More Leeside bleatings + player interviews

The Cork lads obviously haven’t heard of that saying about what to do when you’re in a hole as there’s more nonsense in the papers this morning – this time in the county’s in-house daily – about our supposed “streetwise” approach to the game. The genius blathering about this today is Cork selector Ronan McCarthy who, in this piece in the Irish Examiner, claims we’re “good at tactical fouling” and name-checks both Cillian O’Conor and Kevin McLoughlin in this respect.

While this smear campaign isn’t as off-the-wall as Rory Gallagher’s monster raving loony stuff of twelve months ago, it’s still all a bit sad and pathetic. Here’s a proud GAA county – one that has, according to Hogan Stand, 43 All-Ireland football titles (as well as 77 hurling ones) and had Sam in its possession as recently as four years ago – attempting in the most transparent manner to blacken the reputation of their opponents with the most laughable kind of unsubstantiated nonsense. Rebels my arse – Mammy’s cry-babies, more like it.

The notion that we’re even approaching best in class at the kind of stuff McCarthy claims is ludicrous. If anything, our tackling when teams break forward isn’t anything like as tight as it should be and is far looser than it’s been in previous years. That aside, from a Cork perspective I’d be far more focused on what Kevin and Cillian are likely to do to them, ball in hand and bearing down on their goalposts. After this latest feeble attempt at slandering us, I’m hoping to see the two lads really go to town on them in this respect.

The same paper also has our riposte to Brian Cuthbert’s original allegations yesterday, with County Board chairman Paddy McNicholas indignantly rejecting the Leesiders’ claims by making the obvious point that we’ve never been known for cynical play. Given the number he did on Newstalk’s Colm Parkinson at half-time in the Connacht final, it’s a good job selector Tom Prendergast wasn’t sent out to bat on this one.

Onto stuff of more substance, in the form of interviews with Breaffy duo Aidan O’Shea and Robbie Hennelly, as well as with Ballintubber’s Cillian O’Connor.

Aidan is interviewed in a piece by Keith Duggan in today’s Irish Times, where he comes across as fairly chilled out and in the right frame of mind heading into Sunday. Aidan reckons that the team is “building nicely” and that the lads are “hitting Croke Park with a lot more to give”.

The piece with Robbie is on the RTÉ website and the Breaffy netminder sets a cautionary tone in what he has to say. Robbie looks back to 2011 – when he was in goals for us then as well – and he makes the point that we came from nowhere that day, warning that Cork could equally do the same on Sunday. If they ever get around to doing something other than pissing and moaning, I guess.

Cillian, meanwhile, is featured in a piece by John Fallon in today’s Irish IndependentThe young (and he’s still only 22, even if it seems he’s been around for ages) Ballintubber man talks about how he doesn’t take notice about what’s said about the team in the media and online and what it’s like to be playing injury-free this year.

That’s all for now. We may, I guess, see a team announcement later on but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Cork have just announced on Twitter that they’re going to name their team tomorrow night but as far as I know that’s only if their Mammies let them stay out late.

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  1. I’d recheck your figures re how many AI titles they have won WJ 😀 id say you meant Munster!

  2. I didn’t hear that Tom Prendergast interview before now. Fair play Tom, you couldn’t take down a nicer little twat than Parkinson. Seeing himself and McHale swaning around the sideline during half time at the Connaught final gave me a pain in my hole. Parkinson, in particular, I find very annoying and cannot listen to.

  3. Just shows how desperate cork have become when they resort to trying to influence the ref.Spoke with conor counihan at the races yesterday in Galway and his reaction,when it was suggested cork have a chance on sunday of upsetting mayo,said it all.

    Similar to a reaction from someone who realises this cork team bear no resemblance to the great cork teams he played and managed.

