Monday match reports

That warm, happy, sloppy-grin feeling hasn’t yet subsided and my voice isn’t close to coming back either – it should be okay by Wednesday, I reckon – so not even the reality of another Monday morning and the imminent end of the good weather can take away the after-glow from yesterday.

We’re once again the Connacht champions and yesterday we did a rare thing, by lifting silverware at GAA HQ. We did it by putting in yet another big Croke Park performance, when we came storming back at Galway after the break and burning off their challenge with a second half intensity they were unable to live with.

Here’s a taste of what’s online about the game, as well as the other Championship matches the county contested over the weekend.

Locals: Connaught Telegraph (match report, piece on tunnel incident), Western People, Mayo Advertiser.

Nationals: Irish Times (match report, post-match quotes, feature piece on Aidan O’Shea), Irish Independent (match report, post-match quotes, tunnel incident), Irish Examiner, Irish Sun, Irish Mirror.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, James Horan quotes), Sky Sports, BBC, The 42 (live blog, match report, Padraic Joyce quotes, post-game talking points).

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: GAA (highlights, extended highlights), GAA Fan TV (analysis).

Stats: GAA Statsman.

That’s all from the big game at HQ. Here are reports on the other games Mayo were involved in over the weekend.

Connacht MFC quarter-final against Roscommon: GAA, Irish Independent, Connaught Telegraph.

Nicky Rackard Cup semi-final against Armagh: Mayo Advertiser, Western People, Connaught Telegraph, Sideline Eye, Irish Independent.

LGFA SFC Group 1 Round 3 against Armagh: Connaught Telegraph, The 42, Ladies Football.

Nancy Murray Cup Round 1 against Donegal: Mayo Camogie.

Still on camogie, congrats to the county’s Minor camogie team who opened their Championship campaign yesterday with a 5-10 to 0-4 win over Tyrone. Match report from Mayo Camogie on that game is here.

Right, you lot – off to work or whatever it is you do on a Monday morning with you. If you haven’t yet done so, then please vote in the MOTM poll on yesterday’s game against Galway, the result of which will be announced later on this evening.

96 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. I know that feeling WJ…we have another good 10 years coming I think thanks to Horan developing the team.I will be in my 60’s by then!!
    I hope you have help on the blog!!
    I wonder did Horan have the plan of not starting with his strongest side….ie on the basis that we have lost finals not having the best team in the pitch at the end?

  2. Before people get too excited today, we really shouldn’t forget how brutal we were in the first half. Against Kerry or Dublin the game would have been over by half time. Dublin will have seen how Keegan didnt once lift this arms up to try and catch the ball yesterday with his shoulder injury

  3. Woke up this morning and remembered and a grin broke out haha.
    Bask, bask is the word of the day.
    Slow coffees or high poured teas, knew a man reckoned high poured tea was a thing 🙂
    These are the days of our lives.
    Bask like a Keem Bay Basking shark people.

  4. Good point JP well noted on Lee too! I didnt see that
    Still though I am with JP ………..for the day!

  5. Thanks WJ, as always, for the paper round.

    I agree with Peter above as it was startling how poor we were from the 7th minute to half time. I was genuinely worried at half time as it looked like their division 1 experience had them better prepped than our division 2 experience. Turns out that during half time our muscle memory kicked in, we got our match-ups sorted and McLoughlins cool head and mobility in our final third was enough to fire up the old engine. If it was indeed Heaney that started the tunnel fracas then he is a sorry boy this morning because that was the last thing he did all day yesterday. He obviously never heard of the phrase “don’t bring a pen knife to a gun fight”. Maybe it says more about me than anything else, but I like to see that element in our game. Whether it is O’Hora taking Walsh out of it or us leathering into Galway lads in the tunnel, these are vital signs that we’re not taking shit from anyone and we’re not going to be anyones pushover. It might not “look” good but it is what’s required at this level and for any of us who grew up watching “nice” Mayo teams of the early 80’s we know that “nice” teams win nothing.

    We are still a team in progress though with flaws that better sides will expose. There are undoubtedly a couple of positions in our defence that are currently being patched up and between injuries and recent retirements that may be the case for the remainder of this season. A final point…… our kickouts were excellent yesterday and this should be noted. As a critic of Hennellys I have to say that fhim inding his target on 20 of 21 kick outs was pretty exceptional.

  6. Just read all comments. Some players really don’t get the credit they deserve. One poster blasts coen for his effort from a mark, yes it was poor but of course no mention of keegans effoft after a great mayo move that ended closer to cora than the posts. Point is we had poor decisions from plenty from shots and open play throughout the first half.
    However when it came to nullifying conroy who ran the show in the first half, it was coen who was handed the job and boy did he deliver. This also had the added effect that ruane hadn’t to worry him whatsoever and gave him licence to get forward.
    Agree with the majority, great win, great second half performance, great management decisions from half time, great day to be in croke park.

