Monday match reports and post-match reaction

Before throw-in

A dour and dreary old wet Monday morning it may be but it’s hard for Mayo supporters not to have a spring in their collective step following our second comprehensive Connacht championship win yesterday. You want to read all about it, right? Okay, then, wet the tea and pull up a chair.

Starting with the nationals, Sean Moran does the match report for the Irish Times and the same paper also has post-match quotes from James Horan and his opposite number John Evans. (Note to the Irish Times: lads, it really is time to take those NFL tables down off your website. They’re starting to get on my tits at this stage).

James paid tribute to the quality of our defending during the game’s opening phase but then, with some justification, bemoaned the manner in which our forward play deteriorated in the second half:

When we open up and move the ball we’re capable but we were very sloppy for the last 20 minutes, we were dropping the ball, there were a lot of interceptions – we got a bit selfish instead of playing for ourselves so that gives us plenty to work on even though we won the game comfortably.

I think his point about selfishness is well made – a number of those second half wides resulted from lads going for wild, glory-hunting scores. Had they stuck to the script we could easily have run in three or four goals and a few more points as well. While it’s easy to accept the drop in intensity in the second half, the self-indulgent stuff is a slight worry and James is spot-on in saying that this is something for them to work on ahead of the final.

The Irish Independent has a match report by Cliona Foley, where she quotes James Horan stating that, whatever about the Connacht championship this year, his side’s “training and in-house games are pretty competitive”. Says it all, really. The Indo’s coverage also includes pieces on the game by Colm Keys and Eoin Liston.

Over at the Irish Examiner, meanwhile, there’s plenty to feed on with John Fogarty’s match report, quotes from James, quotes from John Evans and analysis from Tony McEntee. The latter is worth a close enough read, by the way – I wouldn’t agree with everything the Armagh man has to say but it’s good, constructive criticism of us all the same.

All the quotes mentioned above by John Evans include a moan about the ref whom he felt was unfair to them. I have to say I didn’t see it that way – Michael Duffy is a picky official who undoubtedly gets a little thrill of excitement every time he blows his whistle and he sure blew it often enough yesterday. There were inexplicable decisions favouring both teams yesterday but I’d say they balanced out over the seventy minutes. What would have been interesting, though, would be to transplant that refereeing performance into the Donegal/Tyrone match and see how many fouls he’d have blown for (given that 61 frees were awarded yesterday). At least 200, I reckon.

Colm Gannon does the honours in the Mayo Advertiser and the same paper has also taken the innovative step of doing a post-match podcast with its new columnist, the ever-entertaining John Casey. I have it playing in the background at the minute myself.

If it’s analytics you want, then Emmet Ryan’s assessment of the game over at is the place to head to.

Other online reports are available at, RTÉ (match report, quotes from James and audio analysis by Ciaran Whelan), The Score, Hogan Stand (match report, quotes from James, quotes from Keith Higgins), and Breaking News.

Oh look, it’s beginning to brighten up. Enjoy your lunchtime reading.

57 thoughts on “Monday match reports and post-match reaction

  1. What terrific service you give us. And that’s not to mention all the money you’re saving us on papers. A big Thank you is definitely needed.

    Couldn’t agree more about the ref by the way though my version would not have brought the chuckle yours did!

  2. Not too sure about McEntee’s analysis in that piece. I’d agree that there is plenty to work on – but maybe not the things he points out. I thought (mostly) our attacking from defensive positions was excellent. We didn’t just hoof the ball long to midfield, we were willing to go through a couple of phases to wait patiently for a man upfield to make some space for himself before giving a more intelligent ball. His generic ‘Roscommon are a proud county, have good clubs and will definitely get better’ line isn’t exactly insightful or necessarily accurate analysis either.

  3. Thanks for pointing that out, Nally Stand, looks like I linked it in error to the Mayo Advertiser match report instead. I’ve fixed it so the link in the post should be okay now, alternatively the same link is also here.

