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The sun is out, the icy cold of late appears to have departed and we’re sitting pretty on top of Division One after two rounds of League games. There are worse ways to face into the week than this.

So let’s add to that good mood by splashing around in the coverage that’s out there on yesterday’s heartwarming nine-point win over Tyrone. Here’s what I’ve been able to gather up about yesterday’s game:

Locals: Connaught Telegraph, Mayo Advertiser, Ulster Herald.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Sun, Irish Mirror, Irish News.

Others: GAA, RTÉ – match report, analysis, ITV, The 42, Breaking News, Sports News Ireland.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Sportsfile, Inpho.

Videos: GAA, Mayo Mick.

The Mayo ladies also enjoyed a good day out yesterday as they opened their League Division One campaign with a victory over Tipperary. There are reports on that 2-11 to 0-12 win on RTÉ and The 42 and photos from it by Sportsfile. Well done to the ladies on that hard-fought first round success.

That’ll have to do you for now. The match-day episode of the Mayo News football podcast will be online this evening and I’ll be back as well later on tonight with the results of the Man of the Match poll on yesterday’s game. If you haven’t casted your vote yet in the poll there’s still loads of time to do so.

If you’re full of the joys of spring about all things Mayo GAA, today could be a good day for you to play the Mayo GAA Lotto. The prize on offer in this week’s draw is a rather tasty €12,000 and you can play the Lotto here.

19 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Yep I’m feeling the joys of spring today, had a lovely afternoon in Omagh yesterday. Could I take this opportunity to acknowledge the welcome extended to us by Tyrone GAA yest from parking attendants to stewards and everyone In between, a credit to them all. Maigheo Abu

  2. Great win . But have to say Tyrone were pathetic yesterday . Their shooting & decision making atrocious . But we have a far better balance this year .we re a different animal with Donie covering every inch , Keith giving free reign and Harry back to fitness plus the addiction of youth . Can’t wait for Kerry , Galway & the Dubs .

  3. Not wishing to dampen our mirth but Tyrone were in AIF last year and like Mayo in recent years were not at the pace at all…but God it’s good to see Mayo play like this….more please…

  4. Read Anthony Hennigans interview with James Horan in the Western People, The manager said that James Durcan Ryan o Donoghue and Cian Hanley were rehabilitating well from injuries. So they all remain part of His plan. also a full page interview with Ryan o Donoghue worth a read.

  5. Only now getting round to commenting after my first game in Norn Iron. Yep, amazing, but it’s the truth.
    Was in the Silver Birch also Willie Joe and decided not to go in for a coffee after the match – should have and got you one too, while updating you on the venue and Mayo’s division one status!! Joking aside, great report, how the hell are you so productive?

    I had posted last week of being (slightly) bullish about the outcome, and it does seem like Tyrone still have a hangover. Still, who cares when we saw some fantastic moves from our lads, particularly in the first half?

    I loved the variation, the pace and the angles of attack, the relentlessness of it all. It was really great to see. I know the newbies did brilliantly, and that’s just great, but really I’m still salivating at the performances of Andy and Keith. Higgins was just on a different level to most others in the first half. Interceptions, darts upfield and then the injection of pace to take out 2 or 3 defenders. The highlights last night (which weren’t bad actually) really didn’t show Keith’s electrifying pace for one of the points and the goal. I love the way he ambles along from full-back line to half-forward line, lays it off and when he takes the return pass, whoooosh, suddenly there are at least 2 or 3 options for goal chances.

    And Andy? What can you say about this guy? He tormented Tyrone from start to finish, made the runs, the passes and took the points when they were for the taking, then took time to bring the youngsters into it. And they delivered in spades.

    On the negative side, while Tyrone were bad, they won a lot of ball that should have been ours. We still have a problem at midfield and seemed to miss a lot of breaking ball that enabled them to make headway. If they had shooting boots on they could have made it a lot closer.

    Continuing the negative, missing two kickable frees was very bad. We didn’t seem to have a right-sided free taker? Brian Reape?

    Overall a great day at the office. Didn’t feel the journey back – in horrible conditions.