  4. Can anyone tell me what the craic is with david clarke? Is he gonna get back in team? I remember he saved our asses with a spectacular save vs dublin in 2012 semi final. I believe he is a better keeper all round then rob whose kickouts can be dodgy and I think clarkey is solid under high balls. Unfortunately when guys get injured they have great difficulty getting their place back

  5. An extract from Pat Critchleys excellent book “Hungry Hill” caught Parkiknson broadside. I will paraphrase here Critchley wrote …”If a sportsman in Ireland gets airs or graces, the supporters wont be long in taking him down.Mark Kavanaghs father was nicknamed “The Nurse” , he had three sons deeply involved in football including Mark the then Portlaoise trainer. Parkinson arrived at the back of the queue in Ninos chipper in the town and spotting the Nurse at the head of the crowded line shouted out “Tell your son I wont be training with him this coming year.” The Nurse pondered, he didnt like the inference painted. Without looking back as he salted his chaps The Nurse replied to the large mouth “Okay and who will I tell him who isnt playing”…Touche.

    By the way McNicholas would have been better saying nothing about Cuthberts remark. He wouldnt be known to the wider GAA world and a touch irrelevant. A shoulder akin to the one AOS gave Noel O Leary, or the digs Cadogan got in the QF 2011 would be the only riposte that cuts. Kilcullen did a trojan amount of work that day but he plys his trade with Sligo now, shame.

  6. Correct John. McNicholas wasn’t cute enough to shut up. And now we’ll have the ‘war of words’ headlines instead of letting Cork make bigger and bigger asses of themselves.

    Sunday is the day to do the talking.

  7. James Kilcullen didn’t feature that day at all, John – the two O’Sheas were at midfield for us in that one. Given that we also have Barry Moran, Jason Gibbons and Tom Parsons battling for midfield places at the minute, I doubt that James would even make the panel now, which could be why he decided to go elsewhere.

  8. All this gabber from Cork is very, very sad. They are really asking for it now and have no one to blame but themselves when it backfires. I’m very confident the ref will see this for what it really is. It’s uncanny surely the similarity to Gallagher last year.
    It’s really great to read the articles from our lads in the papers today. They’re all coming across as very level-headed and showing the maturity and reflection needed.
    Just a few days to go now…

  9. I actually think that it is a ploy on our behalf to make a response to these silly comments coming from Cork but not to have James Horan or any of his backroom team giving the response. We have done this now a few times, which I think is a good idea. Pat Spillane made remarks earlier in the year about Mayo lacking leaders and again it was our County Board that responded to these remarks. So I’d actually say that its a very smart move indeed, response to the comments in a very measured way but its not the Mayo management or players giving the responses. Mayo are making the point, hey we don’t like what your saying, so we’ll respond to you in a measured way but it won’t affect our preparations or plans for the game itself, our Management and players are just concentrating on the game. Its interesting to note that the two players name checked are probably our two most important players on Sunday, you’d think that the Cork lads are trying to put them off their game but lets just hope that we do our talking on the field next Sunday and that their attempts to put us off our game won’t work big time and will back fire on them!

  10. I was actually beginning to get a bit worried about the match a few days ago! But after seeing the craic from the Cork camp (very much like the Jim & Rory show last year) I have gotten my confidence back. A 1 point win and keep building the performance would suit me, still under the radar 🙂

  11. Very foolish stuff from Cork, hope our boys do they’re talking on the field, its obvious they want kmac an cillian black carded. I still am very nervous about this one, wish I had the confidence of lots of ye on here but I see us losing sunday. Im wrong mire times than im right and I pray im wrong again come sunday evening.

  12. I just see all this talk as a sign of weakness from the Rebels and im sure the Mayo camp will see it as same.Anything to try and get an edge over us .Thats what id be thinking if i were a mayo player. Christ this is a long fucking week !

  13. Horan mouthed off before the semi in ’12. It wasnt seen as a weakness when mayo did it and ye won. Be careful friends from the west. Underestimate cork at your peril. Cork by 2.

