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The issue of All-Ireland final tickets – who gets them, how they’re shared out and all that – can be a fractious one at the best of times. But, you know, it’s a nice-to-have problem: if we weren’t in the final it’s a topic that wouldn’t be of concern to us. But we are and, understandably, everyone wants to be there. To make right asses of themselves with all that shouting and screeching, I’d also wager.

Colm Gannon in the Mayo Advertiser has a good piece today (here) on the discussion held at last night’s county board meeting on this very issue. I’m not going to say too much more about it, as Colm’s explanation about the ticketing arrangements is pretty much self-explanatory so you can digest it yourselves.

The bottom line is that while the county’s allocation for this year’s final will be well down on 2013 (principally due to the fact that we’ve no minor team in action this year), some of the tickets not being allocated to us this year will be going instead directly to the 3,700 season ticket holders within the county (there were only 2,000 of these two years ago).

The net effect of this is that clubs will be getting the same allocation this year as they got in 2013. Colm’s piece linked above goes into considerable detail on how this will be done and who’ll be getting what.

Staying with tickets, now’s as good a time as any, I guess, to update the rolling list of draws and other initiatives where tickets for the final are up for grabs. If you know of any others that you want to add to the list just let me know or provide the details in the comments. I’ll be updating the list below again in a few days time.

Here’s the list for now:

  • Breaffy GAA club have a draw for six tickets – details here.
  • Donegal GAA have a draw for four tickets – details here.
  • Drumconrath GAA club in Meath have a draw for two tickets – details here.
  • Club Rossie have a draw for two tickets – details here.
  • Drumalee GAA club, Cavan, have a draw for two tickets – details here.
  • Curry GAA club, Sligo, have a draw for six individual tickets – details here.
  • Mattock Rangers GAA club, Louth, have a draw for two tickets – details here.
  • eirGAA have a quiz, which if you get three out of five questions right, gets you into a draw for tickets – details here.
  • eirGAA also have a prediction competition – details here.
  • Claremorris GAA club are holding an Up for the Match event on 12th September, at which there’ll be a chance to win four tickets – details here.
  • Bonniconlon GAA club have a draw for two tickets – details here.
  • Achill GAA club have a draw for two tickets – details here.
  • Charlestown Sarsfields have a draw for two tickets, lines for which cost €2 and are available in local shops and pubs.
  • Owenmore Gaels GAA club, Sligo, have a draw for two tickets – details here.
  • Garrymore GAA club have a draw for two tickets – details here.
  • Castlebar Mitchels have a table quiz fundraiser on 8th September, at which there’ll be a raffle for four tickets – details here.
  • Davitts GAA club have their weekly draw at a barn dance in the Davitts GAA complex tomorrow night (Saturday), at which one of the prizes on offer will be tickets for the final – details here.
  • Kiltimagh GAA club have a draw for four tickets (including one for ticket sellers) – details here.
  • Knockmore/Pontoon community development have a draw for two premium and two Cusack Stand tickets – details here.

That list not long enough for you? Don’t forget there are six more tickets to be won in next Monday’s GAA Players Welfare Lotto. Play the Lotto here.

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  1. Jesus Christ, this is some outstanding work Willie Joe. Fair play to you! Dunno how you do it all.

  2. How can Curry get six tickets? And then raffle them instead of attending. Really annoying! They should have them confiscated and given to a Mayo or Dublin club.

  3. Poor old Curry, like every club in the country they get tickets and if they want to try and make a few euros to keep the club afloat than so be. There’s clearly club officials who work hard all year and giving up their tickets so the club make raise some funds

  4. Just realised I’d left off the list the Breaffy, Drumconrath, Donegal GAA and Club Rossie draws, that I first highlighted at the start of the week. I’ve added them back in now.

  5. Sinead37.

    Sha la la la laMayo
    Sha la la la laMayo
    Sha la la la laMayo
    Sam Maguire is going home! Repeated!!!


    Sam is finally goin home!
    The last la is tight up on Mayo for the rhythm!

