Monday match reports

The morning after the day before. I’ve a rather full-on day today on the work front – just as well, to be honest – so I’ll keep this one short and to the point. In any event, I doubt too many of you – well, aside from the Galway folk – will want to spend too much time poring over the match coverage but, if that’s your thing, I’ve the relevant links for you below.

Before diving into that, however, it’s worth pausing this morning and giving a thought to Tom Parsons. A key player for us, a total gent and, sadly, a man who must now deal with a truly horrific injury. All the very best, Tom – here’s hoping you make a full and complete recovery.

Right, onto the coverage.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph, Galway Daily.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Mirror (live blog, match report), Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, Connacht GAA, RTÉ, Sky SportsThe 42 (live blog, match report), Hogan Stand.

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

Video: GAA (match highlights).

I can see from gathering those links that there’s other stuff out there from the likes of Brolly and others merrily dancing on our grave. Let them at it. I see too that Colm O’Rourke reckons we’re “in terminal decline.” Well, he’d know that condition when he sees it, being from Meath and all.

That’s the lot for now. The podcast should be online in the early afternoon and I’ll post the results of the MOTM poll later on tonight.

Have a good one, y’all.

72 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Any news on how Tom is? I heard Rochford describe it as a dislocated knee which is very serious. Really feel for him.

    I’m absolutely sickened after yesterday. For the third time in a year, our indiscipline has cost us the game. We really need to sort this out and finish with 15 players on the field.

  2. I think fuck them all let them say what they want it won’t put us down and they don’t want us in it we will see all I hope is we get a easy one first and no body will want to play us take care mayo family

  3. On a day like today it’s important to look forward not back. With that in mind, I’ve done a quick scan of what we can expect in the qualifiers. Round 1 takes place in June 09th, leaving 4 weeks to prepare. That’s the first bit of good news.
    I’ve done a quick prediction of the 16 teams I think will be in the pot. As I understand it’s an open draw this year.
    Definitely in the pot (6 teams)
    Very likely to be in the pot (based on my predictions; 6 teams)
    50:50 to be in the pot (4 teams; losers of folllowing ties)

    Other than Tyrone, I’d be highly confident we’d beat the remainder of teams listed.
    The first game in the qualifiers is critical. Win that, and momentum starts to build again.
    Regarding Tom, really feel for him today. Could it be possible the injury looks visually worse than it actually is?
    For example, is a dislocated knee a worse injury than a ruptured ACL?? Maybe someone with a medical background could answer this?
    From memory, Aidan kilcoyne had a similar injury a few years back

  4. Still depressed, more so for Tom P than the result! Tom is Mayos heartbeat, the centre of what we are and what we do. I can only hope and wish a very speedy recovery, and to see him grace the fields in Charlestown zoom!

    As for the game itself, my take is simple. Galway were headless and clueless at times, 2nd Yr in a row it takes us to get a man sent off for them to scrape a win. We played the first half conditions well, they had a massive wind behind them yet only a point up at half time, if we keep 15 on the field we boss the 2nd half. We don’t so we scramble. Some poor wides, impatientness running into traffic cost us. Galways full back line were all on yellows in the first half, we should have exploited that, we didn’t, Clarke was ponderous with some kickouts when we had men free and waited too long, missed the opportunity then walloped it into the middle and we got overturned. Small mistakes we can’t make with 13 outfield players.
    I’m scratching my head sometimes, I’m a big rochie fan, and far be it from me to question his decision, but Shane nally has to be a better option than drake! Nally has buckets of football in him, I just can’t see drake changing a game or influencing it.
    At least Hanley and James durkan got their first taste of championship, the qualifiers are made now for these lads.

    We are not done yet!

  5. – Had these teams played each other 15 years ago, it would have been a thriller, Instead we got puke football version 2018.
    – The sending off was the difference, 15 men on the pitch with that wind in the second half and we would have scraped a win.
    – Galway took the only real goal opportunity for either team in the whole game
    – Diarmuid’s action looked more instinctive than deliberate which is a bigger problem because more difficult to eradicate
    – McLoughlin and Higgins our two best performers, we needed a big performance from Aido was just ghosting around the place and had no impact on the game and from Boyler who was very low-key
    – As for the subs, expecting two rookies to turn such a tight game was daft. We needed strength rather than speed at that stage which is why Vaughan should have come on earlier, his strong running would have drawn frees. No point bring on guys (Durkan and Hanley) with pace but not the strength when the ball was as slow as a snail getting into our forward line.
    – Sometimes management can try to be too smart with naming of dummy teams and trying to surprise with rookie substitutions….
    – it’s now all down to the mental aspect of focusing on the first round of the qualifiers and we have one month to do just that
    – Best wishes of course to Tom P for a full recovery and to Conroy…

  6. Very very frustrating day, especially if you were in the Mayo full forward line. What on earth has happened to our kicking game that we developed so effectively last year? Best way to beat a blanket defence is to break at pace and play the ball in quick, we are way too cautious and afraid to shoot. Also feel that we are badly lacking in pace in the forward line and it’s hurting us, only one of our starting forwards who I’d could as a rocket is McLoughlin. On the plus side, Tom’s injury and DOC’s red card probably gives an opportunity to at least two forwards to put their hand up the next day, felt James Durcan provided real pace when he came on yesterday and drove at the Galway backs at least so would like to see more of that. Other area where we are in deep shit is in midfield. I’ve harped on about it on here before but we badly need another mobile option in this area, especially now since Tom’s injury. Keegan would be my preference but you’d be praying that someone like Hanley could give us an option here too.

    What was going on with the Mayo crowd yesterday, zero athmosphere in the place, even before throw in, could not get over it. Overall hard to see where we can go from here, felt we lacked a bit of bite compared to usual, never seen Boyle have such a quiet game, Higgins was excellent. Could do with giving a team a good hiding in the next game to give a bit of confidence but hard to see us not tripping up in the qualifiers at some stage TBH.

