Monday match reports

After another win for us yesterday – our third in a row in this year’s National League campaign – we’re sitting pretty at the top of the Division One table. That means more positive match coverage to wade through, which is never a bad way to start the week.

Let’s start this particular week, though, with a quick look at the Division One table as it stands after five rounds of games (here). This table, by the way, is compiled by the excellent GAA League Tables account (here). Anyone with a nerdy disposition in relation to information such as this – and I’ll readily confess to being in that camp – could do an awful lot worse than to follow this account on Twitter.

The table obviously looks good from our perspective. As I noted in the match report yesterday evening, we’re the only ones safe after five rounds and I can’t recall ever seeing the Division One table quite so bunched so late in the campaign.

Donegal – who we face next, up in Ballybofey, a venue we’ve never won at – look favourites for the hop but anyone from Armagh down is still in serious peril. Roscommon and Galway, while still not mathematically safe, are more likely to end up in the League final than they are getting sucked into the relegation mire.

Final word on the table – it’s nice, isn’t it, to see the top three places in Division One all occupied by Connacht teams? It’d be much nicer, of course, if those same three counties weren’t consigned to the same half of the Connacht SFC draw but that’s a different matter altogether.

Right, let’s get to that online coverage of yesterday’s rollercoaster ride against the Rossies.

Locals: Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Roscommon Herald, Westmeath Independent.

Nationals: Irish Examiner, Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Mirror (live blog, match report).

Others: GAA, RTÉ, The 42, Sports Joe.

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile, Michael Maye.

Video: GAA (highlights), Michael Maye (highlights), TG4 (Kevin McStay and Jack Carney post-match), GAA Fan TV (analysis).

If it’s audio you’re looking for, by the way, we put two separate Mayo Football Podcast shows online yesterday evening in wake of the match. We had a Final Whistle pod up little more than an hour after the match concluded and then later on last night we had a more in-depth match review pod. Both are available on Patreon. Details on becoming a club member and getting access to this and other great content are here.

Finally, there’s one report I can point you towards about Saturday’s U20 match. That’s by Michael Gallagher in the Mayo News and that’s here.

Right, that’s your lot for now. Don’t forget to vote in our MOTM poll if you haven’t yet done so – I’ll have the results of the poll later on this evening.

74 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Willie Joe, that IS a brilliant Twitter account. Didn’t know about it.

    Overall, as many a manager says, I took a lot of positives from yesterday. The Rossies have good forwards, and they will punish anyone who isn’t concentrating 100%; indeed they had to go for goals given their situation. We didn’t panic, and the way we worked the ball upfield for the last point was brilliant. The one two between Ryan and Mattie was fantastic – I just loved the way Mattie fired it over.

    Lots of good performances to demonstrate the strength of the squad system. Thought Jordan should have been subbed much earlier- nothing went right for him.

    Am I the only one who was impressed by the ref? We didn’t get everything, but even when decisions went against us I felt he was mostly doing the right thing.

  2. Thank you Willie Joe for always compiling these media reports, not a bad way to start a Monday morning.

    Great to get the win and confirm our safety. Cillian reminded everyone how good he can be. I thought Rory was rock solid and managed the game well towards the end.

    Sam Callinan was my motm. I though he was brilliant all day. He’s a big boy and I think theirs a championship place for him on that team. Carney played very well also, and I think he needed to put in a big performance and duly deilevered.

    Jordan had an off day and thats to be expected. Seeing Tommy leave Roscommon defenders for dead was good for the soul. The pace he had yesterday after a year injured was something else. Im so happy for him, a massive player for us.

    Finally, great to see so many changes to our team. I think we need to give game time to the likes of Robbie, Plunkett, Padraig and the two McLoughlins in the remaining games. Need to rest Diarmuid, Jordan and Mattie. No point risking all of them now. The only nagging feeling I have is Kevin did this with Roscommon in 2016, they blitzed the early part of the league as they were the fittest team by a country mile, only to hit the wall come championship when others caught up to speed and they couldnt sustain it. Hope this isn’t the case for us?