  7. Does anyone know if the GAA has any plans on offering 2020 season ticket holders the option to buy a ticket for the semi final before they go on general sale or distributed to clubs? I know its early days but I presume the game will sell out and once the players/CB delegates/club officers/sponsors are taken care of then surely last season’s paid up season ticket holders should be prioritized, given the upfront amount we pay the GAA each year. I would imagine this was discussed at some stage by GAA officials by now in preparation for the return of fans recently

  8. Some players not comfortable with frees should nearly hop the ball to themselves catch it and kick it more like live play. It’s like snooker, you feel good on a shot, the pockets look like buckets. You over think it you think thinner, thicker, thinner, thicker and you miss the pocket by 6 inches.

  9. Exactly ah now.Coen is constantly filling different positions and has marked some of the best in the country out of it,but unfortunately some people just see the few mistakes.another myth with some people is his pace.

  10. @ Peter Neary Kerry got off to a brutal start yesterday must have being 15-20 mins into first half before they got on top of Cork . We kept Galway to 3 scores from frees in the second half So I will get excited today .But if you want to focus solely on the negatives that is your prerogative.
    Back in another All Ireland semi final why wouldn’t I be excited ?

  11. Thanks for gathering match reports into one place for us WJ.
    Clerkin in TheTimes summed it up for me – Mayo keep rolling on Galway keep rolling over. Incredible that we are consistently performing at the highest level.
    PJoyce credited us as the better team, the momentum coming from our breaking half back line. I think thats fair enough.
    Interesting stat in the Times report also – The dismal metrics included one-third of Connor Gleeson’s kick-outs (nine out of 25) getting picked off whereas Mayo lost just one (out of 21). Credit to Hennelly.
    Many poster were scared that Mayos lack of premier opposition in league and championship to date would tell against them, it didnt matter a toss.

  12. I don’t understand how people say we very poor in the first half,I believe that we led at the first water break,we will have up our game from now on all big boys left in championship,we have only beaten lower division teams so far,I am sure that we will though Mayo

  13. @All41.
    Some of our players are consistently good.
    Maybe they don’t always get their just praise.
    Coen was very good. He played a Stormer yesterday.
    Another lad having a mighty year is Conor Loftus. Great distribution and usually kicks over a couple of boomers each game.
    Very happy for Robbie as well. Top drawer performance from him.

    Aidan O’Shea is a great role model for the team and especially the younger players. Phenomenal work rate and brilliant at stripping ball.
    Maybe they need to work a little on ensuring there are always a couple of players in close vicinity when the ball is launched long in to Aidan.
    He caught one brilliant high ball yesterday but no team mate in the vicinity to dish off to and he got swarmed by the Galway backs.
    We are so lucky in this county that we have another three weeks at least now to look forward to.
    Let’s hope for an injury free training run up to our AI semi final.
    I cannot see what team will fancy facing us now.
    Yesterday’s challenge from Galway and the Mayo response to Galway’s great start puts us bang on where we want to be.

    One small area for the management to look at.
    We never seem to be alert for balls coming back off uprights from our own shots.
    It’s happened many times now over the years. We never seem ready to race on to a ball coming back off the timber.

    Still we’re Connacht champions this morning and the years not finished yet.

  14. Is there any magic cures for Cillian and Harry??? Maybe some ‘good’ witch up around Foxford???

    Everyone of us is delighted with the win yesterday. Some people are overly optimistic. Some overly negative, most a mix and plenty of us who flitter between both. Could anyone blame us!? Plenty of areas to work on. The Aido ‘question’ remains. Heno good kickouts, finally landed a free too, but the square isnt as safe under the high ball and opponents will have seen that.

    We were poor 1st half. Very good 2nd. Black and white. Chalk and cheese.

    Everyone here knows that we’ll need every drop of luck going (particularly as we are without key players, let’s not forget that) and stronger, more consistent play over the the next few games, Yes, the plural. So, let’s be positive, ambitious, hungry, but also realistic. Into the last 4 now. Anything can happen.

  15. Boy was it good to be back. The atmosphere was terrific, even with 18000. Going up Russell Street, the bearded trio were back with their banjos and their hats, the heat, the chase up to the Upper Hogan – late and the National Anthem ringing in my ears, game on a minute.