  4. As always thats for you efforts WJ! really good day yesterday – when the game needed to be won we went and won it and and did it playing just 20 minutes of quality football. Im satsified that we didnt blitz them for 60 minutes…it would have given us a false sense of where we are really at. we have stuff to improve on but we know when we do get our act together we are a very strong outfit. Not that it should matter but I dont ever remember the national media collectively singing our praises to the extent that they have been in the last 24 hours….for me it makes a pleasant change

  5. I think McEntee is spot on with his assessment. Our inside forward movement was poor ytrdy. Time and again our wing backs/midfield looked up but had no one running into the space. Varley was taken care of by seanie mac. Dillon was sluggish at times. It meant our wing backs had to carry the ball forward themselves..which as u all saw happened a lot! Fortunately they had space to score but better teams will snuff this threat out. If we lose possession in such situations our full back line are exposed to a quick counterattack. I totally agree with his opinion re Cillian and Andy. And he importantly refers to the ‘freedom of attitude’ which modern day champions possess ie Donegal. The hard thing for Horan is that it’s very difficult to instill that steely mental unity when you’re facing dismal teams who are beaten by half time, so it is a concern, despite what Horan may say to the media.. McEntee is right, Mayo could win an all Ireland but its way too early to tell. One things for sure, we will need Conroy, O’Connor and Moran not only fit, but on form… The draw for the quarters will dictate how early they’ll be needed.

  6. I know he is saying our wing backs didn’t look up enough, valid to a degree but sitting in the Albany end ytrdy I had a great view of the pitch to assess the movement… It wasn’t that good. Freeman was decent but can he do that consistently. If he can catch a ball like that he should turn and bury it in the back of the net.

  7. Just wondering if anyone was listening to Martin carney after 6 o clock on rte radio one sport on Sunday evening. He said that mayo are a serious outfit and the progress is down to…… Wait for it…… I nearly crashed the car……. “John O’Mahoney and of course James Horan.” I’m lucky I didn’t end if in the ditch.

  8. Good day out in Castlebar yesterday and well done to the Mayo team, JH & co plus of course the Mayo supporters whose numbers are growing with every outing, there were twice as many people at Mayo V Roscommon than at any of the other matches over the entire weekend.

    Good performance from most of the players, we are still lagging in the forwards regardless of the huge scores we have put up in the last two games, Conroy and O’Connor will be needed in Croke Park.

    Agree with the comments on Michael Duffy, some of his decisions were plain daft and where was the advantage rule, he below up more than once when the player fouled had actually managed to get into a clear scoring position. As for illegal hand-passing, all the refs seem to have given up blowing for this and it is a blight on the game.

    Super hot favourites now for Connacht, let’s get that 3 in a row and then focus on the August bank holiday weekend. The Connacht final should be in Castlebar makes no sense to drag Mayo and London/Leitrim supporters to Salthill, would be madness but who knows what the Connacht Council will do.

    I know some people have posted that some of the postings are overly negative and some overly positive but this is a blog with the resultant wide range of opinions. It’s a poor opposition team manager that will be looking to blog entries to motivate his team so keep posting, variety of opinion is what makes MAYOGAABLOG so interesting. Go MAYO.

  9. I was at the beach today in pontoon and I overheard a fellow saying that mayo will win the all ireland and he firmly believed it. Now the hype is way too high soo early. REMEMBER 1989 1996 ( x2) 1997 2004 2006 and even last september. What happened we lost of course? I dont think we are a patch on Donegal this year. Yes we are better then galway and the sheppsteelers but that means nothing. Winning conaught is nothing to the pilgrams in mayo all we care about is the holy grail. As it started to rain today I thought of that dreary conaught final in 2011 when Cillian saved us. It shows us that anything can happen in a conaught final. WE could be beaten we are not out the gate and home quite yet. In fact we are only 2/3 of the way there. I think this is very true. An all ireland quater final might yet prove a step too far for the green and red. Easily could get tyrone kerry or cork or kildare or laois or down or galway

  10. Delighted for Alan Freeman to get two consecutive starts under his belt and shows that if you launch high ball into him he’s another new option than playing the corners (in Mickey’s absence especially)

    Thought Alan looked tired near the end (see the goal attempt) and as others have said could have done with the rest.

