Monday match reports


Once again way later than I’d have wanted but, for the record, here are links to the coverage about the weekend’s matches involving the three Mayo teams who were in action. My thanks to Fergal for sourcing the bulk of these.

Locals: Connaught Telegraph.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Sun, Irish Mirror (live blog).

Others: GAA, Dublin GAA, RTÉ, The 42.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Sportsfile, Inpho.

Videos: GAA (highlights), Eir Sport (Jordan Flynn red card incident), Mayo Mick.

Coverage of women’s LGFA defeat to Dublin: Match Reports – Ladies Football, Connaught Telegraph, Irish Examiner, RTÉ. Photos – Mayo Mick, Sportsfile, Inpho.

Coverage of hurlers’ loss to Antrim: Irish Independent.

21 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Have to say having watched game again I thought Boland was our best player.

    One crucial point worth making is that Dublin had mostly first Teamer’s around the middle 8 whereas we were disadvantaged in that area – pity the press couldn’t mention that there was no Ruane, SOS, Doherty or a fit Keegan.

    To be fair Hennelly did well enough despite the dropped ball incident in the second half (although that type of incident is his Achilles heel).

  2. Just noticed that my attendance at the Donegal game was not recorded. Any one else with this problem?

  3. Sinabhul, me as well!

    I have 4 tickets and two were scanned, two were not. This is a continual battle with the season tickets and was on the verge of putting me off paying damn near €500 this year for tickets. Even entering MacHale Park the last night I was insistent that they double check that the ticket scanned correctly, I do not trust the scanning to work all the time and then the attitude and grief you get from Season Tickets is unbearable. There is no recourse and the copy and paste replies they throw out is just to “fob you off”.

  4. U20s are playing Galway at 2pm this Saturday in MacHale Park.

    Incidentally, the weather forecast for Castlebar on Saturday and Navan on Sunday is horrendous. Heavy rain and gale force winds.

  5. If the under 20s win they are in a semi against Leitrim
    A big IF that is but the potential in that team is very strong
    I hope the forwards have learnt things off Andy and the backs don’t make silly mistakes like they did in the pre season
    Saturday is big for mayo gaa because if we lose Galway really do have a stranglehold over us in every age

  6. I had no attendance for donegal game and emailed them the Thursday after the game. They said there was a problem and mine was later updated.

  7. So point playing silly beggars about it, we need to be beating this Meath team by at least 6 if we have anything about us.
    There are miles off the other 7 teams in the division, and if anyone thinks Mayo have goalkeeping issues Meath seem to be on another level with goalkeeping issues. Donegal really should have run in 6 or 7 goals past them by all accounts. They aren’t looking too hectic at the other end of the field either having scored 0-9 and 0-7 points in first 2 games.

    We need to be beating them well and no excuses, leave the ‘cute hoor’ stuff for our friends in the kingdom

  8. I was at the meath game last Sunday & the meath goalie had a very fine game even saving a murphy penalty.

  9. It’s going to be very windy and very wet on Sunday
    Probably a low scoring game with free taking and keeping mistakes that may need to goals at a minimum
    So we should be fine then ………

  10. Meath away will not be an easy game.

    I lived up there for several years and it’s hard to overstate the sheer level of disdain that a lot of people there have for all things green and red. 1996 is one of the first things people mention if you say where you’re from!

    Meath also caused us problems for most of the Super 8 fixture last summer when they ran at us, plus we are still missing several players. Not to mention that our form so far this season has been nothing to write home about.

    I’ll take a jammy one point win here and now.

  11. The way the fixtures fall this year, we probably need to win both of our next two games to avoid relegation. Two defeats and we’re definitely going down, even one defeat particularly if it’s against Monaghan would mean we would most likely need to get at least three points from our last three games, which I just can’t see happening.

  12. It means nothing to me
    There form is hardly anything to write home about either. Beaten easily by Tyrone and Donegal. They are also missing Newman their marquee forward and Shane Walsh who is their new up and coming attacker.

    Also whilst some fans will have disdain of either county because of 96. It won’t effect any of the players. They gave us a run for our money when we were playing poorly and we still blew them away when we played well for ten minutes.

    There’s no excuses for Mayo here. We should be beating Meath by 4 or 5 after seeing what Tyrone and Donegal done to them. That’s no offence to Meath, they are a coming team but there’s a massive step up to div 1. Yes we are missing players and will be missing Mullins and Boyler. But we also have Keegan, EOD, Darren Coen back. O Shea and Mcloughlin got more minutes. No excuses.

  13. The middle aged people I know here in Dublin from Meath have’nt forgotten 96, the fight in the replay was always known “as the mill by the Hill ” Mayo’s best all round display in an All Ireland final.
    I have mentioned here on a number of occasions that Mayo need a few more hard nuts in the team and cant wait to see a few of the newer guys in action this Sunday.

  14. Our display in 1996 was good alright, Mayo88, but I can’t agree with your conclusion that it was our best all round one in an All-Ireland final. Even allowing for all the progress in fitness, tactics and the evolution of the game in the years since then, that Meath side were streets behind the current Dublin team in terms of quality. In both the 2016 and 2017 finals we matched them step for step to the bitter end. I doubt I’ll ever see a Mayo performance to match the one we gave in the 2017 final, in what was one of the best finals of all time.

  15. Take the exit for Navan North off the M3 sing posted for the Hospital. There is a big retail park off the link road within walking distance of the pitch. Hon Mayo.

  16. @Have to agree with Willie Joe, despite unfortunate thing’s that befell us ..#The performance in both 2016, and 2017 All Ireland Final’s were without parallel, including the replay
    . ..

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