  7. I wouldn’t read too much into Rookie subs. James Durcan dropped his chance short trying to be precise, something Leroy does a bit too often. In the claustrophobic space of a championship game the shooter can be a bit tight. Hanley didn’t influence but that can happen. Donie looked livelier but had a missed shot. I’d be confident he’ll be good as he clock up more injury free training.

  8. AOS better than some posters claim and had a few big turnovers. After being sidestepped by Flynn or Conroy he ran 60m to unbalance Comer before Keith finished the job to snuff a goal chance. Don’t forget the Breaffy lads had to cope with an emotional week. Also Tom’s injury was bad by all accounts which had to have a big impact on the team.
    Bar 1 or 2 teams we’re at different level altogether to the round 1 pool. Apart from Tyrone only Monaghan would worry me and we’re better than them but they’re the best of that lot whoever loses that one.
    Our biggest challenge is to find a new midfield system involving AOS and a runner e.g Diarmaid after his hopefully 1 match ban for rounds 2-4.

  9. Galway man here with a huge soft spot and admiration for Mayo football.

    I am astonished at the levels of negativity on these walls. Surely, whilst it hurts initially, being beaten early by Galway is a good omen? You’ve made the AIF the last 2 years it’s happened, and there’s nothing to say you won’t do so again. It was always a fantasy that a team designed to peak in August in CP could turn it on in May. Even still, with 14 you only lost due to a goal in the 6th minute of injury time, and your two best players weren’t starting. Think some perspective is required.

    The overall game was poor as a spectacle but still had enough tension to be gripping. Much better than the one sided hammerings the championship will produce over the next few weeks. Mayo have nothing to fear in the qualifiers, other than an away game against a northern blanket which could be tricky. I’d still back them though.

    Sincerely hope TP recovers and is back in the green and red before too long. I have met him a couple times and what a gent he is. I would go as far to say he has been Mayo’s most consistent and reliable championship performer over the past 2 years. Criminal he didn’t get an AS last year.

    Hope it doesn’t come across as gloating but I also don’t think you’re giving Galway enough credit. Sure, the style of play leaves a lot to be desired at times, but to beat the second best team in the country 3 years in a row is no mean feat. I don’t think anyone will be blowing us away this year.

    Finally, I wanted to wish Mayo the best of luck on the journey ahead. Your team will go down fighting one way or the other, and I have a feeling we could be renewing the rivalry at some point this summer. Also, I have never enjoyed watching a player as much as Keith Higgins, what a rolls royce of a warrior. Simply superb.

  10. Eyesontheball. With all due respect what do you expect from supporters, I for one have travelled the length and breath supporting Mayo teams through good and bad times over 30+ years. Currently we don’t even get the courtesy of a match day 26, some respect to fans. It’s a joke.

  11. In the All Ireland final last year so called impact subs used were Coen, Drake, Loftus,
    Dillon, Kirby, Cafferky when Mayo needed a score to win game they failed to register
    even a point !
    Roll on yesterdays game Mayo subs used were Drake, Hanley, Vaughan, Harrison,
    O’Connor, Durkan. Mayo got two points from O’Connor one was a free.
    Mayo management are totally to blame for the team they picked and the subs named for
    match day. Why are Crowe, Nally, Gallagher and many others not getting fair play by the

  12. Green above the Red – I pared back the barb at the end of the comment. The point you’re making – an entirely fair and valid one – didn’t require it and calling for heads mid-season is pointless.

  13. A Year til Sunday – Generous post and reflective of the many decent Galway supporters I think. (we shouldn’t let the words and actions of a small minority of trolls and yahoos colour our view of the vast majority of Galway supporters.)

    Best of luck to Galway. A serious team and one that I think will at least reach a Semi this year if not a Final.

    A lot of work for us to do, but, with a decent run in the qualifiers we may well meet again later in the year when I would fancy our chances.

  14. First off wishing Tom all the best – terribly disappointing for him and he was having a stormer up until the injury.

    I think we are slightly underestimating Galway (and ourselves) by saying both were poor. This Galway team is better than last yr, when they were better than 2016.

    Our indiscipline, coupled with Tom’s injury, cost us the game really. Very tight margins in the game. Very defensive set up by Galway made for a unsightly game of football but we had expected that really. People calling for Shoes to come on – well he may just not have been fit enough. Bring on more experienced players like Big Barry or Regan and management get roasted, bring on younger players same result. I acknowledge the Drake substitution was odd and it was weird that Adam Gallagher didn’t make the bench but beyond that we have to trust that they can see whats going on in training better than we can.

    Finally looking forward we should be better than the vast majority of teams in the first two rounds of the qualifiers. We have some time to get Cillian (who did well on introduction today), Harrison, Barrett, Shoes and Leeroy fully up to match pace. Qualifiers should also help Loftus, O’Donoghue, Hanley, Durcan, etc improve as players at this level.

    My worry would be our squad depth especially around midfield, we can’t really afford any more injuries. Would like to Lee start around midfield, as our strongest depth is in defence, and think he’s best placed to take the step up.

  15. Conviction is the main ingredient in coming out winners in a tight game, Mayo never had this on the big stage, I have another word for this, it’s simple and is called inner self confidence. This in in one’s DNA and something that Mayo people lack.

  16. My only concern about the qualifiers is can we get ourselves up for it?
    In my opinion we are still in the top 2 or 3 teams in the country, but with this many mental miles on the clock it will be very hard for the lads to get themselves to the required levels of motivation to bat aside some of the teams we will meet in the qualifiers who we should have no problem in beating but we will probably fall to their level and struggle with.
    This is not a physical issue which is what the experts trot out as being a problem, I dont believe so, its very hard for them to get properly (think Rossies in replay levels of motivation) motivated for some 1st round qualifier game. That will be the big challenge for the next 4 weeks, some lads might have just 5% of themselves saying “feck this” and when that starts its difficult.