  14. You are correct WJ, it’s the league match from that season v Cork when Kilcullen scored 0-2 from midfield that I mixed up. Having said that I’d have Kilcullen anytime in a panel, it’s not just about pure football always, it’s the thing you can’t put a finger on. Sean Flanagan described Johhny Ford the Mayo corner back 48/51 thus “John Forde wouldn’t be a good kicker or fetcher, Johnny Forde didn’t have a great fetch but John Forde brought something more important to the battle, a great heart and never say die attitude, with Forde behind us , it allowed Prendergast and myself to move out safe in the knowledge nothing would pass”.

    It’s not always about the glitter , if Lyons , McEntee, Harnam , McMenamim, Dooher etc were Mayo men they wouldn’t have totalled ten caps between them. In my opinion Kilcullen brought a grit and bite on the pitch and wouldn’t have spent the last 20 mins of last years AIF walking around the pitch bolloxed from the occasion . By the way my political rants are over so you can relax WJ but my old gimlet football eye is as yellow as ever. Sunday will tell a tale .

  15. would not take too much notice of talkoff the field.Refs take on a life of their own during matches anyway.
    Can I wish Louise Galvin and friends good luck with extraganza in UL in memory of Alan Feeley.Alan would have been a fervent supporter of Mayo and no doubt will be with us in spirit Sunday.

  16. Along week surley mayomaningalway and I work in Galway myself. Have to say what a wonder one won against Tipp does 🙂 – Some Galway folk getting very confident of a rematch with Mayo in the semi final.

    I hope to god Mayo team and management say nothing and do their talking on the field Sunday.

  17. Give the cork moaners a lollipop, failing that a gobstopper!!

    I would personally prefer to see our lads doing less interviews pre big matches and do their talking on the pitch!!

    Come on mayo!!

  18. Hi Dinkey, I do always love when the Dubs come along, although you don’t have as much sense as Martin the Dub. (I’m just wondering are you Dave or Conor from Twitter?). Just to clarify for you:

    – Horan drew attention to McQuillan reffing Dublin training (which was a well known fact) – he didn’t mention fouls, frees, tactics, specific players, specific matches, nothing to do with football matches at all. I can post you the quotes if you like, although I suspect the journalist in you will be able to find them.

    What we have today is desperate attempts by the Cork management to buy a few cards and a few frees next weekend. It’s hardly the same ball game now is it.

    Mayo beat Dublin in 2012 because they were better than them, and Dublin also played poorly most of that year and most that match. I know you like to think that there’s nothing like the boys in blue, and you might want to blame the ref when things don’t go to plan. Who knows, we may yet get to see that this year. Overestimate yourselves at your peril.

  19. In fairness to players giving interviews, they are all given 2 weeks before the game and it is only the week of the game the papers start to print them. You can guarantee no Mayo player is speaking to the media this week.

  20. I’ve plenty of time for Kilcullen’s battling qualities too, John, but it’s worth remembering that the same player struggled this year to nail down a regular starting place on a poor Division 3 team, one that failed to raise a gallop in the championship. Are you seriously saying that someone who didn’t stand out in that kind of modest company would have done better than who we had (you don’t name the player you’re having a pop at but it’s pretty clear who it is) on the pitch last September? That’s one hell of an assumption if you are.

    Also, what’s the basis for saying that players like Lyons, McEntee etc. etc. wouldn’t have got a look-in with Mayo? A few months back I recall you were saying the same things about us not giving young, upcoming players a chance. It’s amazing we win a match at all, seeing as by this logic we’re continually picking the wrong sorts of players!

  21. I think cork realise they are in a hole, and hope the ref will give them a dig out, I wont worry

  22. Ad a boy digits fair play to ya, should the Dubs not be occupied planning they’re All Ireland victory parade instead of leaving snide remarks on OUR blog?.

  23. Dont rate James Kilcullen as highly as John Cuffe.Even O Mahony lost faith in him if memory serves me right.
    In fairness to JamesHoran most players have got gametime and he spread the net far and wide.I certainly dont agree with all his choices but he has to manage the team and I dont.
    I thought Mortimer issue was badly handled and Feeney would feature more on my lists but James has brought consistency and performance even if there remains a final step to be taken .
    I dont think Mayo are the finished product yet but it would only take a performance in the AI to put us where we should be.

