know who is available as a new player or stepping forward from last years fringe players until after we’ve concluded two championship games.
    I would think however that there are already some green shoots looking at the volume of players with good age profiles, fitness and form.
    I agree that the final quarter of games has been a problem. With a three year mgmt term it makes sense to solve this problem this year with young players and converting some older starters to game finishers. In that way they are less injury prone, we solve our bench impact issue and we carry a better bench all the way to 2020.
    SOS, Tom Parsons Chris Barrett, Keith Higgins, Colm Boyle, Donal Vaughan and Andy Moran. Why not carry the bulk of them through to 2020 if they still have the speed and form? But I think a process of moving some of these to bench roles should start this year.
    Andy however is likely to be ready to rock starting again this year the legend that he is.
    With the above happening, every new player in 2019/20 would be coming into the strongest possible 26 man matchday panel. We would lose less guys to injury or retirement.

  27. Of the lads historically not getting enough game time Nally is the one I most like the look of. Very good footballer who can score. Possibly not Zippy enough over 5m for backs but fast enough on the front foot so half forwards / midfield. Has many of the same attributes as Dublin’s James McCarthy.
    Kirby isn’t a Sumner midfielder mobility wise unless county training shows otherwise. Not quick enough for corner forward so CHF and FF would seem only positions available if AOS were brought to midfield instead of Seamie. Apart from Nally and Andy, Kirby has best strike. Had 100% or near that success from shots in league last year. Unfortunately championship pace makes it harder to see his best summer position. At 6’5″ FF would seem smartest option. Could be the man when Andy eventually retires. Playing midfield improves his fielding skills so maybe there’s some merit in it.

  28. As for last year, Boland with hopefully a bit more bulk had idles of football and a great side step is a great asset as well as Loftus.
    Gallagher has transformed his physique from his last league run when he was probably our top scorer because of free taking ability.
    I think Diarmaid OC might be better used in midfield which frees up a half forward slot. Moving James Mc to midfield was a great idea for Dublin. This style of mobile midfielder is especially useful in 2nd half of games as teams tire. Imagine being able to bring on Diarmaid at half time in midfield.. would be a great option. Seamie great for first half war zone in midfield or Gibbons if he grabs it but hits are lighter in midfield as 2nd half goes on and Diarmaid has a huge engine .

  29. Leantimes, id say you are well off with regards attendance of Galway home games in the league, they play Tyrone, Mayo, Dublin at home so Id say they will attract a few more than attended FBD in Castlebar.

  30. The proceeds of the FBD do not go to an injured players fund. They go to the Connacht Council coffers. It is only the O’Byrne Cup that has been set up and played for this reason. It would be an idea to set a benevolent for former Mayo players who have fallen on hard times, and maybe play a pre-championship challenge each Summer with the proceeds going their way.

  31. @Shuffly. Agree with you on Shane Nally. Looked in those terrible conditions a confident footballer. His left foot is a weapon either passing or scoring.
    Adam Gallagher on dry ground.
    I don’t know if SOS has the pace to start anymore and he is coming off another injury. I think he’d be more effective coming on.
    Personally I think Brian Reape will offer a lot more than Danny Kirby. Kirby is taller but Reape is actually the more muscular and harder to stop one on one.

  32. One interesting point the Galway Bay FM guys made, was the way Galway produce a very good 3rd quarter in games. Walsh seems to drill something into them at half times (hair dryer, tea cups?), and they come out all guns blazing. Think back to last year’s game and that’s where they won it in Salthill.

  33. The one thing I noticed over the 3 games was the amount of different free takers. I believe I seen freeman, Reape, McLoughlin, Naughton, Tracey and Doherty taking them. With the weather there has been quiet a few misses. I was surprised the one player who I though would be taking them in his game but didn’t was Adam Gallagher. There was a clammer for other free taker options when COC missed a few last year.