  6. St Marys GAA Club in Sligo town are also holding a draw for All Ireland tickets, but there doesn’t appear to be anything on their website to promote it.

  7. Roger, I’d give my money to Club Rossie a hundred times over, if that was the choice. There probably are some things I would not do to secure a ticket, but right now I just can’t think of any.

    And BTW Willie Joe how about raffling a few yourself? Now that would really get some serious hits on the site

  8. Reading Colm Gannons article.

    I presume a “terrace” ticket is a “Hill 16” ticket. Looking at the split of tickets where it says

    “50 stand and 50 terrace” to senior club,
    “40 stand and 40 terrace” to intermediate,
    “30 stand and 30 terrace” to junior

    its almost as if we will have as many people on the Hill as in the Hogan, Cusack and Canal combined.!!!

    Oh Gawd no. The precious Hill is Dublin only (or olny).

  9. WJ at the risking of being cheeky have you given any thought to the first headline on this site in the event that the holy grail is finally achieved?

  10. I emailed the season ticket office today to enquire about details of my tickets for the final. They got back to me and said tickets are in section 311, row EE. The worst seats by a considerable distance we have ever received on the season ticket scheme.(they are canal end rather than cusack stand basically) Just a warning to everyone else to prepare for disappointment….

  11. Oh please stop ! How can you moan about your seat . I would literally give a limb to get my hands on one.

  12. I haven’t emailed anybody as regards where my ticket is for, but if this is the story of 311,The t GAA and will have to be on transparent when asked as to why Mayo fans should get inferior tickets. I think it’s time for the match county board to get involved and not be like the sheep that allowed Mayo to play in. Limerick. There are no tickets yet printed or otherwise, we have plenty of time to time organise. There could be no more Dublin season ticket supporters at the match than the double header Mayo /Tyrone… Dublin /Donegal.. Both Tyrone and Donegal have high numbers of season ticket holders. There is no possible fair explanation of this, if this is the case. Can anyone on this blog think of a reason as to why Mayo season ticket holders could get worse tickets when there will be a actually less season ticket holders at the moment match. Maybe it’s not only Diamond Connolly that thinks the back of the bus is good enough for Mayo supporters!

  13. Sean you will get one but anybody who doesnt have a season ticket the last few years has been slack

  14. If I find out I’ve been pushed out to the corner of the stadium I’ll be looking for an explanation. And before ppl start saying I’m fortunate to have a ticket, I’m not fortunate to have a ticket, I’m entitled to one. I paid 200 euro for a CM ticket at the start of the year, I’ve been yo 10 out of 13 games this year and I’ve paid an additional 200 euro plus for the championship games. I wonder will the Dublin season ticket holders be pushed out to the corners, I certainly will be making a few phone calls to find out.

  15. Yep fair point re season tickets. Strapped for cash on final renewal week, thought id get away with paying the following week like the year previous but i didnt obviously. I still think there should be some form of open sale but thats a different argument. Anyway thats life fook it might head west to watch it on tv and be there for the homecoming haha.

  16. Sean Burke, you will get one yet. Week of the final I bet something will come your way. Plague people now!

  17. While some undeserving people do get tickets it is fair to say MOST of those who deserve a ticket USUALLY succeed in getting one. (I know there are always some exceptions) Lots of people are members of clubs. Looking at the numbers clubs could receive from a minimum of 60 to a maximum 150. Others non club members are usually so keyed into supporting Mayo that they should have good enough connections to get one. Many Mayo people living outside of the county are involved with clubs or schools or know someone who could get them a ticket. There are a huge amount of Mayo people living outside the county whose passion for gaelic football usually results in them being able to locate a ticket. We also have lots of Mayo people involved in big firms and companies. Just look at all the Mayo people in the Premium Sections of Croker. We tend to pick up a huge amount of tickets from all over the country.It is crucial that we do that this year because the dubs have massive membership and a huge number of clubs. The more we have in Croker the better. I sincerely hope that all the well informed, thoughtful and passionate Mayo fans who offer opinions on this site all get tickets. I also know that there will be some people from my own county who sneered when we lost to Galway and couldnt be arsed attending the games v Fermanagh, Kildare and Westmeath will be there pretending to be die hard Mayo followers. Thats the great injustice about the distribution of tickets. By the way these will be the ones who will be ultra critical should we lose and wont be seen at another Mayo match until the 3rd Sunday in September sometime in the future.

