Monday match reports

Another busy Monday morning and a truckload of reportage from yesterday’s match to trawl through. Happy stuff this time so let’s get to it.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught TelegraphLeinster LeaderKildare Now.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun, Irish Mirror – live blogmatch report.

Others: GAARTÉThe 42Hogan StandBreaking NewsSports Joe.

Photos: Mayo MickSportsfileInpho.

Videos: Mayo MickGAA (highlights).

If you haven’t yet listened to my own post-match audio report and you’re looking for some ear-ache to start your week, you’ll find it here.

That’s it for now. Back later on – Rob tells me late afternoon, early evening (ish) – with another jam-packed edition of the Mayo News football podcast and back later still with the results of the MOTM poll from yesterday’s game.     

12 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. I know it’s early but if Adam Gallagher and Eoin o Donahoe could push for a starting place it would be massive. Teams don’t need 5/6 players coming in at once, adding in 1 or 2 a year is whats required. While Durcan and Harrison have come into the back line recently, Diarmuid is probably the last new forward to come in. Really need someone to make the step up in that department

  2. Just watched the game on gaago there. Looked like Kildare gave up at half time. They weren’t let play though. The goal before half time was a hammer blow to them. How many of their kick outs did we win in the second half. Must have been most of them.
    We were way sharper than any other of the league games. Building nicely heading into May 13th. Good to see some scores from distance but a few dropping short needs to be worked on.

    Durcan, Barrett, Higgins, Harrison and Vaughan all to come back in to bolster the defence. A healthy competition for places is great to see.
    O’Donoghue, Coen, Loftus and Gallagher will be pushing for a place in the starting 15 come championship. Loftus needs more game time though.

  3. Crowe has put in a few good shifts this year
    Thought he had a good outing yesterday his man slattery was subbed left scoreless and kept mccormack queit too.
    Keegan on sludden the next night will be worth the entrance fee alone.

  4. NiallMac Loftus is being introduced in most games and this role is suiting him. Boland is getting closer remember as is EOD and Gallagher

  5. Looking at the owl table and there is a possibility alright that 5 teams could finish on 6 pints. Donegal are the elephant in the room. The men from the hills are in trouble and would do everybody a favour if they lose to the men from the stoney grey soil next week.

    If “The Hills” beat “The Stoney Grey Soil” then the scenario of 5 teams finishing on 6 pints becomes a much stronger possibility.

    However if “The Hills” lose that game then a draw between Mayo and the “Red Hand” in Castlebar would see both us and them safe with a game to spare.

    “The Hills” really need to lose the next game, otherwise we will be going there on the last day needing something, even if we beat Tyrone.

  6. Enjoyed that one yesterday, I must say.

    Voted for Kevin Mac, but on reflection, Andy was really the man, especially when the game was in the melting pot. He gave a master class and an Offaly friend with me was salivating at his vision, his jinks, his bringing others into the game, and, of course, his scores. The first point was something really special, but my friend was shaking his head as he constantly slid to the ground to get the initial ball and bounced back up off the ground ‘like a rubber man’ in an instant. Have got so used to that, I hadn’t really noticed, but it’s good that someone objective can point it out!

  7. It’s good to get back to winning ways even if it’s against one of the so called weaker teams in the Division. As someone alluded to above there could easily be more than just one other team on the same points as us on the last day which makes points difference come into play just as much as the head to head. Kerry’s heavy loss to Dublin yesterday could come back to haunt them even more yet.
    It’s amazing the difference a game can make to ones outlook!

  8. Great to see the team improving with every game and good to hear Durcan and Barrett should be available for the next crucial game against Tyrone. It could all come down to score difference in the end so we could have pressed harder for more points when Kildare folded in the second half.
    I know it’s not the time for cribbing but am I the only one who’s fed up with management bringing on players with less than a minute to go on the clock? Barry Moran and David Drake were brought on in the 69th minute and Shane Nally came on in the 71st minute. Surely in a game where we’re well on top fringe players should be given a little more time to slot into the team.

  9. John
    I agree with the extreme late substitutions.Leave them on the bench if it’s past the 60 minute mark unless there’s a need for a sub. An injury time substitution is no good for a players morale.

  10. Big Barry and Stephen got at least 7.5 minutes according to my watch. Not sure where the timing is coming from but I would pose these questions to the players involved before posting them on a blog site. So many things have changed in a week. Last week Kildare were going to be tricky and were just on a run of bad breaks. This week they are shite. Reminds me of the semi final last year. Remember how that narrative was running. Kerry were the natural scoring forwards and had some sort of divine right to meet the Dubs in the final. After the draw it was a case of Mayo missing the boat, and would be put the sword in the replay aka 2014. No way would we score 2.14 against Kerry ever again

  11. So..lads n lasses…….Mayo are in a league final on Sunday,{happy face} against a tough Northern opposition…..first time in yonks…..whos going?? Ah come on,…….no, not our footballers, its the hurlers, Breffni Park, Cavan…….1pm against Down…..only league final ye be going to this year….so ye all going……what? you have to be somewhere else …{sad face}……..ah, come on , Zippy be there {winky face}……………Seriously though, such a shame this final has ended up being on the same day as an important football match taking away any extra support they had at last match in Ballina against Wicklow………lets wish them all the best anyway……they deserve it {kissing face}

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