    Was I worried at half-time? You bet. My message to James was simple, bring on the Macs, Eoin and Kevin, for Stevie and Bryan. He didn’t take my advice fully, but the guy seems to know what he’s doing. My abiding memory of that second half is Eoin Mac cutting through Galway and opening them up. That created the space to do damage which we couldn’t do in the first half. A second abiding memory, if you’ll forgive that phrase, was Swanee commanding his space, turning over Galway spectacularly – when have we seen a turnover being a focus of replays? Yet Statsman is showing Galway won turnovers by 60 to 40, so work to be done.

    Going into the game I had two conflicting feelings: one concerned the Covid hangover, and whether or how much it would affect us; the second was that our power and pace could really unhinge Galway. I felt in the Sligo and Leitrim games. Training sessions maybe, but our complete dominance was impressive and I wondered if Galway could live with that – in Croker. Well maybe there was a bit of both, we were feeling our way in the first half and paid for it. However, as Jordan Flynn said to me when I met him last night (!!! by complete chance on my local street), they felt at half time they were doing a lot right and that they would really cut at Galway in the second half.

    Other delights: Aido’s flick on to Tommy or Brian from a long ball in the first half, Robbie’s laser-like kicks, Kevin Mac’s and Aido’s passing, Tommy’s electrifying pace when taking on men. Oh and the Galway ‘keeper; another dodgy one. Where do they get them?

  16. @Pebblesmeller, well said, Mayo always need A tough edge against the Dubs, they will receive it and will need to be clever.

  17. Thanks Willie Joe for the media roundup. Great piece by Malachy Clerkin on AOS. So true on everything and in particular the unjustified shit that AOS has to put up with from all corners

  18. I see paddy Power has installed kerry as slight favourites to win the AI. Interesting

  19. WJ- Have you any idea on proposed capacity for semi-final and whether it will be all general sale? All seems unclear at present.

    The game is Saturday evening of 14 August.

  20. Maybe I’m paranoid but i thought Lane had a stinker-the goal for which he indicated an elbow back, O Shea’s “pickup” off the ground and immediate soft free in front of the hill for galway. These are the kind of decisions that tend to lose us games. Great players have come and gone but these same jokers of refs seem to go on forever-mcquillan, smiler, o’reilly, coldrick-are there no new young referees around who can keep up with the game and get the majority of the calls correct? Some criticism of mayo celebrating in CP, are we the only county not allowed to celebrate winning titles?

  21. CT report on OHora rib injury
    The Ballina Stephenites star faces a battle to be fit for the All-Ireland SFC semi-final against the Leinster champions on August 14 or 15.

  22. @ontheditch, it will probably take more than a slight bruising to the ribs to keep O’Hora off the pitch for 3 weeks time…. I am working on the positive vibes assumption that he’ll be fine for Dublin / Kildare.

    He was very good yesterday.

    One small anecdote from yesterday, at one point in the game, Walsh was bent down trying to tie his laces, at each time he went to do it, Mullin would gently knee him in the ribs and knock him off balance, it was very subtle but Walsh jumped up and reacted after the 4th time, Mullin just laughed at him. Gough ran in to make space so Walsh could tie his laces.

    To me this shows a new level of thinking from Mullin and Mayo over teams of old, a new fight is in them and a renewed spirit.

    It’s like a like from Paul Galvin’s book, I’m paraphrasing but he said he could never understand why the opposing player would shake his hand pre a match to wish him luck. After is fine but before, no way.

  23. Please God, Pádraig is better for the AISF – he was sticky and tight as anything to his man yesterday. I think two of the players he was marking picked up yellow cards. This makes me quite pleased ; ) He was an absolute handful and a half for forwards to deal with and they surely knew they were being marked.
    I want to point out Conor Loftus’s beautiful long kick pass into Ryan O’Donoghue that set him up for the goal that ended up being disallowed. It was stunning.

  24. Agree with others, really enjoying this one. Lets be honest, once Cillian was ruled out we all felt the famine wont be ending this year. This win was far more than i expected, genuinely thought it was a bridge too far with all that has gone on. I think the D2 and sligo leitrim lack of preperation showed in the first half, we were always going to need a while to get the engines fired up, but once they did, no stopping us

  25. We won the first quarter 4 – 3. We were rattled in 2nd quarter, by the two goals. It took a point from McHale to settle us after some erratic shooting and decision making.
    Tremendous focus in the second half. If nothing else the game shows the value of impact subs. The dubs have enjoyed the benefits over the years and yesterday was our turn. The introduction of the two macs gave the team a lift and we quickly ramped up the gears.
    I think it would have taken a lot more than a slight bruising for OHora to lie down in the first place but we have 3 weeks, one more than our opponents to shake off injuries.

  26. We were playing Div2 football in first half, the way we could turn it around, Kev Mc’s cool head was a huge addition in the second half

  27. DId anyone else notice the entance music Galway got after half time coming out of the tunnel. The dubs got it also last year. None for Mayo. Who decides what team gets the music?

