Monday match reports

It’s the day after the match, I’m still in the west and it’s still roasting. There’s nothing like an Irish summer’s day when the sun decides to shine.

Here’s what’s online about our one-point win over a battling Louth side yesterday:

Locals: Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Dundalk Democrat, LM FM.

Nationals: Irish Independent (match report, Kevin McStay quotes), Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Mirror (live blog), Belfast Telegraph.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, post-match quotes), The 42,

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: GAA (highlights), Michael Maye.

Stats: GAA Statsman.

The Mayo Football Podcast is, of course, always worth a listen and our latest Final Whistle pod, recorded yesterday at MacHale Park and released on Patreon a short while later, is no exception. Rob and I are on it, with Ed McGreal and Dan Bannon from the Louth and Proud podcast, while Rob also gets post-match analysis from Colm Boyle and reaction to the win from Kevin McStay. The pod’s available to our club members on Patreon, join the club here.

Finally, the MOTM poll is still open. Aidan looks set for two MOTM gongs in a row as he has a solid lead in the voting but there’s still time to cast your ballot here on the blog if you haven’t yet done so.

Back later on this evening with the result of the MOTM poll. In the meantime, enjoy this truly glorious Bank Holiday Monday.

87 thoughts on “Monday match reports

  1. That’s what I’m hearing too, though nothing confirmed yet. Seems like the neighbours might be getting a run-out at HQ as well, which clearly isn’t right but is so GAA.

  2. Can I just say ,and I play up to it all time we won that is all that matters,but we need to be a little more measured in our response to games,I have been guilty of blaming refs,managers,and players,but now I know that they don’t go out to get beaten ,it is a game after all not a war,most of them have to go to work today, I know that I enjoy the banter as much as the result now the Mayo for Sam but is just fun not to be taking seriously,I have many Kerry friends who when asked are you going to the match would say no I will wait for the final,it is just banter nothing more or less,we have had many years of enjoyment following Mayo I hope that it lasts for many more years and that we will get Sam to Mayo,enjoy the sunshine just like all the outstanding teams it eventually will rain again

  3. McStay comments (Indo) are quite good. Reassuring to re Diarmuid.

    Dare I say it, but this structure is quite good. Every team has a chance in the next tie – win and you’re in. Kildare versus Roscommon should be saucy.

    We have to win to top the group; technically draw, but as Kevin says, this isn’t soccer. And, dare I say it again, perhaps a prelim quarter final winner might arrive in better shape than us in the QF? Tyrone might meet us and be formidable. Louth weren’t too tired after last last week’s tough one against Cork.

    So, all to play for, and that’s how it should be.

  4. t seems to me that Mayo’s plan yesterday was to do enough to win without busting a gut or risking injury and, to be fair, going in to injury time that’s exactly what the team had done – five points up, done and dusted. But then a lapse in concentration nearly led to disaster. I’m sure that lapse will be firmly addressed by management. So, I really don’t see the need for all the lamentation and plans to tear up a few rows of seats in McHale Park

  5. Actually I dont agree with those who said we took it easy to avoid injury etc.Let us call it what it was..a very poor performance.Louth offered little but we constantly ran into cul de saca and it seems we learned nothing from Roscommon game.It also seems a game at home anymore is not an advantage.Allowing a goal like that needs to be looked at and Reapes positioning at times was quite a worry even though he is a fine player.
    Improvement needed and from management team especially

  6. Grainne Uaile I like that… bought a smile to my face!!
    Well done Mayo. Enjoy the sunshine while we have it.
    Maigheo go deo.

  7. Question… At one stage of the game yesterday a louth player fields the ball and calls a mark around midfield from a mayo kickout then as a result of mayo not retreating fast enough the ref brings the ball forward 13m at which time the free becomes scoreable then sam Mulroy takes over and scored. The rule states the catcher must take the mark or the replacement kicker may not score direct. Suppose my question is due to not retreating fast enough did the mark now turn to a standard free thus allowing Mulroy to take the kick.