  3. Monday mornings are always easier after beating the Rossies.
    Looking ahead to Donegal match I hope we see lots of changes again. A lot depends if Kevin and Co really want to get to a league final or where their priorities are .
    I’m not sure where O Hora , Rob H or R Brick are injury wise but there definitely is a few that need more game time to sharpen up .
    Rob / Reape
    Callinan McBrien Coyne
    Duncan Coen E McL
    Loftus Mattie ( need plan B for midfield)
    Bob T ,McStay Jason Doherty
    Tommy Aiden Cillian .
    Lots of quality on the bench if needed…
    We are safe so great opportunity to give lads a run against Donegal and can afford to make more changes V Monaghan….

  4. Willie Joe I think the RTE GAA Fixtures and Results website the best of all,as it gives all the latest and previous results, all future fixtures and tables for all divisions.Plus on match days it gives live scores on the games all on the same page and it’s very easy to follow. Lovely feeling coming away from Hyde Park yesterday with two points listening to the Rossies saying how they should have won.Pity we didn’t win by a bigger margin though,the last few minutes were heart stopping but there’s always a bit of drama with Mayo.

  5. Sorry, one last point/question – Why do the rossies hate us “footballing wise”? Over heard some of them yesterday, and I was quite shocked with what was being said. Now, it was all in a footballing sense and would be similar to what we’d say ourselves about the Dubs back in the day. But that was a genuine rivalry. I might be missing something here, but I just don’t get it. I presume these were maybe Ballaghaderreen rossies, but jesus the venom was something else. I’d never have classed them as rivals, like Galway or Dublin. I felt like telling them to chill out, we’re not the divil as they say.

  6. looking at it, possible fall into league final, even if we don’t win a game from here to end of league. So I think we going to have to plan for this eventuality. While Connaugh championship, were are head should be at, I think Tommy Conroy, Cillian, Paddy Durcan, can benfited from more games. Only downside, would like to give DO’C, Aidan & put Ryan O’Donoghue a break. Also sure Robbie come into contentions for goalie, in next 2/3 matches, possible Eoghan, Padraig O’Hora & Kevin McLoughlin. Paul Towey could do with more game time. From my playing days, which a while ago, nothing brings on fitness like matches, so we need to trust the S&C team to have a little more of a say on who would benifit from rest to who could do with games.

  7. Margie, thankfully that venom is confined to the football side of things.
    I know of seven Roscommon/Mayo marriages in my circle of friends alone. I have to confess that mine is one of them. I come from the Castlebar area, but am married to a Roscommon woman and living in the county.

  8. Margie, until such time as when Mayo go and win the All Ireland then the spite from some of the Rossies and other Counties will stop, they are an unusual breed.
    I suppose Ballaghaderreen has a lot to do with it.

  9. Just listened to examiner podcast and Neil Ewing from Sligo seems to share that same hatred towards Mayo that some of the rossies do.

  10. It looks like score difference will decide the final pairing. Another non defeat for mayo would more than likely set them up for a final and I’d expect score difference to be needed for the opposition. My money would be on kerry as I find it hard to see another team winning the last 2 games and that’s not to say kerry will win both but they’d be the most likely to do so

  11. It would have to be the most freakish set of results probably ever seen in the league to relegate Roscommon or Galway. Both are very much in the league final mix, but I still think its most likely Kerry that make the final. Its out of their hands in theory, but I’d be surprised if Armagh won their last 2.

    Most likely scenario is Galway, Mayo, Kerry and Tyrone wins next day out. Kerry will have reigned in the Roscommon score difference in that scenario, meaning a straight shoot-out between themselves and Galway, with Kerry knowing exactly how much they need to win by in Pearse Stadium. Its hard to see Tyrone hammering anyone at present so I don’t see them eating too much into the Kerry/Galway GD next time out.

    Galway can probably as good as assure their place with a heavy win in Armagh but they’re not scoring enough for that to be a realistic aspiration really, although they should have enough to win it. I’d say Joyce is happy to have survived by now, and we could see a bit of experimentation in the last two games as I’m not sure he’s too pushed to make a league final. The Rossies probably the same

    Its incredibly tight at both ends but its just a pity that’s more down to the quality being so poor. It could well turn out the Division 2 final is actually better than the Division 1 version – Derry and Dublin gave us a treat on Saturday. There’s no doubt Derry would have made the D1 final on this form

  12. @Observer2, Absolutely it was just in a footballing sense, I really do want to make that point clear. My son was given a bag of tayto by one of them, lovely people, the venom was purely in a footballing sense. If we had beaten them in a controversial way in an All Ireland quarter of semi, id understand, just didn’t get it.