  28. I agree quay man. In the first half we could not link midfield to the forward line. Enters Kevin and that problem was solved and yes everyone uped there game including most importantly the full back line. A much needed run out in croke park for the young lads.henelly is going to have to be more commanding from here on in. He got lucky with comers effort. He should have fisted it out. Also the post ball that led to the goal. He should be screaming at the defence but otherwise his performance was good. 2 goals down against Dublin and its curtains. Great to see matty in such good form.

  29. Mayomanindub, I was just about to comment on the music. Galway joker on the sound obviously. This was an intro suitable for a Roman emperor. Talk about giving Galway a psychological uplift. It was as if to say: here come the champs, make way you losers and go to your corner.

  30. The next three weeks will give Kevin Mac, Diarmuid and Leeroy more time to regain their full fitness.
    Rib injures can be slow to heal and you cannot line our in an All Ireland semifinal if your breathing is compromised.
    Was anyone near the incident where Padraig was taken off -I was at the opposite side of the field so couldn’t see it too well. It looked like he was walking off first but then seemed to collapse onto the ground – was it sheer exhaustion or did he get a weakness. Looked a bit worrying for a while.

  31. Great to see a full back with a bit of the swivel eyed loon in him. There is nothing better than a full forward not sure if he could get a Vinnie Jones esq twist of the town halls or a elbow in the back of the head, all you need is the tiniest bit of doubt. A combination of teak toughness, skill, determination and a sprinkling of header makes a potent footballer.
    Speaking of swivel eyed loons, the back of the stand in McHale Park was covered in spittle two weeks ago such was Pat’s ire at the lopsidedness of a top 4 team beating a bottom of division 4 team by 24 points. The hysteria continued into the Sunday Game and dominated the news cycle for the next 48hrs. Yesterday in the Munster final Kerry demolished last years Munster champions and a division 2 team by 21 points and not a dickybird, complete silence across the board. If anyone was ever in doubt about who controls the narrative in the GAA media, yesterday should put that to bed. When we win the big one, we’ll have to beat more than the 15 opponents on the field.
    Hon Mayo

  32. The music for Galway’s entrance after half time was annoying surely. It’s more anti-Mayo. To hell with them all, we gave them a nice version of Thunderstruck on the field of play. Where it matters.

    On another note, until I read Malachy Clerkins piece I didn’t realise Aidan was getting lots of abuse from cowards on twitter during the match. Shameful. Circle the wagons, embrace the negativity. Its the only way.

    I would worry about O’Horas injury. Looked nasty. After initially returning to the play, he had another brilliant interception but then couldn’t move, holding his rib area. You’d think (and we’ll pray) that the 3 weeks should be enough to recover fully. Hope we hear an update very soon.

  33. Ah Now – PP will have Kerry with shorter odds as they are already in a Semi Final, as are we, but understandably we would be the outsiders in any case. The Ulster Final is still to be played so there are 6 teams left, with 4 having an extra game to play.

    On the game yesterday – was a bit worried at half time but felt we had a gear or 2 to go if we could find it, which we certainly did. I’d like to see the wide count for both teams in each half, certainly kicking into an empty hill seemed to be the more difficult one – there does seem to be a cross field breeze there but I think there was perhaps more than the breeze impacting the play into that goal in each half. E.g. we didn’t do our best in the first and Galway did.

    Robbie was excellent with kickouts and his goalkeeping – I thought initially that he could have come out more towards the ball for the first goal but on review, his positioning was correct when you consider where his own team mates were and where the Galway players were. There was certainly nothing he could have done for the second.

    Hard to call MOTM, Mattie probably shades it ahead of ROD and Kevin Mc. And on Kevin Mc – aren’t we so lucky to have a player of his intelligence to call on when needed?. Not sure how many holes he’s dug us out of, but he can never be given enough credit for it in my view.

  34. I would like to point out two things.
    1. There was a tricky side-breeze, right to left on the Hill 16 end. It accounted for a number of Mayo misses in the first half. It also accounted for a Heaney missed punch attempt in the second half. So I wouldn’t criticise the team too much for the first half score. I can think of three definite points that were missed because of it.
    2. CONOR LANE WAS A DISASTER. He could easily have cost us the game, only for the fact that we were so dominant in the end. That guy also cost us the 2016 AIF when he missed Denis Bastick’s pick up from a short kick out just before the final whistle.
    I have to say that the ROD disallowed goal was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen.

  35. also great to see Malachy Clerkin call out the spoofers who abuse players from anonymous twitter handles.