  8. Y’know what happens each season.
    We think we have huge squad depth. Then we realize there’s a core 10 players that we need fit for each game starting or coming on.

  9. Actually the game yesterday was a good result for us if that sounds strange ha but keeps us all level headed and there will certainly be no ‘hype’ around us now just the way we like it .

    People are saying cork might beat us now to maybe so but we’re better not as favourites anyway !

    @Grainne unaile good post I liked it!

  10. Two different issues @ No doubt.
    One was a kick out mark.
    Other was a forward mark.
    If not retreating it becomes a free.
    Forward must take scoring mark unless injured

  11. A few thoughts..
    The weather definitely had an effect on both teams so well done to them all.
    Louth did exactly what everyone expected and fair play to them. At times Mayo had 15 men in their own half so even though not as much as other teams Mayo have their own version of the ” shawl”
    The ref was fine within reason but he definitely was extremely lenient on Reapes kickout after the goal, between the goal going in and by the time he eventually kicked it out was a minute; so Louth will feel a little hard done by…
    As seen over the weekend all the big guns got results that were needed nothing too stylish so it’s a case of as we were on Friday..

  12. WJ I hope no round 3 games are in CP. The crowd for Ros Clare ye and Kildare last year was very poor. Praying that our game with Armagh is in Cavan. 15k at a provincial venue far better than a double header 30k in a souless CP.

  13. @Tuanstar don’t think the ref was to lenient on reapes kick out in the rossies game he actually waved the goalkeeper on as he was taking to long time wasting and said hurry it up pretty much to so he would have done the same thing to reape if he felt like he was taking to long .

    But each to their own opinion ..

  14. When the dust settles the following day even after a defeat everything seems a bit better.we have to have trust in our management that they will make alterations to things that don’t appear to be working.talking to a few lads last night not mayo people they are convinced that mayo and the other big teams are not showing their hand.not convinced by that myself but time will tell.most people I talk to now are disgusted with the state of the game at the’s becoming less and less entertaining and is now becoming very stressful to endure 70 minutes of total thing that remains constant is our crazy inability to see out games properly.If we were 10 points up in injury time in an all Ireland final I would still be a nervous wreck

  15. Hopefully there’s a bit of sense this time re jersey colours or I might as well stay at home.

  16. @anyup.i don’t fully understand your explanation. This was a kickout mark but did it then turn into a normal free kick after the non retreat

  17. KC, will there be 8k at the Mayo Cork game? I’d say it be tight for it.
    No doubt, I’d imagine it is a free that anyone can take at that point.

    Very challenging conditions for both teams yesterday. But results across the board as expected. The top teams will be in the quarter finals bar maybe one mild shock. That’s the way the cookie usually crumbles.

    Worrying thing for me from yesterday, and similar to the Roscommon loss and the two drawn league games where we were in commanding positions is on the line. Despite our extremely experienced management team we have been out thought by Mickey Harte and Davy Bourke in two of the 3 most important games this year.
    We play expansive football and kick the ball a bit more when teams don’t set up to defend against us, otherwise like yesterday it’s as you were for the last 10 years, but possibly in a slower fashion due to personnel changes. Aido drifts out, we never try the odd long diagonal in (which seems to be where most goals come from).
    We haven’t addressed our own openness at the back either.
    Leaving Tommy on after the head injury seemed a bit wreckless as well even a temporary HIA would have been a good precaution. I’m not a medical expert but have seen how concussion injuries can appear fine in immediate aftermath and then a short while later a lad can be getting sick or talking gobbledygook. Luckily the bruising and marks appear superficial.

    I can’t imagine Tullamore will be the venue for cork, most likely it will be Limerick.

  18. I hope it is tullamore , lovely ground , train service from Westport , ballina , Manulla , foxford , castlebar, Claremorris, ballyhaunis and into castlrea for the ballagh mayo ones . For Dublin based supporters same train but the other way of course .