    @Mayo88, yes very bitter indeed. If the fans are reflective of the team we need to be on our guard in April.

  13. JKEL88, not sure how you came to that conclusion. I thought he spoke very positively about Mayo in the Examiner pod.

  14. The Roscommon game was a good reality check for us. I agree with catcol above. Jordan had one of those days when nothing went right down to basic ball handling and should have been substituted. Lot of the heavy lifting at midfield left to DOC, incredible player. We need a commanding player who can marshall defence at CHB. Loftus has done well but not the complete central defender.
    Carney is getting the most out of forwards and id be leaving him at CHF to keep them buzzing.
    The major analysis is around the two soft goals and how we close off games. We can thank Roscommon for highlighting those issues. For much of the game we played good controlled football.

  15. Liberal role in the tie – He literally spent 2 minutes saying how much he hated Mayo from a footballing perspective how could you not come to the conclusion. It is a very good listen and i wouldn’t be taking any hard feelings from it.

  16. @Margie I wouldn’t pay heed to their bitterness not all Rosscommon folk now but quite a few can’t stand mayo gaa I guess it’s cause were always nearly at the business end of the championship every year and everyone hates the teams on top as someone said above until we win an all Ireland the bitterness will continue but it might continue even when we do (I know we eill win it one day ) haha my mate is a rossie and he always slags me off even when we lost in 21 said well mayo feel they are entitled to an all Ireland I said not true at all haha! Anyway I wouldnt mind what people say !

    Great article @willie Joe. We have lots to work on for sure but loads of positives great to give the guys game time they needed it and held up well against an in form Rossies team!

    Yes goals where leaked in but management will work on it in a way I am glad we difmdn’t nlitz the Rossies as it will keep us focused & level headed !

    Great to beat the Rossies at home even with all the changes made from the team that beat kerry&Tyrone! We are in a good place.

  17. How is more not being mate of enda smiths stamp on Mattie Ruanes thigh? A dangerous filthy act that could have caused serious injury. I know ruane was holding the ball intentionally time wasting but nothing warrants that reaction. If Clifford was on the receiving end of that, there’d be national outrage. smith should get a hefty ban in my opinion

  18. @Our Time has come I saw that thought it was disgraceful by the Rossie player yes ruanne was holding onto the ball as you said and wasting time but that was disgusting behaviour by the Rossie could have knocked mattie out of the Donegal game with an injury after that shocking ref did nothing. Agree if it had been clifford we would never hear the end of it!

  19. Didn’t Saint Cliffford pull Rory Brickenden off the ground in Castlebar, after the Westport man badly injured his shoulder? Maybe I heard that wrong on one of the pods, but I think it’s true.

  20. Also, did anyone see the punch Diarmuid got into the stomach in a similar incident to Ruane’s? Ref missed it but linesman saw it, overturned the free and gave a hope ball. But the Ross player only got yellow?

    Seriously, the officiating is getting really poor. Not in a biased way, just a real drop on 3-4 years ago. I thought the ref was generally not sharp. Twice in the game he signalled frees the wrong direction to what he meant!

  21. @Clare, I totally agree. Its better to be hated as it show we’re doing something right. I couldn’t give a hoot how we’re perceived by other Counties.

    We have a lot of issues to iron out over the next few weeks, the defemsive system was brutally exposed on two occasions by roscommon. We seemed to all get drawn to the kickout with no one slotting back to cover the middle. These things need fixing, and thankfully we’re learning this now. A lot of our hand passing was sloppy at times, we gifted back posession too easily on some occasions. Lots to improve on, but thats a good place to be.

    I’m off the opinion that the league final is a complete and utter waste of time for us. We have no business playing that game a week before 1st round of Championship. I think we’ll meet Kerry who can go all out on the day, we’ll have to field a severely weakend team in order to be fresh for roscommon. That only increase’s the risk of another hiding from Kerry in a league final. Its a poison chalice for us this year. You know the system is flawed, when the result of doing well in the league compromises your performance in Championship.

  22. Margie, you ask why do the Rossies hate us ‘footballing wise’. Well, I blame Andy Moran as he had the audacity to kiss the Mayo crest after scoring a goal in an FBD league game some years ago. It reminds me of the Bourbon Kings in France after the abdication of Napoleon. Historians used to say — ‘they learned nothing and forgot nothing’

  23. I thought the Rossies No 8, I think O’Rourke is his name, could have gone into the refs book on several occasions and possibly should have seen the line yesterday.

