Monday’s t-shirt competition: the result

Today’s question did, indeed, spook a fair few people and I needed a far smaller hat as well to put the winning entries into this time. But a number of you did still manage to correctly answer that John McAndrew was the last man of the 1951 All-Ireland winning team to finish up playing championship football for the county.

John’s final championship appearance for Mayo took place in June 1960 in a Connacht first round tie against Galway at McHale Park, which ended in a 2-point defeat for the Green and Red. A medical doctor, John moved to England after he finished up as an inter-county player and he practiced as a GP in the Black Country for many years. He is one of only four surviving players of the 1950/1 era.

The lucky winner on this occasion is Declan King, who bags the last of the limited edition t-shirts. Congrats to Declan and all of the other winners and thanks to everyone who entered (many repeatedly) over the last few days. You’ll all get your reward, we hope, on Sunday. A big thanks too to Castlebar’s T-Rex Clothing for making all this happen.

4 thoughts on “Monday’s t-shirt competition: the result

  1. Hi Willie Joe,
    just back from a lovely weekend in Donegal – enemy territory you might say. Made it my business to bring up the small matter of the match with a few supporters and following their great wins over Kerry and Cork, are naturally confident they can do the business on Sunday. That said, unlike some reports emerging from the County about all the hype, I saw no evidence of that, on the contrary they’re taking nothing for granted.

    For sure there are plenty of flags, bunting and banners about and maybe one or two painted cars ready for the off. That aside they are very aware of the ability of this Mayo team and know they will need to be at their very best to have a chance. I let them know that we too are very confident and the Green and Red will prevail on Sunday.

    Speaking of, not sure who decides the songs for each County before the match but after experiencing that hair raising rendition of that now infamous song after the win over Dublin, I can’t imagine a more suitable and uplifting number than the ‘Green and Red of Mayo’ to get the Mayo supporters going…. just a thought !!

  2. MayoMick
    You’re a gas man. Proud of the way the county has handled the build up. Lots of silly country songs on MWR but I suppose you have to have some atmosphere. I am not at all worried-firmly believe we will do this. Why? Because we are not slaves to any system. Systems break down and I do not think Donegal have a plan B. Don’t want to tempt fate but Sunday could be the greatest day ever in our history.
    One thing- let’s be proud of the lads -win or lose or draw. Only thing that can go wrong is the Ref- firmly believe Barry Kelly did us a favour by setting a standard- hope that is maintained.
    Go Mayo.

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