    One notable point from the fourth quarter was James Nallen constantly running on and urging the players who had just shot wides or whatever to concentrate, lift the pace, play the right ball and urging them to finish strongly

    You had to expect a drop off due to the scoreline and the substitutions but the positive is that even though they weren’t taking their chances clinically, they weren’t conceding anything soft to Roscommon either

    I think the stats showed 13 from 17 in the first half and only 8 from 19 in the second so you can see what JH and others meant when they said there were improvements to be made. My guess beforehand was a scoring target of 20-22 and concede 10 (see post during the week if you don’t believe me!) but 25 to 30 was well within their reach yesterday, even without goals

    Thought it was telling as well that (apart from a thump from no 9 on Colm Boyle) Roscommon didn’t try the physical stuff in the second half – it may be nothing and may be Roscommon aren’t that type of team but it may be a sign that teams will think twice about pushing Mayo around when the game is going against them as they know they’ll get plenty in return

  11. nicknackpaddywack

    I’d be delighted if we got Galway in the quarter final……….

  12. Nicknackpaddywhack, the Connaught final will be a non event. We could win it with our B Team. And as regards the quarter finals, I have a funny feeling that a lot of teams won’t fancy facing us so maybe we should stop worrying about who we might draw and let them worry about us instead.

  13. Can mayo draw Galway in a quarterfinal? I don’t think it’s possible is it. Either way Mayo like the other teams with ambitions will have to beat the best. I think donegal will win ulster and if they and Mayo win the quarterfinal games they will meet, is that right? Donegal in a semi and Dublin or Kerry in a final. Nothing soft about that. Dublin especially, would feel like they owed us one. That’s not even mentioning Kildare or cork or Tyrone.

  14. I’m not surprised you nearly ended up in the ditch, Patriot – that was some spinning by Martin Carney. But, then again, he was part of O’Mahony’s backroom team (as the stats man) so maybe it’s not surprising, if not altogether honest, that he’d seek to give the politician some undeserved credit for where we are now.

    In terms of half-backs, JPM, I’d say we’re okay. James Burke and Chris Barrett (not sure what’s the story with his injury) would be the obvious replacements if any of the current trio are out, also (as has already been mentioned) Shane McHale and Danny Geraghty (though I think he’s still injured at the minute too) would be options. Depending on the requirements, Keith or Tom – both excellent half-backs – could also be shifted up, with Shane McHale or Kevin Keane coming in at corner-back.

    You’re correct, David, that it’s Donegal we’re on target to meet in the semis this year, should both of us win through our respective provinces and make it through the quarters. After our amble through Connacht, then, we could be faced with the likes of Cork (or Kerry) in the quarters, Donegal in the semis and maybe Dublin (or Kerry, or Cork) in the final. No handy All-Ireland to be won there but that’s the kind of opposition we need to be able to beat if we’re to win it.

  15. Nicknakpaddywack
    I take it that your comments are in jest.
    I am a Mayo fan and believe that we will win the All Ireland.
    I believe we will win just as much as a Donegal fan believes they will, a Dub fan they will, a Kerry fan they will and so on.
    There was a great amount of fear before the Galway game then caution was advised before the Roscommon game. Jesus lads were good damn good start believing and enjoying it.

  16. Hadn’t forgotten about James Burke WJ. But he’s also lacking experience at this level. No disrespect to the guy but I was thinking about someone who has played inter-county for Mayo against a top 6 team.

    Maybe JH will surprise us all by making wholesale changes for the London/Leitrim match and give a lot of the guys fighting from the bench a chance to shine.

  17. James Burke may not have too much experience at this level to date but he is, I know, highly rated and I’d have no worries about seeing him start should the need arise. hopefully, though, none of the current three will suffer any injuries anytime soon and will keep playing like they did yesterday.

  18. I’d have no worries about James Burke, be all accounts he’s pushing hard for a start. Seen him play numerous times.
    At the moment its looking like McHale to be 1st replacement in full back line, Burke in half back line, Barry Moran in Midfield and 2 or 3 options for the forwards with Andy and Jason back to full fitness by the time the bank holiday weekend comes around.
    I think we we should all light some candles this weekend regarding the club championship on the injuries front.
    Castlebar and Breaffy will have sparks flying no doubt…..O’Se x 2, Barry, Cunniffe, Richie…will be marked men.