  24. Paranoid much lads? My name is Emma and I’m from Cork. The dad is a Dub though. Nice bunch of posters ye have here. Makes the hardcore PROC contingent seem like lambs. Seems if you’re not spouting niceties about Mayo you’re not welcome here.

    I never said anything about the semi itself indeed you were the better team but you and your fellow mayo posters are delusional if you think that what Horan said was in anyway different in terms of outcome to what has come out of the Cork camp this week. Planting the seed lads thats all it is. You can move the goalposts how you see fit but its the same thing. Anyway good luck! Rebels Abú!! Cork by 2.

  25. James Kilcullen would of been an addition imo , he was club player of the year last year (i think) hes genuinely hard and would never shy away . As regards he wasnt a key player for Sligo so how would he be any addition to Mayo, well again imo sometimes you can excel around better players . I believe james could of been molded into a deserving member of the Mayo panel but its neiter here nor there now anyway. Sound lad who will be 100% behind Mayo as a supporter.

    These comments by the Cork lads are laughable, id hope our bucks dont react in anyway . It stinks of as the mad men in them youtube videos asking for fights , ‘you’re only a shite in the bucket’

  26. Dinkey, personally I didnt see much wrong with your original comment, it was the tone that was just a bit off.
    We do welcome input from foreigners, including those from the PROC, but understand that this is the “Mayo” GAA Blog, like a family of sorts, so we dont take too kindly to anyone else, whose agenda is anyting other than seeing Mayo win the All Ireland.
    Btw, all these quotes coming from the Cork backroom…its nonsense. We should ignore it, our county board should ignore it, Reilly will ignore it and we should look to win on Sunday. Doesnt matter how. Winning and moving on is what matters.
    Sure yee have the small ball and Tipp to be worried about anyway 😉

  27. I also think Cork will win by 2 dinkey, iv posted that earlier this week. Though I really hope im wrong. Theres no goal posts being moved here. Your managment team (thats if you are from Cork) specifically named two of our best players as being “tactical foulers” thats more than planting a seed in my book. Anyway, I think its very amateurish from a so called proud county such as Cork to be resorting to such extreme tactics. Come 4pm Sunday the 30 buachaills on the pitch can sort it out between themselves.

  28. Juan
    I dont agree with what is being said either. Its embarrassing but I just read some of the comments on this blog and saw red as ye have short memories thats all. Anyway good luck. I know we are underdogs and I dunno why I think we will win but yerra if we don’t you’ve got my vote!

  29. Very few IC players aren’t cynical when the need arises and McLoughlin and Cillian are no different. What cork hoped to achieve by commenting like this i really don’t know.
    What is of far more concern to me is how we will cope with their top players who are very capable of causing us damage. Cork are a real threat – have no doubt about that. Any team is capable of having a nightmare day like they had against Kerry. Cork are not as bad as they looked that day and neither are Kerry as good as everyone is leading us to believe. I saw cork take the dubs apart in that first half of the league semifinal…(granted they were shredded themselves in the second half). But I saw enough in that first half to make me a little nervous about Sunday. It won’t be about the ref or comments in the paper it will be down to football ability as it nearly always is. Hopefully we will have enough in the tank to see us past this one. A point win would do me grand!

  30. If comments made by members of the Cork management team can so easily rile people then they should crank up.

    The game has to be won out on the pitch next Sunday.

  31. Sometimes posters can be a bit territorial but in fairness suggesting Mayo are dirty (that is what streetwise means-euphemisms apart) is a bit rich. Michael Shields,Noel O Leary,Eoin Cadogan,Alan O Connor are or were no footballing angels in my view.
    This type of gamesmanship is off putting and wrong and it is not comparing like with like when James pointed out the Dublin connection with the ref.
    Also frankly Cork people can be a little triumphalist (Mexican hats and all) as some of us found out in 89. Why not just let the football decide on the day?
    I have respect for Cork notwithstanding the tendency to be triumphalist but I think many Cork supporters will find this type of thing BROLLY like and unsporting.