  18. I’ve a GAA season ticket and Mastercard was charged yesterday for the ticket. I hope to Jaysus the ticket isn’t in S311, although I’m fortunate no have a guaranteed ticket I’d sooner stand notwithstanding the muppet COYBIB herd. S311 have to be among the poorest seats in the ground. That said if MO win, I’ll probably get over it quick enough but hopefully it will not be S311.

  19. Speaking of headlines WJ, during the week I was daydreaming. Here’s mine from the papers on 19/09/16.





    65 Yrs of bad luck recovered in 45 minutes.

    And you know what , if it works out like that.
    I d be delighted.

  20. Hi all…kavanagh’s super valu in westport are raffling two tickets…2 euro a line or 3 lines for a fiver…not certain but id say all kavanagh’s supervalu in mayo will be doing the same..they have stores in castlebar kiltimagh an claremorris. Get on to it…

  21. Not bad headlines Nephin but was looking back on u-21’s success and one common theme was Loftus keeps cool to see Mayo win. Could it happen again ?

  22. My tuppence worth on tickets and Row 311 is this. Back in 1989 I didn’t think I had a hope in hell of getting a ticket for the final. I wasn’t even living in the country then and hadn’t been to a single match all year, though before I’d emigrated in 1987 I’d been a die-hard follower for several years before then. The night before the final a good friend came through with a Canal End ticket for me. I’ll never forget the relief of knowing that I would actually get in, nor will I forget the feeling of intense pride on getting into the ground the following day and seeing, for the first time in my lifetime, the sight of all that Green and Red colour in Croke Park on All-Ireland final day. That was the old Canal End, everyone standing up, jam-packed in there together. I’d been to a few All-Irelands earlier in the Eighties and knew the best spot in it – high up, over near the Cusack Stand, where you’d get a decent diagonal view of the pitch. That was Con Houlihan’s patch – I recall standing near to him for the 1983 All-Ireland hurling final. That area of the ground would equate to what is now Section 311 or maybe 312. I didn’t have a problem standing there in 1989 and I wouldn’t have any issue with being seated in the same area of the ground for this one either. Getting into the show on All-Ireland final day is the key issue – I’m sorry but the rest is just detail as far as I’m concerned.

  23. It’s a matter of respect though WJ. Season ticket holders and CM holders support their team throughout the year and constantly support the association financially. It simply cannot be good enough to cast them aside for the big day because we “should be happy” to have a ticket at all. (And that isn’t the arrangement we signed up to, or the spirit of the scheme).

    Pushing people who go to every game out 4, 5 even 6 sections is incredibly disrespectful to the most loyal of followers. I go to every single game, up and down the country and have done for many years. I make no apologies for feeling that loyalty should be acknowledged

  24. That may be true Willie Joe, I too was in the Canal End in 1989,. It was unquestionably a far better view from the Canal terrace, I was in your corner for the 2012. final seated low in the corner, it’s a absolutely appalling view. No one would sit there if they had any other choice. I still stand over my point that there will be a considerably less season ticket holders at the moment final than at the quarter double header. In that case season ticket holders should have at least as good a seat seat as we had for that match!

  25. are people really complaining about where they are seated? I have a season ticket, didnt check where its for but 311 is fine. Im inside the ground without any effort in finding a ticket, happy days. The season ticket rules say that you are guaranteed a seated ticket, it doesnt say it will be on the half way line or in the Hogan beside Sam. Im sure plenty of people will disagree though.