  19. i see spillane said we are in the top 6 or the big 6 or the famous 6 or whatever they are calling it now , kildare were in the top 4 according to him this time last year .
    the only thing we are in is the connacht championship as far as I am concerned , i hope that london win their game and we fly them into knock and they give us a good go in machale park in the connacht final. Everything after that can be discussed after that. We looked good in the last 2 games and while we as fans could not ask for more i like the way james was looking at the sloppiness of the last 20 mins on sunday, joanne cantwell wanted to call it ruthlessness and we’ll find out how ruthless we are. Striving for perfection is policy now for our management, i like it !

  20. good call on the candles Alf, will light a few down the convent in bermondsey for the lads to come through unscathed. we have had enough injuries this year.

  21. Whilst it may sound simple the Mayo game plan is all based on hard work and fast movement. Why dont all teams do it? It takes extreme fitness and discipline and needs to be coached on the training field. Evans kinda had a handle on it in that he asked what did the ref want Ros to do in the tackle? This is the key. Push it to the extreme and leave it at that high level. Kilkenny do it in hurling. Barcelona do it in soccer. The All Blacks do it in Rugby. These teams sometimes play their best football when they haven’t even got the ball. Make the opposition afraid when they have the ball. Well done to all for their efforts up to this point. Bring it to the next level. We need a 20% improvement for the next games.

  22. Certainly there is room for improvement. This tailing off we saw towards the end of the Ros game has to be cut out. i know guys might be trying to protect themselves however it does beg a couple of questions.
    Are they tired after the initial 60 mins and if they are is this because they are being primed to peak in August for the AI series ? I hope this is the case because tbh there won’t be scorelines on display of the like we’ve set so far. Not against the others in the top 6 in 1/4 finals.

    Bottom line is the team must be able to maintain performance consistently for 70 mins.

  23. It’s very hard to maintain 100% output, even harder against the better teams
    By that reckoning mayo will have times of domination and chances I watched the Mayo vs Dublin semi 2012 recently, the last 15 minutes tell a tale. We had 3 chances to take points but instead went for goal and missed all 3. Luckily Dublin were not able to get the ball because they were on a roll. Jason doc had earlier missed a goal chance made in heaven, these chances Mayo will need to take in 2013. Sunday too told a tale, we battered Ross and in the last 15 minutes had some woeful wides and shots. Not ruthless enough to put 25
    Points on the board when we could and should have.
    I was delighted with the win, really. It’s just that I know that if we relax while cruising against Kerry or Tyrone or whoever they will burn us in minutes. Mayo are nearly good enough but that last piece is still missing.
    2 last things,

    Were Dublin tired or not up to repeating last year?
    What stage can that ginger melodeon song be played again?

  24. Another thing I want is a good competitive games and quality in the club championship with round 2 this weekend (fingers crossed no injuries). About time a Mayo club team get back amongst it in Connacht again and take the mantle off Bridgids. I reckon Breaffy are a dark horse this year

  25. To quote you Willie Joe

    “Willie Joe says:
    June 17, 2013 at 11:07 pm
    I’m not surprised you nearly ended up in the ditch, Patriot – that was some spinning by Martin Carney. But, then again, he was part of O’Mahony’s backroom team (as the stats man) so maybe it’s not surprising, if not altogether honest, that he’d seek to give the politician some undeserved credit for where we are now.’

    Martin Carney has been sickening my hole over past few years with his unwillingness to make a call while acitng as co commemntator on TV. His typical line on the Ref or umpires who make a blatent coc* up of a call goes something like this ” Well I cant be really sure of that now Marty, I will have to give him the benifit of the doubt”

    As for trying to give JOM some of the credit for James Horan’s reign, Sweet Jesus, Does anybody remember qualifier games in Derry or Longford.

  26. Hard not to agree with joemamas on Martin Carney.
    Kevin McStay gives poor analysis also ‘almost got the goal there Marty, great clearance Marty’ That is not analysis it is narration.

    John O Mahoney had his day and I suppose when he was focused he was fine but not on his second coming!

    I find it hard to see Jason back or indeed Micky C even though he was very good in the league. You have to be playing week in week out and training savagely. Even Andy is a doubt and Alan but I really hope they are back to their best.

    Would like both to start in Connacht final .