  32. What s with all the mind games cork are playing at hoping and praying galway and mayo win Sunday

  33. Would tend to agree with diehard re posts about cork and Kerry. Maybe the cork bleating suggests they are worried but I never came across a cork person with an inferiority complex in my life and theres no way they will fear us. They have some excellent forwards capable of doing serious damage. I hope Mayo start well like v Donegal last year. Then cork will have to bin their new defensive policy and come out and play and that will suit us. Again I suggest put little emphasis on the last game or two both teams played. Sunday is a new game and what its all about. I remember in 2011 we scraped by Ross in Conn final while cork absolutely annihilated down in their last game before they played us. That’s when brolly.99(remember him) said theyd wipe the floor with us. So no taking them for granted but we are well capable of beating them. Up Mayo

  34. Hi All,
    Just a quick message of good luck to Mayo on Sunday, I think Mayo can beat Cork but Cork are wounded after Munster and they took a lot of stick from their fans so it might be close for 55-60 mins but I think Mayo will pull away. Anyway best of luck and enjoy the trip to Dublin, cheers

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  35. The cork man with the inferiority complex thinks he is only as good as everybody else

    It’s pure rubbish from the cork camp, taking focus of the players.
    Desperation stakes at this stage

  36. Some say we’re cursed
    I say we’re blessed- being from Mayo. Can any supporter of Dublin , Kerry , Cork or Galway say they’re as excited tonight as I am about August weekend, having already seen their team win Sam.
    I was really delighted to see Mayo win 4 Connacht titles in a row but not really exited as I’d seen them win many.
    I will be 56 on the day of this years All Ireland Final. My family , don’t ask what I want anymore , they know what I want and they can’t give it.Only my extended Mayo family can provide that and I know in my heart , this team will make every effort to do just that.
    Sure what more could you ask for.
    Let’s go Mayo.

  37. I understand that excitement Nephin as does the posters on this site.Sunday being my first thought in morning and last before sleep. Tis mighty to have something to look forward to

  38. Strangely enough, I’d say this is working for us. The Cork rubbish talk and the Mayo reaction to it is taking pressure and attention away from our players, who can get on with their preparations.

    I’m more concern with what team we will start with. My team v Cork would be:

    Robbie Hennelly;
    Tom Cunniffe, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; (Res. Chris Barrett, )
    Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Donal Vaughan;
    Aidan O’Shea, Seamus O’Shea; (Res. Jason Gibbons. &. Barry Moran)
    Kevin McLoughlin, Jason Doherty, Richie Feeney; (Res. Alan Dillon, Diarmuid O’Connor)
    Mikey Sweeney, Alan Freeman, Cillian O’Connor.; (Res. Andy Moran )

    And we also have: Brendan Harrison, Kevin Keane, Tom Parsons, and a strong hand in reserve keepers.

    Delighted that Tom Cunniffe is available. Chris Barrett needs a little more time and maybe
    20-25 minutes in the second-half on Sunday should put him in the frame for a semi-final start. We also have good options to move backs around to quell the more dangerous rebels (who I agree should never be under-estimated.

    I think JH should start O’Shea Bros in the middle with instructions to play at a very high tempo from the start. Then spring Jason and Barry too. We need the engine room fresh and going 100 per cent for 70-75 minutes. And the second-half in September will be too late to have that sorted.

    Up front, I’d start Richie at 12, Freezer restored to 14 and Mikey in the other corner. Feeney can fill that missing link on the 40 line and make a significant contribution. And Freezer as a target man but moving about the forward-line too with Sweeney and Cillian inside to do real damage. Then in the last 20 minutes you have Andy, Alan and young Diarmuid to replace those not performing well and/or as they tire.

    On Mayo !!!