  19. Gizmobobs Limerick for ye would be like a double header in CP. I would suggest Tullamore or Ennis for a bit of atmosphere to cater for whatever crowd turn up. We have had a few atmospheric hurling games there in years gone by against the Cats and Dublin. If Longford was a little bigger I would be touting for that but Cavan will be plenty big for our game against Armagh (looking at a crowd between 10k and 15k).

  20. Tullamore would be the perfect venue for us..full size pitch 145m x 90m. All of 8m wider than McHale and matching Croke Park.
    Cork will test is to the full and that’s. What we need. They have nothing to lose and will make us pay the price for wreckless defending.

  21. There are lessons to be learned from yesterday’s game. Grainne Uaile and Clare have it right. We need to hold concentration for all of the match including extra time even if you are five points up.It is a natural tendency to think your home and hosed in such a situation. Hopefully lesson learned. The other lesson is we must be more ruthless and intelligent in taking our goal chances. We fluffed a couple against Louth and only scored one of six very scorable goal opportunities against Kerry. A goal not scored and a goal conceded is a six point difference on the scorelines. Goals can win matches especially when things are tight.
    Blanket defences are ruining the game. We have to move the ball very fast on turnover. Lobbing a high ball into Aidan might be a good tactic in the counter offensive.

  22. Tuamstar considering the ref played 6 mins injury time rather than the designated 5, I can’t imagine Louth feeling aggrieved

  23. Mayo have a very strong backroom team that’s supposed to cover all areas of team tactics and so on.
    But after watching yesterday’s performance I’m wondering if there isn’t too many cooks in the Mayo kitchen…just wondering?

  24. Did we lose to Louth or something lads?. Seems the management team is getting in the neck from a load of self proclaimed experts here and elsewhere.
    We won, it wasn’t a great performance, had a number of unforced errors and missing 2 of the best players in the country (Cillian and Diarmuid). This was done playing a team who setup to smother attacking play and who are no pushovers themselves.
    I have to say I thought the crowd was fairly quiet yesterday too, though thankfully did not start to grumble when we were playing keep ball which is unfortunately exactly what we needed to do against a team like Louth.
    It was certainly a dour affair and not a game I’d be inclined to watch back, but the important thing is we got the 2 points that were on offer, and don’t appear to have picked up any injuries.
    Lots to work on but sure if we’d thrashed Louth we would have learnt nothing.

  25. FBD, they aren’t getting it in neck but given money being spent it seems fair to question certain elements when see failings repeated again and again.
    There was only over 11k there yesterday so it would naturally feel quieter as well.
    These games mean tack all, the top teams will get through. It’s an expensive process and I don’t think anyone was expecting a good spectator sport.

  26. I’d be happy enough with Tullamore.
    A big pitch and Mayo crowd could get a good atmosphere going there,also a bit of a novelty.
    I was only there once for All Ireland u21 semi v Dublin in 2016.We won by a point that day with a lot of our current team.DOC man of the match.
    Bring it on.

  27. Hopefully Diarmuid back for cork game anyone know what injury he had? Or where they just resting him ? Also cillian we badly need back he brings great experience to the younger guys I think and he’s always nearly guaranteed to score he’s been so unlucky with injuries !

  28. Clare both Cillian and Diarmuid are back full training this coming week according to KM.It was good to see neither team feigning injury yesterday in the searing heat and well done to Louth especially for that.Many a team come less far down the road and bring them antics.

  29. Muckle, you mentioned that “Goals can win matches especially when things are tight.”

    You mentioned a goal not scored and a goal conceded is a six point swing.

    I like your observations here.

  30. @ John + McHale. I would be worried about that too but the book will stop at McStay.
    The naievity of our defending is unreal.

  31. @Declan prendergrast great to hear that! We were really missing them yesterday. Thought when paddy hession and conroy came on we started to play much better to we also missed eoghan mc to he’s a great impact sub to be able to bring on..

    Really think it’s not all doom&gloom as many think though. Dubs had a poor game against the rossies who brought a blanket defence and then hammered kildare in an open game any team would have struggled against louth yesterday! Time to move on with lessons learnt cork will be a test but we are well able to beat them .