    Incidentally some well known Mayo commentators could express a bit more solidarity with James and the team now. Enough said.

  27. makingprogress, what or who are you talking about? I’m over here (as many are) so may not be tuned into local chatter.

  28. well done mayo missed the game last sunday. will there be an upsets on sunday down to beat donegal or kildare beat dubs down will want to make up for last year what do ye think.

  29. Mayo -v- Galway in the quarter finals- I dont thik you canplay the same team agin during the season unless you are drawn in the semis?

  30. All things considered that was a great win on Sunday and leads us nicely into a Connaught final where barring a disaster of major proportions, we should be celebrating our first three in a roe in over sixty years.

    The game itself had a bit of everything from a Mayo perspective, great defending in the first ten minutes, some magnificent attacking football and scoring for the remainder of the first half and with the match already as good as over, a more leisurely second half where the lads seemed to loose there shape a bit.

    I know there’s a lot of comment here about our failure to push on in the second half, maybe score a few goals and win by a hough margin, but there was nothing in my opinion to be gained from that and peaking to soon is the last think we want. As it is we can be satisfied with a good win and it give James, his management team and the players plenty to work on as the season progresses.

    It’s also encouraging that we seem to have a strong panel of players coming into form right now and baring any serious injuries arising out of next weekend Club matches, things are looking more positive as we prepare for the bigger tests that lie ahead…..

  31. As far as I know (unless they have chancged it) we could meet Galway once more in the 1/4 finals – providing of course Galway make it that far. Kerry in 2011 played (and bet Limerick) in the semi-final of the Munster championship (when Darren O’Sullivan got that soccer back flick goal).
    they were drawn against each other once more in the 1/4 finals (with the same result). It was on the same day we bet Cork in Croker under JH for the first time in a long time in the championship.

  32. Connelly and Brady less than enthusiastic about Mayos chances on radio.Maybe just playing safe.great performance if not fully spot on.keep it up

  33. 1.Teams who have played each other in the provincial championships cannot play each other again in rounds 2 to 4 of the qualifiers.
    2.They can play each other again in the quarter final unless they met in the provincial final

    The provincial finalists not meeting again in the quarters has been in place since the start of the back door. I stand to be corrected but the not meeting again in the qualifiers came in one or two years later and the specific example used was when Fermanagh beat Donegal and then had to play them in the qualifiers and lost.

  34. I can’t see either Galway or the Rossies making the Qtr Finals but as far as I know if they do we could play them again if the draw worked out that way.

    I think it’s only teams that meet in the provincial finals that can’t face each other in the Qtr Finals. If you remember last year with Donegal and ourselves remaining to be drawn against either Kerry or Down in the Qtrs, we automatically had to play Down as Donegal and Down had met in the Ulster final and therefore couldn’t meet again at that stage, so they had to play Kerry. Happy days !

  35. KOB has it in one – they can meet each other in Round 1 of the qualifiers though, which happened last year. In Leinster, Westmeath lost to Louth, then drew Louth in Round 1 of the qualifiers for their next match, and beat them too!

  36. Digits

    Thats right but can only happen in Leinster and Ulster because Round 1 is for teams beaten in provincial quarter finals and preliminary rounds. Munster do not have preliminary rounds and in Connaught, depending on the draw, if the New York is classed as a preliminary round, they do not enter ( or are not allowed?) the qualifiers.

  37. Yes Galway,Roscommon are not going to reach Qtr Finals they prob won’t even reach R3 and that puts some perspective on the rest in Connacht. IMO the last eight will be Mayo,Donegal,Dublin,Kerry,Cork,Tyrone,Kildare,Down and that’s when the championship really gets going.

  38. QFs will have , assuming Mayo win province, and that Dublin, Donegal keep their end of the bargain, should have the following, form permitting. Kerry/Cork possibly Tyrone, Kldare, Meath, and one from Monaghan, Cavan, Wexford, Down and possibly Armagh. Not scientific and too many variables yet.

    Sad to see Martin Carney and McStay get a bit of a trashing here. Seems that if you are nor for us you are against us type of attitude. We were nobodies until Martin Carney threw in his lot with us in the late 70s. McStay was a good one on the pitch and also did well as a manager. They give their opinions and truth be told they are no different than any of us save the few bob they get.