  39. @ Dinkey It’s unusual that there has been no discussion regarding the pre-2012-semi comments on any GAA related forum, from PROC to Resevoir Dubs, from GAA Boards to Hogan Stand, and I can only see a couple of Dubs talking about it on Twitter (I found it interesting that your club in Dublin WJ retweeted it several times!). In fact, there’s very little discussion about Cork’s comments anywhere, save for Mayo people dismissing it as silliness. That’s why it’s random that a first time poster brings something up out of the blue that wasn’t even affecting their county at the time. As a Mayo supporter, one thing I’ve learned is to stand my ground, so forgive me if it’s coincidence.

    I’d be interested to hear how you thought the referee materially changed the outcome of the 2012 semi, by the way.

  40. Cloud 9 I like that lineout and the reasoning and Nephin I,ve just turned 56 and those that know me would say the same. Hear,hear both of you .
    MaighEo Abu

  41. Digits
    There actually has been discussion on Hoganstand about it. Once again I never said it changed the outcome of the 2012 game. I said that if mayo folk think that horans intentions werent similar to Cubby & co intentions that you were delusional. Whether or not it affects the refs performance on sunday we will see. I doubt it will. I’m a first time poster here yes and since our two counties are playing each other why not visit a mayo board for some banter. I’m a visitor to many county boards however I’ve never experienced any paranoia before now.

  42. Nephin – love the passion.
    Cloud 9, JJ ,- like the logic behind that lineout.
    JH has practically a full panel to pick from.Let’s do our part and make ourselves heard especially when the going gets tough.
    Hon Mayo.

  43. Dinkey – people from other counties are more than welcome to engage with the regulars here but you need to bear in mind the name over the door and that the debate here is and always will be Mayo-centric in perspective. It’s not helpful to throw out terms like “delusional” and “paranoia”, language which to my mind is antagonistic and borders on trolling. The house rules on comments are very clear on this kind of carry-on. Please bear in mind for future reference.

  44. first time post from a long time Mayo supporter…also turning into mid 50’s as I notice some of the posts earlier…must be our generation! I really enjoy the banter and comment and am amazed at the insight and knowledge of many of the contributors here. I also enjoy the little bit of edge that visitors from other counties bring…and the reaction. But I just want to say that I like your measured response Willie Joe and I suppose it’s one of the things I associate with Mayo people in general…fair but honest…like our footballers. I really hope they can beat Cork on Sunday and will be there with a clatter of kids and my brother…Maigheo go deo!

  45. Lads and lassies, settle down. We have all been here before and we have all been around the block enough times to see the Cork managements comments for what they are. A pathetic attempt to influence the ref via the media. If it gets a heated discussion going amongst supporters etc well then that is a bonus. Either way it diverts the focus away from the Cork players and, is a somewhat sad way for Cork, could be protrayed as the Cork lads getting their excuses in early.
    We have a fine squad and management to get behind and our focus should only be supporting them (and our minors) on Sunday. Nothing else. All the waffle out of Cuthbert and his management is just bullshit. Talk is cheap and Cork have “talked the talk” but come 4pm on Sunday they are going to have to “walk the walk”. They will have nothing else to fall back on for 74 or 75 mins only their footballing ability, no management talking shite and no media to go crying to. If their performance on the day is better than ours well then we will hold our hands up and say “well done”. We won’t make excuses now, today, about the ref or about tactical fouling or any other diversionary tactic. The time for talk is over now, it’s time for a game of football.
    Let the dog see the rabbitt.
    Hon Mayo.

  46. Was in and around MacHale Park yesterday and the boys were training behind closed doors. The noise! Intensity, it’s unreal. I hope we win Sunday just so I can pop my head in at an actual session next week.

    Can’t wait for Sunday. Nervous but confident. Don’t think there will be too many changes!

  47. Can’t see too many changes from the Galway game bar the FF line. Would love to see Cunniffe if he’s fit play in FB line but don’t know how ready he is.

    I don’t think we should mess with the half-forward line as it enables us to get three big men around the middle and it’s a line we’ve had problems with for yonks. It functioned very well against Galway with both McLoughlin, Doherty and AOS having standout games so why fix it when it ain’t broken. Doherty and McLoughlin are foraging very well with Aidan’s power a big plus in that area and a big worry for any CB.