  32. I agree with FBD in asking the question “Did we lose to Louth or something lads?”

    I believe that the management team weighed a lot of different sides up carefully to ensure we came out the right side of the result yesterday. Remember that we heard a lot about “risk/reward” and “fine margins” in Rochford’s time.

    That was all we needed yesterday – a win.

    Playing against a blanket is a delicate balance. Two points, for example, can swing one of those games hugely. I’m wondering what’s the benefit of making those cuts into the D really? They are so much work and what do you ultimately get from it? It is important if we go behind though.

    If we bluster into the packed defence and get turned over, which happens easily, then I think that’s almost a guaranteed point down the other side. Do it once, OK. Bungle it twice or three times, small errors though they are, and the other team has a lead on you that’s very hard to claw back.

    There are very very small margins in these games.

    That’s for most teams bar the 2018 Dubs who made scoring against a packed defence look like fun. They had honed that precision skill but look what it made them afterwards – leaning on a robotic approach.

    So, yes the management did OK yesterday. Unforgivable for me, almost, is conceding that goal in the last 90 seconds. You protect your lead by (1) scoring yourself or drawing the other team out (2) defending like maniacs or (3) if all fails, holding possession far away from goal.

  33. The best player in the club championship last year came back into contention for the no 6 jersey after many months out injured.Its an option we did not have until now.I am a fan of a tougher centre half back and it may free up Diarmuid a bit to run into scoring positions.Definitley a positive from yesterday for me.

  34. I think we need to accept that a half forward line of Flynn, Carney and McDonagh/Doherty has many attributes but playmaking isn’t one of them. A full forward line from O’Donoghue, Carr, O’Shea, Cillian and Conroy is extremely dangerous with enough of the right ball. They will normally flourish against a footballing outfit but struggle with the anti-football types such as Roscommon. Surely if we have plenty of options inside the time has come for our best playmaker, Ryan O’Donoghue to be brought out to the forty where he can influence play rather than be starved of possession in the corner.

  35. Sunday June 18th
    Mayo v Cork 2.15pm Tullamore
    Dublin v Sligo 4pm Tullamore

  36. Joe did our FF line not spend the majority of the game out there yesterday? It’s hard to expect finishers to finish when they are tracking back for long parts of the game.
    I thought the new tactic now was fast ball in to our FF line but many times yesterday they were ball carrying or aido was out around the middle..
    I can see the idea, Carr and rod can kick points but it wasn’t working and it wasn’t changed.
    Hopefully this can be addressed and if Hession, DOC and TC aree fit the pace and ball in to FF line will speed up a bit…

  37. @Joe G. I would also be a fan of Ryan at 11. Jack Carney is a fine player, but Ryan would be a better playmaker. Also, against the blanket things need to happen a fraction quicker and you need to be able to see the difficult short lived window for a pass. Jack Carney is long and languid (what a nice word :)), Ryan is sharper to turn and sees things quicker. He’d have a fraction quicker release of the ball.

  38. JP. I agree, it’s the speed of thought and ability to make the pass without delay that can give the receiving player that half a yard extra to convert.

  39. Well done to Mayo. However, I don’t think people give Louth the credit they deserve. There is a great culture of team sport in the county, and Mickey Harte is building on those foundations.

    Cork imo are the great unknown. They caught my eye in league game v Dublin in PUC. A very competitive half back line – capable of breaking at devastating pace, and a finisher of the highest calibre in Brian Hurley.

    The league format will suit them, as I believe they will learn and continue to improve with every outing.

    Galway doing nicely. Although, like Louth, Westmeath proved very competitive opposition, and so, were grateful to come away with a win.

    The idea is to top your group, have the 2 week break before every match, and hopefully avoid serious injuries. Mulkerrin is now back to fitness, and Molloy also back at full training.

  40. You could put ROD anywhere in the forward line and he would play well. The big argument for leaving him inside, in my opinion, is that he can win his own ball. That gives the option to outfield players to let it in long to any of himself, Carr or O Shea.
    I would like to see Tommy Conroy starting if he’s ready. He would give the inside line, who are more than capable of winning possession, a very serious option to play it into his path at full tilt. Hard to stop without fouling.

