More on New York game + two upcoming challenge matches

at-the-match-gaelic-parkIt’s Mayo News day and so there’s plenty more, if it’s more you want like, about Sunday evening’s walk in the Bronx.  There’s Mike Finnerty’s match report, Johnno’s after-match reaction and some after-match comments from MOTM Pat Harte and from Trevor.   It’s obvious that Trevor is taking his captain’s role seriously: when asked about his plans for the next six weeks ahead of our Connacht semi-final clash with either Leitrim or Roscommon, Trevor replied that the priority will be to step up training as “there’s a lot of work to be done”.  By the sounds of it, if Trevor has his way there won’t be too much in the way of shirking when it comes to the doing of all this work.

If you’re sick of all this prose about the match, you could always check out this fine montage of  photos – 154 in all – taken at the game.  From the looks of it, Ronan spent more time in the air than he did on the ground.  Thanks to the lads on for highlighting the existence of same.

Okay, that’s enough about New York.  Back to the here and now, where we’re firmly into the challenge match season and there are two matches coming up inside the next ten days or so (there may be more but there are two that I know of).  This Thursday, according to this piece in today’s Indo, we’re set to play a Denis Glennon-less Westmeath.  Dunno where, dunno at what time but maybe some kind soul out there who does could fill in the gaps here.  Then on Friday week (22nd), the lads take on the Dubs up here at  Neamh Mearnog’s pitch out in Portmarnock.  Throw-in out by the sea is scheduled for 8 pm and while I was originally supposed to be a few thousand miles away when this match is taking place, this trip (to Africa but, sadly, for work and not really to a part of Africa than one would be going on one’s hols but that’s another day’s work entirely) is now going to happen the week after so my plans to go along to the game with chisellers in tow are back on.  Will they shout for Mayo? Will they shout for the Dubs?  Now, listen up kiddos – who’s driving you all home afterwards?

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