    I think the midfield will continue as is even though I feel sorry for Gibbons but he’s some sub to have in reserve with the ability to make a big impact when introduced.

    I hope Freeman has made his case in training as we need him playing well at FF to complete the team. If he has I expect himself, Cillian and Andy to be the FF line and that to me would be a very good side.

  48. I would agree completely with Dinkey that Horan has done the same as Cuthbert & Co with regard to comments prior to the game in order to influence the ref. That’s as obvious as day. Bit embarrassing Mayo people getting upset about it, it’s nothing really. The positive from all this is it’s Cork feeling like they have to influence the ref because Cuthbert knows that Mayo are the better team. Also, it’s highly unlikely that any of these comments will affect the ref come Sunday, but worth a try from Cork’s point of view.

    The comments on McLoughlin and Cillian are interesting. Cillian is well able to look after himself but I don’t think he does more tactical fouling than anyone else. McLoughlin on the other hand (and he is by far my favourite Mayo player) is a little terror. He gets away with blue murder because of his size, and fair play to him! He’s skillful, very quick, a good passer, excellent finisher, great at gathering breaking ball, and one of the best tactical foulers out there! He makes Mayo tick.

    On a side note, it’s great to see posters from different counties in here – it can get a bit green and red tinted from time to time!!

  49. Hopefully Gibbons gets the nod over Barry to partner Seamus at midfield. I feel Gibbons offers so much more to our play and was our stand out performer during the league. I believe he has a number of advantages over Barry that should give him the geansai for Sunday. He is as good, if not better, a fielder of the ball and his distribution via the hand or foot is better than Morans. His accurate foot passes wide to the wing forwards or in front of our full forwards was a highlight of some of our league play. I think he has greater stamina than Moran and rarely fades towards the end of games and he is also well capable of scoring points from long range, which may be needed if Cork pull 2 extra bodies into a deep lying defence. He doesn’t get as riled as Barry and has picked up very few cautions.
    I would go with the same back 6, holding Cunniffe is reserve to be sure his Achilles is sorted, and keep the same half forward line. Here though, I would be demanding another good performance from Doherty as he seems to struggle to put a run of consistently good performances together. As for the full forward line, Cillian is a shoe-in and I would go with Freeman at 14. The other spot is up for grabs but I would give the nod to Andy.
    Things to look out for…
    1. Hopefully not starting Dillion and Moran together. I would hold Sweeney and Dillion back until the real pace and intensity of the game has gone and a little more space opens up on the pitch. Then, Dillions ability to find space and play accurate balls to forwards coupled with Sweeneys terrific positioning and accuracy will give Cork something else to deal with.
    2. Vaughan at full forward???
    3. Duffy making his debut???

  50. From Midwest Radio website: The Mayo County Board has confirmed today that the Mayo Senior & Minor Football Teams to play Cork and Armagh respectively in the All-Ireland Senior Quarter Finals next Sunday in Croke Park will be announced this Friday 1st August at lunchtime.

    Looks like we gotta wait a bit longer for that team folks

  51. Reading through some of the papers the more I think about Brian Cuthbert’s claims it seems that he is gearing up his team for a physical battle. Also he did specifically mention Kevin McLoughlin and Cillian so I presume they will come in for ‘special treatment’ from the likes of Cadogen and the 1/2 back line.

    Also although his ramblings might seem a little bizarre you could say he is being cute in that he has allowed Cork the initial advantage to ‘punch first’. I can see Cork dishing it out hard to the likes of Cillian and Kevin in the first 5-10 minutes. If we react strongly the pressure will then be on the ref to deal with us.

    So how do you deal with that? I suggest that if the lads are streetwise enough (and they should be by now) they lay down their own markers in the first 5 to 10 minutes. If Reilly wants then to issue cards we should have a bench to deal with it. Also if players are hit in the wrong (even only a little) they should go down and stay down. Get the treatment from the sideline and force the ref to acknowledge the belt he may or may not have seen.