    The group of newbies I like to see more of thus far is Stretton Akram Keane and McDonagh, Especailly with Keagan Vaughan and Barrett out, Cafferkey and Crowe for me are auditioning for places too.
    We definitely need new blood in midfield with SOS out I don’t thing Coen and Kirby fill that gap, Matthew Ruane has the more potential and is a natural midfielder like gibbons. Up front only Alan Dillons spot is available with Reape Gallagher Freeman the more likely replacements James Carr is injured not sure for how long would like to see more of Naughton and Tracy than Freeman to be honest. With Freeman it was never about his skill level it’s more about his ability to win the dirty ball, always doesn’t win enough if 50-50 ball for me. Conor o Shea has also to be under pressure as a forward, he runs laterally to much for me and when he gets forward always seems to be running down cul de sacks devoid of ideas. I would keep Reape, Gallagher and Carr in the national league squad.
    Quiet a few of the youngster will go in the development squad and still train along side the seniors We still have quiet a few younsters in our squad already that need gametime like Loftus Boland Reagan

  34. Shuffy i agree diarmuid at midfield this year would work well. aido to cover when he go’s forward and throw ins.
    Hope e odonahue gets plenty of league and gallagher looks to take his place at wing fwd.
    Feel nally has what it takes but not for a full game.
    Dont want to see s coen anywhere this year but in the backs,midfield does not suit him.
    Reape looks promising.
    Its a year to early for ruane im afraid but a future midfielder.
    Jury is out on cos maybe try him in full forward and see.he really needs to make some sort of statment soon or he could be watching like the rest from the stand this summer.
    Cillian is the man for frees think he been asked to do to much up and down the field and its effecting some of his free taking.

  35. Here’s a question: are the panel members somewhat overawed by the regulars, All Stars, Players of the Year and whatever?

    I often get an impression of a tentative approach when they come on – as if safety first is the policy, rather than hungry newbies who’ll kick the ass of whoever gets in the way.

    Just a thought.

  36. Catcol
    Interesting question. I wonder if it’s a case of the panel players knowing that they must follow instructions from the sideline whereas the newbies just do it off the cuff? If you’re following your own lead it can look a lot more exciting, for example, run forward in the hope of getting the ball and slotting one over the bar, whereas a panel member knows he’s getting taken off for leaving his defense undermanned by making that run forward.
    Add in the fact that if you’re scoring a few points as a newbie, the manager might consider this when the chopping block is brought out in the coming weeks.
    I know what I’d be doing, definitely making the run forward.

  37. Markievicz Park named as the venue for the match on Sunday. It’s clearly the only ground in Sligo with facilities that comes within an ass’s roar of staging a game with Mayo but the pitch itself is a bog, I’d be very surprised if it is fit to take the game with the weather we’re having this week

  38. A shame for all the money spent in Bekan there is no proper stand or shelter for fans attending games. FBD games could have been played there.

    Instead we have great surfaces but in the middle of nowhere in an exposed high site.

    I know GAA fields are unique in their size in field sports but it’s kind of amazing we don’t have one single indoor GAA stadium or even training pitches in a country where it basically rains all year round.

  39. Yewtree

    Even more amazing is the % of people that don’t have a rain coat other than the cotton or wool items that soak a few gallons of rain every time it rains.

  40. Mayomessi I don’t know if ye can recall the Ros game in league last year when Freeman was ruling the roost, winning dirty ball kicking great point off left. Dropped for next few games and then left panel. If I played like he did in Ros game would be wondering what I have to do. Don’t know if he got MOM but probably was anyway.
    Agree it needs to be consistent. His poorest game was draw game v Kerry in 2014 (when Cillian won all the dirty ball) and Alan’s runs off the ball just weren’t the right ones. But remember his wrongly disallowed goal v Tyrone in 2013, pure class. Would ye not agree it’s great to have a lad like that on the scene. Great free taker going by known form and maybe football and life experience has honed his game. Time will tell. Talent is half the battle.