  17. Still gutted for Tom Parsons… After all he has invested in Mayo football over the past number of years, to see him stretchered off like that was heartbreaking. This was way worse than the team losing a game, by a lucky goal deep into injury time. I really think people should think twice before giving any of these guys stick, even Diarmuid who I’d say is feeling fairly down this morning!

    Anyway, time to look forward… Am I right in saying that the draw for the qualifiers will be made 12-13 days out from the games? That would mean draw on Monday 28th… Really hope we can avoid an Ulster team in the first few rounds to give players a chance to get up to full fitness… lots of positives to still look forward to! Mayo 2/1 to make a semi final this year… going to throw a few quid on that to try and cover the price of the all-ireland ticket!!

    We may be down, but we sure as hell are not out!

  18. Heart goes out to Tom parsons . That’s devastating blow to him personally and the team .
    I’m very concerned now with management, why wasn’t James Durcan given game time in the league ? Why is Kevin mcloughlin let take simple 21 yard frees that he misses , surely there is options . I’ve yet to meet man woman child who can tell me what Drake offers. I hate saying it as he’s just a lad giving it his all but I just can’t fathom what on earth he offers . When we are chasing a game , why don’t we change it up a bit tactically , you have to take risks and push up. Corner backs of Galway on yellow yesterday and we didn’t get up and at them.

  19. Yes , a dislocated knee is usually more complicated than plain ACL. With dislocation you can have multiple ligaments torn. As long as complications are avoided though that is the main thing .

  20. @Teamsheet we aren’t alone in that regard, but if 30,000 supporters in a packed Mchale Park can’t rev themselves up enough to raise a roar or two, before throw in or when the game is in the melting pot against our biggest rivals then it doesn’t say much. Maybe it was nerves, I don’t know but it very strange and unusual for a Mayo crowd to be so quiet all the way through.

  21. Best wishes to Tom. An abolute gentleman off the field and a fantastic footballer on it.
    The back of the knee is a very complex structure, it’ll be a long road and I’ve no doubt Tom will navigate it expertly.

    Well don to Dr. Sean Moffatt and Martin McIntrye and Murray Ambulace service who extricated Tom from the field in such a safe and speedy manner.

  22. I thought Aidan O Shea played well yesterday he broke lots of tackles and was involved in a few turnovers. What do people expect from him? Even the all powerful Comer was kept relatively quiet yesterday. If only we could find our shooting boots we’ll have a good run in the qualifiers. I also am mystified as to why Gallagher and Nally aren’t in the subs they both can score and are quality players. Finally best wishes to Tom Parsons our thoughts and prayers are with him this morning.

  23. Best regards to Tom, not easy facing into the week on crutches and hospital visits so all the best in recovery. Secondly well done Galway, they will definitely open up big on some team soon, Shane Walsh took some minding but he will destroy a defence one day very soon, I Burke is a young Andy Moran and their team pose threats from so many angles. As to ourselves, the glass half empty approach will no doubt get a fair airing for the next 4 weeks. Most who follow the team have rightly identified ed up on some limitations in scoring threat from a number of players but that does not mean that they are not part of a system which is designed to get wins. The misfortune that befell Tom will force us to look closely at our midfield and to my mind I think its vital that Seamus plays the last 25 plus minutes of all our games from here on and not the first 50 and secondly Aidan again needs to move back out to midfield with a combination of any number of players from Stephen, Diarmuid, Lee etc. in order to bring more dynamic movement through that centre forward challenge. I think Kevin Mc
    could potentially reek havoc at no 11 and create smart space for alot of our hard runners coming through that channel.

  24. I really hope Tom recovers from his injury. I suspect it could be a long road for him, but here’s hoping he’ll get through it.

  25. I’ll let that one pass, Mayo88, though you clearly didn’t read rule 12 too closely, i.e. the bit where it says that “wailing about … supposed inherent shortcomings in the Mayo psyche or other kinds of empty waffle are best avoided.”

    I’m amazed we’ve managed to get so far in the championship year after year after year if, as you claim, we’re saddled with this shortcoming in our DNA. Must be luck, then, I guess.

  26. Aidan O’Shea did well tackling and winning possession. He deserves credit for that but he is wearing a forward’s jersey at the end of the day. Needs to contribute more to the scoreboard.

  27. My thoughts today are solely with Tom Parsons . Can’t bring myself to read the papers . Look my view today is that we will bounce back in qualifier’s but won’t be near as competitive in the later stages without Tom .

  28. Shocking game of football and Mayo had a reactionary role in the way they set up in the second half, being down to fourteen they looked to be of the mindset to hold Galway out and hopefully pluck some fruit from quick raids if they got the turn over.

    The problem as I saw it was that their transition was pitifully slow and by the time that had completed the required number of unnecessary hand passes in their own trenches Galway had scrambled to the castle gate. The one or two forwards that were up front were surrounded and suffocated in a constrictors grip. Andy can’t operate in a defense like that without strategic support, you have to have a target man close to him in the hope he wins a few tap downs. I think he should have played farther out and and used his reputation to create space for set plays that would have created opportunities for others.

    Mayo knew what was inside the wrapping in this one and showed little imagination by way of probing tactics, ye were operating off a very similar game plan in the league. It looked like Rochford thought that the return of the more established players would get him over the line and to be fair ye did open them up and created several good chances and frees only to blow them with poor kicking. In a game with so much on the line those wides are a contagion for emotions of doubt and often suck the confidence out of a team, It looked to be that kind of a game on the tv as both teams were so worried by the prospect of losing they were almost afraid to push on.