  41. There can be no blame when you win. And certainly the team and management did well. But this fecking blanket defense is killing us. Roscommon beat us and Louth came close using keep ball and blanket defense. We were turned over a lot against Roscommon. This System is killing football. Has anyone any suggestions how to play against such tactics. Certainly any of the so called weaker teams will copy this when they play us. I think we have to move the ball fast on the counter attack. Derry seemed to be able to do this against Donegal. Probably requires huge energy and full use of the squad. Hope our backroom can come up with the answers.

  42. I don’t think people should give blanket defence credit though fair play to louth they did what they had to and it nearly worked for them but I hate that style of play . Was such a boring game to watch much like the dubs/rossies and and us v rosdies to stops the natural flow of the game!

    I saw an article said mayo couldn’t do their champagne style of football & entertain like they did against kerry thanks to a blanket defence which ruins the game and its so true.

  43. @Clare, there will be an even smaller crowd than yesterday more than likely for the next game. Do not see anything official on venues, when I do I’d expect it to be Limerick.
    Moose79, the new tactic is as you say, but only when teams don’t have a defensive strategy against us. When they do be don’t seem have a plan B and revert to old habits. We do not even seem to try the odd diagonal ball to keep fullback lines honest.
    We have two more games most likely to get this ironed out, as well as a defensive system of our own. But the worry for me is that there has not been much sign of tweaks being made.

  44. Cusack Park in Ennis makes the most sense given it’ll be a small crowd going. We shall see!

  45. Yea – – it` s killing the game. But we have to implement tactics to overcome it ! Have we done enough in the

    training sessions for this senario ? ie ….. to simulate a packed defense in training ourselves? We have enough

    bodies in the squad. We just can`t go on just saying this. How many times have we been caught out by it?

    Time to do something positive to counter it!!

  46. Tullamore would be a bit of a disaster for the loyal Cork football supporters that iI know . It is a 3 hour train journey with 2 changes. If it can’t be Limerick or Ennis then it should be portlaoise or even Croke Park. Those people in CP will probably pick somewhere else !!

  47. People here, think blanket defence, is the only games we lost in past 5 years. But we have lost to Kerry 2 years ago, they hadn’t a blanket. Lost to Roscommon this year, a sort of blanket defence. I think if Mayo play high intensity game. Not many teams can live with us. And need to do this in 3 matches quarter final, semi and final. Match against cork, win by a point I would be happy with Then time to bring Mayo, all bells and whistles. As I see it, this as open as a championship as I have seen in a long time. 5 teams on a par. Dublin, Kerry, Galway, Mayo and still think Tyrone will have a say on where Sam ends up. On any given day, any the above can knock each other out. Think need to beat at least 2 of above to end up with prize, and maybe 3 if draw unkind.

  48. @Gizmobobs yes very true actually! But it should be a much better atmosphere then a half empty croke Park ha!

  49. Ultimately the world we live in at a micro and macro level is heavily driven by money.
    Near term, not even long term, the GAA will be forced to implement rules which favour attacking play and weaken blanket odds of winning. People will vote with their feet or GAA Go accounts or TV viewing figures and not tune in.
    One of the matches I turned off to watch basic home cooking. I missed nothing of note and I make better scrambled eggs now.
    Until we out rule the blanket, ya, unfortunately we need to be really practiced in beating it.