  36. Kevin McLaughlin is likely to be one of the best forwards ever to retire without winning an all star – such a travesty. Especially when you think of some of the forwards who have won all stars they wouldn’t lace his boots.

  37. Is there a way that Conor Lane can be called up to explain that disallowed goal, a horrendous decision, was he hoping it would cost us the match??? And does it set up for other refs to do it again. Should be definitely questioned.
    And why single out a team with their county music at half time??? My God who makes these crazy decisions??

  38. Anyone want to hazard a guess if our game will be the Saturday or Sunday? Are there any particular reasons why/how the Gaa chose which teams play when ?

  39. I’ve watched back the game twice now to try to figure out how we could have been so bad and so good. Our forward play in the first half was poor mainly because we had no focal point in the FF position, Ryan was coming out to play link man and we ended up having to just pass the ball laterally. When Kevin Mac came on he was able to play the link man leaving Ryan inside or Aido when he went in. We obviously upped the intensity a fair bit too but it has to be said we are in a different league to Galway conditioning wise. When comer was getting booked at the end of the first half you could see he was gassed, that man has a choice now, transform his body like Aido had to do a couple of years ago or forget about football at this level because he’s simply too heavy. He was on Eoghan Mc for a while in the second half and it finished him. Defensively we wern’t bad in the first half, we went to sleep for the first goal and Paddy D thought Aido had Walshe for the second. I’m fine with Aido moving around but he can’t be left one on one, he has to be an extra man. The Dubs will be well able to keep the ball away from Aido if he’s floating around the middle in the semi. And I need to give credit to Robbie Hennelly, his kickouts yday were terrific.

    It was another great day out and the credit has to go to Horan. Is there a better man for spotting and developing talent in the country, I don’t think so. We are not blessed with massive underage success for whatever reason making the county managers job even more difficult. That’s why its so important to have a manager who knows the club scene. I hope he can stay involved with Mayo in a more strategic role when he does decide to step away.

  40. A great win yesterday and I’m delighted to see how management identified the problems and found solutions. Alot to work on but we all knew about our defending long before now. 3 weeks to work hard and consolidate a bit more. O hora was outstanding. Teak tough and great tackling. Please god he is ready for dublin or kildare. Btw that game is not foregone conclusion.

  41. We are talking about a bad 2nd quarter when we conceded 2 goals. We have depth in the panel that we havent had in the past and a manager thats cute enough to maximise our advantage.
    We will be a different animal again in 3 weeks. No reason to fear any opposition.

  42. Another observation from the game is what happened when the teams were asked to take an unofficial water break in the final quarter (when O’Hora was down injured, I believe).

    The Galway team went into a huddle on the pitch whilst our lads trotted over to the side line and some final advice from James and the rest of the management team? I thought it was somewhat telling that the Galway lads didn’t do likewise.

    Anyway great win and I have a pep in my step now for another three weeks at a minimum….

    Maigh Eo Abu.

  43. Down Under, here they are:
    Subs list as per the match programme:
    16. Rory Byrne
    17. Colm Boyle
    18. Eoghan McLaughlin
    19. Enda Hession
    20. Conor O’Shea
    21. James Durcan
    22. Rory Brickenden
    23. Jordan Flynn
    24. Darren Coen
    25. Kevin McLoughlin
    26. James Carr

  44. @Mayo13BG, great spot there regards Oisin and Walsh, was wondering what started their little scuffle. I remember Alan Dillons marker put out his hand at the start of the game in 2013, Dillon just shoved him backwards and we ended up hammering them in Salthill! Set the tone that day.

  45. Agree with earlier poster on Hennely kickouts, thought he gave a master class yesterday, very hard squeeze his kickouts with his range and accuracy, not to mention a well taken 45.
    Hope he can keep that form with bigger tests to come

  46. Great second half and win yesterday, when we play with pace we look irresistible , the corollary is true when we don’t.
    Unfortunately don’t think Padraic O’Hora will be available for an all Ireland semifinal in 3 weeks, bruised ribs take weeks to heal and if he has a cracked or broken rib then that’s a season ender. its a pity as his placement at full back freed up Oisin Mullin to play in a more advanced role of Centre Back.

  47. Credit to Boyler on the sideline, didn’t get a run but the energy and enthusiasm he displayed in encouraging the lads was worth its weight in gold. long may it continue

  48. For so long we have been very reliant on our backs to score to supplement Cillian. Yesterday 3 of starting forwards scored while 2 came of the bench both got a score. Also id like to mention our midfield, as good as Tom and Seamie were in midfield, they were never the best at scoring so its refreshing to see both midfielders getting on the scoreboard and in Matties case a goal. Mattie seems to have a knack of popping up at the right time to get a goal or a couple of points. It has also bulked up in last 12 months which comes with age. he is improving every year and is turning into one of the best midfielders in the country. Some engine on him aswell to pop up in 67th minute and run past 3/4 Galway defenders to get his goal was something else.

