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Ever since Aidan O’Shea got his camera phone out and did his Twitter thing the other night, there’s been a degree of interest that’s bordering on febrile about “the jersey”. In this regard, I’m delighted to be able to feed this particular beast (the jersey story, not Aido) still further with some better quality pictorial evidence of the new geansaí and to provide a bit more information in the way of context about it. Here it is.

From what I’ve been told, the current plan is that the jersey will be be produced as a commemorative one to mark the county’s NFL Division One clash with All-Ireland champions Dublin under the lights at McHale Park on Saturday, 11th February next and that it’ll be worn by the lads for this match. As this game is set to be shown live on Setanta (including a simulcast in glorious High Definition) the jersey will get a proper airing that evening. Elvery’s have produced the design but the jersey itself will be manufactured by O’Neill’s. Elvery’s will be selling replicas of it both at the match itself and in their shops.

Whether or not the commemorative jersey then goes on to become the official county one for the next four years is still an open question. The design is, for sure, a radical departure from anything we’ve had up to now. And, yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you: there’s not a hoop in sight. Double-click on the image below to see high resolution details of the home and away front panels of the jersey and of the back (which will be the same for both home and away variants).

According to County Board PRO Aidan McLoughlin, any decision about using the commemorative design on a more permanent basis won’t be made until after the Dublin game. The decision on whether or not to make the switch to this new design will depend on “feedback we get from fans, players, officials etc on the night of the game”. Regardless of whether or not this is the jersey that we’ll ultimately end up with from 2012 onwards, what it certain is that the 2008-11 model will definitely be retired this side of next year’s championship.

Supporters (not just GAA ones) tend to have a strong attachment to the playing gear of the team they follow which means that proposing a radical switch in the design of the Mayo jersey isn’t a move to be taken lightly. Personally, I think that the idea of producing a commemorative design for what could ultimately turn out to the a one-off occasion is an excellent idea, as well as a practical way of road-testing the acceptability of the proposed style. I’m also pretty sure that such a move marks a first ever for the GAA (Cork’s jersey for the centenary All-Ireland hurling final in 1984 is the only other one I can think of and that wasn’t really a redesign at all) so I think that top marks for innovation are in order. We’ll leave it to 11th February, however, before doling out any for design.

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  1. Such a parochial attitude to celebrate a game because it is being played in the dark with lights, and on tv and against the Dubs. Opens us to ridicule definitely!!

    Not really made about it either.

  2. it is a total departure from traditional GAA design , no other team has an emblem emblazoned across their kit, i cant even think of soccer or rugby teams who do , i cant see the GAA allowing the team to compete in the championship in this kit and am surprised it has been sanctioned for an NFL game to be honest.

    that being said its nice and i would certainly buy it myself as its a mayo jersy and looks well.

  3. A disgusting pile of cloth. Are we reduced to the cap and hand “begorrah sur its great to see ye comin down from the big smoke to play us here” stuff. This Dublin team we are weak in the knees over is a county we beat in a semi four/five seasons ago. They are a team we beat regularly in the league and we stuck three goals past them in Croker in the league. And we now honour them with a one of design. Only in Mayo

  4. Nice as a polo shirt but not sure about jersey. A bit too much to be honest. Connacht rugby have something similar but this is too much of a change for Mayo.

  5. Jury’s out on this design…will have to see it on lads to get a better idea. Very busy design and I’m partial to the traditional hoops, so first impression is that I’m not impressed.

  6. The only thing we can be commemorating is 61 years since winning Sam. We play the All Ire champions in the league most years so that reason is just plain daft. As for asking supporters to fork out for two jerseys in the current climate is also daft.
    We need a Commercial Director to drive merchandise sales forward – but didn’t the County Board veto that?
    This is just an childish way of trying to raise funds and it won’t work. I can’t see hard pressed supporters forking out for two jerseys in one year.
    As for the argument of missing the lucrative Christmas market, as far as I can remember new Mayo jerseys are usually released before the National League starts in Feb. In some years it was before Championship began so nothing new here

  7. If a ‘disgusting pile of cloth’
    breaks our run of bad results
    in Croker I’m all for it!!

  8. personally dont want to get away from the hoops at all , but its nice as a one off and definitely should have been out before xmas, a massive commercial chance lost there

  9. I may be color blind and my screen may be a bit dodgy ..but.. I’m looking at a maroon and dark grey shirt, in reality I’m sure its a green design on a red background. That being the case,not bad, all the other stuff about a commemorative number i just don’t get.
    Looking forward to the FBD etc..

  10. It is a big chance lost not being out for Christmas. Even if it’s a once off it would be something I think would sell as its such a new design.they need the income from sales so why we’re they do slow off the mark?

  11. i think its a decent looking item. it would be something nobody else has and shows boldness, something mayo really need. and about the dubs playing us, well they were deserved champions and so will mayo when we get all the lads playing together in a final. mayo are in my view equal in talent and drive to dublin so please support your team and shout them on when they are playing.
    merry christmas.

  12. Does anyone know the story with the boat in the middle? I’m thinking it must be a unconscious expression of how much Mayo fans really wish they were from Galway… 😉

  13. Dunno, you could have a point. An Spailpin had a piece last year (here) about our somewhat tortured relationship with the neighbours which may be relevant in this context.

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