  50. As a set of supporters in our county we are extremely quick to base everything on the last game. Hence we were great when we beat Galway in league final but very poor when Roscommon turfed us out the following Sunday. Likewise we were almost champions in waiting after beating Kerry but lots of doom and gloom around today because we only beat Louth by a point. Similarly we go from having an extremely strong panel one day to simply being unable to cope without one or two players (always the best players when not playing) the next day. Our backs are either great or wide open, while our forwards are either top class or still can’t cope with the blanket defence. McStay an co go from getting everything right to almost getting nothing right. Maybe it’s the same with all counties or is it just that we have been on such a roller coaster since 2011 that our good days become brilliant and our bad days become brutal. At least we are passionate about our team and that has to be positive. I just feel that we sometimes need to take a step back. We have quite a few inexperienced lads and they are not going to deliver consistent performances every day. Of course they will make mistakes and our past history must be a heavy burden on their collective shoulders. Likewise our management. Though experienced it is their first gig together in charge of Mayo. Look at the bigger picture. We won the FBD ( for what it’s worth) and we also won the league. We have lost 2 competitive games all year (one which didn’t matter). We beat the All Ireland champions away from home and sit pretty at the top of our group. ( Only Galway along with ourselves have won both games.) That is not a bad return for this year and it may get better, Bear in mind we lost Oisin and Lee Keegan, two outstanding talents from our defence. Imagine what this year will do experience wise for the likes of Reape, Callinan, Coyne, McBrien, Tuohy and many others. Young lads all thrown in at the deep end together and performing admirably. We are on an upward trajectory, moving purposefully in the right direction and will continue to improve. Allow the team and management to breathe. Give them our backing and support and see where that takes us. Maigh Eo Abu

  51. The only thing I’d be worried about will teams start using the blanket defence more against us now? Since they saw the rossies & louth really frustrate us with it but as other say we have to come up with tactics and learn to figure out how to break it ..

    As others said here as well me it’s really killing the game i found I a hard 70 minutes to watch yesterday not just cause mayo were struggling struggling it was such a flat game !!

  52. Even if it is a double header in Tullamore those times are completely wrong

  53. If Mickey didn’t want to come out to play yesterday then that was his perogative. We should really have won that game by 5 and there may have been a better mood about today. There were some positives. Mulroy was scoreless from play and our backs are learning on the job.
    If teams want to play defensively then fine. Let the opposition work it out. We are not the only ones who will struggle to break teams down. The Dubs have struggled in recent weeks against Kildare and the Rossies.
    On a separate note I see a lot of noise still about Roscommon playing keep ball for 6 minutes. Good for them. When Dublin do it its ball manipulation. Patient genuis. When they get beaten at their own game its boring and things need to change.

  54. Not for the time this year we butchered great goal chances and stupidly conceded a very late one. That was the difference between winning by one point or winning by ten! Had we been a bit more clinical up front and a little less careless at the back there wouldn’t be much talk about blankets.
    So the areas for improvement are fairly obvious to me.

  55. Someone here says that Harte out thought us tactically…i’d be very happy if we were out thought in every game if that was the case, seeing as we came away with a victory!

  56. We will play other defensive teams this year,Derry,Galway,Roscommon to name a few.We will not be playing a team like Louth (the most defensive desperate stuff I’ve ever seen)on a tight pitch again this year.Outside of a stupid lapse of concentration for the goal we managed the game and the conditions well.We won and need to move on.
    Cork can try to use a blanket as they whole country now thinks they have the blue print to beat Mayo but Cork are not well drilled on this,whereas Louth were a one trick pony and that’s all they had.Itll be a different game v Cork on a big pitch and Mayo are a different beast then in Croker.
    We are in a good place.

  57. @FW good post! Totally agree with you!

    We definetly will be a different animal v cork

    We are a far better team to cork no disrespect to them and they should still test us but we should def win though. Think we will still top the group to.

    Can kerry Still top the group even if we beat cork ? Does it go to points difference ?

  58. @Joe.G ah Ok great thanks for info! I get so confused with this new format haha

  59. No, we win (which we should by 5+), we top the group as Kerry can only get 4 points.
    We lose, we could potentially finish 3rd as would go to scoring difference as 3 teams finish on 4 points. Highly unlikely of course.

  60. @Gizmobobs thanks for infor also ! I think we are in a good place as @FW said also.

    The dust has settled a little after yesterday and I’m not feeling so down as i was about it I expected louth to be like this and it a cagey match !