    Overall dictating how the game is played is an important advantage in achieving your goals.

  52. @GBXI Do you think that Cork’s comments are valid? I’m quite happy about them, it shows that they are worried – but I don’t think they are valid. Horan’s comments meanwhile were totally valid – Joe McQuillan trained with the Dublin team on numerous occasions and shouldn’t have been refereeing their matches. Sure, you could say he was trying to influence the referee, but that’s only because the GAA appointed a Dublin-biased referee against us, which is the salient fact. Cormac Relly has no history of bias towards Mayo, so Cork’s comments are cheap, and cheapen themselves.

    I too like having posters from other counties here, but I’m not one with the attitude of “Mayo, god help us” – Mayo supporters have spent too long taking a beating. I won’t give an inch, the same as our players shouldn’t. If we want a level playing field, we have to start somewhere.

  53. I think tony davis has some fair comments in today’s indo, we are either good enough or not, we came up just a little short previously, I think we are good enough this time, if all our players stay fit

  54. WJ

    With the greatest respect, if the words paranoia and delusional (what alternative words are there) are considered borderline trolling then this isnt the board for me. Good luck and enjoy the match and to GBXI thanks for getting the point I was trying to make 🙂

  55. Lads, do we have everyone available? Is this the first time in 3 years where absolutely everyone is fit?

  56. @Digits I think that his comments are accurate. He doesn’t say anything inaccurate. Mayo are “streetwise” and a “strong ref” would help both teams. The other comments from Cork about Mayo being good tactical foulers are accurate as well. Valid is a different story because I don’t think they will influence the ref (which is what he wants) so he is probably wasting his time. But we both agree that it looks like he is a bit worried!

    Just on Cuthbert, I’d never heard of him before this year and Cork had a very good league campaign until they came to Castlebar, where they were very poor, granted they had already qualified. Then after a great 1st half in the league semi v Dublin they absolutely capitulated in the 2nd half. They scraped past Tipp, who while being decent, are no where near Mayo’s standard. They then capitulated again v Kerry in the Munster final. I didn’t see the Sligo game but reports aren’t too positive even if they won the game comfortably. The point I’m making is that there is very little evidence to show that Cuthbert is doing a good job with a talented squad of players. On the other hand, Horan has barely over-seen 2 bad performances (on the scale of Dublin and Kerry games anyway) outside of maybe London in 2011 and Derry in the league semi this year. I think the management teams are the differentiating factor. I hope!!

  57. I certainly would have Moran (Barry) in the team before Gibbons.He has more experience and I do not see the failings you do Pebblesmeller.Gibbons is inexperienced at championship level and conceding in this sector would be huge mistake.
    I agree Andy and Freeman should start and think that Feeney is better option than Sweeney who is quite light in my view.I would give him some time at the end though.I am hoping Doherty plays well but if not maybe he could be substituted in a timely fashion.He is a great young lad and this could be his year but if not it is up to management to act decisively.
    I am glad btw that Cillian says the players never look at online sites before a match!

  58. Dinkey – terms like that might be acceptable elsewhere (Hoganstand, for example) but I put in a fair amount of effort to ensure that the debate that happens here (which isn’t a ‘board’ in that sense, more like a community of like-minded souls who have formed around the site) operates within well-defined rules. An important one is that comments shouldn’t be of a kind that antagonise or offend others and in my book using terms such as those two are of that variety. That doesn’t mean that debate isn’t allowed, as the volume of comments posted here shows, but using insulting terms while doing so isn’t. Not here at any rate!

  59. Stay dinkey there is room for you, obviously I expect mayo to win easily, but I hope both get back all right with no injuries, and have a good game, as I said before I think cork always play fairly and have a lot of respect for mayo

  60. Nephin-Here’s hoping you get the best birthday present ever this year. If every Mayo supporter in Croker has the same passion as you we will do just fine!

  61. Thanks all for the kind comments.
    As my late mother would say, when are ya ever going to get sense, worring about football.
    Don’t suppose I ever will now. At my age I must be a major disappointment to her.

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