  24. The “Rossies” don’t “Hate” Mayo at all.. ( not that anyone can account for all various emotions of thousands of Roscommon fans any more than can account for the various emotions of Mayo fans) Anyone driving through Roscommon in September 2021 to the All Ireland final would have seen as many Mayo flags as you see in Mayo. And even if a few Mayo fans seems to look for evidence to the contrary..Mayo fans don’t “Hate” the Rossies either. Both Mayo and Roscommon fans hate losing to each other, but that’s a different thing altogether, and gives the rivalry a bit of spice, it means something to us. Remember this, the Roscommon County Board facilitated Mayo for one their “Home” league macth’s last year.

  25. Sean Fada, I’m learning something from your history reference. Occasionally this blog goes into all sorts of territory in our discussions of Mayo football. Another adventure.

  26. Not getting into the why Ros hate us debate, it’s similar to our dislike of the Dubs, we’ve had the better of Ros for most of the last 20 years and they like us are football mad.
    As for Ref comments I thought he was pretty good in the 1st half and made some mistakes as it went on notably a free against Tommy C for not even touching his man and the yellow that should be red. A few other dodgy frees against us though Ros fans might say the same.

  27. I think it was Ciaran who made reference to points difference, determining league positions.
    But I thought I read somewhere that head to head is the first port of call to seperate teams finishing level on points.
    Can anyone clarify the position ?

  28. All in all if the Rossies were in an All Ireland semi of better still a Final I would be shouting for them, provided it wasn’t Mayo they were playing.

    This years League reminds me of 2001, Mayo v Galway in Div 1 league final and Ros v Sligo in Div 2 or 3 league final.

    I don’t know how the championship works this year but imagine if 2 Connaught Counties contested the All Ireland final, certainly could happen in the league final.

  29. Observer, it is who ever won when they played if 2 teams involved and points difference if more than 2; teams

  30. Mayo first and our province connacht second. Large majority of Ros supporters are like ourselves, decent people, proud of their county. And indeed their county is dotted with green and red once we are the provincial representatives.
    It would be far more useful if posters identified areas of improvement than this hatred nonsense. And could ye park Clifford too.
    Picking up on some other poster, imo, the standard of refeering and coordination with linesmen is letting the game down. Linesmen turning a blind eye to incidents happening under their noses is not good enough

  31. Here’s a slightly worrying stat: At the end of 5 rounds in the ’22 campaign we had conceded 3 goals. For ’23 the figure is 5.

  32. Cavan we beat in Castlebar 2019, I think that’s the most recent meeting

    I think it’s Longford myself, I don’t think we’ve met since.

    Not a particularly meaningful stat but does show how tough we are to beat in recent seasons.

    The comments above on how other counties perceive us, got me thinking about what counties are more often than getting results against us. There’s not a lot of them

    For a lot of counties, in particular outside Connacht, drawing Mayo is the end of road. I wonder if we’re developing a bit of an aura?

  33. @Our time has come

    That incident happened in front of me, going by viewing it since on TV the angle made it appear worse than it was. Ruane was too his feet straight away, different story if he got studs on his leg.

  34. We could have and should have beaten Ros by 10 points plus yesterday . we are a way superior team. I see no problem with us in a League final on April fools day and being ready for the Rossies 8 days later

  35. Obeserver2. It may be my post your referring to about points difference deciding who plays in the final. If 2 teams are level it goes head to head (whoever won the game between those teams) but if there’s more than 2 teams level on points then it goes to score difference to decide

  36. The Cox dive anyone? Embarrassing. Sorry if it’s been mentioned already haven’t looked back on comments since the game. Enda Smith disgraceful act, We’re no saints ourselves but ffs add the punch on Diarmuid as well. Definitely looking forward to the more meaningful game ahead.

  37. @michaelincork
    Way superior team and yet could have lost with the last kick of the game.

    I suspect a half strength team will be played in the league final and full strength for Rossie championship game a week later. Then again Mayo have strong 15 regardless of the changes made.

  38. It just looked to me like Ruane might have got contact accidentally when Smith was moving around trying to free the ball and himself. I didn’t see any deliberate stamp. The camera was zoomed out a good bit.