  49. Really big day for Mayo Football.
    I think we all realised in advance how important this game was for the development of our young team
    and we were all nervous at the start including the team.
    It is so important for our youngsters to get game time under pressure in Croker.
    This is the way they learn just what it takes to win in Croker.
    My man of the match was James Horan.
    This was his most astute performance tactically to date.
    The insertions from the bench were necessary, well timed and added impetus.
    For the first time in a long time the subs improved the team rather than the other way round.
    This is so important going forward as the game has now gone all ‘Australian’ with 4 quarters of almost 20 minutes duration each.
    We learned that the Mayo style is a ‘carrying’ style with runners coming from all angles ….. high intensity,
    high press, emphasis on turnovers.
    We learned that we need to put a heavy emphasis on not conceding goals.
    To survive at the top table you need to score more goals than you concede.
    Yesterday we had two encounters with the woodwork one of which cost us a goal.
    Robbie who had an unbelievable game from the tee, initially decided to chase the ball coming off the post out the field as there were no defenders around. Had he persisted with this I believe he & Walsh would have arrived at the ball at the same time thus snuffing out that particular chance … a very difficult goalkeeping choice there.
    The second chance was when Comer fisted it onto our crossbar ….. that one needed to be fisted clear.
    A few weeks ago I posted that Aido should be posted at 6.
    I was in Croker yesterday & am happy to admit that I was wrong.
    Aido should be posted at 14 and spend most of his time there.
    That gives us the option to mix up our game by playing long ball in occasionally to keep the opposition guessing.
    Most opposition will have 2 defenders covering Aido in there.
    If Aido then decides he’d like to mark the opposition goalkeeper, that’s 3 opposition players occupied leaving us to play the remaining 12 players with our 14.
    I firmly believe that this set-up gives us the best chance of success against the top dogs in Croker.
    A good day yesterday with more to come hopefully.

  50. The semi finals are down for the weekend of August 14th AND 15th.
    However, they will obviously be only one on each day and I would be 99% certain ours will be the Saturday evening assuming we are playing the Dubs. The only question will be throw in time. Again I would assume either 5 or 7pm. With 7pm being the most difficult logistically for Mayo team and supporters so therefore it will almost certainly be 7pm 😀

    I have just noticed now actually that the hurling are as follows:
    5pm on the Saturday and 3.30pm on the Sunday
    The 2019 football semi finals were the same as this with last years ones being 530pm on the Saturday and 330 pm on the Sunday.

    So best guess looks to be 5pm on Sat 14th August

  51. KM 79,I was thinking there’s a good chance we could be on the Saturday alright. I was just wondering what reasons the Gaa use to come up with the dates.
    For example is it easier to police Dublin City on a Saturday if the Dubs play on a Saturday or is it to do with TV advertising revenue .Do more people watch TV on a Saturday evening compared to a Sunday afternoon, there must be some science behind it.

  52. So many questions with the probable meeting with the Dubs.
    Who will be the referee?
    Will it be played Saturday afternoon ( I prefer to play the Dubs on a Sunday )
    Will Mayo have a low patch during the game.
    Will Kildare knock the shite of one or two Dublin players getting bad injuries next Sunday
    Will Nayo keeper ge steady under the high ball into the small square
    Will our older players step up to the Dubs challenge
    Will goals be conceded
    Will Mayo get goals, to beat the Dubs the net must be rattled 2 times or more.
    What has Dublins scoring averages in the championship this year
    Will the Dubs have a few players out through injury
    Will the Gaa officials / Croke Park give Mayo fair play
    Will there be a few scores settled for the assaults on a Mayo player in last years final.

    This is the great thing about sport and as a former footballer there’s nothing better than to have a crack at taking down your greatest rival one way or another.

  53. Had a look back on the 1st half yesterday to see if my observation that Darren McHale been harshly substituted was correct.

    McHale 9 possessions, 1 point, 2 great runs inside defenders for goal chances but poor passes in so led to nothing. He worked hard too.
    Walsh 8 possessions and worked hard.
    Conroy 7 possessions and 2 poor wides.
    Loftus 7 possessions and 1 point.

    One player and it wasn’t McHale, never and I mean never laid a glove on a Galway player over the 40 minutes of the half when pretending to tackle.
    Shadow tackling is fine when trying to display a drill initially at training, but at county level it’s just not good enough.