  26. Nephin,
    nice headlines. How about


    MAYO 4-12
    DUBLIN 1-16.

    or how about


    MAYO 4-12
    DUBLIN 1-16.

    I know i’m losing the run of myself but i did say that would happen after the semi final and it will probably continue up to the 18th.

  27. I won’t apologize for being disappointed at being shunted out to the corner for the final.
    Who has taken all the central seats that we usually occupy ?
    Do ye think I will be surrounded by dubs in 311 or mayo fans ……….we all know the answer to that !
    I’m disappointed at the treatment of mayo season ticket holders.
    I’ll get over it but for now I’m annoyed 😀

  28. @Seanburke . I’m not a season ticket holder but am sorted for ticket for final, pure luck but have asked so many I’m hopeful I might get another one , if so I will put my mobile no up here for ya to contact me . You are a good ,no nonsense poster here and I would gladly help ya out if I can but as ya know from experience that it might be few days before the match before they surface .. Keep the faith ,

  29. Like that heading but it’s bit too early for all that. Mayo need to play out of their skins one game t a time.

  30. And I won’t apologise either for viewing this as a first world problem! Season ticket holders (and I speak as one myself) aren’t the only people looking to get in and we’re not the only loyal supporters either. The clubs are getting tickets and they’ll be expecting decent tickets too, not necessarily ones in the Davin either. Bottom line is you’re in the door without any of the hassle of hunting or chasing and I recall doing plenty of this to get tickets for all the finals we’ve been involved in. I really don’t see the problem with 311 – I’ve been there for plenty of matches and if you’re in EE then you won’t get wet either!

  31. All – if anyone has/wants a ticket and needs to get in touch with another person on here in relation to this I can do the needful behind the scenes and mail you both, if that helps. I’d say there could be a fair few bilaterals needed between now and the 18th!

  32. A first world problem no doubt
    I’m almost over it already 😀
    I was expecting better buy cest la vie !
    At least it’s lower tier so I won’t have to paraglide onto the pitch after ………WHEN Mayo win there will be a lot of “PLAN B stewards go to PLAN B “

  33. Aren’t the centre seats saved for the players who played inter county in the year? They are all entitled to tickets.

  34. I believe there are Parnell pass tickets allocated upper cusack for every game. I know a lad who would stay st gone rather than go to the upper tier. Come on lads we are not entitled to anything only a seat. If Mayo win nobody will talk about where they were sitting or standing…just that I was there….

  35. Plan B for sure, km79! That plastic netting at the front has withstood everything to date but a joyous Mayo horde would surely be too much for it.

  36. My employer always sorted me out with tickets over the years so I was lucky in that regard. They knew I had the big Mayo head on me so it was always taken care of. I have moved on from them now and I am looking for a ticket and like Sean Burke above that long finger of mine means no season ticket for Joe. Anyway, now that we’re here, I am officially putting it out there that I am looking for a ticket. Any ticket. There, I’ve said it.

  37. No body owns the GAA. I for one have done as much unpaid work for the organisation almost anybody. Trust me, I know tickets will be on various Internet sites for a multiple of the face value, in the seats where where our loyal season ticket sat when the demand was lower . No I won’t be happy with 311,or 312 should that be the case. I have the utmost respect for those here who have a different opinion and I envey their eyesight!

  38. Whats the craic with former players, he has to have played senior championship? So a player that played minor and 21 championship but say only league for seniors is not entitled to purchase one?

  39. Can we kill the negativity. All this is not just being said here. Its being said in pubs and clubs and it dents the atmosphere. Mayo are in the final. All Season ticket holders will, rightly, be there. Stop worrying where Dubliners will be seated. It speaks of ‘Poor Us’ If we travel on the 18th with a tiny touch of ‘Poor Us’ we will come home empty handed. We are not ‘Poor Us’. We are a proud and noble county. Lets Cheer from wherever we can and lets bring home SAM.