  39. This practice of players lying on the ball preventing the opposition from taking a quick free leads to a lot of frustration.
    Simple solution – when it happens and quick free is prevented – award a 21 yard free in front of the goal. This will stop it immediately.

  40. Agreed South Mayo. There’s so much ill discipline in football that could easily be stamped out if the GAA wanted to. None of that excuses the punch or the stamp at the weekend though.

  41. Horan said on the Examiner pod that “Mayo ran out of juice” towards the end. That makes a lot of sense, and he’d have a far better idea than all of us geniuses put together! Look, overall Mayo controlled that match for the most part which is encouraging.

    Leaking goals is still a concern but hopefully it’s just a case of early-March hiccups and tiredness from heavy training blocks (whatever they are. Anyone know by the way?).

    When McStay was a pundit, his biggest criticism of Mayo was our inability to convert possession to scores, that “Mayo don’t respect possession” etc. Well, he has changed that given we’re averaging 18 points a game now and are spoiled for choice in the FF line. Who’d have thunk it, eh? Not me.

    Yeah, yeah, we’re still leaking goals, but one thing at a time folks…. God we’ve some amount of Moaning Michaels in this county.

  42. Just to be clear I have nothing at all against the Rossies they are lovely decent people and proud of their county &football team the same way we are of mayo !

    I would never have considered the Rossies rivals though more Galway . But it’s still good to beat the Rossies ha.

    They don’t hate us but guess get frustrated maybe playing against us and thats where the bitterness comes from but sure doesn’t every county have some bitterness towards certain counties?

    But at the end of the day it’s generally all a bit of craic and it’s what makes the GAA so entertaining !

    Onwards&upwards to Donegal that will be a tough test now…

  43. Jesus I’d saballaghdereen is like the gaza strip around the days before and after mayo rossie games….

  44. Margie……that venom goes back to the annexation of Mayo territory by Ross around 1898 !

  45. By rotating the squad (which he’ll undoubtedly do for the next two matches) i think McStay really has an eye towards the round-robin All Ireland series in high summer when squad depth could be key. We’ll see then if it pays off, or if a team like Derry, who are sticking with pretty much the same 15, reap the rewards of consistent selection. Great discussion on this on today’s RTE pod with Eamonn Fitz et al.

    For instance, if Derry get a couple of high profile injuries they could get absolutely stuffed. They’ve still an attritional Ulster championship to get through. Long summer yet…..

    Thankfully our current rotation of players isn’t weakening our team, so hopefully we’ll continue winning, and scoring big. Tighten up at the back, and we’ll be singing.

  46. I think it’s time now we rose up, and took back Ballaghadreen once and for all!

  47. Before the dirty punch Diarmuid had kicked out(reflex?) as he was been attacked in a three man tackle. The stamp on Ruane was dead in front of me, it was deliberate to try and make Matthew release the ball.

  48. The punch, the stamp, the Conor Cox dive and yet the Mayo lads managed to keep their heads. Lack of discipline has cost teams many times, so well done to our players. I commented on one of the earlier blogs about the amount of diving and playacting going on on that particular weekend notably in the Dublin/Cork and Roscommon/Armagh games. I’m afraid to say but the Rossies are serial divers. Having said that, the individual award for dive of the weekend has to go to Galway captain Sean Kelly for his shameful and outrageous dive to try and get the Monaghan player sent off. It really is past time that the association eliminates this stuff from the game.

  49. Sadly Ballaghaderreen isn’t the town it once was.. drive through it and you will understand.

    Football wise I agree with a previous poster, we can make a good few changes and still have a very strong 15.. the trick for management now is to get a 15 that gel, and have a 15 that’s finishing games very strongly.. this may mean a couple of big hitters warming the bench until 20 to go.. not that they not good enough to start, not at all, but more so that we finish with a very strong team. Dublin used this to serious effect as we well know! So did Kerry years ago with Galvin making way for the rapid o sullivan to come on and make hay on a tired defence etc! I really feel we are in a very good position atm

  50. The punch on Diarmuid was also awful no need for it like.. diarmuid is a classy guy and wouldn’t put up with that but can stand up for himself also.

    We are no angels ourselves either but sure its the gaa you need to be tough in this game but its over the top the stamp on mattie and hit on Diarmuid uncalled for.