    I do not mean to be disrespectful to anyone, they beat Kerry with the same defensive set up in the league and could and should have stuck in at least three or four additional goals. Kerry and Mayo generally play a very similar type of game as do the Dubs but while the Dubs kept the ball moving left and right outside their blanket they were always probing. By this I mean when the ball was rotated over to the hogan stand side some players on the opposite side ran in towards the forward line thus causing a significant breakdown in the Galway set up as they had to follow them and dublin were patient enough to wait and pick out a player that found a little space that popped over the odd point. They did the same against Tyrone last year, like a basketball team they moved the ball intelligently and never allowed the opposition to swallow them up in possession.

    Galway are a bit of an enigma and with the enormity of yesterday’s game now off their backs I expect them to play better football in the coming weeks, I think they will win Connaught and will be a dangerous team to meet after that.

    I hope Tom Parsons makes a full and speedy recovery he is a fine player and I think he was shabbily treated by not receiving a deserved All Star in 2017. It puts the winning and losing of a game into sharp perspective. An amateur athlete willing to put his life on hold for the honour of representing his county to be so seriously injured in a moments misfortune.

    Good luck in the qualifiers, I hope they have the stomach for the first few rounds as they will start to gather momentum if they get over those banana skins. Mayo typically lose their baby teeth in may and June, it’s july, August and September when they show their real pearly whites.

  29. Dia daoibh
    In view of what happened to Tom P lets all support the Mayo GAA weekly lotto. It only costs €5.10 per week. This raises funds for the treatment of our injured players. Willie Joe please provide the link ma shea do thoil.
    Lets get behind our team for the qualifiers and lets be positive. Comhgairdeas to Gaillimh on their victory and a speedy recovery to Tom and Paul Conroy.
    Go neiri le foireann Mhuigheo i gconai
    Mhuigheo abu!

  30. As bad as that was, and it was bad, it still took Galway getting a goal five minutes into injury time for them to shake us off.

    If we’d had the same clean bill of health that they had, and if Diarmuid had kept his head, I reckon we would have caught them at the end.

    For all the hype about Comer, he was utterly anonymous in the second half. Kevin McLoughlin scored as much as him, and it wasn’t Kevin’s best day, or anything like it.

    Galway have improved defensively as we all suspected. But they’re not All-Ireland material. Dublin would take them by 6-8 points and even Kerry in their present transition would be too good for them.

    Perhaps someone could enlighten me as to what David Drake brings to the Mayo team. Every day he seems to be the first sub in, yet I don’t remember him having an impact on the game. What am I missing?

    Also, where was Shane Nally, when we all know that accurate long-range shooting is the best way to beat the blanket?

    And why is Kevin McLoughlin getting saddled with frees on the right when it was clear as far back as the 2012 All-Ireland final that he is not the man for them?

    Finally, the shooting. Our first 15 minutes today was as inept, embarrassing and clueless a display in front of goal as I have ever seen from an inter-county team. We had all the ball, all the chances, and scored 1 point from a free. Any kind of conversion rate during that period and we would have had a four or five-point cushion to put the pressure on them. But no. God forbid that we would put the same effort into practising our shooting that we do into getting fit.

    For all that, we should have too much for anyone we meet in the first two rounds of qualifiers. And by then, hopefully Keegan, Cillian and Vaughan are fit and sharp, and we’ll take one game at a time.

    Get well soon, Tom Parsons.

  31. Best wishes to Tom P. It won’t be easy but modern surgery techniques and his own massive will and drive will see him back playing again next year. The loss is a very distant second in many minds this morning after seeing that injury.
    As for the game itself, we train hard, we go out and play a nice brand of football and then set ourselves up to lose by lashing out with an elbow. Crazy crazy stuff. I hope Diarmuid feels bad today, and knows that his elbow put undue pressure on his team mates, that pressure eventually wore them down despite them giving their all and losing tom too. It’s over for now, but please learn from it. My money is on Mayo to reach the super 8 s and after that I can’t say. If Mayo keep 15 on the field they’ll be hard beaten in the qualifiers as no dublin or kerry in the mix and Tyrone will walk ulster,so donegal are the big one to avoid. Cork are another danger but even so, if Mayo get a game under their belt they’ll handle almost anyone. Gibbons back for midfield cover, Keegan, hanley, donie and nally are other options too.

  32. Disappointing result but we had plenty chances and failed to convert them, some of them should have been meat and drink to any footballer. Galway took theirs and that was the difference. We had a number of unforced errors and missed passes.
    For those that are critical of Aidan – the number of his jersey bears no correlation to where he’s told to play. From what I could see he was playing a very deep role and got little in the way of opportunity to shoot, but he didn’t lose the ball and you could see he was being avoided by Galway players in possession – for good reason as he turned over quite a few. On a day when several of our players made mistakes, his performance was probably one of the better ones.
    We also took far too long to get the ball up the field. I know Clarkie is a great shot stopper but his kickouts take too long to take and then to get to where they need to go. I’ll have to check Dontfoul later to see what the stats were on how many of our own kickouts we lost, but to me it looked like quite a few.
    Diarmuid getting sent off was daft and he cant have any complaints (just wondering if we can start a campaign about how he is only reacting to provocation and needs more protection from the referees though?).
    Tom’s Injury is awful for the man and there’s no doubt he will be a big loss – hard to know who can fill those boots – perhaps that the calling for Nally?. He seems to be the latest messiah to be undergoing the Richey Feeney effect.
    Plenty has been said about Drake on here and elsewhere and I’m not going to add to it.

    Aside from that – this team has been written off more than once before and come closer than anyone else to stopping Dublin so writing us off again is a fools errand.
    We will have to play 2 games more than we would had we won yesterday and for some of our players, that might be a godsend – many of ours need more game time anyway – what better way to get it.
    Onward into the qualifiers for a third year running. And we are still running.

    Up Mayo.