  40. Yep. Senior Championship, and he must have played too. No point in being on the bench for a whole campaign either.

  41. I was down low in the corner in 2013 it didnt bother me. For instance I was up close to Bernard Brogan and Keith Higgins contesting a ball. Not often in life your close enough to hear the actual tackles.
    I know of someone who gave back a ticket due to placings. If yer mad concerned about view to follow the play that is television. For instance Iv been at hurling matches. I might as well have watched on TV but I suppose thats maybe not having the eye for the small ball. Live at hurling Im usually lost. I played as a defender so I often look away from the man in posession whether match or TV. The actual scores, do you really need a perfect view to know if went over or not. Half the excitement is being unsure until the umpire raises his flag. Attending any match is an experience pre during and after. The hardest working club people in Gaa are the pay to play club people in Europe. They get the supposedly worst tickets but its a great section of craic. Stranger but seat friend beside me in 2013 actually bought me a cup o tay for free that day. Met a former Dublin u21 that day. You might as well assume in a full stadium on final day your view wont be ideal. It’s only a small % fits this ideal view.

  42. Still don’t know where my seat will be the next day but assume it will be in and around 311 if that’s where all the other season tickets are going.
    I will be extremely happy, proud and honoured just to be there shouting on this remarkable group of men, even if the seat isn’t the best.
    It certainly beats wandering around town on final day with one arm longer than the other in the slim hope of getting a ticket.
    As mentioned by previous posters let’s concentrate on the positives and thinking up as many ways as possible to support the team on the big day.
    I have a 3 x 60 foot long green and red banner ordered for the occassion too. Haven’t a clue what I’ll do with it yet. We’ll see…..

  43. Once your in your in, been in both hill and hogan on all Ireland final suffered same heartache. If I am in Upper cusack & we win then that’s the most important thing. Hon Mayo

  44. I accept the argument that season ticket holders should be happy enough to get a ticket and that there is stipulation on where we would be positioned however allow me to make the following points;
    (1) we paid €102 this year for the ticket (increased from €75 the year before) and have to attend a minimum of 60% of league and championship matches in order to receive a final ticket. Therefore it is in effect a loyalty scheme for those who spend the time and money to attend games. Is it too much to ask that the GAA shows a gesture of appreciation to genuine supporters by providing them with a central ticket
    (2) If a central ticket is not such a big deal then why don’t the GAA give us central tickets then? (What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander)
    (3) How come the GAA could provide us with central tickets in 2012 and 2013 but not now?
    (4) How do u justify a €25 increase and then provide inferior tickets for the final?
    (5) will Dublin season ticket holders be better seated? If so, on a point of principle that’s unfair
    (6) it also means that a lot of people that don’t attend regular games will have better seats than us

    In summary the GAA could provide a gesture of appreciation to loyal fans who paid a lot of money to attend games under their loyalty scheme. If central tickets aren’t such a big deal…….great, we’ll take them so!

  45. Back to the chants/songs, if that’s ok,WJ.

    1:Normal Mayo chant but interspersed with Willie Joe, so Mayo,Willie Joe,Mayo, Willie Joe and keep repeating.(easier to keep going than Mayo on its own)

    2: Come on ye boys in blue replaced by Come on the green and red ,Come on the green and red, Come on the green Come on the green and red and so on (can start it ourselves or join with the Dubs)

    3:To the tune of The Sloop John B
    We’re here to bring Sam home(repeat)
    Here to bring Sam,
    Here to bring Sam home,
    Home to Mayo
    Home to Mayo
    We’re here to bring Sam
    Sam home to Mayo.(easy lyrics)

  46. The glass is half full people. A chant for us poor maligned season ticket holders: the Hot Chocolate number, Heaven’s in 311 in Croke Park, let me take you there, ya ya

  47. Haven’t had a chance to comment yet really, but since this is latest thread may aswell do it here. I think Dublin won the perfect semi tbh and were far better than their two point win merited. Kerry really are at a crossroads now and were in for a hiding but for a Cluxton meltdown. Dublin are one hell of a team- possibly the best I’ve seen in my lifetime