    Thought the Rossies manager was a bit ott at times he just seemed to be fuming at everything but sure don’t blame either in their home grounds we held them scorless for a good period should have won by more but anyway ..

    Thought paddy durcan was right back to his form to great game by him I think he will be a great captain for 23 along with Tommy c and stephen coen as vice captains!

    Know I am biased & early days but exciting times for mayo whatever happens this year we have our mojo& energy back…

  51. Thought Cooke’s full body weight knee down on the Monaghan lad’s rib cage was a shitty sly foul at the weekend too……..

  52. The goal concessions is what has crucified us before.
    It’s not a good trend on that front, especially given we play with a Foxford wollen style blanket, we are still susceptible to attacks straight down the middle of our defence.

    The round robin this year is some joke, is it 24 games to eliminate 4 teams?

  53. Saw neutrals on other forums said Rossie player should have action taken against him over stamp on mattie ruane didn’t go un noticed ..

    But will action be taken? I highly doubt it

  54. God bless your naivety Leantimes the Mayo flags you spotted in County Roscommon on your way to the All Ireland were either Mayo people living in Roscommon or businesses touting for Mayo fans money. They despise Mayo and I know for a fact they cheered on the Dubs in pubs all over the county on All Ireland days. As regards Ballaghaderreen, the club was always in Mayo and always will be.But having said all that I would still support them if they were ever to reach an All Ireland final ,wish the support was reciprocal.

  55. Wonder is Jack any relation of the
    famous Padriag
    Thoes red an green flags are also the colours of a rossie club

  56. @Mayojoe.. There is no such thing as “They” referring to the opinion of population of Roscommon, at as if they all had the same opinion or affection for their wonderful neighbors in the county to the west of them, namely Us Mayo…The vast majority of Mayo flags I noticed were on actually on private house’s .. Can’t see any business or financial advantage in that… and I doubt they all were Mayo people either. I remember 2006 , when the Football Fans both Leitrim ladies and Roscommon Minors supported Mayo in Croke Park when we beat Dublin. The West was fairly awake that August Sunday alright. For heaven’s sake even the Football Fans of Meath minor’s (who Roscommon had beaten in the curtain raiser, however I heard it suggested that might have more to do with some lack of affection for Dublin, rather than their love of Mayo) supported Mayo on that wonderful occasion. We are much better loved than you realize, Mayojoe yes even the Rossies love us, and how could they not love us?. For instance if some of them ever read this blog, and I’m sure they do, read the posts, always staying respectful and generous of our neighbors to the North, East and South of Mayo. You certainly never heard a bad word about Mayo from the famous ‘Barber in Roscommon’ I can’t think of his name right now… Best just to sit back and glow in the affection that our neighbors have for us!

  57. @leantimes The Rossies do hate us. Any flags that might be hung in Roscommon are due to intermarriage, and not from the Roscommmon side.

  58. The approach to the next two games is a hard call. I fully get the opinion of winning games is a good habit. But then I also get the point of the risk of injuries…
    I myself was thinking if we get safe with a result against Ross, run the bench and try lads out but then I was thinking, how do mgmt know our best team if team keeps changing…
    There is so much to think about. I think if we were offered this at Christmas tho we would all have been delighted.

  59. There are so many things to consider.. from keeping the winning run going, giving the wider panel a run, resting lads due to niggles or fatigue etc in general players rather play matches is my experience.. we have good headaches at the moment!!

  60. @Dathi…The Rossies must be getting married to people that they don’t love, ie Mayo people in that case or Mayo people must be getting married to Rossies who don’t love them.. That must have been an intriguing Valentine’s Day recently. who’d have thunk it!

  61. In fairness the Mayo flags outside every house is gone since the Tyrone all Ireland a lot of people woke up and smelled the coffee when they seen the low amount tickets given to Mayo supporters

  62. Lads, if it’s in South Ros ye spotted those flags, I’m not so sure they’re Mayo flags.
    Im open to correction, but I believe there’s a big club down that side with the same colours as ourselves.

  63. @Williamstown Gerry…Yes are right and you can be sure that the same would apply again if Mayo were to reach another final. Scant regards for those who have supported and bankrolled both Mayo and those well paid suits in Croke Park. In their multitude Mayo supporters have been best the GAA has ever known, the proverbial Golden Geese who has laid all the Golden Eggs.. And the vultures know only too well how to pluck the bird!

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