  33. Really feel for Tom. Such a horrific injury and we dont know as of yet how bad it is going to be or how long he will be out. What I am really thinking about is his personal life, will be be able to work, how long will it take to recover, who is going to pay his bills? Will the GAA lotto cover these?

  34. Eyesontheball I hear you but we have had a long road and maybe we are just a bit jaded. I for one wont stop supporting club and county but the excitement is not what it used to be and in my opinion as fans we are not treated with much respect and yesterday’s athmosphere is the result. The game is only what it is because of fans.

  35. I think the muted atmosphere yesterday was a reflection of where the team are at – it was all a bit tired and lacking in energy – the team and us, supporters. Last year, the Mayo support really got behind the team in the qualifiers – there was a buzz in Ennis and Limerick and this definitely gave team a lift. If we expect the team and management to go to the well again for us then we better be ready to do all we can to support them and if you are someone who requires something positive to happen on the pitch then you aren’t really a supporter. You’re a spectator and to be frank, not much use to the team on match day. Someone described Machale Park as a ‘Library’ yesterday. Myself and another 2/3 others on the Albany End yesterday shouted ‘Mayo Mayo Mayo’ on a few occasions and more people turned around to look at us than those who joined in. Bar the odd surge in noise the Mayo support in the stand never got going and this is what generates the noise and vocal momentum around the Stadium. We pride ourselves as being top supporters. Our support was very poor yesterday. Time to lift the team!

  36. The thing I find odd is that Barry Moran is always on the bench and yet yesterday we replaced both our midfielders and he still wasn’t brought on?

  37. Agree with you there Mayonaze – we need to shout a bit more. However there’s an element to Mayo support (including one particular twitter account) that seems to pour scorn on those who want to get behind their team with any noise or colour, but tweeting about how great they are at tweeting about club games.
    Unfortunately too many seem to be afraid to let out a roar to give the lads a lift.
    It’s a shame really, but the same crowd likely won’t be there for the qualifier games, having already written us off, but no doubt will be right in the hunt when it comes to AIF tickets should we get there.
    Roar to your hearts content. You paid for the ticket to get in and you’re as entitled as anyone else to make as much noise as you want to. F**k the begrudgers.

  38. Wishing Tom P all the best , hope he gets the top knee surgeon in the country or abroad to look after it.It did not look good.But if theres any man you would bet to come back from it will be Tom.Hes 30 this year still a good 4 seasons in him.

  39. Can’t say I’m too surprised with the negativity – it’s all too predictable. Can’t say I’m too surprised with the outcome either, it played out exactly as I expected it would – the only surprise for me is that Galway weren’t able to turn the screw when they had ample opportunity.

    Thought once Chris Barrett got into his stride on Comer that he did an excellent job. I thought Aidan was one of our better performers yesterday and never stopped trying; got a couple of good turnovers too. And how great was it to see Keith back, marauding as he did.

    I just couldn’t get over how long it took us to make ground in our attack; it was slow, laboured, clumsy. Of all days and against a dose of a defence like that, surely our running game would have been the game to whip out but we looked like we didn’t have the energy or ambition to do so.

    Thought we did okay on Galway’s kickouts but would have to see the stats.

    Very disappointed in Diarmuid, but he knew instantly he’d done wrong. A red was the right call. I feel though that he will make amends in spades for this down the line – he is not the first to see red and cost us unfortunately. He’s only human, but unfortunately he has now drawn enough attention to himself in recent games that he will have to learn how to deal with the additional provocation that will now follow. FDB we may need to save that campaign for then!

    Like Fear an Chomórtais I’m a big Rochford fan but – and I’m sorry if I’m breaking the house rules here – there is only so much patience anyone can have with this bonkers substitution decision craic. I also know this has been said a thousand times but when has David Drake ever made a significant impact on a game after being introduced as a substitute? The groan from the crowd every time his name is announced is audible, which tells its own story. I don’t think Nally is the solution to all our problems, but he was surely a better option capable of taking scores from distance, yet I hear he was playing with his club on Saturday evening. Fergal Boland would have been another choice. Donal Vaughan was surely a better option than James Durkan (who I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of) for the muscle alone.

    I get that we were a man down and minding the house, but still. We are all for new blood and it’s good to see these guys getting game time, and yes, they were unknown quantities to Galway, but it was an unusual decision to say the least to spring not one but two debutants, neither of whom got any league time into a game like that.

    Mayonaze I too felt that atmosphere was disappointing, even during the team parade when the teams walked by the terraces. Hand on heart I’ve been at livelier funerals. Such a shame given the size of the crowd, the place should have been electric. Spotted you and Bertha giving it loads on the Albany end.

    Baffled by a lot of things yesterday, but that said, based on both performances I still reckon we’ll be still standing after Galway are gone. I still feel there is plenty in this team and I expect them to prove the doubters wrong yet again. Terminal decline my arse. Bring on a couple of road trips and away we go.

    Wishing Tom a speedy recovery, though realistically, it’s going to take a long time. He is such a massive, massive loss to us. It was striking just how many genuine well wishes he received yesterday from all around the country, from other counties and footballers and even the likes of Reservoir Dubs and Hill 16 Army, proving beyond a doubt just how highly he is regarded.

    Ar aghaidh linn ….

  40. It is a credit to all the concern for Tom Parsons and losing the game is very secondary. Think of all the fun this team has given us down thru the years. It is now more than ever they need our support. We are down but not out. Mayo people are a great bunch. Let’s buckle down and support the lads. The suggestion of contributing more to the Mayo lotto is a good one.

  41. You’d have to think if Mathew ruane is going to do anything at this level that he’s come into the main squad now to replace parsons? About the only midfielder of note I can remember us producing at underage level since 2010? I know Diarmuid played here too but it seems he is not considered a senior intercounty midfielder by rochford.