  6. I was in at the pitch in Omagh yesterday about hour before the match and watch some of he hurling game.
    After the hurling game the Mayo back room staff where out and had there drills setup. it must be a full 15 mins later when the Tyrone had there drills set up. Mayo where well advanced in there warm-up when Tyrone began theirs.
    I watch the Tyrone captain he hardly warm-up at all before the toss. Once the toss was over he came back down to the warm up area blocked down a few balls and that was it. . The warm ups set the tone for the game. Realistically it should be over after 20 mins. Doherty missed 2 score-able frees Andy could have had at least 1 goal Reape could have a 3. So is it 1. Tyrone took Mayo for granted 2. Tyrone are in terminal decline 3. Mayo are Back. 4. Tyrone are later back training after getting to all-Ireland & are in heavy training while mayo are more advanced in there training schedule ????

  7. @TheNewDeparture, the warm-up is the single most important thing in any sport, I watch some of the underage teams here in the club in Dublin, the so-called coaches ( many never played football in their lives ) have’nt a clue how to prepare a team for a game, not a single stretch done right before the game.
    A proper warm-up means the guys are ready from the throw in and are nearly up to the pace of the game, a poor warm-up means that it can take the first 20 minutes of the game to get going ( this is where many games are won or lost ).
    I wonder how the leader board is shaping up, two big surprises yesterday Mayo and Roscommon.
    Tyrone have slipped and their goal keeper looks silly with his outfield forays, he will get caught this year.

  8. It’s easy to be productive, Catcol, when we play like that! Bad losses and productivity are unhappy companions.

    You’re almost right there, Mayonaze, on the ‘Father Time waits for no man’ point. Aside from Andy, of course.

  9. Off topic but to those whose season tickets werent updated for Mayo v Ros… mine has now been updated after several emails back and forth. So make sure to check your accounts. Well done yesterday lads great to have 4 points in the bag and be blooding young players… roll on Sat eve and I will b avoiding any handheld scanners like the plague.

  10. Did anyone notice the white flags the umpires had yesterday were torn and bedaggled in Omagh

  11. I believe as supporters we have matured to not jump on any hype created by bulshit. I see donaghy is talking us up as the team to stop the five . We are in transition , building for the future , and happen to get a couple of results go our way . Be great if we just went along with that line of thought for the whole year , believe it could be more helpful than the “mayo for sam ” shite .

  12. @auds i think there will be a new away jersey coming soon!
    The current away jersey was launched 2 years ago in Tralee v Kerry in the league.

  13. JG I forgot to check mine during the week until Mayo Mick mentioned it at the game yesterday, I checked and it hadn’t been updated. Lo and behold when I logged in this morning both games had been updated.

    Fair play for sticking to your guns on it. We have had some serious battles with that office in the past about ticket scanning problems.

  14. Brilliant TH! Like it’s going against my phycye to be singing Mayo songs beginning of February!!! Could be a long year. Thank god we all had nearly a years rest. ??
    All early with only one near complete performance but you have to admit it feels good. Will enjoy it as we could be back on the rollercoaster before we blink. Would I rather the rollercoaster or pasting teams?!?!?!! Not sure. Handing out a few pastings would be nice for a bit. Do us no harm. Here’s living in hope.

  15. Hope they dont revert back to red and green ?keep the black and red going .lets keep the winning momentum going youth has no fear!!

  16. I don’t know why we are so concerned about how poorly Tyrone played.
    From start to finish we looked like a team on a mission. Hennely progressing well as reserve keeper and winter conditions suit. Elder statesmen combined well with the newbies and very creative as a unit, I don’t care who the opposition were.
    And some posters we’re saying there was a scarcity of talent coming onstream in the county. I glad Horan wasn’t reading that script.
    Only negative for me was Keegan’s temperament. Had a great game and could have spoilt it all by getting red when the game was well won. Horan was alert enough to pull him off but no place for examples indiscipline, God Knows we’ve paid the price in recent years.
    Interesting to see our team next weekend? Andy’s sharp as ever, I would not mind to see how mcloughlin combines with the new kids on the block

  17. Great to see the style of football produced by ‘the Young, the Old, the Brave and the Bold’ of Mayo on Sunday. .. Whatever about his ‘Britches’ Tyrone’s Kyle Cooney certainly needs his Jersey mended after the match! And I don’t know where he will find that ‘Taylor Quigley’?… Seriously tough, great performance… and that’s a great picture at the top of this article! Well done Michael Maye!

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