    I am a thick donkey and don’t like the herd mentality. All opinions are valid here…including those who have the temerity to suggest that until the emperor dons the clothing then we might cast a jaundiced eye. Beating a confused Galway, a poor Roscommon on top of wiping Leitrim last season and limping past Sligo doesn’t do it for me. Taking out three big guns from August on will. We await and see but lets not turn against those who might just have a slightly different perspective.

  39. Steady on. We’ve won nothing yet. Two games yes, but the standard of the opposition !!!!
    And no goal scored against Roscommon! That tells a tale. How many would Kerry,Cork,Dublin or Donegal have put past them?
    But, with a bit of luck, you never know. Horan is good, and Nallan is not getting the credit he deserves. But he dosen’t want or need it,
    Heads and hearts up.
    Up Mayo.

  40. I’ve the height of respect for Martin Carney as a player (corner-back as well as forward) but anyone who goes on national radio trying to claim for John O’Mahony a slice of credit for how we’re set up now deserves all the brickbats that rain down on his head as a result. Longford in 2010 should still be a fresh enough memory to realise what nonsense that claim is.

  41. Great things are happening in mayo football when we can be worried that the competition in connacht isn’t strong enough! We have a top class team and if an All ireland doesnt come this yr it will certainly come within 2 or 3 yrs. (we may need to be patient).
    Players are beginning to blossom – alan freeman for example. Others are becoming hardened campaigners who won’t take a backward step from anybody or anything while others are developing into class acts.
    As a seasoned auld veteran of many bad days going back to the mid-sixties I am enjoying this like you wouldnt believe.
    To all younger folk I say lap it up and enjoy it …….these are great days for mayo and they are gonna get better. But it wont last for ever and bad days will return so lets fecking njoy it while it lasts.
    Up mayo!!!!

  42. RE Johnno. I didn’t read/hear what Carney has said. For me though the revolution of Mayo football would not of happened without the likes of JOM, 1983 u-21 and then the 88/89 senior connacht winning sides, thats where this era all started i reckon.Of course people will disagree with me and say , sure how has 2013 got anything to do with that , it all has to start somewhere though and i firmly believe it started back then, I remember reading B.Kilkelly saying about JOM back in 83 , he was on about nutrition and so forth well before most in GAA circles.

  43. Not sure diehard. A lot of this team are now in their prime(Higgins, Caff, Cunifffe, Morans x 2) and Dillon could be past his best. If we don’t win it this year, not sure this team will ever win it. It’s is year 3 after all and the Dubs will be coming on really strong.
    If we don’t do it this year with Horan, will he and all the backroom team have appetitie to keep at it.
    I think it is this year or never for the management and team

  44. The way I see it is we have to make it happen this year. You can only go to the well so many times and some of our players have already peaked … I’m thinking of Dillon, Andy Moran, Keith Higgins, etc.
    Games 4 to 6 are going to be very interesting and will be in a different time zone to Games 1 to 3. It is then that the real questions will be asked.
    I am slightly concerned that players who are currently showing up well may well find the step up in August a bit of a challenge and that we may well find ourselves trying to shore up certain unexpected positions during the course of battle rather than having our weaknesses pinpointed at an earlier stage like our opponents.
    It is also really important that we avoid further injuries and that COC is fit to play some part …. not just for freetaking but also note the way the goals dried up against Roscommon !
    We still have issues in two critical positions at 6 and 11 and the entire Full Forward Line is still uncertain. The improved display of Alan Freeman is hugely encouraging and I also like the look and directness of Darren Coen. Richie Feeney has to start but not at 11.
    The only two forward positions nailed down for me at this stage are McLoughlin at 10 and Feeney at 12. The other four positions are in a state of flux especially with the injury situation regarding COC and Conroy.

  45. Great to see freeman coming good it’s shows that he is no a serious option under the high ball ….I’m a bit worried about Andy though looked as if he was kinda limping whilst running did anyone else notice that.?

  46. The average age of the team that played games 1 and 2 is 25/26 (with COC/Richie)

    I think that up to 2016, we have the potential to make every semi for the next 4 years and at least 2 finals.