  41. I think that Crowe and EOD looked really good last Sunday against D Murtagh, C. Murtagh and F Cregg. Probably Roscommon’s strongest line. They only lack experience I believe. If F Boland can return with some of the form he showed last year he will not be far away. Agree with all of you that Coen should be played in the half back line/ Too good a footballer not to be involved and I think 2018 will be his year. Very impressed with Fionn Mc Donagh and Stretton in recent days.There is no place here for anyone who cannot win dirty ball. Your opponents makes the rules and that is the first rule in GAA

  42. Mayo easily beat dcu in challenge tonight in arctic conditions in Dublin. Impressive showing of both talent and attitude !

  43. Ted – have you the team that lined out? Can you give names of who impressed and who the scorers were?

  44. Shuffly I don’t believe Freeman played Roscommon last year, didn’t play in Kiltoom as far as I recall and left the Panel after the Kerry game I think.

    Great player but personally I think he just needs a little bit more Steel, I feel he can be to easily bullied. That said, he’s a player I’d love to see more of if he could develop a hardier approach to his game, it’s really all I think he’s missing.

  45. Team mostly made up of dublin based players. Plunkett outstanding. Tracey (from ballina?) very good. Reape impressed when brought on for dcu. All mayo / dcu players played..akram hall diarmo o c and reape all featured. Mayo selection scored 5 goals against the dub sub goalie. Henno 2 excellent saves and 3 brilliant 45s.didnt concede one either from memory

  46. Goals from Tracey( x 2) I think and Freeman. Can’t be sure who got the other 2 as the snow was pelting down

  47. Shuffly Deck – I wouldn’t share your sense of excitement about Freeman. Tends to play behind the defender and struggles to win possession as a result. Taking back in an average to good-at-best player at the age 29 would not be a progressive move for the future development of the squad in my opinion. There will not be a whole lot of places coming available in the championship panel so Stephen Rochford will have to choose his additions very wisely and strategically.

  48. Delighted to hear that Ted. Been very impressed with Ciaran. Thought some of his movement in Sunday was excellent. Took his two points brilliantly. Loads and loads of potential there.

  49. Thanks for update Ted..Have those lads ever played in a succession of such terrible conditions ??Really doubt it..Ciaran Treacy seems to be the newbie to watch so hope he gets game time in the League…Really looking forward to Sunday week now!!

  50. Ted – how the hell did you know that one was on? I’d have been over there! You must have Rochy’s mobile no!

  51. Did David Drake ,Donie Newcombe and Evan Regan feature Ted? How did Stephen Coen ,Danny Kirby and Conor O’Shea play?

  52. A positive for Mayo is that Diarmuid, Reape, Ruane, Akram, Plunkett, Hall and Cunniffe are all in DCU. Dr. Niall Moyna prepares young players sensibly. Plenty recovery. Those seven above are the majority of the near senior ready young players. Ciaran Treacy is in St. Pats who these days join with DCU for Sigerson.

  53. 45, I tend to agree with you regarding Freeman, he has plenty of talent but fact is he struggled to hold down a starting place under a number of management set ups. As you said there isnt many forward positions available, is it better to bring on players like Reape, Carr, tracey, Douglas than go for Freeman? Same can be said for Keane and Gibbons. Does Rochford opt for youth as many are calling for or go for players who have been there for a number of years and couldnt nail down a starting spot.

  54. JP
    I believe we had 9 players from our under 21 winning side at DCU Conor Loftus and Aaron Doran were the other two, James Durkin from Castlebar played for them last year not sure if he is still there. Couple of years back I remember Akram Ruane Plunkett and Reape winning the freshers with them not sure why I never heard of Cunniffe Hall or Loftus playing for them.

  55. Eir sport have announced their live Saturday night games for the National league and the Mayo Kerry game on Feb the 3rd is one of them..