  42. Whats the story with Brian Reape
    He destroyed the Galway full back that played yesterday in the FBD game.
    The following week he tore the corofin backs apart in a challenge game. (The same six backs won an all-ireland in a canter).
    The following week he was dropped.
    We brought on Drake & Hanely looking for a score and the man that’s a scoring machine in the stand heading to the departures lounge in shannon on the way to the US.

    I fully agree with an earlier post. i would stay that buckley and mcentee havent been to 1 club game in mayo & how can you unearth new talent if 2 of your selectors cannot be bothered watching club games.

    Jim Gavin has his men at multiple games in Dublin. Fail to preparre, prepare to fail

  43. Sean Burke I really don’t think you should be posting speculative rumours on Tom Parsons long term future like that. It’s demoralising enough today without having to read people writing off his football career like that

  44. Rochford and his selectors have alot to answer for. Wrong changes made. I’m sorry but how did AOS and coen last 70 minutes. And he took off loftus and Doherty. David drake is never going to kick a winner. I met Galway fans after baffled by our changes and discussing how their changes won it for them. They couldn’t understand how our mf finished and I couldn’t disagree with them

  45. Fair enough Larry duff, I apologise, didnt intend it that way at all. Delete the post Willie joe .

  46. It’s clear now that Rochford prefers athletes over footballers. This would explain the omission of Nally, Gallagher, Douglas to name a few. It can be the only explanation to bringing in Drake and 2 lads that never played championship football. There is potential in Durcan though.

    What are people’s thoughts on loftus? Took his frees very well but he was just running around yesterday never getting stuck in. Centre forward is his best position but he lacks the aggression required for that area of ye pitch. Again he’s another pure athlete but is a very accurate kicker. Hope he can step up to the level required. He’s a bit off yet.

  47. Really wish Tom Parson’s the best in his long road ahead back to full Fitness. Anytime I have spoken to him he has been an absolute Gentleman and a brilliant ambassador for Mayo, indeed the last time I spoke to him his parting words to me were “Keep the Faith” something we could all take on board.

    A few points about yesterday

    1. Defensively I thought we were good yesterday we limited Galway to 12 points but the goal was an obvious failing
    2. Galway’s 7th point was actually 6 inches wide, all those in section 102 and 103 were going mad, the umpire got himself into a bad position and called it a point – he was seen 5 minutes later checking his phone, Keith Higgins was absolutely livid and remonstrated with him up until half time..
    3. Offensively we were slow and ponderous, I have sympathy for some of our inside forwards because it was like we didn’t have a plan to break down their blanket?
    4. We need to add more pace to our attack, We have no one in their of real pace and maybe now we should consider moving Keith (who I agree was our best player yesterday) to the forwards and rotate Aidan between midfield and the half back line.
    5. Some of the substitutions lacked structure, not sure why David Drake replaced Conor Loftus we needed scores where were they going to come from, thought we were naive yesterday too, extra time would have allowed us back to 15 v 15 why not play for that than chasing the win in normal time.

  48. Am in a bad way after yesterday. sooo upset for Tom. We thinking of him, his wife&family and his team mates. what a display by our warrior Keith. Better he is getting. On another note: could i ask anyone living around Manulla/Balla to take down them bleedy 3 Signs. Just disgusted to see them still up as i headed off driving south.

  49. Time now for the squad to close ranks and stick the heads down for 3/4 weeks. This gap in matches suits us perfectly, if we were to say lose a Connacht Final, then head up to Clones a week later we’d be in BIG bother. Time is a great healer, and thats what we have. 3/4 extra weeks of collective training will do us the world of good. A kind draw in the first qualifier and I gurauntee you we’ll make the super 8’s. We’re all about momentum and confidence.

    Nally certainly has been given the “Richie Feeney” award 2018. Yes the lad has a rocket of a left boot, but very one paced and could find it tough going in championship. Its pace and energy we need, which both j durcan and hanley have in spades. I get the whole Drake issue, but to be fair to him he’s bullet fast, and maybe rochford see’s him as a link man who can create a quick give and go on the overlap, breaking theough the defence in the process. Connor O Shea is another potential option for midfield. Im praying for Louth/Offaly/London/Letitim at home in first game. Start Hanley and Durcan an let them get there confidence up..get match fitness into cillian/vaughan/keegan/harrison, before ya know it we’re motoring again.

    Don’t let anyone think these lads won’t have the stomach for the qualifiers, the mere sight of their comrade Tom on crutches will spur them on, Parsons would expect nothing less, imagine the talk he’d give them in training knowing his season or potential career is over. Tis a brave man who’ll write off these warriors I tell ya.

  50. What’s wrong with Barry Moran, when in our hour of need he was left on the bench? One has to wonder what scenario is required for him to be introduced? Surely with poor Tom suffering that dreadful injury was the time for the big man to be introduced, otherwise why have him on the bench at all. I also wonder do we have a specialist forwards coach, or are they left to work it out as they go along as it kinda looks like that most of the time. That said, my feeling is this season is far from over for this team and a favourable draw in the back door could get us up and running again, all we need is a break right now.

  51. “ bonkers substitution decision craic “
    “ terminal decline my arse”

    Thank you Anne Marie for making me laugh.
    Excellent analysis too.

  52. I wish they would invent a morning after football pill for us Mayo supporters. Best wishes to Tom P our box to box man and scoring threat on the hard road that’s ahead of him. How about Aidan at 6, Lee 8, D.OConnor 9 and Hanley 11 for next match. Well done to all the medical staff at the ground yesterday on the pitch and off. There was an incident behind the goals near me where a man took ill and they were quickly on the scene. Just an observation on the support, we, like our team, got swallowed up in the 30,000 blanket that was McHale park yesterday. I’m probably the only one hoping for an away draw where we will bring the hardcore seven to ten thousand loud and proud Mayo fans. That’s when you will get noise.

  53. So it definitely is an open draw for the qualifiers?
    Anyone know when the draw for weekend of 9th of june is to be made? Monday 28th of may?

