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I know, I said I wouldn’t have the time to do this any more and I may not be able to do it after every game but here, later in the day than heretofore, is a run-down of the coverage on our opening League match of 2020, as well as reports on the other Mayo matches that took place this weekend.

Starting with the draw in Donegal, here are the match reports, photos and video clips.

Locals: Connaught Telegraph, Mayo Advertiser, Donegal News, Ocean FM (includes audio of James Durcan’s late goal), Donegal Sports Hub, Donegal Live.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun, Irish News.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, BBC, The 42, Sports Joe.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: Mayo Mick (match highlights, James Carr’s goal), GAA (match highlights, James Durcan’s goal).

Coverage of the Mayo LGFA win over Donegal: Ladies Football, RTÉ, Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph, Donegal Sports Hub, Donegal Live.

Coverage of the Mayo hurlers’ loss to Kerry: Irish Examiner, Irish Independent.

Coverage of the U20s’ Leo Murphy Cup final win over Louth: Dundalk Democrat.

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  1. Fair play Willie Joe – these are very useful references – very handy when they are included in the stats archive.

  2. Has anyone’s attendance at the game on Saturday been reflected your season ticket account yet?

  3. Listened to Ocean FM on the link provided, describe the Late Late Goal by James Durcan… but reading the accompanying Text, it’s giving the final result of the Game… Donegal 0-19…Mayo 1-13…. already… Never count your chickens, has to be the lesson there…. Look hard to blame them…. just thankfully I or anyone around me hadn’t gotten up from our seats in the stand, to shorten the journey home….The finish both of the Goal by James Durcan, and indeed the Match, will live long in the memory…. Moment’s like this is the reason why we Mayo fan’s continue to make the long journeys!

  4. That is some amount of research and info!!! Well done…..wife gone to yoga, kids tucked up in bed so gonna sift through most of this to pass an hour. Fair play to you sir for your fine work

  5. I only regret that I did not hear the last few minutes of the Shannonside Radio broadcast of the Rossie’s match with Laois at the weekend. Shannonside have Rossie reporters / commentators who might be described as “slightly partisan”. With Rosc conceding two late goals in a minute to draw a game their supporters thought was won the commentary had to be one worth listening to.

  6. I watched the Laochra Gael episode on Liam Mchale tonight.
    It would brought a tear to my eye.
    He was one of the best midfielders in the country at the time.
    How he got sent off in the replay against Meath was a great injustice to Liam and the County.

  7. @Daveslad. Doris grew up in Lacken, before spending secondary school boarding in Dublin. Not sure if he lined out for Stephenites. He pronounces the dart as the “dort” and the park as the “pork” but he’s still a massive Mayo fan. Best of luck to him against Scotland. Great to see another Mayo man lining out for Ireland.

  8. Interesting article in mayo news about paddy o Malley the westport goalkeeper and his decision to transfer to roscommon. Worth a read lads and girls

  9. A Davy Doris played for Mayo back in the 60,s , think he was from Swinford area, his family left the area and went to Dublin, wonder if he is any relation.

  10. I read an article about Doris previously and it said his parents were both dubs who moved to the lacken area.

  11. I always find it amusing, its just the natural curiosity of a GAA fan, I do it myself. The minute a lad from outside Dublin who makes it in Rugby or Soccer the first port of call to check if they played GAA.

  12. Any updates on player availability for the Dubs match . Would start the new bucks again with Aiden coming off the bench .

  13. Another piece of Trivia concern’s the New Dublin Manager ..Dessie Farrell… Father from Donegal, Mother from Kildare, neither a Hurling Stronghold..Well Dessie played ‘Hockey’ for Ireland as well, genuinely, and is a first cousin of Everton and Republic of Ireland Captain Séamus Coleman… Good questions for a quiz night sometime in the future!

  14. Darren Coen the only one with a chance of being back. Keegan will miss the next two any ways with ankle rehab

  15. A good few of us heading to match at weekend. Its gonna be a great day…rugby at 5, a couple of pints in Hogs and hopefully getting to see a heavy weight clash over the road in McHale park. There’s so much shitty and evil news in the world right now that sport is such a wonderful and welcome distraction. It’ll be great to have the Dubs in town and enjoy all the banter and craic they will inevitably bring. Can’t wait for it, the healthy escape from the mundane and the rollercoaster ride that Mayo will bring is on this weekend and for the year ahead.

