Monday match reports

We had a big win over Leitrim yesterday and there’s plenty of media coverage online about the game. Let’s dive right in.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Leitrim Observer, Shannonside.

Nationals: Irish Independent, Irish Times, Irish Examiner (match report, James Horan quotes), Irish Sun, Irish Mirror, OTB Sports (Terry Hyland quotes).

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, James Horan quotes), Sky Sports, The 42.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: GAA (highlights), Mayo Mick (match action), GAA Fan TV (analysis).

There are also some match reports online of the LGFA win over Cavan on Saturday. Here they are.

Mayo Advertiser, Irish Times, The 42.

That’s the lot by the looks of it. Enjoy your Monday and don’t forget to vote in the MOTM poll if you haven’t yet done so. I’ll be back later on with the result of that one.

30 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. First substitution made after 45 minutes. Should have been made sooner . Looking forward to Sunday week. Up Mayo

  2. Another non event but not our fault u just play what’s in front of ya. 1 point I wanna make is about darren Coen pass for conroy goal. Highlight of the game for me. How many times have dublin pulled that move. Those are the kind of tricks u need up ur sleeve

  3. Michael in Cork we are not certain that some of our players will have recovered in 2 weeks so I thought timing of subs was spot on.

  4. Don’t agree J R. 4 of the 5 subs brought on need more game time. It was risky and unnecessary to leave the 5 substituted on for so long. If I Was the manager I’d have taken Aidan off too .Dont worry James.. your job is safe!!

  5. Michael in Cork. Is there anything else you would like to see, in preparing the team etc.

  6. Cannot take much from that game or can we. Thought the Leitrim keeper had a great game. Very brave and smart player. The pass from Jordan Flynn to ROD for the goal was magnificent from a young player. Great vision and hard working.

  7. Obviously a positive result for Mayo but in truth that game did little for your preparations for the battle in thirteen days time and certainly did little for the health of the game in Leitrim, if the howlingly obvious isn’t addressed urgently it will do untold damage going forward for the weaker counties. Mayo can only play what’s in front of them I know but ye have played division two in the league and in championship ye had two shockingly weak teams to steamroll and Horan will have learned little from the championship before Galway’s clash.

    I think it’s going to be very hard to call to be honest, its the game where the loss of cillian will tell and I’m sure the Galway boys will play on the edge and beyond outside a certain radios where a replacement free takers will struggle. You also have the local Darby ingredient and the reality of the Thursday night training session is the last one of the championship for one of these fierce rivals. Joyce will have learned far more from a bruising division one experience and a tough test from Roscommon heading into this game. In my head I give Galway a slightly better chance as Mayo have not been road tested at all this year and that fact will cost ye a required percentage in a game of that magnitude and I can’t wait, it’s going to be epic

  8. Meant to say I have great time for both teams but it would be better for the championship if Mayo manage to overcome them as ye will give the dubs a belly full whereas Galway will not test them the way Mayo will, there is a lot going on in that dublin squad so I wouldn’t be shocked if they come a cropper this year in the semis or the final,,,

  9. Don’t think the €30 ticket price affected the attendance. Just think there is zero appetite for David v Goliath style encounters where David is minus his slingshot and has both his arms and legs tied together. The provincial system is dead.
    Re the game, we learned nothing and weren’t remotely tested. So I suppose we’re untested but fresh coming into the big one. Won’t know till after, which is best to be.

  10. Well done to all concerned for overcoming the covid crisis, injures and Leitrim. Very focused and ruthless throughout Really feel that all the aces stacked in Galways favour Bad enough losing Cillian and other key players to injury but then the impact of the covid must be a disaster in preparation for games. It is not true to say that this won’t have an impact in 2 weeks. In the best case scenario the lads will have recovered and be back for final. Even if that does happen they will have missed out on training and general preparation In a poorer scenario there is no guarantee that the outbreak of covid within the camp has now stopped We simply don’t know what might happen Fair play to team and management for making as little off it as possible and putting on a positive performance and not coming out with the poor mouth.Horan is really a great ambassador for Mayo GAA and having a go at him for timing of substitutes is a bit churlish I presume he is in a better position to make judgments on his players than we are.

  11. To win just once I agree entirely with your post. We still don’t know what the full impact on the squad will be. We played Div 2 all year, and Galway ‘s necessity to get their hands on some silverware this year.

  12. Lots of folk here seem ready to put the house on Galway to make the Connacht final but I’m very wary of judging everything solely on league form tbh. No one like the Rossies to feed off negative energy outside the camp.

  13. How much do you want to put on it ‘It Means Nothing to Me’?
    Name your price!

  14. Ah now you are having a laugh if think €30 ticket price didn’t affected the attendance. Before covid you could attend championship matches for €20. I’m know of plenty that decided not to go because of the price and what’s with the carry on of charging the same price for covered or uncovered seating?

    On the flip side I have no doubt most if not all tickets would have been sold if that game was live on RTE.