  54. Jaysus we are a negative bunch!! We lost, we’re in the backdoor. Lots of football to play. A long busy summer ahead.

  55. Totally agree with Ann Marie re bonkers substitution policy. We have such a slow turnover of players particularly in midfield and in the forwards, where we need to find new talent. Then you have the serial squad members like caff and big Barry who seem to be there for the craic because neither will do a job in the white heat. It seems like a very closed squad which makes it hard for any new forwards in particular to break into. And we wonder why our subs have no impact on the big games.
    But we’re not gone yet!
    With Tom gone (best wishes) he should move Aidan back and play a defensive role along with Seamie which will allow our half backs to attack which for me would be Higgins, Boyle and Durcan. Play Leroy at 11. Also it’s time to revert to finishing games with Andy on the pitch, so don’t start him. Give j Durcan and Hanley a start or Boland who looked a great prospect last year but is cast aside. Impact subs might be Vaughan, coen, Andy but for me drake, caff, big Barry, Nally or Kirby don’t have it to make an impact off the bench so please give others a chance!!

  56. Draw is on the 28th of May I think.

    Qualifier Rd 1 : Mayo v tbc, Saturday June 9th. (time & venue tbc).

    Qualifier Rd 2 : tbc v tbc, Saturday June 23rd. (time & venue tbc).

    Qualifier Rd 3 : tbc v tbc, Saturday June 30th. (time & venue tbc).

    Qualifier Rd 4 : tbc v tbc, Saturday/Sunday July 7th/8th. (time & venue tbc).

  57. We are still in this.
    We have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with straight reds.
    Remember we played most of that game without Cillian our freetaker and all of it without Lee Keegan add to this the sending off and the injury to Tom then we did well to push it so close.
    If they all get fit and Diarmuid comes back after suspension then we can still qualify for Super8’s.
    We have to sort out the issue with red cards. You will win nothing if you don’t give yourself a chance!!.
    It can be done!.
    Would be nice to win in Castlebar sometime

  58. @Citywest… You are right, I was in section 104 and I could clearly that Galway 7th point was wide!.. Another thing I seen was, almost immediately after Diarmuid Red Card, was AOS and Tom Flynn, Flynn has a sneaky kidney punch to Aiden, following a bit of grappling that Tom Flynn starts.. Tecicanlly it’s a Red Card, the linesman either doesn’t see it, or chooses not to react to it… I wasn’t a big punch or anything, Aiden just walks away, but he’s still not getting the protection from the match official’s… Had Aiden gone down as a result of small punch… Were the rolls reversed, what would have happened?.. Another thing, with the sides level at 12 a piece, Cillian contests a short Galway kickout to wing.. Cillian legally dispossesd the Galway player, but Galway are wrongly awarded a free out.. A scored free from Cillian at this stage of the match, similar to Connor Mortimer in 2006, same area, same time left on the clock??.. What might have been?? … I think overall the reffing was good.. But even if we did win by a point, while it would be great, I would still be feeling sick today, after the horrible injury to Tom Parsons… Best wishes to Tom for a full and speedy recovery!.. A crowd in excess of 29,400 was the official attendance… I’d say that’s about right.. Definitely was room for 3 or 4K more people.. Some empty seat’s in the Stand, including right beside me, and both ends of ground,.. I was talking one of stewards that I know well, he told me that Croke Park would not allow anything in excess of 30K for the match, either way a few thousand more would have fitted in no problem.. It will be a while before a crowd as big as that gather for a match in Connacht again!

  59. Absolutely gutted for Tom Parsons, not only as a Mayo supporter but for him as a person and the dedication and performances he’s given this team over the last few years. If we do somehow go on to lift Sam, it would nearly feel wrong to do so without him. Let hope his recovery is far smoother and less grueling than the images would suggest.
    I hope I’m wrong but I feel he is an irreplaceable player for us(one of the many we have) and I live in hope than somebody can step up to the task of filling that position . Diarmuid O’Connor has been lacking consistent form over the last couple of years but I think giving him a central role with the responsibility that carries could bring out the best in him again. He is a player that still has bags of talent and the engine to fill that ‘mobile midfielder’ role. He’s shown in the past that he thrives when given responsibility – remember the league campaign a couple of years ago when he was our go to forward in the early rounds in the absence of a lot of our key players? He was exceptional. And, of course, as the heart beat of our under 21 AI winning team. I think he has the potential to shine in a midfield role if he is given the right coaching over the next few weeks and, of course, if we manage to progress through the qualifiers.
    If not, I think we will have to rob Peter to pay Paul and move the likes of Keegan or Aiden O’Shea in there and that only ends up causing problems in other positions. Please God we don’t go the same old approach of putting Coen or Vaughan in there and hoping for the best – as much as I admire them both as good honest utility players, I really think this shouldn’t be a stop gap solution.
    Whatever happens, good luck Tom and Maigh Eo Abu.

  60. Some good posts there Larry D, YTS (Galway!), and Olive.

    On Rochy and co, while Vaughan should have been on earlier, I applaud the Cian Hanley and James Durcan decisions. How many posts have we seen about players not on the panel, who are shooting the lights out and should be starting! Hanley and Durcan now have had real game time which should be a bonus come qualifiers.

    That said, it’s remarkable that the following were not on the match programme: Costello, Crowe!, Gallagher, Kirby, and Nally. The others must be doing something in training and challenges.

  61. Few posts now on selectors not being at matches. So, basically thats incorrect. Obviously might not be a high volume of matches but I seen Donie Buckley tracking Balla last year. Think it was Barry Duffy he was mainly interested in.
    The Drake thing I believe is to do with breaking ball and running off the shoulder of midfielders.
    We are however overly conservative.
    I also believe athleticism is rated too highly.
    To bag a goal yesterday every club manager in Mayo would have sprung as first choice from all of Mayo club football Brian Reape.
    No club manager to get a goal scored would reach for any of those subs.