  56. No wide ball, they usually leave it until the week beforehand. Needless to say the Eir sport games are all Saturday night under lights. Mayo Dublin also been shown.

  57. Well ye are a fountain of knowledge!! My daily fix of all things re mayo gaa! See ye for the League. The site here will definitley be hopping then!

  58. What type of team will we have out for Monaghan. Whats the injury list, keegan, seamie and vaughan out for whole league campaign with barrett out for at least half the games, is there any more?

  59. Looking at the FBD League games so far i see that 17 different players have scored in the 3 games. 10 players have scored 1 pt.We scored 13, 12, and 11 pts. in that order. Scores like that will never win many games.

  60. In the Mayo News it said that Harrison, AOS and Andy will play this weekend along with Loftus, Regan & Drake. Tom Parsons is still away on his honeymoon. No mention of Cillian or Keith Higgins.

    I saw on Hogan Stand that the Hughes brothers might miss our league game with Monaghan. Would be handy if they did!

  61. Slightly off topic woul anyone have or know where to get that video Bonfires in Bohola? I will be trying RTE.

  62. Hope Rochy gives starts to Ciaran Treacy, Peter Naughon ,Neil Douglas this weekend against Sligo probably the top 3 club forwards in Mayo.massive pressure on 2017 panel members now.

  63. Was reading an interwiew cillian oconner did yesterday a good honest interview as always.
    Then i scrolled down to the comments section and the amount of shite thats said about this 25yr old is way off in my view.
    People seem to think he does very little from play which is a pure myth.
    He has scored some monsterous scores for us last year and previous years.kerry drawn game and second half of allireland 2 quality scores from play.
    Just wondering is there somebody out there that could put together coc best scores from play because there is certainly plenty of them.

  64. Agreed Cillian contributes loads from play, both creating and scoring. Don’t understand that narrative at all. He averaged 3 points from play per game over our 10 championship games last year.
    I saw another comment saying he has no left foot and can’t win dirty ball. Also complete rubbish.

  65. Cillian O Connor has more for doing than to be listen to or reading the inconsequential comments from people that should know better. A bit like MacDonald, we won’t know what we had until he’s gone from the team. The same can be said for Keegan, Higgins and a large number of the current crew.

  66. I don’t really care what dublin fans think of COC or anybody else for that matter.The shite that you see in comments sections etc is so far off the mark its actually funny.It used to wind me up but not anymore.Willie Joe made a point on here before the final last year,Im paraphrasing but it was something to the effect of he was steering clear of the bile and hate online which had surrounded the 16 final.Its easy to get caught up in it but its also easy to shrug the shoulders and avoid.The stats are there on COC for anyone to read.

  67. good points there FW i agree 100 % ,
    Cillian doesn’t need to be reading or listening to all the crap, it is the ones that think they know everything subsequently know nothing,as you said the stats are there,
    we are so lucky to have Cillian along with the rest of the team we have.

  68. Couldnt agree more with last few comments-we are so lucky to have Cillian as captain and as a player. And yes that exactly it-like Ciaran MacD, we wil be looking back in years marvelling at him and this team. A great interview – great reading that Lee is recovering after operations. It must be jealousy some of those comments on social media.such bile and hate against an amateur player.

  69. The comments are from opposing supporters, a lot of other fans dont like cillian, he rises the head off some , fantastic attribute , legend of a footballer. If the opposition supporters hate ya , youre doing fookin mighty.

  70. Ah you right i guess Sean..i just feel so protective of the players. The effort, work, the grind, training, injuiries and the pressure every match to perform. All the hard years on the road and no Sam. I am just in awe of their drive and resilience.

  71. Above is how you feel on Damien Comer Sean Burke!! I watched the 2015 semi final last night on Eir ( drawn game) and Cillian was unbelievable with his frees and kept Mayo in the game until the late surge caught Dublin. Still the one player Mayo have that if he is on song will turn a game.

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