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There, did it again. I meant to include match reports on the ladies’ win over Armagh yesterday in the round-up I did earlier on but, predictably, I forgot all about them when immersed in the various reports on the match in Ballybofey. Then, once the post had gone up I remembered them again so here they are.

Yesterday’s whopping 4-17 to 1-13 win over Armagh was the ladies’ fourth successive win in this year’s campaign. It was a win that sees them take the outright lead at the top of the League Division One table and puts them in pole position to reach the play-offs.

The reports on the game form part of summaries of all the action that took place yesterday but it’s our girls who deservedly claim the headlines in them. Here they are: RTÉIrish Examiner, Irish NewsThe 42, Hogan Stand.

Well done to the ladies whose barnstorming start to the year provides a nice counterpoint to what’s been happening so far for the lads in 2016.

9 thoughts on “More match reports

  1. The ladies are very quietly and impressively going about their business and laying down a real marker in the league so far.

    While the lack of media coverage doesn’t lend itself well to watching the highlights (each outlet essentially features the same report), the videos by Jerome Quinn over on the Ladies Gaelic Football Facebook page can be well worth a look:

    Would dearly love to see the intercounty ladies get a double-header with one of the men’s league games. If there was any joined-up thinking between the two associations in terms of fixture planning, this would surely be a no-brainer.

    On the other hand, it’s great to see the hurlers get a double-header for the Kerry game and I hope they get a crowd out to support them this time.

  2. If Cora was male we would have won Sam by now no doubt about it. She is quite simply incredible. The greatest ladies footballer of all time.

  3. 3 in a row I’d say Yew_Tree!!!;)
    She’s a legend. The greatest female footballer of all time.

  4. Statistically I would say Cora is the most outperforming athlete in a team sport since Wayne Gretzky. I know it was checked previously and Gretzky was most standard deviations above norm. Cora scores what an average of 8 points a game minimum? For 22 years!!

  5. Has she actually been the highest scoring ladies footballer for 22 years if including league?
    Hate when such beyond the beyonds achievement just drifts by when its all so checkable for journalists.

  6. I have often wondered what Cora’s tally of scores is in the green and red. Is there such a tally of stats for all her scores I wonder? Increadble player, seems to be getting better (I was going to say “as she gets older” but I’ll probably be lynched!).

  7. Someone would have to Tot up every match report from league/Championship.
    If she scored ten goals per year 220 goals.
    If she scored 50 points 1100.
    Im guestimating 220 – 1100 is her scoring tally.
    1760 points.
    Going to say average ten games per year @ 22 years.
    Gives exactly 8 points a game. By luck I only from top of me head thought she might be double mins totals which are typically 4 pts a game.
    Probably 10 goals per year is light?

  8. Cora is absolutely brilliant the best footballer in Mayo since 1951 and that includes all the great men footballers we have and have had she has all ireland medals too to prove it

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