    The odds are right for the final, but I’m far from totally pessimistic. I do expect that since Rochford took over there has already been a focus on the Dubs and I think that might explain a few of the questionable tactics and performances till now. We’ve never feared the Dubs before and we are the only team to match them physically in the country imo. I don’t expect there to be much in it. Look, being honest they’re a better side than ourselves, but for once the intangibles might just fall our way and we definitely have a live chance. Quietly confident

    We will need a damn lot to go our way though. But we’re due it

  48. Hi All,
    I haven’t been in for a good while but I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck in the final. Don’t be listening to these so called Dubs fans saying this and that us genuine Dub fans know it’s going to be close and I have nothing but respect for Mayo, cheers.

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  49. Wolfie, that’s good but I think anyone who can should join up with Sinead37. Check her out! Either that Sha la la or the Stand up for ….. would work admirably with some form of prep!!! I’d love to see it happen and be a party to it.

  50. How to unlock the Dublin defence. Well, how to make Aidan O’Shea effective at full forward.
    Mayo’s biggest mistake with the long balls into O’Shea during the two semis last year was that he was surrounded by three Dublin defenders. Why was that you might ask? It can’t be that hard to figure out. Dublin were playing a sweeper and he was instructed to be in front of O’Shea at all times. So where did the third defender come out of?
    Easy. The third defender was the man marking Cillian O’Connor. Whenever the ball was played in, that defender sprinted straight away over to stand beside O’Shea. What Mayo got wrong is that Cillian O’Connor and O’Shea should do what happened in the first half of the semi final replay last year in the passage of Play leading up to Aidan O’Shea’s point in the first half. Drag their markers out and that leaves the sweeper to mark the space in between them. In this phase of Play I have mentioned, a long ball is played in to O’Shea who has made a run out towards the Hogan stand sideline and O’Coonor headed out in the opoosite direction towards the Cusack and brought his man with him. McMahon got his hands to the ball but it was the only time they were one on one to a high ball in the two games.
    O’Shea won it and scored a point.
    Now, hopefully Rochford and co. have picked up on this. What is missing from this is somebody bursting through for O’Shea to pass to and you would then have 2 on 2 or maybe a 2 on 1 and a goalscoring chance.

  51. Thanks Martin. You’re the gracious type and I wish you luck too in the final. but not too much, we’ve been waiting too long in Mayo

  52. Hello Martin the Dub. Nice comment. A credit to your County as usual.

    Sean Burke. I bet you will get a ticket. Amazing how many seem to suddenly surface in the last 24 hours before the game. As said elsewhere you are one of the most knowledgeable and long term contributors in this place who has supported Mayo for years through thick and thin. You wont be left outside. I can see you ending up high up behind the Canal goal among your own people. If you cant get a ticket for this, then something is very Pete Tong. Keep that dog and bone on and well charged up as we get near the 18th.

  53. As far as I can see only two people so far have said they are in 311 (lower tier). So too say rhat all season ticket holders are in the same section is a little premature. It may very well be that season ticket holders will be in a more central location.

    However, as I have posted before, Season ticket holders are not entitled to centrally located tickets. We are entitled to purchase a final ticket in a seated area, no more. The only reason we buy the season ticket is to avail of the final ticket offer. We got our tickets, be happy we are in the door and not hunting around Dorset Street at 2:30. This woe is me the hard done by Mayo supporter is wearing a little thin at this stage.

    Also “Plan B” was mentioned previously. While it maybe great for the supporters to invade the pitch, it hasnt happened for a few years now and wont happen on the 18th. Personally I think the way the presentation is handled now is far better. It allows the players to celebrate with each other, get pictures, lap of honour etc. It looks like the players enjoy the experience more and after all its all about them at the end of the day. Im sure lots will disagree though

  54. Thank you Martin the Dub,we have missed you,best of luck to you too,and may the best team win as long as it is Mayo,hope it is a great game,on the ticket front,I have been on all sides of the ground,the worst was up on top tier near half way line,I was in Cusack in eighty nine,crowded but good,I have had some brilliant tickets,but if the banter is not there it is not very good