    Cork we will come bouncing back should be a cracker of a match

  61. While it was always going to be interesting (exciting even) at the start of the year to see what the new management team was going to bring to the table, I’m wondering are there many here who genuinely felt Mayo would yet again be considered as contenders (along with a good number of other counties granted), especially after the decisions by Lee and Oisin? Gonna put my hand up and say I was resigned to this year being more exploratory. Delighted to say that has not turned out to be the case with a national title already in the bag and we are moving along nicely in the championship when you look at what matters… points on the table. The truth is, it’s often difficult to know what to expect from Mayo, but my feeling is if we can get to CP,, we will be a tough proposition for any county this year, blanket defence or no.

    It may well yet turn out to be a year of championship learning for the new management team, but at this juncture, I don’t see another single county who are looking to be ahead of the posse (certainly not a la Dublin juggernaut of recent years), so I’m just enjoying the journey for now and trusting that management know better than me (or anyone here) and what will be will be as they say.

    Thanks WJ for continuing to provide this great forum. Therapy for all.

  62. Personally, I would be equally if not more wary of Cork than Louth.
    Cork are not cowed by big teams.
    They have Kevin Walsh as coach, who frustrated Mayo for several years in Connacht with his defensive team.
    They might feel they almost beat Kerry – maybe set that right now versus Mayo.
    They know they’d be mad to play open football against us.
    They have fire in their bellies.
    Cork have shown they can score last minute goals to down big teams.
    They have some talented players.
    Cork ran us close in 2017.

  63. Well said, To win just once. Perspective is important and Mayo are in the driving seat… always a good place to be.
    We’ve seen Lee and Oisin and other super lads move on and still the new lads excite me and fill me with hope and anticipation.
    Keep it up Mayo. One game at a time.
    Maigheo abu

  64. Exactly agree with above comments! we were totally written off even before the start of the league by many nsuse&outside the county especially after oisin & keegan going. Oisin seems to be doing great over in oz delighted for him.

    But im also delighted for our current mayo guys people said we would just be concentrating on re building this team and that we wouldn’t be competive at all this year but my god we have been competitive. Yes yesterday was not our best day but we got the 2 points all that matters and lessons learnt and loads to work on.

    We will be a different team come cork game I noticed when we were able to do our running game against louth they couldn’t handle it and that’s why they were so defensive against us as knew it was the only way against us.

    Better days to come keep the faith as I always say :p haha

  65. Some of our recent struggles with raising a green flag only serve to underline how ruthless Cillian is when he’s in front of goal. He rarely fails to finish those walk in chances on the overlap.

  66. Paddy and O’Hora both caught out near end with balls that should have gone wide but caught napping. Think general lack of concentration at the end which I think was fatigue with heat. Would not be getting too excited about it. Master save by Reape. Can’t remember seeing a save like that before, it was stunning.

  67. @Justoutsideballagh totally agree with you ! That heat was unreal yeah we can say it was the same for louth but in fairness we kept trying to do our running game at them they stayed so defensive and on the same spot for most of it we used way more energy the heat was mad and shame on gaa for not allowing water breaks!!

    The save from reape was unreal I totally agree with you I know it went over the bar for the point but I was sure it was going in the back of the net he deserves some credit he’s def my number 1choice goalie anyway!

  68. @Justoutsideballagh

    Paddy got a push in the back for his one. 2 hands no less and right in front of the referee. I couldn’t believe the ref didn’t give us a free out.

  69. @Mind the house I saw that to ! Unreal ..but wasn’t surprised he didn’t after the rossies game…

  70. Maolla, I’d be surprised if most didn’t think we would be in the mix at start of year. McStay said it himself it’s not a rebuilding job. Sure we lost Oisin and Lee but Lee was coming towards twilight if his career. Oisin has huge potential but still had work to do (hopefully someday he will come back for it).
    I was delighted to see us at 14/1 at start of year. Thought was great e/w bargain. We have the players, and almost as importantly the money. That’s the sad reality of it, you need both to be contenders. We are lucky we do. Even if we have to dye the grass on our county grounds….

