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Back to work (after a fashion) today so no better way to break the monotony with a quick round-up of stuff that needs rounding up.

First, the unwelcome news – already covered in the comments – that Michael Conroy’s 2015 season is over. The Davitts clubman confirmed as much on Twitter earlier on and the Mayo Advertiser have now done a quick piece repeating this confirmation (here).

It’s a desperately disappointing development for Mickey himself, a player who has suffered way more than his fair share of injury problems in recent years. Injury prevented him from getting any kind of decent run in the side since Noel and Pat took over – the only competitive match he started in this year was the League clash with Tyrone in February and he was then sidelined until the Cork match (remember his 60-second cameo off the bench before being harshly black-carded that day in Páirc Uí Rinn?) at the end of March. He also came on as a sub the following weekend against Donegal and that was the last inter-county action he took part in this year.

In the wider scheme of things, this isn’t a big blow or anything, opening up as it does a vacancy on the match-day 26 for a number of players – including the likes of Mikey Sweeney, Danny Kirby – pushing hard to make the bench for the semi-final. That’s not, though, the point: Mickey’s been an integral member of the squad for a number of years (as well as sharing the distinction with Alan Dillon and Andy Moran as the only players who took part in the 2004 All-Ireland final to still be around now) and it’d be great to have him there for the rest of the year too. Get well soon, Mickey.

Other negative news (not really news at this stage but I haven’t mentioned it before now) from Saturday was the ladies’ All-Ireland quarter-final defeat to Kerry down in Limerick. I only saw part of the first half on TV myself before having to go out and I thought they were well in it, if a bit under pressure, at that stage. The next time I checked my phone, though, Kerry had got the two goals and that was that. Hard luck to the girls and well done for their efforts in 2015.

Players Fund Lotto


The lads, meanwhile, are counting down the days to the All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin on Sunday week, as, of course, the rest of us are too. There’s no news or anything about the match as yet but one thing that’s well worth another mention is the Players Training and Welfare Fund Lotto. There’s a big Lotto draw on later tonight, with loads of prizes (including several tickets for the semi) so, if you haven’t yet contributed to the cause via the lotto, now’s a good time to do so. Full details on how to do this are on the Mayo GAA website (here) or on the Smartlotto site (here).

17 thoughts on “Monday round-up

  1. Speedy recovery Mickey hopefully you get on the pitch for the green and red again you owe us nothing always played at 100%

  2. Hugely disappointing for the lad. Has to be sickening to put so much work into returning from injury only to be ruled out for the rest of the season.

  3. Its a fragile existence for these fellas too. all the work all the sacrifice and effort. the time spent both physically and mentally and all the psychic space that it takes to be involved in the game at this level. all this and many players may not even get to line out yet still put in as much as the first team. and even after all that, an injury puts a halt to it all. it seems in vain. i hope for MC its not.

  4. Horrible luck for poor ol’ Mickey.
    After all the time and work trying to get
    himself back in shape.
    An honest soldier who always tried
    his damnest and when on- form could
    terrorise defences…
    Thin line indeed.
    Felt sorry for Varley too earlier in de year
    when he got dropped – another honest bloke
    who gave a lot to Mayo.
    Fair play to both…
    Also, spare a thought for Ronan Clarke – one of
    the classiest forwards in his day for Armagh.
    He’s in intensive care after receiving a bad
    head injury, after colliding with a goal post.
    Let’s hope he makes a full recovery.

  5. Surprised at Michael Conroy playing for his club last. Weekend as this round of the league was other Mayo players played with their clubs. How was micael Conroy playing with davitts so?

  6. Best wishes to Michael Conroy, get well soon. Its really tough luck on him, he has been dogged with injuries the last couple of years. Maybe now he can take a well earned break and come back fully fit next year.

  7. Rober
    Kevin keane played with westport. I heard Conroy requested to play to get some game time.

  8. Rob hennelly and Michael hall played for breaffy.evan regan played for ballina.think guys that hadn’t got much football lately were allowed to play .

  9. Reports from press conference are of a full squad available for Dublin match (bar Mickey Conroy). My understanding is that all players who hadn’t got much game time with the county were encouraged to play with their clubs at the weekend.

  10. Agree fully that players need games totally against the spirit of the starred games concept. Some clubs don’t have their county players some others do. Not very fair system. Some struggling clubs in the league like my own need their best players to avoid relegation. Don’t think this latest interpretation of the starred games is fair at all and would not stand up if contested with a higher has authority

  11. It seems only reasonable that those players not getting game time with the county should be allowed, indeed encouraged, to play for their clubs when the opportunity arises. One can argue that any club having players unavailable because of their county involvement is being “punished” but there is no alternative if club games are to go ahead. Else how do the fringe players get game time? It’s hard luck on Michael who has always given his all when called on. Still, Ronan Clarke’s misfortune puts a lot in perspective. And judging from Conroy’s tweet he is being philosophical about his bad luck.

  12. HSE…terrible acronym but a really good article…well worth a read. Mayo are learning and surely the hurt and disappointment can drive them to go madly to the top of the peak. Galway were driven yesterday against Tipp…can we do something similar with passion against whatever is thrown against us in the next game or two…I believe in Mayo…yes, we can!

  13. HSE,Great article. Eamon Sweeney, in another article on that page, is almost crying for Tiernan McCann and is regarding Tyrone as a county of almost misunderstood saints. Worth a look.

  14. Great article and hits the nail on the head. The biggest challenge for this team was to fully commit to another year after the battle of Limerick. They now have huge experience and confidence to add to their strength and skill. They know what it is like to perform at the very highest level on the big day having done it several times and come up just short of a big win. The next step is not near as big for these lads now as it was in the past or for past Mayo teams. The only thing that will stop them is a better team and to be honest this was not always the case with Mayo.
    I didn’t think they were capable of giving it another lash after the heartbreak of Limerick. The fact that they are even better and hungrier speaks volumes for the character of these lads. They make me very proud to be a Mayo supporter whatever happens the next day.

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