  55. Thank you Martin.
    Thank you Inbetweener!! My plans are still going. So far this is the take. Stephen Rochford’s mother has liked my iniative on Mayo Gaa Banter or Sea of green and red – don’t know which! A new ‘chant friend’ knows her and messaged her. She likes the idea and said she will try and spread it by all means. She has been asked to run it by Stephen and if he does not want it to get back to us. We have not been told to stop yet!! A school in Claremorris, swinford are learning it. One might have the means/connections to get it up on the big screen in croke park. Also the swinford one might record the whole school singing it. I will be contacting more Mayo teacher friends over the weekend. Tomorrow night I will be emailing as many of the primary schools in Mayo as I can explaining the plan and asking them to teach it to their kids and send them home singing it to their parents with the plan to sing it when the team come on the pitch( match going ones preferably!!). In the meantime im trying to share the idea and get people to change their Facebook profile pic to ‘Stand up for the Mayo Men’ on a green and red background. I’m also wondering how I could get a big flag/banner of the same? So far there is a plan to sing on the 12.30 train/platform Maynooth to drumcondra sun 18th. Also meet in/outside McGraths/temple pub and practice. Prob give out fliers around Dorset st and drumcondra. If anyone was to join us in spreading the word or backs the idea my email is or my Facebook is Sinead O’Beirne(Rowland). I’m from Lahardane and living in Leixlip and teaching in Dublin. My own two kids love the chant, as do my class of 29 dubs!!
    Stand up for the Mayo men!

  56. Jeez you are a flier or I mean Sinead!! No holding yup back now. Deserve all the support out there!! Sha la la!!

  57. Something I hadn’t considered until I seen MayoGaa post in face book just there
    The threat of the players getting struck down with Crypto !
    Boil water notice now in place but as we know the crypto has likely been in the water for weeks !
    Final word on season ticket seats . As mayomad said yes the majority of mayo season ticket holders are indeed centrally located whilst we are out in 311. That’s the whole reason I’m annoyed !!!!! What did I do on them 😀

  58. Fair play to you Sinead if I hear that chant at the platform in Maynooth or in Croker I wlll certainly join in

  59. I was lucky enough to get into the Hogan in the AI final in the late nineties. It was a really good seat and I was between two guys. One on my right knew absolutely nothing about football and was really annoying. Up and down the whole time and asking really dumb question. The other guy was from the south and into hurling. Understood what he was watching but very critical of footballers in those days. He kept me from going insane for 4 long hours that I will never forget. Can I ask all Cairde ticket holders to sit in the seat you have been allocated and not pass it on to some gent who is going just be seen. I would rather watch it in my local than have to sit beside someone who is not interested. As for the sections well the best seats are in the terraces for the AI. Every other seat is pretty much equal as far as I am concerned.

  60. Good girl Sinead, hope to join ye in Maynooth and if I sleep the morning I will hear ye from the house. Maybe I should be allowed to sing it alone at 3-20 , I’d say half the Dubs would go home. But then again maybe half Mayo would too. Would I be right in assuming you’re JH’s daughter.

  61. Dead right PJ! I was “fortunate” to be given a really good ticket for last years semifinal v Dublin. After a couple of minutes I realised I had ended up among a gang of very respectable neutrals. Felt like a plank when I shouted and roared for Mayo. I would rather be anywhere else in the ground………….among my own!

  62. Nephin, yes I am!! Had the ‘fear’ today about what I’m doing and about so publicly putting myself out there. But I’ve started and if any hope of it taking off and actually happening have to keep going gung Ho for another two weeks. My friends will all have me blocked but it will be worth it if I hear what our lads deserve final day.

    Seamus Thornton,
    I know what you can do with your big flag/banner!!!!! Stand up for the Mayo Men emblazoned on it? I’ll help with cost. The Connaught telegraph promoted my idea earlier today so that has given me a boost! Onwards I go into the unknown.

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