Monday morning coming down

Another Monday morning, another pre-dawn jaunt down the N7. Mind you, though, dawn came a bit earlier down the road this morning compared to last week. All together now: isn’t there a great stretch to the mornings?

I’ve little or no time for blogging today so I’d better make this quick. How’s this for quick? I’ve no further news yet on yesterday’s challenge match with DIT.

What else?

I see the Cork players have now turned down the proposals formulated by LRC Chairman Kieran Mulvey, which the Cork County Board had already signed up to. Now they’re really taking the piss.

The Dublin-based supporters club have kindly confirmed that it’s an open house at the Garda Club on the 5th (throw-in 6.30pm), i.e. no offical invite is required. However, if you’re the kind who likes to have such official documentation about your person when attending an event like this, send an email to and they’ll sort you out with one.

And finally … Congrats to Pillar Caffrey, not just for the Dubs’ nine-point victory over the Scallion Aters in yesterday’s O’Byrne Cup semi-final replay but also for providing the first dish ear sighting of 2008, which came on RTE Radio 1 shortly after 7.30 this morning. You’d never know, Pillar, this could be a good omen.

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