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Mayo team v Donegal 04082013

Photo: Mayo Mick

I like these kind of Mondays – the day off work and oodles upon ooodles of upbeat coverage to wade through, some of it bordering on the fawning, about the team following the pasting meted out yesterday to Donegal. You’d never know, the sun might start to shine up here yet before the day is out.

Let’s start as usual with the nationals. The Irish Times has a match report from Sean Moran, an overview piece by Malachy Clerkin, analysis by John O’Keeffe (who repeats the flippant point we were making to ourselves after full-time yesterday that we still haven’t been tested in this championship),  a colour piece from New York by Keith Duggan and quotes from Jimmy McGuinness (I’m sure there are quotes with our man too but they’re not online as yet).

The Irish Examiner has a match report by John Fogarty (as well as another one that seems to have been written right after the game yesterday), quotes from James and Andy Moran (where the former, incidentally, takes a swipe at Joe Brolly’s rant about Sean Cavanagh the other evening), quotes from Jimmy McGuinness and an overview piece by Tony Leen. The same paper has a separate quotes piece with the two Jimmys about all the verbal niceties that were flying around in the days leading up to the game which including a very funny and truly withering put-down of Rory Gallagher by our man.

The Irish Independent has a match report from Martin Breheny, a match overview piece, analysis by Eugene McGee, analysis by Eoin Liston and quotes from James and Jimmy and a piece speculating about McGuinness’s future following yesterday’s defeat (this one also has James’ quotes about the Brolly outburst).

There are loads of other reports on the game if you want to wade through them. The ones from Colm Gannon in the Mayo Advertiser and Emmet Ryan’s cogent as ever analysis on are the pick of the bunch in this respect but there are also others on, RTÉ, BBC, Belfast Telegraph, The Score, Breaking News and Hogan Stand. That really should be enough for you for now and should keep you licking your chomps with satisfaction until the local papers hit the streets tomorrow.

Right, I’m off to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend. Before doing so, though, I need to mention the minors who face Westmeath down in Tullamore this afternoon – their own do-or-die quarter-final has, to a large extent, fallen off the radar due to the big one in HQ yesterday – where hopefully they’ll also do enough to advance to the semis in three weeks time. If that happens we’ll have both the minors and seniors on the same bill at Croke Park on August 25th, which would make for a great occasion for us at HQ. I won’t be in Tullamore myself  – today is one for family stuff – but I’ll be back later with a report on proceedings in O’Connor Park. Best of luck to Enda Gilvarry and his charges in this one.

26 thoughts on “Monday’s match reports + minors

  1. I’m off to tullamore tho feeling very rough this morn!!

    Lets keep a lid on things… I bought the papers this morn and as Eugene McGee said after lauding mayo… “How many times have we all said this before”.(r something along those lines)

    He’s right many years do we wake up on an August Monday morning reading glowing tributes of our beloved team?!? I for one have grown accustomed to quarter final wins… No big deal. donegal would have lost to most decent teams ytrdy. We have bigger fish to fry… Focus on Tyrone. They’ll be loving all this usual talk about mayo while everyone is criticising them. They r a seriously experienced outfit with a blend of youth with minor medals in their pockets.

  2. Think ill head down to Tullamore to give the lads some support . Hopefully good crowd will show up

  3. Good Luck to the Mayo minors today, Fair play to the young lads from Strokestown that had a big plackard made up primrose and blue flags with the words ‘Ross 4 sam 2014’ proudly written, so good luck to Rossies too, Roll on the Semi’s

  4. Best of luck to the minors. take the lead from your senior colleagues and ye will be fine. Can’t make Tullamore as much as I would love to. If I headed off again today I think the locks would be changed on the front door when I came back and note saying “Mayo or Me?” To be honest I wouldn’t want to disappoint her with the answer and there is nothing cheap about divorce!!!!
    Anyway, off to buy every paper on the shelf and smile for the day.
    Agree with all the comments about it only being a quarter final but if we perform to 75% of that v Tyrone we will be home and hosed and booking The Burlo for September.
    Either way, no-one will beat us now.

  5. Well said mayonaze totally agree. We’re on the cusp of something magnificent with this mayo team, lets focus solely on tyrone as we have done for the last 4 games. They will be a very difficult team to dispose off. The support in croker yesterday was fantastic, lets do the same again in 3 weeks time.