  71. Well-done to cill Chomáin all Ireland junior club champioms ! Fair play great achievement !

  72. Just watched the game again and yes it was as tedious as I felt at the time. I will double down on my earlier proposal of R.OD. being utilised as the playmaker. It’s also time to revisit the Loftus at cb conundrum. Conor is a terrific player but he’s not a top defender and if he’s there as a playmaking cb I don’t think we’ve seen much evidence of that so far. Perhaps it’s worth ditching the idea of a playmaker in there and put in a more defensively aware no6 someone to shore up the middle but with the ability to break lines going forward. O’Hora, Callinan or Paddy spring to mind and let Conor Loftus fight for his place further forward. I’m not by any means saying he’s been a disaster at cb but I think we could make our spine more solid and not lose anything in going forward.

  73. Gizmobobs. I think Maolla was probably right. Most people I talk to about football said after losing Oisin and Lee “that’s us fecked for a while”. I thought losing them two from a defence that was already looking like a sieve would be just too much to cope with. Glad to say they’ve really stood up so far.

  74. There is alot of talk about blanket defences and anti-football. People on here keep going on about Roscommon against us in Castlebar and Roscommon v Dublin. I think some here aren’t fully sure about how the game is played. Roscommon beat us by playing possession football and turning us over time and time again. We made numerous silly choices in that game. All the ifs and buts about the weather and the size of the pitch but we were well beaten. Against Louth, the weather again was an issue but this time it was too warm. When do we stop making excuses for poor performances? The weather is the same for both teams. Maybe we should give the opposition some credit instead of always saying Mayo had a bad day. We beat Kerry and we are fantastic. No word of Kerry having a bad day? We are never as good or as bad as we think. If I’m honest, I don’t think the Ulster teams are near as good as the media say they are. I would think the three team west of the Shannon have a great chance of winning it outright. I’d put Galway slightly ahead as they have a back up plan. Roscommon are way better than people give then credit for and Mayo will be there or there abouts. My worry for McStay and Co is that he lacks an ability to change things. He can have the players as fit as he wants but when push comes to shove, can he pull it out if the fire in a close tussle. Apart from club success, he has been found wanting in inter-county

  75. Personally at the start of the year I felt that the way we exited the championship last year, plus the loss of the 2 lads (even acknowledging Lee’s mileage), being genuine contenders for Sam in 2023 didn’t appear to be a realistic proposition. There may be an intangible at play here… not withstanding we’ve not reached the promised land recently,, the teams over the past decade or more have instilled a sense of entitlement in Mayo football…supporters, and more importantly, management and players, expect to be at the business end. This is much the same way Kerry expects to win most years. That belief/sense of expectation is invaluable, but I guess until Sam is delivered, that’s only getting us so far.

    Agree re concerns on CHB position. I had similar concerns re Mick McCarthy for years when he played for Ireland, but in fairness he proved me wrong time and time again :-). Here’s hoping Kevin and his team will do the same and some weakness at CHB isn’t going to prove fatal to this year’s campaign.

  76. In the Kerry game Loftus played at left half back marking Moynihan with Callinan at chb.
    Similarly yesterday Loftus started at left half back and not chb.
    I would like to see a stopper at chb – who just holds the position and organises the defence around him – not sure why Stephen Coen has not been tried for this role.

  77. @Southmayo Exile: When you say ‘yesterday started at left half back’ do you mean for the throw in or sitting there while we’re attacking?

    He was back in the deep sweeper role for 95% of the Louth game in our set defence.

    Both Kerry (with Sam filling the sweeper role for large periods with Conor taking Moynihan – likely feeling the additional pace essential to prevent clearer goal chances for David Clifford if he slipped his marker) and Galway (with Diarmuid filling the role for large periods and Conor tagging Heaney until he went off injured) we tried different things but for Louth it was Conor again at sweeper.

  78. I started reading the comments and then I say to myself what the Fcku, we won, we won well, ok by a point, but we were dominating all the way. Why are people so negative, if we beat Cork bye one.yea.yes,…yea.
    The performance against Louth was what it was..Mayo Men wearing the Jersey and doing their best to get us 2 points, what more do any of you want ? For FKUC SAKE

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