    It would be a shame if we cannot do it with Alan Dillon, Andy Moran, David Clarke, Keith Higgins still playing well as we will need all of them

    In the meantime, Kerry will lose the current effectiveness of the two O’Se’s, Galvin, Cooper, Brosnan and others.
    Cork will lose Canty, Kissane, O’Leary.
    Tyrone will lose O’Neill, Joe McMahon, Gormley.

    Us, Dublin and Donegal are the ones to dominate the next 3-4 years

    Regards Martin Carney and Kevin McStay I think both are decent gentlemen who may not be controversial but don’t want to offend either – it may not make great punditry but there’s always Eamon O’Hara and Brolly if that’s your thing…..
    Personally I miss Tony Davis and Anthony Tohill

    I suspect Martin Carney is praising JOM for giving a few current players a start such as Donie, Tom Cunniffe, Caff, Kevin Mc(?) – I stand to be corrected on the names of all of them but I seem to remember a similar comment from JOM around the time of him leaving after Longford

  47. Some of ye are saying that we could meet Galway in the quarter final do ye not recall that we hammered them off the pitch and that they are over reliant on u21’s they won’t even beat tipperary

  48. Andy didn’t look to be moving too freely to me after his initial ten mins on the pitch. Hoping there’s nothing in it

  49. In my opinion connverting backs into forwards is a futile exercise. They usually just dont have the instincts, pace, balance, side-step or consistent score-taking ability required at this level. I tolerate an occasional intrusion from the back providing it does not render them knackered afterwards.

  50. I would like to see corn start the next day looks big and strong IMO I tink Andy freeman and coen would be a really dangerous full forward line

  51. fattyboombatty says: Personally I miss Tony Davis

    If you miss Tony Davis, God help you. A detailed response is not necessary.

    Martin Carney and Kevin Mcstay are totally different, Kevin Mcstay calls it as it is. Martin carney does not. Part of your job as a commentator is to objective, martin Carney (who I am sure is a really nice guy, I have met him a good few times) nedds to call it as it is. You do not have to be a *hole like Eamon O Hara. His comments on Kevin Walsh were wrong on so many levels.

  52. Sean Burke says:
    June 19, 2013 at 6:26 am
    RE Johnno. I didn’t read/hear what Carney has said. For me though the revolution of Mayo football would not of happened without the likes of JOM, 1983 u-21 and then the 88/89 senior connacht winning sides, thats where this era all started i reckon.Of course people will disagree with me and say , sure how has 2013 got anything to do with that , it all has to start somewhere though and i firmly believe it started back then, I remember reading B.Kilkelly saying about JOM back in 83 , he was on about nutrition and so forth well before most in GAA circles.


    Half the current team were not born in 1983, how you can compare that era to today. For what its worth, Managements inability to make changes to our back line during the final of 89 had a huge bearing on result. (that is being nice). Since 1989 Mayo only won 8 out of 21 connacht senior finals (prior to James Horans reign) not sure what era you are talking about.

  53. We’ve said this 100 times but the difference between the hurling “co-commentary” and punditry is like day and night. People like Michael Duignan will actually be watching the game and tell you that for example Lar Corbett is now gone in full forward, or Kilkenny are switching all over the place. They are actually your eyes instead of being there, which is what you want. When you go to a match its rare that you only look at where the ball is, thats why you really want the good commentary.
    The punditry also is fantastic with the hurling, the lads are so passionate and really love the game. The football panel are the opposite and seem to hate the game, they seem to get great pleasure out of bitching about it and ridiculing teams and individual players. In fact I think thats one of the reasons the “football improvement panel” was created, the stream of negativity coming from those bucks

  54. Enjoy it lads were on a roll and who ever beats us will win the all ireland, but i dont think we,ll be stopped…game 3 of 6 next in castlebar against london………….c,mon muigh eo

  55. John mo
    I hope you’re right, but its all on the day. Mayo will be hard beaten but were still easily opened by a poor Roscommon team. How many wides did ross kick? I know Mayo are close, it will come down to tactics, we have the scoring thing nearly sorted. Now we have to perfect defending the goal against the big teams. Sweeper or whatever and not allowing the FB to be isolated
    Cillian o Connor is a definite requirement for opening up their defenses, if the 2 games so far are anything to go by.

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