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I had a weird dream last night. There I was at the Sligo game (at least I think it was the Sligo game) and out there on the field was Super Mac, wearing the no.11 jersey to boot. But the catch was this: he still had the ponytail and seeing as that pre-dated the Jordan-esque braids (which were the 2004 must-have fashion statement), that’s going back a bit. After that, I didn’t really need to be told that it was time to wake up.

Back from the land of nod, I see that there’s a piece in this week’s Mayo News about the championship panel, where Johnno talks about Mac, about James Nallen and about Chris Barrett. As regards the latter, the Deputy more or less confirms that the Duine Eile spot is being kept open for the Belmullet man but, from the sounds of it, it doesn’t look like he’ll be recovered from the groin injury he’s been carrying all year in time for this summer’s campaign. While Chris is a player who is likely to become an automatic first fifteen choice in the near future and so his absence from the squad isn’t good news, we’re reasonably well covered in the half-backs, where the Heaney-Howley-Higgins (sounds like that bit from My Fair Lady, where Eliza tells us where ‘urricanes ‘ardly ever ‘appen) axis looks well established. (Further aside: it might make sense for that axis to be broken up, with Howley moving to corner-back and Cunniffe to no.6 but that’s another day’s work).

In the same article, Johnno enthuses about the positive influence James Nallen is likely to have on the younger lads on the panel and he also gives his side of the story on Mac’s non-inclusion. It’s a real shame Mac’s not going to feature in the colours this year (or, most likely, ever again) but, no more than everyone else (bar Johnno and Mac himself I suspect), I don’t know what the real story is here and so I don’t think there’s any point on my commenting further on it at this stage. Those who want to see (or indeed participate in) the discussions on this issue that are happening elsewhere should try this thread on or this one on

Elsewhere in the Mayo News, there’s a report on various injuries in the camp, including Liam O’Malley’s ‘small’ leg fracture (just as well it wasn’t one of his big legs, then), BJ’s troublesome ankle and Peadar Gardiner’s broken jaw. The latter two are making good progress, according to Johnno, but all three should be fit in time for the Sligo game. Current injuries also include Shane Nallen (no further details given), Trevor Howley (back) and Alan Dillon (ankle). The same report also mentions that there’s a challenge game against Laois next Monday in Ballyhaunis (throw-in 3.30 pm) and that there’s another one on May 18th against Meath in Dunderry. (Where the fuck is Dunderry, I hear you ask? Why, here it is.)

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