  62. Galway used 7 subs yesterday. I know Cooke came in as a blood sub for Conroy but when Conroy didn’t return surely that becomes a full sub ?

  63. On the topic of the substitutions, I believe Drake, Hanley and Durcan were brought on with their pace in mind, to stretch the galway rearguard late in the day, which on the face of it, makes sense, particularly in the absence of keegan. Hanley actually punched a hole and had he another game under his belt I say he steps round the galway lad tearing out at him and scores. However, I think what let us down was we didnt have the shooters on the pitch to loop behind them for the score. Loftus was gone, doherty was gone, moran was gone. That is a lot of your more accurate players on the sideline at once.
    Another thing that let us down was our implementation of the blanket defence. It was a bit ragged. If you look at dublin on the other hand, they transition into a setup quite like that of galway. We need to work on that more, but it was the right move I believe. We are long enough walking straight onto counter attacks and making teams that arent good enough to go man to man, look like world beaters.

    I disagree with the idea of barry moran for the simple reason that they were just kicking to their extra man for the kickouts and they were retreating in the second half for our kickouts, so I dont really see what he was going to fetch. We had vaughan and coen on the pitch who are both quite capable around the middle.

    I believe we win that game if we dont get the red card. We had to play into the wind then lost a man, which takes away our possibility of pressuring their goalie’s kickout, with him kicking into the wind. It also gives them another sweeper. To my mind, kerin was lucky not to have gotten the line. You see games evened up so often, and he was treading a fine line to say the least.

  64. Dave, I really liked your earlier point about Tom’s unquestionable drive and commitment being a key part of his recovery. Knowing his story……….a senior player some years back, then dropped (or injured ?), then giving everything to get himself in serious condition and back to the top level over the past few seasons, I too was gutted by the shocking video capture of his injury yesterday. But, hoping that like others here have said, that he receives top treatment, I’m mindful of Henry Shefflin’s amazing return to the game after about 6 mths absence, only, with cruciate injury, when our legendary physio to the stars, Ger Hartman, worked on him. Hopefully Hartman, or his equivalent, can work the same magic on Tom. Many years before that, using a home-made weights apparatus, Pat Spillane got himself back to the top after a serious knee injury. Here’s hoping for Tom P !

  65. Serious footballer and a gent tom parsons. hope all go’s well for him.
    Galways 7 subs were perfectly legal.
    We done the same in kerry after evan reegan shoulder injury.

  66. Just to wish Tom a speedy recovery, really feel for him. Puts a lot of things in perspective. A very nice and honest player. As a mayo man living in galway it surely is the hardest blow, but I do feel optimistic again today, good to see Cian and James on, I really feel we would have won it except for Disrmuids mistake and Tons horrific injury. Like many, I do not understand the substitutions, but I suppose we don’t know what’s going on at training. I believe in Rochy at the moment. The Galway Shawl is a sickening aspect of the game. I see mentioned that there were 7 substitutions for Galway, can anyone confirm if that was the case? Looking forward to the qualifiers again, we will get better and better and may be forced to unearth an new midfielder to be reckoned with. Willie Joe, thanks for all the hard graft behind the scenes and for providing this great platform for us, pure therapy it is…..hope you don’t get injured next now!!!

  67. Having let the dust settle, I’ve had time to read every ‘experts’ opinion on where Mayo went wrong, are going wrong, and what’s nxt for them. For most, it’s an extended summer holiday for our lads. They themselves wont be buying any sun cream yet thou I’m sure!

    One article I read by Ed Coughlan is to me the defining one and the most relevant when we look objectively at Mayo. In it he basically asks are they themselves obstructing the road to success…

    To me, Stephen Rochford is still the man for Mayo, but to me also, it appears he has become obsessed with the opposition, how they can hurt us, how they will set up, and how to counteract rather than how WE can hurt them. It’s almost like he is now in awe of teams like Dublin, who ‘stick to their process’, and we were so ‘systematic’, so ‘processe driven’ against Galway that we never really played the game on our terms. This is now a recurring problem too.

    In defense of the management team, a huge factor in them been appointed was their tactical nouse, and the professionalism they would bring. And they do bring it. Going toe to toe with teams was seen as not the way to win an All Ireland and I tend to agree. But we have gone in my mind to the other extreme completely and are no longer able to step outside of the ‘process’ and the ‘plan’, and have no desire or interest to go and express ourselves.

    Take big AOS, how many times did he pick possession up in and around the ‘D’ versus Galway? Well positioned to shoot off his favored left foot, but instead, passes it left or right, working it to a ‘shooter’ I presume is the thought process. The percentage kick! That’s all good and well but soon teams realise, we let him do that, and others do that, the whole ‘he won’t shoot’ thing, and that’s just one example. Remember this is the man who burst onto the scene as a teenage scoring sensation, with a physique to boot of course that was sensational. Have we turned him into a wrecking ball, simple there to turnover ball, and keep the game ticking? I really hope not. Shackles off please!

    Likewise, and Jim McGuinness touched on this in an article, our running game from deep is not as seamless as it was years ago. Again, we are far more ‘systematic’ and ‘careful’ if that’s the right word. Keith Higgins after the break really committed to breaking lines but he found himself doing it in splendid isolation. The loop around from a forward didn’t happen, nor did a run off the shoulder from a fellow half back. Why? Yes we were down to 14, but ‘We are Mayo’ and we should still be able to inflict our game on others. If the players believe that, they will be 10ft tall, but they at times are now like robots. Well oiled robots, who know their job.

    For the remainder of 2018, I beg that Mayo express themselves. Yes we are after taking another massive shot to the ribs, but we are no where near the canvas. Continue to be tactically aware, but be aware too of our strengths. Of which there are too many to speak of! If we lose, we lose, but on what if we win?

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