  54. Ciaran McDonald has to get a lot of credit.
    You could see him yesterday, standing directly behind James Horan, passing on instructions.
    Our scoring rate has definitely improved since Mac came on board.
    Young lads like Conroy and o Donahoe will gain a lot of experience from his coaching skills.
    The amount of ball that Ryan o Donahoe was on yesterday was immense.
    He was robbed of a perfect goal in my eyes.
    What a pass from Conor Loftus.
    Reminded me of the pas to Andy Moran v Kerry a few years ago in the replay.

  55. Yes west is best. I know the player that doesn’t tackle too. Mchale probably out of position at 14 no doubt. But he will have another day and doc wasn’t his normal self either but they will come again and will be needed. . The mcgloughlin s were exceptional when they came on so I give James 10 out of 10.

  56. The music coming out of the tunnel for second half is something that has bothered me since the 2019 SF. It wasn’t the reason we lost, we were blown away second half by the dubs in fairness. However, I remember it really grating on me. We ran out first to the usual roar and then the dubs came out to this trumpet noise and serenade that was ridiculous. It was only a small thing but it certainly helped them.

  57. I noted the music as Galway ran out too
    I noted it with a wry smile and chuckle as I had a feeling what was about to happen to them in the second half

  58. McHale substitution was purely tactical it allow Aido into ff as a focal point and KevMc to hf and not a reflection of his performance, some people trying to make something out of it that isn’t there. Going by the teams performance in the second half by everyone o the field the changes made were the correct ones.

  59. Had coffee with a few ex meath players and they thought the first half yesterday was as tough a half of football as they have seen in Croker.

  60. CarraigDubh, that Conor Loftus pass reminded me too of that dream pass into Andy in the Mayo/Kerry AISF replay 2017.

    (Speaking of this, Aido has done it too – into James Carr on front of goal in the League Final in 2019.
    Paddy Durcan sent a long one into JC setting him up on his run for that wondergoal against Galway in Limerick in 2019).

  61. Sorry lads but what song was played when Galway came out ? I’m intrigued now .

  62. Lads and Lassie’s, get on yer keyboards and Vote for Mathew Ruane, who is nominated for Player of the Week!

  63. Do we really think that the music being played as the teams come out makes any difference? I cannot say that I ever noticed.
    In terms of match times, I would hope that it is on Saturday evening (probably 5 or 5:30), we think that we have long distances, try going to South West Kerry.
    Finally, on the question of the ref, yeah, he was not great but he allowed a high degree of physicality which worked in our favour. Supporters criticise refs but not too many of us step up when asked to ref so I prefer to cut them some slack overall.

  64. One of the good days. Waking up and remembering first thing in the morning the ecstasy of the win, reading not one but two glorious pieces by Malachy Clerkin, starting to dream again but ultimately being satisfied with a Connacht title (a loss yesterday would have been very hard to swallow), potentially planning for Croker if all goes our way (no regrets about staying West yesterday, mind, apart from the mild hangover), remembering once again what a bunch of warriors we have, and realising that most of them weren’t even here three years ago, and being in a position to just roll our eyes at abysmal refereeing.

    Yesterday was a massive day for Galway football and a massive day for our young team. So proud that it was our young guns that prevailed. As said elsewhere you can never beat Galway by enough or often enough and I don’t think PJ’s sour grapes after the game painted anyone in a positive light.

    Felt Kevin Mc’s introduction really steadied the ship while coinciding with a renewed sense of urgency from all around him. You can always rely on the old dog for the road and what a career he has had for us, there will be a county day of mourning when he hangs up the boots. Mattie Ruane was immense. A special word for POH too – watching him yesterday my heart nearly burst clean out of my chest.

    It’s nice to bask in this one for a few days now, and sure whatever happens next, happens.

  65. Playing Saturday or Sunday, I don’t care , we are in the AL semi final..I don’t think the players care either…
    champagne problems, be glad we are in it I know I am

  66. Mikey there’s a good few in Mayo who would have equally as far to travel as anyone in any part of Kerry. Try going from Achill, The mullet peninsula or pretty much anywhere in Erris for that matter.
    As regards your other points, I’d agree the music makes little difference to the players and as for the refs performance, he did allow more physicality alright but his denial or Ryan’s goal was a poor decision. He was in danger of losing control of the game at one point too, as it was getting very ragged particularly just before Marty’s yellow card but managed to calm things a bit to be fair to him.

  67. Does anyone know when the time and date for the semi will be announced? Hopefully a Saturday game

  68. No announcement on the semi-final fixture details will be announced until the Leinster and Ulster finals have both been played. I’d say it’ll be Bank Holiday Monday at the earliest before any announcement is made.

  69. When I played football many years ago I never paid much heed to music or shite like that, I was zoned in on the job I had to do, just play hard & win every ball that came my way, the fields of Athenry is grand on the bus going home.

