Monday match reports

There were two matches involving the county over the weekend just gone and there’s a bit of online coverage about both of them. Nothing for it, then, but to give them the Monday match reports treatment.

The county’s women footballers reclaimed the Connacht SFC title yesterday, beating defending champions Galway by seven points at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park. Here are the links to what’s available online about this game:

Match reports: Mayo News, Irish Examiner, Ladies Gaelic (this report by Ivan Smyth is carried by several outlets, including the Irish Times, Irish Independent, The 42 and Connaught Telegraph).

Photos: Sportsfile.

The Minors’ win over Leitrim on Friday evening also garnered a bit of coverage. Here’s what’s available online about that one:

Match reports: Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Leitrim Observer, Irish Independent.

That’s the lot. Enjoy your Monday, all.

6 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. Sorry to say I switched over to watch the Arsenal game halfway through the GAA as the 2 finals were complete non-events as will the leinster final be, as usual Ulster the only potential meaningful provincial final.

    Galway humming nicely it must be said and that panel has improved significantly on last year (Cooke ,mcgrath, Ian burke, maher, sweeney all pushing hard as starters)

  2. Have to say that was a fantastic win for the ladies against a really good Galway team .
    Great to see all the hard work paying off .
    Well done team and management

  3. Fair play WJ on giving the ladies team all the coverage on the blog as usual.
    It’s a bit disappointing as some heavily involved in ladies football ( not in Mayo ) that there was far more comments congratulating Sligo u20s than our own Ladies team on a superb win over Galway. Ladies coverage and support is improving year on year which is a positive I suppose.

  4. Congratulations to the Mayo women’s Footballer’s, brilliant achievement. Congratulations to Galway Senior Footballer’s, Congratulations to the Sligo U20 Footballer’s, I’m sure everyone in Connacht is wishing them well in the upcoming All Ireland final. And of course some things are much more important than sport, Sincere Condolences to the Clifford Family in Kerry. . Yesterday watching RTE TV, I heard Lee Keegan talk about Sligo’s defeat and the upcoming game Sligo v Kildare, and in his knowledge of Sligo manager Tony McEntee (of course Tony was part of the Stephen Rochford back room team in Mayo a few years ago) It’s “Black and White with Tony” says Lee Keegan.. well you don’t get it much more Black and White than Sligo v Kildare, would that be called a Freudian slip, or a happy coincidence, I don’t know?. ..I wonder how many Mayo fans will make the long journey South to Killarney, nothing like 2019 would be my guess. There is a cost of living crisis, inflation and of course just pure opportune price gouging, and regardless of the outcome at least 2 more match’s after that and probably only need to win one of them match’s to progress further. It actually could be the scenario that Mayo (or anyone else) need to play 6 more match’s and can lose 2 of them to reach an All Ireland final..way too much.. I think this new format is ridiculous and it won’t grab the public attention!

  5. Another fly in the ointment of this new formula. Take Sligo case for incidence. For the year 2024..the Only way Sligo can garunteed themselves a place in next year’s race for Sam Maguire is to reach next year’s Connacht Final.. They cannot garuntee themselves a place via the league even though they are prompted to division 3. They could win Division 3, and this would only seed them @ No 14 according to the league seedings system and you need to be in the top 7 of the League seedings system….Where as had Sligo competed in this year’s Tailtain Cup competition and won it they would be garunteed a place in next year’s race for Sam… Even in this outrageous unlikely seneario that Sligo were to actually win Sam Maguire this year 2023, .. Sligo under the rules that are written down (and presumably can’t be changed mid tournament) can’t automatically qualify for the 2024 version of the Sam Maguire Championship. ..

  6. Unfortunately I think ye are right about the amount who will turn up and I think that gives Kerry an even bigger lift ( not they’ll need one ,) , I’m a firm believer in the bigger the mayo crowd the better . If I were to gauge it by my small circle who usually go I’d estimate you’ll only see 60% of what would usually go .

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