  15. Our taughts will turn to what players will be available for what’s sure to be a much sterner test V Galway next Sunday week… Watching on TV, and looking out for who was conspicuously absent, on the pitch, subs bench, management team and in the stand… I didn’t see, Ciaran McDonald, Eoghan McLoughlin, Robbie Hennelly, with facemasks it’s not easy to figure it out, taught that I seen Kevin McLoughlin a few seats away from Lee Keegan in the stand, .. Anyway we know for sure that some are deemed close contacts, hopefully after a negative test all will be able to return to full training in a few days time… Best wishes for a full and fast recovery to whoever, and their families/close contacts who may have contracted Covid 19… We’ve been lucky that it didn’t happen a few days before the Connacht Final… Great to see Boyler take the pitch yesterday, and wouldn’t it be great to see our others injured recover very soon!

  16. 30 euro was a bit on the expensive side, but the main issue was not having kids tickets when they’re usually available for 5 euro.

    That pretty much made it impossible for families to attend the game.

  17. Mo2021
    Think you’re slightly missing my point. Yes €30 was overdoing it but I believe not a lot of people want to see miss match muck like that in any province regardless of price.
    Those who attended went for a nose or to maybe familiarise themselves with some of the newer squad members or maybe just to support the team regardless of opposition.
    Whatever the reason, everyone knew the result before the ball was thrown in.

  18. Its really hard to see anything but a Galway win in two weeks time. Theirs just too much disruption in the camp due to Covid, plus we have not been tested in any shape or form this year. The time and space we had against Sligo an Leitrim was shocking, at one point yesterday Darren could have tied his shoe laces before popping one over…no one anywhere near him. We bet the Rossies handy enough last year yet still just about scraped past Galway who hadn’t played anyone in weeks. We had an all guns blazing Cillian O’Connor, and Chris Barrett that day. We are minus both players now, and Tommys element of surprise is gone. Circumstances have alligned nicely for Galway, their definetly strong favourites in my eyes.

  19. @leantimes. Ciarán mac Donald was there on sideline clapping off the players at half time clearly visible on tv. Imo mayo are a better team than galway so it’s all about getting their ducks in a row Sunday week. It will be tough but they should come through

  20. It was hard contextualise anyone’s performance yesterday, but there was some very promising interplay and creativity between the forwards and some very solid defensive displays from the likes of O’Hora and Hession. I’d have liked to have seen Conor O’Shea get a run in the second half. If not in a game against an already-beaten Leitrim, then when?

  21. @No Doubt, at first I thought I seen Ciaran McDonald myself, but I changed my mind, who I was looking at wasn’t Ciaran McDonald, could very well have been there without my seeing him.. hard to say with facemasks.. Hard also to rate players v Leitrim, just as it was v Sligo a few weeks previous.. But I taught that, Padraig O’Hora looked very good… I think no doubt about Mayo’s best player this year so far is. Has to be Mathew Ruane, really is showing up every day, great to see!

  22. When the championship was pure knockout we often enjoyed great football matches between teams who might not have had much of a test in their own provinces. And the league was often used simply as a test bed for new players. I’m not as worried as others about the lack of challenge posed by Mayo’s opposition so far this year. I firmly believe the talent is there to get a result against Galway – and i am expecting that is what will happen. Against the Dubs in the semis…… I’m not so sure without CIllian. But if Mayo play to their best we have the capacity to challenge the best out there.
    Up Mayo

  23. I was unable to attend the game yesterday but even I had that option, I would have been reluctant to go, not because of the cost but no interest in watching a one sided contest.

    I agree that cost of family tickets is also an issue if tickets are all priced at €30, but in fairness the gaa have had great deals on this previously.

    I expect that there will be no problem selling out the connacht final though. Regarding the match, I get the arguments for Galway but think that we are better, time will tell.

  24. Everyone knew Mayo was going to hammer Leitrim however before these covid times the expected attendance in MacHale Park for that match would have been 10k plus.

    Yesterday was not a good look, only selling a little over the 2,000 of the 3,750 alotted tickets. Connacht GAA took the gamble by increasing ticket prices based on supporters not seeing the seniors in action since March 2020, a gamble that backfired.

  25. @Willie Joe….is there a shout out required for Jack Coyne? Senior Debut? I could be wrong so please ignore if it wasn’t his debut or if you have already given him his kudos ? didn’t want to let it pass as he is representing Ballyhaunis

  26. There is, Simmo, and it’s my fault that nothing was said before now, for the simple reason that I bashed the match report out as quickly as I could as I wanted to get back on the road to Dublin having finished it.

    We had a few debutants yesterday, with Rory Byrne having only played a single FBD match before lining out in this game, Padraig O’Hora making his first Championship start, while Aiden Orme and Jack Coyne both made their first Championship appearances from the bench.

  27. Mayo players looked in exceptional physical condition. Im not buying into this lack of division 1 league opposition to date.
    Horan McDonald and co know too well the pitch the players have to be at for clash with Galway. Most difficult job will be to pick the panel.
    That (bad) habit of falling over the line may come back to haunt us but maybe the strength in depth that we most definitely have will push us on to a more comfortable win

  28. Willie Joe.Shouldnt that be Jack Coyne not Jack Carney who made his Championship debut.?

  29. It should, onemoreyear – apologies, I’m all over the shop here. Had it been Jack Carney he’d have been ruled out of tonight’s U20 match. Corrected now, thanks for pointing it out.

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