  16. My Team and match ups for Saturday if Dublin line out as they did against Kerry.
    1.David Clarke
    2.Oisin Mullin on Dean Rock
    3.Stephen Coen on Paddy Andrews
    4.Brendan Harrison Kevin McManomon
    5.Colm Boyle on Ciaran Kilkenny
    6.Paddy Durcan on Paul Mannion
    7.Padhraig O’Hora on Niall Scully
    8.Tom Parsons on Brian Fenton
    9.Aidan O’Shea on Brian Howard
    10.Kevin McLoughlin
    11.Diarmuid O’Connor
    12.Keith Higgins
    13.James Durcan
    14.Darren Coen
    15.James Carr

  17. Nephin
    That’s a good selection with one exception, Fenton would have a field day on Tom at the moment I think. As far as jumping to claim a ball against Fenton, do we have a man to compete? If not then it’s the ground battle that we must fight and that means a player that can keep up with him and stick the hand in to knock the ball away or just stop the run from going too far. Some of our lads did look very weary as the game went on last week but there were a few that seemed full throttle and chased donegal players even when it seemed a lost cause. Paddy Durcan was one of them. Maybe he’s the one we put on Fenton.
    Btw, the same Fenton seems to have put on a fair bit of muscle and is no easy man to stop, he will destroy us if he’s allowed. Regardless of the result it will be a great evening out and a chance to see how of new lads can deal with the best players in the country.

  18. my team for dublin who is available would be
    1 r, hennelly
    2 o, mullin
    3 s, coen
    4 b, harrison
    5 p, durkin
    6 c, boyle
    7 p o’ hora
    8 d o’connor
    9 m, ruane
    10 j, flynn
    11 r o’donoghue
    12 f, boland
    13 j,carr
    14 b,reape
    15 t, conroy
    would like a lot of pace against dublin. sure were only guessing.

  19. For anyone that is interested the mayo minor team has been finalised and they have a challenge match against Dublin on Sunday in the centre of excellence

  20. Spectre,
    If the supply from dubs midfield is reduced by someone ( Durcan) slowing down the key man (Fenton) out there, Kilkenny and co might have less ball to work with. If that happens then we have enough good defenders to keep the scoreboard respectable. If there was one thing that we should try to improve on is to move the ball faster up the field, it seemed like there was a lot of over and back last weekend, and when we actually had the gun to our head with time almost up we did move it forward and got a goal out of it. Easier said than done but they done it all the same.

  21. I see what ur saying dave. Unfortunately Fenton is only 1 threat. They attack from all angles and there midfielders get up and down the field with ease. If john small is no 6. I’d put a lively fast buk on him. Give him plenty to do. My half forward line would be

    James durcan kevin mac Jordan Flynn.

  22. Clarke
    E O’Donoghue, Coen, Harrison

    O’Hora, Boyle, Mullin


    A O’Shea, D O’Connor

    Boland, R O’Donoghue, J Flynn

    Reape, Conroy

    Subs-Byrne, Plunkett, Parsons, J Durkan, C Treacy, Carr, McLoughlin, McCormack, Boylan/D Coen, Higgins, Murray

    Would have Mullin or Durcan playing a roaming role to track Fentons runs.Durkan in particular would give him something to think about as he like to get forward. Think that would go a long way to beating them if we could negate his influence. Like to see Reape get another game as thought he was harshly taken off last week. Ryan O’Donoghue at CHF given a few games could potentially turn into a huge player for us.

    Serious mobility in the middle sector then with DOC, Flynn and one of Durkan/Mullin with AOS adopting a sligthly more defensive role. Stick Coen on Kilkenny, O’Donoghue on Mannion, Harrison on Rock and O’Hora on Scully. D O’Connor well able for Howard.

  23. I would tend to go for as many experienced players that are injury free and available for selection against Dublin ,and I would play a sweeper to avoid conceding Goals to the Dubs.We can save playing the young guns for Meath Sunday week.Last thing we need is our young players getting a hiding from Dublin.

  24. Done Deal – absolutely not! If the details of the panel are published then that’s fine but I don’t want anyone jumping the gun by posting details here before they’re released officially.

  25. @Chris Kelly, its amazing how opinions differ, I think the exact opposite to your post. I hope we play as much young guns as possible against Dublin. Its the only way they’ll get experience. A hiding/defeat will would only make them more determined to improve. A win (unlikely) would be massive aswell.

    I think we need all the old warriors for the Meath game. Our Div 1 survival will come down to the Meath and Monaghan games. 4 points is an absolute must. As much experience as possible needed for those two.

  26. Too correct the statement I made earlier on today the game is on in the Coe at 3 o clock on Saturday
    The panel has not yet officially been Released.

  27. Team posted
    Hennelly Plunkett McLoughlin Durcan coming in for Clarke Parsons Walsh and Reape

  28. Unreal info links on the games on Monday last – Well done Willie Joe!
    I may have missed it in some comment in the last couple of weeks or so, but does anyone know what’s the position with Matthew Ruane and Fionn McDonagh? Are they injured?

  29. Thanks Cloud9. Mattie is definitely injured, as was reported in the Mayo News this week. Not badly but enough to keep him out of Saturday night. There’s no official word right now on the situation regarding Fionn.

  30. My attendance at match not recorded. Just emailed gaa in regards to same! Has anyone else had problems?

  31. Thanks WJ. I missed that in the Mayo News coverage. Looking forward to those two lads and Darren Coen raising their respective bars further for the cause beyond their great performances last year.

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