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Let’s get this one over as quickly and painlessly as possible. My thanks, once again, to Fergal for gathering the links together as otherwise I’d be here suffering an alarming attack of the Clones flashbacks. So I would.

Right, here are the links of the match coverage on the Monaghan game, with, for good measure, a report on the hurlers’ heavy defeat yesterday to Offaly as well.

Locals: Connaught Telegraph, Mayo Advertiser.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, The 42, Breaking News.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: Mayo Mick, GAA.

Hurlers’ defeat to Offaly: Offaly Express.

2 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Disappointing result but not unexpected. Would worry about tactics/decision making. The Jordan Flynn scenario of being left on while on yellow, the late substitutions, defensive plan or lack there of (How was Kevin Mac last line defence for that block?)
    Up front to many light weight players also. Biased as club man but can’t understand how Darren MacHale didn’t get some sort run with county. Possibly most energetic, physical hard working centre forward with eye for goal and great defensive ability. Was possibly best player in underdogs game albeit against poor team but seemed get cut after.
    Mullins real talent hopefully he stays but wouldn’t begrudge him his move.

  2. Disappointing display, some guys shone through on a bleak afternoon so far e shall leave it there. But there are a couple of questions I would like to know the proper answer to if you could indulge me.
    1. The forward Mark?? Can someone please explain it. As I was under the impression, from reading the rules as they were presented early on, that it is the players decision if he wants to call the mark or not? If he does he raises his hand immediately and the ref blows for it, from that point on he has 15 seconds to take his kick. Would that be a true reflection of it? Not however as happened on Sunday when I think it was SC who caught the ball, proceeded to play on, no hand raised but the ref blew the whistle when we surely had a goal chance on and brought play back resulting in a miss from the kick and a big missed opportunity to get back at Monaghan. A goal then (and I’m not saying we would have scored) but a goal then could have been a big turning point, one will never know. But clarification on the actual rule would be helpful if available.
    2. Is there a body that looks at refereeing performance and discusses findings with the referees? Because there were so many inconsistencies in decision making on Sunday that would warrant such a body being set up.

    Anyway, that game is over, on to the next and if our young lads can keep on improving on their performances as I think they have been then all is not lost in this campaign yet.

    H’on Mayo!

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