  6. For those of us living outside Ireland, the Sunday game is just posted on the rte website

  7. Was never as glad to sit in the rain with two of my sons. We witnessed something amazing yesterday. The Mayo support there yesterday were the real McCoy.

    Cant wait for Tyrone

  8. What a performance by a great Mayo team yesterday, the best I’ve ever seen from us. We really need to focus on the next game, as I have no doubt they will. This is a great opportunity to go all the way with such a fine team.
    Really proud of the lads.
    I feel there’s something special happening when the locals where I live acknowledge a great team, not usually like them.

  9. Ian says…… that rte online or via sky 191 r some other digit……we dont all have sky, mores the pity. Well done to the minors they deseve a bit of the celebration cake..

  10. Great day for reading newspapers! All the heady talk has me worried though, Mickey Harte is no mug and Tyrone will be tough to beat. I see that some are raising the hype canard again – it doesn’t matter to this team, they are above that. The supporters should enjoy this time, as the Donegal people enjoyed the run-up to last year’s semi and final.

  11. Sorry for being ignorant and don’t like to publicly display it but Bowes? What/where is it?

  12. Sixpointsup

    Horan himself actually raised it yesterday evening so perhaps we can enjoy it without going totally mad eh! Off now to see if the sheep are dry——joking!!!

  13. well done to mayo great win cilian had some game and could be in line for ypoty again he deserves it this year but prop wont get it.

  14. Pebblesmeller – Bowe’s is a pub in Fleet Street (Dublin city centre) where some of us have met up a few times the night before big matches. It looks like there’s some appetite to put another such gathering on the agenda the night before the semi-final and so I’ll do a post on this in due course.

  15. Might just pop in to Bowe’s on the 24th, meet the famous and somewhat anonymous Willie Joe! Also, a bit wary of this Roger Milla character, seems like a sketchy bloke!

    Great piece, must have taken a while to put together. Well done to the minor boys today. An all-Connacht final is a possibility.

  16. Just as an added plus, this hype business. I genuinely can’t see It affecting this team at all. We were big favourites this weekend. Possibly the first time ever we have been favourites against the defending champions, and we handled it bloody well!

  17. Now that the excitement of our magnificent win on Sunday has died down somewhat, we can look back with a lot of satisfaction on what must surely rank as one of the most complete performances by any team at headquarters in resent times. The fact that it was against the current champions, makes this win all the more impressive. Speaking to some Donegal guys here in Dublin yesterday, the general view was, while they expected a very tough match, they fully expected to win. What happened has left them shell shock and are now questioning how Jimmy, their wonder Manager and God-like figure, had so little cover on the bench and unlike Mayo, relied to much on the same few players to keep the show on the road.

    This I’ve no doubt will be our trump card going forward, our struggle with injuries in the early part of the season could now be a blessing in disguise. It men’t more players getting their chance to strut their stuff and now that nearly all our panel are fighting fit, the battle for places will ensure that training sessions will be that bit more competitive and that has to be a good thing.

    Tyrone in the semi-final will be a different kettle of fish, there’ll be no more surprises as everyone now knows what a seriously good team we are and plotting to stop us will occupy Mickey Heart for the next few weeks. James wont be worrying to much about that and he wont be be making to many tactical changes either, as he now knows he has a winning formula – quality players in every position playing a high tempo game and all playing for each other, enough to insure another comfortable win and another appearance in an All-Ireland Final…..

  18. Brilliant win. Exorcised the demons from last year with one. Lots of pressure going in on the team after all the comments regards last year. No doubt now about our credentials. Am delighted for them and for ouselves.

    Great point above WJ as well. It was especially nice for Kevin Keane and I stood and clapped that score the loudest. I’m sure the rest of the team did also. Great call by JH. That sort of faith and care by a manager should solidify this group of players even more.

  19. Agree there JPM, it was great to see young Kevin K put that one over and a mark of great leadership, faith, belief and unity of team by JH…………..There are a mighty lot of blooded players in this squad now and they seem to have the team spirit of the army ants
    …………..I think Donie Buckley saw the perfect raw material to complete the weave with JH and his Staff into the silken unit we are now honored to be enjoying.

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