  70. I noted the music in 2019 also, as well as the trumpets when the Dubs ran out. Typically you’d think it wouldn’t make a difference, however you can’t deny the psychological impact of not only the crowd reacting to that music and cheering a team out, but the %s of mental edge given to a team who come out on to the pitch with a roar and a familiar sound to them. At that point and level of sport the smallest of %s in terms of mental edge can make a huge difference. Particularly when compared to the team that does not receive the music/roar. Just my 2cs though! I think it offers an upper hand mentally rather than anything else and particularly unfair for the team who does not receive the same introduction. Massive match the last day thank goodness.

  71. Agree FDB about distance, I am an erris man myself, the point I was trying to make is that ourselves and Kerry are in separate semi finals, one of us needs to play Saturday and it is my preference that this would be us, even though both can have similar long journeys.

  72. Anyone know if fionn mcdonagh and mark moran were injured at the weekend? strange to see durcan and oshea on the subs ahead of them

  73. Ciaran Mc played a huge part in that win, watching him on the line giving advice to Horan and you can see the amount of players who have improved their kicking and foot passing under him

  74. Just read the indo there..please say there will be no repercussions for the tunnel incident at half time? Any insight Willie Joe?

  75. Good one JR. Those ex Meath players were not wrong, and they would know!

    I was struck by the ferocity of the hits. Second half too. Lots of examples: Comer, giving and receiving, ditto Swanee, Keegan’s foot tackle, Oisin’s knees (already mentioned), Jordan Flynn making his presence felt for his cameo, the Conor Loftus sandwich, and so on.

  76. Wouldn’t be too worried about the music fanfare when Galway came out for second half, What happened when they were going in to dressing rooms at half time had a greater bearing on the result than any music had, Delighted with the win, While I didn’t think the ref was great he wasn’t brutal either and I’d say Galway disappointed with booking of Comer in first half, Some great Mayo performances in second half and a few lads excellent throughout, Thought O Hora did well and hopefully not badly I injured, Don’t think he deliberately took Shane Walsh out of it. They just grappelled and he threw him to the ground, It didn’t look as bad as Conroy dragging Aido along the ground a few years ago, Great work by management at half time e, introducing 2 subs and more importantly getting the match ups right, Conroy. Comer and Walsh all very quiet in second half.

  77. Can’t ever recall any players ever being sanctioned retrospectively for a tunnel incident?? Worst I can see happening is both County boards being fined a couple of grand.

  78. Fair play to Meath for complaining. It may seem like a small thing but it’s just another 1 of a million small thing. Apathy is the biggest threat to the GAA now. We’re all just told to shut up and get on with it but no team should have to play in an inherently unfair competition.

  79. I can just picture the smug smartass little minion in charge of the tape deck.

  80. I think Comers yellow card was for an accumulation of fouls – it was at least his third personal foul of the half- rather than for that individual foul on it’s own.

  81. Haven’t been able to see a replay of the game so can’t confirm who it was that clashed / butted O’Shea in the small square just before have time or if it was the Number 3 or 13 that made the move towards O’Shea in the tunnel ,.
    Anyone know who it was that made contact with O’Shea’s face in the small square ? and was it the same player in the tunnel

  82. Jeff.Number 3 in the clash of heads with Aiden. Looks like 3 again in tunnel. Diff not 13 wasn’t that Finnerty who went off injured.

  83. Looking back at the game again it looks like a shoulder injury to O’Hora. Not ribs.

  84. Number 3 three it was then , and the report i read said it was ribs he went to hospital with

  85. AOS and Mulkerins clashed heads lads total accident. O Hora off the ball foul on Walsh wont be forgotten. Dublin can be beaten though if there is no “bad 20 minutes”. I would be concerned that Con could do serious damage if that were to happen. I want to see 60 mins on the clock and Mayo within 2 points of the Dubs or ahead of them and then we will see if the Dubs have regressed. Pat Spillane is talking Kerry up so much you would wet yourself if they lose to Monaghan or Tyrone especially Tyrone. All to play for.

  86. Chesneychet – you needs to get your facts straight too. Footage of the incident shows without any doubt that Walsh instigated it by pulling back O’Hora, which was a seriously dumb thing to do. He only has himself to blame for what followed.

  87. Willie Joe is spot on there. Walsh started it, Padraic finished it. If your going acting the hard man you better be prepared to back it up. Personally find the sour grapes from PJ over this one pathetic. For as long as I can remember Galway folk have called us whingers and bottlers in football terms. How times have changed, they’re the ultimate bottlers, and are fast becoming the biggest whingers under PJ! Please God the County board give him another year or two.

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